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辽宁省大连铁路中学2013-2014学年高中英语学案:Module4 (外研版必修1) Word版

话题: 1. Talk about your neighbourhood (谈论你的邻居) 2. Write a brief report of your neighbourhood (写一个关于你所在的社区报告) 功能: Showing position and direction (表明位置和方向) 须掌握的句型 1. And this is the first time I

have visited your hometown. 2. It’s a gorgeous island with some really interesting architecture. 3. What’s the climate like? 须掌握的语法 Present perfect tense (现在完成时) 第一课时、词汇 单词 1. 街坊,邻里 n. 2. 公寓住宅,一套住房 n. 3. 自从…以来,既然 conj. 4. 似乎,好象 v. 5. 有吸引力的 adj. 6. 剩下,离开 vt.&vi. 7. 联系,接触 v.&n. 8. 负担得起 vt. 9. 得到 vt. 10. 职业 n. 11. 幸运的 adj. 12. 迷人的 adj. 13. (室内)地板,楼层 n. 14. 发展成为 v. 15. 靠近,接近 vt. 16. 使挨饿,饿死 vt.&vi. 17. 打仗,争论 v.&n. 18. 停留,留下 vi. 19. 听起来,声音 n.&vi. 20. 建筑 n. 21. 幸免于,生存 vt.&vi. 22. 剩下,剩余 v. 单词拼写 1. (本地)calls cost 2 pennies a minute in England. (吸引人)side of his personality that day. (担负得起)to send 3. 1. 2.

2.We saw a less

3.It’s a pity that his family can’t him to school.

4.The islands attract more than 17,000 5.Has anyone ever opinions? 6.She heard footsteps

(游客)a year.


(劳神) to ask the students for their 5. (接近) from behind. (专业)help. 6. 7.

7.Personally, I think he should get some

8.From talking to former prisoners ,an obvious fact ,is that they have been (挨饿). 委员会). 8. 9. 10. (n.)

9.She sits on the school’s development

10.These plants cannot (存活)in very cold conditions. 词汇拓展 1. neighbourhood→ (adj.) 2. survive→ 3. fortunate→ (n.) (adv.) 4. attractive→ (v.) (adv.) 5. approach→ (n.) 6. architecture→ 7. fascinating→ (v.) 须掌握的短语 1. be of 由…制成 2. 3. up 修建 4. in the 5. in 信任 6. be 7. so 到目前为止 8. get 9. a great 许多;大量 10. as a 11. go 上升 12. make


from 远离 of 在…西北方 to 对某人友好 摆脱 结果 for 弥补

第二、三课时课文理解及配套练习 佳句背诵 1. 这是我第一次来到你的家乡。 2. 我已去过中国的很多地方并且游览过一些美丽的城市,但这是我所到过的最迷人的地方之 一。 3. 夏天非常热而且潮湿,但冬天可能会很冷。 4. 这里到处都有很多游客,他们没有打扰到你吗? 5. 那里公寓的租金很高。 6. 现在我们正离开商业区并驶近海港。 7. 一位朋友告诉过我这附近有一家不错的小海鲜餐馆。

8. 这有诸多的原因。 9. 其次,人们搬到城里去找工作,因为乡下常常没有就业机会。 10. 这一切意味着西欧的许多乡村要进行艰苦的斗争以求生存。 知识点配套练习: 1.用 from, of, in, into, up to 填空 (1) These tables are made our factory. They were made (2) Wood can be made tables and other furniture. (3) This kind of paper was made a kind of plant. (4) China is made 56 nations.


2. (1) That’s (最近乎) a smile he ever makes. (2) The enemy ran away (在我们接近时). (3) (通往……的所有道路)the city were blcked. 3.用 sound, noise, voice 填空 (1) I heard a strange in the next room. (2) She listened to the low, sad of the sea. (3) The manager must be in the next room. I heard his . (4) The from that factory makes it difficult for me to go to sleep. 4. -- “Do you know our town at all ?” -- “No, this is the first time I here.” A. had come B. am coming C. came D. have come 5. This was the third time that I . 6.(1) Watching movies is her favourite .(消遣) (2) There are so many graduates every year that it is hard to find a suitable 7.(1) Building such a bridge is not an easy job; we must have enough (专业的) engineers. (2)I need a (专业人士) to look after my little son. 8. Stand over there you’ll be able to see it later. A. or B. while C. but D. and 9. Her sister has become a lawyer, she wanted to be. A. who B. that C. what D. which 10. Six women and nineteen men the medical team. A. make up B. make up of C. are made up of D. are made into 11. If you want to rapid progress in your spoken English, you’ll have to practice. A. make; make B. get; get C. make; do D. do; make 12. The poem was very and I kept it until I could learn it by heart. A. interest; reading B. interested; reading C. interesting; reading D. interesting; to read 13. They held a party to (庆祝) her birthday. 14. His family was too poor to his schooling. .(工作)

a lot of

A. afford B. support C. pay D. lost 15. Two dogs are for a piece of meat. A. fighting B. eating C. jumping D. catching 第四课时写作 美文背诵 Health Comes First Smoking is bad in that it is harmful to one's health. In spite of the fact that doctors have even warned that it causes cancer, people still keep on smoking. In some Western countries, however, people are beginning to kick the bad habit. They realize that health should come first. To help them quit smoking, there are laws against cigarette advertising and smoking in public places. This is praiseworthy except that Western countries are now selling cigarettes in the East in greater numbers than ever. That they are doing this is immoral, don't you think? ☆Health comes first. 健康至上 Health is wealth. Health is above wealth. ☆kick the bad habit of smoking get rid of ☆Bob realized his dream after graduating from college. ☆Peter placed an advertisement in the newspaper for a helper. 登广告 ☆He is a nice guy except that he smokes. ☆...than ever(before) 加不加 before 均可 ☆That they are doing this is immoral, don't you think? immortal 不朽的 写作指导: 写作项目:写一篇介绍家乡的文章。 题目要求:假设你是李华,住在黑龙江省鸡西市。你的加拿大笔友 Bob 来信谈到了他所居 住的城市,并希望了解你家乡的情况。请你用英语写一封回信。回信必须包括下表中的 内容: 自然情况 成就 存在问题 对鸡西发展的看 法 位于穆棱河边,风景优美,适合居住 经济发展较好,新建了不少住房,公路等 水,空气污染 自己拟订

注意:1. 回信中不能使用“鸡西”以外的地名。 2. 词数:120—150。信的开头已为你写好,不计入总词数。 3. 参考词汇:economy 经济 pollution 污染 探究策略: 1.首先确定这是一篇描述地方的说明文。 2.确定写作要点:根据所给信息,大体可以分成三个部分:城市简介,可以按照地理位置、 自然环境、城市面貌和变化发展这样的逻辑顺序写,接下来写你看到的问题,最后写你的 一些看法和建议。 3.各层次之间注意使用恰当的连词,使之过渡自然,结构合理。例如:however, in my opinion 等.

文章可能要用到的表达法:thank you for…, I’m very glad to…, our city lies…, in my opinion… Dear Bob, It’s very kind of you to write me and let me know about your beautiful city. Now I’d like to tell you something about my hometown Jixi.

Yours, Xiaohua

答案: 单词:1. neighbourhood 2. apartment 3. since 4. seem 5. attractive 6. leave 7. contact 8. afford 9. get 10. occupation 11. fortunate 12. fascinating 13. floor 14. make 15. approach 16. starve 17. fight 18. stay 19. sound 20. architecture 21. survive 22. remain 单词拼写:1. Local 2. attractive 3. afford 4. tourists 5. bothered 6. approaching committee 10. survive 词汇拓展:1. neighbouring 2. survivor 3. fortune fortunately 4. attract attractly 6. architectural 7. fascinate 7. professional 8. starved 9.

5. approach

须掌握的短语: 1. made 2. away 3. put 4. northwest 5. believe 6. friendly 7. far 8. away from 9. many 10. result 11. up 12. up


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