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黑龙江鸡西市 2016 高考英语(二轮)阅读理解训练选编(7)及答案

阅读理解 Although man has known asbestos for many hundreds of years, it was not until 160 years ago that it was mined for the first time on the North American continent. H. W. Johns, owner of a New York City Supply Shop for roofers, was responsible for the opening of that first mine. Mr. Johns was given a piece of asbestos which had been found in Italy. He experimented with the material and then showed its surprising powers to his customers. After putting on a pair of asbestos gloves, which looked much like ordinary work gloves, he took red-hot coals from the fireplace and played with them in his hands. How astonished the customers were to discover that he was not burned at all. You can well imagine that he had increasing business in asbestos roofing materials. However, because it was very expensive to transport them from Italy to the United States, Mr. Johns sent out a young scientist to seek a source nearer home. This young man found great vein(岩脉), in the province of Quebec in Canada. Ever since 1881 Quebec has led the world in the production of this unusual mineral, which is made up of magnesium, silicon, iron, and oxygen. When it is mined, the asbestos is heavy, just as you would expect a mineral to be. When it is separated, a strange thing happens; the rock breaks down into fine, soft, soapy fibers.

Scientists do not know why the rock can be separated easily into threads, but they have found thousands of uses of this fireproof material, of the so-called “cloth of stone”. 52. Which title best expresses the main idea of this passage? A. Asbestos mined in Canada C. A “wonder” mineral B. Fireproof matter D. A new roofing material

53. Johns proved his ability as a salesman by_______. A. going into roofing business Italy C. sending a trained scientist asbestos gloves 54. Which is the most important character of asbestos that the author wants to show us? A. It is like thread. C. It burns easily. B. It feels soapy. D. It is unusually heavy. D. showing the use of B. carrying asbestos from

55. The author’s main purpose in writing this passage was to _______. A. show the need for more scientists with other minerals C. increase the sales of asbestos asbestos 【参考答案】52—55、CDAD D. present facts about B. compare asbestos

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最 佳选项。 The light from the campfire brightened the darkness, but it could not prevent the damp cold of Dennis's Swamp (沼泽地) creeping into their bones. It was a strange place. Martin and Tom wished that they had not accepted Jack's dare. They liked camping, but not near this swamp. “So,” Martin asked as they sat watching the hot coals. “How did this place get its name? ” “Are you sure you want to hear it? It's a scary story,” warned Jack. “Of course! ” cried out Tom. “If there were anything to be scared of, you wouldn't have chosen this place!” “OK, but don't say I didn't warn you, ” said Jack, and he began his tale. “Way back in time, a man called Dennis tried to start a farm here. He built that cottage over there to live in. In those days, the area looked quite different—it was covered with tall trees and the swamp was a crystal-clear river. After three hard years, Dennis had cleared several fields and planted crops. He was so proud of his success that he refused to listen to advice.” “‘You are clearing too much land’, warned one old man.

‘The land is a living thing. It will hit back at you if you abuse it.’ ‘Silly fool’, said Dennis to himself. ‘If I clear more land, I can grow more crops. I'll become wealthier. He's just jealous!’” “Dennis continued to chop down trees. Small animals that relied on them for food and shelter were destroyed. He was so eager to expand his farm that he did not notice the river flowing slowly towards his door. He did not notice salt seeping to the surface of the land. He did not notice swamp plants choking all the native plants.” “What happened? ” Martin asked. It was growing colder. He trembled, twisting his body closer to the fire. “The land hit back—just as the old man warned, ” Jack shrugged. “Dennis disappeared. Old folks around here believe that swamp plants moved up from the river and dragged him underwater. His body was never found.” “What a stupid story, ” laughed Tom. “Plants can't?” Before he had finished speaking, he screamed and fainted(晕倒). The other two boys jumped up with fright, staring at Tom. Suddenly, they burst out laughing. Some green swamp ivy (常春藤) had covered Tom's face. It was a while before Tom could appreciate the joke. 56. The underlined word “dare” in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ________. A. courage B. assistance

C. instruction

D. challenge

57. Why did Jack tell Tom and Martin the story? A. To frighten them. B. To satisfy their curiosity. C. To warn them of the danger of the place. D. To persuade them to camp in the swamp. 58. Why did Dennis ignore the warning of the old man? A. The old man envied him. B. The old man was foolish. C. He was too busy to listen to others. D. He was greedy for more crops. 59. Why did Tom scream and faint? A. He saw Dennis's shadow. B. He was scared by a plant. C. His friends played a joke on him. D. The weather became extremely cold. 60. What lesson can we learn from the story of Dennis? A. Grasp all, lose all. B. No sweat, no sweet. C. It is no use crying over spilt milk. D. He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. 【要点综述】 本文主要讲述了三个人在沼泽地附近露营以及

Dennis's Swamp 名字的由来。 56. D 考查词义猜测。由语境可知,他们去沼泽地野营应该是

接受了杰克的挑战。 57. B 考查推理判断。 根据第二、 三、 四段他们的对话可知, Jack 多次警告他们这个故事吓人,但经不住他们的请求还是告诉他们了, 可知讲这个故事并不是为了吓他们,而是为了满足他们的好奇心。 58. D 考查细节理解。由第八段“If I clear more land, I can grow more crops. I'll become wealthier. He's just jealous!”可知他想有更多 的土地,种更多的庄稼,变得更富有,还认为老人在嫉妒他。由此可 知他不听老人的劝告是因为他想种更多的庄稼。 59. B 考查细节理解。由最后一段倒数第二句 “Some green

swamp ivy (常春藤) had covered Tom's face.”可知他晕倒的原因是因 为他被常春藤吓到了。 60. A 考查推理判断。 综观全文可知贪婪的 Dennis 因为其贪婪, 结果失去了一切,故 A 项“贪多必失”,符合语境。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最 佳选项。 China is a land of bicycles.At least it was back in 1992 when I traveled the country.Back then everyone seemed to be riding a bicycle.Millions of them, all black.Cars were rare.Yet since my arrival in

Beijing last year, I've found the opposite is true.There are millions of cars.However, people still use their bicycles to get around.For many, it's the easiest and cheapest way to travel today.Bicycles also come in different colors—silver, green, red, blue, yellow, whatever you want. It's fun watching people biking.They rush quickly through crossroads, move skillfully through traffic, and ride even on sidewalks( 人 行道).Bicycles allow people the freedom to move about that cars just can't provide. Eager to be part of this aspect of Chinese culture, I decided to buy a bicycle.Great weather accompanied my great buy.I immediately jumped up on my bicycle seat and started home. My first ride home was orderly(守秩序的). To be safe, I stayed with a “pack” of bikers while cars on the streets came running swiftly out of nowhere at times.I didn't want to get hit.So I took the ride carefully. Crossing the streets was the biggest problem.It was a lot like crossing a major highway back in the United States.The streets here were wide, so crossing took time,skill and a little bit of luck. I finally made it home.The feeling on the bicycle was amazing.The air hitting my face and going through my hair was wonderful.I was sitting on top of the world as I passed by places and people.Biking made me feel alive. 56.According to the author, why are bicycles still popular in China

today? A.Because they are traditional and safe. B.Because they are convenient and inexpensive. C.Because they are colorful and available. D.Because they are fast and environment friendly. 57 . The author decided to buy a bicycle because he intended ________. A.to ride it for fun B.to use it for transport C.to experience local culture D.to improve his riding skills 58.How did the author feel about his street crossing? A.It was boring. B.It was difficult. C.It was lively. D.It was wonderful. 59 . Which of the following best describes the author's biking experience? A.The author enjoyed showing off his biking skills. B.The author was annoyed by the air while riding. C.The author was praised by the other bikers. D.The author took great pleasure in biking.

【要点综述】 本文是记叙文,主要讲作者来到中国,为了体验 当地文化,买了一辆自行车在大街上骑自行车的快乐经历。 56.B 细节理解题。根据“对许多人来说,这是今天最简单、 最便宜的出行方式”可推断,流行的原因是自行车不贵而且方便,所 以选 B。 57.C 推理判断题。根据第三段第一句“渴望成为中国文化的 一部分, 我决定买一辆自行车”可推断, 作者是想体验中国当地文化。 58.B 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段第一句“过马路是最大的 问题”,再加上下文的描述可知,对他来说,过马路是很困难的。 59.D 推理判断题。最后一段中描述“在自行车上这种感觉是 令人惊讶的,微风吹过我的脸和头发,这种感觉是美妙的”说明作者 在骑自行车的过程中是快乐的。

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最 佳选项。 【2014 一模】 LONDON (Reuters) Ecotourism is causing a lot of damage to wildlife and may be endangering the survival of the very animals people are flocking to see, according to researchers. Biologists and conservationists are worried because polar bears, dolphins, penguins and other creatures are getting stressed and losing weight and some are dying. "Evidence is growing that many animals do not react well to tourists

in their backyard,” New Scientist magazine said. The immediate effects "researchers have noticed are changes in behavior, heart rates. or stress hormone levels but they fear it could get much worse and over the long term “ could endanger the survival of the very wildlife they want to see. ” Although money produced through ecotourism, which has been growing at about 10-30 percent a year, has major benefits for poor countries and people living in rural areas, the Swiss-based World Conservation Union (IUCN) and some governments fear not all projects are audited(审计) and based on environmentally friendly policies, according to the magazine. Transmission of disease to wildlife,or small changes to wildlife health through disturbance of daily life or increased stress levels, while not obvious to the casual observer, may translate to lower survival and breeding,” said Philip Seddon , of the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Scientists have noticed that bottleneck dolphins along the northeastern coast of New Zealand become nervously excited when tourist boats arrive. Similar changes in behavior have been observed in polar bears and yellow-eyed penguins in areas visited by colorists are producing smaller babies. Conservationists are now calling for more research into the effect of ecotourism on animals and say the industry must be developed carefully. They also want studies done before new ecotourism projects are started. “The animals’ welfare should be very important because without them there will be no ecotourism,” said Rochelle Constantine of the University of Auckland in New Zealand 【小题 1】 Which is not discovered to have changed in animals

disturbed by tourists? A. behavior rates 【小题 2】We may learn from the text that _____. A. ecotourism must be developed properly B. polar bears are losing weight without enough food C. all the poor countries have stopped ecotourism D. money produced through ecotourism should be spent on wildlife 【小题 3】Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the text? A. Many animals do not react well in their backyard B. Studies should be done before new ecotourism projects are started C. Ecotourism has been growing at about 10—30 percent a year. D. polar bears in areas visited by ecotourists are producing smaller babies. 【小题 4】What Rochelle Constantine said in the last paragraph implies that _____. A. if people want to get high income, they must develop ecotourism B. animals have rights to live their own life C. animals are people's good friends D. people should take good care of wildlife 【答案】 【小题 1】B 【小题 2】A 【小题 3】D 【小题 4】D 【解析】 B. birth rate C. hormone levels D. heart




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