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A beautiful girl. A naughty boy



She is a girl. The girl is beautiful.

She is a girl

(who is very beautiful.)


系 词


从句的问题解决秘诀: 一划二盖三打开” 从句的问题解决秘诀:“一划二盖三打开”
第一步:连词连接的句子是从句,把它当成一个整体。 第一步:连词连接的句子是从句,把它当成一个整体。划 上。
(what he said)is true ) All( that he said) is true. ( )

第二步:把这个从句盖上,看它在主句中的语法功能,从 第二步:把这个从句盖上,看它在主句中的语法功能, 而判断从句的性质。 而判断从句的性质。 第三步:把从句打开,添上合适的连词。 第三步:把从句打开,添上合适的连词。注意添连词看从 因为从句性质不一样。 句。因为从句性质不一样。

1. That he wants a book is certain. 2.Please tell me who your monitor is. 3.The news that Tom would go abroad is told by him. 4.The news that he told me is surprising. 5. That is the bike that /which I bought yesterday . 6.That is what I bought yesterday. 7.Anybody who breaks the law should be punished . 8.Make a mark where you have questions .

关系词代词( 关系词代词(主、宾、表)
1)人:who(主) whom(宾),that ) ( ( 2) 物:which, that, 3)人/物的:whose(定语) ) 物的 物的: (定语)

关系副词(状语) 关系副词(状语)
时间when 时间 地点where 地点 原因why 原因

4) as )

见到: 见到:what, how, ----ever 要排除

关系词代词( 一.关系词代词(主、宾、表) 关系词代词
Who I have two sisters _______are a teacher.
(who/whom/which) )

Whom,/ This is my mother ________I love very much.

which/ that I have a necklace___________ is expensive. whose That is my teacher_______dress is bule.

解题原则: 连接、指代、 解题原则: 连接、指代、做成分

注意:只用 注意:只用that的情况 的情况
1)先行词被 ) ①形容词最高级 This is the most interesting film that I’ve ever seen. ②序数词 This is the first American film that you have seen? ③the only, the very修饰时 修饰时 The only thing that we can do is to give you some money. 2)先行词为 、much、little、none、few、one、 )先行词为all、 、 、 、 、 、 something、anything等不定代词时。 等不定代词时。 、 等不定代词时 Do you have anything that you want to do? 3)先行词中既有人又有物时。 )先行词中既有人又有物时。 Do you know the things and persons that they are talking about?

关系副词( 二.关系副词(状语) 关系副词 状语)

时间when=表示时间的介词 表示时间的介词+which 时间 表示时间的介词 地点where=表地点的介词 表地点的介词+which 地点 表地点的介词 原因why=for +which 原因 1. I still remember the day when (on which) I first came to BeiJing 2. Can you tell me the office where( in which) he works?. 3. Do you know the reason why (for which) he is absent?

Where 的考查

The accident had reached to a point where both their parents are to be called in. I can think of many cases where students obviously know a lot of English words and expressions but couldb’t wtite a good essay. 不能只理解为表地点, 对where不能只理解为表地点, 不能只理解为表地点 当先行词表示某人、物的 当先行词表示某人、物的situation 或表达某事的某个方面都可用where. 或表达某事的某个方面都可用

介词+关系代词引导的定语从句 三. 介词 关系代词引导的定语从句
只能用: 只能用:which/ whom 1. In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person to whom she could turn for help. 2. I bought a book, the price of which was high. 3. This is the pen that/ which/ “/” I wrote the letter with.

(2008上海卷 上海卷38) We went through a period 上海卷 ______communications were very difficult in the rural areas. A.which B.whose C. in which D. with (2008福建 福建31) By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch 福建 bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, ____ appeared a rare rainbow soon. A. of which B. on which C. from which D.above (2008湖南 湖南31) the growing speed of a plant is 湖南 are influenced by a number of factors, _ beyond our control. A.most of them B. most of which C. most of what D. most of that

四 限制性定语从句 VS. 非限制性定语从句 I have a brother who has six children. I have a brother, who has six children.
意义区别:限制/ 非限制 意义区别:限制


形式区别: 形式区别:

非限制性定语从句:不能用 非限制性定语从句:不能用that

As在限制 非限制 定语从句用法 在限制/ 在限制
限制性定语从句: 限制性定语从句: 用在固定搭配中: 用在固定搭配中:as/so…..as the same……as


such…….as He is not the same man as he was. It is sold at such a low price as people expected. 非限制性定语从句:as / which 的区别 非限制性定语从句

非限制性定语从句as 非限制性定语从句 / which 的区别 1.as 位置灵活,可位于主句前后 位置灵活,可位于主句前后 which只能用于主句之后 只能用于主句之后 只能用于主句 2. as只能修饰整个句子的先行词 只能修饰整个句子 只能修饰整个句子的先行词 which既能修饰句子,又能修饰名词。 既能修饰句子,又能修饰名词。 既能修饰句子 名词

which I bought a pen _______ is five yuan.
I bought a pen__________made me happy Which/as

3. As 常用在以下结构中: 常用在以下结构中:
1.as is well-known 2.as often happens 3.as has been said before 4.as has been pointed 5.as mighted be expected

(2005浙江 浙江17) ______ I explained on 浙江 the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting. A. When C. As B. After D. Since

定语从句中注意事项: 五 定语从句中注意事项:
1.定语从句中的主谓一致问题: 定语从句中的主谓一致问题: 定语从句中的主谓一致问题 与先行词保持一致 注意: 注意:
先行词为one of+名词复数,定从:复数 名词复数, 先行词为 名词复数 定从: 先行词为the only/the very one of+名词复数 定从:单数 先行词为 名词复数 定从:

1.He is one of the students have who______(have) passed the exam. 2. He is the only one of the students has who_______(have) passed the exam.
am 3. I, who_____(be) very busy, can’t help them at the moment. is 4.The idea, which I think______(be) reasonable, was brought up by Professor Li



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