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高二 必修 5
Unit 2

Look at these sentences, and think of what is the object complement?

clever . We think him ______

angry What she did

made him _______.

We consider the answer ________. correct

playing basketball . We find them _________________

Look at these sentences, and think of what the object complement is? We think him clever. What he said made me angry. We consider the answer correct. We find them playing basketball.

An object complement is a word or phrase that follows the direct object to modify or complete its meaning.

What can be used as an object complement?

1. His father named him Doming.


2. They painted their house white. adjective 3. He asked me to lend my computer to him. 4. We saw her leaving. 5. I always find him in the classroom. infinitive

present participle
prepositional phrase

6. Let the fresh air in.

adverb clause

7. You cannot call it what you will. 8. We must get the work finished by 10 o’clock.

The relationship between the object and the past participle 1. 及物动词(短语)的过去分词用作宾 补时,宾语即是过去分词的逻辑宾语, 宾语和过去分词之间存在逻辑上的 被动 关系。 _____ He got his bad tooth He found his new bike pulled out yesterday. stolen.

2. 少数不及物动词如 go, change, fall 等 的过去分词作宾语补足语时,仅表示动 作 _____ 完成 。因此,宾语与过去分词之间 不存在逻辑上的被动关系。 I found the leaves She found her necklace fallen two days ago. gone on her way home.

3. 动词 seat, hide, dress 等的过去分词作 状态 ,而不 宾语补足语一般表示宾语的 _____ 表示被动或完成的意义。

On coming in, I found a girl seated in the corner.

I like her dressed in red.

The situation where the past participle is used as the object complement.

1. The past participle as the object
complement is used after some link verbs,

such as keep, leave.
e.g. They kept the door locked for a long time.

Don’t leave the windows broken like
this all the time.

2. The past participle as the object

complement is used after some causative
verbs, such as get, have, make etc. Means

“the object is …”
e.g. I have had my bike repaired. I raised my voice to make myself heard.

3. The past participle as the object complement is used after some verbs of senses, such as watch, notice, see, hear, listen to, feel, find.

e.g. When we got to school, we saw the door

We can hear the windows beaten by the
heavy rain drops.

4. The past participle as the object complement is used after some verbs, such as want, wish, like, expect, order. e.g. The teacher won’t like the problem discussed at the moment.

I want the suit made to his own measure.

5. The past participle as the object

complement is used in the structure “ with + object + object complement ”. e.g. The thief was brought in with his hands

tied behind his back.
With many brightly-coloured flowers

planted around the building, his house
looks like a beautiful garden.

With the matter settled, we all went home.

Some questions about the past
participle used as the object


1. Compare the past participle used as the object complement with the present participle.

I saw him _______ sleeping in bed.

I saw him _____ bitten by a dog.

calling me. I heard someone _______ I heard my name ______. called

过去分词与宾语之间是动宾关系 现在分词与宾语之间是主谓关系

2. Compare the past participle used as the object complement with the infinitive.
With all the problems settled, he felt happy. With many problems to settle, he felt worried. I saw her taken out of the classroom.

I saw her come into the classroom.

过去分词强调与宾语之间的被动关系, 表示动作已完成。不定式强调动作发生 的全过程、或表将来要发生的事情。

1. 使役动词 let, have, make等后作宾补。 e.g. The speaker raised her voice but still couldn’t make them hear what she said. His parents let him do whatever he wants. 2. 感官动词 see, watch, look at, notice, find, observe, hear, listen to, smell, feel 等后作 宾补。 e.g. I didn’t notice him come into the room. All the boys see the plane fly away.


I saw him dance.
= He was seen to dance.

The boss made them work the whole

= They were made to work the whole

Practice 1: 1. 他说的话让我吃惊。 What he had said made me surprised _________.

2. 我的眼镜坏了。我要修理一下。
My glasses are broken. I’ll have to get

repaired them ________.

3. 指着那个碎花瓶,妈妈问我:“谁干

pointing to the broken With her finger _______

vase, my mother asked me, “Who did

4. 医生看到他偷偷吸烟了。
The doctor saw him ______ smoke secretly.

Practice 2:
1. The manager discussed the plan that they would like to see ______ the next year. A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out 2. ---- There’s a hole in your bag. ---- I know, I’m going to have it _____. A. mend B. mending C. mended D. to be mended

3. Though he had often made his little sister ____, today he was made ____ by his little sister. A. cry; to cry B. crying; crying C. cry; cry D. to cry; cry 4. He managed to make himself _____with his____ English. A. understand; breaking B. understand; broken C. understood; breaking D. understood; broken

5. I found the door _____ when I got home. A. opened B. close C. unlocking D. open 6. The doctor asked him not to leave his wound ______. A. expose B. exposed C. to expose D. exposing

7. I couldn’t do my homework with all that noise____. A. going on B. goes on C. went on D. to go on 8. With a lot of difficult problems_____, the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled

9. I have often heard the ABC Song ____, but I have never heard Alice ____ it. A. to be sung; to sing B. being sung; sang C. sung; sing D. sang; singing 10. When I put my hand on his chest, I could feel his heart still ____. A. beat B. to be beating C. beating D. was beating


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