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新牛津高中英语模块五第三单元知识点整理及单元练习 M5 UNIT3 一、词汇大集合 【单词】 1. point out 指出 (P 43) He pointed out my mistakes. 他指出了我的错误。 When it comes to houses, he points out that most people work all their lives paying for a house. 提到房子,他指出大多数人一生都在为一所房子而辛苦地工作。 ▲ point at/to 指着、指向某人或某物 (两个词组可以换用) ▲ point at 对准、瞄准(某人用枪对准某人某物等) ▲ point to 表明、指向(主语为证据、时针以及宾语为某一方向时) 2. interfere vi. ▲ interfere with 妨碍;扰乱; (P 42) ▲ interfere in 【贬】干涉、干预、介入 I never interfere in his affairs. 我从来不介入他的事。 The sound of the radio upstairs interferes with my work. 3. breakthrough n. 突破 (P 42) make / achieve a breakthrough in… 在某方面取得突破 ▲ break through 冲破、突破 ▲ break out (战争、火灾等)的突然爆发; ▲ break into 破门而入、闯入 ▲ break up 粉碎、解散、结束(分手) ▲ break down 中途坏掉、分解、 (精神)垮掉 4. intention n. 意图、打算、目的 (P 42) I have no intention of changing my mind. 我没想改变主意。 ▲ with the intention of 为了,以?为目的或意图 ▲ without intention 无意地; ▲ intend to do sth. 打算做某事 ▲ intend sb. to do sth.打算某人做某事 ▲ be intended for 专为某人准备 5. adopt vt. 收养,领养;采用,采纳 Can you adopt my idea? 你能采用我的主意么? They adopted a baby boy. 他们收养了一个小男孩儿。 ▲ an adopted son 养子 ▲ adopted words 外来词 6. push ahead with sth. 推进、推行、毅然继续做某事 (P 42) It ’s hard to push ahead/forward/on with such an unpopular policy. 这样一个不得人心的政策很难推行下去。 ▲ push sth. forward 提出某事,迫使他人考虑或注意某事

▲ push ahead/forward/on with sth. 推进、推行、毅然继续做某事 7. while 1) n. 一会儿、一段时间 Just wait for a while and then I will help you. 2) conj. “当…时候、在…期间” ;引导时间状语从句。 My wife kept silent while I was writing. 我老婆在我写作的时候保持 沉默。 3)conj. “尽管” ,相当于 although, 常放在句首。 While I understand what you said, I can’t agree with you. 尽管我理解你所说的话,但是我不同意你。 4)conj. “然而” He is a teacher, while his brother is a doctor. 他是老师,而他哥哥是医生。 8. deliver vt. 接生、使分娩;把...递给某人;发表(演讲) Her baby was delivered by an experienced doctor. 一位有经验的医生接生 了她的宝宝。 The morning mail has been just delivered. 早上的邮件刚刚被投递出去。 ▲ deliver … to sb. 把...递给某人 ▲ deliver a speech 发表(演讲) 9. benefit vt. / vi./ n ▲ benefit sb./sth 对某人/某物有益 ▲ benefit from 从...中获益 ▲ be beneficial to / be of much benefit to 对...有好处 ▲ for the benefit of… 为了...的利益 It is said that Yoga is of much benefit to health. 据说瑜伽对健 康有好处。 10. comment n.& vi. 评论,评注 ▲ make a comment/comments on = comment on 评论某人(某事) ;对…做 出评论 She make several comments on that book. 她对那本书做出了几条评 论。 11. in favour of 支持;赞同 ▲ do sb a favour = do a favor for sb 帮某人一个忙 ▲ in sb’s favour 对某人有利 ▲ owe sb a favour 欠某人一个人情 Will you do me the favor to carry the box? 你能帮我拿那个盒子吗? He was willing to bend the rules in his favor. 他愿意放宽规定以有利于 她。 It ’s your treat today, for you owe me a favor. 今天你请客,因为你欠我一 个人情。 12. Not everything that is best for nature is good for people. 当 both, all, every 及 each 构成的复合词用于否定句时,都表示部分否定。 注意:表示部分否定时 not 并不总是放在这些词之前,not 也可以放在谓语

部分。 Not every girl wants to go on a diet. = Every girl does not want to go on a diet. Not all students like this subject. 并非所有的学生都喜欢这 个科目。 注意:表示完全否定可用 no, 及 no 构成的复合词 none, never 等。 13. turn out 意思是“结果是;证明是” ,其用法如下: turn out (to be) + adj / n It turned out that … We all thought he was honest, but he turned out (to be) a cheat. 我们原以为他很诚实,但是结果他却是个骗子。 It was a hard time, but everything turned out (to be) fine at last. 那是一个很艰难的时期,但最终结果却不坏。 To my surprise, it turned out that I was wrong. 我没有想到,结果证明我错 了。 14. with/without 的复合结构小结 I don’t like to sleep with the window open. 不喜欢开着窗子睡觉。 He left the room with all the lights on. 他走的时候房间所有的灯 都开着。 He stood at the door, with a ball in his hand. 他站在门边,手里拿着 球。 With all the books bought, I went home. 所有的书都买好了,我 回家了。 She hid the money without anyone knowing where it was. 她把钱藏起来,没有人知道在什么地方。 The little boy looks sad, with so much work to do. 那小男孩看起来很不开心因为有很多作业要做。 15. rather than 而不是; I want to have a rest rather than go out. 我想休息而不想出去。 I’d prefer to go in summer rather than in winter. 我宁愿夏天去,不愿冬天 去。 Tom likes getting up early rather than going to school without breakfast. 汤姆宁愿早起,而不愿不吃早饭去上学。 It is you rather than he that have been admitted into the club. 是你而不是他被 俱乐部录取。 【短语】 1. interfere with nature 干涉自然 (P 42) 2. on the way to doing sth. 在做某事的过程中 3. in general 总的说来 4. intend to do sth. 打算做某事 5. with the intention of doing sth. 带着做某事的目的 6. show respect for human life 尊敬人类生命 7. be desperate to do sth. 不顾一切想做某事 be desperate for sth. 不顾一切想得到…

8. be related to 和…有关/联系 9. push ahead with 推进 / 推行某事 10. deliver a cloned human baby 接生克隆婴儿 11. focus one’s efforts on cloning 把努力集中在克隆上 12. benefit human beings 对人类有益 13. end up doing sth. 以做某事告终 (P 43) 14. use up Earth’s resources 用光地球上的资源 15. point out 指出 16. comment on sth./make comments on sth 对…作评论 17. in (complete) agreement with… (完全)赞同… 18. on a personal note 从个人的角度看来 19. experiment with human life 用人类生命做实验 (P 45) 20. put…in place 准备就绪;布置妥当 21. figure out 想出;理解;明白;计算出 (P 49) 22. the other day 几天前;那天 23. be resistant to 抗…的;防…的 (P 57) 24. limit … to… 把…限制在…范围内 25. in favor of 支持赞成 (P 58) 26. be concerned about 关心;担心 27. rather than 而不是 28. at a fast rate 以很快的速度 29. blame sb. for (doing) sth. 因…责备某人 30. turn out (to be) + adj/n. 证明是、结果是

二、单元综合练习 单元练习 1 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.It is said that the increasing number of natural disasters might be the ____________(结果)of global warming in recent years. 2.People usually wrote letters to get in touch in the past.Nowadays email has __________(改变,转移)the way people communicate. 3.Researchers say they have achieved a major __________(突破)in cancer treatment,which brings hope to cancer patients. 4.As a part of this investigation,Brandt used data from an international survey __________(实施)between 2005 and 2007. 5.To their surprise,the __________(大多数) of people agree to their plan. 6.The TV play,which is about the life of an __________(普通的) worker, is very popular. 7.Would you please make a ________(简洁的) introduction to the library? 8. The research has __________(证实) what many parents and teachers have already feared : social networking sites are damaging students' academic performance. 9. The government has already __________(采纳) effective measures against pollution. 10.Send your mother a short message of your safe arrival so as to relieve her from __________(焦虑). 11.More and more women today have learned to rise in defence of their __________(合法的) rights. 12.Do you think that punishment for violent __________(罪行) should be the same for juveniles(未成年人)and adults? 13.Without __________(许可),you can't go into the laboratory alone. 14.Simon was badly __________(害怕) at the result of his action. 15.What do you think was the author's __________(用意)in this passage? 【答案】 1.consequences 2.transformed 3.breakthrough

4. conducted 5.majority 6.ordinary 7.brief 8.confirmed 9.adopted 10.anxiety 11.legal 12.crimes 13.permission 14.frightened 15.intention Ⅱ.选词填空 in summary;toy with;for sale;push ahead with;be burnt out;on the one hand;take...into consideration;follow in one's footsteps;make sense;point of view 1.He ________ almost __________ by the time he was 21. 2.It is hard to ____________ such an unpopular policy. 3.While she was talking to me,she __________ a pencil. 4.We have many types of cosmetics __________. 5.When purchasing goods,one has to __________ the quality of the goods __________. 6.From a teacher's __________,this dictionary will be very useful. 7.Her mother has been a teacher for over 30 years.She __________ and becomes a teacher. 8.I don't want to go traveling.__________,I have no time;on the other hand,I have no money. 【答案】 1.was;burnt out 2.push ahead with 3.toyed with 4.for sale 5.take; into consideration 6.point of view 7.follows in her mother's footsteps 8.On the one hand Ⅲ.完成句子 1.中国在任何时候决不首先使用核武器。 At no time will China be ____________ nuclear weapons. 2.与其说他聪明,不如说他幸运。 He is ________ lucky ________ clever. 3.我以前从没听过比这更好的故事。 I have ________ heard a ________ story before. 4.尽管我承认有问题存在,我不同意它们不能被解决。 ____________ that there are problems,I don't agree that they cannot be solved. 5.通盘考虑,我认为这个计划不错。 Everything __________________,I think it is a good plan.

【答案】 1.the first to use 2.more;than 3.never;better 4.While I admit 5.taken into consideration Ⅳ.教材活用 根据教材文本完成下列表格,每空一词。 Different opinions on the first human embryo 1.________ Para. 1 For:Human embryo cloning can produce valuable tissues and 2.________ that could be used to 3.________ human lives. For:People 6.________ scientists for the scientific breakthrough. Ian Wilmut's intention Research efforts should be 8.________ on Paras. 3~ 5 creating new tissues and organs for medical use.Cloning human embryos with the intention of destroying them shows no 9.________ for human life. Para. 6 Chinese scientists have focused their efforts on cloning animals and stem cells. They have 10.________ in cloning cows and goats. 【答案】 1.cloning 2.organs 3.save 4.monster 5.Dolly 6.praised 7.diseases 8.concentrated 9.respect 10.succeeded Ⅴ.阅读理解 A Hearst Castle Hearst Castle is a park on the central California coast and a National Historic Landmark.It was designed by Julia Morgan for William Randolph Hearst from 1919 until 1947.In 1957,the owner donated the fortune to the state of California.Since that time it has been a state historic park where its large collection of art and antiques are open for public tours.Despite its location far To be the first to clone a human being. Against:We may be on the way to producing a reallife Frankenstein's 4.________.

Different opinions on the birth of 5.________ Para. 2 Against:Cloning would create more 7.________. Severino Antinori's intention

from any urban center,the site attracts roughly one million visitors per year. Guided Tours · Tour 1 is recommended for firsttime visitors.It now includes the movie, Hearst Castle:Building the Dream. · Tour 2 gives visitors a closer look at the main house's upper floors, Mr.Hearst's private suite,the libraries,and the kitchen. · Tour 3 looks at the Castle's North Wing,guest rooms and guest house Casa del Monte. · Tour 4 includes the impressive gardens and grounds,the largest guest house,the wine basement,and the Hidden Terrace. · The evening tour is a special tour that allows visitors to experience the Castle at night as one of the Hearst's own visitors might have. Ticket Prices Hearst Castle accepts VISA , MasterCard , American Express and Discover.Free dayuse parking is available for automobiles,motorcycles,tour buses and recreational vehicles. Tours Tour 1 Tour 2,3 or 4 Evening tour Adult D$S24 D$S24 D$S30 Reservation(预订)Information While tickets may be purchased at the Vistior Center upon arrival ,tour reservations can be made online now or by calling 18004444445.See below for times. Reservation Call Center Hours Dates March—September October—February Monday—Friday 8 am to 6 pm 9 am to 5 pm Saturday—Sunday 8 am to 6 pm 9 am to 3 pm Aged 6-17 D$S12 D$S12 D$S15

* Children under 6 are free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Visit www.hearstcastle.org for more information. 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了 Hearst Castle 这个旅游景点的相关信息。 1.Who does Hearst Castle belong to at present?

A.William Randolph Hearst. B.Julia Morgan. C.The Hearst Corporation. D.The state of California. 【解析】 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“In 1957,the owner donated the fortune to the state of California.Since that time it has been a state historic park where its large collection of art and antiques are open for public tours. ”可知选 D。 【答案】 D 2.If you are quite interested in wine,which tour will you choose? A.Tour 1. C.Tour 3. B.Tour 2. D.Tour 4.

【解析】 细节理解题。根据第四种观光方式中的“the largest guest house, the wine basement,and the Hidden Terrace”可知选 D。 【答案】 D 3.If a couple take Tour 1 with their 5yearold son,how much will they pay for the tickets? A.36. C.60. B.48. D.75.

【解析】 数字计算题。根据 Ticket Prices 中 Tour 1 中的一个成人的票价为 D|S24 可知,一对夫妇要花费 D|S48,而成人带的孩子六岁以下的免费,故选 B。 【答案】 B 4.Which of the following is the available time to book tickets by phone? A.At 8 am on Monday in February. B.At 9 am on Sunday in March. C.At 7 pm on Friday in September. D.At 6 pm on Saturday in October. 【解析】 细节理解题。根据第二个表格里的预订时间和日期可知选 B。 【答案】 B B One day,I received a call from a colleague.He was about to give a student a

zero for his answer to a physical problem,while the student claimed a perfect score.I was elected as their arbiter(仲裁人).I read the examination problem, “Show how it is possible to determine the height of a tall building with the aid of a barometer(气压计). ” The student had answered, “Take the barometer to the top of the building, attach a long rope to it, lower it to the street, and then bring it up and measure the length of the rope.The length of it is the height of the building.” The student had really answered the question completely,but the answer didn't confirm his competence in physics.I suggested the student try again.I gave him six minutes to answer the question,warning that the answer should show some knowledge of physics.Five minutes later,he said he had many answers and dashed off one,which read“Take the barometer to the top of the building and lean over the edge of the roof.Drop the barometer , timing its fall with a stopwatch.Then,use the physical formula(公式)to calculate the height of the building.” At this point,my colleague had to accept it,and then the student made almost full marks.I couldn't help asking the student what the other answers were.He listed many others, and then added, “Probably the best one is to take the barometer to the administrator and say to him, ‘Sir,here is a fine barometer.If you tell me the height of the building,I will give it to you.’ ” Then,I asked the student if he really did not know the conventional answer to this question.He admitted that he did,but said that he was fed up with high school and college instructors trying to teach him how to think. The name of the student was Bohr who later was famous all over the world.He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. 【语篇解读】 本文主要讲述了一个学生不按老师的要求解答物理题,但最 终获得诺贝尔物理学奖的故事。 5.The student got a zero at the beginning because ________. A.the teacher wasn't satisfied with him B.his answer wasn't complete or correct C.the teacher didn't fully understand his answer

D.his answer didn't show his knowledge of physics 【解析】 细节理解题。从第二段第一句中的“but the answer didn't confirm his competence in physics”可知,这个学生的解题方法没有体现物理方面的知识 是他得零分的原因。 【答案】 D 6.We know from the passage that ________. A.the student knew the expected answer B.the administrator told Bohr the height C.the author preferred Bohr's last answer D.the teacher was a very stubborn person 【解析】 细节理解题。从倒数第二段中的“Then,I asked the student if he really did not know the conventional answer to this question.He admitted that he did” 可知,这个学生知道被期待的答案是什么。故 A 项正确。 【答案】 A 7.We can learn from the passage that ________. A.instructors can teach students how to think B.arbiters can help students to get high scores C.students should be given more freedom in thinking D.teachers should make students use physical formulas 【解析】 推理判断题。从最后两段的内容可知,Bohr 富有创造性思维并获 得了诺贝尔奖,由此推断文章主张学生应该被允许自由地思考。 【答案】 C 8.What was Bohr's attitude toward his schooling? A.Optimistic. C.Approving. B.Critical. D.Pessimistic.

【解析】 观点态度题。从倒数第二段中的“but said that he was fed up with high school and college instructors trying to teach him how to think ”可知,Bohr 对他接受的教育持批判的态度。 【答案】 B

单元练习 2 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 徐州高三模拟)When she heard her son had been admitted to a key university,words couldn't ________ her excitement. A.convey C.conduct B.explain D.distinguish

【解析】 句意:当听说她的儿子已经被一所重点大学录取时,她的激动无 法用言语表达。convey“运送,表达” ,符合句意。explain“解释” ;conduct“实 施” ;distinguish“辨别” 。 【答案】 A 2. (2014· 蚌埠九中模拟 )General secretary Xi Jinping urged Washington ________ concrete measures to loosen hightech export controls to China. A.adopting C.adopted B.to adopt D.to be adopted

【解析】 句意:习近平总书记敦促华盛顿采取具体措施放宽对华高科技出 口管制。urge sb.to do sth.“敦促某人做某事” ;adopt measures“采取措施” 。 【答案】 B 3.(2014· 巢湖高三检测)—It is reported on TV this morning that a group of college students went on an exploration in Huangshan, ________ in the mountain because of their losing the way. —Yes,I know.Worse still,in order to rescue them,many soldiers went to help,________ one of them to lose his young life. A.trapped;caused C.trapped;causing B.trapping;causing D.trapping;caused

【解析】 句意:——据今天上午电视报道,一群大学生去黄山探险,由于 迷路而被困在山中。——是的,我知道。更糟糕的是,为了营救他们,很多士 兵去帮忙,结果一名士兵献出了年轻的生命。trap 与 college students 之间是动 宾关系,故第一空应该用过去分词表示被动;第二空表示结果,应用现在分词 作状语。故选 C。

【答案】 C 4.(2013· 安徽高考)—How did your interview with the manager go? —________ He seemed interested in my experience,but he didn't ask for references. A.Perfect! C.That's right. B.I'm not sure. D.Couldn't be better

【解析】 句意:——你觉得与经理的面试怎么样?——________他好像对 我的经历感兴趣,但他并没有求证。根据接下来的话可知,既有好的一面,也 有不利的一面,显然说话人是模棱两可的。故选 B 项。 【答案】 B 5.(2014· 宿迁模拟)—Could you do me a ________ and take the box up to the sixth floor? —With pleasure.No problem at all. A.favour C.pleasure B.good D.kindness

【解析】 do sb.a favour “帮某人一个忙” 。 根据第一人所说的“...take the box up to the sixth floor”可知 A 项符合句意。 【答案】 A 6.(2014· 合肥八中模拟)—Don't you think Sam is the best person for the position?He is very wise. —I don't quite agree.He is ________ wise. A.more kind than C.not so kind as B.as kind as D.kinder than

【解析】 句意: ——难道你不认为萨姆最适合这个职位吗?他很聪明。 —— 我不很同意,与其说他聪明不如说他善良。 more...than... “ 与其说 ?? 倒不如 说??” 。 【答案】 A 7. (2014· 安徽定远三中模拟)It made our head teacher angry ________ Wang Lin,without the ________ from the school,was absent from class for a week. A.that;permission C.which;permission B.which;permit D.that;permit

【解析】 句意:王琳未经学校允许旷课一周,这使我们的校长很生气。 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的从句,而且引导词在从句中不作成分,故应 用 that 引导。permission“允许,许可” ;permit“许可证” 。 【答案】 A 8.(2010· 陕西高考)His first book ________ next month is based on a true story. A.published C.to publish B.to be published D.being published

【解析】 句意:下个月要出版的他的第一本书是以真实的故事为基础的。 由 next month 可知用动词不定式表示将来, publish 与 book 之间存在被动关系, 故可排除 C 项。 【答案】 B 9.(2014· 湖北襄阳高三调研)He's a fashion designer who's always swum against the stream;his work is very ________. A.original B.ridiculous D.abnormal


【解析】 句意:他是个总是不随大流的时装设计师;他的作品很有独创性。 根据句意可知应选 original“有独创性的” 。 【答案】 A 10.(2014· 宁波抽样检测)Marty's disability is“one in a million”.________, there are not many people in the world like him. A.In other words C.For one thing B.All in all D.On the other hand

【解析】 句意:Marty 的障碍是“一百万分之一” 。换句话说,世界上不是 很多人都像他那样。in other words“换句话说” ,符合句意。 【答案】 A 11.(2014· 合肥高三质检)________ some people claim they can predict the future,there is no scientific basis behind it. A.As C.While B.Once D.Because

【解析】 句意:尽管一些人们声称能预知未来,但这些都没有科学依据。

as“因为、随着” ;once“一旦” ;while“尽管,然而,当??的时候” ;because “因为” ,由语境可知选 C。 【答案】 C 12 . (2014· 安 徽 两 所 名 校 联 考 )A survey ________ by the UN shows developing countries are particularly attractive to tourists. A.being conducted C.having been conducted B.conducted D.to be conducted

【解析】 句意: 联合国的一项调查显示, 发展中国家特别吸引游客(去旅游)。 conduct 和 survey 之间是动宾关系,所以空白处应用过去分词作后置定语。 【答案】 B 13.—Was the suspect pronounced guilty? —Yes,the new evidence ________ the first witness' story. A.confirmed C.declared B.claimed D.observed

【解析】 考查动词辨析。句意: ——那个犯罪嫌疑人被定罪了吗? —— 是的,新的证据证明了第一个目击证人的话。confirm“证明,证实” ;claim“声 称,认领” ;declare“宣布,声明” ;observe“观察,注意到” 。 【答案】 A 14 . Examtakers' “virtue” will be taken into ________ in the future nationwide public servants' exam. A.focus B.target D.contribution


【解析】 考查名词辨析。句意:在未来的全国公务员考试中将会考虑考试 人员的“道德”因素。take...into consideration“考虑??,把??考虑在内” , 符合句意。focus“焦点,中心” ;target“目标,靶子” ;contribution“贡献, 捐献,投稿” 。 【答案】 C 15.—How about your school? —Oh,very good.You can't find ________ one in this city. A.the better C.a better B.the best D.better

【解析】 句意:——你的学校如何?——哦,非常好。在这个城市里你再 也找不到一个更好的了。 “否定词+比较级”相当于最高级, “一个更好的学校” 是泛指,故答案选 C。 【答案】 C Ⅱ.阅读理解 As a boy growing up in India,I had longed to travel abroad.I used to listen to the stories my father would tell me about his stay in Canada and tours to Europe in the 1970s,with great interest. My big moment finally came in the summer of 1998 when I was able to accompany my parents to Europe,where my father was to attend a meeting.We planned to travel to Belgium,Netherlands and West Germany. I have vivid memories even today of going to Mumbai airport at night all excited about finally going abroad.I had heard several great things about Lufthansa till then but now I finally got to experience them first hand , during the flight to Frankfurt.We flew business class and even today I can remember the excellent service by the Lufthansa crew.The flight was really smooth and thoroughly enjoyable,even for someone like me,who is otherwise scared of flying. After spending almost two weeks in Europe,we took the Lufthansa airport express from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt airport,for our return flight.What a journey that was! All along the Rhine (莱茵河),it was simply an unforgettable experience.I was in a sombre mood on the flight back to Mumbai as it marked the end of a wonderful vacation,but the Lufthansa crew members were able to change it into a most enjoyable experience yet again,with the quality of their service. Being the first airline to take me overseas,Lufthansa will always hold a special place in my heart.Even today,I continue to enjoy flights on Lufthansa and simply cannot dream of choosing any other airline.Flying,in general,for me,has always been an ordeal (terrible and painful experience) .Flying on Lufthansa, however, is something I always have and always will look forward to. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。作者给我们讲述了他第一次去欧洲的难 忘旅行。

1.Which country does the author live in now? A.India. C.Belgium. B.Canada. D.Germany.

【解析】细节理解题。 根据第一段首句可知, 作者生活的国度是印度(India)。 【答案】 A 2.Which of the following is TRUE about the author's trip to Europe in 1998? A.The author traveled with one of his parents. B.Both their going and return are by air. C.They traveled in spring that year. D.They stayed in Europe for nearly two months. 【解析】 细节理解题。A 项错在与事实“和父母双亲一起去的”不符; C 项错在与事实“他们是在夏季去的”不符; D 项错在与事实“在欧洲待了两个 星期”不符。B 项与文章吻合。 【答案】 B 3.It can be inferred from the passage that Lufthansa is ________. A.a city in India C.an airline company B.a city in Europe D.a travel agency

【解析】 推理判断题。通过后三段内容不难看出,此为一家航空公司的名 称(德国汉莎航空公司)。 【答案】 C 4.The underlined word “sombre” in the 4th paragraph probably means “________”. A.happy C.angry B.sad D.enjoyable

【解析】 词义猜测题。想到愉快的旅行就要结束,作者心情自然不好,故 选 B 项。根据后半句“但德国汉莎航空公司却以其高质量的服务使得我这一返 程旅行转变为 a most enjoyable experience”也可推知答案。 【答案】 B Ⅲ.任务型阅读 Have you ever intended to be fully absorbed in your work but found

yourself distracted (走神) by email,the Internet and other things throughout the day? “People often lose their concentration when they are bored,of course,but also when they are busy with challenging tasks, ”says Peter Bregman.“They sometimes have a feeling to escape from what's difficult or boring,so they jump out, ”he says.The part of the brain devoted to attention is connected to the brain's emotional center.Any strong emotion—quarrels with colleagues , problems at home—can interrupt our attention.Studies over the last decade have shown that too much work to do at a time can easily lead to distraction. Refocusing is hard for many people.Robert Epstein suggests the following, “Stop and listen to music for a few minutes.Go for a short walk or take a deep breath, where you breathe in deeply, count to five slowly, hold it and breathe out very slowly.” This can“blow out all the tension and the unwanted in your mind to restore your focus”. Take more control by arranging your time and becoming more aware of your behaviors.“Setting the phone alarm to go off every hour is my way of creating awareness, ” Mr.Bregman says, “You have to inform yourself that you've lost focus in order to do something about it.”Starting the day with a todo list is important,such as when to eat,when to go to the gym or take a walk.But if it's too ambitious(费力的), you will put yourself in a state of anxiety, which makes it hard for the brain to concentrate. “ Choosing three or four things as your priority(优先)for the day allows your brain to settle down and focus, ”he says. Topic 2.________ of getting distracted 6.________ of strong emotions Tips on holding attention How to become more 1.________ on the work? · People tend to get away from things that they're 3.________ with. · Strong emotions 4.________ the brain's part for attention. · People get distracted easily if 5.________ too many tasks at a time. · Having 7.________ with a colleague. · Meeting with problems at home. · Stop working to restore your focus by 8.________ your breath and try different relaxing things. · 9.________ your time effectively and create awareness of your

behaviors. · Make a todo list at the beginning of a working day. · Focus on 3 or 4 things and get them done 10.________ for the day. 【答案】 1.focused/concentrated 2.Causes 3.bored 4 . interrupt/affect 5.given/offered/assigned 6.Examples/Cases/Situations 7.quarrels 8.adjusting/regulating 9.Arrange/Schedule/Plan 10.first



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