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课时作业 10(模块四

Unit 1)

Ⅰ.完成句子(每空一词) 1.他上了那个专门针对不识字的人的当。 (fall;mean) He ______ ______ the trick which had been ______ ______ those who can't read. 2.说到钱,我儿子对新工作的薪水不是很满意。

(come;happy/please) When it ______ ______ money,my son is not very ______ ______ the salary he gets for the new job. 3.这本书旨在于告诫语言学习者不要太受语法的奴役。 (aim;slave) The book ______ ______ warn language learners not to ______ ______ ______ ______ grammar. 4.我已经将那个关于马上要上市的产品的报告呈给了上司。 (present;on) I have ______ the report ______ my boss about the product that will soon come ______ the market. 5.我清楚自己的短处。 (aware) I ______ ______ ______ my shortcomings. Ⅱ.语法和词汇知识 1.He ______ in complete control of everybody and everything around him,but now he ______ on his staff for most decisions about his company. A.used to believe;is used to depending B.been used to believe;is used to depending C.used to believe;is used to depend D.been used to believing;is used to depend 2.We should know that we can only reach the top if we are ready to ______ and learn from failure. A.deal with B.depend on C.carry on D.go with 3.______ to help the less mobile people get easier access to the roads,some adjustments will be made to them. A.Intended B.Intending C.Being intended D.To intend 4.It is advised that the theory he had stuck to ______ out. A.wasn't carried B.not being carried C.not be carried D.not carrying 5.A harmonious society is like a symphony—each person contributes a small sound,but when ______ with other sounds,it becomes beautiful music. A.combining B.combined C.being combined D.to be combined 6.Did your doctor warn you ______ food high in fat? A.on B.for C.against D.over 7.What do you ______,money or health? A.turn to B.trust with C.believe in D.depend on 8.—What happened? —I don't know.Someone ______. A.must break something B.must have broken something C.could break something D.could have broken something 9.—I'm wondering why the visitors chose to stay with the host family. —______ the real local life. A.Experiencing B.Experience C.To experience D.Having experienced 10.Tricked ______ picking up the money on the ground,the woman had her debit card changed for a fake one. A.for B.as C.by D.into 11.Right now there are several public concerns to be addressed,one of which is ______ it's hard for college graduates to find affordable dwellings in the city. A.what B.that C.when D.how

12.The soldiers were guarding all the ______ to the palace. A.attitudes B.principles C.viewpoints D.approaches 13.The new policy will benefit the elders a lot ______ people over 65 can take buses free of charge. A.which B.where C.what D.that 14.Mum was ______ at the beautiful decoration of the windows of the bedroom. A.shocked B.disappointed C.amazed D.pleased 15.Look at their puzzled looks.Obviously,you've failed to ______. A.get the idea across B.get the idea through C.make the idea across D.make the idea through Ⅲ.完形填空(一) On February 23,1790,a ragged group of men were advancing to a fort held by British soldiers in Vincennes, Indiana.The men were __1__.Their leader was a man__2__George Rogers Clark.Clark and his small army of about 125 men made up their minds to destroy the fort.To complete this task,they had marched across Illinois through mud and rain. The men were very __3__.They had almost no ammunition(弹药).By the time they__4__Vincennes,they had been without food for two days.__5__before they could attack the fort, they had to seize the town.Clark sent a __6__to the town's people.In the message,Clark advised the town's people who were for Britain to go to the fort immediately.All others were to stay inside their homes.His army,Clark__7__,was powerful! To make the town's people believe that this was true, Clark had his men march in and out of the __8__around Vincennes.They marched from early afternoon until dark.Some men, by__9__ of Clark, also carried flags on long poles so that they were__10__visible in the town. The town's people finally thought Clark's army was a powerful one.The town fell to Clark and his men and not a__11__was fired.On February 25 the fort which had enough supplies to__12__ another six months, surrendered itself to the ragged American army! 1.A.Indians B.Americans C.Frenchmen D.Englishmen 2.A.said B.reported C.supposed D.named 3.A.tired B.excited C.pleased D.frightened 4.A.left B.passed C.neared D.entered 5.A.Long B.Although C.Yet D.Unless 6.A.gift B.message C.soldier D.telegram 7.A.admired B.warned C.promised D.praised 8.A.hills B.villages C.parks D.rivers 9.A.side B.watch C.order D.means 10.A.constantly B.sometimes C.seldom D.not 11.A.shot B.house C.general D.village 12.A.live B.set up C.hold out D.live in Ⅳ.完形填空(二) We live in a world of advertisements.We see and hear them 1.______.No one 2.______ avoid being influenced by advertisements.Radio, television and computers have made 3. ______ possible for advertisements to attract the attention of millions of people.4.______,it has become an important part of our daily life.For one thing,advertising greatly promotes sales.For 5.______,in their efforts to tell people about products and events, advertisements provide 6.______ with a large amount of the latest information.Meanwhile,to make an advertisement,a lot of people will have to work together,7.______ with the development of advertising a lot of jobs are being created.In a word,advertising is 8.______ important business. Ⅴ.阅读理解 We once had a poster competition in our fifth grade art class. “You could win prizes,” our teacher told us as she wrote the poster information on the blackboard.She passed out sheets of construction paper while continuing,“ The first prize is ten dollars.You just have to make sure that the words on the blackboard appear somewhere on your poster.”[来源:Z.X.X.K] We studied the board critically.Some of us looked with one eye and held up certain colors against the blackboard,rocking the sheets to the right or left while we conjured_up our designs.Others twisted their hair around their fingers or chewed their erasers while deep in thought.We had plans for that tendollar grand prize,

each and every one of us.I'm going to spend mine on candies,one hopeful would announce,while another practiced looking serious,wise and rich. Everyone in the class made a poster.Some of us used parts of those fancy paper napkins,while others used nothing but colored construction paper.Some of us used big designs,and some of us preferred to gather our art tidily down in one corner of our poster and let the space draw the viewer's attention to it.Some of us would wander past the good students' desks and then return to our own projects with a growing sense of hopelessness.It was yet another grown- trick of the sort they seemed especially fond of,making all of us believe we had a fair chance, up and then always—always—rewarding the same old winners. I believe I drew a sailboat,but I can't say that with any certainty.I made it.I admired it.I determined it to be the very best of all of the posters I had seen,and then I turned it in. Minutes passed. No one came along to give me the grand prize,and then someone distracted me,and I probably never would have thought about that poster again. I was still sitting at my desk, thinking, What poster?when the teacher gave me an envelope with a tendollar bill in it and everyone in the class applauded for me. 1.What was the teacher's requirement for the poster? A.It must appear in time. B.It must be done in class. C.It must be done on a construction sheet. D.It must include the words on the blackboard. 2.The underlined phrase in Paragraph 3 most probably means ______. A.formed an idea for B.made an outline for C.made some space for D.chose some colors for 3.After the teacher's words,all the students in the class______. A.looked very serious B.thought they would be rich C.began to think about their designs D.began to play games 4.After seeing the good students' designs,some students______. A.loved their own designs more B.thought they had a fair chance C.put their own designs in a corner D.thought they would not win the prize 5.We can infer from the passage that the author______.[来源:Z.X.X.K] A.enjoyed grown- tricks very much up B.loved poster competitions very much C.felt surprised to win the competition D.became wise and rich after the competition


Ⅰ.1.fell for;meant for 2.comes to;happy/pleased with 3.aims to;be a slave to 4.presented; to;on 5.am aware of Ⅱ.1.A used to do 意思是“过去曾经做??,而现在不再做??”;be used to doing 意思是“习惯于 做??”。句意:他以前曾经相信要对周围所有的人和事保持绝对控制权,但现在他习惯于依靠他的员工做 出关于公司发展的大部分决定。 2.A 本题主要考查动词短语的意义区别。选项 A 的意思是“处置、处理”;选项 B 意思是“依赖、依 靠”;选项 C 的意思是“进行下去,继续开展,坚持下去”;选项 D 的意思是“伴随,与??相配,与??持 同一看法”。根据语境可知答案选 A 项。 3.A intend 意思是“想要??”,常见搭配为 intend(sb./sth.)to do,可见这里的 some adjustments 和 intend 之间是被动关系,故排除 B、D 两项;另 intend 是状态动词,不能说 “正在被??”,故答案为 A 项。 4.C he had stuck to 为定语从句修饰名词 the theory;本句考查 It is advised that 从句中应该用 should 后接动词原形,should 可省略。 5.B 本题考查省略结构。when combined=when it is combined。 6.C warn sb.against(doing)sth.意思为“警告某人不要做某事或不要接触某事物”。 7.C believe in sth.“相信某物的重要性或价值或意义,信仰某物”;turn to sb./sth.“转向某人/某物,转 而求助于某人/某物”;trust with sth.为错误搭配;depend on sth.“依靠某物”;故本题选 C 项。 8.D 句意:——出什么事了?——不知道。可能有人摔碎了东西。根据“I don't know.”可知后面只能 是“可能??”,而不是 “肯定??”。 9.C 补全句子可知:“The visitors chose to stay with the host family to experience the real local life.”。 10.D trick sb. into doing 意思是“骗得某人做某事”,为固定搭配。 11. that 引导表语从句, B 表示 one of which 即 one of several public social concerns 的具体内容。 concern 此处为可数名词,表示“引人关注的事情”。 12.D 考查 approach 的用法。approach 用作动词,意为“接近;向??靠近;着手处理(问题等)”; 也可用作名词,意为“靠近;接近;入门;途径; (处理问题的)方法”。本题中 approach 意为“通路”。 13.D 本题考查 that 引导的同位语从句。 14.C 根据 beautiful 可知应该选填一个表示褒义的词,其中 C 项和 D 项为褒义,但 be pleased at sth. 的介词搭配错误。 15.A get an idea across 意为“将一个理念传达过去/讲清楚”。 Ⅲ.1.B 根据文章最后一句“surrendered itself to the ragged American army!”可得出答案。 2.D named 为过去分词作定语,指“名叫??”。 3.A 从下文“...they had been without food for two days”得知,这些人很累。 4.C neared 相当于 got near to。从前文我们得知,这些 ragged soldiers 正往 Vincennes 挺进,因此其 他答案不符合题意。 5.C “但要攻打要塞,他们首先得夺取那个镇。”根据上下文,此处应使用表转折关系的词。 6.B 从后文得知,送到镇里的是“message”,而不是派了士兵,根据当时的装备,也不可能送去 “telegram”。 7.B 由句意可知本题应选 B 项。 8.A 山上地势高,这样镇上的人们才看得清,因此 A 项为最佳答案。 9.C by order of 的意思是“在??的命令下”。 10.A 因为旗帜是在长杆子上的,因此镇上的人们会不时地(constantly)看到。 11.A 从空后的 was fired 可以推出,其他答案不符合题意。 12.C hold out 为固定短语,意思是“支持,支撑”。 Ⅳ.1.everywhere 根据前面的 a world of advertisements,可知广告无处不在。 2.can 无人能避免广告对我们造成的影响。 3.it make it possible for sb. to do 为固定用法,意思是“使得某人做某事成为可能”,it 为形式宾语; 不定式短语为真正的宾语。 4.Therefore/Thus 前后两句有因果关系,此处需填副词,故用 therefore 或 thus。 5.another For one thing...For another 为固定搭配,意思是“一则??再则??” 。 6.us 广告给我们提供了大量最新信息。整篇文章都是讲广告对我们的影响。 7.so 前后为因果关系,此处需填连词,故为 so。 8.an 广告业是一门很重要的商业行业。

Ⅴ.1.D 从第二段中的“...make sure that the words on the blackboard appear somewhere on your poster.” 可知,老师的要求是黑板上的单词需在海报中出现。 2. 第三段中 conjure up 意为“想起; A 使??呈现于脑际”。 从对称的结构“Some...while we conjured up our designs.”与下文的“Others...while deep in thought.”可以猜测出该词词义。 3.C 第三段生动、形象地描写了同学们思考时的各种动作。 4.D 从第四段中的“...wander past the good students' desks and then return to our own projects with a growing sense of hopelessness.”可知:看到优秀学生的作品后,另外一些学生对自己这次的参赛作品信心更 加不足了。 5.C 最后三段描写了作者焦急地等待比赛结果的心情,所以对于不自信的作者来说,这次比赛的结 果让他很吃惊。



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