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2017届高三英语一轮复习Review of Attributive Clauses定语从句教学课件共24张PPT (共24张PPT)

1 To review common knowledge on the Attributive Clauses. 2 To develop the ability to use the Attributive Clauses.

1. 何为定语从句?
定语从句—Attributive Clause

词短语等来担任。 如果一个句子担任定语,这个句子就叫定语从句。 定语从句可以修饰名词或代词,还能修饰(指代)整个句子。
如1.The man who (that)came first is John.

2. The handkerchief which (that)you gave me
wasn’t clean.



3..My father does morning exercise every day,which is good for his health.


定语从句所修饰的词叫作先行词(antecedent), 而引导定语从句的词叫关系词(关系代词relative pronoun和关系副词relative adverb )。关系词一般跟 在先行词之后引导定语从句。
如:There was a young man who liked paintings.句中, who为关系代词,定语从句who liked paintings 修饰先行词a young man 。 再如:This is the house where I lived last year.句中, where为关系副词,定语从句where I lived last year 修饰先行词the house。

关系副词有 which, that, who(m), whose, as when, where, why

4.关 系 词 如 何 用?
当关系代词在从句中作 主语时,指人用关系代词 who,that;指物用 which,that. 如:The man who /that sat beside me was excited. The car which /that is over there is my favorite. 当关系代词在从句中作宾语时,指人用关系代词 whom/that/who( 非正式),指物用关系代词 which/that,口语中可以省略。 如: The doctor (whom/that) she visited is famous. The blouse ( which/that ) she tried on was small.

4.关 系 词 如 何 用?
当关系代词在从句中作定语,表示所有关系时,用 whose(既指人也指物) 如: I live in a house whose door faces west. I know the woman whose daughter won the first prize in the speech contest.

4.关 系 词 如 何 用?
关系副词when,where,why 分别表示时间,地点和 原因,在定语从句中起状语的作用。 如: He told me the date when the meeting would be held. ( 相 当于 on which) This is the place where he works.( 相当于at which) No one knows the reason why he was late . ( 相当于 for which)

Have a try

1.The man who came to our school is Mr. Wang. ( 主语 ) 2.The girl (whom) I met is Lucy. ( 宾语 ) 3.A child whose parents are dead is called Tom. ( 定语 ) 4.I like the book (which) you bought yesterday. ( 宾语 )

Have a try
5. Her parents wouldn’t let her marry anyone who was lazy. ( 主语 ) 6. I like the person to whom you just talked. ( 介宾 ) 7. We shall never forget the days (that) we spent together. ( 宾语 ) 8. We shall never forget the days when we lived together. ( 状语 )

The Defining Attributive Clause 限制性定语从句

定 语 从 句

The Non-defining Attributive Clause 非限制性定语从句

Teachers who are kind are popular with the students. Mr Wang, who is kind, is popular with the students.



以下情况,引导词用that,不用which。 1. 先行词为不定代词everything,little,much,all,anything, nothing。 e.g. Finally, the thief handed everything that he had stolen. 2. 先行词前有形容词最高级、序数词修饰时,用that。 e.g. This is the best book (that) I’ve ever read.

3. 先行词被the only,the very,the last 修饰时, 用that。 e.g. He is the only person that I want to see now. 4. 先行词同时指人和指物时,用that。

e.g. We talked about the things and persons that we saw then. 5.主句的主语是疑问词who /which时 。 e.g. Which is the computer that I will operate?

e.g. 1. In the dark street, there wasn’t a single D person ____________ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom 2. He paid the boy $10 for washing the D windows, most of ________ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year. A. these B. those C. that D. which

Can you work them out????


Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions: 1. The sun gives us heat and light, without ________ which we can’t live. about whom we were talking 2. The student ________ just now is the best student in our class. on which she said 3. I’ll never forget the day _____ good-bye to me. 4. Who can give me the reason ______ for which he hasn’t turned up yet?

两者均可引导定语从句,有时可以互换,但 下列情况多用as。 1. 关系代词引导的定语从句居句首时。 e.g. As we all know, the earth is round. 2. 当与such或the same连用时,一般用as。 e.g. Such books as you tell me are interesting. I have the same plan as you.

Go on please!
3. as 本身有“正如…..正象…”. 一类的含义.在从句中作主语时, 后面常接行为动词的被动语态. 记住以下结构: as is well known as has been said before as was expected as may be imagined as has been already pointed out e.g. She has been late again, as was expected.

Correct the sentences:
/ 1. I’m using the pen which he bought it
yesterday. 2. The man whom I spoke ∧is from Canada.

3. July 1,1999 is the day when ____ we’ll never forget.

Correct the sentences:
4. I still remember the holidays I stayed with ∧ them. when 5. I’m going to work in the hospital where ____ needs me. that/which
6. Those that ___ haven’t been to the West Lake will gather at the school gate.

Correct the sentences:
7. That was the reason because ______ she looked old.

8. Miss Chen is the only one of the few teachers who give ____ us wonderful English lessons in our school.

____ we know, belongs to China. 9. Taiwan, that as

Correct the sentences:
10. The third place which ____ we are going to visit is Hangzhou. that 11. Which _____ is known to all, many satellite are going around in the sky.

____ you spoke of are 12. The students and things which that known to us.

Correct the sentences:
13.Einstein is such a great scientist ____ that we must as learn from. 14. Who is the worker who ____ took some pictures of the that factory. 15. The bike by which I travelled was his. ___



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