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高中英语单词按字母顺序单词拼写训练 高中英语单词轻松背-A 字母 1.You should improve the a_________ in listening. 2. After graduation, he went a________ for further study. 3. Please take care of my house during my a____________. 4. I've received a gift from him, but I'm not going to a_________ it. 5. I met Tom by a__________ in the cinema. 6. Too many a________ take up too much of our precious time for study. 7. In a___________ to hard work, he attributed his success to good opportunities. 8. At last she was a____________ into the famous university. 9. The foreign ministers handle the international a___________(事务). 10.The company could not a__________ to pay such large salaries. 11. The headmaster's opinion doesn’t a________ with mine. 12. Early in the 6th century B. C., farmers in China developed the science of a____________. 13. Jack finished his task two hours a_________ of time. 14. The film had a_________ finished when I got to the cinema. It was too late. 15. The teacher was a _________ at his rapid progress in English. 16. He a_________ himself quickly to the heat of the county. 17. You are my teacher, so you have the a____________ over me in experience. 18. You won’t get well unless you follow your doctor’s a_________. 19. Han Mei was reading a_________ when the teacher came into the classroom. 20. My teacher was very a___________ with me for coming late again. 21. It was a_____________ that celebration would be held on Sunday. 22. I think he’s just going to deal with this problem a_________ day. 23. My mother always gets a bit a_____________ if we don’t arrive when we say we will. 24. I a______________ to him for stepping on his foot. 25. It’s no use a_______________ with him about the matter. He won’t listen to you. 1

26. On his a_____________ at the station, he saw his friend waiting for him. 27. He was a______________ when he heard the unexpected news. 28. I passed the drive test at my first a_____________. 29. A__________ to your description, he is a person who is easy to get on with. 30. It was a remarkable(显著的) a__________ for such a young player. 31. They aren’t American, a__________, they are Can adian. 32. I will give you my a________ and telephone number if you want to know. 33. We’d like as many people as possible to a_________ the party. 34. An article in today’s newspaper caught my a_____________. 35. If you want to get a good mark, you’d better change you’re a_________ towards study. 36. The 8th month of the year is A__________. 37. 400 people a year die of this kind of disease on a_________. 38. Everyone should be a__________ of the importance to protect the environment. 39. If you want to a____________ more customers, try advertising in the local paper. 40. Egypt is an A_____________ country. 高中英语单词轻松背-B 字母 1. There is a big tree in the b__________ of the picture. 2. Jinggang Shan was the b__________ of Red Army. 3. All this was very interesting, but it was against the b_______ (信仰)of some scientists of that day. 4. I don't like the suit, b_________, it is too expensive. 5. Whoever breaks the window is to b__________. 6. There is some sand at the b__________ of the tank. 7. The human b___________ is the center of higher nervous activity. 8. English is a b_________ of the Germanic family of language. 9. He was out of b___________ after running. 10. They b________ out crying when they heard the bad news. 11. Many workers were b__________ underground when there was an accident at the mine.

12. China is a country b____________ to the third world. 13. The lecture is so b_________ that I won’t to listen to it again. 14. Try to keep the b____________ between work and relaxation, or your body may break down. 15. He fell in love with the b_____________ girl at the sight of her. 16. We usually go back to school at the b_____________ of September. 17. Doing morning exercise every day is of b__________ to your health. 18. Judging form his access, he is from B___________. 19. Members can b___________ up to ten books form the library at any one time. 20. There are plenty of houses b___________ of bamboo in this area. 高中英语单词轻松背-C 字母 1. The c__________ of the fire was carelessness. 2. For a c____________ reason she began to cry. 3. I accepted his c___________ to run the race.

c____________ in the battle. 16. If you commit the c___________, you must expect to be punished. 17. It is a Chinese c_______________ to eat Jiaozi on New Year's Eve. 18. All construction work for the Beijing Olympics had been c___________ by 2006. 19. Peter is c____________ of winning the post as the assistant of the managing director. 20. There is a statue(雕像) in the c________ part of the square. 21. He c___________ to live with his parents after his marriage. 22. Charlie Chaplin made great c_____________ to film industry. 23. If it is quite c____________ to you, I will visit you next Tuesday. 24. In the end, he found the book in the c________ of the room. 25. Foreigners usually spend C_____________ with their family. 26. After graduating from c___________, he went into a big company. 27. C_________ with elderly teachers, young teachers are more energetic and creative. 28. My sister and I have a lot in c___________. We have the same hobbies. 29. She always makes a lot of mistake, so I come to a c__________ that she’s not the right person for the job. 30.The bed must be c_____________ because it’s soft and big. 高中英语单词轻松背-D 字母 1. The bad weather did a lot of d____________ to the crops. 2. That man who has killed a lot of people is a d___________ to society. 3. The roof of the house has damaged. It is d___________. 4. She was shocked by the sudden d___________ of her father. 5. He is deeply interested in English. He often works at it until d into the night.

4.Tom will take c___________ of the company during the boss' absence. 5. It's too hard to make a c___________ between the two dresses. 6. The two companies c_____________ to make a large one. 7. He took an active part in the workers' struggle for better pay and better c___________. 8. We c________________ him on having passed the examination. 9. The bridge c_____________ the island with the mainland. 10. Now that she is out of a job. Lucy c____________ going back to school, but she hasn't decided yet. 11. The United Kingdom c____________ of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 12. John lost c___________ of the car and crashed into a shop. 13. Cairo is the c_________ of the Egypt. 14. My sister and her husband are a happy c____________. 15. The soldier was awarded for his great

6. Some countries may be d_________ but can never be conquered. 7. The football match was d_________ three days because of bad weather. 8. The boss didn't listen to the workers' d____________ for more money. 9. When asked about what had happened, he gave a d______________ of what he had seen. 10. He has a strong d__________ for wealth and decides to be a rich man in the future. 11. I am d___________ to finish the work ahead of time so I can have a good rest. 12. He has d______________ his whole life to benefiting mankind. 13. There was no d______________ solving the problem. It is just a piece of cake. 14. He was d____________ in the war and his disability prevented him from holding any job. 15.To their d_______________, the result was contrary to their expectation. 16. In order to discuss the problem, the teacher d______________ the students into four groups. 17. There’s no d___________ that he can pass the exam because of his hard work. 18. The girl never d____________ that such a thing could happen! 19. The child fell into the river and d____________! 20. He dived from the bridge and rescued the d_____________ child. 21. D___________ is the twelfth month of the year. 22. Jane is honest and she is a person to be d______________ on. 23. Because of a certain reason, they d____________ to put off the meeting. 24. The building was completely d__________ by fire. 25. Can I borrow you d_____________? I want to pick up the word. 26. I didn’t know which way to go, in other word, I lost all sense of d__________. 27. He saw a house in the d___________. Jim's parents lived in the house. 28. With the d_______ of economy, it’s more and

more important to have a good command of English. 29. The plan hasn’t been decided, that is, it is still under d____________. 30. She was so angry that she rushed d____________ and burst into the kitchen. 高中英语单词轻松背-E 字母 1. He is e______ for his parents to send him a new bicycle on his birthday. 2. In the e__________ part of China, summer temperatures are very different from winter temperatures. 3. Such a book will have a bad e__________ upon young people. 4. He e_____________ his brother to have a speech at the meeting. 5. Everyone should enjoy e_____________ rights. 6. The soldiers were e___________ with the latest weapons. 7.He became a brilliant scholar(学者), but only at the e____________ of his health. 8. Please e_____________ to me where to begin and how to do it. 9. The twin brothers always e__________ going to the concert. 10. Pleas write the name and address on the e______________, so I can help you send it. 11. It’s a useful piece of e_______________ and I want to have it repaired. 12. This time I came back to see my family, e____________ my little daughter who was ill. 13. E________ speaking, I don’t know him, I only know he is a student of Class 21. 14. We parents should set a good e___________ to our children. 15. He is an e__________ at solving people’s mental problems. 16. France is an E_____________ country, full of romance. 17. The news that he has passed the exam makes him e__________. 18. All of the students went home after school e_________ Jack 19. Our parents e___________ high standards from

us, so we should work hard to enter a good college. 20. Living in Africa was very different from home so it was an unusual e______________. 21. We make an e__________ to finish what our teacher tells us to. 22. The e______________ had been cut off because of the flood. 23. There’re so much work to do, so the boss e___________ a number f people to deal with it. 24. He is always full of e__________ and never know when he is tired. 25. All of us will attend the college e_____________ examination in two months. 26. An unhappy family e______________ can affect a child’s behavior. 27. She managed to e_________ from the burning car. 28. Last week I went to see the Picasso e___________ which was very successful. 29. Children often have difficulty e__________ themselves in their teens. 30. In modern country, it’s e___________ difficult for a person who don’t get much education to get a good job. 高中英语单词轻松背-F 字母

11. He put f___________ a new proposal(提议) at

the meeting. 12. The boy was called out to stand in the f__________ of the class. 13. I like singing most, and it’s my f_____________. 14. No one can tell what will happen in the f__________. 15. This old Chinese square table is a very valuable piece of f___________. 16. I heard such a f_________ joke last night. 17. Everyone in the class is very f____________ towards me. I feel very happy. 18. He’s f____________ in having a good job, since business is bad nowadays. 19. I f___________ to tell her the good news. Now I will tell her at once. 20. Most of the parents agree to f__________ their children to smoke. 21. Please f_________ the instructions on the packet when you take the medicine. 22. He f___________ a book yesterday, and today he will read another. 23. He’s an expert in the f_________ of medicine. 24. The baby has got a f___________. Let’s take it to the nearest hospital. 1. F_______ with a difficult situation ,Arnold 25. The Spring F___________ is one of the most decided to ask his boss for advice. important holidays. 2. F_______ is the mother of success. 26. It was not he but I that broke the window, so it’s 3. The bark of the dog f_________ the thief away. my f__________. 4. The song is f___________ to us and the moment I 27. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, is heard it, I know its name. f__________ for its West Lake. 5. Will you do me a f_________? I’m too busy to 28. The activity helped to f_________ people’s finish so much work. attention on the poor area. 6. Luckily for him, he grasped a big piece of wood, 29. We have been f___________ of the house and and the water f him to the bank of the river. don’t want to leave. 7. If you f__________ my advice, you will pass the 30. I’m not satisfied with your explanation and intend exam. to discuss the matter f___________. 8. The robber f__________ the old man to hand 31. Buses run f___________(频繁) between the city over the money. 9. Please f__________ me. I won't make such mistakes. 10. The tall man is the f_________ president and now he is retired.

and the airport. 32. You could tell she was a f__________ by the way she dressed. He was born on F______ 20, 1972. 34. Our f___________ are all fond of going to the

cinema. 35. My father once worked in the f___________. 36. It was not f_________ to ask him to do all the work. 37. I was f____________ enough to believe what Jack told me. He always tells lies. 38. F___________ is the sixth day of a week. 39. Help will be very welcome in the f_________ of money. 40. His family f__________ the college in 1985. 高?胱语南词轻松背-G 字母 1. She hqs a great g 聟 __?____聟 for ?usi? , and `robably?becomes"a sing 聥 r i? the futur?. 2

When we lear? English,"we u{ually"learn the bas? ? (rules Of g____OW_____. 3Ю GW_? __ speaking , ? arents care oor? aco?t their chilDò ? n's hehl? h than abo?t their own.?4. ? hd y? unger g_______(帀代)0foesn'? kjow what har?work is. 5. 'Where dous ? t hurt?' she asked in a g_____ voic 聥. 6. Walking al/ng(miles of gO__?_____!beachas, she fel? relaxed. 7. The o?her day, the weather e__________ impr/ved and ?urned ottd fine. 8.They achieved their ______(目标) of increasing sales by five percent. 9. We should g_________ every opportunities to do what we need to do. 10. There will be tax increases on a wide range of _____(商品货物) and services . 11. The _______ (政府)are planning further cuts in public spending. 12. He stared at the diamonds with g__________ eyes. 13. Well done. You did g________. 14. He ______(毕业) in physics from Cambridge University. 15. He g________ all the guests warmly as they arrived. 16. The prisoner slipped pas? the g_________? ? n dle gate ?nd escape$. ?17. ?aRl Max W 聡 s 耠 born in G__________ anl hi3 ? a ? i 聶 e lan?uage was G_?____?_. 18. He lay on ?he g_____ and stared up at the q? y? 1). I? you _____ (猜) ? orrectly,?y?u have another turn. 20/ He ______(指引) us through the na?row streets to the cendral?mosque. 高中英菭单词輻松背-H 字母 1. Parents should?help thekr ch?$? ren to dorm?good h]_____. 2. G? hung o? r coats in a c ? pboard i? the ____(大厅)?? s& He _______??)?the teacher a slip of pa‰er? ? 4. S 聡 m was tald, dark and _____ (英俊的)?.


5. It's impo?sible to pre? ict what ÷ idh ? 25. People in different places celebrate this h________ ____O .ext. in different ways. 6. She liv ? s in Spain, so w ? _____? 凢 乎 26. There aren’t enough beds for so many patients in 不)? ever see$her. our h__________. 7. I had a really ba? ___?__(头痛), and coultn't go 27. ―Sorry, I must be off now.‖he said and then left to work. 8. I'm worried about(my?husb?nl's __ ?_ ?? (健 康). 9. Hd bel 聩 eved tha? he a? d his wife would one day be Togeth? r again`in _______(天堂). 0. Sa?7s abo? t theРsame __?____ (高) a? his? 聳 ist? r now. 11.РThey were war _____?? ( 英 雄 ), ? or? er f? ghte? pilots. 12. The bes? way to expl?re the island is to ______(租) a kar. 13. He was a jard-workinf, __?_?__( 诚实的) man. 1?. Ovur ?00 player 聳 compe 聴 ee for the in a h________. 28. I’m very h__________—I missed lunch. 29. When she heard the news that her h__________ was killed in the accident, she burst into tears. 30. He pretended to be doing his h___________ when the teacher came in. 高中英语单词轻松背-I 字母 1. It's i__________ to park your car here. You will be fined. 2. Can you i______(想象)they have been married

for 60 years? 3. He began to do his homework i________ he arrived home. h______ of ?epre3enting the county in 4. A good diet is of great i__________ for our tl?юation? l f? nals* health. 15. We tried to ?top the nlames from spreading, 5. It’s i______________ for you to finish so much bu? we knew it ? a? ________(涡有希望的 . work within ten hours. 16. Y?u should$repo? t a? y incident, h___??_W rk within ten hours. serious or mino 聲 it is.?17. It is necessary for 6. Teachers were most_____________(印象深刻) by agriculture and industry to develop quicklq so that your performance in the exam 7. More than 100,000 people were killed in the 2004 people can live a rich h_W____ live. Asian tsunami, i_______ thousands of foreigners. 18. Smokang will do h__________ to your health. 19. I h_________ hiking anf I’m not into c(assical 8. In 1776 America became an i _____________ country. music. 9. Reading can ____________(增加) my words and e can live a rich h_W____ live. rich my knowledge. 18. Smokang will do h__________ to your health. 19. I h_________ hiking anf I’m not into c(assical 10. She speaks English with a heavy ____________(印度) accent. music. 20. Yo}’d better give up wine, for too much wine is 11. With the development of modern agriculture and i__________, more and more wastes have been bad for iour h__________. 21. Whenever I losa h__________, my"teacher poured into the rivers. 12. Literature and art have a great i_____________ enckurage me to keep on prac? icing. 22. Don’t h_^_____________ about that. Do it$At upon people’s ideology.(思想) 13. You should keep us ____________(告诉, 通知) olcg& 23. Foreign government hate been tHinkin? whenever you are in trouble. 14. Computers are often used to deal with h? ^_______ of China'r progress in industry. 24. The computer is one of the greatest inventions in ____________(信息) and communicate with each other around the world. human h_________.

15. The old lady i_________ on walking for an hour in the countryside every morning. 16. When having dinner, I like to eat tomato i__________ of potato. 17. He just glanced at those cheap goods in the shop and did not show much i_________ in them. 18. There will be an ___________( 国际 ) trade exhibition next spring in our city. 19. Tomorrow I will attend face-to-face i_________, I have a little excited and nervous. 20. Do you know how the Four Great I___________ were introduced into Europe from China. 21. She received an i___________ to a ball last night , but she didn’t accept it. 22. As is known to all, Taiwan is a beautiful i__________ belonging to China. 23. Do follow your teacher’s i______________ when doing experiments at the lab. 24. Allow me to i_________ Mike, your new classmate. 25. In order not to ___________( 打 断 ) their conversation, we stayed outside until they finished. 高中英语单词轻松背-J 字母 1. J_________ from his appearance, he is exactly like his mother. 2. J____________ is the first month of the year. 3. Rice is grown in China, J_________ and other Asian countries. 4. The j__________ made by Tom made us laugh, so the teacher couldn’t make himself heard. 5. One of the great treasures was a gold box full of __________(珠宝首饰). 高中英语单词轻松背-K 字母 1. They, though far from each other, often write, k_________ in touch with each other. 2. He was so hungry that he rushed into the k___________ to find something to eat. 3. It shows that a k____________ of first aid can make a real difference 4. If you ________( 撞 到 ) into somebody, you should apologize to him. 5. Their _____________(小刀) are all old, I want a

new one. 6. It’s cruel of you to k_________ so many birds. 高考单词轻松背——L 1. Though l___________ money, his parents
managed to send him to university. 2. Of the two the l___________ is far better than the former. former. 3. After graduating from the university, he became a ___________(律师). 4. People want to buy the l__________ newspapers, nobody wants to buy yesterday’s. 5. He regularly gives l__________ on French literature. 6. I couldn’t bear the l__________ of a desert island, I must have someone with me. 7. Success lies in hard work while l__________ leads to failure. 8. Mr. Li has gone to the l__________ to borrow some books. 9. A new law has been passed to l__________ pollution of the air. 10. It’s no use learning a foreign l__________ witho ut practising. 11. Facts speak l__________ than words. 12. He looked shocked, and then burst into l__________. 13. Sooner or l__________ he will know the truth. 14. He played a l__________ role in the film. We were all impressed by his wonderful performance. 15. Our car broke down halfway and the problem l__________ in(存在于) the engine. 16. There was no sign of l__________ on the deserted island. 17. She l_________ out (遗漏) a ―c‖ in the word ―account‖. 18. The article gave a l__________ description on South American life. 19. She offered me some money or a car and I choose the l__________. 20. L__________ I could get 2 tickets for the show. 21. The food wasn’t good, but at l__________ it was cheap. 22. There is an old saying, live and l_________. 23. The l_________ of the film is two hours. 24. He went into the dark room with a l________ match in his hand. 25. The speed l________ is the fastest speech you are allowed to drive a car at.

26. The l__________ will go on with the work of the dead. 27. He has been very l________ wince his wife left him. go back home. and agriculture. 30. The __________(当地) government has decided to build an industrial area, which has aroused heated argument. 高考单词轻松背——M the pain. 2. It doesn’t m__________ whether he’ll come or not. 3. When building m__________ cost more, the price of houses increases. the laid-off workers find new jobs. world. 6. I put salt in her cup of milk by m__________. 7. First aid is the science of giving m__________ care before a doctor can be found. the college? 9. The first m__________ Olympic Games happened in 1896. lecture. 11. The rooms in the hotel are m__________ with numbers. 12. I enjoy reading newspapers and m__________. 13. you should read the instructions thoroughly before you operate the ___________(机器). 14. m_________ of people at the meeting were for the plan. 16. It’s bad m_________ to talk with a full mouth. 17. The old couple have been m__________ for fifty years. small. m_________ of communication. watching TV. 21. The library is built in m___________ of Lu Xun.

22. Take this m__________ three times a day and you ’ll be better. m__________ trouble. 25. I have sent mother a m_________ to tell her I shall be home late. 26. We must improve the m________ of teaching English. 27. He has no ____________(仁慈) on the poor. dangerous. 29. Would you m___________ me opening the door? It’s hot in the room. 30. It is a ten m__________ walk from here to the station. people in the United States. m_________. 33. You m________ flour, yeast(发酵粉) and water to make bread. 34. He set off the m__________ he got his mother’s letter. 36. The members of the group are _________ ( 大部分)young people. tourists every year. 38. She was sent to prison for m__________ her husband. 39. Can you show me the way to the 馆) 40. Guitar is a kind of m___________ instrument. (博物

28. He l________ his way in the forest, and didn ’t know how to 23. He cried and laughed by turns. Obviously he got some 29. A country is not l_________ to develop without industry 24. On the phone, he m___________ that he had been ill.

1. The medicine won’t cure her --- it m__________ (仅仅)stops 28. Don’t stand in the m__________ of the road, it’s too

4. The government has promised to take m__________ to help 31. M__________ of words have been written about young 5. Australia has the biggest iron m__________ (矿藏)in the 32. The drive saw the police car following him in his side

8. What were your m__________ subjects when you studied in 35. We usually get up at 6 o’clock in the m__________.

10. She was late and m__________ the first ten minutes of the 37. The Huangshan M___________ attracts large numbers of

1.The 高考单词轻松背——N 1. September is the n__________ month of the year. foreign language. 3. I’ve got to give a speech and I’m a bit n__________ about it. hardly hear you talking. road. language. 7. They use n__________ gas(天然气) for cooking. 8. To learn English well, we n__________ more pratice. 8

15. The box is heavy but he m___________ to carry it upstairs. 2. It is n__________ for a college student to study a second

18. These shoes do not m_________: one is large and the other 4. There’s so much n__________ in this restaurant that I can 19. There’s no doubt that radio and television are important 5. They live in a _____________(狭窄) street just off the main 20. Jane was wring a letter and _____________(同时) Jack was 6. She comes form England, and English is her n___________

9. My next-door n___________ lives in the house next to mine. 16. A recent survey of public o_________ showed that most 10. I have n_________ heard a speech as exciting as this. American n__________. 12. Last n________ the man upstairs made a lot of noise and woke me up. weather. extremely cold in winter. 15. What he said had _________ (无关)to do with me. two words: metal and mental. 17. He was born in N__________, 1965, in France. 18. It's difficult to get rooms around the ___________(当今). 45,000. operation room. 高考单词轻松背——O They say that the traffic accident o__________ at midnight. 2. They o__________ me the house for 7000 dollars. 3. This machine can only be o__________ by skilled workers, 4. He __________(预定) a new suit for himself. by his workmates. activities to make our campus life rich and lively. 7.English is the major o__________ language of the USA. 8. He cried and laughed by turns. O_________ he got some mental trouble. 9. It is important for parents to o________ their children ’s strange behavior. 10. O_________ the law or you’ll be punished. 11. The Pacific O_________ is the biggest in the world. 12. The most important skill for children to learn is to discover things on their o_______. hers. 14. What’s the _________(起源) of life? 15. The direction o____________ to north is south. people were worried about the increasing crimes. 18. I believe that we humans can o___________ this difficulty, and we will have a bright future. 19. O__________ the first is our National Day. Saturday, except for public holidays. 1. Australian English differs in p__________ from British and American English. 3. He went to town with the p__________ of buying a new TV set. campus 4. I try to p__________ my father to give up smoking but he continues. p__________. 7. How did you take p__________ of the diamond ring? 8. The driver and p__________ were unhurt in the accident. 9. You need __________(耐心) if you want to get served in this shop. 10. The best we can hope for is a state of __________ (和平) between the East and the West. 12. I’ll come after the meeting if time p__________. government. 14. – I can’t afford to run this car. -- It’s a p__________ you didn’t think of that before you bought it. 15. The reason why so many people prefer to live in the country is that the air in the city is p_________. 16. He did little p__________ for the coming examination. 17. To learn English well, we need more p__________. 18. It’s an interesting idea but there are many __________ (实 际) difficulties. 19. Perhaps the book will p__________ (to be) useful, after all. 21.He p__________ a visit to one of his old friends when he returned to his hometown. 22. I’ve made great p___________ in my English studies. 23. She said she p__________ swimming to skating as a child. 9 11. Last year Jack wrote many articles in English for an 17. We should grasp every o____________ to success.

13. It’s n_________ for her to stay indoors in such cold 20. The Library is o________ to the public Monday through 14. The weather in n____________ China is said to be 高考单词轻松背——P

16. N_________ the difference in the pronunciation of these 2. Teachers have to be very p__________ with young students.

19. The n__________ of the books in our library is about 5. Everyone can make some mistakes, for, you see, no one is 20. The n___________ told us to wait patiently outside the 6. You’re looking rather p__________. Are you ill?

5. Although he is o__________ looking, yet he is well received 11. Our team p__________ very well in the match yesterday. 6. The Students Union often o__________ a great variety of 13. These rare animals are under the p__________ of the

13. Here are two books, one is mine and the o___________ is 20. The school gardens are open to the p__________.

24. About 70 p__________ of the surface of the earth is 53. Seeing the beautiful scenery, I can’t help taking some covered by water. information. 26.I always seem to be _________(争吵)with my parents. 27.Two men have been arrested and _________(质问). 28.We'll have to be q______ so as not to wake the baby. or two students. 30.The hotel p________ a shoe-cleaning service for guests. 31.His past record is certainly something to be p_______ of . 32.It's not ________(礼貌) to talk with your mouth full. 33.Education is now a major _______(政治的) issue. 34.India has a p_________ of more than 1 billion. 35. I'm not sure what I would do if I were in your __________(位置) . 36.The Mayor p________ the rescue teams for their courage. the job. 的) question. 39. He was p_____________ for being late again. 40. He made a p___________ that he would pay back within a week. 42. She was p___________ by illness from taking the exams. comfort. the boss entered. week. happiest p__________ in my life. 47. The ___________(民族) of the world are against the war. 48. I’m not p______________ about my clothes, I don’t mind what I wear. 49. When are your __________(父母) birthdays.? p______ in the world. Brown’s house.‖ 52. She prefers p__________ music to classical music. p_________. good friends. 55. It's said that too much p_________ from work can cause physical and mental problems. 56. What is the p___________ talking about in his lecture hall? system. 高考单词轻松背——Q and R 1. This new model is of high q___________ and is not expensive either. 2. He put a small q___________ of sugar in the milk. 3. — Is the bus stop far from here ? ____________(一刻) walk. 4. It is necessary for agriculture and industry to develop very q___________ so that people can live a rich happy life. differently from the rest of Canada. China is larger and larger 7.Great changes have taken place in China in r__________ years 8.He r___________ me the moment we met 9.Take some medicine to r _____________pain. others. 12.It was so hot that the man r__________ his hat. 14.Floods r__________ from heavy rains. 16. Please r__________ your hand if you have any questions. 17. All these gifts must be mailed immediately so as to be r_________ in time for Christmas. 18. Keep the medicine on the top shelf, out of the children ’s r_________. your plan. 21. He asked me to r__________ to turn off the light when I went to bed. — It’s a 25.I don't feel that it would be p_______ for me to give you that 54. The people p___________ at my birthday part are all my

29.It's unfair to p_______ a whole class for the actions of one 57. America and China have different ____________( 政治)

37. My ________(个人的) view is that we shouldn't offer him 5. The people in the eastern provinces speak q___________ 38. We were __________(困惑) by the _____________(费解 6. It must be ____________(意识到) that the population of

43. A p_____________ car can give a much greater degree of 10.The man is so kind that he never r__________ to help 44. He p_____________ to be reading an important paper when 11.If I forget, please r_________ me. 45. We find it p__________ for him to finish the work in a 13.I am hungry .Is there a r___________ nearby? 46. The life in the countryside with my grandfather is the 15.We all should show r_________ for others privacy.

50. The Great Wall of China is one of the biggest manmade 19. We heard with r__________ that you were not successful in 51. P_______ to the house on the corner, he said, ―This is Mr. 20. Don’t worry about it; just try to r__________.


22. The students have great _________(尊敬) for their history teacher. 23. Their acts of __________ (种族) oppression(压迫) must be stopped 24. The talk show had a wide audience, r children to grandparents. 25. I need a ______________(合理) explanation for your being late. 26. The person r___________ to at the meeting was my teacher. 27. The decision reflects the ____________ (现实 ) of the politkcal situation. 28 耪 Shg"i? 耠 r___________ a? the ? es? do? ? or?of thu 耠 town. 29. We hav? an exaoana?igN ?very m?nth r___? __聟__O_. 30. ? 聉 t ___ ? ?? __W ? ____?_( 有待于 ? w? e? he2 h? ?i聬 l Pass the test. to be sEen from


31. ?h 聩 s phoTograph0rO__________ me o? my khildhood? He$al?ays s^_W___ t/ his owo$?pinionЮ 31. In r?____]____ f聯 r ? h?sЬ the!bugg!r`S? ? m? on 耠 Dh? re is oo absonut?? __? _______ ( 栗准 )for beauty?舍 the head and? sang songó? Phy?i ?s a.d maths are my f?tnrit 聥 s___???M_[__. 32> TleР compe4ition !vtsacted over ‵00? cont 聥 stc? ts Come __? ________](癴接) hmme ? fdeR school. ________? __?_?( 仧 表 )?8 different? coun ? rie ? . ? 33. H? is in(dow$s__??__?_? ? aft?r th ? ? famlu2e. Everyone has a rhg?t to be treated(with __________(尊?(. I have hyrdly enough ?_]?_?_____ le 聦 u to move? my 33. Everyone has a rhg?t to be treated(with __________(尊? (. 34. Mik?耠 )s?_聟 _W_]__________( 负责 ? for0the entire projec|.?35.$Sèc"was forc? $ to __? ___? _]*退休? ?arly from teacha?? ?because of her di óeacd* 35.$S è c"was forc ? $ to __ ? ___? _]* 退 休 ? ? arly from teacha?? ?because of her di óeacd* 高老单词轻松背——S 1.S_______? __W_?lways fOllo?s Frid? y. ".Gzares from x?njiang a 聲 e 聯 nР ? ?______". 3.EynstEin 鈠? s ? famou ? s_________. 4.There iq .othing __________? (严重?about it. 5/New term bugIns on S_________^ 1st Ю 6.We s____^______ tje pizza between ?he four of us. 7.We w? re s_^? ? ______ oénude or more. 8. Ae 聡 r ? ng the ? nsWer ? ? e was ______O___? __( 沉 默)$for 耠 a oénude or more. 9.YOur handw 聲 iténg Iw very ___? __聟__(相漼)to mine 聮 1 ? .The s_______O_____ in t ? g north o ? thE country is extremely serious. 11. Txe w? ll decl ? ned s? ? ________ on icckunt mF?th ? Edis? n. Har sk? n is A? s__?_______ as silk. txere ? n? timen ? ?r 聴 hqua?e . at ?his suddgn 聤 eát?.M8. Ae 聡 r fe? t. 2 ? .?Are you$s______? ? ? _ with tha pu?formance o? the??arl playe? ?? 2 . M!? -made 3__{___^__( 匫星 )have ? e?n 耠 ? en? up ? n? o ? pake ?x"many s?q?t 聲 é es. 2 . M!? -made 3__{___^__(匫星)have ? e?n 耠 ? en? up ? n? o ? pake ?x"many s?q?t 聲 é es. 26? Pher 聥 ?re clouds(of ??bferdn?0__________( 形 状)in"? ? e ? ky. 27? To my s __________? he ? f)lished uHe ? ork il onl} one"hO? r. 28. T??Рdetective, g? ancel?at ?xe Oan _______?_( 坐)? ngxt to 聡 woman 2). A ?rive2 has a ? go 聯 d r___]___]_^ o? dire?? ion. 30."ThE ?h 聩聬 dre??l ?聥 p i? __聟_____________(各自 的) bed?. hen a ? e ? {ou gomn ? to 肠 get marrie ? and s___]_?__ d o÷j? 32Ю Mr. Li ?_______ a l??`? f time hel ⅰ聣 ngР hi{0c4ud?nus 3ith"the 耩 r0En?dish. 32Ю Mr. Li ?_______ a l??`?f time hel ⅰ聣 ngР hi{0c4ud ?nus 3ith"the 耩 r0En?dish. #3. ?y grandpa(hal a hard time __ ?___? ?__?(支撑)$a big famil?耀 wHen he was(youfg. 34. Txe ? c?me, nOboey c?me, 36 ? ? TheY ? ? l? in??ove with 聥 ach other ? a? 聦 irst s_ ?_?___ ?_? sc?ool. ha| ? ? me ? im re? ar?abl? was ? is 遟聟 __ ? _ ? ? _(技巧 ? 耠 ij?ca? tuzing the momen?. ? ?."Ccn ?ou s_______? thg time t? help me? It’s too d 聩 Fficult(f? r m 耥"to s?? ve ? t. 40.(A s____? _? _?_?du?y`aq to ob?y or`e 聲 s? fo?tball in the an uas ? ery ? ll, but 耠 he"s_____?]___ 聡 t nOboey last.35. I _]? ? _____ ? _( 大 叫 )? fop lelp bu ? pret?n?i?g" ? o!read? a ne?rpape? ?

?ng the ? nsWer ? ?e was ______O___? __(沉默)$for 耠 a 31.

?耲/ This b?y h? very _ s 聟_____O__; he may be another 35. I _]? ? _____? _(大叫)?fop lelp bu ?

14. we'd be? teR? ___?? _]___(动? 9uq if we wan? ? to ?et 3w. I’| bee? Woskanw hn thE schogl s__ _______ ? eavkng 耠 The s________W?_ o& th 聥 laie is ?um4e ?ti?l. -? n her ? 8. plays, tjreg wer? 2s___[__?聏?_耠 and one uɡs c b 聡 i?ure> ? n her plays, tjreg wer? 2s___[__?聏?_耠 and one uɡs c b 聡 i?ure> You'?e?jot ? ___W_______ tO pla ? ? lass-rokm.He$al?ays s^_W___ t/ his owo$? pinionЮ 12

鋘考单词轻? 背—―T $ w? ? k withouv r?laxation? uer% p? t in pri? on ap 耠 last. 3. th? box of gold 耠 coin dug outТ?f th‥ ? art? ?wa? the$handogner? s l?ng-los? ? __聟?______?_. д. My sense o? t_[_?___ 聟__ isn?t ? eryРgokd as I0hive a? So,d? ?. Lact!se? j I w 聥 nt toРthu t_________ ? to ree e play wr? ? ten by Shakespea? e. ?. We do not have enough monmy. T 聟_________- W? cannot a? ford ? o??uy the ? ew caò . _?__^ ?n 聠 tired ? he? ?t?w wery hov. ______[___(呕吐)up@anxthing. s?all.? 10? If ? you ta{e ? n

1?. Ho? strgjg the wind is. Could I t____\_____ you to shut the door? 16. Our t___________ help us to talk and to taste things. t_____________ around the world with his family. 19. To tell you the t____________, your plan is very attractive, but it doesn’t seem to be practical. 20. I have rewritten the essay t_________. I don’t want a third time. 21. The precious china was t_____________ from China to New York by ship. 22. T__________ to the care of our government, a lot of people were saved in the disaster. 23. He is in bed with a t____________ of 40℃. upset. what she wanted. optimisthc0atuitude 27. The club is for teenagers and people in their early t________, so that’s why some old people wouldn’t accept it. 29. It’s t______________ in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

9, n? w Sefior$7? 聻 Tudents have to wnrk t______[___?the 17. Having enough free time and money, the boss is 2? The? t_?W ? __?___ who ha` stolen n?muro?q diamon ? s 18. The children brush their t___________ after every meal.

'.!All aveitures, humA? beifgs included? oftd? feel t_? ? _? 24. You could give him a _______(票) to a ball game if he is 8. Th 艥`car was so fcSt ?èat ? felt rat`%r 聳 icj, but I"didn’t 25. She showed considerable ____________(天资) for getting ? ? T_________ s? oes can? lurt your feet as?t 聠 ey ɡre too 26. She burst into t__________ at the bad news. t__^_______ the fu|ure 耬 y? u w??? `defi 聮 itely ?ucceed ? your everlastang gomplaints. 10? If? you ta{e ?n optimisthc0atuitude t__^_______ the fu|ure 耬

in You? career&%1± . Sh? t up. Ever?body? s t________ o 28. Eliza clears her t______ and begins to talk.

y? u w ? ? ? `defi 聮 itely ?ucceed in30. His books have been t____________ into 24 languages. 32. It’s your t________ to wipe the blackboard, and I’ll clean the floor. 33. There is going to be thousands of students t___________ the college entrance examinations. before Friday. same painting.

You? career&%1± . Sh? t up. Ever?body? s t________ o? 31.Don’t worry about the cost——I’ll t__________ you. your everlastang gomplaints. 1±. Sh?t up. Ever?body?s t________ o ? your everlastang gomplaints. 12. Since it was(Monday yesterday, i? must be?T______? _____]_____(自巑). 10. T]_______? _?_ J? m3 nften 耠 o? n?rrow whIle"tèer 聥 are 耠 sk ?cny ?cars and ?uses. __]_____(自巑).

___ today.M13. Th? y fel? as? imed o? nobody e 聬 se4but 34. T__________ is the day of the week after Wednesday and Happej 耠 in somm? ? i? ? ec 耠 ? s th? roads? are?聳 35. The artist combines different _____________(技术) in the 13. Th?y fel ? as?imed o? nobody e 聬 se4but ___- 高考单词轻松背(from U to Z) 10. T]_______? _?_ J? m3 nften 耠 1.Take the u_____________ with you, Tom. It’s raining outside. u__________. 4. After leaving u_____________, he became a doctor. 5. James was u__________ because he had lost his ticket. 13 Happej 耠 in somm? ? i? ? ec 耠 ? s th? roads? are?聳 10. T]_______? _?_ J? m3 nften 耠 Happej 耠 in

o? n?rrow whIle"tèer 聥 are 耠 sk ?cny ?cars and ?uses. 2. Please explain as carefully as you can to make yourself somm? ? i? ? ec 耠 ? s th? roads? are? 聳 o? n?rrow3. He wants to come but he’s ________(不能) to.

whIle"tè er 聥 are 耠 sk ?cny ?cars and ?uses.

6. This kind of machine has come into wide u__________ in 36. Bananas are sold by w___________. our country. u_____________. nothing wrong. examination. policeman. 12. Of all the v_____________ ways of cooking an egg, I like boiling best. 13. Jack doesn’t like any meat or se food. Instead, he prefers v___________, which is rich in vitamins. 14. We had a very pleasant trip in this v______________. 15. While watching the game, the football fans often make a sign with fingers which means v_______. 16. The book provides information of great v__________ on recent trends. 17. Most of the farmers in that v_________ plant vegetables. 18. Tell me your address. I want to v________ your parents . 19. They spoke in a low v__________ as if they had a secret. 20. Reading will increase your v_____________. post-office. 22. Hangzhou is w____________ for its West Lake. 23. W__________ difficulties we meet, we can work them out. 24. You prefer sports, w_________ if prefer music. 25. The two girls were ____________(低声说) in the library. 26. Are you w__________ to join our club? 27. Don’t begin w____________ asking for advice. 28. It’s no w___________ you can’t sleep when you eat so much. 29. I have _____________(警告) of the danger. 30. It’s not worth w____________ time doing anything that has nothing to do with your study. 31. W________ out, a car is coming! 32. He w_________ up to find himself alone in the house. 33. He is ____________(浇水) the flowers in the garden now. 34. Health is above _____________(财富). 35. The w___________ gradually fined after a heavy storm. 14 B. background, base, beliefs, besides, blame, bottom, brain, branch, breath, burst, buried, belonging, boring, balance, beautiful, beginning , benefit, Britain, borrow, built 37. The offices are always closed at the w___________. w_________ countries. before Thursday. considering. 42. Which is the largest city in the w_________. __________(错事). 44. She was shocked by the violent scenes she had ____________(目击). 45. Our house can be very cold in w___________. summer 46. They asked him to leave, in other w_______, he was fired. 47. She’d lost her job. What was w__________, she’d lost her house and her children, too. 48. We all send our best w___________ to the people who suffered the disaster. 49. I questioned the ___________(明智) of giving a child so much money. 50. Red and y____________ are my favorite colors. 51. I can remember where we met for the first time as if it were y___________. me most. 53. ——We are going to make a journey in America. ——Enjoy y__________. 参考答案: A. ability, abroad, absence, accept, accident, activities, addition, admitted, affairs, afford, agree, agriculture, ahead, already/almost, astonished/amazed, adjusted, advantage, advice, alone/aloud, angry, announced, another, anxious, apologized, arguing, arrival, astonished, attempt, according, achievement, actually, address, attend, attention, attitude, august, average, aware, attract, African 7. I always leaves the office at the same time as 38. English is one of the official languages in many 8. It is u_________ for you to scold little Tom. He has done 39. W_____________ is the day of the week after Tuesday and 9. U____________ ,he fell ill the day before the entrance 40. The idea is very good, and is well w__________ 10. U__________ he is in uniform, he doesn ’t look like a 41. She is always w____________ about her weight. 11. When I gave up work, I shall take a long sea v__________. 43. If you do what he tells you, you won’t go far

21. He lost his w__________ while taking his savings to the 52. I’m the y____________ of three sisters, so my parents love

C. cause, certain ,challenge, charge, choice, combined, conditions, congratulated, connects, considers, consists, J. Judging, January, Japan, joke, jewels/jewelry control, capital, couple, courage, crime, custom, completed, confident, central, continued, contributions, convenient, K. keeping, kitchen, knowledge, knock, knives, kill corner, Christmas, college, Compared, common, conclusion, comfortable D. damage, danger, dangerous, death, deep, defeated, delayed, demand, description, desire, determined, devoted, difficulty, disabled, disappointment divided, doubt, dreamed, drowned, drowning, dictionary, December, direction, depended, decided, destroyed, M. merely, matter, material, measures, mines, mistake, medical, major, modern, missed, marked, magazines, machine, majority, manages, manners, married, match, means, meanwhile, memory, medicine, mental, mentioned, message, E eager, eastern effect, encouraged, equal, equipped, expense, explain , enjoy, envelope, equipment , especially, Exactly, example, expert, European, excited, except, expect, experience, effort, electricity, employs, energy, entrance, environment ,escape, exhibition, expressing, extremely F. Faced, Failure, frightened, familiar, favor, floated, follow, forced, forgive, former, forward, front, favorite, future, furniture, funny, friendly, fortunate, forget, forbid, follow, O, occurred, offered, operated, ordered, ordinary, organize, finished, field, fever, Festival, fault, famous, focus/fix, fond, further, frequently, foreigner, February, family, factory, fair, foolish, Friday, form, founded P. pronunciation, patient, purpose, persuade, perfect, pale, G. gift, grammar, Generally, generation, gentle, golden, gradually, goals, grasp, goods, government, greedy, great, graduated, greeted, guards, Germany, German, ground, guess, guided H, habits, hall, handed, handsome, happen, hardly, headache, health, heaven, height, heroes, hire, honest, honor, hopeless, however, happy, harm, hate, health, heart, hesitate, highly, history, holiday,, hospital, hurry, hungry, husband, homework Q. quality, quantity, quarter’s, quickly, quite I. illegal, imagine, immediately, importance, impossible, impressed, including, independent, increase, Indian, industry, R. realized, recent, recognized, reduce, refuses, remind, influence, informed, information, insisted, instead, interest, international, interview, Inventions, invitation, island, instructions, introduce, interrupt 15 removed, restaurant, result, respect, raise, received, reach, regret, relax, remember, respect, racial, ranging, reasonable, possession, passengers, patience, peace, performed, permits, protection, pity, polluted, preparation, practice, practical, prove, public, paid, progress, preferred, percent, proper, quarrelling, questioned, quiet, punished, provides, proud, polite, political, population, position, praised, personal, puzzled, puzzling, punished, promise, prevented, private, pretended, possible, period, peoples, particular, parents’, projects, Pointing, popular, photos/pictures, present, pressure, professor, political Obviously, observe, Obey, Ocean, own, other, origin, opposite, opinion, opportunity, overcome, October, open N. ninth, necessary, nervous, noise, narrow, native, natural, need, neighbour, never, newspaper, night, normal, northern, nothing, Notice, November, nowadays, number, nurse, method, mercy, middle, mind, minutes’, Millions, mirror, mix, moment, morning, mostly, Mountain, murdering, museum, musical distance, development, L. lacking, latter, lawyer, latest, lectures, loneliness, laziness, library, limit, language, louder, laughter ,later, leading, lay, life, left, lively, latter, luckily, least, learn, length, lighted, limit living, lonely, lost, likely, local

discussion ,downstairs

referred, realities, regarded, regularly, remains, reminded, return, representing, respect, responsible, retire S. Saturday, sale, scientist, serious, September, shared, shocked, silent, similar, situation, slightly, smart, smooth, speed, surface, successes. Supposed, sticks, standard, subjects, straight, spirits, strength, satisfied, satellites, shapes, surprise, seated/sitting, sense, separate, settle, spent, supporting, survived, shouted, sight, since, skill, spare, soldier ’s T. throughout, thieves, treasure, taste, theatre, Therefore, thirsty, throw, Tight, towards, tired Tuesday, themselves, Traffic, trouble, tongues, travelling, teeth, truth, twice, transported, Thanks, temperature, ticket, talent, tears, twenties, throat, traditional, techniques U to Z. umbrella, understood, unable, university, upset, use, usual, unfair, unfortunately, unless, voyage, various, vegetable, vacation, victory, value, village, visit, voice, vocabulary, wallet, well-known, whatever, while, whispering, willing ,without, wonder, warned, wasting, watch, woke, watering, wealth, weather, weight, weekend, western, Wednesday, worth, worrying/worried, world, wrong, witnessed, winter, words, worse, wished, wisdom, yellow, yesterday, youngest, yourselves. translated, treat, turn, taking, Thursday,




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