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Read the following passage about Mo Yan and pay special attention to the underlined words.
Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012. Hearing the news, Mo was very pleased. The n

ews also made all Chinese excited.
Mo Yan is the first Chinese citizen to win the Nobel Literature Prize. Readers attracted by his works are from all over the world. His best-known novel is Red Sorghum (《红高粱》), which was made into a film by Zhang Yimou.

Discussion: 划线部分在句子中分别充当什么成分?

Readers attracted by his works 定 are from all over the world. 语 His best-known novel is …. Verb-ed form

表 Hearing the news, Mo was 语 pleased.
宾 The news also made all Chinese 补 excited.

Conclusion: 形容 词的特点,在句子中可以充当: 过去分词具有______ 定语、表语、宾语补足语 _______________________。


一、过去分词作定语 Ⅰ. Finish the following exercises.
1. If I had the chance, I would have a ______ cloned (clone) baby. A.clone C. cloning B. to clone D. cloned

? If I had the chance, I would have a baby ____________. who is cloned

2. They took the woman who was injured to the hospital at once. ? They took the ______________ to the hospital injured woman at once. 3. 译:我们的书店只卖用过的书。 We only sell ___________ in our bookstore. used books 规律(1):
单个的及物动词-ed形式作定语往往置于被修饰词____ 前 被动或完成 主动/进行/被动/完成) (前/后),表示_____________( 被动 意义,可改写成动词用________( 主动/被动)形式的 定语从句 。 __________

* 过去分词短语作定语,置于被修饰词的后面,同样 可改成定语从句。

1.I think the scientific advances mentioned in your article are interesting.
? I think the scientific advances

________________________________are interesting. that are mentioned in your article
2.He is a teacher loved by all his students. He is a teacher who is loved by all his students. ? __________________________________________ 3. 译:由一名中学生写的这个故事在学校中很流行。 story written/which was written by a ? The __________________________________________ middle school student is popular in schools. __________________________________________

Ⅱ. Read the following passage and try to translate the underlined words into Chinese. Peter is a retired worker. He used to work in the USA, a developed country. Now he lives in the countryside. He is taking a walk on the path(小路) which is covered with fallen leaves.

1. What does fallen leaves mean?
A. leaves which have fallen


B. leaves which have been fallen 2. a retired worker

a worker who has retired
a country which has developed

3. a developed country 规律(2):

少数不及物动词-ed形式,如escaped, retired, fallen等也 被动 意义,只表动作已_____ 完成 。 可前置,作定语,但不表_____

表语 二、过去分词作______ 1. When the cat found all fish gone, it felt _________. surprised shocked/ annoyed

2. My grandfather was ________ delighted pleased/excited to hear I had passed my exams.

Practice worried

interested disappointed

My name is Wang Lin. Last year, interested in reading I became _________ novels. I often read novels in class. So I failed many times in the exams. My mother said she disappointed with me. was ___________ worried about my future and want Now, I am _______ to make a change.

表语 ,常表示句中 动词-ed形式用在连系动词后作______ 感到……的 。 主语(通常是人)____________

过去分词作predicative (表语)
It can be put after some link-verbs (系动词) such as: be, seem, appear, look, sound ,feel, remain, stay, become… 1) Edison became interested in science when he was very young. 2) The little boy was very excited when he heard that he could go to the party.

Ⅲ. 思考: 划线部分在句子中作什么成分? 为什么要用过去分词形式? I am Robinson Crusoe. I have been alone on the island for two weeks. I don’t know how to have my long hair cut. Many times I saw ships passing by, but I couldn’t make myself heard. The other day, I was delighted to see a small house in the distance. I came nearer, only to find the door broken. There was nobody there. I am still alone!


cut-cut-cut 1. I don’t know how to have my long hair cut. 2. I couldn’t make myself heard. 3. I came nearer, only to find the door broken. 规律(4):
过去分词作宾语补足语,顾名思义就是对宾语补充说 明,说明宾语的状态或性质。宾语与宾补是被动关系。

After the flood, some villagers were trapped in the water. ? After the flood, we found some villagers trapped ________in the water.

过去分词常在see, watch, hear, feel, find, notice, have, make, get, keep, leave 等动词后作宾语补 足语,表被动、完成的状态。

1. Gangnam Style made South Korean singer Psy________ known (know) to people all over the globe.

2. As he knows very little English, he finds it hard to make himself understood __________ (understand). repaired (repair) yesterday. 3. I had my bike ________

Have a try! 1. Before driving into the city, you are required to get your car ______. A A. washed B. wash C. washing D. to wash 2. The players ______ from the whole country are C us honor in this summer game. expected to bring A. selecting B. having selected C. selected D. to select (选拔,挑选)

3. Mrs. White showed her students some old maps ______ C from the library. A. to borrow B. to be borrowed C. borrowed D. borrowing

Afor help? 4. Listen! Do you hear someone ______ A. calling B. call C. to call D. called
5. Tom took a taxi to the airport, only _____ his plane high up in the sky. A. finding B. to find B C. being found D. to have found

Thank you!



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