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2014年高考英语总复习考点课件:Book 6 板块十二 Modules 5 Cloning(外研版)

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

Module 5


Ⅰ.词汇认知 1.breathe v.呼吸 2. rush v.冲,猛冲 3. analyse v.分析 4.accompany v.陪伴,陪同

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

5. sample n.样本 6. disgust v.使觉得恶心;使厌烦→ disgusting adj.令人厌烦

的→ disgusted _adj.恶心的 7.murder v.谋杀→murderer n.谋杀犯 8. refuse _ v.拒绝→ refusal n.拒绝,谢绝 9. imaginary 像 imagine adj.假想的,虚构的→n.想像 imagination →vt.想

10. gene n.基因→ genetic adj.基因的,遗传的→ geneticsn.遗
传学 11. burn out (火)燃尽,烧完自灭

12.again and again 一再,屡次

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

13. by mistake 14. rely on



15. as follows 如下 Ⅱ.语境助记 My sister was totally absorbed in a book about health.Her refusal to talk about the book with me was really disgusting.As we know,a balanced diet can increase our ability to resist infection and it is beneficial to our health.Many serious diseases,which can?t be cured , arise eating habits. from bad

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

1.terrify v. 使惊恐;使受惊吓

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

①Her husband's violence terrified her. 她丈夫的暴力让她感到害怕。 ②Terrified by the sight of the lion, he quickly ran to a tree. 他看到一头狮子吓坏了,急忙跑向一棵树。 ③We were terrified at the deafening explosion.


2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2.contrast v.对照,使与……对比n.对比,对照

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

①His white teeth contrast sharply with his black skin. 他洁白的牙齿和黑色的皮肤形成鲜明的对比。

②In contrast with his tall brother,he is short.
和他长得高的哥哥相比,他有点矮。 ③She almost failed the exam, but her sister, by_contrast,_did very well. 她考试差点不及格,而相比之下她的妹妹考得很好。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

3.beneficial adj.有益的,有用的

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

①A university education is of huge and direct benefit to the individual. 大学教育对于个人有着巨大且直接的好处。 ②These small businesses have benefited greatly from the fall in interest rates. 这些小企业因利率下降而获益颇丰。

③Fresh air is_beneficial_to one's health.

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

4.cure v.治愈;治疗;解决问题 n.治愈;疗法;对策

①His assistants are in search of a cure for diabetes(糖尿病). 他的助手们正在寻找糖尿病的疗法。 ②Even whisky could not cure him of his anxieties.

③She tried every means to cure her child of the bad habit.她想尽一切 办法试图改掉她孩子的这个恶习。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

5.resist v.抗拒,对抗,抵抗,忍住(一般用否定式);抗(酸),耐 (热)

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

①Moottee says many people resist going for treatment because they
fear they are“crazy”. Moottee说很多人抵制进行治疗,因为他们害怕他们会“疯狂”。

②He couldn't_resist_showing_off his new car.

与can't resist doing有相近的还有: can't stand doing无法忍受做某事 can't help doing情不自禁做某事 can't help do不能帮助做某事

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

6.absorb v. 吸收(液体,光,热能等);使专心

①(2012年高考北京卷)When deeply absorbed in work,which he often was,he would forget all about eating or sleeping. 他常常会聚精会神地工作,这时他常常会废寝忘食。 ②Alcohol may take a few minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

③The video was totally absorbing_the_children's_attention. 录像完全吸引了孩子们的注意力。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)


①Do not treat this serious matter as a joke.
不要把这件严肃的事情当作笑料。 ②I'll treat you to a movie tonight. 今晚我请你去看电影。 ③The prisoners were badly_treated by the American guards. 这些囚犯受到美国卫兵的虐待。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)


consider...as...;look on...as...;regard...as...;think of...as...;refer to...as...;

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

8.break down分解,故障,(身体)垮掉;(谈判等)破裂

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

①(2012年高考陕西卷)He had to pause from time to time to wipe the sweat from his forehead,because the air-conditioning system broke down.

②Half an hour later,a nurse called me:“Mr.McMahon's daughter broke down-she said you told her he had cancer.”

溃了,她说你告诉她McMahon得了癌症。” ③Peace talks have broken_down_over the question of reparations. 和谈因为战后赔款问题而破裂。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

9.get out of control摆脱控制

①The fire was under control. 火势已得到控制。 ②He took a corner too fast and lost control of the car. 他转弯太急了,汽车失去了控制。 ③George took_control of the business after his father died. 乔治在父亲去世后接管了生意。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

1.I know it's time I got down ________ my homework,but I just

can't resist ________ computer games.
A.to doing; playing C.to doing; to play B.to do; to play D.to do; playing

解析:考查固定短语。get down to doing sth.着手做某事;resist doing忍不住做某事。 答案:A

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2.There is an obvious ________ between the cultures of the West

and East.
A.content C.contract B.contrast D.contact

解析:contrast明显的差异,对比,对照;content内容;contract合 同,合约;contact 联系,联络。句意:东西方文化之间存在着明显的 差异。 答案:B

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

3.More and more cancer patients have been ________ their diseases at the early stage.

A.treated for
C.saved from

B.cured of
D.got rid of

解析:考查动词短语辨析。句意:越来越多的癌症早期病人已经 被治愈了。treated for 治疗??(病);cured of治愈??(病);saved from 从??救出;got rid of消除,摆脱。 答案:B

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

4.Nobody wanted to make friends with the student ________ money.
A.suspected having stolen B.suspected to steal

C.suspected to have stolen
D.suspected of having stolen 解析:句意:没人愿意和那个被怀疑偷钱的学生交朋友。suspect sb.of(doing)sth.怀疑某人(做)某事。故选D。 答案:D

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

5.The computer system ________ suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A.broke down C.broke up B.broke out D.broke in

解析:句意:当他在网上查找信息的时候,电脑系统突然瘫痪了。 break down(机器、车辆等)出故障,坏掉;break out(战争、打斗等不愉 快事件)突然开始;break up结束,散开,解散;变得虚弱,垮掉; break in入室行窃,插嘴。 答案:A

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

6.It was a really ________ experience.Afterwards everybody was very ________.

A.terrifying; shocking
C.terrifying; shocked

B.terrified; shocking
D.terrified; shocked

解析:句意:那真是一次令人恐惧的经历。在那之后,每个人都 很震惊。terrifying意为“令人恐惧的”,常表示事物的性质、特点; shocked意为“震惊的”,常表示人的心理状态。 答案:C

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

7.I'm very grateful for your help and hope that someday I may be
able to do something for you ________. A.in exchange B.in turn

C.in return

D.in particular

解析:in exchange作为交换;in turn依次;轮流;in return作为回 报;in particular特别是;尤其是。根据句意应选C项,表示“为你做点 事作为报答”。 答案:C

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

8 . The way the guests ________ in the hotel influenced their
evaluation of the service. A.treated B.were treated

C.would treat

D.would be treated

解析:考查时态和语态的用法。句中的The guests与treat之间是被 动的关系,并且动作已经发生,所以用一般过去时的被动形式。 答案:B

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

9.It took the new teacher weeks to bring her class ________.

A.beyond control
C.out of control

B.in control of
D.under control

解 析 :句 意 : 这 位 新 老师 花 了 好 几周 的 时 间 才控 制 好 班 级 。 bring...under control使??得到控制。A、C均意为:失去控制,不合题 意。B项后面需加宾语,不符合语法结构。 答案:D

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

10.I considered that the change would be________to his health.
A.beneficial C.advantage B.profitable D.changeable

解析:beneficial指对身心健康有益的;profitable指物质上有利可 图的;advantage是名词“优点”;changeable“易变的,不定的”。 答案:A

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

11.For the next two hours she was________ the film,so she didn't
notice what happened around her. A.engaged to B.busy with

C.absorbed in

D.occupied with

解析:考查短语辨析。be engaged to与??订婚,忙着干某事;be busy with忙于??;be absorbed in专注于,全神贯注于;be occupied with被??占满、占据,忙于??。句意:在后来的两个小时里,她 都一直全神贯注于那个电影,所以她不知道在她的周围发生了什么。 答案:C

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

12.He was clearly guilty and could only throw himself________the

mercy (怜悯) of the court.
A.down C.on B.into D.at

解析:考查有关throw的短语。throw oneself down倒下;throw
oneself into 投 身 于 ; throw oneself on 扑 在 ?? 上 , 委 身 于 ; throw oneself at向??突进。根据句意“只好听凭法庭处置”可知C项意思相


2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

1. While studying at university,he discovers the secret of how to

create life.还在上大学时,他就发现了怎样创造生命的秘密。
[知识提炼] “while+分词”作状语,表示时间。 [句式仿写] 她在英国学习期间学会了英语。 She_picked_up_English_while_studying_in_England.

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2 . Lonely and unhappy... he begins to hate his creator Frankenstein.既孤独又不快乐??他开始憎恨他的制造者,弗兰克斯

[知识提炼] 形容词(短语)作状语。 [句式仿写] 他到了家,又累又饿。

3.It was on a cold November night that I saw my creation for the first time.我是在11月一个寒冷的晚上首次看到我的作品的。 [知识提炼] “It is/was +被强调部分+that/who”的强调句型。 [句式仿写] 直到昨天我才注意到这件事。 It_was_not_until_yesterday_that_I_noticed_it.

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

1.I wish I had not created this creature, I wish I was on the other side of the world; I wish I could disappear!但愿我没有制造出这个家 伙,但愿我身处世界的另一边,但愿我可以消失得无影无踪! 这是一个虚拟语气的句子,表示与事实相反的一种愿望。wish后 面接一个宾语从句时,常常表示一种假想的情况,一般要用虚拟语气。 宾语从句中用虚拟语气一般分为下列三种情况: (1)如果假想的情况与主语的愿望同时发生,则宾语从句谓语动词 用过去时,be动词用were的形式。 ① How I wish we middle school students didn't have so much homework! 我多么希望我们中学生没有这么多作业呀!

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

(2)假如宾语从句中的谓语发生在主语的愿望之前,则从句中的谓 语动词应用过去完成时。

②I wish I had gone to see the film with him yesterday.
我希望我昨天与他一起去看电影了。 (3)如果宾语从句中假想的情况在主语的愿望之后发生,从句谓语 动词用“would/could/might+动词原形”的形式。 ③I wish that all the matter would have a good end. 我希望所有的一切会有一个好结局。

wish后除接that 引导的宾语从句外,还可用于以下句型:wish to

do sth.(希望做某事);wish sb.to do sth.(希望某人做某事);wish for

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2. But to rely on a few cloned animals or crops would restrict the biodiversity of the breed.但是,仅仅依靠少数克隆的动植物会限制生物

(1)动词不定式作主语时常用it作形式主语,而往往将动词不定式 放在谓语或表语之后。在此句型中,如果要说明动词不定式的动作是

但是,如果表语是kind,nice, right,wrong,clever,polite等描述行为 者的性格、品质的形容词,则应在不定式前加一个of引起的短语。

①It's not easy for me to learn English well.
对我来讲学好英语不容易。 ②It's very kind of you to give me the book. 你给我这本书,真是太好了。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

(2)“疑问代(副)词+动词不定式”也可以在句中作主语。 ③How to solve the problem is a matter. 如何解决那个问题是个问题。

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

1. While________different cultures, we often pay attention only to the

differences without noticing the similarities.
A.compared C.comparing B.being compared D.having compared

解析:本题考查分词作状语。因句子的主语是we,compare的逻 辑主语也是we,且we与compare之间是主谓关系,因此应用现在分词 作状语。本题说的是通常情况,应用现在分词的一般式。 答案: C

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

2.Mr.Black doesn't understand ________ made his wife so upset this morning.

A.what was it
C.how that was

B.why it was that
D.what it was that

解析:考查强调句式。分析题干可知强调句式部分作宾语从句, 语序用陈述语序,排除A;根据题意疑问词应用what。 答案:D

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

3.(2013年铜仁地区联考) ________ writing the article,the author

forgot that he had a meeting to attend.
A.Absorbed in C.To absorb in B.Absorbing at D.Having absorbed by

解析:be absorbed in全神贯注于。当从句主语和主句主语一致且 含有be动词时,可把从句主语和be动词同时省略。 答案:A

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

4.Is it necessary ________ the design before National Day?

A.of us to complete
C.for us to complete

B.of us completing
D.for us completing

解析:考查不定式作主语。如果要说明不定式表示的动作是谁做 的,可以在不定式前加 for引起的短语,即 for +名词/代词宾格+不定 式。句意:有必要在国庆节之前完成这个设计吗? 答案:C

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)

5.I wish I ________ a chance to talk with you about my writing before you left.

C.had had

D.will have

解析:句意:我真是希望在你离开之前与你谈一谈我的写作问题。 根据“before you left”可知,说话者是表达与过去事实相反的愿望,所 以要用过去完成时。 答案:C

2014 ·新课标高考总复习 ·英语(WY)



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