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倒装句完成句子专练 (附完整答案) [高考回顾】 Not only______(给予帮助)people to find jobs, but also medical treatment will be provided for people who need it(help).答案:will help be given to. 1.Not until she had supper

,______________ (她妈妈才回家)。(come) 2.______________(尽管她累了),she helped her mother to do the housework.(as) 3.Should______________(你被开除),your health care and other benefits would not be immediately cut off.(fire). 4.Never in my wildest dreams (我能想像)these people are living in such poor conditions. (imagine) 5.Only with the help of the local guide______________ (那些登山者获救了)(rescue) 6.Greatly loved in China______________(是英国浪漫诗人)(poet) 7.So (我觉得难)to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice. (find) 8.______________ (尽管他是个教师),he wasn’t able to educate his own child well.(as) 9.I’ve tried very hard to improve my English, but by no means (老师对我的进步满 意)。(satisfy) 10.No______________ (铃声一响)than the teacher came in.(sooner) 11.Hardly______________ (我一回家)when it began to rain.(get) 12.So______________ (湖浅了)that no fish can live in it.(shallow). 13.Not only______________ (他被迫留在家里) but also he had to do his homework. force) , ( 14.Standing beside the window______________ (是一个约 6 岁的孩子)(age) 15.Little______________ (他关心自己安全),though he was in great danger himself. (care) 16.Had (看电影),I would have told you something about it.(see) 17.At no time______________(教师打学生)。(beat) 18. After that we never saw her again. Nor______________ (也没收到她的信)her.(hear) 19.You disliked him,______________ (我也不喜欢他)。(so) 20.We have been told that under no circumstances ______________ (我们可以使用电话)in the office for personal affairs.(use) 21.Such______________ (它是一部动人的电影)that they were all lost in thought after it was over.(move) 22.Only he told me secretly that not only ______________ (她笨) also she was lazy. stupid) but ( 23.You’ve no idea ______________ (多么重要)to help the snow-bit victims out of trouble. (how) 24.“I have been to many places, but nowhere else ______________(我能找到如此)beautiful palace”. said my father excitedly.(find) 25.Everyone has his or her special skill and interests, and only by discovering what we can do best ______________(我们希望实现目标),and truly make a difference.(reach)。 26. Scarcely______________(把粮食收进来)when it began to rain.(gather). 27.Before dark, we arrived at a small town, east of which ______________ (是一个大农场)。 (lie). 28. ______________ (不管他怎么努力),she failed.(try, as) 29.He shouted, such ______________(他是如此兴奋).(excitement) 答案:

1. did her mother come back 2. Tired as she was 3. you be fired 4. could I imagine 5. were the mountain climbers rescued 6. are the English Romantic poets 7. difficult did I find it 8. teacher as he was 9. is the teacher satisfied with my progress 10. sooner had the bell rung 11. had I got home 12. shallow is the lake 13. was he forced to stay home 14. was a boy aged about 6 15. did he care about his own safety 16. I seen the film 17. will / should the teachers beat students 18. did we hear from her 19. so did I 20. can we use the telephone 21. a moving film was it 22. was she stupid 23. how important it is 24. can I find such a 25. can we hope to reach our goals 26. had we gathered in the grain 27. lies a big farm 28. Try as he might 29. was his excitement 特殊句式包括强调句型与倒装句(部分倒装与完全倒装),成为历届高考的热点,同学们一 定要反复练习, 确保记忆的准确和全面。 下面以完成句子的形式对上述考点进行精选精练并 附以答案解析,供同学们参考。 一、强调句型 1、____________________ (究竟是谁)broke the window?(it) 2、I have no idea____________________ (到底是什么)you want me to do?(it) 3、It was midnight ____________________ (我来到这儿)yesterday(get) 4、As is known to all,it was____________________ (他酒后驾车)that resulted in the terrible car accident (drive) 5、Jack is a student and studies at the NO· Middle school .____________________(也是如此) 2 Mike. (with) 6、 How long do you think____________________ (需要多久) computer company brings out the a new product? (before) 7、____________________(直到)ten o’clock that he went to bed. (until) 8、It must have been his father____________________(他正在考虑) (think)

9、It was at midnight____________________(我回到家)last night (return) 10、____________________ (不久)they get married. (long) 二、倒装 11、In a lecture hall of a university (坐着一位教授)(sit) 12、____________________ (事实就是这样);no one can deny them. (such) 13、Only in this way________________________________________(我们才能学好英语) (learn) 14、Never before____________________ (我看过)such a moving film. (see) 15、________________________________________ (我一上火车)When it began to rain. (hardly) 16、________________________________________ (他绝不同意)to move to a new place far away from her workplace,because it isn’t convenient. (means) 17 、 So clearly____________________ ( 他 讲 英 语 ) that he can always make himself understood. (speak) 18、Not only____________________ (给予帮助)to people to find jobs,but also medical treatment will be provided for people who need it . (help) 19、Neither do l know it,____________________ (我也不关心)(care) 20、Not until____________________ (他回来)we have supper. (return) 21、____________________(他一言不发)at the last meeting. (word) 22、Little________________________________________ (他意识到)how important the meeting is. (realize) 23、 ________________________________________ (要不是) your support, wouldn’t have l succeeded. (be) 24、________________________________________ (要是明天下雨) ,we would put off the sports meet. (should) 25、____________________(虽然我很钦佩他),l don’t envy him (as) 一、 1.Who was it that. 强调句的特殊疑问形式:疑问词+ is / was it that…? 2.What it is that. 强调句型的特殊疑问形式在宾语从句中,用陈述语 3. that I got here 4. his drunk driving 5.So it is with 6. it will take before 7. It was not until 8. that / who he was thinking of 9. that I returned home 10. It will not be long before 二、 1. sits a professor 2. Such is the case 13. can we learn English well 14. have I seen 15. Hardly had I got on the train 16. By no means will he agree

17. does he speak English 18. will help be given to 19. nor do I care about it 20. he came back did 21. Not a word did he speak 22. does he realize 23. Had it not been for 24. Much as I admire him 倒装句 一.概念: 英语句子通常有两种语序:一种主语在前,谓语在后,称为自然语序,另一种谓误在前,主语在 后,称为倒装语序 二.相关知识点精讲 按“主语+ 谓语” 这种顺序排列的句子是陈述语序。如果排列顺序变为“谓语( 或谓语一部 分)+主语”,就是倒装。倒装句分为: 完全倒装: 整个谓语移至主语前面叫完全倒装 。 部分倒装: 只把助动词、系动词或情态动词放在主语之前叫部分倒装 。 1. 当以 there, here, out , in , up , down, away 等副词开头的句子,为了起到强调的作用, 可构成倒装句,只把副词放在句首,主语和谓语位置调换,不加助动词。 Our teacher came in. In came our teacher. 这种倒装要求:主语必须是名词。主语是人称代词时,主语和谓语语序不变。 Here it is. Away he went. 这类倒装句式一般只用一般现在时和一般过去时。 Here comes the bus. Out rushed the boys. 2. how, then, just, often 表示时间的副词放在句首,可构成倒装句,只把副词放在句首,主 语和谓语位置调换,不加助动词。 Then came 8 years of the Anti Japanese War. 3. 表地点状语的介词短语放在句首,要用倒装句式,以示强调。 这种倒装句也是主谓直接调换位置,不加助动词 did, does 或 do. Under a big tree ________, half asleep. A. did sat a fat man B. a fat man sat C. did a fat man sat D. sat a fat man 4. there 放在句首时,要用倒装句式。 在“there + be”结构中的谓语动词有时不用 be , 而用表示类似“存在”观念的其他不及物动 词。如:live, stand, come, lie, flow, enter, rise 和 appear 等。 There came shouts for help from the river. There lies a large wheat field in front of the house. Many years ago there lived an old man in the wooden house. In front of the tower flews a stream. 5. so + 动词+主语 neither/ nor + 动词+主语

表示两人的同样一个情况时,只能表示一件事,即上、下句所使用的动词、时态要一致。 否则要用 so it is with… You can ride a bike. So can I . He has been to Beijing. So have I . The first one isn’t good, neither is the second. His uncle is a worker and has been working in the factory for more than ten years. So it is with his aunt. 6. so+ 形容词/副词 that 的结构状语从句可以用正常语序表示,也可以把 so+形容词/副词 放于句首构成倒装。句型如下: so +形容词/副词+be/助动词/情态动词 that +从句。 Light travels so fast that it is difficult for us to imagine its speed. = So fast does light travel that it is difficult for us to imagine its speed. So easy was the work that they finished it in a few days. 7. done 做形容词在句中做表语时,常把表语放在句首,要用倒装句式。 Gone forever are the days when the Chinese people had to use foreign oil. 8. 否定副词 not , never, seldom, nowhere, little , rarely 放于句首时要用倒装句式。 We seldom get up at four in the morning. = Seldom do we get up at four in the morning. Not a single word from him could the enemy drag. Rarely have I heard of such a silly thing. 9. hardly…when; scarcely…when…; no sooner…than… 可以用正常语序 had hardly done when… did 或用倒装句式 Hardly had + 主语+ done when… did 句式。hardly 所在 的句子用过去完成时。 The bell hardly had rung when the class began.= Hardly had the bell rung when the class began. No sooner had he arrived in Beijing than he began to work. 10. not only… but also 如连接两个成分时, 不用倒装; 连接句子时, 前面的句子要用倒装。 Not only was everything that he had taken away from him, but also his German citizenship. Not only is he busy, but also I have a lot of work to do. Not only does he speak English very well, but also he speaks French well. 11. only 及所修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句放在句首时,要用: only+ 状语+ be /助动词/情态动词+主语及其他 Only when he told me the news did I know what had happened. Only in this way can you make progress in your English. 12. 虚拟语气中的倒装句 If I were you, I would take the job. = Were I you, I would take the job. 三.巩固练习 1._______ and caught the mouse. A. Up the cat jumped B. The cat up jumped C. Up jumped the cat D. Jumped up the cat 2.______ and the lesson began. A. In came Mr. Brown B. Mr. Brown in came C. In came he D. came in Mr. Brown 3.Over _______ , dead.

A. rolling the goat B. rolled the goat C. did the goat roll D. the goat rolled 4.—Where is my shirt, mum? —_________. A. There is it B. There it is C. There is D. Here is it 5. —Where is your father? —Oh, ________. A. here he comes B. he here comes C. here does he come D. here comes he 6.The door opened and there ________ . A. enters an old man B. entered an old man C. did an old man enter D. an old man entered 7. Now ______ your turn to recite the text. A. will come B. comes C. has come D. there is 8.Often _____ them not to smoke here. A. we advised B. advised me C. did we advise D. had we advised 9.________ playing soldiers. A. Inside the room were two boys B. Inside the room two boys C. Were two boys inside the room D. Inside the room was two boys 10. On the wall _______ two large portraits. A. are hanging B. hanged C. hang D. hangs 11._______ who was wounded in the stomach. A. Among them were a soldier B. Among them was a soldier C. Among them a soldier was D. Among they was a soldier 12. Next door to ours ________ , who is no less than eighty. A. that lives an old man B. does an old man live C. lives an old man D. where lives an old man 13.She plays the piano very well, ______. A. so every one of us does B. every one of us does C. so does every one of us D. so do every one of us 14.You say he works hard, ______, and _____. A. so he does; so you do B. so he does; so do you C. so does he; so do you D. so does he; so you do 15. —I thought you women were present at the meeting. —__________. A. So we were B. So we did C. So were we D. So did we 16.I don’t think Jack will come today, _____. A. nor will Mary B. and Mary doesn’t C. Mary will either D. or Mary does 17. She is fond of cooking, _____I . A. so am B. nor am C. neither do D. nor do

18.Marx was born in Germany and German was his native language . A. So it was with Engles B. So was it with Engles C. So was Engles D. So did Engles 19.A fish needs water and without water it will die._______. A. So does a man B. So will a man C. So it is with a man D. So is it with a man 20. So absorbed _______ the work that she often forgot to _____ her meals. A. had she been in; do B. she was in; make C. was she in; take D. she had been in ; have 21.So loudly ______ that every one of the class could hear him. A. did he speak B. did he spoke C. spoke he D. he spoke 22. __________ his appearance that no one could recognize him. A. Strange so was B. So strange was C. Was so strange D. So was strange 23.Not once ______ their plan. A. did they change B. they changed C. changed they D. they did change 24. Never ______ such a wonderful place as Hangzhou. A. are seeing B. had I seen C. I have seen D. have I seen 25.Seldom ______ TV during the day. A. they watch B. are they watching C. have they watched D. do they watch 26.Nowhere ______ as in my garden. A. the flowers were so beautiful B. were the flowers so beautiful C. so beautiful were the flowers D. so beautiful the flowers were 27. Hardly ________ his homework when he went out. A. finished he B. he had finished C. did he finish D. had he finished 28.Scarcely _____ finished their homework ______ I came into the classroom. A. had they; than B. they had; when C. had they; when D. did they; when 29. Not only _______ a promise, but also he kept it. A. has he made B. does he make C. he made D. did he make 30. Not until his comrades criticized him _______ to admit his mistake. A. had he begun B. began he C. did he begin D. does he begin 四.答案 1—5 CABBA 6—10 BBBAA 11—15 BCCBA 16—20 AAACC 21—25 ABADD 26—30 BDCDC



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