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重庆八中高 2014 级高三上学期第一次月考英语试题
二、单项填空 (共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. ---Are you going to Tim?s birthday party? 21 世纪教育网 ---__________. I might have to work. A. It depends B. Thank you C. Soun

ds great D. Don?t mention it 22. A survey was carried out on the death rate of those who were infected by smoking, __________were surprising. A. as results B. which result C. the results of it D. the results of which 23. ---I saw your aunt take a bus to the railway station. Why didn?t you drive her there? ---I __________. But my car __________. A. would; was fixed B. would have; was fixed C. would have; was being fixed D. did; was being fixed 24. _________ a large salary rise already, Sarah is thinking of buying a new apartment. A. Receiving B. Received C. To receive D. Having received 25. We have to say good-bye to each other after the Spring Festival and it will be another year ___________ we can meet again.21 世纪教育网 A. since B. when C. that D. before 26. ---More than 14 million Americans were unable to find work in April. ---Yeah, most of them ___________ jobs for months. A. are seeking B. will seek C. had been seeking D. sought 27. Though he broke the school rules, the teachers decided to give him ___________ second chance, due to _________ progress he has made in studies. A. a; the B. the; / C. the; the D. a; / 28. ---Have you been teaching here since graduation? ---No, I _________ in a company for four year. A. had worked B. have worked C. was working D. worked 29. For quite __________ students, their teacher?s advice is more important than __________ of their parents. A. few; one B. a little; some C. a few; that D. a lot; many 30. Under no circumstance __________ to buy unnecessary souvenirs.21 世纪教育网 A. tourists are forced B. will the guide force tourists C. the guide will force tourists B. will force tourists 31. As is known to all, Indonesia is an Asian country _________ a lot of islands. A. is consisted of B consists of C. consisted of D. consisting of 32. ---Jenny took the 6:00 bus to Guangzhou this morning. ---Really? She ________ the 10:00 train. It?s much more comfortable and safer to travel by train. 21 世纪教育网 A. could have taken B. should take C. must have taken D. can take 33. Faced with challenges, you should believe your courage is ___________ makes a difference. A. how B. what C. which D. that 34. ---How did the short play Festival strike you? ---__________. We can?t think too highly of it. A. It makes no sense B. It is awful C. It all depends D. It is fantastic

35. To be a good story writer, one needs, ___________ other things, a very vivid imagination. A. among B. between C. for D. off 三、完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 请阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项的标号涂黑。 A Being alone in outer space can be frightening. That is one reason why astronauts on solo (单 独的) space flights were given plenty of work to keep them 36 . They were also constant communication with people on the earth. 37 , being with people from whom you cannot get away might be even harder than being alone. This is what happens on long submarine (潜水艇) voyages. It will also happen on 38 space flights in the future. Will there be special problem of adjustment under such conditions? 21 世纪教育网 Scientists have found that the longer the voyage lasts, the more serious the problem of 39 is. When men are 40 together for a long period, they begin to feel uneasy. In the limited space over a long period of time, however, the voyage may become very 41 . 21 世纪教育网 Apparently, although no one wants to be 42 all the time, everyone needs some degree of privacy. When people are enclosed together, they are in a stress situation. That means that they are under an unusual amount of 43 or stress. 21 世纪教育网 People who are well-adjusted are able to 44 stress situations better than others. That is why so much care is taken in 45 our astronauts. One of the things tested is their behavior under stress. 36. A. tired B. asleep C. conscious D. busy 37. A. So far B. After all C. However D. Therefore 38. A. long B. fast C. dangerous D. direct 39. A. fuel B. entertainment C. adjustment D. health 40. A. shut up B. turned up C. brought up D. picked up 41. A. pleasing B. annoying C. common D. valuable 42. A. noisy B. alone C. personal D. sociable 43. A. emphasis B. conflict C. power D. pressure 44. A. handle B. create C. affect D. accomplish 45. A. becoming B. choosing C. ordering D. promoting B One topic is rarely mentioned that the almost complete failure of foreign-language teaching. As a French teacher for twenty-five years, I have some idea of why the failure is so total. 46 the faults already found out — such as child-centered learning, there have been several serious 47 which have a direct effect on language teaching. 21 世纪教育网 The first is the removal from the course of the thorough teaching of English now do not know the subject of a sentence from its object. 21 世纪教育网 _48 . Pupils

Another important error is mixed-ability teaching, or teaching in ability groups so 49 that the most able groups are 50 and are bored while the least able are lost and 51 bored. Progress depends on memory, and pupils start to forget immediately they stop having 52 lessons. This is why many people who attended French lessons at school, have forgotten it a few years later. 53 they never need it, they do not practice it.

Most American schools have 54 modern languages, even Spanish, from the course. Perhaps it is time for Britain to do the same, and stop 55 resources on a subject which few pupils want or need. 46. A. Due to B. In addition to C. Instead of D. In spite of 47. A. errors B. situations C. systems D. methods 48. A. vocabulary B. culture C. grammar D. literature 49. A. wide B. similar C. separate D. unique 50. A. kept out B. turned down C. held back D. left behind 51. A. surprisingly B. individually C. equally D. hardly 52. A. extra B. traditional C. basic D. regular 53. A. Although B. Because C. Until D. Unless 54. A. restored B. absorbed C. provided D. withdrawn 55. A. wasting B. focusing C. exploring D. sharing 四、阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该选项的标号涂黑。 A A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. “Your son is here,” she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient?s eyes opened. Heavily drugged with sleep because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly(隐约) saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out with his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man?s weak ones, expressing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward(病房), holding the old man?s hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest a while. He refused. Now and then she heard him say a few gentle words. The dying man said nothing, only holding tightly to his son all through the night. Along towards dawn, the old man died. 21 世纪教育网 The Marine released the now lifeless hand he had been holding and went to tell the nurse. While she did what she had to do, he waited. Finally, she returned. She started to offer words of sympathy, but the Marine interrupted her. “Who was that man?” he asked. The nurse was surprised. “He was your father,” she answered. “No, he wasn?t,” the Marine replied. “I never saw him before in my life.” “Then why didn?t you say something when I took you to him?” asked the nurse. “I knew right away there had been a mistake, but I also knew he needed his son, and his son just wasn?t here. When I realized that he was too sick to tell whether or not I was his son, knowing how much he needed me, I stayed.” he answered. 56. Why did the nurse take the Marine to the old man?s bed? A. Because he was the old man?s son. B. Because she knew that he was a warm-hearted man. C. Because she couldn?t find anyone else there. D. Because she thought he was the old man?s son. 57. Why did the old man hold the Marine?s hand all through the night?

A. Because he knew he would die the next day. B. Because he hadn?t seen his son for a long time. C. Because he was dying and mistook him for his son. D. Because he enjoyed doing that and so did the Marine. 58. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. The Marine didn?t know the old man at all. B. The nurse was careless and made a mistake. C. The Marine happened to be the old man?s son?s friend. D. The old man passed away peacefully and contentedly. 59. What can we learn from the passage? A. The next time someone needs you, be there. B. All the soldiers are as kind as the Marine. C. We?d better not correct someone else?s mistakes. D. The young should accompany their parents all the time. B WASHINGTON—US President Barack Obama said Thursday that he had known about NBA star Jeremy Lin?s talent long before the “Linsanity” phenomenon swept the sport. “I knew about Jeremy before you did because Arne Duncan, my secretary of education, was captain of the Harvard team,” Obama told the famous US sportswriter Bill Simmons in an interview. “When Arne and I were playing, he said, ?I?m telling you, we?ve got this terrific guard named Jeremy Lin at Harvard.? And then when one of my best friends, whose son is a freshman at Harvard, went for a recruiting(招募) trip he saw Lin in action, so I?ve been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon(时尚) for a while,” said the president, who is a Harvard Law graduate.21 世纪教育网 Lin, the New York Knicks? point guard, though he was cut twice in December 2011, had had a sudden rise in the past month to high points scoring stardom in Madison Square Garden, the world?s biggest basketball stage. He is the first Chinese-American player in the NBA. He has already developed a devoted following among many Asian-Americans and in China, Taiwan, the Philippines and other countries. Clicks to the www.NYKnicks.com website surged as basketball fans from around the world search for Lin?s news and highlights. 21 世纪教育网 “He seems like a wonderful young man. It elevates(提升) this great sport all round the world,” said Obama, a Chicago Bulls fan. “And what?s been encouraging is to see how fast the sport has bounced back recently.” But he sounded a note of caution on how much basketball costs to watch. “It?s really important for professional athletes and sports owners to just remember you got a whole bunch of folks out here, all across the country, who invest so much in their teams. All they ask is not to be so selfish that you?re not looking out for your fans,” Obama said. 60. President Obama learned about Jeremy long before through . A. news reports B. a friend C. Bill Simmons D. Arne Duncan 61.The underlined word “surged” in Paragraph 6 probably means . A. moved suddenly and quickly B. stopped gradually

C. moved slowly D. suddenly broke down 62. President Obama finds it encouraging that . A. Chicago Bulls is playing wonderfully B. Jeremy Lin is becoming more popular C. NBA matches have returned to normal D. audience is concerned about basketball 63. Both athletes and sports owners should care about folks because A. they have made contributions to charities B. all teams are in need of support from fans C. they pay to watch their favorite teams play D. they can decide the result of a game


C Welcome to The English Garden Shop. These garden tools are chosen for us by our partners at Quality Garden Tools. All items are discounted. Quality Garden Tools aims to deliver from stock in 48 hours. All items are covered by manufacturer?s(制造商)guarantees. Postage and packing is just ? 3. 95 on orders under ? l00 and free thereafter. HAWS 8.8 LITER PROFESSIONAL LONG REACH CAN GREEN A fabulous professional British made watering can in traditional green. The Haws green 8. 8 liter long reach watering can is given a powder coated painted finish for maximum protection. This can is perfectly balanced and the long spout makes watering the back of beds and borders very easy. Order code: HG88WC OUR PRICE: ? 52. 95 ARS 1000L LIGHTWEIGHT HEDGE SHEARS These ARS hedge shears are really difficult to find! Made in Japan, they are some of the very best available, especially for shaping work. These shears are lightweight and perfectly balanced for maximum comfort. The blades are very sharp and are made of hard carbon steel. The handles are made of aluminum for both strength and reducing weight. Length: ? 650 mm. Order code: ARSHS-EG PRICE: ? 69.95 BULLDOG STRAPPED DIGGING SPADE & FORK SET A really traditional set of garden tools (just like Granddad used to have!). Both the spade and fork are made in the UK and are strapped for extra strength. The handles are traditionally all made of top quality wood and the spade has treads to save your boots. Order code: BSDTS-EG A GREAT SAVING on the ? 128. 89

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56. How much will you pay for a pair of shears? A. ? 17. 1. B. ? 52. 95. C. ? 69. 95. D. ? 73. 9. 57. If you buy a set of spade and fork, you should fill in the Order code “______”. A. BSDTS-EG B. SJSST-EG C. ARSHS-EG and HG88WC D. HG88W and BSDTS-EG 58. You don?t have to pay for the postage if you buy ______. A. HAWS LONG REACH CAN GREEN B. LIGHTWEIGHT HEDGE SHEARS C. DIGGING SPADE & FORK SET D. SPEAR & JACKSON TROWEL 59. The underlined word workhorse is closest in meaning with ______. A. maker B. laborer C. speaker D. digger D Every kid more or less complains about school. But five to ten percent of kids dislike it so much they don?t want to attend. If a child seems upset or anxious about school, pretends to be sick to stay home, repeatedly winds up in the nurse's or principal's office, or refuses to talk about the school day, you should be concerned. One fear that keeps children from enjoying school is separation anxiety. It most frequently occurs during times of family problems or when a child is about to enter a new school. With younger kids, watch how you say good-bye those first few days of school. A firm “Have a great day, and I?ll pick you up at 2:30!” is more confidence-inspiring than “Don?t worry, I can be there in ten minutes if you need me.” You can help your child handle fearful situations--from speaking up in class to taking tests--by rehearsing at home. Help make large projects less discouraging by breaking them into manageable pieces. Teach your child to replace thoughts such as “I?m going to fail” with “I can handle this.” Some kids dislike school because they have no friends. This may be the case if your child is always alone, fakes illness to avoid class outings or gives away treasured possessions in an attempt to be liked. Often loneliness problems can be solved by improving social skills. A child may need to learn how to look others in the eye when he speaks, or how to talk above a whisper--or below a yell. You might teach a young child a few “friendship openers,” such as “My name?s Tom. What?s yours? Do you want to play games?” 21 世纪教育网 68. When a school boy has separation anxiety, he is ________. A. worried about his study

B. uncertain if he can deal with his family C. eager to go to school D. unwilling to leave his family for school 69. What is the author?s purpose in writing this passage? A. To discuss possible problems of school children. B. To tell children how to deal with school problems. C. To provide suggestions for parents to help their children in school. D. To show the possible bad effects that school have on children. 70. When a child gives his beloved toy to an unfamiliar classmate, he can get stuck in ________. A. separation anxiety B. complaints about school C. a loneliness problem D. a fearful situation 71. Which of the following best shows the composition of the passage? (1)—Paragraph 1 (2)—Paragraph 2 (3)—Paragraph3 (4)—Paragraph 4 A. (1)→(2)→(3)→(4) B. (1)(2)→(3)(4) ↗(2) (1)↘ C. (1)→ (3) ↘(4) D. (2)→(4) (3)↗

E The sky is one huge chessboard for air traffic controllers. In 314 control towers and navigation(导航) centers across the country, the air traffic controllers comfortably sit down in windowless rooms, staring at radar screens that show aircraft moving through thousands of square miles. Radio headsets make nonstop noises with pilots requesting course changes, asking for greater or smaller heights, and, on a bad day, declaring emergencies. Each controller communicates with as many as 30 aircrafts at a time, giving commands that direct each plane?s movement. A half century ago, flying was a much simpler affair. Pilots navigated by pointing their planes where they wanted to go, and it was up to the captain to avoid running into other aircrafts in the sky. But with the increase in air travel following World War II, the government stepped in to regulate—control with rules—flight paths around major airports, and the responsibility for navigation changed from pilots to air traffic controllers. 21 世纪教育网 Remarkably, navigation technology has changed very little in the 50 years since its first show. Although modern planes are equipped with computers, pilots lack the ability to “see” the traffic around them and must rely on ground-based controllers for directions. The controllers, in turn, use ground-based radar and radio transmitters to keep planes away from one another. The truth is, your car's global positioning system (GPS) has more precision than the air traffic control technology in use today. 72. The author?s attitude towards the present air traffic control technology is ________. A. positive B. neutral C. negative D. uncertain 73. In the text, ________ about the air traffic control is not mentioned. A. the present situation B. the history

C. the author?s concern D. the future development 74. The underlined word “precision” means ________.21 世纪教育网 A. popularity B. influence C. accuracy 75. Following the last paragraph, ________is likely to be discussed. A. the disadvantages of the present air traffic control technology B. the future progress in the car industry C. the experiment to use cars? global positioning system in aircraft D. the history of air traffic control techniques D. function

五、书面表达 (共两节 15?+ 20?,共 35?) (一)请根据以下提示,并结合事例,用英语写一篇不少于 60 词的短文。 You cannot choose what you are given, but you can choose how to make use of it. 注意:1. 无须写标题,不得照抄提示语;2. 除诗歌外,文体不限。 (二)假设你叫李华,你的美国笔友 Johnson 想和家人来中国定居,请你帮他在 A、B 两 个城市中做出选择。 下面的图表是对这两座城市在就业、 娱乐和环境等方面所作的对比。 请你根据该表提供的信息用英语给他写封电子邮件,提出你的建议并说明理由。 注意:1.图表左边的数字说明人们对这两个城市的喜爱程度。 2.不少于 80 词。短文开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。

Dear Johnson, I'm so glad to learn that you and your family are coming to settle down in China.

一听力 二单选 21—25 ADCDD 26—30 CADCB 三完形 36—40 DCACD 四 阅读 41—45 BBDAB 31—35 DABDA 46—50 BACAC 51—55 CDBDA 66—70 CBDCC 71—75CCDCA

56—60 DCCAD 61—65 ACCDA 二卷 作文范文 作文一 作文二


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