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课时安排 Period 1-3: warm-up & lesson 5 Period 4: lesson 6 Period 5-6: lesson 7 Period 7-8: lesson 8 Period 9-10: communication Wo


In your mind, what kind of people are heroes?


policemen & policewomen


sports stars

film stars

history makers

Think of different kinds of heroes and heroines: a) a sports or film star you personally admire

Yao Ming

b) someone famous for bravery or goodness. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) Mother Teresa was a nun who devoted all her life to helping the poor and sick in India.

c) the main character from a story Hamlet
Hamlet is the sensitive and indecisive hero of Shakespeare’s play. To be or not to be, that’s a question.

Now it’s time to tell me about your heroes or heroines!

Now write three sentences about some film heroes and heroines that you know well and read them to your group. Use the Key Words to help you. Eg: Scar is a cruel and dishonest character in Lion King.

Key Words Classify the key words as positive or negative. positive: brave, calm, generous, honest, intelligent, kind, romantic, sensitive negative: cruel dishonest, violent

Listen to descriptions of the film characters. Match them with the following adjectives. a) smart but cruel and violent b) brave and humorous c) pleasant and humorous

You are going to hear about the following characters:


Finding Nemo

Bright Jones

Saving Private Ryan

Spider-man 2
Dr. Octopus

What do you know about Yang Liwei? How do you feel about him? Born: June 21,1965, Liao Ning Height:168cm Weight: 65kg Training : 1998-2003 Crowned: Space Hero

Shenzhou ⅴ How did you feel about China’s first manned space flight?

Let’s learn some words about space flight.






Read the article quickly and circle all the words related to a spaceship’s movement. 1 lifted off 2 lifting off 3 separated from 4 soaring 5 circled 6 circling 7 related 8 shaking 9 touched down

Read to learn

b) c) d) e) f)

Read the article again. Match the paragraphs with these headings. Astronaut lands safely 5 Welcome home 6 International good wishes 4 2 An exciting lift-off Introduction 1 3 During the flight

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions: 1 how did Yang Liwei feel during the flight? How did he feel afterwards? He felt the effects of high gravity including the feeling of soaring into the sky, after the spaceship landed, he felt happy to be back on earth. 2 What did Yang Liwei do during the Shenzhou ⅴ’s seventh circle of the earth? He showed the flags of China and the United Nations and expressed the Chinese people’s wishes to explore and use space peacefully.

3 How many circles did the spaceship complete while Yang Liwei was sleeping? The spaceship completed two circles. 4 What were helicopters doing as Yang Liwei returned to the earth’s atmosphere? The helocopters were flying to the landing site. 5 What did Yang Liwei do when he came out of the spaceship? He smiled and waved to the crowds waiting for him.

Language study
Match the verbs with the nouns to form expressions. Verbs Nouns 1 collect a) space 2 complete b) wishes 3 do c) a task 4 express d) the seventh circle 5 explore e) information

Can you say some words about space flight? spaceman spaceship (astronaut) parachute spacesuit space flight rocket capsule helicopter launch

Language in use
Work in pairs. Imagine one of you is Ynang Liwei and the other is a reporter from CCTV. Make up an interview between them. Ask as many questions as possible . The phrases will help you. spaceship: lift off – circle the earth – do the seventh circle – com back into… Yang Liwei: sleep – show the flags – express– land – tell – feel – return – smile

Grammar Presentation
PAST SIMPLE & PAST CONTINUOUS Look at the sentences . In pairs, work out the differences between Past Simple and Past Continuous. 1 The surface of the spaceship was glowing red when it came back into the earth’s atmosphere. 2 Millions of people all over China were watching TV when the spaceship touched down safely. 3 When the spaceship separated from the rocket, I suddenly got a feelin of soaring into the sky… 4 We were driving along a country lane when, suddenly, a car drove past us.

Look at the sentences again. In which sentences does when mean a) at the same time? b) after?
When the Past Continuous and the Past Simple appear in one sentence, the Past Continuous describes the background, and the Past Simple reports an event.

Read Grammar Summary 3, on P92.

Grammar Practice
Ex9 1 ) was walking 2) saw 3) was running 4) sat down 5) opened 6) was reading 7) heard 8) was drowning 9) was calling 10) jumped 11) looked 12) were watching

Ex 10 Look at the pictures . Then read and answer the questions.

a) What was Pat doing when she heard

the crash? She was drying her hair. b) What did Pat do when she looked out of the window?

a) What was Jennifer doing when she saw the

boy? She was baking a cake. b) What was the boy doing when Jennifer saw him? He was climbing into a lorry. c) What did Jennifer dop when she ran out of the house? She took the boy out of the lorry.

A Sun Yat-sen

Do you know these people? What do you know about them?
C Thomas Edison
B Mother teresa

D Martin Luther King

1 Match these captions with the photos. 1) campaigned for the rights of black people in the USA 2) led the 1911 revolution and founded the first republic of China 3) invented the light buld, moving picture camera and many other things

4) worked to help poor people in India

Listen to learn
2 Listen to students talking about the people in the photos.complete the Funtion File with these words. agree, think, you’re right, don’t agree, in my opinion, personally Keys: 1) think 2) don’t agree 3) in my opinion 4) you’re right 5) agree 6) personally

3 You are going to listen to a radio programme about Martin Luther King. ?Key Words experience, racism,equal, influence, organise, struggle, victory, protest, march, extremist Read the sentences below and try to guess the meaning of the key words. 1) Mr. Wang has been teaching for 20 years. So he has much experience. 2) Martin Luther King thought the black people and the white people are equal. He fought against racism.

3) I didn’t want him to influence me in my choice. I would like to make a decision by myself. 4) We are organising a concert in the village hall. So we are busy getting everything ready. 5) We should give more help to them as they are struggling for equal rights. 6) We beat Japan at 2: 0 and we won the victory at last. 7) He didn’t agree to the action. He protested it in the phone call to the president. 8) All the workers marched down the street for higher pay. 9) The explosion was carried out by the political extremist .

?Listening Strategies Getting prepared for listening
4 Listening to the radio programme with the help of the listening strategies and get the general idea. 5 Listen again and decide if the sentences are true (T) or (F). keys: 1 T 2 F 3 F 4 F 5 T 6 T 7 F 8 T

Pronunciation: Stress
6 Listen to the sentences and underline the stressed words. Listen again and repeat the sentences.

personally-person create-creation invention-invente racism-race-racial society-social equal-equally peace-peacefulpeacefully organize- organization

Expand your vocabulary

Speakin g
Nelson Mandela

Elizabeth Blackwell

Jane Goodall

7 Work in pairs. Read the paragrarhs and take turns to choose a hero. Ask and answer the following questions: 1) What did/does your hero fight for? 2) Who did/does tour hero help? 3) Where did/does your hero work?

assignmen t
Write down your views about the heroes introduced in this unit.

Reading Before you start
1 Who are your sporting heroes or heroines? In pairs, use the key words to talk about them.

Key Words
positive: brilliant, fast, inteligent, skillful, strong negative: awful, boring, over-rated, slow, terrible, useless, weak

You may add some more words.

Example A: In my opinion, Ronaldo is a brillian player. He is very fast and skillful. B: I don’t agree. I think he is overrated.

Do you know the sisters?

Read to learn
Read the passage quickly and suggest a title for the text.

Read the article again and answer the questions. 1 Why are the sisters unusual?

They played each other in the final of a tennis tournament.

2 What kind of background are they from?

3 Who helped them to succeed?

They lived in a poor area of California, full of violence and drugs. Their father, Richard.

4 How do the two sisters get on at home?

They get on very well.

Guess the meaning of the folowing key words and check them while reading.

Key Words
Look back, train, be strict with, compete against, disrupt,express an interest in, come to an end, astonishing, improve, cause, make progress, leave… behind

Complete the following sentences, using the Key Words. has competed against 1 Bailey ______________________ atheletes half his age and won at last. 2 My health finally began to improve ___________ when I changed to a less stressful job. 3 Moving schools frequently can disrupt ____________ a child’s education. behind leave 4 It’s time to ______ the past ________. expressed an interest in 5 Parents _______________________ concern about the amount of violence in some children’s shows.

is strict with 6 Mr Wang ________________ his students. came to an end 7 When the concrt _________________, the crowd poured out of the hall. astonishing 8 The accident is _____________. It causes _______ 123 deaths. 9 He kept working hard at English and made progress _______ great __________ in it. looked back 10 Yang Liwei ___________ the past five trained years when he was __________ as an astronaut.

Voice your opinion

What are the advantage or disavantage of being sports stars?

Grammar Presentation
Study the two groups of sentences from the text. Work out the differences in pairs. a) Since then, she has won Wimbledon and the US Open twice. b) Has tennis ever caused problems between the sisters?

a) The sisters’ father, Richard, started to train Venus and Serena when they were young children. b) The first time Venus played in a big tournament was in 1996.

Match te tenses with the uses. We use a) the Present Perfect, b) the Past Simple when: 1 something happened at a specific time in b the past. 2 the time of the action in the past is not given oraknown. a 3 a past action has results in the present. 4 the past action is not linked with the b present.

Grammar Summary 4, on P93.

10 complete the interview with an English footballer. keys: 1) played 2) Did you like 3) didn’t enjoy 4) have you scored 5) haven’t played 6) have joined 7) bought

Grammar Practice
11 Complete the sentences with
keys: 1) already 2) yet 3) ever 4) never 5) yet 6) ever/never

already, ever, never, yet.

Language in Use
Choose a star. Make notes about the important achievements or events in his/her life, and the dates they happened.

Before you start, read the examples on P27.

Christopher Reeve

Before you start

What do you know about Christopher Reeve? From the pictures, can you guess what happened to him? 1 what was his most famous film role? 2 What terrible thing happened to him in real life? 3 What is he doing nowadays?

Now read the article quickly and find out the answers.

Read the passage again and match the topics with the parts of the article. a. the riding accident 2 b. his marriage 5 c. his feelings after the accident 4 d. before the accident 1 e. his parents 6 f. his belief 8 g. how he pulled through 7 h. his campaign


Can you say something about the topics?

READING STRATEGIES: Working out meaning ?Find the word in the text. ?Is the word a noun, verb, adjective,etc? ?Think about the context.

Use the reading strategies to help you to do Ex5 & Ex6. Use the phrasal verbs in Ex6 to complete Ex7.

Voice your opinion

1 Do you think C hristopher Reeve is a real superman? 2 What kind of person is his wife?

1 Write questions to ask your partner about changes in his/her life in the last three years. 2 Use your questions to interview your partner.

Example Have you started a new holiday or sport? Do you still like the same kind of music?

Communication Workshop

Listen to the interview with Hu Jun and Zheng Hua. Who likes the people in the photos?

Guo Jingjing
Ma Lin Liu Xiang Gao Ling

Listen again. Mark the expressions in the Funtion File which show strong agreement(++), limited agreement(+), or disagreement(-).

Agreeing and disagreeing Oh, come off it! I suppose… but… + OK, but… + You’re dead right. ++ Absolutely. ++ That’s true. ++ You’ve got a point there. +

Speaking: Discussion
Prepare a discussion about one of your favourite sports stars. Following the stages in the textbook.

Do you know anything About the life of James Dean?

Listen to the song and complete part of the lyrics with the given words. Keys: 1 mean 2 clean 3 screen 4 was 5 cause 6 fast

Writing: A Story
How to write a story: a. Setting the scenne– describes the situation at the beginning and what happened b. Development of narrative– how the person reacted and what happened c. conclusion– what happened in the end Read the story called “True Life Drama” on P90.

Imagine your friend was involved in a rescue and is a lcal hero. Write a story about the rescue for your school magazine. Follow the stages in the textbooks.



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