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训练十八 Ⅰ .七选五阅读 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 For many, running has never quite been their favorite activity. But running can certainly be a great way to get fit and stay healthy. G

etting started is extremely difficult. 1 Running can be boring at times, but the effect on your

body and mind is well worth that struggle of just getting up and running. 2 Every major city and many smaller cities have running communities. They are quite organized

and willing to help. They will help you see your running goals through. Start with short distances. Though the running community would love to have a new long-distance runner tomorrow, the fact is that that will not happen overnight. Try running one mile every day for the next 3 weeks. After that, add it to two miles and so on. 3

Take part in a race. By signing up for a race in the near future, you will focus on a goal and be motivated(激励)to keep practicing for that event. I suggest signing up for a 5-kilometer race that will occur within one month. 5 4

Motivation is a major factor in running success. Bring a friend along to push you through the

times and motivate them in their own. A. Join a group. B. One step at a time. C. Bring a friend along. D. Most of you will have no problem finding a great race. E. Shorter distances are a step to longer and more successful runs. F. You will get the chance to see the seasons change and breathe in fresher air. G. There are so many activities people would rather be doing than running. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Mr. Clark, a teacher of English in our school, come from America. Before he came to our school, he has taught English in many other Asia countries. He is such experienced a teacher that he knows how to make his classes lively and interested. We all like his American English and his teaching methods. Mr. Clark, whom we‘ve learnt a lot from him, often tells us funny story in class. I often tell others that I like English very much, and this was not true before Mr. Clark came. English was once difficult with me. It is Mr. Clark who makes me interested in this subject. Mr. Clark, I hope you will happy and healthy here. 训练十九 Ⅰ . 七选五 Here are some easy steps for you to stay safe and secure on the Internet. ? ? 1 Never give out your full name, address and phone number, unless it is a safe site or it is

a well-known site. Protect your money. Do not give out your card information unless it is a secure site. 2 If it is locked, the

You can tell if the site is safe by looking at the lower part of your screen. site is secure. ―Unlocked‖ means that you should not give a card number. ?

Don‘t believe ―Get Rich Quick!‖ If it sounds too good to be true—it is! If you get an

e-mail that says you can make thousands of dollars in a few days, it isn‘t true. Most likely it will cost you in the end. 3 .


? ?

A good virus scan(杀毒软件). Update(更新)your virus scan.


When you buy a virus

scan, it may have been on the shelves for months, so you need to update it frequently. 5 Do not open e-mail attachments (附件) that are programs. Receiving these programs in

e-mail is harmless, but opening them and running them can be dangerous. A. B. C. D. E. F. There is a small lock. Stay away from these offers! New viruses come out daily. There are always some unsafe sites. Keep your main e-mail address private. Don‘t give out personal information.

G. Protect yourself from dangerous e-mail viruses. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 I went shopping with my mother yesterday. We had a lots of things to buy. We drove to the center of the city and stop our car in front of the shop. An hour late, we came back to the car. But that was strange that we couldn‘t open the door. But we asked a policeman for help. A few minute later, he got the door open. Just then a man came up and shouted angrily, ―How are you doing with my car?‖ We were surprising and went to see the number of the car. What you think happened then? We had to say sorry to a man again and again. 训练二十 Ⅰ .七选五 A strong imagination does children a lot of good. The following are 5 benefits of encouraging children‘s imagination. 1 As children play different roles, they explore relationships between family members, friends

and co-workers and learn more about them. For example, playing a doctor, they imagine how doctors care for their patients; playing house, they learn more about how parents feel about their children. Build self-confidence. Young children have very little control over their lives. Imagining oneself as a builder of tall buildings or a superhero defending the planet is giving power to a child. Help intellectual growth. 3 learning to think in an abstract(抽象的)way. This skill is important in school. 4 Kids who play with their friends do a lot of talking. This helps increase their vocabulary, 2 . Children who can see a king‘s castle in a mound(堆)of sand are

improve sentence structure and communication skills. Work out fears. 5 When children role-play about the big, bad monster under the bed, they gain a sense of control over him and he doesn‘t seem so big or so dad. A. B. C. D. E. F. Develop social skills. Practice language skills. Be willing to share. It helps them develop confidence in their abilities. Imagination can help children help each other. Using the imagination is the beginning of abstract thought.

G. Playing roles can help children work out their fears and worries. Ⅱ .新短文改错 I often dreamt of becoming a teacher, standing on the platform in the classroom and give lessons to lovely boys and girls. I teach them, play with them, and watch them growing up. I know it is not easy to be a respecting teacher. You have to learn in order to teach. With much knowledge, you can never teach


well. What is more, you have to be friend with your pupils and take good care about them. Only in this way can you be good teacher and win respect from him. Though I am a student now, but I will work hard to make my dream come truly. 训练二十二 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 From birth, your child is taking in the world with the five senses of vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Experts say that parents should take advantage of natural opportunities to sharpen your child‘s senses and brain. 1 For many moms, walks are a gentle way to get in shape after giving birth. But they‘re also an excellent opportunity to help your child use her senses. For instance, if you stop to smell the roses, your baby will not only understand that flower‘s pleasant smell , but she can also touch the petals, and see the pretty colors. 2 It may be boring for you, but for your child, the laundry is a sensory(感官的)adventure. ―A young child helping fold laundry fresh from the dryer is using her senses to process information, and we help them understand that information when we talk about the experiences . ?Aren‘t these towels warm? Feel how soft this sweater is!‘‖ suggests Jeff Johnson, founder of the Iowa-based Explorations Early Learning. Take your time. 3 The goal is not to move the kid to the next developmental stage. For sensory development, don‘t be in a rush. That‘s not to say kids can‘t have diffic ulties: Johnson says signs of possible problems include an infant‘s failure to track objects with his eyes by the time he‘s four months old, or a lack of response to your voice. In cases like these, see your pediatrician(儿科医师)right away. 4 If you need some time to yourself, you won‘t be guilty of ignoring your child if you sit them in front of the television for half an hour. ―I think it‘s important for parents to know that it‘s okay if they get a break to take care of themselves,‖ says Johnson. Don’t overdo it. When helping your child explore the environment, whether through walks, conversation, or the occasional toy, you‘ll want to avoid overwhelming(使受不了)him (you‘ll be able to tell if you are by his reactions). In order to avoid one-sided sensory overload, focus on simple toys like wooden blocks. 5 We fill our homes with so much visual clutter(凌乱的东西)that babies have a hard time picking out a place to focus. A. B. C. D. E. F. Every child will develop at an individual rate. Go for a walk. The truth is that most infant rooms are filled with too many toys. Do the laundry. Take care of yourself. Allow TV once in a while.

G. Most kids are fond of playing with wooden blocks. Ⅱ .新短文改错 Dear President, I‘m going to study in my university this year. But I‘m worried about the university life. So I‘m writing to ask you for some helps. Firstly, it‘s possible that I might be confusing by


the sudden change of the environment and didn‘t know how to handle it properly. Secondly, I‘m afraid I can take good care of myself but might feel lonely. Being a little bit of careless, I might sometimes lose things. Finally, I might be unable to get used for the new climate and foods. Could you tell me what to deal with the problems so that I can make my university life much easier and fruitful? Yours, Li Hua 训练二十四 Ⅰ.七选五阅读 Peer(同龄人)pressure is the phenomenon where we tend to get influenced by the lifestyles and the ways of thinking of our peers. The changing ways of life of our peers often force us to change our ways of looking at life and leading it. 1 But you should know: following your peers blindly leaves a

negative impact on your life while an analytical approach of looking at peer behavior can act positively. When you do not like a particular idea, it is obvious that you won ‘t like to go by it. But your peer group may force you to do something you hate. In such cases, there are chances that you won ‘t succeed in those things. 2

Many a time, we are forced to lead a certain kind of lifestyle due to peer pressure. You may not like partying on every weekend, you may hate drinking or smoking, but peer pressure may make you do all that you had never wished to. You may take to something as grave(严重)as drug use, and that too, only because of peer pressure. 4 3

Extreme peer pressure may lead you to follow what your peers feel right. You tend to blindly

imitate the masses; you adopt their tastes of fashion, clothing, hair, music and so on. Peer pressure can actually lead you to lose your tastes of life and force yourself to begin liking what they like. But peer pressure is not always bad. Exposure to peer pressure gives you an opportunity to think about their tastes and their attitudes towards life. 5 Some of the practices that the masses follow

may actually teach you the way of living. You may be able to change yourself for the better. As long as you can pick selectively, peer pressure can actually result in a positive change in your way of life. A. It can help you analyze yourself and think about your ways of life. B. So, it is important that you do not lose happiness of your life by giving in to peer pressure. C. However, the effect of the influences of the masses is greater during your teen years. D. In such cases, being overly pressurized by your peers can be damaging to your living. E. Peer pressure can lead to a loss of individuality. F. A skill to choose friends from the peers is the best way to keep away from negative peer pressure. G. It‘s a human tendency to do what the crowd does. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 One day after the school, all the students rushed out of the classroom. Just then, Li Hua‘s phone rang. In come a text message from one of his friend, inviting him to KFC. He was reading the message careful when he missed a step and fell down the stairs. His phone and his legs were broken. So seriously did he hurt him that he couldn‘t stand up. The students behind him came to his help. Unluckily, nobody stepped onto him. On the same time, one student dialed 120. He sent to a hospital nearby as soon as possible. In the hospital he received treatment. ―I‘m determined not to using phones again when I am going downstairs,‖ he said when he returned back to school. 训练二十五 Ⅰ .七选五阅读 Wisdom teeth are normally the last teeth to appear in the mouth. It usually happens when people are


older and wiser.


Wisdom teeth are molars(臼齿), or chewing teeth at the back of the mouth. The third set of molars, if you have them, are your wisdom teeth. They can grow into place normally and never cause a problem. 2 They might crowd the other teeth. Sometimes they even push through the gums (牙龈)sideways.

And the wisdom tooth that fails to completely rise through the gums can leave space for bacteria to enter around the tooth. Infection is a risk in these cases. Experts say people should have their mouths examined between the ages of 16 and 20 for placement of their wisdom teeth. X-rays can show wisdom teeth below the gums. 3 Removal is also advised if there is a chance that poorly aligned(排列)wisdom teeth will damage the other teeth. And removal is called for in cases where fluid collects around a wisdom tooth that is partly or fully below the gum. But why do we have wisdom teeth if we often need to get them removed? 4 Scientists say the

diet of prehistoric humans probably required more chewing teeth. Life was probably a little rougher on the teeth back then, too. So it was good to have extras. 5 Young adults are the best candidates for wisdom teeth removal since older patients may be at

greater risk for disease in the tissue surrounding the molars. A. Removal is generally advised when wisdom teeth only partly break through the gums. B. If removal is advised, the best time to do it is before the teeth cause any problems or pain. C. So, it seems that everyone in their late teens and early 20‘s have been urged by their dentist to have their wisdom teeth removed. D. One theory has to do with our diets. E. That is, when they are in their late teenage years or early twenties. F. But often there is not enough room for them in the mouth. G. It depends on the condition and the number of wisdom teeth. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Last Sunday, my father invited his colleagues to our home for a dinner party, included his boss. However, my three-year-old sister stars at my father‘s boss sitting across from her all time during the dinner. He can hardly eat because of her stars. So embarrassed was the boss so that he checked his tie, touched his face and look at himself in the mirror. Even so, nothing stopped her staring at him. He tried to pay not attention to my sister, and finally it was too much for him. He couldn‘t help asking her, ―How are you staring at me?‖ Everyone present had noticed his behavior and the table went quietly for her response. My sister replied, ―My daddy said you are a big eater and I don‘t want to miss it!‖ 训练二十六 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 You have probably heard people talk about their ―self -image.‖ Your self-image is your opinion of yourself. It would be great if people liked themselves all the time. If only people could always say, ―Sure, I have faults, but I‘m learning. And, all in all, I‘m a good and valuable person.‖ It would be wonderful if no one ever felt shy or embarrassed, if people never put themselves down or held themselves back because they were afraid of looking foolish. 2 1 Your mother smiled at you and said, ―What a beautiful baby!‖ You felt good. You pulled a

dog‘s tail, someone said, ―Stop it, you naughty child,‖ and you felt bad. Other children teased you about the way you threw a ball. ―I‘ll never be good at sports,‖ y ou decided. From the beginning, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, and teachers have reacted to you. You observed those reactions, interpreted them, and created a picture of yourself —a self-image. This is a private side to your self-image — a side that no one else knows. The private side is the you who sits and listens to music and sometimes


cries over the words. It is the you who daydreams, the you who goes out in the yard and talks to birds. 3 Your image of yourself changes often. One day the good things seem more real than the bad. 4 You are much more critical(挑剔的)of yourself than anyone else is, but you do not realize it. 5

Your self-image is full of incorrect views. Some of the evaluations you made of yourself are right.

Yes, you are good at helping other kids with their problems. But no, you are not the worst student in the class. A. B. C. D. E. F. It is the you who keeps a diary. However, all people worry about their faults. For years you were not aware of having a self-image. Your self-image began to form when you were very small. But others are very wrong. It is not true that you will never learn to tell a joke right.

G. Other days you‘re not able to remember one good thing about yourself. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 My first stay at home alone was unusual. What I was twelve, once my parents were away on the business, and I was all by myself for two days. My parents left earlier the first day, and I got up soon after they leave. At the first evening I was a little scaring, so I turned on the lights in every room. I kept the light on in my bedroom the whole night. For fear of got up late the next morning, I put three alarm clock at my bedside and set the alarms for 6:00, 6:10, and 6:15. In order to prove that I could take care myself, I washed my clothes the second afternoon, so I could have waited for Mom to do it. I really felt proud of herself and thought I was great. 训练三十六 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 Everyone has friends and needs friends. Every day we interact (交流) with people in school, at work, in the same apartment and other places. 1 I would rather have a few true friends than a million

regular friends. Everyone is different and has different perspectives on true friendships but there are some fundamentals for a true friendship that you can‘t overlook. Firstly, this person or true friend needs to give you a huge sense of trust. You need to see this person and go, ―I trust him and want to share everything with this person.‖ 2 3 4 You think of all Trust him with your girlfriend

or boyfriend? Trust him with your problems or embarrassing moments?

Secondly, imagine it‘s 3 in the morning. You met with something unfortunate.

the ―friends‖ that you have and you slowly make a note of who will actually help you. Finally you settled on someone who might help and called him or her. What would his or her response be? Irritation (烦恼) ? Frustration? Or someone who will sacrifice their sleep to get out of bed either to pick you up or assist you by giving you a list of numbers which you can call for help. Let‘s say it‘s something serious. You really need someone to talk to in the middle of the night, you‘re so desperate you need someone to talk to. A true friend would, no matter how tired they are. A. They can all become our best friends. B. Will your ―friend‖ be that someone? C. But I always believe in quality, not quantity. D. You should lend a hand to your friend. E. Let‘s say your car broke down. F. Can you trust him with your secrets? 5


G. These are all things to take note of. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 I like eating fruit and vegetables which is of great benefit to our healthy. Not only do they prevent us from falling into ill, but they help us lose weight. I used to hate vegetables, and following the doctor‘s advice, I gradually kicked the bad habit. Just as an old saying going, ―An apple a day keeps the doctor away‖. However, there are still many children disliked fruit and vegetables. On contrary, influenced by this or that kind of advertisement, many were crazy about junk food. Consequently, they become weaker and weaker instead of getting strong. In my opinion, we must take action to changing it. 训练三十七 Ⅰ .七选五阅读 Like many people, the start of the day maybe isn‘t your favorite time. tomorrow… Stretch(伸展)every part of your body for 15 seconds. Try this before you open your eyes. Lift your arm and begin by stretching each finger, then your hand, then your wrist, then your arm. 2 Then your toes, feet, ankles and legs. In so doing, you upped 1 Try at least one of these

the flow of blood through your body, providing extra oxygen to all your tissues. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. 3 You can begin your day by lying in bed, slowly waking up, mentally ticking off the decisions you made in advance about what you‘re going to wear, what you‘re going to do… Brush your tongue for one minute. There‘s no better way to rid you of morning breath and begin your day fresh and clean. After all, more than 300 types of bacteria stay in your mouth every night. 5 For truly relaxing mornings, reduce the number of choices and decisions you make to zero. Make your decisions the night before. Really, there‘s no need to vary your breakfast, timetable or clothes to wear every morning. A. B. C. D. E. F. Avoid any decisions. Repeat with the other arm. Don‘t change your living habits. These few minutes in bed are all yours. You think a quick brush is going to make them all disappear? In so doing you don‘t have to jump out of bed and rush through your morning. 4

G. Here are some healthy habits you can learn without much effort. Ⅱ . 短文改错 The day before yesterday, I went to the bookstore where is near our school to buy the reference book. It was Saturday, so there had many people. With a shop assistant‘s help, I quickly got the book I was badly in need. I was about to leave while I found someone trying to steal a man‘s money. Nervous although I was, I tried to think of a way to help. Suddenly, a good idea struck on me. I stepped on the man‘s foot deliberate. As expected, the man‘s scream gives the thief a fright, who quickly walked out of the shop. After hear my explanation, the man smiled and showed great gratitude to me. 训练三十九 Ⅰ .七选五阅读 People from all over the world enjoy reading quotes. There are lots of kinds of quotes such as: friendship quotes, love quotes, cute quotes, heartbreak quotes and many more. 1


As we may very well know, life is not easy. In fact, sometimes it can be really hard to deal with the everyday situation. 3 2 So what is the big secret or the power of quotes?

They are not just words someone collected and put them all together. There is a deep reason

why a certain quote has become a milestone of our culture. If we have an issue in our life, we can be sure that there are lots of people that have the same problem. And their history is perpetuated(永久延续的) between the quote words. Second, when we are reading quotes it is a time to stop and think about our situation: how it all started, why it ended that way and how we can make it better. 4 Yes, as much as it sounds crazy cute

quotes can really help us to be more optimistic in life and conquer everything we want to achieve in this amazing world. 5 In fact they are actually one liner jokes that will keep us amused for hours. So the next time you read sad quotes, don‘t forget to read some funny and lighter quotes because after all it is all about make us feel better! A. As a matter of fact, each quote has its own value and special meaning. B. Reading those nice little quotes might even help us to overcome difficulties. C. These quotes have a long history and can teach us how to be a good person. D. There are lots of quotes that have only one purpose –fun and a good time. E. Quotes are wise words that try to teach us something about our life. F. They all have something in common –to help us in the bad times and to make us feel better. G. And the most important is the third thing: giving us hope for better days. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 My school lies in the center of our city. It is such good a school that most students want to be admitted by it. To tell the truth, not only is our school of high teaching quality, and it has a beautiful campus. Entering in our school, what you first see is a five-floors high teaching building, in front of which is a beautiful garden. The playground is to the left of it, which we always have a lot of fun. The road besides the playground is a broad avenue led to the student canteen. If you walk on along the avenue, our dormitory building surrounded by many trees come into sight. A real beautiful campus, isn‘t it? 训练四十 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 When we think summer, most of us think outdoor fun. So it seems like we should naturally lose weight over the summer. In reality, though, summer isn‘t all beach volleyball and water sport. Lots of summer activities can work against out efforts to stay at a healthy weight. ? ? 1 Get going with goals. When we don‘t have a plan, it‘s easy to spend summer moving from 2 Stay busy. When we‘re bored, it‘s easy to fall into the trap of doing nothing and then

couch to computer, with regular stops at the fridge.

feeling low on energy. In addition to helping you avoid the cookie jar, filling your days with stuff to do can give you a sense of accomplishment. ? Beat the heat. 4 3 Move your workout indoors. If a gym isn‘t your scene , try

bowling or an indoor climbing wall. If you love being outdoors, try joining a local pool or move a regular run or soccer game to early morning or evening. ? 5 Summer means picnics and barbecues—activities that revolve around an unlimited spread of food. Pace yourself. Don‘t overload your plate. Avoid going back for seconds and thirds. Choose seasonal, healthy foods like fresh fruit instead of high-sugar, high-fat desserts. Make


catching up with family and friends your focus, not the food. Another good tip for summer eating is to limit frozen treats like ice cream to no more than once a week. A. B. C. D. E. F. Don‘t let summer heat put your exercise plans on hold. With school out, we lose our daily routines. Think about what (and how) you eat. Here are 4 ways to beat summer weight gain. Plan activities for specific time, like exercising before breakfast. That‘s especially true if a dream summer hob or planned activity falls through.

G. Avoid this by aiming for a specific goal, like mastering a new skill, or working at a job. Ⅱ .新短文改错 Tim is one of the fire fighter in Chicago. He has been a fire fighter for five years and he is proud of him and his job. He does exercise every day to stay stronger. He is on the duty eight hours a day. During his shift, he eats and sleeps at the firehouse, so fire fighters have to be ready to answer an alarm at any hour of the day or night. Most of the alarms are from small fires. They can put out in a few minutes. Big fires are very dangerous. Most of the time, the greatest danger came from smoke. Sometimes, fire fighters have to enter burned buildings in order to rescue the people outside. 训练四十二 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 It‘s easier to agree than disagree. Lots of us either shy away completely from disagreements or lose it when things don‘t go our way. ? Don’t make it personal. 1

If you get upset, it can help to remember you‘re mad at the idea or co ncept your parent (or friend, coach, co-worker, etc.) is raising, not the person. ? 2 If you‘ve ever been on the receiving end of someone‘s put -downs, you know how valuable using respectful language and behavior can be. So instead of saying what you might be thinking (―That‘s a stupid idea!‖), try: ―I don‘t agree, and here‘s why.‖ ? 3 Using ―you‖ statements can sound argumentative. For example, telling your mom or dad, ―You always remind me about my chores on Wednesdays when you know I have a lot of homework‖ has a very different tone from ―I‘m feeling pressured because I have a lot of homework tonight. Can I do those chores tomorrow?‖ ? Listen to the other point of view. Being a good listener is a way of showing that you respect and understand the o ther person‘s perspective. ? Stay calm. 5 You may need 4

This is the most important thing you can do to keep a conversation on track.

to be the mature(成熟的)one who manages the conversation, even if the other person is a parent or someone who should know better. A. B. C. D. E. That makes it more likely he or she will do the same for you. It‘s a huge challenge to stay calm when you feel angry about something. These tips can help keep disagreements constructive. Avoid putting down the other person‘s ideas and beliefs. Respect goes beyond difficult conversations, of course.



We can learn a lot from conversations where we don‘t see eye to eye.

G. Use ―I‖ statements to communicate how you feel and what you think. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 One day, the mother rat and her babies were having been a good time in the open air when a female cat came to catch them for his dinner. The mother rat noticed the cat coming nearly so she and her babies all tried to run away at once. They hurried to their home, that was under a tree. But the baby rats were frightened. They couldn‘t run very fast. The cat came closer and closer and would come to them. Just at that moment, the mother rat stopped running, turning around and shouted the cat, ―Bowwow. Bowwow!‖ just like an angry dog. The cat was very surprised and afraid that she runs away. The mother rat turned to her baby, ―Now you see how important it is to learn the second language!‖ 训练四十四 Ⅰ .七选五阅读 How can we achieve more productivity in a single day? If you are confused by some of the tips available, take a look at out workplace productivity tips. ? Communication 2 It‘s not just sales talk or negotiation (谈判) . It‘s about communicating and being understood 1

by the other party. Communicate clearly with your co-workers and clients, make sure all instructions and information are understood the way you want them to be. ? Planning 3 Planning is essential to You can‘t start without proper planning. You need to plan.

maximize(最大限度地利用)your available time for the tasks you must to and also for achieving your goals. ? 4 One of the biggest problems we humans encounter(遇到)is delay. The key thing is to admit that you identify the tasks that you put off the longest. Once you know which things you are likely to put off, find out the reason why you are not doing them. By identifying the reason, you can find solutions. ? Delegation(委托) 5 You cannot do everything on your own. Delegate some of your routine tasks which you can

quickly instruct someone else to take responsibility for. Some of us may find it difficult to ―prepare‖ the person for the task. Tell yourself that if you delegate some of the routine tasks you will be able to work on the ones that are more important to you. A. B. C. D. E. F. Delay But we only get a certain amount of that we have in our life. One of the most important skills in any business is effective communication. Remember again, we have a limited amount of time in a day. You have to plan for the day, the week and the month. Preparation

G. You also need to be very aware of your personal characteristics and behaviour. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Swimming is very popular. People like it in summer because water makes people feeling cool. Though if you swim in a wrong place, it may not be safe. Recently, a lot of people died when enjoy themselves in water, most of them were students. But some people are not careful enough in swimming. They often think they swim very well that nothing will happen on them in water. Don‘t forget: Better swimmers have


died in water. They die not because they were not good swimmer, but because they were not careful. So don‘t get into the water when you are alone. If there is ―No swimming‖ sign, don‘t get into water. If you remember these, swimming will be safe. 训练四十六 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 How to help the oceans now Make smart seafood choices. The Seafood Watch pocket guide can help you. Seafood Watch is a program designed to raise consumer awareness about the importance of buying seafood from sustainable(可持续的)sources. Cut down on waste. 1 Choose goods with recyclable packaging. Before throwing anything

away, ask yourself if it could be recycled, reused by someone else. Dispose of trash properly. Reduce your carbon footprint. 2 Turn off lights and electrical appliances you are not using. Ask

your parents to switch to energy-saving light bulbs. Volunteer for a community or beach clean-up. Long Beach Monthly Beach Clean-ups are normally the 1 st Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon where Termino Ave. meets the sand in Long Beach. Our Monthly Riverbed / Wetlands Clean-ups are normally the 2nd Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Write to your local member of Congress(国会)and the President. 4 3

Be a responsible tourist. If you visit a coral reef or another sensitive habitat, look but don‘t touch! Donate. Raise money for The Nature Conservancy or another environmental organization. Looking for a gift idea? Consider making a donation in someone else‘s name. 5 Try to persuade people around you to form ocean-friendly habits.

A. You can set up your own beach clean-up during the week for your school / club / church. B. Urge them to support policies that protect the oceans. C. Carry reusable bags and bottles. D. Cooperate with your neighbors. E. You will rise to fame soon. F. Spread the word. G. Walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation whenever you can. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Dear Peter, Do you know where Bob is? I like find out because I just heard of a job that exact suited him, but if he doesn‘t apply soon, of course he won‘t get them. I last see him about a month ago, where he just left his job with the film company. He said he would go to French for a holiday and promised to send me a post card with his address as soon as that he found a place to stay. But I heard something since then. Unless you know his address, please give me a phone. I will be very grateful. I had try to phone you several times but I just couldn‘t get through. 训练四十七 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 Maybe you are an average student. You probably think you will never be a top student. This is not necessarily so, however. Anyone can become a better student if he or she wants to. Here‘s how: 1 When you plan your week, you should make a list of things that you have to do. After making

this list, you should make a schedule of your time. Decide on a good, regular time for studying. Of course, studying shouldn‘t occupy all of your time. 2

Find a good place to study. Look around the house for a good study area. Keep this space free of


everything but study materials. No games, radios, or television. Make good use of your time in class. 3 Listening carefully in class means less work later.

Taking notes will help you remember what the teacher says. Study regularly. When you get home from class, go over your notes. Review the important points that your teacher is going to discuss the next day, read that material. 4

Develop a good attitude towards tests. The purpose of a test is to show what you have learned about a subject. The world won‘t end if you don‘t pass a test, so don‘t be over -worried. 5 You will probably discover many others after you have tried these.

A. There are other methods that might help you with your studying. B. Don‘t forget to set aside enough time for entertainment. C. Take advantage of class time to listen to everything the teacher says. D. No one can become a top student unless he or she works hard. E. Plan your time carefully. F. A weekly schedule may not solve all your problems. G. This will help you understand the next class. Ⅱ .新短文改错 A detective recently found that a well-dressed woman always went into a large store in Monday mornings. One Monday, there were few people in the shop than usual when the woman came in, so it was easier for the detective to observe him. The woman chose one of the most expensive dress and hand it to a shop assistant. The shop assistant wrapped it up for her as quickly as possibly. Then the woman put the parcel under her arm and walked out the shop secretly without pay for it. When she was arresting, the detective found out that the shop assistant ―gave‖ her mother to a free dress once a week. 训练四十九 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 A good idea is the most important success factor (因素) for a new project and at the same time the most difficult one to come up with. Digging your mind for new ideas is not an easy thing to do. This article gives you tips and techniques on how to prepare yourself for your next big idea. ? 1

Like the body, the mind needs exercise. One way to exercise your mind is to study the ideas and projects of smart people. Reading others‘ ideas makes it easier to dig your ideas and bring them to the surface. ? Write your ideas down.

It would be a shame to suddenly come up with an excellent idea and after a while to forget it. 2 ? Keep a notebook or a recorder with you in order to capture the idea any time of the day. 3 People have different views, different influences and different cultures, which make their minds work so uniquely. Discussing your ideas with others can help you discover new opportunities. The discussion may bring something that has not previously gone through your mind. ? Find your creative environment. 4 ? The mind subconsciously(潜意识地)changes our mood depending on the place we are.

Visit a new place where you can leave your mind and your body free to explore. Do not give up. 5 It may take some time or it may come to you suddenly

Always think positively.


when you are not expecting it. Be patient and believe that your new idea is on its way! A. B. C. D. E. F. Sometimes a change of scene is what you need to get inspiration. Coming up with a new and fantastic idea is not an easy task. Dig your memory for ideas you had in the past. Discuss your new ideas with others. Do not rely on your memory. Dig the ideas out of your mind.

G. Exercise your mind by reading. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Li Hua and I were neighbours and we went to same school. We always went to school together. We were good friend and had a great deal to share with every day. However, one day, Li Hua copied my homework, which made me such angry that I did not want to be friends with him any long. Then on Monday morning I ran downstairs without realize it was raining, but there was no time to return home to fetch an umbrella. It happens that Li Hua was just around the corner and he offered to share her umbrella with me. He made an apology to me in a gently voice. I forgave him but gave him a hug. 训练五十二 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 Five ways to improve your grades 1 As part of your preparation for the exams, you should make sure you are completely clear about the kinds of questions you will need to answer. You should have practiced writing answers to these kinds of questions, both throughout the course and as part of your revision programme. Read the questions carefully Many students fail to answer the actual question set. Perhaps they misread the questions, or answer a similar one they have studied during revision. through the question. 3 Planning what you are going to write is very important. Essays written without any form of planning are usually poorly structured and, consequently, score low marks. Don‘t think that time spent planning your work is wasted –careful planning will mean that you produce a much better answer. Write accurately 4 Poor spelling and grammar will mean that you will not score as high as you might and can affect the clarity(清楚)of what you want to say. Try to leave time to check through your work before the end of the exam. ? 5 Keep a check on the time In order to ensure you say all you want to say in the time and do not have to leave the essay 2 Some students underline key words as they read

unfinished, you need to time yourself carefully. A. Time is a major factor in writing an examination answer. B. Plan your answer. C. Plan your study D. Practise the kinds of questions you will need to answer E. Make sure you express your ideas clearly. F. Make sure your answers are written as clearly and accurately as you can. G. To avoid this, read the question once right through, then reread it more slowly.


Ⅱ . 新短文改错 When we had our class, our psychology teacher would take any liquid medicine from a tiny bottle. This touched the whole classes. We thought that she should ask a leave and stay at home for a rest. So he came to each class on time. Therefore, all of us studied psychology hard than we did any other subject. At the end of that term, we tell him how much we appreciated of him. We were so worrying about his health that we asked him what disease he got and what medicine he took. Without a satisfied smile, he said, ―I‘m quite all right and it‘s a bottle of tea.‖ 训练五十三 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 Best friend birthday gift ideas When your best friend‘s birthday is coming up, you obviously want to get them the coolest, most unforgettable gift that you can find. So, can you find them a gift that is memorable and yet practical enough to be used daily? Here are a few tips on how to find just the right best friend birthday gift. 1 The gift you choose should tell a story –even if it is one that only the two of you would know

and understand. Best friends have a kind of 6th sense with each other, through which they seem to be able to almost read each other‘s thoughts. Find a gift that tells that story, in a small way, by relating to things you have done together and the special times you have had. Think about their interests and hobbies. 2 What are their hobbies and interests? Do they like

sports, puzzles, crime stories, skiing, country music, computers, etc.? Find a gift that reflects their interests. 3 You will want to strike the right balance between a gift that is popular but also unique to them. 4 Go online or flip through(翻阅) your newspaper and find 5-10 bestselling products. a lot, even if you didn‘t.

Do not let them think you are being cheap. You will want to find a gift that makes it seem like you spent 5 For example, instead of buying 3-4 so-so gifts, go for one nicer gift that

gives the impression of being of high quality. A. Check out what is hot. B. Stay within your budget. C. Focus on what you love to do together. D. Then, use what you find as ideas for what to buy. E. One way to do this is to go for quality over quantity. F. You needn‘t spend too much to impress your friends. G. The gift you choose should be something that is close to his or her heart. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Last weekend, my mother and I went to shoe shop to buy a pair of new shoe for me. When we got there, I noticed a foreign lady is talking to a salesgirl. But the salesgirl didn‘t understand that the foreigner was saying. They looked very worrying. So I decided to help them. I went up to the foreign lady and talked to her by English. I learned that the lady came from Australia and wanted buy a pair of running shoes. I told this to the salesgirl. The lady was very much glad when she took her shoes. All of them expressed their thanks to me. And I felt happily that I could help others. 训练五十四 Ⅰ . 七选五阅读 Every day has just 24 hours –and this applies to all people. Some people are constantly pushed for time. This article is about how we can learn to manage our valuable time more effectively. In reality we cannot mange time. We can only manage ourselves and our relationship with time. 1


And habits are not that easy to change. Below here are tips that can help you manage your time better. ? Organize your goals.

Organize your goals based on two criteria: degree of urgency and importance: a. Should be done today, tomorrow, etc. b. Should be done at ―that date‖. c. Can be put off for so many days. d. Can ask someone else to do it. ? ? 2

Clean up your list.

Make a list of everything you think that is not helping or benefiting you and do not do them! Focus on one goal.

Concentrate only on one goal at a time. Otherwise, if while dealing with something you think about everything you can do later, most likely you will get bored and disappointed. (厌倦)is guaranteed with this way of thinking. ? 4 ? 5 ? ? Be realistic Say “NO” Identify your deadlines. Divide the activities per day/ week and long-term goals to get a clear picture of what you have 3 The boredom

to do and when. Find suitable work environment.

Make sure that your goals are realistic and do not try for the impossible. Learn to say ―no‖ to other activities, requests and people who eat your time (unless indeed at that very moment it is necessary for you to help them). A. Allow time to adjust your list if necessary. B. After all, how we use our time is largely a matter of habit. C. Create a suitable environment to work, one that fits your style. D. Check the list of what you should do and when it must be completed. E. After organizing your goals, start with the most important and urgent. F. It is like every time you eat you think all the meals you must eat in your life. G. Do not let boredom discourage you if what you have to complete is boring. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 The teacher I loved her most was my English teacher in my senior high school. She was one of those strict teacher but she was very patiently with us and cared about each one of us. Thus we guys all respected for her. She told us many stories about English history and spent a lot of time teach us literature and how to write. She always writes helpful comments and suggestions for writing, organizing and presented better work. She inspired us to read and write for pleasure, that gave us confidence. She always made us to feel happy in her class. She made big difference to our lives. That‘s why I teach now. 训练五十六 Manage your life better with change If you think something is not going well in your life and that something is wrong but you do not know what, then you are likely to lose control. Perhaps, it is time to change your life and start taking action. 1 ? 2 Take the decision to change. Small or large, risk is at the heart of any change and if you are not ready to take full


responsibility, then better not take the risk at all. ? 3 Another important step in the successful management of your life is yourself: who you are, what you want and what your plans in life are. Understand the difference between who you are and what you can do. ? Identify the problems in your life. If you see that you do not like certain feelings or behaviors and you want to remove those from your life, check the way you think about life and about the others around you. The wrong way of thinking can lead to disappointments and failures. ? 4

Examine your relationships with others. 5 Talk to people

Change without the support of others around you cannot happen easily.

around you, explain your anger, listen carefully to what they say and forgive their mistakes. You may even start a deeper relationship with them. A. Manage your life. B. Get to know yourself better. C. Any change means sharing thoughts and feelings. D. Discover and record the behavior and your emotions. E. So change it and think about them in a different way. F. Follow the steps below to help you achieve the desired results. G. The most difficult thing about making a change is having the determination. Ⅱ . 新短文改错 Once a man asked a painter to painting a picture for him. He told the artist he didn ‘t want to any shadows in the picture, just sunshine, but the artist did so. When the man saw the finished picture, he was disappointing. Without shadows, everything in the picture looks flat and unreal. The point of the story is that we need both shadows and sunshine to have a completely picture, just as we need both rain and sun to have living world. People, too, needs both sadness and happiness. We often learn important lesson during sad times. So when we feel sad, we should try to stop and think about that we might learn from the experience. 训练五十八 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Ways to save money at the supermarket There are a variety of ways to save money at the supermarket. 1 This should be done over the

course of the week or days leading up to the visit and checked carefully beforehand. It is also important to go to the proper supermarket planned. When actually in the supermarket, it is important to look for alternative product brands which may prove far less expensive than the brand normally purchased. 2

So it is always worth trying such products in order to potentially save a large amount of money in the long term. If any product does not prove value for money, it is entirely possible to switch back to the previous brand on the next occasion. Resisting tempting(诱惑人的)displays and obvious bargains is not always easy. Eating a meal immediately before going to the supermarket is one way of avoiding tasty temptations. 3 The way

to view these bargains is whether the thing on special offer is likely to be required in the near future and only if so should purchasing it be considered. Many supermarkets offer reward plans these days. 4 It is always worth checking in the


supermarket on a regular basis for details of any such plans. 5 It is always important to constantly find out ways in which this can be achieved and the weekly

grocery budget is achieved as well. A. These rewards could take many different forms. B. But it will not help with bargains on other products. C. A good rule is never to buy anything that‘s not on sale. D. Saving money at the supermarket is a long-term process. E. The first thing is to prepare a detailed list of what is required. F. Supermarkets adopt various strategies to attract the customers. G. Maybe some products will not prove value for money, but there are a great many which will. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 It was me who was the first to come to the classroom yesterday morning. To my surprising, I found my bench was break. As there was nobody around at the time, I immediately changed benches with Li Hua, his seat was just behind mine. Five minute later, Li Hua came in and saw the broken bench. He had no choice but stand during the first class. When the first class were over, he carried it out of the classroom and began to repair it of his own. My face suddenly turned red and I sat silent in my seat. You can never imagine how regretful I was for what I had been done. 训练五十九 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 What makes a successful bushiness person? What makes a successful business person? 1 They have been found to share similar traits(品 质), no matter what their industry. Today‘s world is no longer satisfied with simple success – we want to know how the successful get to the top. There are certain qualities that describe successful business people. Here are a few. ? They constantly set higher goals. Successful business people are mountain climbers who, having climbed one peak, look beyond it to the next highest. ? They avoid “comfort zones”. 2 People who stay in their comfort zones do what they did before because it‘s ―the way we‘ve

always done it.‖ Successful people are always searching to find unique things. They take control of their own destiny(命运)and market their businesses as exciting destinations. ? They are driven by accomplishments, not money. Successful people follow the theory of Apple Computer ‘s founder Steve Jobs, who said, ―The journey is the reward.‖ ? 4 Successful people do not waste their time looking at problems and saying, ―It‘s not our fault‖ or ―Why didn‘t we …‖. They say, ―Let‘s look at what went wrong and figure out how we can make it work next time. ? They look at the worst possible result. ―What‘s the worst possible result if we follow this plan? ‖ they ask themselves. Then, knowing that, they decide if the risk-taking is practical. They understand the most harmful result and then decide if they can live with the outcome. Confidently. How many of these characteristics are yours? The more you have, the more likely you are no succeed in business. 5 3 For them, there is no greater high than a line outside the store before the doors open.


A. If they can, they move ahead. B. They solve problems rather than place blame. C. First of all, they have confidence in themselves. D. They are customer focused, not product focused. E. To a successful person, standing still feels like going backwards. F. Business people who are tops in their field have a lot in common. G. They are confident in themselves and the products they are selling. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 I asked Jack, a friend of mine, what has happened to him that night. He said that he had just got into bed on about half past eleven when the floor began to shake under him. The bed was also started shaking. He jumped out of his bed rapid and wanted to turn the light on. But the floor was shaking such violently that he could hardly reach the lamp. It seemed to take him long time to get to it and turned it on. Then he went to look out of the window. He saw that the houses on the other side of the street was also shaking. Then he knew that was happening – an earthquake! He quickly put on his clothes and ran out into the street to wait for until it was safe to go back inside. 训练六十一 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Stop eating yourself stupid We all know that poor nutrition can lead to bad health and even weight gain. Now add ―lack of intelligence‖ to the growing list. A recent study has found that what you eat could very likely play a role in how smart you are. According to the study, rats fed a high-fat diet for 10 days showed signs of weakness and even had trouble finding food that was waiting for them. 1 Actually a high-fat diet could weaken our intelligence – but so can a low-calorie diet. The trick appears to lie in finding a nice balance. Here are ways to achieve that happy balance and make you smarter through diet, exercise and improving your brain power. Figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight. 2 If you need to drop a few

pounds, take away the number you get by 400 calories; consume that number of calories each day until you drop the weight. 3 Aim for healthy foods that include good amounts of protein, fiber, fruits and vegetables,

healthy whole grains, healthy fats and plenty of water. Well! Remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Read a book. Try a new recipe. Do some puzzles. 4

Exercise regularly with a positive attitude. Aim for at least three 30-minute training sessions a week (but more is better). I like simple exercise such as walking, but anything that raise the heart rate is good. 5 Combine them! Some people like to listen to classical music such as Bach or Mozart, but rock

music lovers will be happy to learn that this kind of music can help make them smarter as well. A. You may be fond of music, too. B. Your health depends on your exercise plan. C. Aim to get this number of calories each day. D. Don‘t forget to exercise your mind while doing so. E. You may be wondering what this has to do with us. F. These are all good ways to help increase your intelligence. G. Eat the right foods in addition to getting the right number of calories. Ⅱ. 新短文改错


Dear Jerry, I‘m glad to receive your letter ask me what I‘d like to be in the future. To be honest, I had dreamed of becoming a doctor since I was nine. I hurt one of my leg one day, that made me feel that I would not be able to walk any more. Unluckily, I was able to leave my bed a month later thanks to a doctor, who was very friendly and carefully. He gave me the courage I needed it to recover. Besides, while in hospital, I see many sick people. Since then I‘ve decided to be a doctor so that I can work for people who are sick and in need my help. I believe my dream will be come true one day if I study hard now. Yours, Luo Wei

训练六十一 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Stop eating yourself stupid We all know that poor nutrition can lead to bad health and even weight gain. Now add ―lack of intelligence‖ to the growing list. A recent study has found that what you eat could very likely play a role in how smart you are. According to the study, rats fed a high-fat diet for 10 days showed signs of weakness and even had trouble finding food that was waiting for them. 1 Actually a high-fat diet could weaken our intelligence – but so can a low-calorie diet. The trick appears to lie in finding a nice balance. Here are ways to achieve that happy balance and make you smarter through diet, exercise and improving your brain power. Figure out how many calories you need to maintain your weight. 2 If you need to drop a few

pounds, take away the number you get by 400 calories; consume that number of calories each day until you drop the weight. 3 Aim for healthy foods that include good amounts of protein, fiber, fruits and vegetables,

healthy whole grains, healthy fats and plenty of water. Well! Remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Read a book. Try a new recipe. Do some puzzles. 4

Exercise regularly with a positive attitude. Aim for at least three 30-minute training sessions a week (but more is better). I like simple exercise such as walking, but anything that raises the heart rate is good. 5 Combine them! Some people like to listen to classical music such as Bach or Mozart, but rock

music lovers will be happy to learn that this kind of music can help make them smarter as well. A. You may be fond of music, too. B. Your health depends on your exercise plan. C. Aim to get this number of calories each day. D. Don‘t forget to exercise your mind while doing so. E. You may be wondering what this has to do with us. F. These are all good ways to help increase your intelligence. G. Eat the right foods in addition to getting the right number of calories. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 Dear Jerry, I‘m glad to receive your letter ask me what I‘d like to be in the future. To be honest, I had dreamed of becoming a doctor since I was nine. I hurt one of my leg one day, that made me feel that I would not be


able to walk any more. Unluckily, I was able to leave my bed a month later thanks to a doctor, who was very friendly and carefully. He gave me the courage I needed it to recover. Besides, while in hospital, I see many sick people. Since then I‘ve decided to be a doctor so that I can work for people who are sick and in need my help. I believe my dream will be come true one day if I study hard now. Yours, Luo Wei 训练六十三 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 You want the adults in your world to understand that you ‘re dealing with a lot of pressures. You want them to get to know how tough these problems can be, to really listen to you, can to help you deal with them. What should you do? 1 Let them be part of your group. If your mom doesn ‘t know Cathy starts rumors all the time, she won ‘t understand why it‘s such a big deal that she was looking at you while you were laughing with Jessica. 2 Understand them first. Say, ―I understand things were different when you were a kid. really help. In the end, that‘s all they want to do. 4 Even if these ideas don‘t help at first, don‘t be annoyed and close your door immediately. Then you‘ll have both the problem you started with and a new one with your parents. Sit down and explain your problems to them patiently. Say, ―I feel like you don‘t understand how hard this is for me,‖ not ―You don‘t even care what I think!‖ People – even parents – close off when they feel attacked. Even if sometimes it doesn‘t feel like your parents really are on your side, they are. 5 So help them out. Do your best to communicate your feelings clearly, and they ‘ll do everything they can to help you deal with all the crazy stresses in your life. A. Be patient. B. Listen to their questions. C. They just see things differently. D. But I‘d like to explain what it‘s like for me. E. Changing the way you communicate can help. F. We all learn new ways to deal with things as we get older. G. Tell her about your life as it happens and she‘ll have an easier time relating to how you feel. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 Dear Ms Taylor, Football is my favourite sport. When it is comes to football, I always have much to saying. Recently I often quarreled with my mother about if I could play football with my classmates at weekends. My mother holds the view strong that I should devote all my spare time to study all the subjects well. In her opinion, only when I try my best to study I be able to be admitted to an university. But I really can‘t accept her view. As far as I‘m concerned, playing football not only build up my strength and also makes me full of energy every day. Could you give me some advices on how to persuade my mother to allow me to play football at weekends? 3 ― They‘ll

be impressed by your attitude, and it might get them to see your problem in a different way so they can

Yours, Jim


训练六十五 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 When it‘s hot, we put sunblock(防晒霜)over our bodies and drink cool pops to refresh our bodies. But we often forget about our pets who, just like us, are sensitive to high temperatures. 1 It is difficult for us to know when the animal is in danger of overheating. So here are some tips

to help you keep your dogs healthy during a very hot summer. First ensure that the dog hair is well groomed(梳洗)according to the season. For colder seasons, winter and fall, you can keep the coat long, but when summer arrives, have your pet groomed. 2 Provide a comfortable place for your pet to rest and sleep. The pet ‘s room should not be higher than 77-80. If it is a very hot summer day, put a fan near the area where your animal sleeps. 3 Check your dog‘s water bowl. Make sure the water bowl is at least half full at all times. During summer, the water in the bowl can become warm. 4 During summer, there are more bugs. Be sure to protect your pet against ticks (壁虱) , fleas and worms. Remember that fleas and ticks can be dangerous for your dog, and the worms they carry can also be transmissible to humans. Furthermore, the heartworm is a pest that affects dogs and spreads through the bites of mosquitoes. It can be prevented using preventive treatments. 5 In the case you need to do a fast 2 minutes stop at the convenience store, leave the window

open and park the car in a cool shaded area. A. You should prevent dog diseases in summer. B. You can even use a cool damp cloth before the fan; it will cool down the room. C. Dogs, just like human beings, must be kept very clean on hot days. D. Can you imagine wearing a coat when it‘s hot outside? Your dog doesn‘t need it either! E. That is why you should check the temperature every few hours. F. Remember that your dogs are covered with a heavy coat and unable to tell you. G. Last but not least, never leave your dog in the vehicle when the sun is strong. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 ―Jack, is careful with your handwriting in future, will you?‖ Miss Green, who is Jack‘s history teacher, said to him other day. In fact, about half of the students in Jack ‘s class pays little attention to their handwriting, that, of course, makes their teachers unsatisfied. Most students today are in the habits of using a computer to do their schoolwork. That ‘s way they don‘t think necessary to write carefully. ―In my opinion,‖ Miss Green said, ―students should pay much attention to his handwriting. Some students, for example, when asked, can‘t even if tell what they themselves had written. Write clearly and beautifully, and one‘ll make himself understand easily.‖ 训练七十 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 You may have read about confidence. But reading about confidence, and actually achieving it, are very different issues. You can read about it your entire life, but you will not have it until you make a move to achieve it. If you are going to do something about your confidence level, you really have to make a positive decision to get started, and then get along with it. 1 Watching and reading about it will not do you

any good at all. The reality is that you are going to have to make that first critical move. Reading theory alone is not enough. 2 Why, you might ask? Confidence is not theory. It is a

feeling and a state of mind. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to build confidence without having to


do something about it. Money and gold will not buy you confidence. It is not something that comes ready-made, off the shelf in a supermarket. The responsibility lies with one person and one person only. 3

As soon as you take some sort of action, something will happen: you will gain experience. Whatever that experience is, it becomes an asset(所有物)that is yours to use, and also to share. Someday that experience may help you. 4 Keep doing things, repeatedly if necessary, and your knowledge and

skill base will grow. As it grows, your confidence will increase. The better you get at whatever it is, the more confidence you will have. Furthermore, that extra knowledge and experience forms a foundation for the next level. 5

A. And that is you. B. Action is required. C. You will probably make mistakes. D. Self-confidence is something unique. E. If you do nothing, then nothing will happen. F. It may even help you to advise somebody else. G. Before you know it, you will be building a skyscraper. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 When we went through grow pains of life, my mother would always to be there. She would come to all our game and help us study each night. There would always be fruit as snack for us on the table when we got home from school but dinner on the table each night. My mother made a pillow on that she sewed a saying which read, ―Happiness is homemade.‖ One day after school I felt pretty lowly, and she left the pillow in my room on my bed. I thought about them for a while and realize the truth in it. Happiness truly is homemade. It is we ourselves that creates our own happiness and not the outside world. 训练七十一 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 We all want happiness. We all need appreciation. We all desire recognition.We all want to be applauded. We all desire to be thought of as good and lovely human beings. We are all looking for this certificate(证明)from our friends, family and our partner. This makes us happy. new confidence in ourselves. This gives us a new and positive self-esteem. How can we get it? Let us do all this for others. If no one is praising us, let us praise others. Let us do all that we want others to do to us. Let us give love, affection, appreciation, and let us applaud others even for a very small victory. 2 Yes, it will help us immediately. The first feeling we get after doing a 3 1 This gives us

good deed is satisfaction. This raises our self-esteem in our own eyes. This makes us feel good. So let us become proactive(积极主动的)and get all we want by not asking for it, but giving it. What will happen to others when they get such praise from us? They will feel very happy. 4


will like us even more. They will want to do something in return. They will do all that we have been wishing for. Send happiness to get happiness. This is the shortest route to a lovely life. Happiness is a state of mind, when one feels contented with oneself. One feels cheerful with one ‘s life and circumstances. Remaining unhappy is not our goal in life, but happiness is our goal. not make happiness a part of everyday living? A. Will this help us? B. What is happiness? C. They will be happy with us. D. This makes us feel good about ourselves. 5 Why


E. If we are not happy, life becomes a burden. F. By making others happy, we get happiness. G. Happiness is one of the most commonly used words. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 My mom is warm-hearted but hard-working. I love her very much. She was once a piano teacher and after coming to America, she stops teaching. Three years ago, she picked up on the piano and began to volunteer for the church. I am really proud of that she has done. But one day she told me that although she practices so many at the church there is nothing more she can to improve. She wants to take regular class but does not have enough money. While telling me this, she cried, which made me pretty sadly. I know she love for playing the piano is really sincere. I have decided, though I am still young, that I will do whatever it takes to make her dream comes true. I want to see her happy. 训练七十二 Ⅰ.七选五阅读 Are you ready to find out how to get more done in less time? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started. Step 1: 1 Make a list of everything there is to do and handle in your life, your home and your

business or job. Just sit down and start listing things you either want or need to get done in no particular order, as they pop into your head. Step 2: Take a good look at the items on your list and decide what items will have the most impact on your income and quality of life. Sit in silence for 20 minutes and think over your list. The most impactful items on your list will start jumping off the page. 2 3 Be realistic Step 3: Move all of the underlined items from your list into your calendar (日历) .

when determining how much time to allow for each item. For example, you might schedule one item for Tuesday from 4 pm-5 pm, another item on Wednesday from 8 pm-10 pm, and so on. 4 They make us feel like we will never get them all done and often they cause us to focus on the least important tasks. Once you fully switch from keeping a running ―to do‖ list to scheduling every task, you will feel more relaxed, be more efficient, have more time and you will get more done. Be sure to leave space in your calendar for interruptions and ―putting out fires‖. Also, schedule family time, exercise time, mealtime, etc. A. Plan in advance. B. Get all tasks listed. C. Schedule each item. D. Underling those items. E. This will help keep you in balance. F. Consider how you‘re going to get them done. G. ―To do‖ lists tend to be weights on our shoulders. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 I often cried when I am a little girl, crying about spilled milk and crying with anger. Dad was tiring of my cries and told me now and then, ―Be a man! Don‘t cry! ‖ And Mom had the opposite attitude and told me.,―Don‘t hold back on your tears! They are your ?heart‘s blood‘. Just like when you get cut in you skin, it bleeds, and eventually heal. But before it heals, it must bleed. So when your heart hurt, go ahead, cry. It ‘s a healing process!‖ I now know that either Dad and Mom were right. Sometimes tears will make your weakness know to others, but sometimes tears can remove your terribly feelings. 训练七十三 5


Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 “They pen is mightier than the sword.‖ This statement is true. Our words have a big impact upon ourselves and everyone around us. Everyone has different personalities and can take what you say very differently. You may say something that you mean a certain way, but the person you are talking to may interpret(理解)what you have said differently. 1 Be cautious about what you say when it comes to someone‘s feelings. You may find yourself in a situation that involves you being a comforter. A family member or close friend has just heard some terrible news. 2 Be there to help them through the situation by listening and choosing your words wisely. You don‘t want to make the situation worse by saying something that can be hurtful or misunderstood. 3 Humor is a great way to keep a conversation light and fun. But be careful of what you joke about . apologize and tell them you didn‘t mean anything personal by it. Another situation you need to exercise caution in is speaking to and around young children. What you say to them or around them will influence how they act. You are the example. The reaction you have to a situation will also affect them. If your child spills his milk, how do you react? If you jump and attack the situation, the child is going to feel hurt. But if you handle the situation with compassion and calmness, they will know they did wrong. Children are learning every day and you are the teacher. Take your time and be very patient with children. A. What do you do then? B. Children remember everything. C. So be careful what you say. D. We have all been where that child is. E. It will only make the situation worse. F. Take the time to think before you speak. G. What you say may offend someone and their beliefs. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 When I was little, I asked for all the endless, annoyed questions. One day, I asked my mom that was beneath the roads. My mom replied that there was water beneath them. She failed to explaining further by using a statement such as ―There are big man-made metal pipes with water in them in order to provide citizens running water.‖ So I convinced that there were ocean under the roads. And what did oceans have in it? Sharks, of course! For half of my childhood, I believe that if there was ever a problem with the roads, these oceans would be opened up, but we would all drown in them and be eaten by sharks. Funny, isn ‘t it? 训练七十四 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Being a trustworthy friend One of the key elements of any relationship is trust. Trust is essential for the relationship to grow and become strong. 1 So, how can you be a trustworthy friend, and thus improve your relationships? 5 4

We are all different and believe a lot of different things. If you find yourself in this situation, be quick to

Try the following considerations: 1. Be on time. It is a small thing, but making plans with someone means extending your trust to them. 2 So, if you want to show you are worthy of that trust, do not just show up, but be on time so that Trust is not just about telling someone a secret and hoping he / she won ‘t tell anyone else.

they never have to doubt you or themselves. 2. 3


Part of trust in friendships is just knowing that if you need a shoulder to cry on, a ride when your car breaks down, etc., your friend will be someone you can count on to be there for you. So if you give help when it is needed, you will build trust in your friendship. 3. Be kind. Part of being trustworthy is not using an intimacy (亲密) as an excuse or convenient source for hurting someone. 4 So, if you want to be a trustworthy friend, you have to learn to become aware of people‘s insecurities, and never use them as ammunition(炮弹), even when you are angry. 4. 5 Never say you will do something you can‘t. Never say you will be somewhere you won ‘t.

Then, if you do make that promise, have your plan for how it is going to happen, then a backup plan in case something goes wrong, or falls through. In other words, have a backup plan, Have a car, and know someone you can call for a ride just in case, etc. A few slips will not damage the trust, but regularly not committing to things is going to make you untrustworthy. A. Do not tell your secrets. B. Be careful what you promise. C. It means expecting them to show up. D. Without trust, most relationships die. E. Be ready to help when you are needed. F. Be always willing to hear other people‘s secrets. G. We often hurt the people closest to us the most. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 When I was in kindergarten, I swallowed the black seeds while eat watermelon. My teacher once told me that a watermelon would grow in my stomach if I eat the black seeds by an accident. I was so terrified even I started crying but had to leave the room. When I was told my mom and dad about the black seeds, she laughed at me. Because that, I was always afraid to eat watermelon until I was about eight year old. To this day, whenever I get watermelon with any black seeds, I will spit them out even though I know it ‘s possible for a watermelon to grow in my stomach. 训练七十六 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Q&A Question: I‘m terrible at math. What should I do? Answer: We‘re glad you decided to write to us about this. Admitting your math skills need improvement is the first step toward mastering the subject. 1 Explain that you want to do better in

math but you need their help. You might want to ask them to help you find a quiet place and time to do your homework. It‘s usually a good idea to do your homework as soon as you get home, while your lessons are still fresh in your mind. that give you trouble. We also suggest that you talk to your teacher and ask him or her for suggestions. Your teacher can tell you exactly what he or she expects of you and may suggest specific things for you to do to improve your math skills. 3 If you have any questions, you could ask your teacher about them. 4 Try to 2 Your parents can help you figure out any math problems

The main thing that most people need to do to improve their math skills is to practice.

be patient with yourself if you can‘t solve a problem perfectly right away. Just keep working at it, and soon you should be able to master it. 5 your best. Please don‘t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. They‘ll be proud that you want to do


A. When you get papers back from your teacher, go them over carefully. B. When you are shown something new, practice it over and over. C. Do each assignment completely and to the best of your ability. D. Your parents and your teacher want you to succeed. E. We suggest that you talk to your parents about this. F. When you meet a problem, solve it by yourself. G. Try your best and listen carefully in class. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 One afternoon I took taxi to go to visit a friend. I found a bag lie on the seat at the moment I opened the door. When I told the drive that I found in her car, she said she had just taken a passenger to the airport ofrthat the bag must be his. We opened the bag and found there is an airplane ticket, an address book and some money in them. We tried several phone number and finally got in touch to the owner of the bag. Of course, he was quite exciting when he learned that his bag had been found. The driver and I took the bag to the airport without delay. 训练七十七 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Have you ever considered that the thoughts that pass through your mind are responsible for everything that happens in your life? 1 As soon as you start using the power of positive thinking, your 2

self-confidence and self-esteem will be increased and everything will seem easier. Turn positive thinking into creative thinking. 3

What you need, apart from positive thinking, is

creative thinking. Creative thinking is about planning, designing and putting goals for the future. Start with simple, everyday things you have in your daily schedule. This can be the first step to organize your thinking about how to implement(实施)the things you have to do. Use your time efficiently. Try and find ways to simplify your daily obligations, which would result in savings of your valuable time that is needed for your personal development. 4 Focus on solving some of the operational problems of everyday life and then direct the power

of your positive thinking to try and shape your next steps in your life. The power of thinking can give you some great experiences that make you happy. Dream now what you would like to be in your life and think about it in detail. positively is in your hand… or rather in your mind! A. Solve your everyday problems. B. Make a realistic assessment of your skills. C. What is happening in your mind is your life itself! D. Here are some ways that can help you start thinking positively. E. Positive thinking alone will not help you to manage your life better. F. Only when you believe in yourself will you be able to start thinking positively. G. This thought will give you encouragement to try to get to the point where you can realize your dream. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 This morning I was about to leave for school then suddenly I heard my name called. She was Mother. ―John, puts on more clothes, and you ‘ll catch cold. It is so cold outside. ‖ ―I don‘t think it is cold today,‖ I said impatiently, ran away before she could say a word. Seated in front of the classroom, I was listening to my teacher careful. However, it was not yet nine o ‘clock when it was started to snow. I began to 5

Install a new operating system in your brain that will make you start thinking positively. To start thinking


shake with cold. After all, a thin jacket is poor protection of the cold weather. I caught a bad cold. If only I had followed Mother ‘s advices! 训练七十八 Ⅰ. 七选五阅读 Trying to figure out the best time to work out can be difficult. We like to put things off as long as possible when it comes to physical activity. 1 If you do your workout in the morning, you will be

more likely to keep at it. If you do it before you do anything else in the day, it will be over and done with. You won‘t have to worry about doing it later in the evening. If you wait until you have done your work, you will find that you will give up the workout because you are just too tired to worry about it. 2 That is the first reason to work out in the morning. Some think that exercise completely wears you out, and then you don‘t have enough energy to complete your work, so many people like to work out in the evening. But the truth is that it gives you energy that will get you through the day much better. 3 You will feel much better because you have already done your workout, which means that you

will be friendlier to others during the day. A positive attitude is a big advantage of working out in the morning. If you work out in the morning, you will be more alert(警觉的)during the whole day. 4 If none of the

other advantages of working out in the morning is enough motivation to get you to do it, this should be. The benefits of working out in the morning are too good to overlook. 5

A. Working out in the morning will help you keep a better attitude throughout the day. B. You will think more clearly and therefore be more successful at whatever you do. C. Doing a morning workout has great advantages over working out later. D. If you haven‘t started to work out in the morning, now is the time to start. E. Taking a walk after dinner is also a good way to stay healthy. F. It‘s especially important for children to work out. G. Working out gives you more energy. Ⅱ. 新短文改错 When asked if what I want to be in the future, I often answer with pride, ―I wanted to be a teacher like my father.‖ Though my father is in his forty, he is friendly to everyone and is easy to make friends. He has good ways to make it easily for his students to understand his lessons. Beside, he is not only strict with his students but also very hardworking. That‘s because all his students look up at him. As is generally recognized that he is one of the best teacher in his school. I now study hard, and I hope that my dream of being a teacher will come true one day.



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