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As is shown by the figure/percentage inthegraph/ picture, _____作文题目的议 题_____ has been on rise/ decrease obvious/ steadily from______ in _______ to ______ in _____. From the sharp decline/ rise in the chart, it goes without saying that ________. Thereareatleasttwogoodreasons accounting for ______. Ontheonehand, ________. On theotherhand, _______ isduetothefactthat ________. Inaddition, ________ isresponsible for _______. Maybetherearesome otherreasonstoshow ________. Butitisgenerally believedthattheabovementionedreasonsarecommonly convincing. AsfarasIamconcerned,I hold the point of view that _______. Iamsuremyopinionisboth soundandwell-grounded. 一.写作步骤: 1.仔细阅读图表,了解图表所达的内容。首先,用一句话概括图标的内容。 2.描写图表所反映的问题或规律 主题句+扩展句+(结尾句) (1)主题句:段落的中心思想句(往往位于句首,英语写作讲究开门见山)。 (2)扩展句: 就是支持论证主题句的句子。 通常采用的是说理论证、 举例说明, 如 for example/instance; first, second; firstly, secondly;等。 (3)结尾句:就是来总结陈述主题句的句子。(视情况而定,也可以不写) 3.结尾部分得出结论,表述自己的观点,结束全文。 (1)如果图表反映的是好的现象,首先要肯定、发表观点最后预测未来; (2)如果图表反映的是不好的现象,首先要否定、提出解决办法或建议 二.写作实用表达: (一)点明主题 常用的词有:1.table, chart, figure, graph, 2.describe, show, represent 等等。 1.Thegraph/chart/table above shows… 2. From the above graph/chart, it can be seen that… 3. As is shown in the graph… 4.The chart/table shows the differences between… (二)分析差异 描写变化及总趋势特征、分析差异:数据说明常用套语: 1.There was a great /slight increase /rise in… 2.The number /rate has nearly doubled, compared with that of last year. 3.The number is …times as much as that of….

原因说明常用套语: 1.The reason for…is that… 2.The change results from the fact that… 3.There are several causes for this significant growth in…. First,….Second,… 常用词汇: 1.Firstly/ First of all/ To begin with, .... 2.Secondly, .... Besides/ In addition/ Furthermore/ Moreover,... 3.Finally/ Last but not least/, .... 4.This is because …. The reason for …. is that…. That is why …. 结尾常用套语 1. in my opinion/ Personally/ as far as I’m concerned/ in short/ in brief/ in a word/ in conclusion /in summary 2. It’s clear/evident from the chart that… / We can draw the conclusion that… 3. From what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that… 4. Obviously, if we want to…,it is necessary…/ There is no doubt that attention must be paid… 三.典型例题: 1.(07 年山东省潍坊市高三一试题)下表是对某中学高三一班 50 个学生健康 问题的调查表。请根据表格内容,综述学生当前存在的健康问题,并就中学生如 何保持身心健康提出自己的建议。 问题类型 学习焦虑 逆反心理 缺乏交往 睡眠不足 缺乏锻炼 视力不佳 人数 35 20 15 40 25 35 比例 70% 40% 30% 80% 50% 70% 词数要求: 100-120 As is shown by the figure inthe tableabove, many middle school students have problems both physically and mentally。 It can be seen that 70% of thesestudents have learning anxieties as well as bad eyesight。Coming next is the lack of physical exercise, the figure of which is about 50%. What’s more,the most serious problem is that a large percentage of them lacking sleep.40% of the students surveyed won't obey their parents or teachers. Still fewer claimed not to have enough communication with others. I think that this is all because of students and teachers paying too much attention only to studies. So far as 1 am concerned, we students should keep balance between study and doing physical exercise. Just like a saying goes:" All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy," without a sound body one cannot achieve anything. Therefore, I suggest we be given more time for out-of--classroom activities to solve all the problems. Only in this way can we live a happy life with a sound body.

例题:请你根据下表提供的信息写一篇题为 Changes in ChinesePeople’s Diet 的短 文。注意 1、尽可能少引用数据 2、词数 100 左右。 1998 Grain Milk Meat Fruit Vegetables Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 43% 13% 25% 19% 1999 42% 14% 25% 19% 2000 41% 14.5% 26% 18.5% 2001 41% 14.5% 26.5% 18% 2002 40% 15% 27.5% 17.5%

As is shown in the table,there have been some changes in the diet of the Chinese people. Grain, the main food of the most people in China, is now playing a less important role. The amount of fruit and vegetables in the average person’s diet has also dropped by 1.5 percent from 1998 to 2002. The amount of milk and meat has increased. The changes in diet can be explained by the following reasons. For one thing, with the development of the economy, people can afford to buy better foods. For another, people have realized the importance of a balanced diet. In a word, the changes are the signs of the improvement in people’s lives. There is no doubt that there will be greater changes in people’s diet in the future.


书信作文框架 Your address Month, date, year Receiver’s address Dear ..., I am extremely pleased to hear from you .and I would like to write a letter to tell you that … …… I will greatly appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience/ I am looking forward to your replies at your earliest convenience. Best regards for your health and success. Sincerely yours, X XX

一.写作步骤: 1.开头:询问情况及写作目的 2.中间:表明观点 3.结尾:祝福,期望 二.写作实用表达: (一)开头
1.你最进学习/工作/生活怎么样?我很高兴收到你的来信。 How are you getting along with your study/working/daily life recently? .I am glad to receive your letter. 2.我正写信告诉你我下月将拜访你。 I am writing to tell you that I am going to visit you next month. 我正写信询问你关于学习英语方面的一些信息 I want to ask for some information about how to learn English

(二)中间 (三)结尾
1.我非常抱歉,但我不得不停下来写,因为……我明天还有测试。 I am sorry but I have to stop writing, because …… 2.我正盼望着收到你的来信。 I am looking forward to hearing from you. 3.把我最好的祝福送给你父母。 Give my best wishes to your parents. 4.总之,我们应该努力学习。 In short ,we should study hard.

假设你叫李华,是一名高三学生。自从进入高三以后,你发现部分同学晚上学习到很晚,他 们边学习边吃零食或喝可乐,早上则由于起床太晚而不吃早餐,你感觉这样会对身体有害。 请你根据这种现象,给《英语周报》写一封信反映情况,并谈谈自己的看法。 注意:词数 150 左右 【参考范文】 Dear Editor, I am a high school student who will graduate next year. Since I was in Grade Three, I have found that some of the students in our class study harder than before. The students study late into night, eating snacks and drinking Coca-Cola, which is bad for their health. In the morning, due to staying up too late, some students "sleep in " and have to go to school without breakfast, which is also a bad habit and will surely o harm to their health. In my opinion, though we are under heavy study pressure, we should try to eat properly and get as much rest as possible. Only in this way can we keep fit and study well. I wonder if you agree with me. I am looking forward t hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Li Hua



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