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(四川专用)2014届高考英语一轮复习 课时作业(四十) Module 4 Music Born in America 新人教版选修7


[选修 7

Module 4

Music Born in America]

(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空

1.—May you always be________with good health. —Thank you. The same to y

ou. A. bored B. involved C. related D. blessed 2. —Well, what are you going to do? —To be honest, I never thought this kind of situation________. A. had arisen B. has arisen C. would arise D. arose 3.—Will the match be cancelled because of the bad weather? —No. Rain or shine, the match will be held as ______. A.schedule B.scheduling C.scheduled D.to schedule 4.Although the working mother is very busy, she still ________ a lot of time to her children. A.devotes B.spends C.offers D.provides 5.So far we have done a lot to build a low?carbon economy, but it is________ideal. We have to work still harder. A. next to B.far from C. out of D.due to 6.The farm ________ we see today is no longer the one ________ it was ten years ago. A.that; that B.where; that C.where; where D.which; which 7.You'd better fly somewhere in the West. Then you can ________ a hired car and travel around. A.take up B.get on C.pick up D.turn on 8.Please ________it up and you'll succeed________. A.hold; in time B.hold; on time C.keep; in time D.keep; on time 9.—Why do you look sad? —There are so many problems ________. A.remaining to settle B.remained settling C.remaining to be settled D.remained to be settled 10. —Didn't they come to the party last week?


—Yes. They didn't want to come with us at first, but then we ________ persuade them. A.would B.could C.were able to D.had to 11.Always remember to put such dangerous things as knives out of children's________. A.touch B.sight C.reach D.distance 12.Your uncle seems to be a good driver;________,I wouldn't dare to travel in his car. A.even so B.even though C.therefore D.so 13.How can you expect to learn anything________you never listen? A.in case B.even if C.unless D.when 14.________the vegetables to go bad,he preferred to sell them at half price. A.Rather than allowing B.Rather than to allow C.More than allow D.Rather than allow 15.—I don't think I'll be able to go mountain?climbing tomorrow. —________? A.And how B.How come C.How's it going D.How about it Ⅱ.阅读理解 BELIEVE it or not, the color of the tie Barack Obama wore to the inauguration (就职典礼) is a hotly debated topic. The level of public interest in Obama's tie might seem strange but many people believe his choice will symbolize the type of government he plans to run, as the color of a politician's tie is thought to convey ideas of power, trustworthiness and more. Policies of ties It may be the least practical item of male dress, but it is arguably the most expressive. In the UK and many other countries around the world, conservative (保守的 ) politicians may wear a blue tie and their liberal opponents a red one. In America, the colors go the other way round. The Republicans have in recent years become associated with the color red, and the Democrats with blue. But in spite of this, Bush wears blue ties more often than any other color. What they mean According to Sharon Haver, editor of focusonstyle. com, in America the feelings associated with colors overrule their political significance. “A guy who wants to be regarded as strong and in charge would wear red, ” Haver says. Unsurprisingly, the business tycoon Donald Trump is known for wearing red ties. But what about blue? According to Haver, “Blue is a softer color?Look at the sky. It's peaceful and calm and trustworthy.” Selecting the right tie for the right occasion ●Perfect job interview tie


Perhaps no other tie?wearing occasion is as important as the job interview. Gilchrist, the fashion expert, advises playing it safe and choosing a conservative one. Best choices are solids, stripes or small patterns. An excellent color is burgundy(深红色) or another serious color. Avoid pink or yellow, which suggests that the wearer lacks gravity. Pattern ties, Gilchrist suggests, should be limited to a maximum of three colors. A striped tie is a safe choice as this is acceptable to everyone. Last, Gilchrist recommends saving the expensive “hip” tie for those applying for glamorous creative jobs. ●Date?night tie When picking out the right tie for taking a girl out on a date, spend more time considering color than pattern. According to studies, women are attracted to men wearing the color blue, because blue gives the image of a “stable, faithful, constant, always there” person. So what is the worst color to wear on a date? “ Flattened caterpillar (毛虫) yellow?green, ” according to Gilchrist, “ it will repel both sexes equally.” 16.Why are people interested in the tie that Obama wore to the inauguration? A.Because they think the tie he wore will enable them to know about his personalities and policies. B.Because they want to advise him how to select an appropriate tie for such a big occasion. C.Because they think the tie will tell if he is trustworthy as they expected when he assumes office. D.Because they believe the tie is an essential part of dressing to a mature politician like Obama. 17.What can we infer about Bush, the former president, from the passage? A.He was probably liberal in his policies when he was in power. B.He was a Republican when he served as president. C.He wore only blue ties and had no ties of alternative colors. D.He wanted to make himself unique by the tie that he wore. 18.The example of “the business tycoon Donald Trump” is given to ________. A.prove that color reflects people's feelings to a certain degree B.show that Donald is so wealthy that he can afford expensive ties C.tell that Donald is physically strong and can handle everything D.explain that red is a popular color, especially with businessmen 19.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text? A.Ties can be ignored by politicians since they are the least practical item of male dress. B.Do choose ties carefully before dating, because it is the most important occasion. C.Why to avoid pink or yellow ties in job interviews is that they don't match the atmosphere. D.The more colorful the tie is, the more likely you'll get the job you want. Ⅲ.阅读表达 For most Americans, a clean glass of water is just a faucet (水龙头) away. But for many of the world's poorest people, it's hard to get.


On Wednesday, the United Nations (UN) marked World Water Day by trying to cut the number of people without good drinking water — one billion human beings worldwide — in half. In the next ten years, the UN will work with governments around the world to reduce the shortage. Without clean water nearby, many people use water that is not clean. In India, many people bathe and wash their clothes in rivers that are polluted by human waste. According to the UN, not having enough clean water and sanitation (卫生设施) causes more than three million deaths a year. “The links between water and human health are powerful,” said Dr Lee Jong Wook, director?general of the World Health Organization (WHO). “We cannot live without clean water. ” In fact, the International Federation of the Red Cross said that quick reaction after Asian tsunami (海啸) in 2004 had stopped disease. The agency provided clean water to nearly 500,000 people in Indonesia and Sri Lanka after the tsunami. World Water Day was first celebrated in 1993. Since then, it is celebrated each year on March 22. 20. What is the best title of the passage? (no more than 8 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 21. Why can't many people in the world get clean water? (no more than 10 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 22. How many people die from the lack of clean water and sanitation every year? (no more than 4 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 23. What is the purpose of the writer to mention the tsunami in the sixth paragraph? (no more than 15 words) ________________________________________________________________________ 24. In your opinion, what can we do to save water? Please make two suggestions. (no more than 25 words) ________________________________________________________________________


课时作业(四十) Ⅰ.1.D be bored with 厌倦;be involved with 与??有关联;be related to 与?? 有关系;be blessed with 有幸拥有。句意:“愿你永远拥有健康之福!”“谢谢!你也一 样”。 2.C arise 意为“出现,产生”,根据上句“你打算怎么办”及“我从未想到”可知 “发生”为过去将来时。 3.C 考查非谓语动词。此处非谓语动词作方式状语,逻辑主语是 the match,schedule 与逻辑主语 the match 之间是被动关系,且其动作已经完成,故用过去分词,选 C。 4.A 考查动词搭配。B 项(spend)和 D 项(provide)不符合动词用法,因此可以先排除。 spend (time/money) on sth/(in) doing sth,provide sb with sth/provide sth for sb。 C 项(offer 主动提供)意思不符。devote (time/effort/one's life, etc. ) to sth/sb 或者 devote oneself to sth/sb,意为“把??奉献给,把??专用于”。句意:这位母亲虽然工 作很忙,但还是把很多时间花在子女身上。 5.B 考查短语辨析。far from 意为“远未,绝非,决不”,其后可接名词、动名词和 形容词等。next to 在??旁边,仅次于; out of 在??之外; due to 由于,因为。 6.A 考查定语从句。分析句子结构可以知道,两空均为定语从句结构,第一个定语从句 中缺少谓语动词 see 的宾语,故第一空应用关系代词 that,which 或省略不填;第二个的定 语从句中缺表语,故只能用 that 连接,不可用 which,且不可省略,the one that 相当于 what。 7.C 考查动词短语辨析。take up 开始学,从事; get on 上车,相处,进展; pick up 拾起,学会,收听到,搭车;turn on 打开。根据句子意思,应选择 pick up,表示“搭乘 (出租车)”。 8.C keep it up 再接再厉;in time 相当于 sooner or later,意思是:迟早,早晚。 句意:再接再厉,你迟早能成功。 9.C 考查非谓语动词。remain 在 there be 结构中用作后置定语。由于 remain 是不及 物动词,故应用现在分词 remaining,相当于定语从句 that remains;因为问题是被“解决” 的,故应用不定式的被动结构来表示。 10.C 根据上下文语境及讲话人语气可知,选项动作表示经过努力才完成。在这种语气 的肯定句和疑问句中,常用“be able to”表示,在否定句中也可用“can”。 11.C out of one's reach 意为“够不着,拿不到”。句意:总是要记得将小刀这类危 险的东西放到小孩拿不到的地方。故选 C。 12.A 句意:你叔叔看起来是个驾车好手。即使如此,我还是不敢乘坐他的车去旅行。 even so 是副词短语,使用时后面有逗号和句子分开。even though 是连词,表示“即使,尽 管”,连接两个句子,且后面不需要有逗号。 13.D 考查连词用法。此处 when=considering that,“既然”,又如:Why do you want a new job when you've got such a good one already? 14.D prefer to do? rather than do? 宁愿??而不愿?? 15.B 考查交际用语。从句意“我看我明天不能去爬山了。”“为什么呢?”可知此处 用 How come?表示“为什么”。And how?表示“的确,当然”;How's it going?表示“情 况如何”;How about it?表示“怎么样”。 Ⅱ.美国总统奥巴马在就职典礼上打的领带的颜色成为人们议论的焦点,因为其领带的颜 色代表了他执政的风格。本文探讨政治家们喜好的领带的颜色与其政治风格的关系,以及人们 在不同场合应该选择什么样的领带。 16.A 细节理解题。第一段说,这是因为人们认为,奥巴马对就职典礼上系的领带颜色 的选择将表明他的政府是什么类型,将实行什么样的政策。 17.B 推理判断题。从第二段可知,美国共和党成员近年常打红色领带,民主党成员打 蓝色领带,可是尽管如此,布什却经常打蓝色领带。由此判断,他是美国共和党的成员。


18.A 推理判断题。第三段说,希望被人视为强者和决策者的人喜欢打红色领带,商业 巨头 Donald Trump 喜欢打红色领带。作者提到这个例子是为了证明前面提到的观点,即颜色 表达情感及人的性格,因此选 A。 19.C 推理判断题。全文介绍了领带的颜色与政治家们的主张与行为之间的联系,可见 领带对政治家们的重要性,因此 A 项错误;最后部分谈到求职面试和男女约会时如何选领带及 工作面试是最重要的场合,因此 B 项错误,此时应该选用严肃的颜色,因此 D 项错误;从 Perfect job interview tie 中的叙述可知 C 项正确。 Ⅲ. 【文章大意】本文由“世界水日”展开,阐述了世界贫穷地区用水问题及对这一问题 的一些解决措施。 20. World Water Day 主旨概括题。文章第二段及最后一段所含共同字眼为 World Water Day,且文章以此展 开,阐述了世界贫穷地区用水问题及对这一问题的一些解决措施。 21. Because they are living in poor areas. / Because they are poor. 封闭型问题。由第一段中“But for many of the world's poorest people, it's hard to get. ”可知是因为贫穷而无法获得清洁水。 22. Over three million (people). 23. To show the importance of the clean water to human health. 推理判断题。第五段话点出了水与人类健康之间的关系,“The links between water and human health are powerful”,第六段话加以例证“quick reaction after Asian tsunami in 2004 had stopped disease”,即证明了清洁水对人类健康的重要性。 24. Answers may vary. 开放型问题。答案不唯一。根据文意内容合理作答,能正确表达、言之有理即可得分。此 处需注意应提出两条建议才可以得满分。



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