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临沧市一中 高二年级

? ? ? ? ? Standing on the mountain high, Trying to forget but I won’t let go, Looking at a crowded street, Listening to my own heart beat. so many people all around the world, tell me where do I ? find someone like you girl?

Learning goals:学习目标
? 熟记动词V-ing的各种形式;

? 理解并掌握V-ing形式在句子中充当主语、 宾语、表语、定语、状语及宾语补足语的 用法;

? 辨别V-ing形式与to do、done形式的用法。

Part 1、 自主预习内容展示

动词 形式 一般式 完成式 语 态 及物动词make 不及物动词go 主动语态 被动语态 主动语态 making being made going having made having been made having gone



Task I V-ing作主语:
1. -What do you think made Mary so upset? C -___ her new bicycle.? A. As she lost B. Lost C. Losing D. Because of losing 2. ________ the meeting himself gave them a great deal D of encouragement. A. The president will attend B. The president to attend C. The president attended D. The president’s attending 3. --- Lucy doesn’t seem to be what she was. B --- No.______ so much in the war has made her more thoughtful. A.Seen B.Her seeing C.Having seen D.To have seen

常用-ing形式作主语的句型有: 1.It +be +a waste of time doing 做……是浪费时间的 2.It is/was no good/use doing 做……是没用处的 3.It is/was hardly/scarcely worth doing 做……不值得 4.It is/was worth/worthwhile doing 做……是值得的

Task II. V-ing作表语:
A 1、His hobby is____________. B 2、Today what he wanted to do is_________. A. painting B. to paint C. paint D. painted 经常性 归纳:v-ing作表语表示__________ 的动作; 一次性 to do 作表语表示_________的动作。

Task III. V-ing作宾语:
C 1.The parents suggested __________ in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to camp out during the trip. A. sleep B. to sleep C. sleeping D. having slept 2.After he became conscious, he remembered D ____ and ____ on the head with a stick. A. to attack; hit B. to be attacked; to be hit C. attacking; be hit D. having been attacked;hit

consider, suggest / advise, look forward 考虑建议盼原谅, to, excuse, pardon
承认推迟没得想, admit, delay / put off, fancy 避免错过继续练, avoid, miss, keep /keep on, practise

否认完成停能赏, deny, finish, stop, enjoy / appreciate
不禁介意准逃亡, can’t help, mind, allow/ permit, escape 不准冒险凭想象。 forbid, risk, imagine

拓展: 常跟to do作宾语的动词歌诀:
三个希望两答应, 两个要求莫拒绝, 设法学会做决定, 不要假装在选择。 hope; wish; want; agree; promise demand; ask; refuse manage; learn; decide pretend; choose

Task IV. V-ing作定语
1. When I got back home I saw a message D pinned to the door ________ “Sorry to miss you; will call later.” A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading 2. The flowers ____ sweet in the botanic B garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D. to be smelt

1.-ing形式作定语用时的位置问题 1)如果-ing只是一个单词,就位于其修饰的名词 的 前面 ; 2)如果是-ing短语,就位于其修饰的名词的 后面 .
2.-ing作定语用时,其动作和句子谓语动词所表示 的动作是同时进行或经常性习惯性的,反之,就 不能用-ing作定语,要使用定语从句,如: The girl who wrote a letter there yesterday can speak English very well.

Task V.V-ing作状语
pointing 1.'Can't you read?' Mary said angrily __________ (point) to the notice. 2. The children ran out of the Laughing and talking room,___________________________________ (laugh and talk) merrily. 3. Eating (eat) too much, he couldn’t go to sleep. 4. Not receiving (receive) an answer, he decided to write another letter. 归纳: V-ing作状语时,与其逻辑主语构成 主动 关系。

Task VI V-ing作宾语补足语
单句改错: 1、We can see steam to rise from the wet clothes. 2、Tom, don’t have the light burn all the time 3、Daniel was caught cheated in the exam 归纳: 常用V-ing作宾语补足语的感官动词有
see/hear/feel/smell/watch/catch/find/listen/look at/notice/observe 使役动词有 Set/keep/have/get/leave/make

Part 2、课内探究

【探究一】 1. Swimming is my favorite sports. 2.To swim is my plan today. 小结: 习惯性 v-ing 作主语:表________动作。 一次性 to do作主语:表________动作。

1.seeing from the top of the mountain, I feel the city of Lincang is beautiful. 2.seen from the top of the mountain, the city of Lincang is beautiful.

小结: 主动 v-ing 作状语:是逻辑主语________发出的动作。 被动 done作状语:是________施加到逻辑主语身上的 动作。

1、感官动词类 1). I saw him go out. 2). I saw him crying. 3).I saw him blamed by his mother. 2. 使役动词类 1)He had Li Ping take out the rubbish. 2)He had the light burning all night long. 3)He had his hair cut.

过程 ? (to) do作宾语补足语: 动作由宾语主动发出的。(表________),感官 动词和使役动词后的宾语补足语要用省略“to”的不定式 进行 ? v-ing 作宾语补足语:动作由宾语主动发出的。(表__________) ? done作宾语补足语:动作是__________________宾语身上的。 被动施加到

【探究四】 1.Would you mind opening the window? 2.Would you mind my opening the window? 3.Wang ping’s being late for class made his teacher angry. 小结: ? v-ing 作主语、宾语时,有时需要用__________ 加出发出动作的人(逻辑主语)。


1.personally speaking, it’s a good idea. 2.Judging from her accent, she must be from an Arabian country. 小结:
? v-ing 作状语时,有时是________。

Part 3、当堂测试


1、His confusing look suggested that he was confused about this matter. 2、I regret telling you that all of you are not invited to attend the meeting. 3、It is a waste of time to talk to him. 4、The bike needs to repair. 5、Tom, don’t have the horse run all the time. 6、I heard that his job was raise. 7、The woman found her necklace missed. 8、Jenny not having been trained as a dance is her one regret. 9、Judged from his appearance, he should Africa. 10、Let’s get down to do the work.

二、文章填空: Born in 1930, Yuan LongPing graduate from Southwest Agriculture College in1953. Since then, (find做 语)ways to grow more rice has been his life goal. As a young man, he saw the great need for (increase作 语)the rice out put. At that time, hunger was a (disturb作 语)problem in many parts of the countryside. He searched for a way to increase rice harvests without (expand作 语) the area of the fields. Now he is circulate作 语)his knowledge in many countries. Using his hybrid rice ,farmers are (produce作 语) harvests twice as large as before. His hobbies are (swim and read).

? ? ? ? Book4.与名师对话 P P p



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