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1. While a ________ amount of stress can be beneficial, too much stress can exhaust you. A. moderate B. modern C. large D. striking 2. If you _____________ your demand, then m

aybe you will have more chance of getting what you want. A. conduct B. deny C. grant D. moderate 3. I don't think he is old ________ to do the job. A. sufficient B. plentiful C. enough D. approximate 4. The ________ year begins when school opens in September. A. studying B. learning C. teacher D. academic 5. The physicist needed more ________ before his theory could be accepted. A. finance B. publications C. evidence D. recognition 6. Students of ________ grades are those studying in the first three grades of elementary school. A. entry B. basic C. main D. primary 7. The museum is ________ a valuable group of coins. A. displaying B. exhibiting C. presenting D. giving 8. Many cookbooks have very ________ directions. A. common B. confirmed C. complicated D. compound 9. The ________ for speeding is a fine of one hundred and fifty dollars. A. penalty B. benefit C. criticism D. remedy 10. The two brothers are very much _______, not only in appearance but also in thinking. A. like B. likely C. alike D. alive 11. The Great Wall winds its way ________ the mountains. A. through B. across C. past D. behind 12. These areas rely on agriculture almost _____________, having few mineral resources and a minimum of industrial development. A. respectively B. relatively C. incredibly D. exclusively 13. A ________ slowing in reaction time will occur if a senior doesn't stay active. A. unique B. obvious C. beautiful D. striking 14. The survival _____________ of some wild animals is not very high as they are often killed for their skins. A. rate B. degree C. ratio D. scale 15. From this material we can _____________ hundreds of useful products. A. derive B. reduce C. employ D. replace 16. The judge considers a financial _____________ to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A. option B. duty C. responsibility D. penalty 17. His grandfather is still ________ and lively, full of energy. A. vigorous B. violent C. intense D. high-impact 18. We are all for your proposal that the discussion ________. A. was put off B. is to put off C. be put off D. should put off 19. Frequently single-parent children ________ some of the housework. A. take off B. take after C. take on D. take in 20. He'll be angry if you try to ________ him. He is very busy now.

A. interfere with B. interfere in C. disturb with D. worry about 21. People ________ will support us in having a change of the educational system. A. in particular B. in general C. as usual D. in common 22. Physical exercise is particularly necessary to primary pupils ________ it helps them power up their brains. A. by that B. on that C. in that D. for that 23. You are not in stage 3—the last and most dangerous one—________ your iron reserves go to zero. A. till B. until C. after D. while 24. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, ________ is often the case in other countries. A. so B. as C. it D. that 25. I'd rather you ________ make any comment on the issue for the time being. A. didn't B. don't C. wouldn't D. shouldn't 26. Americans consume ________ as they actually need every day. A. twice protein as much B. twice protein as many C. twice as much protein D. protein as twice much 27. Jane never dreams of ________ for her to be sent abroad very soon. A. there to be a chance B. there being a chance C. there be a chance D. being a chance 28. It was very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you ________ it. A. wouldn't have done B. mustn't have done C. didn't have to do D. mightn't have done 29. If tap water were as dangerous as some think, ________ would be getting sick. A. a lot of more us B. a lot more of us C. more a lot of us D. a lot us of more 30. Neither of the young men who had applied for a position in the university ________. A. was accepted B. were accepted C. are accepted D. have been accepted 31. This young woman would have ________ curiosity because she was well dressed and looked very attractive. A. risen B. stimulated C. caused D. woken 32. A recent ________ was that about 20 per cent of college graduates joined the army of the unemployed last year. A. estimate B. number C. figure D. statistic 33. He said he was a policeman and therefore had the ________ to stop speeding drivers. A. control B. influence C. authority D. priority 34. On the coast the weather is ________ with day after day of hot sun, in the mountains, however, the air cools quickly and until the end of June you can still find snow on the mountain tops. A. funny B. interesting C. romantic D. good 35. The door closed behind Tom as he scanned the handsomely furnished (装饰的) double room which ________ Albemarle Street. A. saw B. overlooked C. watched D. sighted 36. The same question was usually set in two forms: one that had ________ answers to choose

from, and the other where the pupil had to supply their own answer. A. some B. weak C. strong D. different 37. Some artists are able to ________ a likeness in a sketch while others are gifted to ________ a fleeting expression. A. grasp/get B. hold/capture C. catch/capture D. capture/catch 38. The boy ________ his friend out of the apple by insisting that it was rotten, if not poisonous. A. deceived B. fooled C. misled D. cheated 39. I would like to ________ you of the following changes we've made in the plans for the development of our company. A. notice B. note C. inform D. suggest 40. The one pleasure that Einstein ____ his great fame was the ability it gave him to help others. A. resulted from B. stirred up C. turned out D. derived from 41. The bridge was named ______ the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people. A. after B. with C. by D. from 42. Once you have made your booking and paid a ________, then the cost of your holiday cannot be changed. A. fee B. saving C. money D. loan 43. The ________ of the man who beat the girl to death was not money but sheer killing. A. intention B. reaction C. push D. drive 44. By the fact that he stayed in the United States for more than ten years, he developed an American ________. A. stress B. sound C. voice D. accent 45. The criminal ________ himself so well as an old lady that he escaped the sharp eyes of the policemen. A. hid B. covered C. deceived D. disguised 46. A phenomenon is ________ if it has elements that stimulate one's curiosity and make it difficult to explain it. A. odd B. curious C. unknown D. strange 47. A soap ________ is a popular television series about the daily lives and problems of a group of people. A. drama B. play C. opera D. program 48. Will you go to the party ________ me, so that our host won't be too offended? A. instead of B. rather than C. no other than D. except for 49. If my plan isn’t ______ of by the committee, all my work will have been wasted. A. approved B. consented C. agreed D. admitted 50. His latest piece of work was ______ by a song he heard on the radio. A. released B. inspired C. assessed D. composed 51. I feel that when there are so many better people for the chairmanship, I should step ________. A. apart B. outside C. off D. down 52. "I'm certain David told you his business troubles." "________, it's no secret that he needs to pay money to more than two banks." A. Anyhow B. However C. Therefore D. Somewhat 53. "I don't like being in the house on my own."

"________ at night? Do you mind being by yourself at night?" A. What about B. What with C. What if D. So what 54. ________ money from his department, Mr. Williams would have been promoted to the position as director. A. If he did not steal B. Had he not stolen C. Did he not steal D. Should he not steal 55. I hope all the measures against air pollution, ________ suggested by the local government, will be seriously considered here. A. while B. since C. that D. as 56. In no country ________ Britain, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day. A. more than B. other than C. fewer than D. less than 57. ________ data (数据) that the language-acquiring ability must be stimulated. A. It being B. It is C. There is D. There being 58. The project ________ by the end of 2020 will expand the city's telephone network to cover 3,000,000 users. A. accomplished B. being accomplished C. to be accomplished D. having been accomplished 59. ________, they managed to finish the job on time. A. Difficult as it was B. Difficult if it was C. As difficult it was D. If it was difficult 60. In the 1700's North American colonists proclaimed their wealth and social ________ by wearing elaborate clothing. A. responsibility B. events C. organization D. status 61. This rapid growth has been achieved by a _____________ handful of people. A. simple B. scarce C. slight D. bare 62. I like my teacher, but feel no ________ for her. A. affection B. like C. feeling D. motion 63. The grandfather ________ all the members of the family for the annual picnic. A. put B. assembled C. collected D. had 64. Many old readers do not like the modern ________ of The Holy Bible; they've gotten used to the traditional one. A. publication B. vision C. version D. copyright 65. The investigation demonstrates that his enemies ________ false stories about him. A. encouraged B. caused C. inspired D. enlightened 66. She _____ along the path, glad to be able to take her time. A. hurried B. marched C. progressed D. wandered 67. During the war, the government _____ many soldiers from the workers and farmers. A. adopted B. collected C. integrated D. recruited 68. She goes to the dentist to have her teeth ________ twice a week. A. looked B. watched C. observed D. inspected 69. The country's first act would be to ________ for the navy. A. employ B. invite C. recruit D. supply 70. Like all the plans I will suggest, it is not ______; this is part of a long, north-east facing

border in my own garden. A. imaginary B. imagine C. marine D. imaginable 71. Most broadcasters believe that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is ________. A. granted B. remedied C. implied D. exaggerated 72. ________, he does get angry with her sometimes. A. Much although he likes her B. As much as he likes her C. As he likes her much D. Although much he likes her 73. Living in the western part of the country has its problems, ________ obtaining fresh water is not the least. A. which B. with which C. for which D. of which 74. American women were ____ the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle. A. ignored B. refused C. neglected D. denied 75. The medicine the doctor gave me ____ my headache. A. reduced B. improved C. released D. relieved 76. As I had earlier made up my mind to run for governor, I could not ____. I must go on with the fight. A. vary B. withdraw C. undergo D. discard 77. The early pioneers had to ________ many hardships to settle on the new land. A. go along with B. go through C. go back on D. go into 78. There are signs ________ restaurants are becoming more popular with families. A. which B. those C. in which D. that 79. You will see this product ________ wherever you go. A. to be advertised B. advertised C. advertise D. advertising 80. Not until the game had began ________ at the sports ground. A. had he arrived B. would he have arrived C. should he have arrived D. did he arrive 81. In theory every citizen in a democratic (民主的) country may _____ to the protection of the law. A. claim B. appeal C. pronounce D. pray 82. Ideas _____ from one's own experience are sometimes more valuable than those from books. A. derived B. deposited C. retreated D. restored 83. By _____ computation, he estimated that the repairs on the house would cost him a thousand dollars. A. rail B. rude C. rack D. rough 84. I could see that my wife was _____ having that fashionable coat, whether I approved of it or not. A. determined to B. intent on C. short of D. focused in 85. They have ______ for the car to pick them up at the station. A. arranged B. managed C. appointed D. borrowed 86. If you want to ______ a pleasant visit, find out as much as possible about the manners and customs of your host country. A. secure B. serve C. sure D. ensure 87. Mike had dropped in to ______ first hand how things were going on.

A. inquire B. require C. assign D. acquire 88. She ______ the respect of everybody present. A. gathered B. secured C. earned D. collected 89. Both sides exchanged their views on a wide ______ of topics they were interested in at the meeting. A. extent B. expand C. number D. range 90. He could feel the ______ of living in a warm, affectionate family setting. A. pain B. delightful C. joy D. enjoy 91. In the _____ paragraph some comments had been made of it. A. proceeding B. preceding C. progressing D. processing 92. The dog’s collar was so ____ that it came off over his head. A. loose B. slight C. broad D. excessive 93. We finally managed to ____ the committee’s approval of our plans. A. secure B. arouse C. exert D. execute 94. _____ more and more scientists carrying out large-scale scientific research, the space industry will become more promising. A. As B. Because C. With D. Since 95. The manager promised to keep me ______ of how our business was going on. A. to be informed B. on informing C. informed D. informing 96. The meeting was put off because we _______ a meeting without Jack. A. objected for having B. objected to have C. were objected to having D. objected to having 97. _______ is no reason for discharging her. A. Because she was a few minutes late B. Owing to a few minutes being late C. The fact that she was a few minutes late D. Being a few minutes late 98. "He gave me _______ $200!" he said with satisfaction. A. no less than B. no more than C. something like D. only 99. I couldn't find ________, and so I took this one. A. a large enough coat B. a large coat enough C. an enough large coat D. a coat enough large 100. It is necessary that an efficient worker _______ his work on time. A. accomplishes B. has accomplished C. can accomplish D. accomplish





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