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人教新课标必修4 Unit2课件

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第一部分 必修四 Unit 2


Working the land












单 元 语 法


课 时 作 业


1.provide v.提供

2.lack v. & n.缺少
3.waste v.浪费 4.recommend v.推荐 5.decline v.减少 6.hit v.产生不良影响

7.worsen v.恶化
8.energy-saving adj.节省能源的

9.annual adj.每年的
10.severe adj.严重的 11.shortage n.短缺 12.crisis n.危机 13.ecology n.生态学

14.be concerned about 关心
15.due to 由于 16.deal with 解决 17.call on 号召

古话说:民以食为天。目前,不少地方土地干旱,粮食短 缺问题依然是急需解决的问题。请以“Food Shortage” 为题, 写一篇120个词左右的英语短文。 要求:1.介绍现在的饥荒状况;2.说明其原因;3.应当采取 的措施。

Food Shortage
[ 总述主题 ]①As we know, food shortage has hit many countries and even caused social unrest in some areas. [说明原 因]But what has caused the current world food crisis? Firstly, annual world grain output has declined because of climate change.

Secondly, lots of farmland has given way to factories and buildings
due to the rapid development of industry and urbanization. Besides, faced with the rising energy prices, some people use grain for biofuel, which has worsened the severe situation.

[具体措施]How can we deal with the problem? ②On the one hand,we should focus on the environmental protection and improve the ecology. On the other hand, strict measures should

be taken to protect farmland.
[展望未来]If the whole world works together, more food will be produced and we can create a harmonious world.

Ⅰ.完成句子 1.许多非洲人民正遭受缺粮之苦。 Many people in Africa are suffering from lack of food.

The government calls on us to carry out the “Cleaning Your Plates” campaign.

1.用分词短语改写句①。 As we know, food shortage has hit many countries, even causing social unrest in some areas. 2.根据句式②仿写。

济。 On the one hand, we should be open to the outside, and on the other hand we should develop agricultural economy.


A.识记单词 struggle 1.________ (vi. & n.) decade 2.________ expand 3.________ freedom 4.________ therefore 5.________ (n.) (vt. & vi.) 斗争;拼搏;努力 十年;十年期 使变大;伸展 因此;所以;因而 遗憾;惋惜

(adv.) (vt.)


regret 6.________


focus 7.________
(vt.) reduce 8.________ comment 9.________

(n.) (vt.) (n.)

焦点;中心点 减少;减缩 评论;议论


(vi. & vt.)


B.联想串记 disturbing (adj.) 引起烦恼的;令人不安的 → ________ disturbed 10 . ________

disturb (vt.)扰乱;打扰 (adj.)扰乱的;精神失常的→________
equip (vt. & vi.)配备;装备→_________ equipment (n.)设备(不 11.______ 可数) export (vt. & vi.)输出;出口→________ import (反义词) 12.________ (vt. & vi.)输入;进口 confuse (vt.)使迷惑;使为难 →________ confusing (adj.)令人 13.________ confused (adj.)感到迷惑的→________ confusion (n.)迷惑的 迷惑的→________ discovery (n.) 发现;发觉 → ________ discover (vt.) 发现;发 14 . ________ 觉;观察,观测

1.幸亏;由于,因为 2.摆脱;除去 3.对??感到满意 4.宁愿;宁可 thanks to ____________________ rid...of ____________________ be satisfied with ____________________ would rather ____________________

build up 5.逐渐增强;建立;开发 ____________________ lead to 6.导致;造成(后果) ____________________
7.focus on 集中(注意力、精力等)于 _______________________ 8.keep... free from/of 使……免受(影响、伤害等);使……不含(有害物) __________________________________________

Ⅲ.典句析练 1.if so 状语从句的省略形式 ____________________(如果这样的话), what did you do to grow them?


2.the+序数词+名词+动词不定式... In 1973, he became ____________________________(世界 上第一位种植水稻的农业先锋) that has a high output. 【仿写】刘洋是第一位在太空逗留过的中国女性。

Liu Yang is ________________________ in space.

3.make it+adj.+动词不定式 This special strain of rice ____________________( 使 生 产??成为可能) 20% more of the crop in the same fields. 【仿写】大雨使得运动会不可能如期举行。

The heavy rain ____________________ on time.

Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests ________________________________(是以前的两倍多). 【仿写】我弟弟比你妹妹高一倍。 ______________________________________________

5.would rather do...
He ________ much ________ (宁愿做??) keep time for his hobbies. 【仿写】我宁愿走路而不愿意做公共汽车。 ______________________________________________

答案:1.If so;If so, I believe I have solved your problem.
2.the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice; the first Chinese female to have stayed 3.makes it possible to produce; made it impossible for the sports meeting to be held

4.twice as large as before;My brother is twice as tall as
your sister. 5.would;rather;I would rather walk than take a bus.

Ⅳ.课文缩写语法填空 Born in 1930, Yuan Longping graduated__1__ Southwest Agricultural College in China in 1953, and then was assigned to

teach crop genetics and breeding at an __2__(agriculture) school in
Hunan Province. He began his research __3__bybrid rice development in 1964 and in 1971 he achieved __4__ major scientific breakthrough as he __5__(success) developed the genetic materials essential for breeding high-yielding hybrid rice varieties.








__6__(disccver) of the genetic basis of heterosis in rice. In 1974, he developed Nan-you No. 2. With output 20 percent __7__(high) than previous varieties, Professor Yuan's new crop immediately began __8__(improve) food availability in China. Beyond this exceptional accomplishment, Professor Yuan has built an additional legacy of combating food shortages and __9__(hungry). Professor Yuan's remarkable __10__(achieve) in hybrid rice research have previously won him numerous honors.

答 案 : 1.from
6 . discovery 10.achievements






1.struggle vi. & n.斗争;拼搏;努力 struggle for 为争取??而斗争 struggle against 与??斗争;为反对??而斗 争 struggle with 与??斗争;与??并肩作战 struggle to do sth. 努力做某事 struggle to one's feet 挣扎着站起来


①We still have to ________ ________ all kinds of
difficulties. 我们仍得和各种各样的困难作斗争。 ②In 1862 the American slaves won their ________ ________ freedom.

③They ________ ________ ________ get out of the burning car. 他们正挣扎着从燃烧着的汽车里往外爬。

④He ________ ________ ________ ________ and dragged slowly ahead. 他挣扎着站起来并缓慢地前行。

答 案 : ① struggle against/with
struggling to ④struggled to his feet

② struggle for

③ were

2.expand vt. & vi.使变大;伸展
[ 教材原句 ]Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of the fields.(P10) 袁博士(开始)在不增加农田面积的基础上寻求水稻增产的 途径。 expand into扩展成?? 必会 expand on/upon阐述,详谈 expansion n.扩大;扩张

①..., but the idea has since __________ to many other
American cities, and even to Hong Kong. ??,但是这个观念已经传播到美国许多城市,甚至传到 了香港。 ②Why not try to ________ your story ________ a novel?

③I don't quite follow your idea. Can you ________ ________ it? 我不大理解你的想法,你能详细地加以说明吗? 答案:①expanded ②expand;into ③expand on

3.therefore adv.因此;所以;因而
[ 教材原句 ]He therefore gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in agriculture.(P10) 于是他拿出几百万元帮助其他人进行农业科学研究。 是副词。和上句连接时常用and therefore... therefore 形式,and前加一逗号;如没有and,则上 句尾用分号(;)。 词语 辨析 so 是连词。前一句尾常用逗号隔开,so不能 与because连用。 是副词,常与and连用,呈现and thus+从 句形式,有时也会有..., thus doing...形 式,强调引起一个直接的结果。


用therefore,so,thus填空 ①She was caught cheating in the exam and ________ she was

punished by her teacher.
②She coughed badly, ________ she went to see a doctor. ③The train stopped suddenly, ________ causing the delay. 答案:①therefore ②so ③thus

4.equip vt. & vi.装备;配备
[ 教材原句 ]He therefore gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in agriculture.(P10) 因此,他资助几百万元供其他人进行农业研究。 equip...with...用??装备?? equip sb./sth. to do sth. 使某人/物具备条件做 某事 equip sb./sth. for为??而武装某人;为??而装备 某物 well/poorly equipped设备精良的/较差的



equipment n.装备,设备(不可数名词) a piece of equipment一件设备

①We equip our children ________ a good education.

②Your training will equip you ________ your future job. 你的训练将使得你能够胜任将来的工作。 ③ His work experience ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ all kinds of people. 他的工作经验使他能与各种各样的人打交道。 ④________ ________ new scientific farming methods, they have been able to use less farmland than in the past.


[ 方 法 规 律 ]equipment 为 equip 的 名 词 形 式 , 意 为 “ 设 备”“器材”,是不可数名词,表示“一件”这一数量时,其 前加a piece of;类似用法的有:furniture,luggage,baggage,

答案: ① with Equipped with ② for ③ equipped him to deal with ④

5.regret v. & n.可惜,后悔,遗憾;惋惜;抱歉
? ?having done? ? ? ?后悔做了某事 regret ? ?doing sth. ? ?


regret to say/tell/inform...that遗憾地说(告知)?? regret that从句 遗憾??


with great/deep regret很遗憾 to one's regret让某人感到遗憾的是

①It's no use __________ what you have done.
后悔你做过的事情没有用。 ②We ________ ________ ________ you that you owe the bank £100. 我们很遗憾地告诉你,你欠银行100英镑。

③I ________ ________ the good film.
我后悔没能看那部好电影。 ④________ ________ ________ ________, I must leave now. 非常抱歉,我现在必须走了。

I regretted to tell him that he had been dismissed. To my surprise, he said to me, “I have no regrets. I only regret having taken the wrong job.” 我遗憾地告诉他他被解雇了。使我惊奇的是,他对我说:

答案:①regretting ②regret to inform ③regretted missing ④Much to my regret/To my great regret

6.reduce v.减少;缩减

[教材原句]A healthy soil reduces disease and helps crops
grow strong and healthy.(P14) 肥沃的土壤减少了病虫害并且有助于农作物的茁壮成长。 reduce to...减少到 必会 reduce by...减少了?? be reduced to...沦落为(to为介词)

①The water level has reduced ________ 1 metre ________ normal level. 水位已下降了1米至正常水位。 ②She was reduced to ________ for a living.

答案:①by;to ②begging

7.comment n.评论,议论 vt. & vi.表达意见;作出评
论 Every one at present ________ ________ the bad match, but

the coach refused to ________ ________ ________ ________ it.
在场的每个人都对这场糟糕的比赛作出了评论,但教练却 拒绝评论。 答案:commented on;make a comment about

1.rid...of摆脱;除去 [教材原句]Thanks to his research, the UN has more tools in

the battle to rid the world of hunger.(P10)
多亏他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中又多了些 方法。

rid sb./sth. of...使某人/某物摆脱?? rid oneself of debt还清债务 必会 get rid of摆脱掉,除掉,处理掉
? be rid of sb./sth. ? ?摆脱某人/某物 be/become free of sb./sth.? ?

①Many people are working hard ________ ________ ________ ________ ________famine. 很多人在努力使世界不再有饥荒。

②The dentist ________ ________ ________ the pain by
taking out his bad tooth. 牙科医生把他的坏牙拔掉,使他免除痛苦。 ③The owner needs to ________ ________ ________ the car for financial reasons.

④He ________ ________ ________ the mental burden. 他摆脱不了精神负担。 答案:①to rid the world of ②rid him of ③get rid of ④ wasn't rid of

2.would rather宁愿;宁可 [ 教 材 原 句 ]He would much rather keep time for his hobbies.(P10) 他宁愿把时间花在自己的爱好上。 would rather (not) do宁愿(不)做??
would rather do...than do...? ? ? ? would do...rather than do...? 必会 宁愿???而?不愿?? would 与其??倒不如??

? ?用过去时?表示现在或将来? rather+从句? ? ?用过去完成时?表示过去?

would rather have done...本想做??(而未能实现)

①________ ________ refuse to help you, I ________

________ money from my friends.
我宁可向朋友借钱,也不愿拒绝帮助你。 ②He would rather die than give in to the enemy.(句型转换) =He would die ________ ________ give in to the enemy. 他宁死也不向敌人屈服。 ③ I would rather you ________ ________ (finish) your homework yesterday. 我宁愿你昨天就把作业做完了。

答案:①Rather than;would borrow ②rather than
③had finished

3.lead to导致;造成(后果);通向??(to是介词)
[教材原句]Many of these chemicals can lead to cancer or other illnesses.(P14) 这些化学物质有些会引起癌症或其他疾病。 lead sb. to do sth.使某人做某事 lead sb. to sp.带领某人去某地 必会 lead sb. into带某人进入 lead the way引路;带路

①As we all know, all roads


②The discovery of new evidence led to 新证据的发现导致小偷被抓住。 ③What was it that led you to leave America for Hong Kong?

④After the accident he began to lead a vegetative life. 从那次事故后,他开始过植物人的生活。 答案:①lead to ②the thief being caught

4.focus on集中(注意力、精力等)于
[教材原句]They focus on keeping their soil rich and free of disease.(P14) 他们主要是想保持土壤肥沃且免受病害。 (1)focus one's attention/mind on... 把注意力集 中在?? focus... onto... 把??聚集在??上面 必会 (2)adjust the focus 调整焦点/焦距 in focus 对准焦距 out of focus 没对准焦距,模糊

①I must try to _______ _______ _______ _______ work.
我必须努力把心思集中在工作上。 ②I'm so tired today that I can't ________ ________ anything. 今天我太累了,精神集中不起来。 ③Mary is _______ _______ _______ everyone's attention.

④This photograph is out of focus. 这张照片模糊。 ⑤The purpose of the lens is to focus light onto the film. 用镜头的目的是要把光聚在胶片上。


答案:①focus my mind on ②focus on ③the focus of

5.keep...free from/of使??免受(影响、伤害等) [教材原句]This also keeps the air, soil, water and crops free

from chemicals.(P14)
这也能让空气、土壤、水和庄稼没有了化学物质。 必会 free from/of无??的;免除??的;不 受??约束的

①They kept the food ________ ________ artificial colors. 他们使食物不含人工色素。 ②Our room is ________ ________ flies. 我们的房间没有苍蝇。

答案:①free from

②free from/of

If so, what did you do to grow them?(P9)
如果这样的话,你做了些什么来种植它们(这些植物)? [ 句式分析 ]if so“如果这样的话”,是if引导的条件状语 从句的省略形式,表示肯定意义;如果表示否定意义,则用if not。 ①________ ________, find out what would need to change. 如果是这样,请找出需要改变的事项。 ②I may come tonight. ________ ________(=If I don't come

tonight), I will try to manage tomorrow.

[方法规律]if ever如果有过/发生过的话 if any如果有的话 if possible如果可能的话 if necessary如果有必要

答案:①If so ②If not


v.-ing形式作主语或宾语 1.People spend many years learning about favorite sports and ________(practice) how to do them well. 答案:practicing 考查非谓语动词。spend...(in) doing sth.

表示“花费??做某事”,根据and可知,空处应与 learning并

2.________(bring) up in the countryside made Mr. Wilson very hardworking when he was very young. 答案:Being brought 考查非谓语动词。句意:Mr.Wilson 在乡下被抚养长大,这使他在很小的时候就很勤劳。分析句意

及句子结构可知,bring up 与Mr.Wilson为逻辑上的动宾关系,
又因为句子缺主语,故用Being brought up。

3.________(examine) twice a year,whether it is a car,a bus or a truck,is a rule that every driver must obey in this city. 答案: Being examined 考查非谓语动词。句意:无论是 汽车,公交车还是卡车,每年检查两次是这个城市的每个司机

都要遵守的规则。根据句意可知此处应用 examine 的现在分词
的被动式Being examined作句子的主语。

4.To this day, I have a hard time ________(let) others be
fond of me. 答案:letting 在句中have a hard time(in) doing sth.为固定 结构,表示“做某事有困难”。 5.She can't help ________(clean) the house because she's

busy making a cake in the kitchen.
答案:to clean 考查固定用法。句意:她不能帮忙打扫房 间,因为她正在厨房忙着做蛋糕。 help(to)do sth.“帮忙做某 事 ” , 是固 定 短 语 , 符 合 句意 。 注意: 此 处不是 can't help doing sth.“禁不住做某事”这个固定词组。


1.(2014·安徽改编)It's our hope that we will play a greater role in the market place and________, supply more jobs. 答案:therefore 考查副词。句意:我们希望我们会在工 作市场上起更大的作用,因此提供更多的工作。

2.(2014·福建改编)The climate here is quite pleasant, the
temperature rarely, if ________, reaching 30℃ in summer. 答案:ever 本题考查省略句。句意:这里的气候宜人, ________ ,在夏季气温极少达到 30 摄氏度。 if ever 如果曾经 有;如果曾经发生。根据句中的关键词 quite pleasant( 宜人 ) ,

rarely( 极 少 ) 可 知 , 空 格 处 表 达 的 意 思 是 “ 如 果 曾 经 有 (if
ever)”。if ever相当于if it(the temperature) ever reached 30℃ in summer。

3 . (2014· 陕 西 改 编 )We would rather our daughter

________(stay) at home with us, but it is her choice, and she is not
a child any longer. 答案: stayed 本题考查虚拟语气。句意:我们宁愿我们 的女儿和我们一起待在家里,但是那是她的选择,她已经不再 是一个小孩子了。 would rather 后接 that 从句时,要用虚拟语 气,如果与现在或将来事实相反,从句用一般过去时态;如果 与过去事实相反,从句用过去完成时。根据后面的 it is her choice可以判断这件事情还没发生,因而从句用一般过去时。

4 . (2013· 浙 江 改 编 )Bears build________ fat stores

throughout the summer and fall to have energy enough to last them
through their winter sleep. 答案:up 句意:狗熊在夏天和秋天开始脂肪的储存以使 他们有足够的能量来度过冬眠。 5.(2011·江苏改编)It sounds like something is wrong with the car's engine.If ________, we'd better take it to the garage immediately. 答案:so 本题考查省略。句意:听起来好像是车的发动

去。if so“如果这样的话”。

6 . (2010· 重 庆 改 编 ) The news shocked the public , ________(lead) to great concern about students' safety at school.



看,引起的关注正是这条消息令公众震惊的同时所引起的结 果,即结果状语,而作结果状语,且表达主动意义。句意:这 条消息令社会震惊,引起了人们对在校学生安全的极大关注。


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人教版必修4Unit2词块学习_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教版必修 Book 4 Unit2 词块学习---剪贴,熟读,问答 银川一中 Sophie Unit 2 Book Four 单词表...

新人教版 必修4 Unit2 Working the land Reading 课文...

人教版 必修4 Unit2 Working the land Reading 课文翻译 中英对照_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。新人教版 高中英语 必修4 Unit2 Working the land ...


搜试试 4 悬赏文档 全部 DOC PPT TXT PDF XLS 广告 百度文库 教育专区 ...2018届全国人教版英语一轮讲义:必修四Unit2(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。...

人教新课标必修4 Unit2 Working the land名师导航

搜 试试 帮助 全部 DOC PPT TXT PDF XLS 百度文库 教育专区 高中教育 英语 ...www.canpoint.cn 人教新课标必修 4 Unit2 Working the land 名师导航 三点剖析...


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