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【江苏专用】2014届高三英语一轮复习方案 课时作业 模块4 Unit 3 Tomorrow's world


[模块 4

Unit 3 Tomorrow's world]

(限时:30 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—What's the matter with you? —After the long walk, my strength ________ and I couldn't

go any further. A.gave out B.gave off

C.gave in D.gave up 2.________ was known to all that Bob had broken his promise ________ he would give them a rise. A.As; which B.What; that C.It; that D.It; which

3.I'd love to discuss the problem with you this afternoon if ________. A.you're convenient B.it is convenient with you C.you feel convenient D.it is convenient for you 4.________ drawing a picture, you should be patient and careful in doing this job. A.As for B.As with C.As against D.As to 5.In recent years many football clubs ________ as business to make a profit. A.have run B.have been run D.will run

C.had been run

6.—Why does the lake smell terrible? —Because large quantities of water ________. A.have polluted B.is bein g polluted C.has been polluted D.have been polluted 7.The wet weather will continue tomorrow,when a cold front ________ to arrive. A.is expected B.is expecting


C.expects D.will be expected 8.Hurry up! It's time ________ class and it's high time for you ________ class. A.for; to go back to B.of; for going to C.of; to go back to D.for; going to 9.Information has been put forward ________ Zhao Wei will play an important role in this film. A.while B.that C.when D.as

10. computer was used in teaching.As a result, only ________, student s The not but became more interested in the lessons. A.saved was teachers' energy B.was teachers' energy saved C.teachers' energy was saved D.was saved teachers' energy 11.He had a wonderful childhood,________ with his mother to all corners of the world. A.travel B.to travel C.traveled D.traveling

12.________,she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to people through her smile. A.Shy and cautious B.Sensitive and thoughtful C.Honest and confident D.Light?hearted and optimistic 13.Traditional folk arts of Tianjin like paper cutting ________ at the culture show of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. A.were exhibiting B.was exhibiting C.were exhibited D.was exhibited 14.Great efforts to increase grain production ________if food shortages are to be avoided.


A.could be made B.must be made C.might be made D.would be made 15.First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get ________ second chance to make ________ first impression. A.a; the B.the; the C.a; a D.the; a

Ⅱ.完形填空 For hours I had been traveling up the Nile Valley,from Luxor to Cairo,on a train jammed with Egypt's working poor. At 1:00 a.m.I__16__Cairo and took a taxi to Tahrir Square.I was__17__and, having been to Ca iro before,knew that while most of the city was__18__at this hour, a couple of fast?food res taurants would be open there. The taxi dropped me__19__across the street from Hardee's.A moment later,just as I was about to__20__the restaurant door,two street children ran towards me with full__21__for food. Being a veteran(经验丰富的) traveler__22__having once lived in Egypt for a year, I was no stranger to children__23__or people asking me for help.But seldom had I been so__24__by the sincerity of the request. I turned back to the__25__and asked them to wait while I went inside to buy them food.At the counter I__26__two hamburgers for the boys. When their food was ready,I walked back__27__and invited them in to eat with me.“No!” they cried__28__.“We do not belong in such a nice place!” __29__to persuade them otherwise,I brought the__30__out,and as they took the burgers,they showered me with 30 seconds of nonstop__31__,praying that Allah would always bless me. And this is__32__,five years later,I still ask for God's blessings for those two Egyptian boys.I__33__as sincerely as they had for me,__34__that while they had nothing material to give,they had given me something__35__: an awareness of my spiritual poverty and a desire for a softer heart. 16.A.reached B.saw


C.visited D.noticed 17.A.thirsty B.angry C.hungry D.frightened 18.A.let down B.closed down C.got down D.put down

19.A.away B.back C.out D.off 20.A.shut B.lock C.cover D.open 21.A.smiles B.hardships C.cries D.honors 22.A.apart from B.as well as C.in favour of D.in return for

23.A.beating B.struggling C.begging D.trembling 24.A.surprised B.regretted

C.appointed D.moved 25.A.boys B.drivers C.waiters D.workers 26.A.ordered B.demanded C.requested D.deserved 27.A.inside B.outside C.forward D.backward 28.A.happily B.cheerfully C.astonishingly D.sadly 29.A.Unabl e B.Impossible

C.Ready D.Willing 30.A.book B.food C.cook D.look B.belongings



C.campaigns D.challenges 32.A.how B.why C.where D.when 33.A.tell B.speak C.pray D.bow

34.A.forgetting B.following C.regretting D.remembering

35.A.greater B.fewer C.less D.lower

Ⅲ.阅读理解 If women are mercilessly exploited year after year,they have only themselves to blame.Because they tremble at the thought of being seen in public in clothes that are out of fashion,they are always taken advantage of by the d esigners and the big stores.Clothes which have been worn only a few times have to be put aside because of the change of fashion.When you come to think of it,only a woman is capable of standing in front of a wardrobe packed full of clothes and announcing sadly that she has nothing to wear. Changing fashions are nothing more than the intentional creation of waste.Many women spend vast sums of money each year to replace clothes that have hardly been worn.Women who can not afford to throw away clothing in this way waste hours of their time altering(改变) the dresses they have.Skirts are lengthened or shortened; necklines are lowered or raised,and so on. No one can claim that the fashion industry contributes anything really important to society.Fashion designers are rarely concerned with vital things like warmth, comfort and durability.They are only interested in outward appearance and they take advantage of the fact that women will put up with any amoun t of discomfort,as long as they look right.There can hardly be a man who hasn't at some time in his life smiled at the sight of a woman shaking in a thin dress on a winter day,or delicately picking her way through deep snow in high?heeled shoes. When comparing men and women in the matter of fashion,the conclusions to be


drawn are obvious.Do the constantly changing fashions of women's clothes, reflect basic qualities of inconstancy and instability?Men are too clever to let themselves be cheated by fashion designers.Do their unchanging styles of dress reflect basic qualities of stability and reliability? That is for you to decide. 36.Designers and big stores always make money ________. A.by constantly changing the fashions in women's clothing B.by mercilessly exploiting women workers in the clothing industry C.because they are able to predict new fashions for the coming season D.because they attach great importance to the quality of women's clothing 37.To the writer,that women alter their old fashioned dresses is seen as ________. A.a waste of money B.an expression of taste C.a waste of time D.an expression of creativity 38.According to the passage,which of the following statements is true? A.The fashion industry makes an important contribution to society . B. constant changes in women's clothing reflect their strength of characters. The C. Fashion designs should not be encouraged since they are only welcomed by women. D.New fashions in clothing are created for the commercial exploitation of women. 39.By saying “the conclusions to be drawn are obvious”,the writer means that ________. A.women are better able to put up with discomfort B.men are more reasonable in the matter of fashion C.men are also exploited greatly by fashion designers D.women's inconstancy in their choices of clothing is often laughed at

课时作业(十二) Ⅰ.1.A 考查 give 短语搭配。句意:“你怎么了?”“经过长途跋涉后,我的力气耗


尽了,我不能向前走了。 ”give out“用完, 耗尽”; give off“发出, 放出”; give in“屈 服,投降”;give up“放弃,终止”。 2.C 考查名词性从句。第一个空需要一个形式主语 ,只有代词 it 可作形式主语;

promise 后面跟了一个同位语从句,需用 that 引导。 3. 考查习惯表达。 D “如果你方便的话”英语通常用 if it is convenient for/to you 表达。 4.B 考查介词。as for 意为“关于,至于”;as to 意为“根据,依照;至于”;as against 意为“与??相比”;as with=as is the case with 表示“正如??一样”。句 意:正如画画一样,在做这件事时,你应该耐心细致。 5.B 句意:在最近几年里,许多足球俱乐部的经营目的是为了谋利。in recent years 往往与现在完成时连用,而 clubs 与 run 为被动关系,需要用被动语态,故选 B。 6. D 考查动词时态、语态和主谓一致。根据第一句可知,所填动词表示过去发生的动 作对现在产生的影响,时态用现在完成时,动词与主语是被动关系,用被动语态。主语是 large quantities of water,其中心词是 quantities,是复数,谓语动词用复数形式,所 以选 D。 7. 句意: A 潮湿的天气明天将会持续, 同时一股冷锋即将到来。 cold front 和 expect a 之间存在被动关系,排除 B、C 两项;由语境可知,是现在预测明天的天气状况,故选 A。 8.A It’s time for sth.“是??的时间了”;it’s(high)time for sb. to do

sth.“某人该做某事的时间到了”。 9.B 考查同位语从句。that 引导同位语从句,且在句中不作成分。 10.B 考查倒装。not only 位于句首时主谓要倒装,因此该句子中的主语 teachers’ energy 与谓语 was saved 要用倒装语序。句意:教学中计算机的使用,不仅节省了老师的 精力,而且使学生对课程更感兴趣。 11.D 考查非谓语动词作状语。主语(he)与动词 travel 之间存在主动关系,故用

traveling 作伴随状语。 12.D 考查形容词辨析。shy and cautious 意为“害羞与谨慎的”;sensitive and

thoughtful 意为“敏感与体贴的”;honest and confident 意为“诚实与自信的”; light?hearted and optimistic 意为“无忧无虑与乐观的”。句意:无忧无虑且乐观的她, 是那种通过微笑把阳光撒给他人的女士。 13.C 考查被动语态。句意:像剪纸一样的天津民间传统艺术品在 2010 上海世博会的


文化展览中被展出。 14.B 考查情态动词及被动语态。掌握短语 make great efforts to do sth.,如果

将其变成被动语态即为 great efforts must be made。 15.A 句意:第一印象是最持久的。毕竟,你永远不可能再有机会去再给别人留一次 第一印象。the first impression 意为“第一印象”,序数词前用 the 修饰,表示“第 几??”; a second chance 意为“又、再一次机会”,序数词用 a/an 修饰 ,表示“又一, 再一”。 Ⅱ.作者在埃及旅游时遇到两个乞讨的孩子。在作者给他们买下食物后,他们不断地为 作者祈祷,希望安拉保佑作者。作者由此明白:虽然有时别人不能给予我们物质上的回报, 但是他们所给予的精神上的东西是更好的。 16. 根据文章前面的叙述, A “我”从 Luxor 坐火车去 Cairo 旅游, 在凌晨 1 点, “我” 到达(reach)了目的地 Cairo。 17.C 根据下文的“a couple of fast?food restaurants would be open there”可 以判断出,“我”饿了,想找吃饭的地方,故正确答案为 C。 18.B 由于“我”以前去过 Cairo,知道此时城里的大多数餐馆都关门(close down)

了。let down 使失望,放下;get down 记下,写下;put down 记下,均不符合语境。 19.D 出租车把“我”放在了 Hardee's 对面的街道。短语 drop sb off 意思是“中途 卸客”,符合语境。 20.D 作者要进去就餐,当然要去推开(open)那家餐馆的门。 21.C 根据文章的语境,街道上的两个男孩向作者跑来,叫喊(cry)着向他要食物。 22.B 根据空前后的内容,可以知道这里是并列的关系,作者作为一个经常旅游的人, 又在埃及生活过一年,很熟悉孩子们的这种乞讨行为,所以要用 as well as,意思是“和, 又”。apart from(除了??外);in favour of(赞成);in return for(作为对??的回报), 均与语境不符。 23.C 根据语境,可以知道“我”对于乞讨的人并没有感到奇怪。 24.D 根据语境可知,“我”为孩子真诚的请求所感动(moved)。surprised 吃惊的; regretted 遗憾的;appointed 约定的,均不符合语境。 25.A 根据下文的“two hamburgers for the boys”可以知道,这里指的是那两个男 孩儿(boys)。 26.A 根据语境可知,“我”为那两个孩子点(order)了汉堡包。demand 强烈要求;


request 要求,请求;deserve 值得,均不符合语境。 27.B 汉堡包准备好时,“我”走到外边(outside),邀请孩子们和“我”一起吃饭。 28.C 孩子们听到“我”的邀请,发出了令人惊讶的喊声:“不,我们不应待在这样 的好地方!” 29.A 根据下文的意思可知,“我”没能(unable)说服那两个孩子进来。 30.B “我”把买来的食物(food)带出了餐馆。 31.A 当那两个孩子拿到食物后,不断地祈祷安拉保佑“我”。只有 A 项符合文意。 32.B 这里作者要告诉我们原因(why),“我”为什么一直为那两个埃及孩子祈祷。 33.C 样祈祷着。 34.D 表示作者永远记着(remember)这一点?? 35.A 虽然他们无法给予我物质上的回报,但是他们给我的祈祷比物质上的东西更好 (greater)。 Ⅲ.女人爱美的天性被时装设计师和商人充分利用,他们不断推出各种新款服装,赚足 了女士们的钱, 而女士们为了美丽心甘情愿地被他们剥削。 男士在时装方面则显得比女士更 理性。 36.A 推理判断题。第一段提到“因为她们一想到自己穿着过时的衣服出现在公众面 前就不寒而栗,所以总是被服装设计师和大商场利用”,由此判断,这些人利用她们追求衣 着时尚的特点来赚钱,故选 A“通过不断改变女装的时尚”。B“通过无情地盘剥服装加工 行业的女工”; C“因为他们能预测下一个季节的新款式”; D“因为他们注重女装的质量” 都不正确。 37.C 细节理解题。第二段说,女士们如果没钱置办新衣,她们就浪费几个小时的时 间来修改她们现有的服装以追求时尚。由此判断选 C,作者觉得这样做是浪费时间。 38.D 推理判断题。从第三段第一句可知 A 项错误;第三段说,女人为了美愿意忍受 任何的不舒适,而没有提到反映了她们“性格的力量”,故 B 项错误;文章没有提到 C 项内 容。从全文内容可知,作者觉得服装设计师推出各种新款服装的目的是赚钱,是“一年又一 年对女士们进行无情的商业盘剥”,由此判断选 D。 39.B 推理判断题。最后一段说,比较男人和女人对时装的态度就能得出一个明显的 结论,男人很聪明,不会被时装设计师欺骗。从这些叙述可知应选 B,男士在选择服饰方面 比女士更理性。 根据上文的“praying that Allah would always bless me”可知,作者也这



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