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2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(1)篇 第三部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 41~60 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项。 During my stay at an orphanage (孤儿院)at the age of 9,a gentleman came and taught us how to do woodworking projects. I remember my first project—a small table.I was so 41 of it that I looked upon it as if I 43 it.I

had created a(an) 42 .It was absolutely beautiful and it had taken me six weeks to could hardly wait to give it to Mother Winters as a orphanage,who was always kind but 45 with us. 44

.She was the head mistress of our

As the tables were not dry from the clear coating,the man told us to wait a few days before taking them to our dormitories.But I was just so like a 46 and happy that I couldn’t wait I dashed out

47 ,carrying my table,smiling from ear to ear. 48 it when

When I reached the dormitory I placed the little table beside my bed.I was Mother Winters entered.She walked over to the table.Running her hand it was still wet. “Were you 50 to bring this home?”she asked. 51 with my head down.

49 it,she noticed that


She ordered me to throw the table out and so I did.After she left,I immediately opened the door to get it back.There was off. I hid the table in my closet and never 53 it.However,a year later during a cleaning-up,it 52 stuck all over.I brushed and cried,but the dirt would not come

was discovered.Painfully,I had to give the table to Mother Henderson,my houseparent,thinking that she would 54 it away. 55 that Mother Henderson was living nearby,so I drove

Thirty years later at a reunion,I

up to see her.We talked cheerfully for long.As I was about to leave, she asked me to come down to her 56 to get something important.I followed her 57 into a dark corner.She picked

something up. 58 she turned around,I could see that she was holding a little table. Mother Henderson kept the little table that I had given up for lost so long ago.

Today,I look at that table with bittersweet memories but full of Henderson,who kept the table for a young orphan who 41.A.tired B.ashamed C.amusedD.proud D.product D.complete D.souvenir D.cruel D.confident 60 it so much.


to Mother

42.A.wonder B.award C.record 43.A.design B.invent C.paint C.prize

44.A.reward B.gift

45.A.satisfied B.patient C.strict 46.A.upset 47.A.thief 48.A.drying B.amazed B.hero

C.excited C.sword D.flash C.admiring



49.A.into B.across C.above D.behind 50.A.supposed B.embarrassedC.encouraged D.determined 51.A.agreed B.whispered C.sighed D.argued C.paint D.wood D.split

52.A.dirt B.glue

53.A.felt B.shook C.touched 54.A.put B.give C.take

D.throw D.recommended D.bedroom

55.A.learned B.expectedC.remembered 56.A.bathroom B.balcony


57.A.curiously B.unwillingly C.doubtfully D.worriedly 58.A.Before B.Since C.As B.gratitude D.Until C.sympathy D.regret


60.A.counted B.mattered

C.minded D.valued

语篇导读:本文是一篇记叙文。文章以小桌子为故事主线,通过 Henderson 修女帮助作者保存 心爱的作品的故事,让读者看到了一位充满爱心的女士。 答案及剖析: 41.D 考查形容词辨析。根据下文中的“It was absolutely beautiful...I was just so and

happy”可知,因为这是“我”做的第一件作品,所以“我”感到无比自豪。be proud of 为固定搭配, 意为“自豪,高兴,以……而骄傲”,符合语境。故选 D。 42.A 考查名词辨析。句意:我非常自豪以至于将其看作是我创造的一个奇迹一样。wonder

奇迹;award 奖品; record 纪录;product 产品。此处反映了作者内心的自豪感。故选 A。

43.D 考查动词辨析。 根据语境可知,“我”花了六个星期“做好”这张桌子。 故选 D,意为“完成”。 44.B 考查名词辨析。句意:我迫不及待地把桌子作为“礼物”送给 Winters 修女。根据下文中 的“She was the head mistress of our orphanage,who was always kind...”可知,作者是想把这个小 桌子送给 Winters 修女作为“礼物”。故选 B。 45.C 考查形容词辨析。句意:……她对我们很好但又很严格。根据表转折意味的“but”和下

文中的“She ordered me to throw the table out...”可以看出她对孩子们要求很“严格”。故选 C。 46.C 考查形容词辨析。upset 心烦的;amazed 吃惊的;excited 兴奋的;confident 有信心的。根 据“and happy that I couldn’t wait”并结合语境可知,桌子刷好漆后,“我”无比兴奋,以至于迫不及 待地想把桌子带到自己的房间。故选 C。 47.D 考查名词辨析。thief 小偷;hero 英雄;sword 刀,剑; flash 闪光。根据语境可知,“我”非常 兴奋和迫不及待,所以立即像闪电般冲了出去。故选 D,like a flash 为固定短语,意为“立即”。 48.C 考查动词辨析。句意:当 Winters 修女进来时我正在欣赏着自己的杰作。admire 欣赏, 符合语境。故选 C。 49.B 考查介词辨析。 根据“she noticed that it was still wet”可推知,Winters 修女的手在桌子的 表面拂过。across(从表面)穿过,跨过,强调“接触”,符合语境。故选 B。 50.A 考查动词辨析。根据语境可知,Winters 修女很生气,质问“我”是否该把桌子带到房间里 来。be supposed to do sth.为固定搭配,意为“应当做某事”。故选 A。 51.B 考查动词辨析。 根据上下文可知,Winters 修女不让孩子们把自己的作品带到房间里来, 但是作者没有按照修女说的做,所以此处指低下头“小声说”,知道自己做错了。故选 B。 52.A 考查名词辨析。 根据下文中的“I brushed and cried,but the dirt would not come off.”可知, 此处应填 dirt。 故选 A。 53.C 考查动词辨析。句意:我把桌子藏进衣柜里,从此就再也没有碰过它。feel 感知,感觉,

抚摸;shake 摇动;touch 触,碰;split 劈开,分解。根据语境可知,“我”应该是再也没“碰”过这个桌 子。故选 C。 54.D 考查动词辨析。根据语境可知,后来在大扫除中发现了这个桌子,作者只好上交。有了 前面的经历,“我”以为 Henderson 修女会把它“扔掉”。故选 D。 55.A 考 查 动 词 辨 析 。 句 意 : 三 十 年 后 在 一 次 聚 会 上 , 我 得 知 Henderson 修 女 住 在 附

近……learn 了解,听说,得知;expect 期望;remember 记忆;recommend 推荐。A 项符合语境。故 选 A。 56.C 考查名词辨析。 根据该句中的“come down”和下文中的“a dark corner”可推知,此处应该

是指随她来到“地下室”。故选 C。 57.A 考查副词辨析。 curiously 好奇地 ;unwillingly 不情愿地 , 不乐意地 ;doubtfully 疑惑

地;worriedly 担心地。根据上文可知,因为 Henderson 修女没做解释就让“我”随她去地下室,所 以“我”很好奇。故选 A。 58.C 考查连词辨析。 句意:当她转过身时,我看到她手里拿着一个小桌子。 as 意为“当……时”, 符合语境。故选 C。 59.B 考查名词辨析。 根据语境可知,多年前,“我”不得已把自己做的桌子上交给了 Henderson 修女;多年之后,“我”对这个桌子早已不抱希望,现在却又得知 Henderson 修女替“我”保管了这 个桌子,所以“我”心存感激。admiration 钦佩;gratitude 感激; sympathy 同情; regret 遗憾。故选 B。 60.D 考查动词辨析。count 计算;matter 有关系,要紧; mind 在意;value 重视,估价。通过上文 可知,作者很“看重”自己的第一个作品——那个小桌子。故选 D。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(2)篇 第三部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 41~60 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最 佳选项。 My brother,Mark,died in a traffic accident four years ago.He was my big brother and 41 looked after me.I am 42 today for all of the special times we had as running partners,and times 43 driving to different races,where we had so many 44 about life in general.I 45 these talks terribly at this time of the year. 46 ,I am so happy he shared with me the 47 of his faith.He was always so 48 to people,and I had been with him many times 49 we pulled over to help someone in need, 50 a smile and helping them get back on the road.So I was not 51 when he told me of the time when he was 52 in college.It was the end of the month.To make matters worse,it was Friday and he had no 53 in his pocket for the weekend.Pay day was Monday and he had no gas money to get home to 54 my dad and no money to buy food but he had faith that helping others 55 helping yourself. On his way home from classes that day,as he was driving along,he noticed a guy ahead of him 56 his lumber (木材) all over the road as he turned the corner.Mark 57 right over and helped him load the lumber back into his truck.The guy was so thankful and 58 his hand to Mark,and in it was one hundred dollars.Mark couldn’t believe his 59 .He told him that was unnecessary but the man 60 and off he drove. I still think of Mark sitting there telling me that story,with tears in his eyes,and how faithful he was. 41.A.hardly B.never C.sometimes D.always

42.A.successful B.thankful C.cheerful D.hopeful 43.A.spared B.wasted C.spent D.saved 44.A.questions B.arguments C.differences D.conversations 45.A.miss B.remember C.keep D.fear 46.A.However B.SoC.Then D.If 47.A.record B.belief C.story D.secret 48.A.careful B.helpful C.powerful D.grateful 49.A.because B.while C.until D.when 50.A.sharing B.forcing C.recognizing D.understanding 51.A.pleased B.worried C.surprised D.excited 52.A.never B.yet C.even D.still 53.A.food B.money C.paper D.key 54.A.change B.attend C.see D.persuade 55.A.means B.follows C.explains D.agrees 56.A.carry B.lose C.arrange D.place 57.A.pushed B.moved C.pulled D.walked 58.A.raised B.held C.offered D.shook 59.A.eyesB.ears C.mind D.feeling 60.A.complained B.apologized C.regretted D.insisted 语篇导读:因车祸去世的哥哥给作者留下了无限的思念,让他情不自禁地回想与哥哥共同生活 的美好情景。 答案及剖析: 41.D 联系作者对哥哥的思念之情,结合下文提到他乐于助人可知他总是(always)照顾作者。 42.B 根据下文中提到的 all of the special times we had as running partners 等情节可以推知, 作者对哥哥充满感激之情。 43.C 此处选 spent 用作 times 的定语,表示花费时间做某事。 44.D 联系下文中的 I...these talks terribly,说明作者经常和哥哥一起谈论生活。 45.A 作者怀念(miss)和哥哥在一起时的谈话。 46.A “能与哥哥分享有关他坚定信念的故事我很高兴”与上文的“思念”形成了转折关系,故 选 However。 47.C 作者很高兴,哥哥能和他一起分享有关他的坚定信念的故事,这里指下文中描述的哥哥 帮助别人的事情。 48.B 根据下文 I had been with him many times...help someone in need 可知,他总是乐于助人。 49.D 有很多次,作者和哥哥停下车来帮助那些需要帮助的人。when 引导定语从句。 50.A share 分享。此处表示哥哥把微笑带给他人。 51.C 作者对哥哥的乐于助人有所了解,所以当他说起在大学时期的一些事情的时候,作者并 不感到吃惊。 52.D 那时他还在上大学。 53.B 他那个时候还在上大学,到了月底,而且又是周五(星期一是发薪日),所以他身无分文。 下文的 no money 是提示。 54.C 他没有钱回家看望父亲,没有钱买食物。 55.A 虽然身无分文,但是他始终坚信帮助别人就意味着帮助自己。

56.B 了。 57.C 58.C 59.A 60.D

根据下文中的 helped him load the lumber back into his truck 可知,在拐弯的时候木材掉 他停下车,帮助卡车司机把木材重新装到车上。pull over 驶向路边,向路边停靠。 卡车司机把手伸向 Mark。offer sb.’s hand 伸出手。 司机手里是一百美元,Mark 不敢相信他的眼睛。 Mark 告诉卡车司机没必要给钱,但是司机仍然坚持要给他。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(3)篇 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 A new generation addiction is quickly spreading all over the world. Weboholism, a twentieth century disease,affects people from different __41__. They surf the net, use email and __42__ in chat rooms. They spend many hours __43__ the computer,and it becomes a compulsive __44__. They cannot stop, and it __45__ their lives.

Ten years ago, no one thought that using computers could become compulsive __46__ that could affect the social and physical life of computer __47__. This fascinating behavior has affected teenagers and college students. They are __48__ to log on computers and spend long hours at different websites. They become hooked on computers and __49__ their social and school life is affected by this situation. They spend all free time surfing and don't __50__ homework , so this addiction influences their __51__ and success at school. Because they can find everything on the websites, they __52__ there. Moreover,this addiction to websites influences their social life. They spend more time in front of computers than with __53__. The relation with their friends changes. The __54__ life becomes more important than their real life. They have a(n) __55__ that they speak in the chat rooms and it causes __56__ changes in society. Because of the change in their behavior, they begin to isolate themselves from the __57__ and live with their virtual friends. They __58__ their emotions and feelings with friends who they have never met in their life. __59__ they feel confident on the computer, they are not confident with real live friends they have known all their life. It is a problem for the __60__. This addictive behavior is beginning to affect the whole world. 41. A. countries C. ages B. schools D. nations

42. A. speak C. say 43. A. beside C. in 44. A. problem C. habit 45. A. destroys C. ruins 46. A. behavior C. response 47. A. users C. makers 48. A. possible C. likely 49. A. mainly C. particularly 50. A. concentrate on C. look through 51. A. intelligence C. action 52. A. hang about C. go around 53. A. classmates C. relatives 54. A. virtual C. magic 55. A. language C. way 56. A. mental C. physical 57. A. society C. students 58. A. exchange C. charge 59. A. Although C. Because 60. A. dream C. past

B. discuss D. perform B. on D. for B. focus D. character B. affects D. hurts B. introduction D. activity B. producers D. operators B. probable D. maybe B. normally D. gradually B. make up for D. make progress in B. grades D. patience B. hold back D. get around B. parents D. friends B. romantic D. unclear B. accent D. style B. cultural D. original B. family D. party B. offer D. share B. Once D. Unless B. reality D. future


答案: 本文是一篇说明文。 当今社会很多人对网络的迷恋程度到了十分危险的地步, 以至于对 生活、学习产生了不好的影响,尤其是那些上网成瘾的学生,他们无法平衡虚拟世界与现实 生活的关系。 41.C。根据下文内容以及生活常识可知,上网成瘾影响着不同年龄的人们。 42.A。根据第四段最后一句话“...they speak in the chat rooms”可知,这里指人们在聊天 室里聊天说话。 43. B。 他们花费大量的时间上网。 spend...on...是固定词组, 表示“在??上花费时间”。 44.C。上网成瘾已经成为一个不由自主的习惯(habit)。 45.B。上网成瘾因为不能戒掉,所以影响(affect)着人们的生活。谈不上会毁坏(destroy) 或毁灭(ruin)。也可根据下文中“...that could affect...”得出答案。 46.A。十年前,没有人想到使用电脑会成为一种令人着迷的行为。behavior 符合文意。 introduction 介绍; response 回答,反应;activity 活动。 47.A。这里指使用电脑这种行为影响着电脑使用者的社会生活和身体健康。 48.C。所给的四个词只有 likely 才可以用人作主语,构成 sb. be likely to do sth.句型。 49.D。网络上瘾是逐渐形成的一种行为。gradually 符合文意。mainly 主要地;normally 正常地;particularly 特别,尤其。 50.A。根据下文内容可知,人们花费好几个小时上网,肯定不能专心投入到学业中。 concentrate on 专心于, 把思想集中于; make up for 弥补; look through 浏览; make progress in 在??方面取得进步。 51.B。长时间上网自然会影响学生的成绩。与他们的理解力、行为和耐心无关。 52.A。根据上文内容可知,人们在网上到处闲逛寻找各类信息。hang about 闲逛;hold back 阻止,隐瞒; go around 到处走动;get around 传播,绕开。 53.D。根据下一句可知,他们在电脑前待的时间比和朋友待在一起的时间多。 54.A。根据该句的后半部分“more important than their real life”可知,这里指的是虚拟 的生活比真实的生活更重要。 55.A。根据该句中的 speak 一词可知,这里指的是使用网络新语言。 56.B。网络语言的出现影响的是文化。cultural 符合文意。mental 精神的;physical 身 体的;original 最初的,原始的。 57.A。网络使很多人脱离了现实社会。 58.D。他们和没有见面的朋友共同分享感情。share sth.with sb.与某人共享某物。 59.A。虽然他们在电脑面前很自信,但是对于与现实生活中的朋友相处却不自信。 60. D。 由下文的“This addictive behavior is beginning to affect the whole world.”也可分析, 这是一个留给未来去解决的问题。故用 future。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(4)篇 第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 When I was young I wanted to be a model, so I convinced my parents to take me for an audition(试演). I was $900 I could __42___ __41___by the judges and told I had potential. They said that for only a weekend event that dozens of the most well-known __43___

agencies would attend. At 13, my I ___46___

__44___of fame and fortune clouded all judgment and I

begged my parents to let me go. We were not rich, but they saw my ___45___and agreed. being signed by some famous modeling companies. For months, any I faced was pushed aside because I knew I would soon have the boredom or ___47___

chance to be a real model. I thought I would be on the ___48___ of famous magazines! Of course, I wasn't signed, but what ___49___ me most was being told that if I grew to 1.75 meters I could be a ___50___. I prayed for a growth spurt (突然增加) ___51___I could not imagine giving up my dream. I made a(n) ___52___ with a local modeling agency and the agent demanded $500 for classes, and $300 for other expenses. My parents only agreed after hours and hours of my __53___. The agency sent me out on a few auditions, but I didn't receive any call, so I was very ___54___. The final straw came in September after I had decided to waiting, only to be told that I was too Years later, I didn't ___58___ ___57___ ___55___ commercial modeling. There was an open call in New York City. I spent hours driving and another few hours ___56___. I was extremely upset. ___59___ and I that the trip to New York was good as it made me notice I ___60___ goal. The experience has made me

love modeling, just the idea of it. I wanted to be

was naively(天真地)determined to reach an stronger and that will help me later in my life. 41. A. selected C. ignored 42. A. witness C. record 43. A. acting C. modeling 44. A. senses C. attitudes

B. invited D. refused B. celebrate D. attend B. travel D. advertising B. hopes D. doubts


45. A. fortune C. preparation 46. A. considered C. appreciated 47. A. disappointment C. excitement 48. A. articles C. covers 49. A. motivated C. comforted 50. A. giantB. beauty C. dresser 51. A. because C. unless 52. A. wish C. comment 53. A. complaining C. begging 54. A. sad C. patient 55. A. take in C. put away 56. A. suitable C. short 57. A. realized C. confirmed 58. A. gradually C. extremely 59. A. realistic C. special 60. A. impossible C. achievable 答案:

B. training D. enthusiasm B. imagined D. admitted B. embarrassment D. amusement B. sales D. editions B. hurt D. satisfied D. success B. though D. before B. appointment D. promise B. questioning D. advising B. excited D. curious B. show off D. focus on B. worried D. pretty B. assumed D. declared B. eventually D. actually B. generous D. considerate B. immediate D. ideal

作者在年轻时,希望自己能成为一名模特,但是经过一番努力之后,她发现自己并不适 合当模特。 41. A。“我”被面试官选(selected)上了,他们说“我”有潜力。 42.D。他们说只要花 900 美元“我”就可以参加(attend)周末的一个活动。 43.C。根据 41 空后面的“some famous modeling companies”可知,这里指的是模特

(modeling)经纪公司也会参加。47 空后面的“modeling agency”是线索提示。 44.B。“我”对名声、财富的希望 (hopes)遮蔽了“我”所有的判断力,“我”乞求 “我”的父母让“我”参加。 45.D。我们家并不富裕,但是“我”的父母看到了“我”的热情(enthusiasm),他们就 同意了。 46.B。“我”想象(imagined)自己被一些著名的模特公司签约。 47 .A。几个月来“我”把自己所面临的厌倦和失望 (disappointment) 放到一边,因为 “我”知道很快“我”就会有机会成为一名真正的模特。 48.C。“我”想“我”会登上著名杂志的封面(covers)。 49.B。最让“我”伤心(hurt)的是,“我”被告知要长到 1.75 米的个头,“我”才会 成功。 50.D。参见上题解析。success 表示“成功的人”。 51. A。 “我”祈祷“我”的个头可以猛长, 因为(because)“我”无法想象要放弃“我” 的梦想。 52.B。“我”和当地的一家模特经纪公司做了一个约定(appointment)。 53.C。几个小时的恳求(begging)后,“我”的父母只好同意了。 54.A。这家经纪公司送“我”去试演过几次,但是“我”没有接到任何回电,所以 “我”很难过(sad)。 55.D。“我”决定专注于(focus on)商业模特。 56.C。根据上文的“If I grew to 1.75 meters”以及“I prayed for a growth spurt(突然增 加)”可知,他们觉得“我”太矮(short)。 57.A。几年以后,“我”才意识到(realized)这一点。 58.D。事实上(actually)“我”并不喜欢做模特,这只是自己的一个想法而已。 59.C。“我”想成为不一般的(special)人。 60.A。“我”那时只是天真地决定要达到一个不可能(impossible)达到的目标。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(5)篇 第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 I have always been an independent person , but I have come to know that being

independent does not mean refusing help. I may still be __41__ with asking for help,but I try


to accept. Furthermore, I will even __42__ help and when my offers are refused,I am __43__ willing to walk away. And all these changes came from a disaster on an island.

Sometimes a person's independence is a __44__ of pride, daring,stubbornness and luck. I used to be too __45__ since I was little. I was once a traveler who never asked for __46__, choosing instead to struggle with maps and signs until I found my way. Then one day on the island of Koh Phangan, in Thailand, everything __47__. I was swimming in the ocean with Sean,my fiancé (未婚夫), when he was __48__ by a box jellyfish(箱 形水母). He __49__ within three minutes, 25 years old. Yet when onlookers and travelers asked if I wanted __50__, stubborn pride and force of habit __51__ me accepting. But two young Israeli women stayed.__52__ my protest(反对), they were with me even when the police tried to cover up the __53__ of Sean's death. It was listed as drunk drowning to avoid hurting the __54__ industry. The Israeli women __55__ have walked away.__56__, without even telling me, they __57__ their schedule rather than leave me behind. __58__ I didn't realize it at the time, I now believe I would not have __59__ the disaster without these great women. Actually, the person who needs help the most is usually the last person to ask for it. I have learned __60__ is better than refusing because it not only helps you walk out of trouble,but also helps you know the real meaning of life. 41. A. struggling C. confused 42. A. offer C. seek 43. A. occasionally C. usually 44. A. range C. way 45. A. adventurous C. independent 46. A. money C. directions 47. A. happened C. changed B. dealing D. satisfied B. accept D. desire B. frequently D. seldom B. symbol D. mix B. brave D. creative B. equipment D. suggestions B. messed D. disappeared

48. A. attacked C. followed 49. A. sunk C. failed 50. A. company C. comfort 51. A. kept C. denied 52. A. In spite of C. In terms of 53. A. proof C. fact 54. A. medicine C. fishing 55. A. could C. should 56. A. Therefore C. Instead 57. A. delayed C. considered 58. A. When C. Because 59. A. survived C. avoided 60. A. refusing C. giving 答案:

B. caught D. impressed B. died D. recovered B. advice D. evidence B. prevented D. suggested B. In case of D. As a result of B. news D. cause B. entertainment D. tourism B. need D. must B. Otherwise D. Besides B. made D. threw B. While D. If B. experienced D. suffered B. accepting D. begging

本文是一篇记叙文。独立并不意味着要拒绝帮助,接受帮助比拒绝帮助好,这是“我” 通过自己的亲身经历领悟到的道理。 41.A。struggle with 表示“与??作斗争”,根据上下文逻辑关系可判断“我”还在 同“是否要寻求帮助”作斗争。 42.A。根据下文的“when my offers”可分析判断,“我”甚至会给别人提供帮助。 43. D。 当“我”给别人提供帮助而被拒绝时, 很少会心甘情愿地走开。 这与下文“我” 拒 绝 别 人 的 帮 助 时 , 对 方 还 是 留 下 来 陪 “ 我 ” 的 经 历 有 关 。 occasionally“ 偶 尔 ” ; frequently“经常地”;usually“通常”;seldom“很少”。 44 . D 。有时一个人的独立是骄傲、勇敢、顽强和运气的结合。 range“一系列”; symbol“象征”; way“方式”;mix“混合,结合”。

45.C。根据文章第一句以及下文的内容可分析判断,“我”是一个非常独立的人。 46.C。根据第 41 空后面的“choosing instead to struggle with maps and signs until I found my way” 分 析判断,“我”曾经旅行时从不问路。 money 钱 ; equipment“装备”; direction“方向”;suggestion“建议”。 47.C。根据第一段的最后一句分析判断,此处表示“一切都变了”,故选 C 项。 48. A。 根据下文提到的“我”未婚夫之死可分析, 他受到了箱形水母的攻击。 attack“攻 击”。 49.B。根据“25 years old”及第 48 空后面的“Sean's death”可分析判断,Sean 在三分钟之 内就死了,故选 B 项。 50.A。可由上文分析判断,“我”正遭受着未婚夫突然去世的打击,再结合第 46 空 后面的“two young Israeli women stayed”可知, 周围的人在问作者是否需要陪伴。 company“陪 伴”。 51.B。“我”固执的骄傲和习惯的力量阻止“我”接受别人提供的帮助。prevent“阻 止”。 52. A。 尽管“我”反对, 她们还是留下来陪“我”。 in spite of“尽管”; in case of“以 防万一”;in terms of“就??而言”;as a result of“由于??”。 53.D。根据下一句中的“It was listed as drunk drowning”可知,警方尽力地掩盖 Sean 死 亡的原因。cause“原因”。 54.D。Sean 因受水母攻击而死亡,警方掩盖其死因是为了避免影响到当地的旅游业。 55.A。could have done 表示“本来能做,而实际上未做”,此处指那两位以色列女士 本来能够离开的,但她们还是留下来陪“我”。 56.C。她们却宁可延误自己的日程安排,也不扔下“我”不管。instead“反而,却”。 57.A。结合上一句句意分析判断。 58.B。while 表示“尽管”。尽管“我”当时没有意识到这一点,但现在“我”相信, 如果没有这两位好心的女士,“我”不会从这场灾难中幸存。 59.A。结合上一句句意逻辑分析判断。survive“幸存;存活”。 60.B。根据下文的“because it not only...of life”并结合全文可知,此处表示“接受帮助 比拒绝帮助好”。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(6)篇 第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处


的最佳选项。 When I was in my early twenties,I moved away from my home state of Wisconsin to attend graduate school. I chose to go to the University of Arizona in Tucson and __41__ there. Upon landing in early June, I was shocked by the lack of __42__ and the burning desert heat. After less than two days in that __43__,I called my parents to question whether I had made the __44__ choice and to announce that I was __45__ considering coming home. My father,in a calm and __46__ voice, indicated that I always had a __47__. I could always come home and be welcome there. But in fact, we both __48__ I wouldn't come home at the time. Needless to say,I chose to __49__. Many years have passed. My father's __50__ words remain with me. Knowing that I can always __51__,I've been able to __52__ several challenging situations—unemployment,

divorce and even the __53__ of my only son. I have also used these words in many cases where others need to know that someone __54__ and that they do have a choice. Whether __55__ is earthly, spiritual, or some sense of calm,knowing that we can come home will be just enough to __56__ us on our way. It __57__ me,in a way,of the prodigal son(回头的浪子) who found __58__ and love upon returning home. While we don't have to be like him and lit bottom in life,it is good to know that we can wander and experience pains and __59__ in life but we still have a home where love, support and comfort __60__. 41. A. flew C. walked 42. A. blue C. brown 43. A. family C. environment 44. A. new C. last 45. A. naturally C. obviously 46. A. gentle C. supportive 47. A. choice C. friend 48. A. pretended C. knew 49. A. graduate C. return B. drove D. cycled B. yellow D. green B. refuge D. desert B. right D. difficult B. fortunately D. seriously B. weak D. pleasant B. dream D. request B. expected D. forgot B. regret D. continue

50. A. surprising C. interesting 51. A. wander outside C. come home 52. A. face up to C. make sure of 53. A. return C. arrival 54. A. worries C. leaves 55. A. health C. church 56. A. help C. block 57. A. informs C. warns 58. A. comfort C. food 59. A. regrets C. sufferings 60. A. survive C. fall 答案:

B. encouraging D. moving B. hang around D. move away B. get away with D. look out for B. growth D. loss B. cares D. stays B. marriage D. home B. stop D. teach B. reminds D. rids B. interest D. money B. complaints D. pleasures B. exist D. disappear

本文是一篇语境化记叙文。家是什么?家是温馨的港湾,家是游子心中永远的牵挂,家 是父母的一份守候,家是心灵的最终归宿,家是容忍你犯错的永恒庇护所。就让我们带着这 份情谊去感受家的温馨吧! 41.A。从下文语境中的“Upon landing”可知,“我”是坐飞机去那儿的,所以用 flew。 42.D。根据下文语境中提到的“burning desert heat”可知,这里是不毛之地,所以缺乏 绿色(green)。 43.C。 由语境可知, “我”在那样的环境(environment)中住了不到两天就打电话给父母。 44.B。此时“我”质疑自己是否作出了正确的(right)选择。 45.D。“我”向父母宣布,“我”很认真地(seriously)在考虑是否要回家了。 46.C。根据下文中“I could always come home and be welcome there”可知父亲对“我” 的决定表示了支持,故用 supportive,同时也可以结合上文语境中关键的信息词“calm”推 知正确答案。 47.A。下文语境中多次提到“choice”,这里表示我一直都可以有一个选择(choice),那


就是回家。 48.C。但是事实上,父亲和“我”都知道 (know)“我”是不会放弃 (而回家 )的,所以 “我”最终还是选择继续(continue)留在亚利桑那大学求学。 49.D。由上一句的句意及分析可知。 50.B。很多年过去了,父亲激励“我”的话仍然影响着“我”,所以用 encouraging。 51.C。每次当“我”面对(face up to)挑战的时候,“我”总是可以回家(come home)得到 慰藉的。wander outside 表示“在外闲逛”,hang around 表示“到处游荡”,move away 表 示“移走”,都不符合语境。 52.A。由上一句的句意可分析推知。get away with 表示“做(坏事)而未受处罚”;make sure of 表示“确信??”,look out for 表示“当心,提防”,都不符合语境。 53.D。结合上文的“unemployment,divorce”可知,这些都是人生中的失意之事,而丧 子之殇(loss of my only son)则更是人生的大悲。 54.B。“我”总是用父亲的话去激励别人,让他们知道即便碰到挫折,总还有人在关心 (care)着他们,他们还是可以选择(回家)的。 55.D。由上下文语境可分析,这里在强调我们对家(home)的印象和家对我们的意义。 56.A。知道远方的家一直在为我们游子守候,这能够帮助(help)我们一路前行。 57.B。remind sb. of sth.是固定表达,表示“让某人想起某事”,这里表示“我想起了一 个回头的浪子的故事”。 58.A。由下文语境中的关键信息词“love”即可判断,家给了回头的浪子慰藉(comfort) 和关爱。第 55 空前面的“comfort”是关键暗示。 59.C。由上文语境中的关键信息词“pains”可知,这里表示痛苦,故用 sufferings,与 “pains”同义。 60.B。由上文语境可知,家是关爱、支持和慰藉存在(exist)的地方。 2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(7)篇 第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 This evening I met a friend at a local bar. She brought her laptop __41__ so she could show me some of her latest digital __42__ designs. As we looked through her artwork, the laptop suddenly __43__ making an unhealthy noise, then the screen twinkled on and off and then cut off __44__. And as we both stared at one another surprisingly, the __45__ smell of fried computer circuits (线路) appeared.


I grabbed the laptop off the bar to inspect it and the problem instantly __46__ itself. The bottom of the laptop was completely __47__ and an empty,spilt water glass rested __48__ the side of her purse just behind where the __49__ was sitting. While we were chatting and shifting the laptop's 17inch screen __50__, we somehow spilt a glass of water that the waiter had inadvertently(无意地)__51__ behind the screen, which was out of our __52__. When life throws us some __53__ like this, it typically doesn't make any sense to us,and our natural emotional reaction might get extremely __54__ at the top of our lungs. But how does this help our dilemma? __55__,it doesn't. The smartest and hardest thing we can do in these kinds of __56__ is to be more tempered in our reactions. You'd be much wiser and more disciplined than scream extremely. You should __57__ that emotional rage only makes matters worse. And please remember that once it happens, that will give us an __58__ to grow stronger. Every difficult moment in our lives is accompanied by an opportunity for personal growth and __59__. But in order to attain this growth and creativity,we must first learn to control our emotions. We must recognize that difficulties __60__ like everything else in life. Life is short. Our thoughts lead our reality. 41. A. along C. forward 42. A. fashion C. nature 43. A. helped C. started 44. A. normally C. suddenly 45. A. horrible C. accessible 46. A. arose C. rose 47. A. wet C. warm 48. A. from C. against 49. A. laptop C. friend 50. A. up and down C. in and out 51. A. placed B. around D. back B. science D. art B. finished D. stopped B. completely D. deliberately B. terrible D. sensible B. aroused D. raised B. dry D. cold B. over D. with B. glass D. waiter B. back and forth D. far and wide B. forced


C. stayed 52. A. reach C. interest 53. A. questions C. explanations 54. A. upset C. surprised 55. A. Gradually C. Eventually 56. A. environments C. surroundings 57. A. forget C. remember 58. A. advantage C. opportunity 59. A. creativity C. activity 60. A. pass C. ignore 答案:

D. dropped B. order D. view B. troubles D. competitions B. excited D. delighted B. Obviously D. Strangely B. expectations D. situations B. regret D. expect B. admission D. attention B. respect D. convenience B. change D. reduce

本文是一篇语境化记叙文。 在我们的生命中, 每个艰难时刻都伴有一个自我成长和创造 的机会, 但我们必须首先要学会控制自己的情绪, 这样才能把握住这个机会。 生命是短暂的, 我们的思想掌控着现实的生活。 41.A。 该句句意: 她随身带了台笔记本电脑。 bring along(随身携带), 符合语境。 而 bring around(说服,使信服),bring forward(提前,提出),bring back(送回),均与文意不符。 42.D。由下文的“we looked through her artwork”可判断该空该选 art。 43.C。句意:电脑突然开始发出了一阵不正常的嗡嗡声。选 C 项。 44.B。结合上一句分析:随后屏幕不停地闪烁,直至“完全”(completely)关机。 45.B 。句意:我们诧异地盯着对方,却闻到了一股“难闻的”(terrible) 焦味。其他 accessible(容易取得的),sensible(合情理的),horrible(可怕的),均不合语境。 46.A。英语中,表示问题“显现,出来”时,常用 arise,此句句意:问题马上就明了 了。故 A 项符合语境。 47.A。由下文的“an empty,spilt water glass rested”即可分析:水洒了,电脑的底部被 浸“湿了”(wet)。 48.C。根据下文“the side of her purse...”即可分析:水杯翻倒在了她的钱包旁。显然有 “逆,反”之意,故用介词 against。


49.A。根据句意:恰巧那电脑就放在钱包的后面。故用 laptop。 50.B。根据语境,我们谈论时反复来回地移动那 17 寸的屏幕。back and forth(来回)符合 语境。而 up and down(上下),in and out(进出),far and wide(到处),均与文意不符。 51.A。结合语境分析:服务生无意地将水杯“放在”(placed)了电脑的后面。 52.D。句意:这也在我们的视线之外,即我们没有注意到。故用 view。 53.B。文章第一、二段出现的意外显然是 trouble,故此处用 some troubles 来表达句意: 当生活给我们出类似于这种棘手的难题时??。 54.A。根据上文语境可知出现了许多麻烦,由常识推断出我们的自然反应是非常心烦, 故选 upset。 55.B。结合上一句可分析:但这样会帮我们脱离困境吗?显然不会。故用 obviously。 56.D。in these kinds of situations 表示“在这些情况下”,其他三项均不符合句意。 57.C。 由上下文即可分析, 作者是想让人们记住: emotional rage only makes matters worse 即“情绪愤怒只会使事情变得更糟”。故用 remember。 58.C。 由上文“remember that once it happens”可知, 那会给我们一个变得更坚强的“机 会”(opportunity)。 59.A 。根据语境分析:在我们的生命中,每个艰难时刻都伴有一个自我成长和“创 造”(creativity)的机会。 60.A。根据下文“Life is short”可分析:困难是我们生命中的一个个过客,就像其他东 西一样。故用 pass。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(8)篇 第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 Failure, they say, is the best teacher. We learn and have more confidence in what we know through trial and error, which onetime or another has __41__ failure. You don't have to __42__ your failure if what you really want to achieve is __43__. For every __44__ achievement, there have been one or more failures. But those who we call successful are those who __45__ to accept failure and believe success is the other side of failure. The incandescent light (白炽灯) was __46__ after 1,000 failures. If Thomas Edison had __47__ after he tried 100 times without the desired result, what would have been the __48__ of such effort?


Any time you see products and new inventions, think in term of failures that are not accepted.__49__ everything in a microform(缩微过程) today is a result of failure not accepted. Any time your effort is not bringing a(n) __50__ result, you don't have to call it a failure. Call it a challenge. What is the __51__ between the two? One is negative, the other is __52__; one demotivates,the other motivates. What you need is positive thinking and motivation to __53__ success. Failure is an end thing; __54__ is an open thing. Failure means there is no way out, no alternative, but a challenge is a question mark __55__ another way out of the situation,an alternative __56__ to the problem. Keep dreaming, keep moving; that is the solution to success. A wise man once said if you cannot fly, run. If you cannot __57__, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl; just keep on moving. If you fall down, you have to __58__ and start moving. If not, other people will step on you towards their __59__. What you call failure and __60__ is what someone will step into with just a little additional effort to reach achievement. 41. A. come from C. resulted from 42. A. deny C. accept 43. A. dreams C. barriers 44. A. successful C. difficult 45. A. prepare C. refuse 46. A. used C. found 47. A. forgot C. regretted 48. A. meaning C. result 49. A. Moreover C. However 50. A. imagined C. poor 51. A. similarity C. relationship 52. A. reasonable C. positive B. resulted in D. come across B. receive D. gain B. imaginations D. success B. creative D. important B. try D. attempt B. discovered D. invented B. stopped D. succeeded B. importance D. cause B. Therefore D. Otherwise B. desired D. final B. characteristic D. difference B. meaningless D. beneficial

53. A. achieve C. miss 54. A. chance C. challenge 55. A. reflecting C. suggesting 56. A. response C. entrance 57. A. rise C. run 58. A. lie flat C. sit still 59. A. advantage C. achievement 60. A. quit C. prefer 答案:

B. enjoy D. avoid B. motivation D. effort B. asking D. offering B. key D. solution B. fly D. stand B. get up D. run away B. destination D. strength B. hate D. continue

本文是一篇议论文。 作者在第一段就提出论点“失败是最好的老师”, 接下来通过举例 以及对比来论证自己的观点,并提出建议:正确面对失败,把失败当做一个挑战。 41.B。which 指代的是上文的 trial and error,尝试和错误有时会“导致”失败。 42.C。根据下文的内容可知,作者建议我们不要“接受”失败。 43.D。如果你真正想要得到的是“成功”,你不必接受失败。 44.A。 根据下文举例可知, 作者是说“对于每个‘成功’, 都有一个或者更多的失败”。 45.C。根据下文的“believe success is the other side of failure”可知,这些人“拒绝”接 受失败。 46.D。作者以白炽灯的“发明”为例来论证自己的观点,因此这里选择 invented(发明)。 47.B。本句是一个虚拟的句子,表示:如果爱迪生尝试了 100 次之后没有得到想要的结 果就停下来了,那些努力的结果又会是什么样的呢? 48.C。此处指的是努力带来的“结果”。 49.A。根据上下文内容可知,本句是对上一句进一步进行解释,因此选择 moreover(此 外,再者)。“因此”“然而”“否则”均不符合句意。 50.B。第二段最后一句中的“without the desired result”就是本题的提示。desired 意为 “渴望的,想得到的”。 51.D。根据下文内容可知,这是比较 failure 和 challenge 之间的“区别”。 52.C。与 negative(消极的)相对的是 positive(积极的)。 53.A。你所需要的是积极的想法和动机来“获得”成功。

54.C。根据下文可知,本段还是在对比 failure 和 challenge。 55.B。a question mark 意思是“问号”,提示我们选择 asking(询问,要求)。 56.D。根据下文“the solution to success”可以确定答案,意思是“解决问题的方法”。 57.C。观察本段前两个句子,可知这是排比句式,因此这里选择 run。 58.B。如果你跌倒了,你得赶快爬“起来”继续前行。 59.C。根据最后一句中的 reach achievement 可以推断,如果跌倒了不爬起来,别人就会 踩着你朝他们的“成就”前进。 60.A。 你称之为失败并且“放弃”了的东西, 别人踩着它稍加努力就实现了他们的成就。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(9)篇 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 One day I was shopping in a small town in southern California. It was my __41___ to be approached by a clerk whose personality clashed( 冲突 ) with mine. He seemed most

__42___ and not at all concerned about my intended purchase. I bought marched angrily out of the store. My establishment increased with each step. __44___ toward

__43____, and

that clerk and the entire

On the outside, standing by the parking lot, was a dark skinned young man in his early twenties. His __45__ brown eyes met and held mine,and in the next instant a beautiful, his face. My attention was immediately arrested. The ___47___ ___48___ within me, and I found the muscles in my own

broad smile ___46___

power of that smile removed all face ___49___

responding. “Beautiful day, isn't it?” I remarked when passing. Then, I __50___. “I really owe you a debt of gratitude,” I said

obeying an impulse(冲动), softly.

His smile deepened, __51___ he made no attempt to answer. A Mexican woman and two men were standing nearby. The woman __52___ and eyed me inquiringly. “Carlo, he

can't speak English,” she __53___. “Do you want me to tell him something?” At that moment I felt __54___. Carlo's smile had made a big toward all mankind stood ten feet tall. person of me. My friendliness and good __55___

“Yes,” my reply was enthusiastic and sincere, “Tell him what I said, ‘Thank you!’” “Thank you?”the woman seemed slightly ___56___.


I gave her arm a friendly pat ___57___ “He'll understand. I am sure!”

I turned to leave. “Just tell him that, ” I insisted.

Oh,what a smile can ___58___!Although I have never seen that young man again,I shall never forget the lesson he taught me that morning. ___59___, I smile consciously, and I practice the ___60___ diligently, anywhere and everywhere, with everybody. B. luck D. burden B. hardworking D. unfriendly B. nothing D. anything B. walk D. anger B. painful D. critical B. twisted D. wiped B. shocking D. dragging B. excitement D. sorrow B. happily D. slightly B. looked ahead D. went away B. for D. so B. stepped forward D. passed by B. volunteered D. begged B. involved D. absorbed B. mind D. will B. frustrated D. confused B. as

41. A. misfortune C. opportunity 42. A. helpful C. uncertain 43. A. something C. everything 44. A. attitude C. approach 45. A. blank C. expressive 46. A. covered C. spread 47. A. magic C. evil 48. A. happiness C. bitterness 49. A. unwillingly C. merely 50. A. turned back C. cut in 51. A. and C. but 52. A. showed off C. marched on 53. A. hesitated C. responded 54. A. ignored C. transformed 55. A. power C. fortune 56. A. frightened C. discouraged 57. A. while

C. since 58. A. operate C. do 59. A. From that day on C. Every now and then 60. A. kindness C. work 答案:

D. after B. run D. attract B. After a while D. For a moment B. art D. stress

微笑的力量是神奇的。作者心中积聚的愤怒、痛苦竟被一个陌生人的微笑瞬间化解了。 41. A。根据下文的“whose personality clashed(冲突)with mine”可知,此处表示与这样 一个店员接触是“我”的不幸(misfortune)。burden“负担”。 42.D。根据 37 空后面的“and not at all concerned about my intended purchase”可知,该 店员不友好(unfriendly)。 43.B。结合下文作者生气地走出商店可知,作者什么也没买,因此选 B 项。 44.D。根据 38 空后面的 angrily 可知,此处应用 anger。 45.C。根据下文这个年轻人对作者微笑,并引起了作者的注意可知,他的眼睛是富有表 情的(expressive)。 46.A。此处表示年轻人满脸笑容,所以用 covered。cover“覆盖”;twist“扭曲”; spread“散布”;wipe“擦,拭”。 47.A 。因为年轻人的微笑完全消除了作者的痛苦,所以此处应表示“微笑的神奇的 (magic)力量”。 48.C。参见上题解析。bitterness“痛苦”。注意:sorrow 表示“悲伤,悲痛”。 49.B。 作者的情绪发生变化之后, 脸上的肌肉应是作出高兴的反应。 happily“高兴地”, 符合语境。 50. A。作者在经过年轻人时说了句“天气不错,不是吗?”,接着又折回来对年轻人 说了表示感激的话,所以选 A 项。turn back“掉转头,折回”,符合语境。 51.C。分析 46 空前后两个分句可知,此处构成转折关系,所以选 C 项。 52.B。根据下文该女子想帮忙,问作者是不是需要她做翻译可知,此处应表示她走向前 (stepped forward)。 53.B。该女子自愿为作者做翻译,所以选 B 项。 54.C。根据下文的“Carlo's smile had made a big person of me”可知,作者感觉被改变 (transformed)了。 55.D。根据“friendliness and good”可知,此处应指好的意愿(will)。 56.D 。 根 据 51 空 前 面 的 “Thank you ? ” 可 知 , 该 女 子 有 点 儿 困 惑 (confused) 。 frustrated“挫败的”。

57.B。当“我”转身要离开的时候,“我”友好地拍了一下她的手臂。as 在此处表 示“当??的时候”,引导时间状语从句。注意:while 引导时间状语从句时,从句谓语动 词必须是延续性动词。 58.C。此处为一个微笑能做到的事情感到惊叹,所以用 do。 59.A。从那天起(from that day on),作者也有意识地微笑。 60.B。微笑应是一门艺术,因此选 B 项。 2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(10)篇 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项。 If you want your life to stand for peace and kindness, it's helpful to do kind, peaceful things. One of my __41__ ways to do this is by developing my own __42__ actions. These little acts of kindness are __43__ to be of service and reminders of how good it feels to be __44__ and helpful. We live in a rural area of the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of what we see is beauty and __45__. One of the exceptions to the beauty is the __46__ that some people throw out of their windows as they are __47__ on the rural roads. One of the few drawbacks to __48__ the mountainous area is that public services,such as litter collection,are less __49__ than those are closer to the city. A helping action that I practice __50__ with my two children is picking up litter in our surrounding area. We've become so __51__ to doing this that my daughters will often say to me in exciting __52__, “There's some litter, Daddy, stop the __53__! ” And if we have time, we will often pull over and pick it up. It may seem __54__, but we actually enjoy it. We pick up litter in parks,on sidewalks,practically __55__. Once I even saw a complete stranger picking up litter close to __56__ we live. He smiled at me and said, “I saw you doing it, and it seemed like a good __57__.” Picking up litter is only one of an __58__ supply of possible helping actions. You might like holding a door open for people, __59__ lonely elderly people in nursing homes, or removing snow off someone else's driveway. Perhaps you might __60__ something that seems effortless yet helpful. It's fun, personally rewarding, and setting a good example. Everyone wins. 41. A. favorite C. difficult 42. A. taking C. passing 43. A. customs B. familiar D. different B. placing D. helping B. ceremonies

C. opportunities 44. A. cruel C. proud 45. A. science C. universe 46. A. list C. litter 47. A. driving C. floating 48. A. search for C. look at 49. A. acceptable C. horrible 50. A. regularly C. calmly 51. A. opposed C. devoted 52. A. lungs C. sounds 53. A. horse C. bike 54. A. strange C. imaginable 55. A. nowhere C. somewhere 56. A. why C. which 57. A. idea C. excuse 58. A. empty C. immediate 59. A. describing C. visiting 60. A. ask for C. carry out 答案:

D. occasions B. kind D. brave B. weather D. nature B. guidebook D. check B. directing D. flying B. live in D. march into B. available D. honorable B. completely D. roughly B. reduced D. accustomed B. voices D. tones B. carriage D. car B. sensitive D. necessary B. anywhere D. everywhere B. when D. where B. plan D. feel B. endless D. attractive B. developing D. valuing B. look into D. think of

本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。 如果你想让自己的生活安宁祥和, 最好做一些友善平和的 事情。 “我”最喜欢的一种方式是培养自己乐于助人的习惯。 这些小小的善行让你有机会去

帮助别人,让你意识到待人友善、乐于助人的感觉有多好。 41.A。根据下文提到的具体的助人习惯可判断,此句表示:“我”最喜欢的一种方式。 故用 favorite。 42.D。根据下文多处提到的 helping actions 分析判断,其意为“助人的行动(习惯)”。 43.C。custom 风俗;ceremony 典礼,仪式;occasion 场合;opportunity 机会。句意: 这些小小的善行让你有机会去帮助别人。故用 opportunities。 44.B。结合上一句逻辑分析:让你意识到待人友善、乐于助人的感觉有多好。由下文 的 and helpful 也可推理判断。 45.D。根据上文关键的信息“a rural area...Most of what we see is beauty...”即可分析,此 处该用 nature。 46.C。由下文多处提到的 picking up litter 即可推理判断。 47.A。根据“throw out of their windows”以及“on the rural roads”这些关键词语可分析, 此处该用 driving 表示驾车行驶。 48.B。search for 寻找;live in 居住;look at 看;march into 长驱直入。根据语境可知 居住在这种偏远的地方的一个缺点就是缺少必要的公共服务。故用 live in。 49.B。acceptable 可接受的;available 可利用的;horrible 可怕的; honorable 受人尊 敬的。根据语境可知在偏远山区公共设施服务是较少的,所以选 available。 50.A。句意:“我”跟“我”的两个孩子经常做的一件事就是捡拾我们周围地区的垃 圾。regularly“有规律地,经常地”。 51.D。了解以下几种搭配:be opposed to doing sth.反对做某事,be reduced to doing sth. 使某人沦为做某事,be devoted to doing sth.把时间(钱,精力等)献给某事。be accustomed to 习惯于,符合语境,故选 D 项。 52.B。in a...voice“用??声音说”。 53.D。由上文的“driving on the rural roads.”可推理判断。 54.A。根据句意:这似乎有点不可思议,但我们真的喜欢这样做。 55.B。句意:我们在公园里,人行道上,几乎任何地方捡拾垃圾。nowhere 任何地方 都不,anywhere 随便什么地方,较 everywhere(到处)语气强,somewhere 在某处。 56.D。where we live 作介词 to 的宾语。 57.A。“it seemed like a good idea.”即“看来是个好主意。” 58.B。句意:捡垃圾只不过是“无数”(endless)善意行为中的一种形式而已。 59. C。 由语境可分析整个句子含义: 你可以为别人开门, 或者去敬老院“看望”(visiting) 那些孤独的老人,或者清除别人行车道上的积雪。 60.D。结合“that seems effortless yet helpful.”作定语,修饰 something 即可分析句意: 总会“想出”(think of)一些似乎毫不费力但又非常有益的事情。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(11)篇 Ⅳ. 完形填空 When I began planning to move to Auckland to study, my mother was worried about a lack of jobs and cultural differences. Ignoring these __1__, I got there in July 2010. __3__ __2__

I arrived , I realized the importance of getting a job Determined to do this __5__ response (回应).

my living expenses.

__4__, I spent several weeks going doortodoor for a job, but found

One afternoon, I walked into a building to ask

__6__there were any job opportunities(机 __7__. As I was about

会). The people there advised me not to continue my job search in that to

__8__, a man who had been listening approached me and asked me to wait outside __9__.

Nearly ten minutes later, he __10__. He asked me about my plans and encouraged me to stay __11__. Then he offered to take me to Royal Oak to I was a little surprised, but had a realized that I had __14__ __13__ __12__ a job.

feeling about him. Along the way, I at his

ré sumé s(简历). Seeing this, the man __15__ __16__

business partner's office to make me fifteen

copies. He also gave me some __17__ __18__. The

on dressing and speaking. I handed out my ré sumé s and went home feeling very

following day, I received a __19__ from a store in Royal Oak offering me a job. It seems that the world always 1. A. doubts C. instructions 2. A. Even if C. Now that 3. A. of C. for 4. A. on my own C. by any chance 5. A. any C. some 6. A. why C. whether 7. A. direction C. language 8. A. answer __20__ to you when you need it. And this time, it was B. concerns D. reasons B. Every time D. Soon after B. at D. with B. on my way D. by the day B. much D. little B. wherever D. whenever B. attitude D. manner B. work

a complete stranger who turned out to be a real blessing.

C. leave 9. A. for ever C. as usual 10. A. returned C. passed 11. A. silent C. positive 12. A. pick out C. take on 13. A. dull C. guilty 14. A. made use of C. run out of 15. A. stopped C. glanced 16. A. right C. former 17. A. pressures C. impressions 18. A. lonely C. disappointed 19. A. call C. present 20. A. turns off C. gives back 答案:

D. refuse B. at any time D. for a while B. hesitated D. regretted B. busy D. comfortable B. search for D. give up B. good D. general B. taken care of D. become tired of B. knocked D. appeared B. more D. different B. agreements D. suggestions B. funny D. satisfied B. tip D. report B. goes over D. looks up

本文为记叙文, 叙述了作者找工作的经历, 体会到世界总是在你最需要它的时候回报你。 1. B。doubt“怀疑”;concern“担心,挂念,关怀”;instruction“命令,指示,教诲, 教导”; 由上文的“my mother was worried about a lack of jobs and cultural differences”可知, 这是妈妈对我的关心。故此处要用 concerns。 2. D。even if“即使”;every time“每次”;now that“既然,由于”;soon after“不 久以后”。上文说到我不理睬妈妈的担心,但是到了奥克兰之后不久,我就意识到了得到一 份工作对我生活开支的重要性。故 D 项符合文意。 3. C。 对于我的生活经历而言, 我认识到得到一份工作对我生活开支的重要性。 with“随 着”;for“对于;至于”,符合题意。故选 C 项。 4. A。 on one's own“独自地, 独立地”; on one's way“在路上”; by any chance“万一”; by the day“按天计算;按日”。从下文看,作者出去找工作都是独自一人完成的,故 on my

own 适合题意。 5. D。由 but 可知,but 后面的内容应该和前面的 I spent several weeks going doortodoor for a job 形成转折,“我没找到工作”。选项中只有 little 表示否定意义。故选 D 项。 6. C。我进这所大楼,目的是想找到一份工作,所以去问是否能有工作机会。why“为 什么”;wherever“无论在哪里”;whether“是否”;whenever“无论何时”。故只有 C 项 符合题意。 7. D。 direction“方向,指导,趋势,用法说明”; attitude“态度,意见,看法”; language“语言”; manner“方式, 方法, 态度, 举止, 礼貌, 规矩, 习惯”; in that manner“以 那种方式”。根据上文的 I spent several weeks going doortodoor for a job 可知,我找工作的 方法是挨家挨户地去问,所以这座大楼里的人建议我不要再用这种方式找工作了。故 D 项 符合题意。 8. C。answer“回答”;work“工作”;leave“离开”;refuse“拒绝”。根据上文描 述可知,我在此处并没有找到工作,所以正打算离开。be about to leave“正要离开”,符 合文意。 9. D。for ever“永远”;at any time“在任何时候”;as usual“像往常一样”;for a while“一会儿”。由下文的 nearly ten minutes later 可知,这位一直在旁边听的人是想让我 在外面等一会。故 D 项符合题意。 10. A。return“回来”;hesitate“犹豫”;pass“经过,通过”;regret“后悔”。由下 文中“He asked me...”可知这个人回来了。故 A 项符合题意。 11. C。 silent“沉默的, 寂静的”; busy“忙碌的”; positive“积极的”; comfortable“舒 适的,舒服的”。由上下文可知,他询问了我的计划,并且鼓励我要继续保持积极的态度, 然后推荐我去罗亚尔奥克找一份工作。故 C 项符合题意。 12. B。pick out“挑选出”;search for“寻找,搜索”;take on“呈现,接纳,雇用”; give up“放弃”。 从下文可以看出, 我在罗亚尔奥克找到了一份工作。 故此处只有 search for 才符合文意。 13. B。dull“无趣的,单调的”;good“好的,令人满意的”;guilty“自知有过错的, 内疚的”;general“一般的,普遍的,大体的,笼统的”。由常识可知,他帮了我,我自然 是对他有好感。故 B 项符合题意。 14. C。make use of“利用”;take care of“照顾”;run out of“用完,用光”;become tired of“厌烦”。由下文的 Seeing this, the man__15__at his business partner's office to make me fifteen__16__copies 可知,我的简历表用完了。故只有 C 项符合题意。 15. A。 stop at“逗留在, 住宿, 对??有所踌躇”; knock at“敲(门、 窗等)”; glance at“看 一下,浏览”;appear at“到达,出现在”。由常识可知,此处是指他在生意合作伙伴的办 公室里,给我复印简历。故 A 项符合题意。

16. B。上文提到我的简历用完了,所以此处又复印了 15 份。表示“再,又”,英语中 可以用“基数词+more+复数名词”或者“another+基数词+复数名词”来表示。 故只有 B 项符合题意。 17. D 。 pressure“压力”; agreement“协议,同意”; impression“印象,影响”; suggestion“建议”。由下文的 dressing and speaking 可知,此处指他就 dressing and speaking 而给我提的建议。故选 D 项。 18. D 。 lonely“孤独的,寂寞的”; funny“滑稽的”; disappointed“失望的”; satisfied“感到满意的”。由上文的内容可知,简历虽然用完了,但是这个人又帮我找地方 复印了,还就我的 dressing and speaking 给我提出建议。故我应该是感到满意。故选 D 项。 19. A。call“电话”;tip“小费;建议”;present“礼物”;report“报告”。由常识可 知,此处是指我接到了要我去罗亚尔奥克一家商店工作的电话。故选 A 项。 20. C。turn off“关掉,断开;拐弯”;go over“复习;仔细检查”;give back“归还; 送回;恢复;后退”;look up“仰望;查阅”。由本文所描述的故事可知,我的体会就是世 界似乎总是在你最需要它的时候回报你。故选 C 项。 2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(12)篇 第三部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 41~60 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最 佳选项。 “Cleverness is a gift while kindness is a choice.Gifts are easy—they’re given after all.Choices can be hard.” I got the 41 to start Amazon 16 years ago.I 42 the fact that the Internet usage was growing at 2,300 percent per year.I’d never seen or heard of anything that grew so fast,and the idea of building an 43 bookstore with millions of titles was very 44 to me.I had just turned 30,and I’d been married for a year.I told my wife that I wanted to 45 my job and go to do this crazy thing that probably wouldn’t 46 ,and I wasn’t sure what to 47 .She told me I should 48 the idea.I’d always wanted to be an inventor,and she wanted me to follow my 49 . I was working at a financial firm in New York City with a 50 boss that I admired very much.I went to my boss and 51 with him that I wanted to start a company selling books on the Internet.He took me on a long walk in Central Park,listened 52 to me,and finally said,“That sounds like a really good idea, 53 it would be an even better idea for someone who didn’t already have a good job.”That logic made some 54 to me,and he convinced me to think about it for 48 hours 55 making a final decision.Seen in that light,it really was a difficult 56 ,but finally,I decided I had to give it a shot.I didn’t think I’d regret 57 and failing.And I suspected I would always be troubled by the decision not to try at all.After much 58 ,I took the less 59 path to follow my dream,and I’m 60 of that choice.For all of us,in the end,we are our choices. 41.A.idea B.support C.fund D.message

42.A.got through B.set aside C.came across D.turned down 43.A.online B.available C.intelligent D.expensive 44.A.practical B.exciting C.flexibleD.productive 45.A.take B.land C.exchange D.quit 46.A.matter B.work C.fail D.exist 47.A.do B.achieveC.plan D.expect 48.A.give up B.set up C.stick to D.put off 49.A.dream B.pace C.hobby D.example 50.A.cruel B.brilliant C.greedy D.modest 51.A.shared B.argued C.reasoned D.enquired 52.A.graduallyB.eventually C.carefully D.generously 53.A.so B.and C.otherwise D.but 54.A.sense B.difference C.bet D.bargain 55.A.while B.before C.once D.since 56.A.puzzle B.suggestion C.choice D.report 57.A.managing B.requesting C.changing D.trying 58.A.consideration B.determination C.conversation D.application 59.A.stable B.secure C.amusing D.interesting 60.A.confidentB.regretful C.hopefulD.proud 答案及剖析: 41.A idea 想法;support 支持; fund 资金;message 信息。根据 48 空 She told me I should 48 the idea 可知,我在 16 年前就有了这样的想法。 42.C get through 完成;set aside 放在一边,不管不顾,储存;come across 遇见;turn down 拒绝。 我发现了这个事实,因特网的使用以每年百分之 2300 的速度在增长,所以我意识到这对于网 络售书是一个机遇。本句中的 come across 表示发现。 43.A online 在线的; available 存在的,可利用的;intelligent 聪明的;expensive 昂贵的;我从来没 有见过或者听过增长如此迅速的事情,建立一个网络在线的书店对我来说是一件非常令人兴 奋的事情。 44.B practical 实用的; exciting 令人兴奋的; flexible 灵活的;productive 多产的;由句意及上题 解析可知 B 项正确。 45.D take 拿走;land 登陆,着陆; exchange 交换;quit 放弃;我告诉我的妻子我想放弃我的工作 来做这件疯狂的事情。 46.B matter 有关系,重要;work 起作用; fail 失败;exist 存在;我想放弃我的工作来做这件可能 不起作用的疯狂的事情。 47.D do 做; achieve 实现,获得; plan 计划;expect 期待;我不敢确信我能够期待得到什么样的 结果。 48.C give up 放弃; set up 建立,成立;stick to 坚持;put off 推迟。我的妻子告诉我我应该坚持 这个想法,我总是想成为一个发明家,她希望我坚持自己的梦想。 49.A 根据 59 空 I took the less 59 path to follow my dream 可知 A 项正确。 50.B cruel 残忍的;brilliant 很棒的;greedy 贪婪的;modest 谦虚的。我在纽约的一家金融机构 工作,我的老板是一位我很钦佩的很棒的老板。根据后面的定语从句 that I admired very much 可知,这是一个我很钦佩的人,那么 B 项“很棒的”符合上下文。

51.A share 分享;argue 争论;reason 理论,辩论;enquire 询问。固定搭配 share sth. with sb.将某 事告诉某人;我去找了老板,告诉了他我想做的事情。 52.C gradually 逐渐地;eventually 最后,终于;carefully 仔细地,细心地;generously 慷慨地。老 板和我在中央公园走了很久,很仔细地听了我的计划和想法。 53.D so 于是; and 和;otherwise 否则,要不然;but 但是。他说:这听起来是一个很好的主意,但 是对于一个没有工作的人来说似乎是一件更好的事情。 也就是说老板认为我已经是一个有很 好的工作的人,没有必要再去冒险做这样一件可能会失败的事情。可知老板反对我做这样的 事情,此处表转折关系。 54.A make sense 有意义,讲得通;老板的逻辑对我来说是讲得通的。本句表示作者明白了老 板的意思和态度。 55.B while 当……时; before 在……前; once 一旦; since 自从。老板说服我在做出最终决定 之前再考虑 48 小时。本句表示老板让我三思而后行,让我仔细考虑自己的行为。 56.C puzzle 困惑;suggestion 建议;choice 选择;report 报告。 对我来说这是一个很困难的选择, 但是最后我还是决定试一试。 57.D manage 设法做到;request 请求,要求;change 改变;try 努力,尝试;我决定去做这件事情, 我想,如果我尝试了,即使失败了,我也不会后悔。如果我不去努力尝试也许我会很遗憾。 58.A consideration 考虑;determination 决定;conversation 对话;application 申请,应用。考虑很 久以后,我决定走这条不是很安全的追随自己梦想的小路。 59.B stable 稳固的;secure 安全的;amusing 令人快乐的;interesting 有趣的。因为这件事情没 有人做过,没有人知道是不是会成功,所以使用 secure 表示对于这一道路的前途的不确定性。 60.D confident 有信心的;regretful 遗憾的;hopeful 有希望的;proud 自豪的;对于我的选择我很 自豪。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(13)篇 Ⅱ.完形填空 When I became an amputee (被截肢者)at age 29, I was forced to rethink the idea of physical perfection. My life became __16__ as I changed from an acceptably attractive woman to an object of pity and __17__. Too busy __18__ physical pain and obvious limitation of movement, I was not aware of this __19__ at first. There were so many difficulties before me. But I was determined to manage my work and life as well as before, feeling __20__ about the progress I had made. __21__, as I made my first journey outside the hospital, society had already regarded me as a new status. Happy to be free of my __22__ in the hospital, I rolled through the shopping mall as a __23__ survivor, feeling like a war hero. Unfortunately, I got a rude __24__ as I discovered that others did not view me in the way I had come to view myself. All eyes were upon me, yet no one dared to make eye contact. Their efforts to __25__ my eyes forced me to realize they only saw my missing legs. Mothers __26__ held their children closer as I passed. Elderly women patted me on the head saying “God Bless You! ” with __27__

in their eyes. While I sat thinking about what had happened, a small girl came up to me. She stared with unembarrassed __28__ at the empty trousers. Finding nothing there, she looked up at me with a __29__ look, and childishly asked, “Lady, where did your legs go?” I explained that my legs had been sick. Since my legs hadn't been strong and healthy like hers, the doctors had to __30__ them. Leaning her head upwards, she asked, “Did they go to ‘Leg Heaven’?” That incident made me think about how __31__ children and adults react to the unknown. To a child, a new appearance is an interesting curiosity and a learning experience, while adults often __32__ the same thing with horror. I began to realize that I also had been guilty of the same unsuitable __33__ before I knew what life was like for an amputee. To fulfill the wholeness of my mind and spirit, I now smile warmly, make eye contact, and speak in a __34__ manner. By using a positive approach, I attempt to make society know the fact that having a notsoperfect body doesn't mean having a __35__ quality of life. We disabled people also enjoy a colorful life. 语篇解读:“我”在 29 岁被截肢后,并没有因此沉沦,而是慢慢接受这一现实,以一 种积极的心态面对生活,同时通过一些正面的方法,启发社会,让大家了解残疾人也可以享 有精彩的人生。 16.A.great C.different B.old D.active

解析:选 C 当“我”在 29 岁做了截肢手术后,“我”被迫重新思考外在完美的概念。 “我”的人生变得不同(different),因为“我”从一个还算迷人的女人变成一个同情与恐惧 (fear)的对象。 17.A.comfort C.hatred 解析:选 B 参见上题解析。 18.A.crying for C.going well with B.fighting for D.dealing with B.fear D.happiness

解析: 选 D 太忙于应付身体上的疼痛及明显的行动限制, 起初“我”并没有意识到这 样的改变(change)。deal with“应付,处理”,符合语境。 19.A.change C.ability 解析:选 A 参见上题解析。 20.A.disappointed C.inspired B.sad D.tired B.mistake D.wish


解析:选 C “我”下定决心要将工作和生活完成得和以前一样好,已经取得的进步让 “我”感到振奋。根据语境可知应选 inspired“受到鼓舞的”。 21.A.Instead C.However B.Moreover D.Therefore

解析:选 C 根据下文的内容可知,此处含有转折意味,故填 However。 22.A.care C.support 解析:选 B B.limit D.help “我”很开心,自己可以不用被限制在医院里,“我”作为一个自豪的

(proud)幸存者穿梭在购物中心,感觉像一个战争英雄。limit 表示“界限,范围”,符合语 境。 23.A.calm C.proud 解析:选 C 参见上题解析。 24.A.response C.suggestion B.chance D.letter B.poor D.rich

解析:选 A 不幸的是,“我”得到了无礼的回应,因为“我”发现别人并未以“我” 看待自己的方式来看待“我”。根据语境可知应选 response“响应,反应”。 25.A.turn C.catch B.hold D.avoid

解析: 选 D 他们极力躲避“我”目光的行为使“我”意识到他们看的仅仅是“我”失 去的双腿。avoid“躲避,回避”,符合语境。 26.A.softly C.unwillingly B.protectively D.pleasantly

解析:选 B 当“我”经过时,妈妈们保护性地把她们的小孩抱得更紧了。根据语境可 知应选 protectively“保护性地”。 27.A.pity C.excitement B.anger D.glory

解析: 选 A 年长的妇人拍着“我”的头, 眼神中带着怜悯(pity)说道: “上帝保佑你! ” 28.A.curiosity C.enthusiasm B.determination D.satisfaction

解析: 选 A 她毫不尴尬, 好奇地直盯着“我”的空裤管。 根据语境以及下文的“Lady, where did your legs go?”可知此处应选 curiosity“好奇心”。 29.A.tired C.puzzled B.sad D.scared

解析:选 C 发现其中空空如也时,她抬起头看着“我”,脸上带着困惑的(puzzled)表 情,天真地问:“女士,你的腿到哪儿去了?” 30.A.lose C.remove 解析:选 C B.adjust D.stretch 因为“我”的腿不像她的那样健康强壮,所以医生不得不将它们切除。

remove“移开,去掉”,符合语境。 31.A.differently C.strangely 解析: 选 A B.positively D.carefully 那件事情使“ 我 ” 思考小孩和大人对未知事物的反应是何等的不同。

differently“不同地”,符合语境。 32.A.teach C.discover B.observe D.invent

解析:选 B 对小孩而言,一个新的外表是一件新奇有趣的东西,也是一段学习经历, 而大人却常常带着恐惧看待同样的事物。observe“观察”,符合语境。 33.A.difficulties C.connections B.experiments D.reactions

解析: 选 D “我”开始意识到在“我”自己了解一个被截肢者的生活前, “我”也曾 有过同样的不合适的反应(reactions)。 34.A.confident C.businesslike B.strict D.serious

解析: 选 A “我”现在要亲切地微笑, 与人目光接触, 且有自信地说话。 confident“自 信的”,符合语境。 35.A.good C.poor B.high D.real

解析:选 C 通过一种正面的方法,“我”试图启发社会,让大家了解有着一个不甚完 美的身体并不意味着有一个低品质的生活。poor“差的,低劣的”,符合语境。

2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(14)篇 Ⅴ. 完形填空 As soon as you're aware that you're going off the road and into a body of water, could 3 1 the airbag system in your vehicle and any other position could 2 place serious both hands on the steering wheel in the “ten and two” positions. The impact your car makes injury in such an event. the cell phone call. Your car isn't going to wait for you to make the call and

4 , people have


their lives trying this. Get busy


. ___8___ at this

Open the window as soon as you hit the stage and concentrate on the people don't ___10___

7 . Leave the door

___9___. Try the method of opening it electronically first. Many of the window as an escape option ___11___because of panic, ___12___ they're focused on lots of

lack of using the window for exit normally, or misinformation about doors and sinking.

If you aren't able to___13___the window, or it only opens halfway, break it. If you have no ___14___ or heavy objects to break it with, use your feet or high heels - these might ___15___when placed at the center of the window. The sooner it is open, the sooner you will be able to escape directly ___16___the broken window. Don't even try the windshield. Side and ___17___ of the window. A rock, a hammer, a rear windows are the best options for escape. If you have a heavy object, aim for the steering wheel lock, a(n) ___18___, a screwdriver, a laptop, a large camera, etc., might all serve as suitable breaking objects. Even the keys might work if you're already thought 1. A. get off C. show off 2. A. prevent C. cause 3. A. Make C. Forget 4. A. luckily C. happily 5. A. saved C. led 6. A. breaking out C. running out 7. A. record C. water 8. A. alone C. calm 9. A. door C. escape 10. A. think C. bother 11. A. either C. both ___20___, ___19___ enough. If you've

you might have a window breaking tool handy in the car. B. set off D. cut off B. stop D. suffer B. Answer D. Check B. sadly D. surprisingly B. lived D. lost B. going out D. getting out B. car D. road B. handy D. safe B. window D. safety B. talk D. care B. neither D. all

Take a deep breath, and swim out through the broken window as soon as you've broken it.

12. A. when C. because 13. A. break C. close 14. A. energy C. methods 15. A. hurt C. work 16. A. by C. across 17. A. outside C. center 18. A. umbrella C. bag 19. A. fast C. brave 20. A. twice C. ahead 答案:

B. unless D. once B. open D. see B. strength D. tools B. injure D. benefit B. through D. along B. surface D. inside B. handkerchief D. glove B. old D. strong B. afterward D. carefully

本文介绍了从落入水中的汽车中逃生的方法。 1. B。此处是说入水时车子受到的冲力会使得车中的安全气囊打开。set off“引起,激 发”,符合语境。 2. C。应该将两只手放在方向盘“十点和两点”的位置上,其他的姿势会造成(cause)严 重的伤害。 3. C。根据该段的第二句话可知,人和车落水时不应该先考虑打电话,因为你的车不会 等你打完电话的,情况非常紧急,应该抓紧时间逃生,所以要“忘掉”打电话这事,此时打 电话不可取。 4. B。“悲哀的是”很多人因为打电话失去了逃生的最佳时机而丧生。 5. D。参见上题解析。lose one's life 丧生。 6. D。结合上文可知,这里是指“不打电话抓紧时间逃出去”。get out“逃出去”,符 合语境。 7. C。全文的中心就是车落水之后如何逃生,所以应该是 hit the water“落水”。 8. A。在这个阶段,不要管门了,窗户是重点。leave sth. alone 表示“不碰某物”,符 合语境。 9. B。根据第 10 空后面的“the window”可知此处应选 window。 10. A。很多人并没有把车窗作为逃生的通道。think of...as... “把??视为??”。

11. A。由第 12 空前面的 or 可知应选 A。either...or...“要么??要么??”。 12. C。与前面的 because of 照应,说明人们不把车窗作为逃生通道的原因。故选 C。 13. B。根据该空后面的“or it only opens halfway”可知,应选 B 项。此处若填 A 项,与 后面的 break it 重复,故可排除。 14. D。根据该空后面的“heavy objects”可知,此空应选 D 项,即“没有工具或重物用来 砸碎车窗”。 15. C。用你的脚或者高跟鞋,对着窗户中间猛踢也许会有用。work“有效,起作用”, 符合语境。另外,第 19 空前面的 work 是线索提示。 16. B。直接从打碎的车窗逃生。through“穿过”,符合语境。最后一段的 through 是线 索提示。 17. C。根据第 15 空后面的“when placed at the center of the window”可知,如果你有结实 的东西,就直接打窗户的中心(center)。 18. A。这四个选项中只有雨伞算是结实的东西,可以用来砸车窗。故选 A。 19. D。如果你足够强壮(strong),即使是钥匙都可用来砸车窗。 20. C。如果你事先(ahead)就有所考虑,你的手边可能就会有一个砸车窗的工具。 2016 届新课标高考英语备考完形填空集锦第(15)篇 From the time each of my children started school, I packed their lunches. And in each lunch, I 21 a note. Often written on a napkin (餐巾), it might be a thank-you for a 22 moment, a reminder of something we were happily expecting, or a bit of 23 for the coming test or sporting event. In early grade school they 24 their notes. But as children grow older they become self-conscious(有自我意识的), and 25 he reached high school, my older son, Marc, informed me he no longer 26 my daily notes. Telling him that he no longer needed to 27 them but I still needed to write them, I 28 until the day he graduated. Six years after high school graduation, Marc called and asked if he could move 29 for a couple of months. He had spent those years well, graduating from college, 30 two internship (实习) in Washington, D.C., and 31 , becoming a technical assistant in Sacramento. 32 short vacation visits, however, he had lived away from home. With his younger sister leaving for college, I was 33 happy to have Marc back. Since I was 34 making lunch for his younger brother, I 35 one for Marc, too. Imagine my 36 when I got a call from my 24-year-old son, 37 his lunch. “Did I do something 38 ? Don’t you love me 39 , Mom?” were just a few of the questions he threw at me as I 40 asked him what was wrong. “My note, Mom,” he answered. “Where’s my note?” 21. A. carried B. found C. included D. held 22. A. difficult B. special C. comfortable D. separate 23. A. congratulation B. improvement C. explanation D. encouragement 24. A. loved B. answered C. wrote D. examined 25. A. lately B. by the way C. by the time D. gradually

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

A. received A. copy A. held up A. out A. organizing A. hopefully A. Because of A. especially A. once A. packed A. fear A. waiting for A. wrong A. any more A. interestingly

B. understood B. read B. gave up B. home B. planning B. finally B. Instead of B. immediately B. again B. fetched B. surprise B. worrying about B. funny B. enough B. bitterly
26-30 CBDBD

C. enjoyed C. take C. followed C. to college C. comparing C. particularly C. Except for C. equally C. still C. bought C. anger C. caring for C. strange C. once more C. politely
31-35 BCACA

D. collected D. send D. continued D. to Sacramento D. completing D. certainly D. As for D. generally D. even D. filled D. disappointment D. asking about D. smart D. better D. laughingly

参考答案 21-25 CBDAC




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