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2015 山西长治市高考英语语法填空及阅读类一轮自选练习(2)及答 案
【2015 届云南省玉溪一中高三上学期第一次月考(201409) 】 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Babara: Bob: pressure. Babara: Bob: Do you find that ___62__is difficult to find a suitable job this year? Yes. Now college graduates ____63____(encourage) to start their own business, which sounds really good for us. At the same time, we can get some valuable social____64_____and we may also know more about ourselves and society. Babara: Yes, but it is not as easy ___65___you imagine. For college students there are a lot of problems, especially the one of not having enough money. And our education doesn’t provide enough knowledge on how to solve it. Bob: Maybe you are right. But our government allows college graduates to borrow money from banks ___66___maybe some can get money from their parents. Babara: But you have to pay back the money sooner or ___67____. So some college graduates prefer to live a ___68____(peace) life rather than start their own businesses through job-hunting which is competitive. Bob: Oh, they don’t have dreams. But I have made __69_____my mind to achieve my dream.How about you? Babara: 61. 66. Well, it always takes time to consider before ___70____(make) a decision. 62. 67. 63. 68. 64. 69. 65. 70. You look __61___(tire). What’s the matter with you? Nothing serious. I want to have a job after graduation. I am under great

【答案】 【知识点】语法填空(二) 【思路点拨】语法填空,必须读懂全文,根据上下文灵活应用语法知识,同时要注意名词单 复数,动词人称,形容词和副词的变化。 【答案解析】 61. tired 主语是 you,故应用 tired,感到疲劳的。 62.it. 根据固定句型:It is difficult to do sth 做某事困难,故填 it。

63.are being encouraged. 根据题中的 now 判断应用进行时,句子的主语为 encourage 的动 作承受者,故用现在进行时的被动语态。 64.experience. experience“经验” ,为不可数名词。 65.as. 根据前文的 as 判断是同级比较,故填 as。 66.and. 空前后是两个平行的并列句,故应用 and。 67.later. sooner or later 固定短语“迟早” 。 68.peaceful. live a peaceful life 过和平生活,形容词形式作定语。 69.up. make up one’s mind 下定决心,故填 up。 70.making making。 before 与现在分词连用做时间状语,句子的主语为 make 的逻辑主语,故填

完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从以下题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出 最佳选项。[说明文型完形填空] UK households are cutting back on spending at the fastest rate since 1980. This is __1__ to the worst economic slowdown in three decades. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed __2__ spending fell by 1.2% in the first three months of the year. People spent less on housing, household goods and services, __3__ those who went on holiday abroad also spent __4__ less. Consumers tightened their belts in the face of job losses, pay __5__ or freezes and sharply reduced city bonuses. The figures __6__ employees' compensation(补 偿金) falling by 1.1% in the quarter, the largest fall __7__ records began in 1955.

Wages and salaries declined, with lower bonus payments in the financial sector than normal, while __8__ also fell. The data was __9__ as part of the ONS's latest assessment of the UK economy, which __10__ that gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by 1.9% in the first quarter, its sharpest decline since 1979. GDP stood 4.1% __11__ annual fall since 1980. “The breakdown of first?quarter GDP gives a pretty __12__ right across the __13__ picture of weakness than a year ago, the biggest

in the early months of this year,” said Jonathan Loynes

of Capital Economics. “With key parts like household spending and investment set to fall considerably further in __14__ to the weakness in the housing market, the labour market and bank lending, we __15__ unconvinced that recent‘green shoots’ will translate into a return to decent growth next year.” 1. A.submitting B.resorting C.contributing D.extending

2.A.personnel B.consumer C.folk D.client B.although

3. A.while

C.because D.but 4. A.instantly B.simultaneously

C.significantly D.actively 5. A.dives B.pauses

C.halts D.cuts 6. A.calculated B.accumulated C.expressed D.showed 7. A.since B.when

C.as D.until 8. A.competition B.employment C.achievement D.attraction 9. A.released B.relieved C.related D.relaxed 10. A.promoted B.justified

C.confirmed D.advocated 11. A.poorer B.slimmer C.weaker D.lower 12. A.amazing B.depressing C.surprising D.puzzling 13. A.economy B.finance



14. A.opposition B.response C.regard D.contrast 15. A.remain B.prove C.feel B 【要点综述】 本文讲述了经济危机导致居民消费开支产生了自 1980 以来的最大幅度的 下滑这一现象。 1.C 这促成了近三十年来最严重的经济下滑。submit to 服从;resort to 求助,诉 诸;contribute to 有助于,促进;extend to 延伸到。 2.B consumer spending 表示“消费性支出”。 3.A 上半句说人们在住房、日用品及服务上的支出减少了,下半句说出国度假的人花 费也减少了,由此可见前后分句是并列的关系,所以用 while。although 表示让步;because 表示原因;but 表示转折。 4.C instantly 立即,马上;simultaneously 同时地;significantly 显著地,重要 地;actively 积极地,活跃地。不难看出这里是说出国度假的人花费也明显减少了,因此选 significantly。 5.D pay cuts 表示“减薪”,pay freezes 表示“工资冻结”。dive 潜水;halt 停止; pause 暂停,间歇。 6.D calculate 计算;accumulate 积累;express 表达;show 表明。这里表示“数据 表明”,故选择 D 项。 7.A since 表示“从??以来”,上文提到员工们的补偿金本季度下降了 1.1%,这个 下降的幅度是自 1955 年有记录以来最大的,所以用 since。 8.B competition 竞争;employment 就业;achievement 成就,成绩;attraction 吸 引,吸引力。伴随着工资的下降,竞争肯定越来越激烈,失业的人也就越来越多,所以就业 率就会下降。 9.A release 发布,释放;relieve 解除,减轻;relate 联系,叙述;relax 放松。 这里 release 表示“发布”。句意:这份数据是作为英国国家统计局这个组织对英国经济评 估报告的一部分来对外发布的。 10. C promote 促进, 提升; justify 证明??是合法的; confirm 确认, 证实; advocate


提倡,主张。句意:这份数据证实了第一季度国内生产总值下降了 1.9%这一事实。 11.D 从后半句“the biggest annual fall since 1980”可以得出 GDP 肯定是比去年 降低了 4.1%,所以用 lower。poor 贫穷的;slim 苗条的;weak 虚弱的。 12. B amazing 令人惊异的; depressing 令人沮丧的; surprising 令人惊讶的; puzzling

令人费解的。 13.A economy 经济;finance 财政;business 商业;commerce 贸易。这里应该是对整 个宏观经济的展望,所以用 economy,其他三个选项太过片面了。 14.B in response to 表示“响应,反应”,这里表示由于房地产市场、劳动力市场以 及银行借贷的疲软,导致家庭支出以及投资的大幅下降。 15. A remain 表示“依然, 保持”, 后面大多跟形容词。 maintain 表示“维持, 保持(已 有的水平、标准)”,这里表示“虽然由于房地产市场、劳动力市场以及银行借贷的疲软而导 致家庭支出以及投资的大幅下降,但是我们仍然不相信??”,所以这里用 remain。

阅读理解。 Mark and his brother Jason both were looking at the shining new computer enviously.Jason was determined not to go against their father's wishes but Mark was more adventurous than his brother.He loved experimenting and his aim was to become a scientist like his father. “Dad will be really mad if he finds out you've been playing with his new computer.” Jason said,“He told us not to touch it.” “He won't find out,” Mark said,“I'll just have a quick look and shut it down.” Mark had been scolded before for touching his father's equipment.But his curiosity was difficult to control and this new computer really puzzled him. It was a strange?looking machine—one his dad had brought home from the laboratory where he worked.“It's an experimental model,” his father had explained,“so don't touch it under any circumstances.” But his father's warning only served to make Mark more curious.Without any further thought,Mark turned on the power switch.The computer burst into life and seconds later,the screen turned into colors,shifting and changing and then two big white words appeared in the centre of the screen:“SPACE TRANSPORTER.” “Yes!” Mark cried excitedly,“It's a computer game.I knew it!Dad's only been pretending to work.He's really been playing games instead.” A new message appeared


on the screen: “ENTER NAMES VOYAGER 1:... VOYAGER 2:...” Mark's fingers flew across the keyboard as he typed in both of their names. “INPUT ACCEPTED.START TRANSPORT PROGRAM.AUTO?RETRIEVE INITIATED(自动回收程序 已启动).” The screen turned even brighter and a noise suddenly rose in volume. “I think we'd better shut it off,Mark,” Jason yelled,reaching for the power switch.He was really frightened. But his hand never reached the switch.A single beam of dazzling white light burst out of the computer screen,wrapping the boys in its glow(光芒),until they themselves seemed to be glowing.Then it died down just as suddenly as it had burst into life.And the boys were no longer there.On the screen,the letters changed. “TRANSPORT SUCCESSFUL.DESTINATION(目的地):MARS.RETRIEVE DATE:2025.” 【语篇解读】 本文讲的是一个科幻故事,两个小孩通过电脑里的一个程序意外穿越到了 另外一个星球——火星。 1. Why did Mark touch the computer against his father's warning? A.He wanted to take a voyage. B.He wanted to practice his skill. C.He was so much attracted by it. D.He was eager to do an experiment. 答案 C [考查细节理解。根据第四段“Mark had been scolded before for touching

his father's equipment.But his curiosity was difficult to control and this new computer really puzzled him.”可知,Mark 被他父亲的电脑深深地吸引住了。] 2.Where did the boys' father most likely work? A.In an electronic factory. B.In a computer company. C.In a scientific research center. D.In an information processing center. 答案 C [考查推理判断。根据第一段中的“become a scientist like his father”

和第五段中的“from the laboratory where he worked”及下文发生的情况可知,他父亲最 有可能在科研中心工作。] 3.Mark thought “SPACE TRANSPORTER” on the screen was the name of ________.

A.a computer game B.a company website C.a software producer D.an astronomy program 答案 A [考查细节理解。从第六段的“It's a computer game.”可知,Mark 认为它是

一个电脑游戏的名字。] 4.Why did Jason want to shut off the computer? A.He was afraid of being scolded. B.He didn't like the loud noise and light. C.He didn't want to play games any more. D.He was afraid something dangerous might happen. 答案 D [考查细节理解。从倒数第三段的“Jason yelled,reaching for the power

switch.He was really frightened.”可知,Jason 非常害怕会有危险的事情发生。]

【2015 高考复习】阅读理解 Does stress cause gray hair?Many people believe that tension and stress can cause your hair to lose its color.In fact,it is an_old_wives’_tale that being upset all the time can result in premature graying.Here is a closer look at this situation and why some believe that this old wives’ tale could be true. As one ages,the hairs on the head also age.In fact,just about everything on the human body begins to show signs of wear and tear after a while.The joints wear and become stiff and skin wears and becomes wrinkled.Hairs on the head grow and eventually die.They are replaced,but in the process something else happens. When new hairs are replaced,the color or pigment (色素) is also added to them.However,as one ages,this pigment becomes less and less available.At first, hairs will have a limited amount of pigment and they will appear to be grayish in color.In time,they will lose all of their pigment and will be white.Many things are known to cause graying,and genetics is a very powerful factor.If one of your parents turns gray at an early age,there is a good chance that you will too.Some people begin the graying process in high school,while others may be over the age of forty. Constant worry and tension can have many harmful effects on the human body.It is a known fact that stressful times can cause one to suffer hair loss.It would make sense that if it can cause these problems,perhaps it also may contribute to graying.However,there is no sound evidence to support this.


On the other hand,many medical professionals believe that there may be a link between graying and a constant state of anxiety or tension.Does stress cause gray hair?There is no scientific evidence to support the theory,but it is best to avoid stressful situations. 【语篇解读】 压力会导致头发变白吗?许多人相信情况是这样的。本文从年龄和基因 两方面谈了头发变白的原因,持续的压力和忧虑对于身体是有害的,可导致脱发。但是,究 竟压力和头发变白之间是否有联系,目前尚无定论。 1.The underlined phrase in the first paragraph most probably means________. A.clever remarks C.exciting remarks B.silly remarks D.disappointed remarks

解析 词义猜测题。画线短语前面提到“Many people believe that tension and stress can cause your hair to lose its color”,即许多人相信紧张和压力导致头发褪色变 白。短文接着谈到“In fact,it is...”,这是推测画线词意思的关键。因此 an old wives’ tale 意为“无稽之谈”。 答案 B 2.The second paragraph mainly tells us________. A.every part of body is replaced with age B.hairs will grow weak but not die C.skin becomes wrinkled with age D.every part of body ages with age 解析 主旨大意题。第二段第一句话是该段的主题句。从中可以看出,人体的每一部分 都会随着年龄的增长而衰老。 答案 D 3.What might play the most important role in the graying process? A.Genetics and the amount of sleeping time. B.The amount of food people eat and living environment. C.The amount of pigment and genetics. D.Genetics and the amount of water people drink 解析 细节理解题。本文第三段提到“At first,hairs will have a limited amount of pigment and they will appear to be grayish in color.In time,they will lose all of their pigment and will be white.Many things are known to cause graying,and genetics is a very powerful factor.”由此可以看出,色素和基因在头发变白的过程 中起着重要的作用。 答案 C

4.According to the passage,continuous pressure may result in________. A.a person’s fatness C.a person’s weight loss B.a person’s fitness D.a person’s hair loss

解析 细节理解题。本文倒数第二段提到“Constant worry and tension can have many harmful effects on the human body.It is a known fact that stressful times can cause one to suffer hair loss”。由此可知,持续的压力会导致脱发。 答案 D 5.From the passage we can infer that________. A.stress causing gray hair is still in question B.gray hair has nothing to do with tension C.stressful situations can be of benefit D.sound evidence has been found 解析 推理判断题。本文倒数第二段最后提到“However,there is no sound evidence to support this.”最后一段也提到“There is no scientific evidence to support the theory...”。由此可知,是否压力会引起头发变白仍无定论。 答案 A。



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