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Welcome our class

Nice to meet you, everyone!

Introduce myself
Name: English name: Hometown:

Let’s get to know each other!
? 1. if you have any q

uestions to ask the teacher, don’t be shy. ? 2. talk about yourself , your friends or your summer holiday, anything you like.

Do you have more questions about me?
? Anyone?

Make a self-introduction
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.Name 2.Family 3.Interests I like____________ I’m fond of ____________ My interests/favourite hobbies are _____ I’m into _________ _I dislike /hate __________ I’m not interested in ______

English in life:

Basic writing skills Advice about learning English and some English Proverbs
Ways of writing

good sentences

English Study
? English

? ?

Study ---- some advice for senior students

Attitude is everything

There is no shortcut in the science road only be delight.
在科学上没有平坦的大道,只有不畏劳 苦沿着陡峭山路攀爬的人,才有希望达 到光辉的顶点。

Work makes the workman

A good beginning is half done.

Don’t be shy , just try.


? Our present situation and aims in English learning 英 语学习的现状与目标 ? 现状:1. 高一: 夯实基础 ? 2. 良好习惯与方法的养成 ? 3. 高考 ? 4.英语是国际通用语言之一,使用范围最广。在 国际政治、经济、军事、科技、文化、贸易、交通运 输等领域,英语是互相交流的工具、相互沟通的桥梁 和纽带。现实生活离不开英语。将来我们晋级、评职、 获学位、考研究生等,英语过关也是一个必备的条件。 在高考中,英语分值占很大的比例,英语成绩的好坏, 直接影响着自己三年后高考的成败。

Aims: Why do we learn English?
? ? ? ? ? Learn some knowledge Use the language to communicate Understand useful information in English Make us able to live and work better in future Develop our thinking abilities and other abilities ? Help us form better personalities ? ……

What to learn?
? ? ? ? ? ? Language knowledge Language skills Culture Way to arrange time and make plans Way to improve Way to evaluate

Listening Speaking 1.textbook; 2.other kinds of tapes; 3.simple English songs; 4.CCTV-9; 5.Internet 1.Be active in and after class; 2.Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Reading 1.Morning-reading class; 2. Student Times; 3.Other kinds of materials, magazines Write Weekly Diary using the words, phrases and Sentences that have been learned; Translation


Practice makes perfect!

How can we do better?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Prepare your lessons well before every class. Review what you’ve learned in time. Read more and read different materials. Listen more and listen to different materials. Write as often as possible. Talk more either in class or out of class. Take an active part in activities in English. Turn to your teachers for advice and help.

1. Dictation Book(听写) 2.Notebook (笔记本) 3.Error-correcting Book (改错本) 4.抄写本 5. 作文本/翻译本 6. 词典

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

今天我背单词了吗? 今天我朗读(课文)了吗? 今天我复习了吗? 今天我完成作业了吗? 今天我预习了吗? 今天我阅读了吗? 今天我听录音了吗?

方法一. 一句多译 As soon as we arrived at the village, we were warmly welcomed by the villagers.
On arriving at the village,we were warmly….

The moment we arrived at the village, we were…

We were warmly welcomed by the villagers immediately we arrived at the village.
No sooner had we arrived at the village than we …… Hardly had we arrived at the village when we….

方法一. 一句多译
Use different ways to describe the picture


方法一. 一句多译
As soon as Lien Chan and his wife arrived at the airport, they were warmly welcomed . On arriving at the airport , Lien Chan and his wife…

Lien Chan and his wife were warmly welcomed directly/ the moment /immediately they arrived at the airport.
No sooner had Lien Chan and his wife arrived at the airport than they were … Hardly had Lien Chan and his wife arrived at the airport when they were …



I spent 300 yuan on the book. I paid 300 yuan for the book. The price of the book is 300 yuan.

It cost me 300 yuan to buy the book.
The book cost me 300 yuan.



昨天下午他才来。 He came here yesterday afternoon. He didn’t come here until yesterday afternoon. It was yesterday afternoon that he arrived here. It was not until yesterday afternoon that he came here. Not until yesterday afternoon did he come here.

方法二. 使用非谓语动词使句子简洁高档

Rewrite the sentences
(1)Most of the artists who had been invited
to the party were from South Africa.
Most of the artists invited to the party were from South Africa. (2)Nowadays the old people often do morning exercises in the park in order that they could keep healthy. Nowadays the old people often do morning exercises in the park to keep healthy.

方法二. 使用非谓语动词使句子简洁高档
Complete the sentences with non-predicate (非谓语动 词)
1. 听到这个消息,他们变的很激动. _________the news, they got excited. Hearing 2. 尽管被告知许多遍,他仍然重复这个错.

__________________many times, he still repeated the Having been told


invited Unless ________to speak, you should keep silent at the meeting.

Translate the following sentences by using nonpredicate (非谓语动词)

Faced with/Facing difficulties, he never gives up.

Introduced to the market, the product made a great success.

Having finished his homework, he returned home.


Describe the character by using Inverted Sentence(倒装句)

Poor as/though he was,

he was happy.

方法三.丰富的句式 Sentence patterns Are Always Useful
?The dog jumped into the river and pulled the girl to the bank. ?It was the dog that jumped into the river and pulled the girl to safety. ?The square is near the Great Wall Hotel. ?Nearby is the Great Wall Hotel. ?You will have to work hard for years to speak good English. ?It takes years of hard work to speak good English.

? I failed in the exam again. ? What disappointed me most was that I failed in the exam again. ? Miss Li will give us a report soon. ? Miss Li, who has a wide knowledge of English, will give us a report soon. ? We all like Jim. ? We all like Jim, who is always ready to help others. ? We all like Jim because of his helpfulness and kindness.



1. To his surprise, the little girl knows so many things.(使用名词 性从句)
What surprises him is that the little girl knows so many things.

2. Though I’m weak, I’ll make the effort. (使用倒装句)
Weak as I am, I’ll make the effort. 3. He did not know what had happened until he had read the news in the newspaper.(使用强调句型) It was not until he had read the news in the newspaper that he knew what had happened. 4. I passed the physics exam because of your help.(用虚拟语气)

I couldn’t have passed the physics exam but for your help.

5.I won’t believe what he says. (使用状语从句)
No matter what he says, I won’t believe. 6.If you study hard, you will make rapid progress. (用并列句) Study hard and you’ll make rapid progress. 7.He had no sooner come back from Beijing than he was sent abroad. (使用倒装句) No sooner had he come back from Beijing than he was sent abroad.

1. Use different ways to describe one sentence. 2. Making sentences by using non-predicate. 3.Sentence patterns are always useful

此四幅画描述了 爱鸟周活动中李 明某一天所经历 的事,由此写一 篇文章。

要求: 1 必须使用5个句子 表达图画内容。 2 将5个句子组成 连贯的短文。

步骤一 审题
writing style: narration tense: past tense person: the third person order: time order

步骤二 要点

caught a bird fixed a string to it

a girl look for mother a police comfort her

步骤二 要点

send her home lost in thought

set the bird free feel happy

步骤三. 扩展成句,连句成篇
1.One day,Li Ming caught a bird and fixed a string to it. 2. He saw a girl cry looking for her mum and a policeman comfort her. 3. The policeman send the girl home and Li Ming was lost in thought.
4. Li Ming set the bird free and felt very happy.

步骤四. 仔细检查,认真修改
①查是否遗漏要点,信息是否完整, 尤其是:人物、地点、时间、发生什么事、 如何发生、怎样进行等方面是否遗漏。 ②查体裁格式是否正确。 ③查句式使用是否科学得当。 ④查叙述的顺序是否颠倒。 ⑤查过渡词是否使用合理。 ⑥查时态、语态是否一致正确。 ⑦查书写和标点符号是否规范清晰。 ⑧查字数是否符合要求。

One day, Li Ming caught a bird and fixed a string to it. When playing with it, he saw the girl who was crying couldn’t find her mum and a kind policeman tried to comfort her and told her that he would send her home. Seeing them go off,Li Ming was deep in thought. He heard the cry of the bird and suddenly thought that the bird might be missing its mother. So he at once set the bird free, and the bird flew happily into the sky.

Homework: 1. Prepare the relevant books.

2. Preview the words and warming up.
3. A new beginning. Write some sentences about school life.

4.Please complete this



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