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第一部分:单项填空 (共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______ for a meal to be cooked. A. being laid A. one B. that B. laying C. to lay C. what D. it D. laid 2. Helping others is a habit, _______ you can learn even at an early age. 3. —I haven’t got the reference book yet, but I’ll have a test on the subject next month. —Don’t worry. You_______ have it by Friday. A. could C. shall B. must D. may w

4. The other day, my father drove his car down at _______ I thought was a dangerous speed. A. as D. what 5. Many lifestyle patterns do such great harm to health that they actually speed up weakening of the human body. A. a; / B. /; the C. a; the D./; / 6. It is uncertain side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it. A. what B. that C. how D. whether 7. —Can you believe I had to pay 30 dollars for a haircut? —You should try the barber ’s ___ ___ I often go next time. It ’s only 15. A. as where 8. Jack described his father, who _______ a brave boy many years ago, as a strong-willed man A. would be C. must be A. brought up A. one A. explains to B. to bring up B. this B. cares for C. bringing up C. it C. accounts for B. must have been D. would have been D. to have brought D. that D. approves of B. which C. that D. B. that C. which

9.You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had ________ her children. 10. The cost of renting a house in central Xi’an is higher than _______ in any other area of the city. 11. Lack of money ________ her not continuing her studies. 12.We are looking forward to _______ a chance to watch the opening ceremony of the RiodeJaneiro 2016 Olympics Games. A. give giving B. being given C. be given D.

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13.It is quite _______that you hurt her deeply and you must apologize to her. A. obvious A. make him. A. in which B. that C. for which D. what 16.—________do you think of the film? —Oh, very excellent. We never thought everyone in my village had a curiosity ________ this kind of film. A. What; in A. might B. need B. What; about C. How; about C. would D. should D. How; of 17. You can’t imagine that a well-behaved man _______be so rude to a lady. 18.—I want to have a word with him. —He _______well refuse to speak to you because he is in trouble. A. must A. a better one one 20. She had just finished her homework ______ her mother asked her to practiceplaying the piano yesterday. A. after B. while C. when D. since B. may B. the best one C. need C. the better one D. can D. a good 19. Your story is perfect; I’ve never heard _________ before. B. act B. usual C. take C. different

D. bad D. play

14. Some of the tricks people tend to _______on each other on April 1 should be forbidden. 15. The wrong you have done him is terrible, _______, in my opinion, you should apologize to

第二部分:完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 My friend Michelle is blind, but you’d never know it. She makes such good use of her other 21 , including her "Sixth Sense", that she rarely gives the impression that she's 22 anything. Michelle looks after her children pretty much like the rest of us, too hard on them, I 26 24 23 that she doesn't push really benefit a lot from her relaxed attitude. She knows when to clean

the house; she moves around so fast that often 25 don't realize she's blind. this for the first time after my six-year-old daughter, Kayla, went to play there. When Kayla came home, she was very 27 about her day. She told me they had baked cookies, played games and done art projects. But she was28 excited about her finger-painting project. “Mom, guess what?” said Kayla, all smiles “I learned how to red make purple, and yellow and blue make green! And Michelle 30 with us.” To my great 31 , my child had learnt about color from a blind friend! Then Kayla continued. "Michelle told me my accomplishment. She really 33 32 showed joy, pride and a sense of what I was doing!" Kayla said she had never felt how good 29 colors today! Blue and

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finger paints felt 34 Michelle showed her how to paint without looking at her paper. I realized Kayla didn't know that Michelle was blind. It had just never 35 in conversation. When I told her, she was36 for a moment. At first, she didn't believe me. "But Mommy, 37 . And I knew my child was 38 Michelle knew exactly what was in my picture!" Kayla in her work, We were silent again for a minute. Then Kayla said slowly, "You know, Mommy, Michelle really did 'see' my picture. She just used my 40 ." 21. A. senses 22. A. enjoyed 23. A. and 24. A. it 25. A. children 26. A. witnessed 27. A.excited 28. A. a little 29. A.paint 30. A. painted 31. A.excitement 32. A.attitude 33. A. understood 34. A.after 35. A.referred to 36. A.curious 37. A. insisted 38. A. wrong 39.A.shortcomings 40.A. paper B. means B. found B. without B. who B. family B. realized B. sad B. not so B. draw B. stayed B. encouragement B. color B. got B. until B. turned out B. disappointed B. cried B. right B. difficulties B. eyes

because Michelle had listened to Kayla describe her artwork. Michelle had also heard Kayla's 39

Indeed, she uses a special type of "vision" that all mothers have. C. methods C. missed C. even C. she C. guests C. recognized C. satisfied C. especially C. create C. talked C. surprise C. paper C. saw C. since C. thought about C. puzzled C. complained C. worded C. pride C. hands D. ways D. seen D. except D. which D. friends D. regretted D. enjoyed D. not at all D. mix D. watched D. delight D. picture D. touched D. when D. come up D. quiet D. informed D. uncertain D. description D. pens

第三部分阅读理解 (共 20 小题, 每小题 2 分, 满分 40 分) 第一节: (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面四篇短文,从每题所给的 A, B, C, D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A Sooner or later, most students are to take some form of English examinations. Often the more successful students are better prepared. However, sometimes students who do well have better test taking skills. These abilities really have nothing to do with understanding English better. They are skills that make taking the test easier, and therefore provide better results. Here are some very important—and often ignored—guidelines to taking a test successfully. Do not insist on completing each question before going to the next. This is extremely

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important. Remember one question may only be worth one point! You will become nervous when you fail to find out its answer, making you lose your concentration and leading to worse results. However, answering the questions you are sure you know results in your being more relaxed and feeling more confident. Go through the test a second time working out the answers to more difficult questions. Sometimes questions asked are answered in later questions asking for different things. Usually(but not always) a strong first impulse(冲动) means we know the answer and we don’t really have to think about it too much. Going back to think about it usually makes you unsure and often causes a mistake. This is very common, so be very careful! If you don’t know the answer, write something. If you are answering a 4 possibility multiple choice question you will still have a 25% chance of being correct! Taking a test is as much for you as is for your teacher, so never cheat. If you cheat, you don’t help yourself in the long run. 41. In the first paragraph, the writer stresses the importance of ______. A. better preparations for exams. B. better understanding of English. C. better skills at taking exams. D. better results of taking exams. 42. When taking an exam, you are advised ______. A. to first answer the questions which are easier to you. B. to depend on your first impulse to answer the questions. C. to search the test paper for all the answers to the questions. D. to give up the questions whose answers you don’t know. 43. It is common that many students______. A. pay much attention to their testing skills. B. often give up a difficult test halfway. C. often get higher results by cheating. D. don’t believe in their first impulse. 44. What would be the best title of the passage? A. Effective Studying Methods. B. Effective Test Taking Skills. C. Getting Better Exam Results. D. Being Successful Students. B The influence of America is increasing in my country. Spanish people drink Coca Cola, wear blue jeans, watch Hollywood movies, listen to American music, and eat fast food, and they do these things every day. I think that American movies are a good way to spread American culture because people are often influenced by what they see in the movies. Most of the programs and documentaries (纪录 片) we watch on TV are from America, and most of the movies we go to see are made in

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Hollywood.In the last few years, the government has tried to protect the Spanish movies. Now, in our cinemas, at least twenty percent of the movies which are shown must be from Spain or from other countries in Europe. American culture is a part of Spanish life now. It’s certain that many things from America are as much a part of people’s lives as Spanish things. For example, Coca Cola is as familiar to everybody as any typical Spanish product. I’ve known about Coca Cola for my whole life. However, it’s different with Western fast food. For example, I don’t think McDonald’s is as successful in Spain as it is in other countries. In my opinion, one of the reasons may be the lifestyle of the Spanish people. The Spanish people normally eat at home.On the other hand, maybe McDonald’s hamburgers will eventually replace the famous Spanish tapas. It’s true that in every city in Spain you can find a McDonald’s, and it is more popular among the Spanish children than among the adults. In any case, it’s obvious that American culture is becoming more and more a part of our lives every day. 45. From the first paragraph we can know that ____. A. the influence of America on Spain can be found everywhere B. most Spanish people don’t like to listen to their own music C. fast food spreads from Spain to the United States D. some Spanish actors go to America to improve their acting skills 46. What plays an important part in the spreading of American culture in Spain? A. American novels. C. McDonald’s. A. To protect foreign culture in Spain. B. To earn more money from Spanish films. C. To limit the number of foreign movies. D. To unite the European Community. 48. What do you think Spanish tapas might be? A. The name of a drink. C. A clothing brand. C Babysitter Wanted I am seeking a babysitter for my 6-month-old son. A few hours on Saturdays and Sundays to help me and then additional times as needed. Applicant should be over 18, responsible, loving, warm, drug-free, and have experience caring for babies. A college student looking for a part-time job is also OK. The pay is $ 10 an hour. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please reply to: rebecharv @ aol.com or call 800-4964. It is urgent! Office Manager wanted A company is looking for a full-time manager to be in charge of the business aspects. Strong skills are needed in organization and business management. The office manager is responsible for B. The name of a restaurant. D. A certain kind of food. B. Hollywood movies. D. American music.

47. Why did the government set some rules for the films shown in Spain?

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keeping financial records, so he/she should be familiar with computer. Please send your resume to jim @ californiaaquatics. com or call 800-6978. Waiter/ Waitress wanted Specialty Restaurant is looking for an experienced and well-seasoned waiter/ waitress. A knowledge of wines and fine dining experience are necessary. Must work well under pressure and understand the basics of fine dining and customer service. If you're interested, please reply to job-tkupe 1329358152 @ craigslist. org. This is a part-time job. Please, no phone calls about this job! Office Cleaner Wanted Looking for Part-time work? Position available in the Mississauga area! Part-time 4 hours per day from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Duties include: —Clean Washrooms —Dust Furniture — Mopping floors —Other general cleaning Some experience is necessary Pay: $ 15 per hour Reply to: job-p3b7u-1365632206 @ craigslist.org or call 800-8197 49. The position of a(n) ___________ is full-time job. A. babysitter B. office manager C. waiter/ waitress D. office cleaner 50. Where can you send e-mail as a college girl? A. job-p3b7u-1365632206 @ craigslist.org B. job-tkupe 1329358152 @ craigslist. org. C. jim @ californiaaquatics. com D. rebecharv @ aol.com 51. Which of the following is the most important for waiter/ waitress job? A. Being familiar with computers. C. Knowing more about menus. D When Joan gave birth to the first boy in her family in three generations, she and her husband were overjoyed. So were her parents. Joan expected her elder sister, Sally, to be just as delighted as them. Joan had always admired Sally—the beauty and the star of the family—and felt happy about her achievements. But since the baby's arrival, the sisters have become distant. Joan feels hurt for Sally seems completely uninterested in her baby. Sally, who has no children, claims that her younger sister acts as if no one ever had a baby before. Neither Sally nor Joan understands that the real cause of the current coldness is that their B. Having a knowledge of wines. D. Working well under pressure.

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family roles have suddenly changed to the opposite. Finally Joan seems to be better than her elder sister—and Sally doesn't like it! Their distance may be temporary, but it shows that childhood competition don't fade easily as ages grow. It can remain powerful in relationships throughout life.

Many adult brothers and sisters are close, supportive—yet still tend to compete. Two brothers I know turn into killers when on opposite sides of a tennis net. Off the court, they are the best of friends. My own younger sister can't wait to tell me when I've put on weight. However, she's a terrible cook and that pleases me; I tease her when she comes to dinner. Happily, despite these small failings, we have been an important resource for each other. In between the very competitive and the generally supportive children lie those who say that no friendship should survive. Some brothers and sisters stay at arm's length, but never give up competition completely. Why do these puzzling, unproductive, often painful relationships continue to exist? 52. When Joan's son was born, Sally. A. felt very happy her a lot 53. What happens to children's desire to compete with their brothers and sisters? A. It sometimes will disappear when they grow up. B. It will never disappear throughout life. C. It will improve their relationships when they grow up. D. It will never harm their relationships when they grow up. 54. Why does the author's sister often tell her when she's put on weight? A. Because she wants the author to go on a diet. B. Because she wants the author to stop calling her a bad cook. C. Because she wants to make fun of the author's weight. D. Because she wants to be honest with the author. 55. The underlined sentence means that although some brothers and sisters A. live near each other, they still have competitions B. live away from each other, they stop their competitions C. live together, they often think of ending their competitions D. live within a big family, they often try to end their competitions 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分, 满分 10 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂 黑。选项中有两项为多余选项。 Maybe you are an average student. 56 This is not necessarily so, however. Anyone can become a better student if he or she wants to. Here’s how. . B. felt not delighted C. moved away D. admired

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Plan your time carefully. When planning your work, you should make a list of things that you have to do. After making this list, you should make a schedule of your time. First your time for eating, sleeping, dressing, etc. Then decide a good, regular time for studying. 57 A weekly schedule may not solve all your problems, but it will force you to realize what is happening to your time. Make good use of your time in class. 58 Listening carefully in class meansless work later. Taking notes will help you remember what the teacher says. Study regularly. When you get home from school, go over your notes; look at the important points that your teacher is going to discuss the next day, and read that material. 59 If you do these things regularly, the material will become more meaningful, and you’ll remember it longer. Develop a good attitude towards tests. The purpose of a test is to show what you have learned about a subject. They help you remember your new knowledge. The world won’t end if you don’t pass a test, so don’t be over worried. __60___ You will probably discover them after you have tried these. A. There are other methods that might help you with your studying. B. Don’t forget to set aside enough time for relaxation. C. Take advantage of class time to listen to everything the teacher says. D. No one can become a top student unless he or she works hard. E. You probably think you will never be a top student. F. Make full use of class time to take notes of what the teacher says in class. G. This will help you understand the next class. 第四部分主观题(共 20 分) 第一节单词拼写(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 根据下列句子中上下文的逻辑关系用 1-3 单元所学新单词的正确形式来完成下列句子。 61. My friend Joy claimed that he didn’t like spicy food. But what I have found is just the c___________ because whenever we have meals together, he will add pepper to his dishes. 62. Christians go to church every Sunday to attend the r__________ services. 63. Thank you for your good advice, from which I have b____________ greatly. 64. All the goods in that supermarket are on sale. Consumers can get 40% of d_____________. f____________ by his boss. 第二节: 单句改错:(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 6 分) 下面每句都有一处语言错误,且错误只涉及一个单词的增加、删除和修改。 66.The country, is covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as though it is covered with pink snow. 67.India has a national festival on October 2 to honour Mohandas Gandhi, a leader who helped gain India’s independence from Britain. 68.He could nothave Yong Hui getting away from telling people lies! 69. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feltvery frustrated. 70. Mark Twain is most known for his novels set in his boyhood world on the river.

65.He said he should take the responsibility for the failure of the plan but begged to be

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第三节:完成句子(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) 阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子,并将答案 写在答题卡上的相应题号后。 71. In order to keep a good figure, the woman _______________________ ever since the birth of her child. (diet) 为了保持好身材,那位女士自从生完孩子后就一直在节食。 72. The project will be finished in five years and at that time people will have enough electricity, __________________________ in summer. (limit) 这项工程将在五年内竣工。到那时,人们将会有充足的电使用,在夏天就不必限电了。 73. You __________________________ your teacher for what you have done, but you haven’t done so up to now. (ought) 你本该为你所做的事向老师正式道歉,但是至今为止你还没有这样做。 74. You __________________________, for everything will be clear one day. (get) 你撒谎不可能侥幸逃脱,因为一切总有真相大白的一天。 75. It was the new way of doing business __________________________ a lot. (benefit) 我是从新的经营办法中受益匪浅。 76. I have a bad headache, and I ______________________ my pains.(consult) 我头很痛,所以我不得不去找医生看看。 77. Only in this way _______________________ fat and increase the fiber in the meal. (cut) 只有用这种方式,他们才能减少饭菜中的脂肪含量,增加了纤维素。 78. That was the first time David __________________ writing articles for newspapers. (earn) 那是 David 第一次靠为报纸写文章谋生 79. The students _______________________ Jack when the teacher came in. (trick) 老师进时,这些学生在开 Jack 的玩笑。 80. With the enemy drawing closer and closer, he ______________________. (hold) 当敌人越越近,他屏住呼吸。

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单句改错:66. 去掉第一个 is 或在其前加 which 67.把 a leader 的 a 变成 the 68.把 from 变成 with 69. 把 felt 变成 feeling 70 most-best 完成句子 71. has been on a diet/ has been dieting 72. which needn’t be limited 73. ought to have apologized to 74. can’t get away with lying/ telling a lie/ lies 75. that I benefited from 76. have to consult a doctor about 77. can they cut down 78. had earned his / a living by 79. were playing a trick/ tricks on 80. held his breath



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