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2014 高考英语一轮复习难点系列讲解篇 难点 1 并非只表抽象的抽象名词? 抽象名词一般看作不可数名词,但有时也可与冠词连用,表示具体化。 ●沙场点兵 1.Jumping out of airplane at ten thousand feet is quite________exciting experience. A.不填;the B.不填;an C.an;an D.the

;the 2.Many people agree that________knowledge of English is________must in international trade today. A.a;a B.the;an C.the;the D.不填;the 3.One way to understand thousands of new words is to gain________good knowledge of basic word information. A./ B.the C.a D.one 4.—I hear that as many as 150 people were killed in the earthquake. —Yes,________news came as________shock to us. A.the;the B.the;a C.不填;不填 D.不填;a 5.He has______great interest in history,especially in______history of Tang Dynasty. A.a;the B.a;/ C./;the D./;a ●案例探究 1.For many Beijingers,dreams of living in___green area are becoming____reality. A.a;a B.the;the C.不填;不填 D.the;不填 命题意图: 表面看本题考查学生对冠词的用法, 其实也考查了学生对抽象名词具体化 的掌握,属于五星级题目。 知识依托:抽象名词并非都作不可数名词。 错解分析:D 选项迷惑性较大,许多同学会认为 reality 为抽象名词,不能用 a。 解题方法与技巧: 抽象名词或物质名词前或后加上表示性质类别的修饰词, 指概念的―一 种‖―一类‖―一次‖等时,可用不定冠词,例如:Physics is a science. 答案:A 2.The police have________power to arrest bad people by________law. A.the;the B.a;a C.the;不填 D.不填;the 命题意图:考查学生对抽象名词具体化的理解,属于四星级题目。 知识依托:定冠词与抽象名词连用,特指双方都了解的人或事。 错解分析:许多学生会认为 D 正确,认为 power 是抽象名词,故不能用冠词。 解题方法与技巧:to arrest bad people 是 power 的定语,故此处用 the 表示特指。 答案:C ●锦囊妙计 1.不定冠词与抽象名词连用表示:

①一种、一场或某个动作的一次、一番。例如:It was a war,have a look,have a try。 ②某一品质的具体行动。例如:Thank you,Tim.You have done me a kindness. ③引起某种情绪的事。 例如: a pleasure to work with you. It‘s a pity that you can‘t swim. It‘s 2.定冠词与抽象名词连用,特指某一时、某一次的行动或情绪,或说话的双方都了解的 人或事。 3.注意:有些词组中,有没有冠词含义是不同的。试比较: ●歼灭难点训练 1.He is________(help)to me. 2.Nowadays many young people get into________habit of smoking in________public and can‘t kick it. A.the;the B./;/ C./;the D.the;/ 3.—The news is spreading from mouth to mouth. —Yes,it‘s become________talk of________town. A.a;a B.the;/ C.the;the D.a;/ 4.In face of________failure,it is the most important to keep up________good state of mind. A./;a B.a;/ C.the;/ D./;the 5.Having received________training of the Ms.Company,he was offered________important position in management. A.the;an B.不填;an C.the;不填 D.a;a 6.In________Sahara Desert , ________rain was scarce , but in my hometown there is________heavy rain now and then,and the river around the town rises a lot after________. A.the;the;a;a heavy rain B.the;/;a;heavy rains C./;/;/;a heavy rain D.the;the;a;heavy rains 7.The building was completed in________September of 1956 not in________October,1955. A./;the B.the;the C./;/ D.the;/ 难点 2 冠词的非前位用法难点?

限定语与所修饰的中心名词的关系一般顺序是:冠词+表示大小尺寸的限定词+表示颜 色的限定词+表示原材料的限定词+中心名词。但在某些固定结构中,冠词放在了形容词之 后。 ●沙场点兵 1.—What about________book? —It‘s too difficult________book. A.a;a B.a;the C.the;the D.the;a

2.________Beijing you see today is quite________different city from what it used to be. A.The;不填 ●案例探究 B.The;a C.不填;the D.A;a

1.Peter won‘t drive us to the station.He has________to take us all. A.a very small car C.a too small car B.too small a car D.such a small car

命题意图:考查学生对冠词不放在第一位的固定结构的掌握,属于四星级题目。 知识依托:不定冠词放在 too+形容词之后。 错解分析:C 迷惑性较大,学生都学过 too+adj./adv. +to…结构,但对于 too+adj.+n.? +to… 结构不熟悉。 解题方法与技巧:名词前修饰语一般正常语序为:不定冠词+形容词+名词。但有些固定结 构需注意,如 too+adj. +a/an+n.。 答案:B 2.Exercise is________as any other to lose unwanted weight. A.so useful a way C.as useful a way B.as a useful way D.such a useful way

命题意图:考查学生对冠词不放在第一位的固定结构的掌握,属五星级题目。 知识依托:不定冠词放在 as+形容词之后。 错解分析:A、B 迷惑性较大,so…as 结构常用于否定句和疑问句,故不能选 A、B。 解题方法与技巧:名词前修饰语正常语序为:不定冠词+形容词+名词,但有些固定结构需 注意,如:as+adj. +a/an+n.? 答案:C ●锦囊妙计 1.不定冠词用在 quite,rather,many,half,what,much 等词之后。例如: He is rather a fool. —What did you think of the concert? —Oh,it was quite a success. 2.不定冠词用在 so(as,too,how)+形容词之后。 例如:She is as clever a girl as you can wish to meet. It‘s too difficult a book for us to read. 注意:以元音音素开头的名词前加不定冠词时用―an‖。例如:an apple。 即使单词拼写以辅音字母开头,但该词的读音是元音音素开头,加不定冠词时也要用 ―an‖,例如:an hour,an honest boy;反之,拼写以元音字母开头,但读音是辅音,加不 定冠词时要用―a‖,例如:a university。 3.so…that 与 such…that: ①so…that 和 such…that 都作―如此……以致‖解,that 引导结果状语从句。常见句型如下: ?a/an ? (形容词) ? 单数可数名词 ?形容词 ? ? that,such ? ?(形容词) ? 复数可数名词 ? that so ? ?副词 ?(形容词) ? 不可数名词 ②such…that 和 so…that 有时可以换用, 条件是 such 所修饰的名词必须是一个单数可数 ? 名词,且该名词还带有表性质的形容词。转变公式如下:such a/an+形容词+名词

→so+形容词+a/an+名词。 例如: is such a good student that we all like him.→He is so good a student that we all like He him。 但是,如果是不可数名词或复数可数名词,则只能用 such,不能用 so 修饰。 例如:It was such bad weather that he had to stay at home。 ③如果复数名词前有 many,few,不可数名词前有 much,little 等表示量的形容词时, 应该用 so 而不用 such。 如:I‘ve had so many falls that I‘m black and blue all over. Mr White got so little money a month that he could hardly keep body and soul together 维持 ( 生活) 。 但 little 不表示数量而表示―小‖的意思时,仍用 such。 例如:They are such little children that they cannot clean the house by themselves. ●歼灭难点训练 1.Ann is________girl. A.quite a bright 2.It‘s ________day. A.a rather cold 3.________is here. A.Many a boy 4.多么聪明的一个男孩。 5.English is ________to the world as other languages. A.so useful a bridge C.as useful a bridge 难点 3 不定代词的固定表达 不定代词具有名词和形容词的性质,并有可数与不可数、单数与复数的区别,用 时需慎重。 ●沙场点兵 1.—Is________here? —No,Bob and Tim have asked for leave. A.anybody B.somebody C.everybody D.nobody 2.They were very tired,but________of them would stop to take a rest. A.any B.some C.none D.neither 3.I hope there are enough glasses for each guest to have________. A.it B.those C.them D.one 4.—When shall we meet again? —Make it ________day you like;it‘s all the same to me. A.one B.any C.another D.some B.as a useful bridge D.such a useful bridge B.Many boys B.rather a cold C.a cold rather B.a quite bright

5.I agree with most of what you said,but I don‘t agree with________. A.everything B.anything C.something D.nothing 6.Sarah has read lots of stories by American writers.Now she would like to read________stories by writers from________countries. A.some;any B.other;some C.some;other D.other;other 7.—Can you come on Monday or Tuesday? —I‘m afraid________day is possible. A.either B.neither C.some D.any 8.Dr.Black comes from either Oxford or Cambridge,I can‘t remember________. A.where B.there C.which D.that 9.—Are the new rules working? —Yes.________books are stolen. A.Few B.More C.Some D.None 10.Few pleasures can equal________of a cool drink on a hot day. A.some B.any C.that D.those ●案例探究 1.If you want to change for a double room,you‘ll have to pay________$15. A.another B.other C.more D.each 命题意图:本题考查学生对―又‖―再‖的英语表达方式的掌握,属五星级题目。 知识依托:―another+数词+复数可数名词‖表示在原有基础上多出的数量。 错解分析:B、C 迷惑性较大。因 other、more 也有―再‖―又‖之意,但位置与 another 不 同。 解题方法与技巧:必须记清表达方式,数词+more/other+复数可数名词。 答案:A 例:I‘ve got another three books. I‘ve got three more/other books. 2.—Why don‘t we take a little break? —Didn‘t we just have________? A.it B.that C.one D.this 命题意图: 考查学生对表示特指事物的代词和表示泛指事物的代词的区别, 属四星级题 目。 知识依托:one 代替单数可数名词,但泛指物。 错解分析: 项选择迷惑性较大。 A 因人称代词 it 和不定代词 one 都可以代替单数可数名 词,但 it 指特定事物。 解题方法与技巧:答语中用 one 泛指第一个对话者询问的 a little break。 答案:C

●锦囊妙计 不定代词的种类较多,用法各异,下面分别进行介绍。 1.one,some 与 any 的用法 one 可以泛指任何人,还可以在形容词和 that、this 等词后代替刚提过的可数名词,其 复数形式为 ones,可用作主语和宾语;one‘s 是它的物主代词形式, 可用作宾语;oneself 是它的反身代词形式,可用作宾语。some 和 any 通常用作定语,都可用来修饰可数与 不可数名词、单数或复数名词。some 用于单数可数名词前,表示―某一‖。some 用于数 词前,表示―大约‖。some 一般用于肯定句,any 多用于疑问、否定句中。例如: One should wash oneself regularly. This film is not as good as the one I saw yesterday. He thought it over carefully and concluded that heavy objects always fell faster than light ones. We have some food left.Have you any books?I don‘t have any books. 注意:①some 可用于表达邀请或请求、预期的答案是肯定的或鼓励对方给予一个肯定 的答复的问句。例如: Could you let me have some coffee?(请求) Would you like some bananas?(邀请) ②some 和 any 可用作主语和宾语。例如: Some are singing,others are dancing.(主语) Does any of you know Mr Wang?(主语) I don‘t like any of the books。 (宾语) ③some, any, every, 与 one, no body, thing 构成的合成代词都作单数看待。 另外, some 的合成代词一般用于肯定句,any 的合成代词一般用于否定句、疑问句和条件从句。 例如: Did anybody ask for you outside? There is somebody waiting for you. 2.each,every 的用法 ①each 强调个体,可以充当宾语、定语、主语和同位语,every 强调整体,相当于汉语 的―每个都‖,在句中只作定语。例如: The teacher had a talk with each of them.(宾语) Each of us has two boxes.(主语) We have two boxes each.(同位语) Each boy has a bike.(定语) Every one has strong and weak points.(定语) ② each 所代表的数可以是两个或两个以上,而 every 所指的数必须是三个以上。例如: Each of the two has won a prize.Every student in the class likes English.There is a line of

trees on each side of the river. 3.none 和 no 的用法: ①no=no any 在句中作定语,修饰可数或不数名词。none 在句中作主语或宾语。none 不 能用来说明两个人或物。例如: There is no water in the well(井).(定语) None of them know the story.(主语) I know none of them.(宾语) ②none 代替不可数名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式;代替可数名词作主语时,谓 语动词可用单数,也可用复数。例如: None of the students are(is)afraid of difficulties。 ③none 不能回答 who 的问题,可回答 how many 或 how much 的问题,例如: (误)—Who is in the classroom?—None.(改 None 为 No one 或 Nobody) (正)—How many students are there in the classroom?—None. 4.many 和 much 的用法 many 和 much 都表示―许多‖, many 修饰可数名词,much 修饰不可数名词,都可用作 主语、宾语和定语。例如: Many of the students often go shopping.(主语) I have much to do.(宾语) There is not much water in the cup.(定语) much 有时用作状语,例如: He likes playing football very much。 (状语) 5.few,little;a few,a little 的用法 ①few 和 little 表示没有多少,含否定意义;而 a few 与 a little 表示有一些,有几个,含 肯定意义。另外,few 与 a few 修饰可数名词,而 little 与 a little 修饰不可数名词,它们 在句中常用作定语、主语和宾语。例如: He knows a little English.(定语) He has many books.But few are interesting.(主语) I know a little about Japanese(宾语) ②a few,a little 可以用 quite 或 only 修饰,few 和 little 则不能。例如: —How much water is left? —Only a little./Qutie a little. —How many books are left? —Only a few./Quite a few. 6.other 和 another other 泛指―另外的‖, 作定语, 常与复数名词或单数不可数名词连用, 但如果前面有 the, this,that,some,any,each,every,no,none,one,or 以及形容词性物主代词时,则

可与单数名词连用。例如:all other rice,no other way,the other one,any other plant, every other day,some other reason 等等。 others 是 other 的复数形式,泛指―别的人或物‖(但不是全部) 。例如: Don‘t lend the book to others. Some are carrying water,others are watering the trees. the other 指―两者中的另一个‖,常与 one 连用,作定语修饰复数名词时,表示另一方中 的―全部其余的‖。例如: He held a book in one hand and his notes in the other. the others 是 the other 的复数形式,特指―全部其余的人或物‖。例如: I have got ten pencils.Two of them are red, others are blue.another 指三个或三个以上中 the 的任何一个,―现一……‖―另一个‖,作代词或形容词。例如: I don‘t like this dictionary.Please give me another. one… the other 指两个人或物当中的―一个‖和―另外一个‖; 叙述三个不同的人或事物时, 需用 one,another,the third。例如: Here are two books. One is for Mary,the other is for Jack. Three boys are here.One is Dick,another is Tom and the third is David. 7.all 和 both 的用法: 两个词都表示整体,但 both 指两个人或物,而 all 指三个以上的人或物。在句中都可作 主语、宾语、表语、同位语和定语。例如: All of us should work hard.(主语) We are all students.(同位语) We both like to play football.(同位语) We like both of the films.(宾语) That‘s all for today.(表语) All knowledge comes from practice.(定语) 注意:①all 表示不可数名词时,其谓语动词用单数。 ②both 和 all 加否定词是部分否定。如果表示全部否定,要分别用 neither 和 none,例 如: Both of us are not teachers.(部分否定)我们俩不都是老师。 Neither of us is a teacher.(全部否定)我们俩都不是老师。 All of the books are not English books.(部分否定) None of the books are English books.(全部否定)这些都不是英语书。 8.neither 和 either 的用法 neither 表示两者都不;either 表示两者中的任何一个。两个词都表示单数,在句子中作 主语、宾语和定语。例如: Neither of the answers is correct.(主语)

Either sentence is right.(定语) I know neither of the teachers.(宾语) Here are two dictionaries. You may take either. 宾语) ( [参考包天仁主编 《高考英语语法》 ] ●歼灭难点训练 1.—Do you have________at home now,Allen? —No,we still have to get several pounds of fruit and some tea. A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing 2.—What do you want me to say? —________you like. A.Anything B.Everything C.Something D.Nothing 3.—What shall we have for dinner tonight? —Oh,I don‘t care.________.It‘s your job to come up with the menus,so get on with it. A.Anything will do B.I won‘t have lessons tomorrow C.I needn‘t to talk about it with someone D.What a nice meal 4.You can buy these maps at________railway station.They all have them. A.all B.every C.each D.any 5.I don‘t like these.Have you________? A.some B.any others C.anothers D.another ones 6.I prefer a street in a small town to________in such a large city________Shanghai. A.that;as B.one;as C.one;like D.that;like 7.She won the first prize,though________of us________it. A.no one;expected B.none;had expected C.nobody;was expecting D.none;would expect 8.—Do you live________near Jim? —No,he lives in another part of the town. A.somewhere B.nowhere C.anywhere D.everywhere 9.—Could you drop in on me on Friday or Saturday? —I‘m afraid________day is possible. A.either B.both C.neither D.any 10.—Which share is meant for me? —You can take________half.They‘re exactly the same. A.this B.any C.each D.either 11.—Is ________finished? —Not yet.My dirty clothes are still soaking in the washing machine. A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything 12.—Excuse me,but can you tell me which road I should take to the post office? —________of the four roads will do.

A.Any B.Neither C.Both D.Every 13.There is only an English-Chinese dictionary in that book-shop.I wonder if you still want to buy________. A.it B.one C.another D.any 难点 4 不可混淆的延续性动词和非延续性动词 ●沙场点兵 1.—Susan married Jason last Sunday. —Really? How long________each other? Not more than a week,I‘ m afraid. A.did they know B.have they known C.have they got to know D.had they known 2.Glad to see you back. How long________in Russia? A.did you stay B.have you stayed C.were you staying D.have you been staying ●案例探究 1.They________for 3 years. A.have married B.got married C.have got married D.have been married 命题意图:考查动词的延续性,属于五星级题目。 知识依托:延续性动词可与表示一段时间的时间状语连用。 错解分析:A、C 项迷惑性较大,因为学生认为其是完成时态,但 marry 和 get married 可看作非延续性动词和短语,故不能与表示一段时间的时间状语连用。 解题方法与技巧:be married 表状态,可以看作是延续性动词,可与表示一段时间的时 间状语连用。 答案:D ●锦囊妙计 1.延续性动词可与表示一段时间的时间状语连用,而非延续性动词不行。 2.be married /be used to 等表示状态的动词短语,可与表示一段时间的时间状语连用。 3.get married/ get used to /get to know 等表示动作的动词短语不可与表示一段时间的时 间状语连用。 ●歼灭难点训练 汉译英 1.他参军三年了。 2.直到他喊出我的名字,我才认出他。 3.自从去年我就习惯早上 5 点起床。 难点 5 动词-ing 形式的双重语法功能 动词-ing 形式可用作动名词和现在分词, 动名词由动词+ing 构成, 具有动词和名词的性

质,在句中起名词作用,可作主语、宾语、表语和定语。现在分词有一般时和完成时,在句 中可以作定语、表语、状语和补语。 ●沙场点兵 1.Though________money,his parents managed to send him to university. A.lacked B.lacking of C.lacking D.lacked in

2.How about the two of us________a walk down the garden? A.to take B.take C.taking D.to be taking

3.________is a good form of exercise for both young and old. A.The walk B.Walking C.To walk D.Walk 4.—I must apologize for________ahead of time. —That‘s all right. A.letting you not know B.not letting you know C.letting you know not D.letting not you know ●案例探究 1.—You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. —Well,now I regret________that. A.to do B.to be doing C.to have done D.having done

命题意图:考查学生对动词 regret 的掌握。 知识依托:regret doing 结构表示后悔做了某件事。 错解分析:C 项迷惑性较大。 解题方法与技巧: 从对话所表达的内容来看, 在会上提反对意见的人对其行为感到后悔。 答案:D 2.________such heavy pollution already,it may now be too late to clean up the river. A.Having suffered B.Suffering C.To suffer D.Suffered 命题意图:考查学生对分词的掌握,属于五星级题目。 知识依托:现在分词的完成时表示分词的动作或状态在谓语动词所表示的动作或状态之 前发生。 错解分析:B 项迷惑性较大。现在分词的一般时表明分词表示的动作或状态和句子谓语 表示的动作或状态同时发生或进行。 解题方法与技巧:分清现在分词的一般时和完成时所表示的含义不同。 答案:A ●锦囊妙计 1.动名词 1)动名词的用法: ①作主语。例如: Seeing is believing. Collecting information is very important to business man. It is no use sitting here waiting.

注意:动名词和不定式都可以作主语,动名词作主语表示一般或抽象的多次性行为,不 定式作主语往往表示具体的或一次性的动作。例如: Playing with fire is dangerous.(泛指玩火) To play with fire will be dangerous.(指一具体动作) 但在 it is no use/good,not any use /good,uselss 等后一般用动名词。 ②作表语。例如: My job is teaching English. ③作宾语。例如: He is fond of playing football. He finished reading the book yesterday. ④作定语,a sitting room 2)动名词的复合结构:动名词复合结构的一般规则是: ①逻辑主语是有生命的名词:作主语时,必须用名词或代词所有格,作宾语时(尤其在 口语中) ,也可用名词普通格或人称代词宾格。例如: Their coming to help us was a great encour agement to us.(主语) She didn‘t mind Jack(him)coming late.(宾语) They insist on Tom‘s(his)staying longer.(介宾) ②逻辑主语是无生命名词时,只用名词普通格。例如: Is there any hope of our team winning the match? ③逻辑主语是指示代词或不定代词 this, that, somebody, someone, nobody, none, anybody, anyone 时,只用普通格。例如: She was disturbed by somebody shouting outside. 3)动名词的时态:动名词的时态分一般时和完成时两种。如果动名词的动作没有明确 地表示出时间是与谓语动作同时发生或在谓语动作之前发生,用动 名词的一般时。例如: We are interested in collecting stamps. His coming will be of great help to us. 如果动名词的动作发生在谓语动词所表示的动作之前, 通常用动名词的完成时态。 例如: We were praised for having finished the work ahead of time. 但是在某些动词或词组后, 常用动名词的一般形式, 尽管其动作是在谓语所表示的动作 之前发生。例如:On hearing the bad news,she couldn‘t help crying.I shall never forget seeing the Great Wall for the first time。 4)动名词的语态:动名词的被动语态也有一般时与完成时两种。当主语是这个动名词 所表示的动作对象时,动名词用被动语态。被动语态由―being+过去 分词‖或―having been+过去分词‖构成。 例如: The young man came in without being noticed. He likes being helped.

He was afraid of being left at home. The house showed no sign of having been damaged. 有些动名词在句中是主动形式,但有被动的含义。例如: The house requires/needs/wants repairing. 注:在 to be worth doing 句型中,动名词 doing 表示的是被动意义。例如: If a thing is worth doing,it is worth doing well. 2.分词 1)分词的时态和语态: ①分词分为现在分词和过去分词, 现在分词有一般时和完成时。 一般时表示和谓语动词 所表示的动词同时发生的动作;完成时(having +过去分词)表示在谓语动词所表示 的动作之前发生的动作。例如: Being a student,he was interested in books. He hurried home,looking behind him as he went. Having studied in the university for 3 years,he knows the place very well. ②现在分词有一般时和完成时, 且有主动语态和被动语态。 当句子的主语是分词动作的 承受者时,分词用被动语态。如果要强调分词的动作先于谓语动作,就用分词完成时 的被动形式。例如: The question being discussed is of great importance.Having been criticized by the teacher,Li Ming gave up smoking. 过去分词表示在谓语动词之前发生的动作,本身有被动的含义,所以只有一般式,没有 完成时。 2)分词的用法: ①作定语。分词短语作定语时,放在被修饰的名词之后;单个分词作定语时,放在被修 饰的名词之前。例如: China is a developing country.The man standing at the window is our teacher.Polluted air and water are harmful to people‘s health. 注意: 现在分词作定语时, 表示动作正在进行或与谓语动词所表示的动作几乎同时发生。 如果两个动作有先有后,一般不能用现在分词作定语,而要用定语从句。例如: The teacher criticized the student who had broken the window. ②作状语:分词或分词短语作状语时,可以表示时间、原因、结果、条件、让步、行为 方式、伴随状况等。例如: Being too old ,he couldn‘t walk that far. While reading the book,he nodded from time to time.(时间) The teacher stood there surrounded by the students.(方式) Standing on the building,you can see the whole city. (条件) 注意:a.分词短语作状语,其逻辑主语须与句子的主语一致。b.表示时间关系的分词短

语有时可由连接词 while 或 when 引导。c.有时,―with(without)+名词(或代词宾语)+ 分词‖的结构表示伴随情况。例如: The spy sat on the ground,his hands tied behind his back. d.当分词的逻辑主语与主句的主语不同时,分词必须有自己的主语。例如: Time permitting,I will finish another lesson.Her glasses broken,she couldn‘t see the words on the blackboard. ③作表语。例如: The new‘s inspiring.You shouldn‘t try to stand up if you are badly hurt. ④作宾语补足语。例如: We saw the teacher making the experiment.John will get his room painted. 注意:在 see,hear,watch,feel,observe,have,listen to,notice 等动词后,既可以用现在分词构 成复合宾语,也可以用不定式构成复合宾语,但两者的含义是有差别的。用现在分词表示动 作正在发生(即处于发生的过程中,还没有结束) ,用不定式表示动作发生了(即动作全过 程结束了) 。例如: I saw the girl getting on the bus. I saw the girl get on the bus and drive off. He had his foot hurt in the fall.He had his clothes washed.(他叫别人洗了衣服) We had the fire burning all day.(我们使火燃烧了一整天) 注意:―have +宾语+现在分词‖表示主体使客体处于某种状态或干什么事;―have+宾语+ 过去分词‖表示动作是别人做的或与主体意志无关。 3)过去分词、现在分词一般被动式及完成被动式作状语时的比较: ①过去分词与现在分词一般被动式作状语表示伴随动作或行为方式时,两者无多大区 别,习惯上常用过去分词。例如: (Being)Seized with a sudden fear,she gave a scream. He came in,followed by a group of students. 在某些情况下,二者则是有区别的。例如: Badly polluted ,the water cannot be drunk.(原因) Being written in haste,the composition is full of mistakes.(原因,强调写的过程,故应用 现在分词一般被动式) ②过去分词与现在分词完成被动式皆表示已完成的动作,在意义上无多大区别。例如: (Having been)weakened by storms,the bridge was no longer safe.但有时是有区别的。例 如: Having been deserted(抛弃)by his guide,he couldn‘t find his way through the jungle.(为了 强调已完成的动作) 。 Asked to stay,I couldn‘t very well refuse.(这里 asked 可能意味着 having been asked,也可 能意味着 when/since I was asked,但若用 having been asked,就不会有歧义)下面句子

中过去分词表示的时间与谓语动词所表示的时间相同, 所以不能代之以强调先于谓语动 词的现在分词完成被动式。例如: Covered with confusion,I left the room.我很窘地离开了房间。 United,we stand;divided,we fall.团结则存,分裂则亡。 ③有时现在分词一般时的被动式与其完成时的被动式完全同义,皆表示已完成的动作, 这时用一般时的被动时较好。例如: Being surrounded (Having been surrounded),the enemy troops were forced to surrender. 4)过去分词与现在分词意义上的区别:及物动词的过去分词表示―被动、完成‖(不及物 动词的过去分词只表示―完成‖) ,现在分词表示―主动、进行‖。动作动词的现在分词所 描写的常是一种―动态‖情景;其过去分词所描写的往往是一种静态情景,表示动作发 生后事物所处的状态,试看下面的例子: When the autumn wind blows,you can see yellow leaves falling off trees.(树叶正在下落) He fell onto the fallen leaves inches thick and didn‘t hurt himself(落叶) There stands a pine tree,covering the entrance of the cave.(正覆盖着,表示动作) We found his forehead covered with sweat.(描写满脸是汗的状态) ●歼灭难点训练 1.________the big snake,the little girl stood under the tree________out of her life. A.Seeing;frightened B.Seeing;frightening C.Seen;frightened D.To see;frightening 2.A:Were you busy last weekend? B:Very.Rather than________time playing cards as usual,I devoted every effort to ________an advertisement. A.waste;make B.wasting;making C.to waste;make D.a waste of ;making 3.The manager has had some problems________whether they should borrow the money from the banker. A.to decide B.deciding C.decided D.having decided 4.—How did you manage to get through the examination? — ________very hard. A.To work B.Working C.By working D.Work 5.—What do you think of the speech? —The speaker said ________nothing worth________. A.nearly;listening to B.hardly;listening C.scarcely;listening to D.almost;listening to 6.How many of us________a meeting is not important . A.attended B.attending C.to attend D.have attended 7.I hate________their complaints all day.One of these days I‘ll tell them what I really think. A.paying attention to B.to talk about C.listening to D.to have heard 8.Nobody________any more to say,the meeting was closed.

A.having B.have C.had D.has 9. ________to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one‘s skin. A.Exposed B.Having exposed C.Being exposed D.After being exposed 10.________all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different kinds. A.To grow B.Growing C.Grown D.Grow 11.—What‘s made Tommy so upset? —I believe________the game.It shocked him so much. A.for losing B.lost C.losing D.because of losing 12.The time he has devoted in the past ten years________the disabled is now considered ________of great value. A.to help;being B.to helping;to be C.help;to be D.helping;being 13.He didn‘t seem to mind________TV while he was trying to study. A.he easily watches B.his easy watching C.his easily watching D.hiseasilywatched. 14.O‘Neal works hard.He is often seen________heavily before his teammates have even arrived at practice. A.sweated B.to be sweated C.sweating D.being sweated? 15.________good,the food was soon sold out.? A.Tasted B.Being taste C.Tasting D.Having tasted? 16.With his son________,the old man felt unhappy.? A.to disappoint B.to be disappointed C.disappointing D.being disappointed? 17.Silver is the best conductor of electricity,copper________it closely.? A.followed B.to follow C.following D.being followed 18.—Would you mind________me the dicionary?? —Of couse not.But it is ________my reach.? A.passing;out B.passing;beyond C.to pass;far away D.to pass;out of ? 19.—Who gave you this message?? —A man________himself Mr.Zhang.? A.called B.calling C.calls D.is called 难点 6 定语从句:先行词、关系代(副)词的句法功能 在复合句中修饰名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。 被修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。 引导定 语从句的关系代词有 who, whom, whose, which, that 等和关系副词 where, when ,why 等。 关系 代词和关系副词在定语从句中担任句子成分。 ●沙场点兵 1.—I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. —Is that the reason ________you had a few days off? A.why B.when C.what D.where

2.Meeting my uncle after all these was an unforgettable moment,________I will always treasure. A.that B.one C.it D.what 3.Alec asked the policeman________he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident. A.with him B.who C.with whom D.whom 4.There‘s a feeling in me________we‘ll never know what a UFO is. A.that B.which C.of which D.what 5.We will be shown around the city:schools,museum,and some other places,______other visitors seldom go. A.what B.which C.where D.when 6.After living in Paris for fifty years,he returned to the small town________he grew up as a child. A.which B.where C.that D.when 7.Carol said the work would be done by October,________personally I doubt very much. A.it B .that C.when D.which 8.Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play,______of course,made the others unhappy. A.who B.which C.this D.what ●案例探究 1.The film brought the hours back to me________I was taken good care of in that far-away village. A.until B.that C.when D.where 命题意图:考查学生对定语从句的掌握,属于五星级题目。 知识依托:先行词是表示时间的词,从句中缺少状语,通常用关系副词 when。 错解分析:本题有一定难度,主要是由于在先行词和定语从句之间有其他的词。 解题方法与技巧:首先要找准先行词,先行词 hours 表示的是时间,当先行词是表示时 间的词时,可能有 2 种情况:如果从句中缺少状语,通常用关系副词 when,如题;如果在从句中缺少主语或宾语,通常用关系代词 that 或 which。 答案:C 2.________is known to everybody,the moon travels round the earth once every month. A.It B.As C.That D.What 命题意图:考查学生对定语从句中关系代词 as 的用法。属于五星级题目。 知识依托:as 引导非限制性定语从句。 错解分析: 项迷惑性较大。 it 是形式主语, A 但 后应用 that 从句作真正主语。 It‘s known 如:

to everybody that the moon travels round the earth once every month. 解题方法与技巧:根据题干的逗号可以判断,空缺处应填关系代词 as,引导非限制定 语从句。在这种用法中,as 的意思是―正像‖―像‖―那样‖,定语从句则 表达了说话人的对某事的态度和看法。 答案:B ●锦囊妙计 1.由 who, whom, whose 引导的定语从句:这类定语从句中, who 用作主语,whom 用 作宾语,whose 用作定语。例如: This is the man who helped me. The doctor whom you are looking for is in the room. Do you know the man whose name is Wang Yu? 2.which 引导的定语从句:which 在从句中作主语或谓语动词和介词的宾语。例如: This is the book which you want. The building which stands near the river is our school. The room in which there is a machine is a workshop. 3.由 that 引导的定语从句:that 在定语从句中可以指人或物,在从句中作主语、谓语动 词或介词的宾语。 (但不能放在介词后面作介词宾语)例如: The letter that I received was from my father. 注意在下面几种情况下必须用 that 而不用 which 引导定语从句: ①先行词是不定代词 all,few,little,much,something,nothing,anything 等。例如:All that we have to do is to practise every day. ②先行词被序数词或形容词最高级所修饰。 例如: The first lesson that I learned will never be forgotten.This is the best film I‘ve ever seen. ③ 先 行 词 被 all,any,every,each,few,little,no,some 等 修 饰 。 例 如 : I have read all the books(that)you gave me. ④先行词被 the only,the very,the same,the last 修饰时, 例如: is the only person that/(who) He I want to talk to . ⑤先行词既有人又有物时,例如:They talked of things and persons that they remembered. ⑥当句中已有 who 时,为避免重复。例如:Who is the man that is talking to John? ⑦用作关系代词,修饰表示时间的名词如 day,time,moment 等,代替 when。例如:It happened on the day that/when I was born. ⑧如有两个定语从句,其中一个关系词已用,则另一个用 that。例如:Edison built up a factory which produced things that had never been seen before. 4.由 when,where,why 引导的定语从句。例如: I know the reason why he came late. This is the place where we lived for 5 years. I will never forget the day when I met Mr Liu.

注意:先行词是表示地点或时间时,有时用 where 或 when,有时用 that(which)引导定 语从句, 这时要根据从句的谓语动词是及物的还是不及物的。 如果是及物的就用 that(which),否则用 where 或 when。例如: This is the house where he lived last year. This is the house that(which)he visited last year. I thought of the happy days when I stayed in Beijing. I have never forgotten the day which we spent together. 5.限定性定语从句和非限定性定语从句: ①限定性定语从句是句中不可缺少的组成部分, 主句和从句之间不用逗号分开, 引导非 限定性定语从句的关系代词有 who,whom,whose,which,of which 等,这些关系代词都 不能省略; ②非限定性定语从句是对主句先行词的补充说明,没有这种从句不影响主句意思的完 整,一般用逗号把主句和从句分开。关系代词用 which,不用 that;指人时可用 who, 例如: I have two sisters,who are both students. Crusoe‘s dog,which was now very old,became ill and died. 6.as 引导的定语从句: ①as 用作关系代词和关系副词引导限定性定语从句,并在从句中作主语、表语或状语, 构成 the same…as,such…as 等结构。例如: I like the same book as you do.(as 作宾语) I shall do it in the same way as you did.(as 作状语) I want to have such a dictionary as he has.(as 作宾语) ; ②as 引导非限定性定语从句。as 在定语从句中作主语、表语或宾语,这个定语从句说 明整个句子,可以放在主句之前。例如: As we all know,he studies very hard.(as 代表整个句子,作宾语) As is known to all,he is the best student in our class.(as 代表整个句子,作主语) 常用的这种类似插入语的句式有 as is said above,as is already mentioned above,as is known to all,as it is,as is often the case,as is reported in the newspaper 等。 注意: ①关系代词在从句中作主语时, 从句的谓语动词的人称和数必须和先行词保持一 致;②关系代词 whom,which,that 在限定性定语从句作动词宾语或介词宾语,而 该介词又位于从句末尾时,经常省略,但 as 一般不省略;③关系代词 which 和 as 在定语从句中的区别是:which 不能放在句首,而 as 则可以;在句中时,as 有―正如‖―就像‖之意,而 which 则没有此意。 ●歼灭难点训练 1.Is this hotel________you said we were to stay in your letter. A.where B.which C.in that D.in which

2.The wrong you‘ve done him is terrible,for________you should make an apology to him,I think. A.this B.which C.what D.that 3.We played in the garden till sunset,________it began to rain. A.when B.after C.while D.then 4.I‘d like a car________front lights are big and round. A.which B.that C.whose D.what 5.―Who Moved My Chinese?‖,________is a best-selling book,is written by Spencer Johnson. A.which B.that C.it D.what 6.Is there a shop around________I can get a pack of cigarette? A.which B.where C.that D. what 7.Another unmanned spacecraft―ShenzhouⅡ‖,________China greets the 21st century,marks new progress in the century‘s space program. A.for which B.from which C.in which D.with which 8.Beijing government puts more than 700 million yuan to increase its green space this year,________doubles the money provided last year. A.as B.while C.that D.which 9.That passenger was very impolite to the conductor,________of course,made things even worse. A.who B.whom C.what D.which 10.Helen is much more kind to her youngest child than to the others,________of course,makes the others unhappy. A.who B.which C.she D.that 11.I‘ll never forget the days________I lived in the country with the farmers,________has a great effect on my life. A.that;which B.when;which C.which;that D.when;who 12.David gets up early and takes a walk in the morning,______is usual with him. A.as B.that C.what D.such 难点 7 特殊反意疑问句之特殊解法 反意疑问句分以下两种情况:前部分陈述如果用肯定形式,后部分则用否定形式; 如果前部分用否定形式,后部分则用肯定形式。 ●沙场点兵 1.He had little idea that it was getting so late,________? A.didn‘t he B.wasn‘t it C.did he D.was it 2.Mrs.Black doesn‘t believe her son is able to design a digital camera, ? A.is he B.isn‘t he C.doesn‘t she D.does she

3.You mustn‘t speak to your mother like that,________you? A.should B.may C.must D.dare ●案例探究 1.M:________you got in touch with Mr.Smith? W:Through a friend of mine. A:It was how that B:How was it C:How was it that D:Was it how that 命题意图:考查强调句型转换为特殊疑问句,属于四星级题目。 知识依托:―It is/was +强调部分+that+其余部分‖强调句型结构。 错解分析:很多同学没有搞清楚题意,看不懂。其实首先句子应是一个强调句,然后对 句子进行提问。 解题方法与技巧:先把句子还原为肯定句:It was t hrough a friend of mine that I got in touch with Mr Smith。 然后对划线部分提问, 即是: How was it that you got in touch with Mr Smith?答案:C 2.I don‘t think Mary and Sue________before,________? A.have met;haven‘t they B.have seen;have I C.have met;have they D.have seen;don‘t they 命题意图:本题主要考查学生对反意疑问句的掌握,属于五星级题目。 知识依托:否定转移的句子对从句进行反问。 错解分析:A 项迷惑性较大,因为不能明确从句其实为否定句。 解题方法与技巧:这是一个否定转移的句子,从句是否定句,故根据第二空,即可选出 C。答案:C

2014 高考英语单词联想记忆
一 adventure ;n.& vt.冒险;词中词 :venture 冒险;投机 risk; danger; adventurous adj.喜欢冒 险的;充满危险的 airplane ;n. 飞机;联想: aircraft 飞行器;飞机; disappoint ;v. 失望;泄气;词中词 appoint 指定;委派 argue ;vi. 争论;争吵; 近义 debate discuss; brave ;adj. 勇敢的; 近义 bold ;fearless care about 担心;关心 care for 喜欢; cast vt.& vi. 投掷;投射;抛 (cast,cast) 联想;broadcast 广播 compass ;n. 罗盘;指南针;词中词 pass 通过;经过 deserted adj.荒芜的;荒废的;为人所弃的; 联想:desert 沙漠; dessert 甜点;drop sb a ;n. 网友;联想:pale 苍白的; e-friend; 错误;差错;false adj. 错误的;fault n.错误 false; incorrect 不正确的 触觉;知觉;感觉;情绪; line 给某人写信(通常指写短信) e-pal; error ;n. feeling ;n.

近义 emotion ;feel ;touch; Fond; Fry; adj. 喜爱的;喜欢的; ( be) fond of 喜欢;爱好 ;vt. & vi. 油煎;油炸 frying-pan; pot; try 词中词 ham 火腿;

Gun;;n. 炮;枪;联想: run; fun; Hammer;n. 锤子;槌; 联想: gram; grammar Handsome; ;adj. 英俊的;美观的; 近义 beautiful; pretty; smart honest; adj. 诚实的;正直的; 近义 loyal; 反义 dishonest; hunt vt.& vi.& n. 打猎;猎取;搜寻 hunt for 搜寻;追寻;寻找 look/ search for in order to lie ;n./v. loyal match; mirror; movie; 为了; 比较: so as to , 谎话;谎言;形近 lie; pie; (lied;lied ); lay;lain ;n. 火柴;比赛 ; 形近 march 前进 ; 助记:我 I 在里边演动感 move 电影 movie; 躺; 忠臣;

;adj. 忠诚的;忠心的; 联想 loyalty; ;n.忠诚 ;loyalist; ;n. 镜子; 形近 :error 错误; terror; 恐怖 ;n. 电影;film; move;

parachute ; n. 降落伞; ArA 对称; 联想 paragraph; separate; character rope; n. 绳;索 ; 形近; hope; telescope 望远镜; saw; ;n. 锯; see 分享;共有;分配;共享; scared; ;n. 恐惧的;联想:scar; scarf 围巾; share; ;n./v. 份额; 词中词 hare 野兔 smart; ;adj. 聪明的;漂亮的;敏捷的; 词中词 art; mart=market 市场 solution; sorrow; n. ;n. 解答;解决办法;解决方案 solve; ;v. resolution n.决心; 悲哀;悲痛; 联想:row (划船)n.行;排 sad ;arrow 箭

speech; vt.& vi. 演说;讲话;语音 联想:speak; pronunciation ;lecture such as 例如;like; for example; 幸免于;幸存从……中生还;surprise;surface ;vive-万岁(法语) 英明的;明智的;聪明的;

survive; ;vi.&vt wise ; adj.

classical;古典的;联想:class;formal;informal; 二 a great many bathroom ;n./v. bring in; broad; 许许多多;极多(修饰可数名词);复习:a number of;many a;penty of; 浴室;盥洗室;厕所 bathe;洗澡; 引进;引来; bring together 带来;聚集 ;

;adj. 宽的;助记:―宽的路‖;词中词 road

closet; ;n.

壁橱;储藏室; 词中词;close; set; 司令官;指挥官 vi. 交际;沟通;传达 n. 交流;通讯;通信

come about;发生; 近义 happen; occur; take place; commander; n. 词中词 command 指挥;控制; man Communicate; 联想:communication;

compare vt. 比较 ;联想:contrast 对比 ;词中词 pare 削皮;剥去;prepare; cookbook; n. 食谱;联想:notebook; exercise book; guidebook;指南; end up with 以……告终 ;复习 begin/start with 以……开始 equal adj. 相等的;胜任的; vt. 除了……之外; 等于; 比得上; 联想: equality 平等 ;equation 方程式; 等式 unequal 不等的; be equal to ; except for; 联想: besides;加上; in addition to ; apart from; exchange ;vt.& n. 交换;交流;兑换; 词中词 change 变成;复习: n 秋天;瀑布; n. 球; 地球仪 communicate communication; expression; n.短语;表情; 联想: impression; fall; 联想: rainfall ;autumn ;call ;hall ;tall global ;adj. 全球的;球形的; 联想: globe; government; n. howl; vi.& n. 谐音:嚎叫;怒吼;嚎哭 adj. 国际的;世界的;联想:nation; national 女房东;老板娘 land+ lady; 多数;大半; 别客气 词中词 major 主要的 政府;内阁; 联想:govern 统治; 管理; rule ;

independent; adj. 独立自主的; 联想:depend; international; landlady; majority; n. n.

make oneself at home movement; n. native; adj./n

运动;动作;运转;move; 本国的;本地的 civil 国内的;local;当地的;本地人;本国人 总统;校长;行长;会长; 词中词 resident 居民;居住者;reside 居住

organization;n.组织;机构;团体; 词中词:organize; opposite 在……对面 president; n. residence 住宅 pronounce; ;vt. 发音;宣告;断言; 复习 noun 名词; pronunciation; pronoun; publish; v. 发表;出版;公布;词中词 pub 酒吧(店) ;联想: print ;come out; repeat; n.vi 重做;重复;复述重复;反复 replace; vt. 取代;替换;代替; 联想 :change ; take the place of; service; n. 服务;服务性工作;联想: serve; conservation 保护;维护


;n. 信号 ;联想:;design ;assign; 情形;境遇; (建筑物等的)位置;联想:situate v.位于;处于;坐落 南方的;南部的 northern; 西班牙语;西班牙人;

appoint ;sign 标志;迹象;签名 situation; n. southern; n. south; Spanish; ;adj. n 西班牙(人、语)的 stand; ;n. 台;看台;摊,摊位;站;容忍; standard; understand ;stage n. 陈述;声明;综述; 联想:state


stay up; 不睡;熬夜;sit up;stay away from tidy; ;vt. 整理;收拾 tide 潮汐 clean tongue ;n. 舌头;语言;口语 ;language n. 母语 tongue twister ;adj. ./v. 总数;合计; 总共;altogether adv.总计;总数 ;in all; all in all;on the whole; ;n. 毛 巾 ; scarf 围 巾 ; 纸 巾

mother tongue; total;

in total; ; 联想:altogether; add up to totally; adv. 完全地;整个地 tourism;

;n. 旅游;观光; 联想:tour;towel;

hankerchief; 手帕 trade; adj.贸易;商业; business WTO. merchant; typhoon; ;n. 台风; 谐音: 联想:type 类型;种类;打字 adventurous; ;adj. 喜欢冒险的;充满危险的; 联想:adventure ;

三 as well as 也;还;而且;以及 背包; 词中词:pack 包;back;联想 backward 落后的;向后 forward 向前; 基本的;基本;要素 base 基础的 basis 基础 basin backpack ; ;n. basic; board; adj./n

vt. 上(船、飞机等) on broad; ;n. 手机; 联想: ;联想:connect 联合;unit; join;

broad 宽的; aboard 在船/飞机上 cellophane mobile phone; automobile 汽车 combine ;vt. & vi. (使)联合; (使)结合 consider ;vt. 考虑;照顾;认为; 词中词:side; contain ;vt. 包容;容纳; 复习:include ;tain 锡铂; tin 锡罐; ;n. 目的地 ;同义:purpose 目标;aim; goal ;n. 生态旅游; ecology 生态学; ecologist 生态学家 ;n. 装备;设备; 联想:equip v. 词中词: quip 双关语; decorate 装潢;装饰;

destination eco-travel; equipment;


;n. 刺激;兴奋;激动;

联想:excite 使激动; thrill;刺激; experience; vt.& n. 体验;经历;经验 ; experiment; 试验; experienced adj. get away from 逃离; 同义: escape; flee(fled;fled) handle means ;vt./n 操作;处理;柄;把手; 联想:control; operate ;conduct ;词中词:hand; ;n. 手段;方法 复习:way; ;n. 自然;自然界;本性;联想: natural; 自然的;strait; feature 特征;characteristic adj. 正常的;正规的;标准的 近义 formal;反义词:abnormal 非正式的;正式 ;n. 正规;常态; 联想:regular; irregular; abnormal

method; approach; nature normal

的;informal 非正式的; normal 另一方面;比较;on the one hand; unite row 划船 反义词: common;general; 划桨;涉水; 用桨划词中词:pad 垫子;填料;联想:

on the other hand

unit;单元; 联想:unity 统一;团结; paddle; vi.n.vt.


;adj 特别的;特殊的; special;especial;

poison ;n. 毒药;毒害; 联想:poisonous 有毒的;有害的;恶毒的 protect sb / sth from 阻止; responsibly see sb off adv. 负责地;联想: responsible; adj. respond 回答;反应 . (到火车站、飞机场等处)为某人送行 ;联想:bring sb. back; 类似;类似处 ; 联想: 反义词:difficult; complex 近义 merely 保护、保卫某人(某事物; )联想: defend; keep; prevent; stop...from

separate; adj. 单独的;分开的; 词中词 rate 比率;分开;隔离; Sep. 九月(缩写) similarity; .n

similar;相似的;difference simple simply spider stream ;adj. 简单的 ; ;adv. 仅仅;只不过;简单地;完全;简直; ;n. 蜘蛛;词中词: side; spider map 蜘蛛图; ;vt.& vi. 溪;川;流;词中词:team; ;n. 任务;作业; 联想:duty 值日;职责; ;n. 运输;运送; 联想:transport; ;v 近义 holiday 假日 注意;当心; 联想:look outadvance; ;vt.& vi./n. 前进;提前 distance;

换一字 cream 乳酪 scream 尖叫; task; tip; n.小费; 提示;贴士;建议;倒置 pit 坑;沟通; 联想: dip; transportation; unpack; ;vt.& vi 打开(包裹、行李等) ;卸货; 联想:pack 包裹;load 装载;unload 卸载 vacation ;n. watch out

距离;前进;提升; 近义 march 前进;进步;progress; 注意:指―进步‖时 advance 是可数名词;progress 是不可数名词。 四 agent; n.代理(商) ,经纪人;词中词 age 年纪;manager;travel agent 旅行社代理人;

助记:上年纪的经纪人 article n. 文章;论文;冠词; 近义 composition 作文 隆隆声; ; 联想:bloom 开花;room 房间; broom 扫把;拖把;

boom; n./v.

Buddha; n.佛;佛像;佛陀;;谐音―布带‖佛; couch; n.(坐卧两用的)长沙发; 联想: ouch 哎哟; sofa; 沙发 crack; vi. 发破裂声;劈啪地响;谐音 boom; 形近:crash;坠毁;碰撞; track 轨迹; 踪迹;痕迹 deadline n. 截止时间;最终期限;联想:headline 头版头条 近义: destroy; vt. 摧毁;毁坏;

damage ;hurt ;harm; wound;ruin; disaster; drag; n. 灾难;灾祸;联想: tragedy 悲剧; misfortune 不幸; vt. 拖;拖曳 rag 破布;烂衣服; 联想:to be afraid of;terror; fright; horror; shock; 反义

联想:pull 拉; fear; vt.& vi./. 害怕;畏惧;恐惧 fearless ; fight vi. 搏斗;斗争;争吵; 加一字:fright 恐惧;近义 struggle; 流动 ; 倒置 :wolf 狼; 联想 low; 助记:水向低处流 adv. 最后;终于; 联想: at last; in the end; eventually vi.& n. n. 惊骇;吃惊 ; 减一字 fight; 站立起来; struggle to one's feet;

(fought,fought); finally; flow; fright

复习:frighten; fight; fear; shock; get on one's feet; 联想:look through host; king; 词中词 vt.n 主办或主持某活动;主人; 联想: cost; lost; ghost;hot; n. :nation; 联想:international 近义 master; owner; 国王;联想: queen; emperor;national adj. 国家的;民族的; go through; 通过;经受;仔细检查

naughty adj. 顽皮的;淘气的 note; on fire on holiday opportunity peanut; n. pull sb up rescue; n. roar; ;v. n. 笔记;注释;纸币; notebook 笔记本式电脑 失火;着火; catch fire 在度假;on vacation; n. 机会;时机;可能性; 近义 chance 花生; 词中词 pea 豆; nut 坚果;

把……往上曳;pull down; pull out; 援救;营救; 近义 :save assist; help; 轰鸣;咆哮;怒号 ; 联想:howl; 联想:scared;scar

board; n.木板;甲板; 联想: board; scare; vi. 恐吓;使人恐惧;令人惊吓;受恐吓; 词中词 care 关心;


助记:死汽车 car 让我留下伤疤 scar;只好用围巾 scarf 遮挡; The careful man is ;v. 抓住;逮住;夺取; 联想:grasp; catch; size 尺寸

scarcely scared by the scarce parcel.细心男子勉强被罕见的包裹吓了一下. seize; shake; ;vt. & vi. 震动;摇动;摇;颤抖;形近 联想:quake ;cake; brake 刹车;snake; 蛇;bake 烘;烤 wake 醒来; sake 缘故;目的;baker;面包师; silver ;n. 银;银子;联想:scene 场面;布景; stair ;n. (阶梯的)一级;楼梯;联想: up/down stairs; adv.上/下楼梯 strike ;vi./n 击打;打动; 罢工(struck, struck/stricken); 近义:hit; knock; beat struggle; swallow; allow; take place 脾气坏的; toothbrush; ;n. 牙刷; 联想:brush 刷 touch; ;v. & n. 触摸; (使)接触;感动; 联系; 联想:touch ;contact ;connect;换一字: torch 火炬; tower; ;n. 塔;城堡 ;联想: napkin; towel 毛巾 unforgettable; upon; prep. academy; n. ;adj. 难忘的; 联想:forget 在……之上;联想:above; over; 学院;AcA 对称 ;助记;我 my 的 de AcA 学院; 发生; 联想:happen occur 形近 temper 气质; 脾气;bad-tempered; temple; ;n. 庙; 神殿; 词中词 : 寺; temp 临时的; ;v./n 努力;挣扎;奋斗;联想: contest; fight ;compete; ;n. /v. n 燕子;咽; 淹没; 吞没;词中词 : wallow 沉迷; 溺于; wall 墙;

accept; vt. 接受;认可; 形近 access 接近 ; 近义 receive 五 action actor;n. actress; n. adult; ;n. 动作;情节;作用;举动 男演员;行动者;参以者 女演员; 形近 address 地址; hostess 女主人 ;n. 成人;成年人; 联想: teenager 青少年 老板; 上司; 助记:读了博士 (boss) 当老板; 联想: cross; loss 损失; bring sb back n. 事业;生涯; 助记: 有车 car 的事业; 形近 engineer; pioneer; 选择;抉择;精选品; 联想;choose adj. 古典文学的;古典的 n. & vi. 评论;注释;意见; 联想:opinion; advice; remark; ;v.

award; ;n. 奖;奖品; 联想:toward ;reward; boss ; n. 送回某人; 联想:see off; career;

choice; n. classical; 词中词;class Comment;

creature ;n. 生物;动物; 近义:animal; cruelty; ;n. 残忍;残酷; 联想:cruel; kind;



学位;度数;度;程度; 联想: agree 同意;grade;academy;n. 学院;

determine vi.&adj. 决定;决心 determined; decide; make up one's mind; director ;n. 导演;主任;理事;董事 direct 指导;导演;直接的;方向;联想:direction 方向 drama; n. follow-up go wrong 戏剧;戏剧艺术;AmA 对称;联想:theatre 剧院; comedy adj. 后续的; 联想:grown-up; 成年人; adult ; 走错路,误入歧途;不对头;出毛病;go 作系动词加形容词作表语; 联想: go bad 变坏; 幸福;快乐;联想:happy; pleasure; fun; entertain; 总共; 总之; 联想: at all; after all; above

go mad 发疯; happiness; n. hero; icy; all;

;n. 英雄;男主角;男主人公;助记:英雄男人 O 背后是她 her; adj. 寒冷的;冰冷的; 联想:icein all

industry ;n. 工业;行业;产业; 词中词 dust 灰尘;助记:工业里边有灰尘 dust ;反义 : agriculture 农业; law ;n. 法律;法学;规律; leader; n. live ;adv. live; 领导者; 联想 lawyer 律师; legal 合法的 lively 活泼的 联想:lead; 联想:lively;alive; 反义 :set free;释放;

现场地;直播地; 联想: native 本族的;本地的; 将某人锁于某处不得进出;将某人监禁起来 联想: on the radio;broadcast;

adj. 直播的;活的;生动的;

lock sb. up

on the air ; 正在播出的; owe ;vt. & vi. owe sth to sb. peace

outer ;adj. 外部的;外面的; 联想:inner 内部的 欠(债等) ;感激;把…归功于;联想:own 拥有;所有;自己的 把……归功于某人;owing to = thanks to 因为; 由于 联想:"peace; war; found" 大声念以

;n. 和平;和睦;安宁;反义: war 战争; 初等教育的;最早的;首要的

上三个词: 屁是我放的 primary ;adj 联想:prime 主要的;primary school;n. 小学 ; middle school 中学 prize; role; n. ;n. 奖赏;奖金;奖品; 联想:award; price 角色 ;联想:part 角色;部分 ;n. 场面;情景;布景;EnE 对称;联想:view ;sight 场景;script

run after 追赶; be after;seek;search; scene n.剧本; 手稿;手迹;联想:description 描述;描绘;形容;describe silver screen 银幕;电影(业务) speed ;n.&v 速度;加快; (sped, sped, speeded, speeded)飞跑;联想: seed 种子; need ; 不在家;外出;联想:at home;stay up; 熬夜; n. 继父; 联想:stepmother 继母 n. 摄影棚(场) ;演播室;画室;工作室 study 工作室; radio; 收音机 feed ;weed stay away; stepfather studio

take off think highly of

成功;成名;脱掉(衣服)(飞机)起飞 ; 对……高度评价 advice ;n.&v. 忠告;建议;联想:advise;vice 副的 六

apologise ;vi. <英>=apologize<美>道歉; 词中词 Polo 助记:马可波罗 polo 马球;水球; dramatic; adj. 戏剧的 ; drama 联想:apologize ;v. make an apology to 联想:behaviour; apology ;n. 道歉;say sorry to ; behave

;vt.& vi. 举动;举止;行为表现;举止适当;守规距;有礼貌; ;n. 骨;骨头; one ;;n.胸部;胸怀;联想 chest 胸部;east; eat;

n.;good manners; polite; bone breast 助记:胸怀祖国;面向东方;

childhood n. 孩童时期;童年时代; 联想; boyhood 孩童年时代; neighbourhood 街区 cloth comma course culture custom ;n.布;织物;衣料; 联想:clothes 衣服;clothing ;n. 逗点;逗号; period 句号;dash 破折号 ;n. 一道菜;过程;课程;联想:process; 过程;of course; ;n. 文化;文明; 联想:agriculture 农业 ;n. 习惯;风俗; 联想:habit(个人)习惯; customs; 海关;customer;顾客;damp 联想: dam; lamp;灯; 助记 :堤坝边缘潮湿 wet; ;n. 甜点; 比较:deserted ;adj. 额外的;外加的;特大的; ;n. 联想:extraordinary 非凡的;不平常的

;adj. 潮湿的; dessert

disabled ;adj. 伤残的;残疾的;联想:healthy; disability extra fashion 流行; 时尚; 方式; 联想: cushion;垫子; pattern; model;type;; follow the ;wrong;;correct;

fashion 赶时髦 fault ;n. 过错;缺点;故障;联想: false; error; mistake flesh ;n. 肉; (供食用的)肉;果肉; 形近:flash 闪烁;动漫; fresh; forgive formal ;vt. 原谅;饶恕 (forgave,forgiven) 近义;excuse; pardon ;adj. 正式的;正规的联想: informal 非正式的;形近: normal; ;n. 印象;感想; 联想:impress; press

impolite ;adj. 无礼的;粗鲁的; 联想:rude; polite;good manners impression ;have deep impression on interrupt ;vt.& vi. 打断;中断;插嘴; 联想:disturb; bother;trouble; introduce ;vt. 介绍;引进;提出; 联想:introduction; produce;reduce;educate; lap ;n. (坐时的)大腿前部;膝盖; 联想:knee 膝盖;tap; map;cap;rap ; leave out 省去;遗漏;不考虑; make jokes about sb 联想: neglect;omit; regardless;不管;不顾; 以某人为笑柄;

make fun of;play tricks on; manner ;n. 方式;样式;方法; 联想:

manners ;n. 礼貌;规矩;good manners ; politeness ; mix ;vt. (使)混合;混淆; 联想: mixture napkin oops ;n. 餐巾;餐巾纸;联想: handkerchief 手帕; ;int. 哎哟; 联想:ouch 噢; couch 沙发;

pray ;vi. 祈祷;恳求;请;联想:ray 光线 pay 付钱 raise ;vi. 举起;提高;唤起;饲养;加一字:prais 赞扬; 联想:rise 升起 ;vt.& vi. 抿一小口; ;vt.& vi. 联想:dip; skip; 跳过;tip roll ;vt. 面包圈;卷形物滚动;卷;roll up 卷起; sip spirit 烈酒(常用复数) ;精神;情绪; 联想:emotion 情绪; wine; beer;比

较; softdrink stare ;vi 凝视;盯着看; fix one's eyes on; stare at 盯着; 联想:glare 注目;怒视;瞪眼; ―Beware the software in the warhouse during farewell party. 在告别会上,我不 the warfare,‖ hare said;glaring at me.兔子怒视着我说:―战争期间当心仓库里的软件。 I daren' t declare that the shares are my spare fare and welfare on the 敢宣称这些股票是我的备用车费和福利; starter; tender; n. 第一道菜;开端;起动器 ;adj. 嫩的;温柔的;软弱的; 联想:soft 打开;显露;阐明;反义;spread 扩展;延伸; extend;fold 折叠;disclose; discover;

toast ; n. 干杯;烤面包(片) ;吐司面包;联想:coast ; unfold ;v.

uncover; westerner ;n. 西方人;联想: western 西方的 wing; ;n. 翅;翅膀;机翼;加一字:swing 摇摆;旋转 联想: king; ring ; shake; quake ; ancient; ;adj. 古代的;古老的; ancestor 祖先;祖 宗; 词中词;cent 分 artist ;反义; modern; ;n. 艺术家; 形近;smart 机灵;聪明; 词中词;art ; 七 beauty; n. breath; v. brick; 美;美景;美好的人或事物; 联想;beautiful 呼吸; v. 联想: breathe; earth ;

;n. 砖;砖形物;词中词:rick 草堆;木料; 形近:chick tick;打钩;thick

bring…back to life ; 使苏醒;使生动;使活泼;反义:;come to life 复活;苏醒; bronze; n. 青铜; 联想: copper 铜;iron 铁;silver;gold;iron burn;vt. 焚烧;烧焦;点(灯);burn down 烧毁;(burnt,burnt;burned,burned) capsule; n. carbon; n. cave; 太空舱;胶囊; 词中词; cap 帽子 碳元素;联想:carbon dioxide 二氧化碳 ;oxide 氧化物 ;n. 洞穴;窑洞; 形近 ;vt. & n. 损害;伤害 大坝;助记:

brave; wave; save; slave; pave;助记: 那个勇敢的奴隶下到铺满波浪的洞穴中去救另一个奴隶。 cultural;adj. 文化的;联想: culture ;adj. damage;

堤坝 dam 年久 age 失修损坏;毁坏 destroy. dioxide; ;n. 二氧化物;ox 公牛;助记:公牛前后,DIox ID 对称 dynasty; n. fairy tale n. give in include limit official 职员; period; n. 一段时间;时期;句号; 联想:times; comma 逗号; 照片; 联想: telegrap;h 电报; photo; picture 朝代;王朝;联想: nasty 令人作呕的;污秽的;dying 临死的 dye 染……色; 神话;童话;谎言; 联想:fair;公平的;

让步;投降;联想:give up ;vt. 包括;包含;conclude; except; vt./n 限制;限定; 联想:limitless 无限制的 ;n. 官员;公务员; adj.官方的;正式的;公务的 officer 官员; 联想:office;clerk;

photograph; n.

pollution; n. 污染;玷污;联想:pollute v. portrait project pull n. 肖像;人像; port 港口; trait 特色;特征; image 联想:burn down;pull up; ;vt. 计划;方案;工程;联想:reject down 拆毁;推毁;推翻;

pyramid ;n. (古代埃及的) 金字塔; 锥体联想: ram 公羊; 助记;白羊座 amid 在中间 mid; 中部的; rebuild vt. & vi. 重建;复原;改造(rebuild,rebuild) ;n. 遗物;遗迹;纪念物; 联想:site; ruin 联想: restore; reconstruct; recreate ;vt. 再创造;再创作;重新创造;重新创新 relic; represent; n. & vt. 代表;表现;联想: symbol; present ;stand for restore; ;vt. 修复;重建; rebuild 重建;复习: store 储存;储藏 ruin; n. 废墟;遗迹;毁灭;崩溃 ; 词中词: run; 联想:relic; 遗址; site; 位置; 成为废墟;遭到严重破坏; 场所; web site; 网址;in ruins

set up 设立;创立;联想:found; build; sincerely; statue; n. 算 ; stone; n. 石;石头;宝石;联想: jewel 珠宝;宝石; jewellery 珠宝 unite ;v. 联合团结;联想: unit 单元 connect; join; unity 团结;the Untied Kingdom;英国; The UK; 比较: The US vase ;n. 花瓶;瓶; 联想:base; website ;vi. 站点;网址; 联想: address 地址; site 地点;地址; AD(=Anno Domini);公元;反义:BC 公元前; athlete ;n.运动员;运动选手;形 近 complete; player badminton.羽毛球(运动) ;词中词 bad ;ton; 八 ;adv. 真诚地;词中词: since; rely 依靠; 雕像;statue ;state 洲;国家;状态; figure;n.人物;图形 v. 描绘;计


(=before Christ)公元前;比较; AD 因为;由于; 同义 thanks to ; account for;owing to;

because of

compete; vi. 竟争; 词中词:pet 比赛; 宠物比赛;联想:complete; 完成;结束 contrast; competition;.竟争者;对手;比赛者; contest ; continent;n. 大陆;陆地; 同义: landmass; dive;vi. 潜水; 联想:drive 开车;驾驶 effect; n.结果;后果;联想: result 结果; affect v.影响; elect ; 面部的;联想:face; surface; necklace; ;adj. 最终的;最后的; 联想:finally;at last;in the end;eventually; 旗;标记;联想: fag 疲劳;drag;拖; banner; 旗子; ;n. 火焰; 形近: fame 荣誉;名誉;famous;著名的 手势;姿态;联想:signal 信号;sign; 记号;motion 移动; pose 姿势; 金的;金制的;黄金;金币; 联想 :old jade 体操; 简称;gym; 体育馆;健身房;体育课;PE; 玉;翡翠;silver 银; 联想: nasty 污秽的

facial; adj. final; flag; n. flame;

further; ;adv. (在时间或空间上) 距离更大地,更远地; father; gesture; n.


adj./ n.

golden ;diamond;old; told; sold ;hold; fold; gymnastics; n.

medal; motto;

n. n.

奖章;勋章;纪念章; 联想: metal 金属; mental 脑力的;智力的 座右铭;格言;题词; 联想: moto;r 马达 位置;职位 ; 联想:location; v. 准备;预备;in preparation for

point vt.& vi. 得分;点;尖端 ;指;指向 position; n. preparation; ;n. 准备;预备;联想:prepare; 联想:compare; repair; ;n. 简介; (个性及生平的)简要描述;词中词:file; ;n.& vt.& vi. 分等级;排名; 联想:grade; 年级; degree ;度数;学位 tank; bank 银 ;n. 射击; 联想:fire ;gun; bomb; ;n. 技能;技巧;熟练;巧妙; 词中词 kill ;联想:technology;technique;; 代表;代替;象征;支持;联想:represent 代理;代表 参加; 联想: attend ; join in ;

为……准备; 联想:make preparations for; get ready for; prepare; professional; adj 专业人员;职业运动员联想:athlete;形近:professor; profile; rank;

行;河岸 thank shooting; skill;

skillful;experienced; stand for superstar; vt. 超级明星 super girl 超女 take part tie; vt. title; torch 固定;捆紧; 联想:lie; pie; fasten; n. 题目;标题;称号;头衔;topic; subject; ;n. 火炬 ;知识来源;手电; 联想: light touch 触摸;接触

track and field n. venue; 育馆; weigh;

田径 ;track;轨迹;踪迹; speed skating

;n. 速滑;

;n. 比赛地点;体育比赛场馆;联想:avenue 大街;广场; avenue 大街 stadium 体 vi. 重(若干) ;n. 重力;重量; 助记:八个 w 的重量。联想:eight;称

(……重量);height;高度; weightlifting; n. 举重;weight+lifting; 宁愿;宁可;联想: had better; ;adv. 绝对的;完全地;联想:completely; 依照; 近义;in one's well-known; adj. 众所周知的;有名的;清楚明白的;联想:famous; would rather n. wrestling ;;n. 摔跤;rest 休息; 助记:W 和 L 摔交;摔到就休息。 absolutely; according ;adv.

opinion; according to 按照;根据……所说 agreement ;n. 一致;协定; 反义:disagreement; 九 appointment ;n. 约会;指定;联想:point 点;指向;指出;disappoint; automobile; n. 的; behaviour; break down; broadband calender; call for case; ;n. (=behavior)行为;举止;习性; 助记;I 我 our 我们的举止表现 毁掉;坏掉;中止;break out ;adj. 宽带的;broad + band(带; 波段) n. 日历;历法; lend; 助记:借来的日历; 词中词 end 要求;需要;联想:ask for; require; ;n. 事;病例;案例;情形; 联想:base 基础; vase 花瓶; 联想:in the case of 在......情况下 ;vt.& n. 无性繁殖;谐音克隆; ; 敢;胆敢; 联想:care; compare; rare win 赢;胜;defeat; 爆发; 汽车 mobile 流动的;易动的; 联想; autobus 巴士; autocar; auto 自动

in case (of)/that; 假设;万一; clone

clue ; n. 线索;提示词语; 联想: cue 暗示; glue;胶水 dare; vt.&v.aux. defeat; n. 失败;败北;词中词 feat 功绩;伟绩 defeat; vt. 击败;战胜;联想:fail 失败; 联想: ;n. 部;局;处;科;部门;系;depart;联想:apartment 公寓;套房;depend;


vi. 依靠;依赖;联想:independent; 独立的;rely;dependant;依赖; dial; vt. 拨号; 联想:diagram 表格; dialogue; 对话; dialect 方言; ;vi. 不同意的;不一致; ;n. 电;电学;联想: electric; electronic;


联想:agreement ;disagreement electricity; emergency; ;n. 紧急情况;突发事件;非常时刻; 联想:passion 情感; emerge 出现;显 露骨 feeling;

feature; n.

特征;特色;同义 characteristic;force n.

力量; 暴力;

联想: source 源泉;

联想: power ;strength ;fierce;force vt. 强制;促使;强迫; function; ;n. 功能;作用; 联想:fun;funeral;葬礼; 联想:imagine; 想象 联想:meet; view;review;international; 接见;会见; image; ;n. 图象;肖像;形象; interview; item ; ;n. vt.& n.

项目;条款; (消息、情报等的)一条; 联想: recent 最近的; late ;later 后来,以后; 联想:positive 正面的;积极的 ;adj. 否定的;负面的;消极的;

latest; ;adj. 最近的; negative;

obey ;vt. 服从;顺从; 联想:disobey; beyond 在远处;在那边 peaceful ;adj. 和平的;平静的;安宁的; peace;同音; piece planet press ;n. 行星; 联想: plane 飞机; plan 计划;plant; 种植;star;恒星; 联想: impress; expression;express; 联想: source 源泉;来源 pond 池塘 联想:review;复习; ;n. 压力;印刷;新闻; ;n. 资源;财力 ; 修订;校订;修正;

remind; vt.& vi. 提醒;使想起; 联想:mind;remind… of…; resource; revise; ;v. skip;

vi.& vt. 跳读;略过; 联想:scan 细看; skim 浏览;sip;咂一口; 与……保持联络;联想:keep/get in touch with 成功;取得成功; 联想:success; successful 接受;接管 ; 联想:take up; 从事; n. (13—19 岁的)青少年;in one‘s teens;/twenties---nineties 某人几岁;几十 遍及;贯穿; 联想:all over the……;across;

stay in touch with; succeed; take over; teenager; 岁; throughout; prep. ;v.

unexpected; adj 想不到的;意外的;未预料到的; 联想:expect whatever; wonder; n. pron./adj 凡是……;无论什么;无论怎样的;无论哪一种的 奇迹;惊奇; 联想:wonderful ; wander 徘徊; 漫游

act; vt. & vi. 扮演;担当;表演;表现;联想:action; active; activity; actor; actress;adapt vt. 使适应;改编; A-A 对称; adapt to; add; vt.&vi 适应(新环境等); 形近 adopt 采纳; 增加;添加;补充说 加;加起来;增添; 联想:addition;address 十 amount ;n. 数量; 词中词;mount 山;峰 Emei;mountain;Mount 峨眉山; 羚羊; 词中词; ant; telescope 望远镜 作为(……的)结果; 联想:result in;导致; 结果是 现在;目前; 联想:so far 联想: 质量 quality

antelope; n. as a result of; at present ;

attractive ;adj. 吸引人的;有魅力的; active; draw attention to ; 联想:active; battery; n. 电池; bath 洗澡; 联想:butterfly; 蝴蝶 ;bat 蝙蝠;球棒;



简洁的;扼要的 ;联想:short ;simple ;belief 相信;信仰; 同义 : general;usual; 献身于……; 专心

common; adj. 共同的;普遍的; devote; 于…… vote 投票 ; die out 灭绝;逐渐消失; n.

vt. 投入于;献身; 联想:deter 妨碍;延缓;vote; devote …to 联想:die down 减弱;die off;


生态系统; system 系统

endanger; vt. 危害;使受到危险; 联想:danger; dangerous endangerment; n. 危害;受到危险; 联想:in danger; environmental; adj.环境的; 联想:environment; 环境; iron 铁; mental 精神的;脑力的

flat adj. 平的;平坦的; 词中词;fat; flat 套房; flat ;n. 〈英〉公寓住宅;单元住宅 apartment fur ;n. 毛皮;毛;软毛; giraffe; n. graph; n. 长颈鹿 ;deer 图表; 曲线图; 联想: diagram ; picture; drawing ; paiting; telegraph;portrait;肖像; 生活环境;栖息地; 联想:habit; ;apart;分开;分隔; 联想:leather 羽毛;feather;

肖像画;相片。 habitat; n. harmful ;adj. in the wild jungle 有害的;伤害的; 联想:harm;in danger 在危险中;垂危;endanger;

在自然环境中; 在野外; 联想:in the open air; 袋鼠;词中词;mouse;mice; rat;

;n. 热带丛林; 联想:forest; bush 灌木丛

kangaroo ;n.

lead vt./vi. 领导;率领;致使;通向;导致 联想:lead adj. 领头的;领先的;leading lead to 导致某种结果; result in make a difference 有关系;有影响;有差别; 成功; 联想:mate 同伴;室友 material ;n. 材料;原料; measure;

n./v 尺寸;措施; take measure;词中词;treasure;财宝;采取措施; take a step; ;vt. & vi. 组织;组织起来; 联想:organize;organise v.

organise; original; n.

adj. 最初的;原始的;独特的; singal 信号; origin n.起源;由来 package; 联想: backpack 背包 pack n.包; 行李 page 页码; wrap 包裹; package n. 包装材料;

包裹; 包;

vt. 包装; pack + age; luggage;packaging poster; n. reduce; v. respond; set free soda; 海报;招贴; 联想:post 邮寄;

减少;缩减;简化; 联想:increase; 增加; produce 生产 v. 回答;响应; 联想: answer ; reply; responsible; responsibility;respond to; 联想:in prison 坐牢

释放 ; n.

苏打;谐音:碳酸水 种类; 联想:special ;kind; type; sort ; adj. 扔掉 ;

species; n. throw away

topic; 词中词: tour; n.

n. 话题;主题; 联想:title; subject; top; 旅行;游历;旅游; 联想:trip ;journey ;voyage;

valuable; adj. 贵重的;有价值的联想: value ; percious wolf; n. 狼; blues chant n. 联想:倒置 flow 流动/淌 Asia 亚洲; A-A 对称 布鲁斯音乐;布鲁斯歌曲 ;联想 blue 蓝色 ;clue;线索; glue 胶水

;n. 唱或喊叫 的词语;联想:ant 蚂蚁; merchant;商人; can; hat; 愿望;心愿;要求;联想:; 联想:will 愿望; admire Unit 11 使欢乐; 招

characteristc ;n. 特征;特点;联想:feather 特征; ArA 对称 desire n.

emotion ;n.情感;感情;情绪; 联想: motion 动作 ;entertain 待;款待; enter 进入;联想: entertainment ; fun express; vt. 表达;表示;联想: press 压;挤;expression; folk adj./n guitar; n.

vt.& vi.

民间的; 人们;亲属(复数)联想:relatives 亲属 local 当地的 吉他;六弦琴 tar 焦油 共同(的) ;共有(的) ;upper; 工具;器械; 联想:tool 联想:intelligent; adj. IQ;智商;

in common inner; instrument ; intelligence; n. jazz n. 联想:musical musician; perform; n. v.

adj. 内部的;内心的;里面的;联想:outer n. 智力;聪明;智能; ;adj .

爵士音乐 音乐的; music ; 音乐家; physican 医生;医师; 表演;履行;执行; 联想: form 表格;形成; 表演者; 联想:performance ;n.表演

performer; n.

process;;n. 制作;加工;处理; 联想:success; access; rap; rapper 创造; ;n.说唱;联想: rapid 快的;迅速的; trap 陷井; vt. 说唱艺人;进行说唱表演的人 tap;轻拍; map; cap; rap; 记录;录音; vt. 纪录; 唱片; 联想: according to 根据; 按照 ; create; v. 联想:tape; type ;recorder; 录音机;磁带;

record; n.

rhythm; n.节奏;韵律;联想:rime 押韵; satisfy; vt.& vi. 满足;使满意; 联想:satisfaction; satisfied; satisfying ; slave; n. spread ; 奴隶;联想:brave ;slave v. 传播;伸展;展开 联想:motion 运动;提议;unfold 展开;extend; 提议;意见;联想:suggest; gesture 手势

(spread; spread); suggestion; n.

traditional ; n. turn… into universal; 大学; variety; n.

传统的;联想:tradition; 联想:change into;

n. custom(社会)习俗;trade; 联想: universe 宇宙; university

把…变成; ;adj

通用的; 普遍的; 世界的; 全体的;

多样性; 种类; 变化; 联想: vary 改变; various 各种各样的 ; 形近: cruelty

versus 土; believe in character;

;prep.与……相对; 简写 Vs.

announcement ;n.&n.&vi. 宣告;公告;告示; 词中词 noun; announce ;cement 水泥;混凝 信任;信仰;支持;赞成联想: trust; faith ; belief n. 品格;特性;人物; 展览会;展览品; 词中词 :act 扮演; ; 喜剧;喜剧性的事情; 联想:tragedy; 悲剧 n.

comedy; n. exhibition;

联想:exhibit v.展示; on show Unit 12

forehead; n.

前额; (任何事物的)前部 ; 联想:foreign 外国的; forearm 前臂; 习惯;习性; 联想:custom(社会)习俗;(复数)海关;关税;habitat 栖息

联想:forecast 预言;预测; forefather 祖先 ;forfinger 食指; habit; 地; in trouble ; 处于困境中;in danger; literature; n. 文学(作品) ;文艺; 联想:culture 文化; 魔法;魔术;魔力;adj. 用魔法或魔术的;联想: wich 女巫 wichcraft; 巫 local ; adj. 当地的;地方的;乡土的; 联想:folk ; magic; n. 术;联想:logic 逻辑; miserable ; adj. 痛苦的;悲惨的;可怜的;联想:pity; sympathy; power; n. scar ;vt. series 能力;力量;权力;联想:force 伤痕;疤痕 ;联想:scared;恐怖的 ; 一连串的;一系列;一套;联想: a pair of; serious;严肃的;严重的; ;vt. 肩;肩部; n.肩负;承当;联想:should ;explode 爆炸;chest romantic adj 浪漫的;传奇式的; modern ;n. 连续;系列 ;联想:serious 严肃的; serial 连载的;定期的; n.

a series of shoulder;

胸; breast 胸膛;soot 煤烟;油烟; 联想:burden 负担;load ;explod;爆炸; stupid; adj. 愚蠢的; 联想:foolish; clever; wise; bright treat; v. 对待;视为;治疗;款待; 联想:cure ;regard/consider/look on … as 诡计;恶作剧; fun; joke 转过身;转过来;turn over ; vi. 不幸的;不快乐的; n. 村民; 联想: happy;sad; 联想: village 村庄; trick ; n. turn around; unhappy; villager;


vi./ n

耳语;私语; 联想: his ; 助记:拍 per 他的 W;

witchcraft; n.

魔法;巫术; witch ;

助记: 女巫施魔 witch 转换开关 switch ;aircraft;飞行器;飞机; wizard; n. 神汉;术士;奇才 按;压;逼迫; 联想:express 表示;表达; impress; address 地址; v. 接近;迈进; award; course 过程 minority ;n. 少数; 联想: majority press; v. process;n. 过程;程序;方法; 联想 :access; approach;

programme ;程序;

professional; ;n. 专业的;职业的;联想: profession 职业; professor 教授; raft; 飞机; 谐音归纳: typhoon soda tower stone tour match loyal 台风 苏打(水) 塔 石头 旅途;旅游 "默契"比赛 ―老爷‖忠诚 麦克风 嚎叫; 噢; 哦 n. 魔法;魔术;魔力 吉他; 沙发 n.&vt. 木筏;乘筏;联想: rat 老鼠; 加一字:craft 飞机;aircraft;飞行器;

microphone sofa howl ouch oop magic guitar

stone;石头; blues;布鲁斯舞蹈、音乐; guitar; 吉他; modern; 摩登; 高一册下 Unit 13 (记忆方法归纳)一、词中词或复合词 fibre; n. 纤维; fire 头; [助记]:纤维 fibre 去掉 b 就变成火; 火中加上 b 就烧成―纤维‖ diet ;n. 饮食;[助记]病从口入,人是吃饮食而―死‖的 die 单词分类速记

mineral ;n. 矿物、矿石 [助记]:mine(我的) 矿中有矿石 ral fever [助记]: 人人都曾经 ever 发过烧; function ; ―功能‖中有快乐 fun[助记]: n. 吃了这种-ction 保健品有―快乐‖fun 的功能 function.; funeral 葬礼 nutrition 坚果[助记]nut 富有营养 nutrition; nutrious 富有营养的; digest ;vt. 消化; dig+est; stomach 胃 steam 助记:胃就像―挖地‖dig 一样蠕动,消化食物。 ; n. 蒸 气 , 蒸 ; 联 想 馒 头 ;steambread 成 组 / 队 team 地 蒸 steam 。 ;. 助记加上油 oil 就能煮沸 boil 助记每一个 each― P‖形桃子 peach.

--eam;stream;scream;dream;team;(小溪、尖叫、梦想、队、组); boil; peach ; n.

chemical;adj.化学的;复习 chemist;chemistry;chemics; sleepy;瞌睡的;想睡的;复习 beauty;tasty;diary;plenty;energy; mushroom;蘑菇;mush 软块; 〔美国〕 玉米面粥+room; .. .. boil; oil;油 mixture;mix;混合 spoonful;spoon;调羹;汤匙;lettuce; 【植物;植物学】莴苣。 . . . .. . ... .. .. .. 二、谐音 peel 剥―皮‖―peel‖;soft:索芙特;不含酒精的;软(饮料) ; salad n. 色拉; bacon 三、组块或换字记忆 -ace 复习 pace n. 步调; 面; 助记 项链种族面对面地赛跑步幅。 -ean bean 豆; pea 大豆;beancurd 豆腐; mean 意思是,意味着;吝啬的;lean 倾斜; clean, ocean, pean;感恩歌,赞美歌; -ain gain 获得;增加;brain n. 头脑,大脑;main 主要的;pain 收获;entaintain 娱乐; 在列车 rain; 助记:No pains no gains.不劳无获。Srain brain on the train is restrained. 收获的谷物随雨水流失了,所有辛劳又白费。 race 比赛 /种族; necklace 项链; face 脸/面对; surface 表 助记 :培根爱吃咸肉 bacon; bar n. 棒,吧,酒吧; fue;谐音废―油‖燃料

上过度用脑受到约束. The gained grain drained away with the rain, all the pains were in vain again. -ine examine; mine; line; nine; fine; shine; wine;考试;检查/我的;矿/线; 台词/九/好;美的/闪耀;闪烁/葡萄酒; 助记:经检查;我的葡萄酒闪闪发光;发出九条 美好的光线; -ice ice; slice ; mice ;rice ; dice

冰/片/老鼠/大米/色子;丁; -ipe wipe; ripe;擦、消灭;成熟; -it fit;bit;unit;适合;一点儿;单元; -ack; snack;back;pack;lack;小吃;后面;背包;缺乏; -ance; balance;distance;instance;entrance;平衡;距离;例子;入口; Unit 14 theme n. 主题;the. me 助记: 那个 the 关于我 me 的主题 .. e,他们 them 的主题 theme; them .. 复习:thesis 论文,论题; topic 话题; holy, 神圣的;助记 hol(e)y,空孔中没有神圣 holy 神圣的;hole;洞;空; symbol 象征 ; 前缀 sym-,在 b;p;.m 前写作 sym谐音:―辛贝尔‖simble,simple 助记 Abu 阿布辛波神庙;阿布.辛贝尔神庙是古埃及文明 的象征 复习:system 系统;同义:sign, mark, represent;symbolize sympathy n. 合 synthesis 同情心; symphony 交响; 乐/曲; syntax n.比较 analysis,分析; basis 基础; v. 作为…的象征; 综 句法;拓展 synthesize v.

conflict n. 斗争,战斗,冲突 con正面/方;with 和……在一起; pros and cons 正方反方 条件,状况, concern 与…有关,影响,涉及,关联 .. . 相关词 conclude v. 作结论;推论;conclusion n. 结论;condition n. 环境;confidence n. 信赖,信任,信心;conference n. 会议 condense v. 浓缩,凝结;condenser 冷凝器,电容;conflict 助记 fl(y) ict 在正反面/ 方之中飞来 fly 冲突 近义词:struggle, fighting, struggle quarrel. flict ;flick 短暂,突然的动作; argue v. 争论;辩论拓展 argument n. 助记:谐音:阿桂(阿 Q)爱辩论 同义:debate, discuss 辩论;讨论 opinion ;op.in.i.on;看法、观点 助记 opinion 就在我 I 里 in,在我 I 上 on.;复习:idea, view, thought 观点/看法/想法;in one‘s opinion=according to 根据…的观点,看法 major [助记]―媒届‖是―主要‖major 的 拓展:media 媒体;复习:majority 大多数; adj. 重大,主要的;

probable adj.


probably adv. pro.baby 助记减去―l‖可能赞成 pro 婴儿 baby;复习:maybe; possible; perhaps; probably; 同义:probably 是有几分根据的猜测,比 possible 可能性大。有充分 根据的预测用 likely;既指人又指物。be likely to perhaps 和 possibly 同义,也许如此,也 许不如此。 honour=honor h.on.our n.&v.荣誉;恩惠;帮助; 拓展:honest 诚实; honey 蜂蜜 ; H 在我们之上值得尊敬一小时 hour; -our -or colour,favour,neighbour,pour,tour,flour,courage,journey 颜色/恩惠/邻居/泼/旅途/面粉/勇气 /旅行; an.cest.or an.ces.tress c-(b)est 最早的人 or; -est forest, interest,chest, rest,test,west 森林/兴趣/胸/休息/测试/西方 principle prin.ci.ple n. 原理,原则 prince 君主,王子,太子 princess 公主;王妃; 形近词 print 印刷;publish 出版 近义 theory;rule;law purpose pur 向前;pose 放;purp.ose 钱夹;pure; purchase 买卖; 助记 : 模特摆好姿势 pose 展示紫色; purple 的钱夹 purse,目的 purpose 纯粹 pure 是为了买卖 purchase 玫瑰 rose 和钱夹 purse. -ose rose lose close suppose nose those whose oppose 玫瑰/丢失/关闭;结束/猜 测/鼻子/那些/谁/反对; compose 组成 composition 作文,构成; creativity n. 创造性 (力) cre.ati.vi.ty 相关词 create v. 创造; creative adj. 有创造性的; ; creature v. 生物,creation n. 创造、创作;creator n. 创造者,创作者; 复习:activity 活动; act; 比较:cream 奶油 比较发音相近:face; 近义词:belief,trust,honest,faithful,loyal 信仰/相信;信任/诚实/忠诚的; have faith/belief in=believe in=trust commercial adj.commerce 商业;贸易 E-commence 电子商务;形近词: common 普 通, 共同的; comment 评论、 意见; communicate 交流, 交际; command 命令, 指示; comma ; cream 乳脂; 同义:belief n.目标,目的; pose 姿势;purp.le 紫色 purse n. 祖先,祖宗 n. 女祖先(宗);复习:ancient adj.古代的;远古的;助记:一个 an, 尊敬,尊重; 词中词; honorable 可敬的; hone 磨刀石;助记: h.on.our 词中词 on,our,hour

faith n.信念,信仰,忠实,

逗号; mercy 怜悯;同情;仁慈近义词:sympathy;pity; joy ;n.欢乐;喜悦;乐趣; -oy toy 玩具 boy 男孩 employ 雇用; destroy vt.破坏;损坏; enjoy;欣赏;voyage n.航海; 航行;soy 酱油;助记:男孩雇佣酱油作玩具;破坏了欣赏航行; similar ;adj. 相似的; 形近词:simile 相似性;popularity; 直喻;明喻(修辞手法)近义词:same , equal;similarity ;n. —a r 词尾/组块 particular 特别的; 同义 special;especial grammar ;n collar ;n general ;adj 语法;ram.mar 对称 adj 极点的;generation n 一代(人) 词中词: 能 一般的 普通的 ;n.将军;gene n. 基因;遗传因子;energy n. 天才;天赋;天资 衣领; 形近词 polar

be similar to 与……相似 be equal to

量 、精力;活力;intelligence ;n. 智力;同义 genius ;n gentle adj. 温柔的;文雅的;gentleman 绅士; salute n v 致意;行礼;敬礼 词中词:salt 盐 -ut cut but nut shut hut 小屋 put 复习: future computer butter pollute v. pollution butcher .;n 屠夫 kiss ;vt. 吻 -iss 组块 miss ;n. 小姐;vt. 想念;错过;遗漏; miss kiss ;dismiss v. 解雇; 解散 ; 使离开; .. . . fire ;v. 解雇;反义 employ 雇佣; cheek ;n. 面颊;脸蛋 -eek Greek 希腊; creek 小溪;week 星期 形近词 god 神;上帝; week 虚弱 复习:seek v 污染; 谐音不―切‖她 her 黄油;button 按纽 ;



寻找、寻求;check/cheque 支票; seek 寻找;

nod v. 点头; 庆祝;联想 -ele-

dog 狗, rod 秆;棒;复习:gesture 手势;体态,语言同义 body language;celebration n. congratulation ;celebrate v.祝贺;congratulate v. select 挑选; 电; adj. 电子的; electrify v 通电,触电, 祝贺; elect 选举; ;adj

elephant 大象; electricity n eletric 充电; brat n

电的; electronic


-ect select ; elect; project; reject; expect 选择/挑选/选举/工程/拒绝/期待; respect 尊敬; gift n -ift vt. 尊敬; 尊重; 相关词 礼物;天赋; drift; 漂浮; :admire 钦佩; 羡慕; envy 电梯; 相关词 talent 能力; 圆; 圈子; 圆圈;bicycle v 妒忌, 嫉妒; honour appreciate 欣赏; regard; 敬意;问候 换一字:lift v 举起 ; n 力量,权利; ability shift 替换;复习:present 礼物是提前 pre-送的;

天赋;天才;才干; power cycle 自行车;recycle -ool fool n. 愚人;白痴 tool 工具 wool 羊毛 invitation n. request - ite Unit bite 15 n 宿舍;

n. 周期; 循环 轮子, 自行车; 摩托车; 骑车;形近词 circle v 循环;回收利用;surround 包围,环绕; vt. 欺骗;愚弄

形近 cool 凉;酷 stool 凳子 pool 水池 邀请;请贴复习 invite v. 咬; 邀请; 背诵;cite 引用,引言;

请求;要求复习 require excite ;v. 激动; recite ;v. = quote

dormitory 觉; realize -ize

dor. mi. tory 寄宿舍; 简写:dorm=bedroom 卧室; recognized adj.apologize 道歉;被公认的;

recognize; recognise vt.识别;认出 to know again;recognition n.. 认识 ; 眼熟;注意; 察 认识;意识; 复习:

popularize 大众化; modernize 现代化 surely diamond 想必;确实;一定; certainly; of course; be supposed to 一定 必须 n 钻石; dia .m .ond

形近 dial 拨电话、表盘;刻度盘 diagram 曲线图;图表 dialogue 对话 -ond fond adj. 喜欢;爱好;pond 池塘;wonder;奇迹;wonderful;奇异的; jewllery 珠宝(总称);巧记:The man beyond the pond is fond of the second 复习:gold 金子;黄金 silver 白银; jewel 珠宝

wonderful diamond.池塘边的人喜欢第二颗奇异的钻石。 dialect 方言;土语;accent;口音;dial 拨(电话) ; diamond wedding 钻石婚(六十年纪念) diameter ;n explain ;vt.. 直径; 复习: :半径 radius;meter; 米; 解释;说明; ex-向外 plain adj. 明白的;清楚的;朴素的;平淡的 n 平 -ain train pain again main contain against

原;平地; 复习: rain brain

Chain grain Spain 西班牙 remain 继续

bargain n 买卖;交易

助记大脑下雨; 火车上训练;

谷物前长 g;主要痛苦; 包括西班牙锁链;继续买卖; 再一次反对;解释平原; ball n. -all call fall hall small tall wall ;shall ;swallow allow valley volleyball 叫;打电话/落下/大厅/小/高/墙/允许/将/山谷/排球/燕子;吞; 助记燕子打电话;挑战打排球;将在高墙下;落在大厅里;允许吞山谷; challenge jewellery n 挑战 call on 访问;另召 jewel 珠宝;宝石;jew 犹太人 well;助记:犹太 珠宝;首饰(总称) ; 求;舞令

人的珠宝好 well 卖; franc continue -ue blue; true;clue; glue 蓝色/真正的/线索/胶水 due lovely ad. 预期的;应得到的;dialogue 对话;tongue adj. 友好的 ; 很可能的 daily 每日的; 每周的; 海洋; adv 大概,或许 舌头;语言 language; France v 法国 French 法语,法国的; 继续 con . tin . ue

–ly 形容词后缀 friendly monthly 每月的 ; weekly likely

precious adj. 宝贵的;valuable 有价值的;appreciate 欣赏;感激; ocean -ous dangerous curious adventurous -pos positive 肯定的;积极的;复习: active 暴露的 积极的 negative 否定的; 位置,姿势;职位;appositive ;n suppose 作文; 出席;参加上学; at . tend 倾向;易于;照顾;照看; end;tender 好奇的;poisonous 有毒的;serious 严重的;严肃的; 冒险的;大胆的;

position ;n.

同位语(语法术语) ;opposite


相反的;形近词;expose composition attend; vt. 习: gentle


占有;拥有 own;

词中词 ;tend

柔软的;嫩的;脆弱的;复 态度;

温柔的;soft 软的; mild;温和的; 形近

attitude; n.

attack; attract 进攻;吸引; earn vt. 挣钱;赚钱;形近 加一字 learn 学习;助记:学好了才可以赚钱;巧记:I

heared that learned learners earned much by learning.我听说有学问的学者靠知识赚钱。

-ear- year;bear; dear; hear ; fear; tear; pear;wear 年/熊;忍受;出生/亲爱的;贵的 /听见/害怕/眼泪/梨/穿; 巧记: nearly fear to tear that tearful girl‘ fearful paper;我几乎害怕撕碎那个泪流满面女孩的可 I 怕试卷。 lecture n 演讲;演说;讲课;复习: speech -(t)ure picture 图片 silly 明智 mosquito ;n. 蚊子;形近 quite ;adv. 很;非常;助记: 莫斯科 谐音 mosco 蚊子 多 flies 苍蝇; bat n. 蝙蝠;球拍; -at pat 拍; 轻拍 rat 老鼠;cat 猫 ; fat 脂肪 hat 帽子;chat (sit) 的过去式; author n -or 指人 editor 编辑 ; visitor 游客 professor 教授 conductor 列车员; (音乐)指挥; ; operator 操作员;接线员; besides 除外;此外; beside 在…什么旁边 复习: except: but; outline n 轮廓;要点;摘要; n. (小说)情节;结构 n. 品质;质量;性质; 数量;number; 复习:headline 头版 online 在线; 上网 summary 总结;摘要; plot 相关词 lot 许多; pot 锅;potential 潜力;这个情节是:十多口锅;许多帐篷;很有潜力; quality; 相关词 quantity n. adv.&prep. (be+side) 作者;作家;近义词 writer 聊天 ; flat 套房;sat adj. temperature 温度 future 将来; 傻的;缺乏常识的 愚蠢的 fool;反义: clever; bright; wise 聪明:

助记: 因生病 ill 而变傻了; 复习: stupid

character 性格 ; 品格; 近义词: nature 本性; 本质; 词中词 at cat;rat;chat;act;ear;art;car;care;cheat;hare are 猫、老鼠、聊天、 耳朵、艺术、小汽车、关心、欺骗、野兔、是; Unite 16 experiment n. 实验;试验 experi .ence n. laboratory 试验室; 词中词 love 经验;经历;experienced adj. 有经验的; 熟练的;expert 关词: lab ; glove n 手套 n. 专家;内行 specialist;形近:expect v 期望;希望;近义词:test;

助记手套 glove 是送给爱人的 love

-ove move

drove (drive 的过去式) 移动;运动 改进;改善

remove v 移动;搬开;消除 prove 证明 improve wove (weave) 的过去式 编织、 ;纺织;stove;火炉; 比较 wave 波浪;挥手;招呼; gas n 气体;汽油=gasoline;petrol;汽油;feul;燃料;steam 固体; n 蒸气;水蒸气 相关词 liquid n 液体 solid; n 优点; 有利条件; n . 不利之处;缺点;shortcoming;strongpoint; n .& v. 前进;进步 :adv. 副词 ant 蚂蚁 age cage 鸟笼; 舞;台 manage 设法;管理;manager;经理;

助记物质的三种状态 Three states of material (liquid-solid-gas) advantage; disadvantage 复习:advance adv+ant+age -age page 页码; stage courage 勇气; message 信息; wage 工资; garage 车库 passage n. 走道;通道;villager;村民;; n.

巧记:走道里有鸟笼、舞台、车库、书页;就看经理是否有管理这些乱糟糟的村民的信息 的勇气和工资; application apply v. n.应用;实施;用途 应用;申请;请求;supply; n 发动机;引擎;engine+ er ---engineer n 工程

复习:appear 出现 ; appearance applaud 鼓掌;欢呼;applause; appreciate v

欣赏;感激; engine


师;pioneer;先驱;先锋; -eng length 长度; strength n 力气;强度;实力;English; England passenger n. 乘客;compass 圆规;罗盘;指南针 -ine combine 结合;define 下定义;解释 headline 头条新闻;outline 大纲;轮廓;提纲;mine 矿山; examine 考试; vitamine 维他命;维生素;determine adj. 原子能;核子的 结合头条新闻的提纲;给矿山和维生素下个定义;认定葡萄酒闪闪发光; nuclear nu + clear; 词中词: clear 清楚;清晰; 巧记 I clearly heard the heart beat of the nuclear;我清楚地听到原子的心跳。 comfort v. 安慰; 舒适;com + for+t ; fort 炮台; 要塞 comfortable adj.f 较:forth 两星期;十四日; 向外;向前;ffortnight 检查; 决定; shine 发光;闪烁;ine 葡萄酒;巧记:

un+necessary 不必要的;

successful necessary /e/ /i /

success + full 对称加重点注音法: su . ccess /ks/ /z/ 估价;评价 prossess 过程 dress 衣裙 address 地址

access 接近;通道;excess 超过; process 过程;处理;assess -ess progress 进步 express 表达 impress 印象 actress 女演员;princess 公主;press 按;压;印刷; success 成功;巧记:女演员按压衣裙; 表达成功的进程和过程;给公主印象深刻;决定留下地址; conduct v. 实施;管理 n 行为 操作 相关词 conductor 指挥;列车员 product 产品 v 生产 n 闪电 introduce v production 生产 introduction 介绍; produce productive 产出的;有作为的; lighting 联想: 暴风 storm thunderstorm 雷雨;暴风雨; 暴雨; light 光; 点亮\燃; -ight bright 明亮的;聪明的 fight 斗争 战斗;night 夜晚; sight right 右边 ; flight n 飞行;航班 情景;视力;

tight adj. 紧的;牢固的;slight;轻微轻的;近义词 stable; steady;firm; 巧记:明亮灯光下战斗的夜景;航班在右边紧紧地轻轻地飞行; string n 线;绳索;弦 ring v 打电话;打铃; 唱歌; single 单个;仅仅; 助记 词中词: sing v

仅仅只唱 sing 了 le 一首歌 近义词:rope 绳: thread ;细丝 line; 线条;绳索;线索;wire 电线; clue n 线索;plot 情节; charge vt. 充电;要价;控告; n 主管;看管;近义词 accuse 控告;in charge (of) 负 adj. 大的;巨大的;huge; tiny; 电 electronic adj. adj. 电子的; 电子学的;复习: 受打击的;惊喜的 责;in the charge of 由……负责;in charge ; take charge 负责; be charged with 充满的;be full of;be filled with;复习:large electric 相关词:elect v 选举; electricity adj. 电的;导电的;电动的; n

wire 电线;shock n 电击;打击;震动;shocked -ock

sock 短袜;cock 公鸡; knock 敲; lock 锁;rock 岩石; block 大块;封锁 街区阻塞; 串

记:穿短袜的公鸡被大块岩石锁住 pocket 口袋; 衣袋 ; prove v 证明; n 证据;证明; roof 房顶; 联想 proof -ove glove n 手套;move 移动 ; remove 拿走;移开;improve 改善;改进; v 撕扯;撕裂; 熊;受; 联想 著名的 n 眼泪

tear (tore , torn) -ear wear 穿; bear

dear; hear; swear;串记:She sweard to her dear that she can't bear wearing tears. frame _ ame name; same; game;shame 耻辱;羞耻; blame v 责备; 手帕 海湾 scarf 围巾; ham 火腿; handkerchief n. 词中词:hand ; chief; 主要的 ;复数:handkerchiefs; 复习:chief 酋长 roof 屋顶 poof 证据 gulf control v. 控制;troll v. 轮唱 形近词:trolley bus n. 无轨电车 控制;指挥;conduct; handle n 结构;框架;fame ;n 名誉; famous adj.

limit 限制:相关 command sharp adj.


助记:―夏普‖(谐音)电器;灵敏高度 近义 bright; Smart; foot 英尺 foot feet 长一英尺 foot 码 adj. 紧的;牢固的 相关脚 clever; intelligent

英寸 inch 英里 miles 1 metre =39.37 inches =1.094 yard 1 kilomre =0.62137 miles ; fast . en tighten belt 扎牢;固定;拴紧 词中词;fast;近义:tight v. 拴紧;捆牢; tie v. 捆 ;绑 ; 拴;反义:loosen 放松 ; 松开;unfasten

放松 ;解开;uncover;揭开同义:discover; unfold; sense n(对称 se se ) n 感官;感觉 ?n‘鼻子边五官\感官 对称; n test n & v 测验;测试; contest 竞赛;test; shampoo ; 香波(谐音) 洗发精 形近词:shame;羞耻 耻怒; ham 火腿;助记:火腿 可耻;skin n. 皮肤 果皮;peel (象形); 复习:exam ;examine;experiment 实验;check 检查

剥皮; kin 亲戚 家簇; = relative;sin activist n. 动; 充当; doubt n. 怀疑;疑惑相关 wonder b 不发音; 复习 question problem; climb ; thumb ; 大拇指; dumb cruel view n 风景; attitude 论 n 态度; v 复习:preview v 预习;conclusion n effect ; 影响;结果; 结 推理;推断;复习:result ; 结果 形近词:interview v 采访;review 复习:conclude v adj. 聋的; 残忍的;残酷的; 联想 cruelly adv;cruelty n 残忍;冷酷;反义: kind; scenery 罪; 罪过; 过失;false;error 错误 adj. 积极的;act n. 活动; 行 激进分子; 行动主义分子;形近词:active

观点;风景;复习: opinion 观点;看法;风景:sight; scene 场景;

beginning ; 开始 ; 开端;同义:start ; outset; Unit 17 inspire v 鼓舞;鼓励;感动;激发; 尊敬; envy ≈encourage;形近 admire 妒忌;羡慕;同义 jealous; v 钦佩 赞赏;复习: respect -ire fire; tire 使疲倦;累;厌倦 wire n. 线; require 需要;需求;entire desire 愿望;欲望; generous adj. 对称; 慷慨;大方的;反义:mean 吝啬的;卑鄙的;助记:gene 基因; ene 一般的;普通的;将军;The generous general' s genuine genius is in retire 退休; 完全的; 复习: hire 雇佣=employ

general 形后缀

making generators. 那位慷慨将军的真正天才在于制造发电机. -ous 危险的;poisonous 有毒; 严肃的;严重的; nutritious 有营养的;curious 好奇的 precious 宝贵的;珍贵 愉快的;高兴的;复习 cheer n & v. 快乐;欢呼;

dangerous serious

的;adventurous 冒险的; cheerful -eer engineer 工程师;pioneer n. 先驱; 先锋; beer 啤酒 deer 鹿;champion n. 冠 军;得胜者 形近比较: champagne ; 香槟酒; 腿;championship mile shampoo 香洗; 洗发精;词中词: ham n 微笑; 火 冠军头衔;pioneer n 先锋; smile adj.

英里; 复习英尺; foot (feet ) 英寸; inch;形近 smiles


迷底 : 两个 s 之间有一英里; stormy storm + y ;adj. 暴风鱼的;狂风暴的;storm n. 风暴;暴雨;复习:thunder ;n. 闪电 ; 阳光的;阳光灿烂;funny adj. 吓 ; 威 胁 词 ;n 滑稽;可 中 词 雷(鸣) ;雷声; ;v. 打雷;. thunder storm ;n n+ y 复习 rainy 笑的;injury threaten 尽头;; otto botany optimistic 对称;反义: ;n. top; 雾; fog;misty 雾的;mistily 植物学 ; 生态学;词中词 any; adj. 乐观的;词中词 mist adj. n . adj. adv. 悲观的;悲观主义的;反义 optimistic 乐观的; weekday (一周)工作日; 无论如何;不管怎样 以往何方法; 雷声;lighting adj. 多雨的;cloudy 多久的;sunny adj. 受伤的;伤害的; ;vt. 恐 ; 线 ;bottom 底部; adj. ;n


模糊地;pessimistic workday

工作日;工作时间; 复习:

somehow adv

从某种方式; 形近 anyhow adv.

shelter n. 掩敝处;避难所;词中词:she 助记;她躲在掩蔽处; shell 贝壳;shellfish 遗憾;痛恨;后悔 adj. 贝壳类;甲壳水生动物; 鸡前后是 re 谐音阿姨; g 前后的 re 对 绕口令:she sells sea shellon the sea shore. 她在海岸边卖海贝; regret n vt. g 称;extreme 复习 extremely 极端;极度; 主题;话题;ex-向外 助记 tre e 树向外边极端地 同学 诊所 门诊

adv. 形近 theme 气候;cli-mate ; mate

长; 词中词:tree ; me; climate 室\所; value pianist ;n. 价值; ;v 重视;评价;valuable n 钢琴家; i an i 形近 brother 形近 adj. adj.precious ;adj. 宝贵的;珍贵的; vt. 打 对称;piano 钢琴; 提琴; boher n. 同伴;伙伴;朋友;形近 classmate 材料;原料;climb workmate 工友;同事;material 爬;形近 clinic ; n.

扰;烦恼;加一字 –r弟兄多了就会打扰; fame ;n -ame game flame



famous ; well-known; 耻辱 frame 相框; 同样的比赛中感 succeed ;have good

火焰; blame

责备;same shame


到耻辱;火焰责备相框; promise ;n&v ;n 前途; 承诺; 答应; 复习 promising adj. seeming to 悲惨; 可怜的;悲惨的;

result;misery miserable adj.

pro ; 支持; 赞成; 正方 (辩论) upporting; 反义: 反方: cons;复习: probably 可能 problem

问题; produce 生产; profession 职业;program 节目;程序;project 计划;项目;设计 reject 拒绝;pronounce 发音;pronunciation; -ise surprise ;vt. 惊奇;吃惊;rise vi. 上升;advise ; ;vt. 劝告;建议;wise adj. 明 校订; 智的;有智慧的;otherwise adv 在其它方面;否则;exercise 练习;锻炼;revise 预言;预测;

修改;复习;previse = predicate

kindergarten adj. n 幼儿园;启蒙的; 词中词 garden n. 花园助记:在比较好的善良的花园(garden)里的幼儿园; hardship n 困难;艰难;贫困;difficulty; pain;suffering; -ship 抽象 各词后缀;friendship borne) ;v 忍受;承受 ? bear 熊 ; 出生;生产 (bore born). 令人厌烦的,boring; graduation -ate state 状态; 国家; rate 比率;hate v. 伴;伙伴;congratulate 讨厌;恨 ; gate 大门;climate 气候;天气;mate 同 逐渐地' 祝贺;形近 celebrate 庆祝 graduate v 分等级;定级;n 毕业生 adv. n 毕业;复习 graduate v 毕业; =finish schooling;; 友谊;scholarship 奖学金;relationship ;n 关系;

bear (bore


(大学)grade n 年级;等级; high school graduate ;gradually Unit 18 渔民;渔夫; go fishing 愚蠢的 钓鱼;捕鱼;

fisherman n -ish wish English


selfish 自私的;助记愚蠢自私的渔夫希望把英语学好。 northeastern 东北的; -ern northern;southern;western ; eastern; northeastern; northwestern; outheaster; southwester; great – grandfather 外曾祖父 great – grandmother 外曾祖母; central adj. 中心的;中央的;形近 center n 中心;cent -ent recent 最近的; comment 事件; 现在的; 目前的 呈现; 引见 prevent 阻止; 预防 content 内容; 缺习的 present 评论;accent 口音; current 流行的;当前的;accident 事 故;ncident absent 甘愿; coast n 海岸的;减一字 coat 大衣;外衣形近 boast 夸口;夸耀 ; 分; percent 百分之一;百分率;


敬酒;祝酒;烤面包;复习 cheer 包围;围绕 围绕;盘旋;cycle 循环 伤口;外伤;

sur. round

形近 round 圆(形)的 ;同义 circle -ound found 创立;缔造 ; sound

声音;听起来;pound 磅 ;


ground 地面 ;

串记:创立 found 了一磅的 pound 伤口;听起来 sound 围绕着 surround

地面; The wounded founder bought a pound of compound. 受伤的奠基人买了一磅化合物 sursurface surrender mild bay ;n 归 类 记 忆 表面; surprise 惊奇; surname 姓氏 ; survive 幸存;存活;残存; 放弃;投降; surpass ;adj. 海湾; 海湾; 超越;超过;

温和的;不严厉的;gentle; soft ;wild 野(生)的; 狂野的; gulf 海岸 海滩;岸边; 海岸;海滨; 海外;华侨;

harbour 海港 coast beach shore oversea


-or 临居 ; 颜色 ; 谣言 旅游 ; 倾倒;泼 ; mouse (复 mice) 田鼠 hour; flour 面粉 ; vapour 蒸汽 sour 酸的;变酸

neighbour colour humour rumour

幽默 ; favour 恩惠

labour 劳动(力); four; tour pour

rat 老鼠;耗子 rat 老鼠; -at

fat cat hat 帽子(有边)bat 蝙蝠; pat 轻拍 flat 平坦的 单调的 绕口令 cat ;;cat; pat that fat rat and the fat bat with a hat;猫猫; 快拍那只胖老鼠和那只戴帽子 的蝙蝠。 volcano n 火山;词中词:can;助记两座圆形的 〇 活火山; 死火山; 春天形近 sing ring 〇 火山会爆发; 相关词火山口:crater;ctreate 创造 ; active volcano extinct volcano spring n 泉



热 ;加热; n. v. eat 吃;hat 表面;外面 形近 face n.帽子;



复习:surround surprise


settle vt. settler

使定居;解决;平静;安家; 定居;安家; n 牛,牧畜; 复数不加 s; 主要地;大体上 adj n 主要的; 航行;航海;

形近 set: 放置 ; n 装置;cattle mainly 形近 main voyage

同义(travel ; journey ; trip ; tour) -age message cage 信息; courage 勇气; 工资; 笼子 ; 牢房 ; wage

engage 从事;忙于; manage 管理; front-page passage 头版的;重要版面; 通道 ; 走栏 cabbage 白菜;baggage ; luggage; 行李;garage 车库; 毁坏;image 图像; 突出的;大胆; 拥有;占有;形近 possess v 占有;拥有;

average ; 平均 ; damage possession

bold adj. 黑体的; 粗体印刷的; -old told ; sold ; cold; hold ; gold 告诉/卖/冷/握/金 paragraph ;n 段落;相关词 passage 段落;chapter

章节;telegraph telegram 电报; (sb.) 吃惊;惊讶;

surprising 令人吃惊的;使人吃惊;的;surprised terror;panic;alarm 等; secretary n

shocked 震惊的;复习:shock 震惊 amaze 惊讶 satisfy ; disappoint ; scare ; frighten; horror; 秘书;书记;文书;形近 secret adj. 秘密;

-ary (形后缀) library 图书馆 ;secondary 第二的次要的;dictionary 字典; percent 百分比;百分数; 形近相关词:century 世纪;百年; centigrade 摄氏度;centimeter 厘米; center 中心 中央;central 中心的;

focus 以…为中心;grassland 草原;草地; mountain + ous----- mountainous adj. 多山的;如山的;巨大的;mount 山;山脉; Mount Emei 峨眉山

--tain certain 确定;确实;形近 curtain 窗帘 婚礼;婚宴;助记:我们 w 两个 dd n 会议;讨论会;形近 confidence 关系;亲属;形近 relative adj. 农业的;农艺的; 文化的农业 agri瓶子 是文化艺术;相关词:industry 安家;定居; 工业; 文化;cultural 办婚礼;marriage 婚姻; 自信的; 信心;自信;confident adj.

wedding n conference relation

有关系的;亲戚;relationship 关系;

agricultural 形近 culture

farming ; 耕作;农业;cattle n 牛;畜牧;形近 cat 猫;复习:settle battle 战争;战役; export n 输出;出口; port 港口; ex- 向外 ; bottle

从港口码头运出商品;出口商品;import 进出;lamb 复习 climb tomb; cottage n

小羊;羊羔;小羊 b 不叫(不发音);

村舍;小别墅 小屋 农舍;词中词 cot 帆布床;婴儿床;cote 棚;栏; 宿营;换字:lamp 灯 damp 潮

tag 捉人游戏(hide-and-seek) 捉迷藏; seaside 湿的; Unit 19 protection n. 保护;近义词 conserve v.保护; protect;defence 技术;方法;技巧 skill 方法 保卫 ; guard 防卫;保卫; 技术;相关 technical 复习 effect 影响; elect 选举;select 精选; technique adj. irrigation n 灌溉;冲洗相关 irrigate ; 泵;抽水机; v. 抽吸;p p 对称; irri- I 和 R 对称形成大坝,助记从门 gate 里放水灌溉; pump seed n. 种子;萌芽 need 需要 需要 need;清除 weed ; 出口; 生产;product n 产品;introduction 介绍; 间的杂草 weed n method; technology 海滨\边;形近 seashore beach coast;camp v.

-eed weed 杂草 助记种子 seed import

im + port 进口;引入;export 相关词: production 引进; depend = rely-reliable trade

贸易; business 商业;

产品;产量;形近 produce vt.

形近 independence n. independent adj method n 方法;办法 way means 词中词:me ; met ; 助记方式是我遇到的方法:me .met


root 根;根部;换一字:roof 房顶; 枝:branch 叶 leaf leaves 基: base basis 茎: 树干 stem; insect protect n 昆虫 pest 害虫(拍死它)

foot 脚;

select project; direct;collect 保护/选择/工程/指导;直接/收集; 纸烟;香烟

tobacco 助记/谐音:烟瘾太大;一次要―吞八口‖烟叶;cigarette cigar 雪茄(谐音); golden adj. wood + en 金色的;黄金的;gold + en wooden 木制的;联想 wool woolen 毛织的;

bold 大胆的;黑体的 tie n.领带;领巾;鞋带 v. 系;捆;拴; 加一字:tire 戴―领带‖ (tie) 很累 tired; discovery n. 发现 ≈findings; 发现; 幼儿园;gardening n. 园 v. 从事园艺;形近字:guard;kindergarten dis + cover 覆盖 + y (后缀);discover v. garden n. 花园; 智慧; 艺。园林;gardener n. 园丁; wisdom n. 词中词 wise adj. 聪明的;明智的; -dom 抽象名词后缀; freedom 自由;kingdom; 王国; 形近字: bottom 底部;blossom 形近字:bloom 开花; practical adj. 实际的;实践的; 实用的; 形近字:practice n. 实践;练习;practice v. -al Suitable national natural arrival chemical physical 合适/国家的/自然的/到达/化学的/物理的; guide n. 向导; 谐音:见鬼的―向导‖;direct 止;品行;处理;引导;知道; firstly adv. 第一;首先 相关词: 指导;指引;导演;conduct 行为;举

at first ; above ; all first of all ; ; secondly thirdly…;… sow 播种 相关词: seed 种子;row 划船 n condition soil n 土壤 ; 土地; s + oil v 除草;铲除;seed 种子 need; feed; 移动;移除;搬开; 电演;我 I 在里边演电演; 排 ; 行 saw n 锯子 (see 的过去式) ; n 条件;状况;情形 situation 情形;情况;;

助记 土壤肥的流油 oil; weed 杂草 re + move movie n

sun +









字:sunbathe 日光浴 sunburn Unit 20 humour = 劳动; + ous adj. humor

晒黑 晒伤 sunglass

太阳镜; 谣言 labour n.

幽默;谐音;humourous adj. honour;colour favour

滑稽的;幽默的;rumour n. 恩惠; 帮助;neighour 邻居

fun funny;-our= –or

serious 严重的; 严肃的; dangerous;curious 慨的;大方的 poisonous; bitter switch adj.

好奇的; mysterious


苦的;痛苦;词中词:bit 一点点;sweet 甜的; n 女巫; v 谈话;

sour 酸的;

开关;转换词中词 witch n (一)对;双;夫妇;

chalk 粉笔;词中词 talk couple

minister n

牧师; mini - 小的;微型的迷你的; minibus; 想要;打算;意指形近字: tend 照料;照顾 ;tender adj. 温柔的; 舞台;阶段;时期; 相关词:line 台词;对白; 柔软的;温柔

circus n 马戏团;杂技团;circle 圆圈;环绕;clown 小丑; intend 的;gentle stage -age manage;nationality 国籍;国家;部落; 国际的 inte-view nation n 国家;民族;national 国家的 inter . nation . al certain adj. 确定的;的;某(种); 使发笑;使愉快;形近字 amaze v 惊奇;吃惊;please 使高兴;使愉 adj. 高兴的; n vt.

形近字 certainly 确定的;肯定地;当然; surely; amuse vt. 快;amused ; pleased ;delight v 使高兴 delighted laughter -ough Bought; brought; thought;caught;cough n 咳嗽;咳嗽声;plough v 犁地;耕地 白分之…… 事故;意外 足够的; n 笑声;laugh + at v 笑,发笑;

enough adj.

accent n 口音;空调;重音;形近字 cent 分;percent Unit 20 access 进入;通向;接近;形近字 accept

接受 receive 收到;accident


incident 小事;according to 根据;按照; actually adj. 事实上;实际上;a 形近字 ctual adj. act 活动;所做的事; 类型;种类;physical chemical;symbol adj. 传统的;trade n. n.象征 ; 贸易;商业 business, 典型的;象征性的;type 传统; 形近字 traditional n 行动;行为;形近字 action adj. 积极的;活动的;activity n typical adj. tradition n.

commercial; rapid adj. 迅速的; 快的 fast quick 赏识;鉴赏 感激;欣赏 拍手; 喝彩;鼓掌 applause n.cheer up 高兴起来;振作;exist 存活;辛存;形近字 revive 复活; vi 存在; 形近字 rap 说唱(艺术); appreciate vt. 形近字 applaud 生存; survive v phrase idiom n 词组;短语;形近字 chase 追 赶;case 箱子;案例;base 基础 惯用法;习语; 喜欢 运转;操作;形近字 opera 京剧;

suffer v 经历;遭遇;形近字 refer vi 涉及;指;提及;prefer 宁愿 experience 经历;operate vi direction n 方向;方位;指示;说明; direct v 指导; 导演;指示; -ake brake n v 刹车 ; bake 烤 烘 ;cake n 蛋糕;饼 ;lake 湖


颤动; 震

动;earthquake 地震; mistake 错误;wake 醒来; make; cyclist n 骑手;骑车人;复习 list 名单 循环; 回收在利用; = 幸运地;fortunate 运气;mis-fortunate cycle 循环;周期;两轮车;形近字 bicycle 单车; 自行车;recycle v. fortunately adv. adj. = lucky; luck n. unlucky;fortune n. = luck 运气;幸运; silence n. 寂静;沉默;安静;形近字 silent adj. 不动的; rude adj. 粗鲁无礼;残暴的;polite 礼貌的;impolite 无礼的; bad manners; confuse vt. 迷惑;打乱;混淆的; 形近字 refuse 拒绝 reject 拒绝;puzzle 使迷惑不解;confused 困惑的; Unit 21 unfair 不公平的; 不公正的;air 公平的; 实的 just 正义的 justice 正义;fairly adv 顾客; 主顾;形近字 custom n 很; 非常 ≈rather; customer n 子; ahead adv adj. 在前;向前;head 头;向前 ahead of 更前;更早; manage 管理;经营;做成某事;man + age 形近字 manager 经理;管理者;fold 折叠 ; 合拢形近字 gold; bold ;vary vt. 多样化; change ; shift; various adj. 懒惰 ;mad ; 各种各样的;=all kinds of 疯狂的;狂热的;形近字 lazy 发疯的; 比较: very 很;非常;variety 多样性=diversity;crazy adj. 改变;使 习惯; 海关 + s;avoid v 避免; contact v 接触; 联系 connect 联系;suitcase n 手提箱 suitable 合适的; suit 适合; 套服;case n 箱 安静的;沉默的;quiet still 安静的;

part v.

分离;分开;n 部分;形近字 depart 离开; 分别;apartment 公寓;套房 flat;apart 牢固的 ;稳定有力的 tight; steady;stable strong; 握手;shake hands with …握手; n. 弓箭; n. 拳头 boxing 拳击'palm 手掌 arm 手 弯曲; 屈服; 起于; 拍;rap 形近字 bent adj. 弯曲的;end 末尾, 箭; sparrow 麻雀;fist

分开;department 部门;系 百货商店; firm adj. handshake

bow n. vi 鞠躬;弯腰; arrow n. 臂;hip n. 臂部;bend (bent)

末端,助记:字母 b 末端弯曲; tap gently 危险的; useless 无用的;无效的;反义 useful 有用的;有效的;occur 中心;焦点; 特别的; 专门的;abstract 抽象的; 摘 n v. 发生;出现; 形近字 occurrence n happen ; break out focus specific 中兴;焦点 middle 中心;concentration adj. 具体的; 特有的;形近字 special 轻拍;轻敲; 形近字 pat 说唱;艺术; 绅士; 危险; dangerous 愤怒的;生气的;danger 轻松地;逐渐的;形近字 adj. n. 愤怒;angry

gentle; gentleman adj.

形近字 anger ;

要 summary 总结;小结 concret 具体的; Unit 22 amusement n. 消遣; 娱乐;entertainment;形近字 amuse n. 纪念品;Soviet 苏联 苏维埃; v. 吸引;attractive adj. 有吸引力 吸引力;形近字 attract v. 使高兴; 使愉快;amaze v. 使惊讶;souvenir attraction 的; collection castle 数; cartoon n 谐音卡通;漫画;动画; 萝卜;cart 马车; 幽默; rumour 谣言; sofa 沙发 car 小汽车;carrot Humour; salad n. 收集 集体;形近字 collect v. gather v. 广播;minority n . 少数;少数民族;形近字 majority 多 n.


色拉 shampoo couch 长椅子;沙发 兴奋;激动;;形近字 till 直到 n 娱乐;招待; 进入;certain 肯定的 ; 确定的;某种; 产品 教育;引导; 教育者(家);形近字 product n. 管理 指挥 handle 控制;把柄; direct, operate, 服务 protect ill 病 ; hill 小山;助记(兴奋得直到)山上病

thrill n


形近字 entertain v 娱乐;招待;enter curtain 窗帘;educate 形近字 education conduct v . v. n . 教育;educator 操作;实施;执行

manage ;conductor n. 售票员 列车员 ; conservation n. 保护;管理;保存;conserve vt. =protect;serve vt.

保护;coastal 海岸; divide








v 分 ; 划分;

隔开 dive 潜水;

助记(对称地把 e 分开) connect ; section n contact ; 联接;联系 touch 部分 压抑;part ; region 地区/区域 ;area; zone 地区;区域;department 部

分 分支 shuttle n 航天飞机;穿梭机; spaceship (航天飞机) shut 关闭; butterfly flies injure rocket carve n 蝴蝶 ;形近字 butter 黄油 n. 伤害;受伤 岩石;摇滚;jacket 夹克;helicopter n 直升飞机 苍蝇;injury

v. hurt; damage;wound; harm n v 火箭;形近字 rock 雕刻 n carving ;; 成绩;成就 ; v. 取得 ache 疼痛 ; eve 除夕;助记取得成绩不是一朝一夕

figure 雕塑,塑像; achievement n. 形近字 achieve ;

eve 之事;需要痛苦/疼痛; civilization Civilize; prevent v. n. 文明;开化;形近字 civil adj. 内部的;公民的 divide 分开 弯曲;扭曲 使开化;教化 civilization 文明;开化; 妨碍;阻止 ;保护;twist n. v. ; 想象(力);imagination n. ;endless 无穷的;无止

形近字 twister 绕口令; imagine v. 境的 limitless darkness n.

黑暗;漆黑 dark adj. ;

dawn 黎明;开端; 一 册 下 phrases and idiom 短语和习语归纳 make a choice 做出选择 与……同步 keep up with 跟上 赶上 keep pace with plenty of \a number of 大量 roll up 变成卷形 ; 卷起 dress up 打扮;装饰;盛装 in one‘s opinion 按……看法;依……的观点; 开……玩笑;欺骗某人

have faith in = believe in play a trick on to one‘s joy\delight 使 某人高兴 take in 摄取;欺骗 call on 访问;号召;邀请 bring back 拿回;使恢复

day and night 日日夜夜 pay off 还清;付清 挣、赚钱 表演;付出行动 在……上做实验 try on

earn\make money act out

a great deal of (修饰不可数)大量;许多 test on around the corner 即使来临;在拐角处 die down (声音)变弱;平息;消失 come to terms with 甘心忍受 take possession of 占有;占领 make up turn to go sailing go camping depend on and soon = etc make fun of make use of 组成;构成;占…… 开始干;求助于;转向 驾船航行;帆船运动 宿营 依赖;依靠 等等 取笑;嘲笑 利用 回溯;追溯到 与……关系好 把……看作\当作 在……前;更早 in advance 通过;度过;到达 拆除;推倒 pull down 举起;拿出 做鬼脸 整齐;按顺序= tidy 把……分成 部分 使…...不……,保护……不受危险 威胁危害 keep….from 以……为中心 protect …from 努力做成 try to do

date back to\from look on… as

be on good terms with

regard…as , consider…as….think of… as… ahead of get through tear down hold up make a face in order focus…on stop … from manage to…

divide… into… prevent…from…

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2013 吴军高考英语阅读理解 3 天提分秘术
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2013 高考英语阅读 3 天提分秘术, 既不是神人的牛 B 押题,也不是最牛高 考班的密卷!而是沈阳高分英语家教吴军老师从 2000-2012 年 2700 多篇高考英 语阅读真题答案内幕规律衍生出的迅捷提分秘诀! 2013 高考英语阅读 3 天提分秘术是纸质的解析讲解类自学教案,而不是如 同上大课般的名师讲座光盘(如高分突破,提分宝典,四步兵法,高频考点等), 你可以站着,躺着,甚至在卫生间里也可以阅读自学! 立竿见影! 以一顶百! 年来我们在自我独门秘笈的基础上, 9 20%参阅了 132 种全国知名高考英语教案或资料(如:新东方,张清波,北京四中李俊和,管卫 东,提分宝典,高频考点等) 。但发现很多名师教案与高考提分关联度小,因为 相当一部分名师只是把自己在考研和雅思领域的研究成果生搬硬套到高考英语 教学中(讲述的高频词汇严重超纲,甚至是大学 6 级的) ,而不是深入到 2700 篇历届阅读真题中潜心研究,效果可想而知。还有些重点高中一线老师,将自己 上课用的教案制作成光盘用以贩卖,其实质不过是高频考点和词汇的串讲,有的 甚至用 35%的篇章讲述如何记忆单词,而广告却说是提分秘笈,真是让人遗憾! 好消息!吴军老师 2012 高考英语 3 天提分秘诀仅释放了其 30%的功力,就 达到了 90%以上的客户满意度,为了配合文科其他科目的上市,2013 年吴军高 考英语将释放其 70%的功力,2013 年高考英语提分速度和幅度将再升一倍,看 完下列示例后,还不赶紧抢购呀!

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2013 阅读吴军猜题秘术: 备选项高频答案特征(10 条秘诀)

【2010 辽宁卷 B 篇】I hated dinner parties. But I decided to give them another shot because I'm in London. And my friend Mallery invited me. And because dinner parties in London are very different from those back in New York. There, '“I‘m having a dinner party' means: "I'm booking a table for 12 at a restaurant you can't afford and we'll be sharing the checque evenly, no matter what you eat." Worse, in Manhattan there is always someone who leaves before the bill arrives. They'll throw down cash, half of what they owe, and then people like me, who don‘t drink, end up paying even more. But if I try to use the same trick, the hostess will shout: "Where are you going?" And it's not like I can say I have somewhere to go: everyone know I have nowhere to go. But in London, dinner parties are in people's homes.(转折对比,说明前面 New Yorkers 评价是
Self-centred.) Not only that, the guests are an interesting mix. The last time I went to one, the

guests were from France, India. Denmark and Nigeria; it was like a gathering at the United Nations in New York. The mix is less striking. It's like a gathering at Bloomingdale's, a well-known department store. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------61. What does the writer dislike most about dinner parties in New York? A There is a strange mix of people. C. The bill is not fairly shared. B. The restaurants are expensive. D. People have to pay cash

63. What is the author's opinion of some New Yorkers from her experience? A. Easy-going. B. Self-centred. C. Generous. D. Conservative.

【2012 四川卷 E 篇】So far, efforts to cut emissions(排放)of planet-warming greenhouse gases are not seen as enough to prevent the Earth heating up beyond 2℃ this century — a point scientists say will bring the danger of a changeable climate in which weather extremes are common, leading to drought, floods, crop failures and rising sea levels.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------60. What can be inferred from the last two paragraphs about the world’s temperature? A. It has risen nearly 0.2℃ since 1979. B. Its change will lead to weather extremes. C. It is 0.8℃ higher in 1979 than that of 1990. D. It needs to be controlled within 2℃ in this century.

【2012 四川卷 A 篇】The seasons change just outside the door. We watch the maples turn every shade of yellow and red in the fall and note the poplars‘(杨树)putting out the first green leaves of spring. The rainbow smelt fills the local steam as the ice gradually disappears, and the wood frogs start to sing in pools after being frozen for the winter. A family of birds rules our skies and flies over the lake. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------43. What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph mean? A. The change of seasons is easily felt. B. The seasons make the scenes change. C. The weather often changes in the forest. D. The door is a good position to enjoy changing seasons.

【2012 陕西卷 C 篇】 authors of both studies stress that these risks are relatively small for The healthy people and certainly modest compared with other risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure. However, it is important to be aware of these dangers because everyone is exposed to air pollution regardless of lifestyle choices. So stricter regulation by the EPA of pollutants may not only improve environmental air quality but could also become necessary to protect public health. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------55. What can we learn from the text? A. Eating fatty food has immediate effects on your heart. B. The EPA conducted many studies on air quality. C. Moderate air quality is more harmful than smoking, D. Stricter regulations on pollutants should be made.

【2012 江西卷 D 篇】 those who make journeys across the world, the speed of travel today For has turned the countries into a series of villages.Distances between them appear no greater to a modern traveler than those which once faced men as they walked from village to village. Jet plane fly people from one end of the earth to the other, allowing them a freedom of movement

undreamt of a hundred years ago. Yet some people wonder if the revolution in travel has gone too far. A price has been paid, they say, for the conquest (征服) of time and distance. Travel is something to be enjoyed, not endured (忍受). The boat offers leisure and time enough to appreciate the ever-changing sights and sounds of a journey. A journey by train also has a special charm about it. Lakes and forests and wild, open plains sweeping past your carriage window create a grand view in which time and distance mean nothing. On board a plane, however, there is just the blank blue of the sky filling the narrow window of the airplane. The soft lighting, in-flight films and gentle music make up the only world you know, and the hours progress slowly. Then there is the time spent being ―processed‖ at a modern airport. People are conveyed like robots along walkways; baggage is weighed, tickets produced, examined and produced yet again before the passenger move again to another waiting area. Journeys by rail and sea take longer, yes, but the hours devoted to being ―processed‖ at departure and arrival in airports are luckily absent. No wonder, then, that the modern high-speed trains are winning back passengers from the airlines. Man, however, is now a world traveler and can not turn his back on the airplane. The working lives of too many people depend upon it; whole new industries have been built around its design and operation. The holiday maker, too, with limited time to spend, patiently endures the busy airports and limited space of the flight to gain those extra hours and even days, relaxing in the sun. speed controls people‘s lives; time saved, in work or play, is the important thing—or so we are told. Perhaps those first horsemen, riding free across the wild, open plains, were enjoying a better world than the one we know today. They could travel at will, and the clock was not their master. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------73.According to Paragraph3, passengers are turning back to modern high-speed trains because_____. A.they pay less for the tickets B.they feel safer during the travel C.they can enjoy higher speed of travel D.they don‘t have to waste time being ―processed‖ 75.What is the main idea of the passage? A.Air travel benefits people and industries. B.Train Travel has some advantages over air travel. C.Great changes have taken place in modern travel. D.The high speed of air travel is gained at a cost.

2013 阅读吴军暗示点秒杀: 备选项高频答案词 17 项不到 90 个单词) (
秘诀 9:lead to

(result in, bring about, cause)是选项中答案高频暗示词!

【2012 浙江卷 C 篇】 First of all, students need to realize that conflict is unavoidable. A report on violence among middle school and high school students indicates that most violent incidents between students begin with a relatively minor insult (侮辱). For example, a fight could start over the fact that one student eats a peanut butter sandwich each lunchtime. Laughter over the sandwich can lead to insults, which in turn can lead to violence. The problem isn't in the sandwich, but in the way students deal with the conflict. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------51. From Paragraph 2 we can learn that________ . A. violence is more likely to occur at lunchtime B. a small conflict can lead to violence C. students tend to lose their temper easily D. the eating habit of a student is often the cause of a fight 具体! 具体!

【2011 湖北卷 D 篇】 own generation has access to more nutritious food .more convenient our transport .bigger houses, better ears .and of course, more pounds and dollars than any who lived before us .This will continue as long as we there things to make other things, This more we specialize and exchange, the better off we‘ll be. 2) Brilliant advances One reason we are richer, healthier, taller, cleverer, longer-lived and freer than ener before is that the four most basie human needs -food, clothing, fuel and shelter- have grown a lot cheaper. Take one example. In 1800 a candle providing one hour‘s light cost six hours‘ work. In the 1880s the same light from an oil lamp took 15 minutes‘ work to pay for. In 1950 it was eight seconds. Today it‘s half second. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------65. The candle and lamp example is used to show that A. oil lamps give off more light than candles B. shortening working time brings about a happier life. C. advanced technology helps to produce better candles. D. increased production rate leads to lower cost of goods. .

秘诀 10:

Control (handle, deal with )是选项中答案高频暗示词!

【2012 天津卷 D 篇】 Those who choose to be creators look at life quite differently. They know there are

individuals who might like to control their lives, but they don‘t let this get in the way. They know they have their weaknesses, yet they don‘t blame themselves when they fail. Whatever happens, they have choice in the matter. They believe their dance with each sacred(神圣的)moment of life is a gift and that storms are a natural part of life which can bring the rain needed for emotional and spiritual growth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------52. According to Paragraph 2, creators __________. A. seem willing to experience failures in life C. handle ups and downs of life wisely B. possess the ability to predict future life D. have potential to create something new

【2012 山东卷 D 篇】 Last year, it was a refrigerator that tweeted. This year, it‘s Wi-Fi-enabled laundry machines and fridges that can tell you when your groceries are going bad. The washers and dryers, available starting in the spring, connect to any smartphone through a downloadable application. The phone can then be used as a remote control, so the machines can be turned on and off while their owners is at work or on the bus. Samsung says it‘s not just something new — the app connection actually has some practical uses. ―If you started to dry clothes in the morning and forgot to take them out, you can go to your phone and restart your dryer for the time when come home, so your clothes are refreshed and ready to go,‖ said spokesperson Amy Schmidt. The company also says that with electricity rate(电价)varying depending on the time of day, more control over when the machines are used can help save money. Perhaps, but what they will probably really accomplish is what all good technologies do —enable laziness. Rather than getting up to check on whether the laundry is done, users will instead monitor it on their phones while watching TV. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------73. What can we learn about the new laundry machines? A. They can tell you when your clothes need washing B. They can be controlled with a smartphone C. They are difficult to operate D. They are sold at a low price

秘诀 12:miss

(missing) ; lose (lost)是选项中答案高频暗示词!

【2011 全国新课标卷 A 篇】

There is sadly no home milk delivery today. Big companies allowed the production of cheaper milk thus making it difficult for milkmen to compete (竞争). Besides, milk is for sale everywhere, and it may just not have been practiced to have a delivery service. Recently, an old milk box in the countryside I saw brought back my childhood memories. 1 took it home and planted it on the back porch (门廊). Every so often my son's friends will ask what it is. So I start telling stories of my boyhood, and of the milkman who brought us friendship along with his milk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------59. Why did the author bring back home an old milk box? A. He missed the good old days. C. He needed it for his milk bottles. B. He wanted to tell interesting stories. D. He planted flowers in it.

【2010 江西卷 A 篇】 Andy rode slowly on his way to school, day-dreaming about the fishing trip that his father had promised him. He was so busy dreaming about all the fish he would catch that he was unaware of everything else around him. He rode along until a strange sound drew him to the present. He came to a stop and looked curiously up to the heavens. What he saw shocked and terrified him. A huge swarm of bees filled the sky like a black cloud and the buzzing mass seemed to be heading angrily towards him. With no time to waste, Andy sped off in the opposite direction, riding furiously—but without knowing how to escape the swarm. With a rapidly beating heart and his legs pumping furiously, he sped down the rough road. As the bees came closer, his panic increased. Andy knew that he was sensitive to bee stings(蜇). The last sting had landed him in hospital—and that was only one bee sting! He had been forced to stay in bed for two whole days. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------56. Why did Andy fail to notice the swarm of bees earlier? A. He was riding to school. B. He was listening to a strange sound. C. He was going fishing with his father. D. He was lost in the thought of the fishing trip.


第一段首、末句(一段末出现转折) 二段一句、二句(二段对一段进行总结或否定) 尾段首末句, 90%在末句


【2012 全国新课标卷 B 篇】 Honey(蜂蜜)from the African forest is not only a kind of natural sugar, it is also delicious. Most people, and many animals, like eating it. However, the only way for them to get that honey is to find a wild bees' nest(巢)and take the honey from it. Often, these nests are high up in trees, and it is difficult to find them. In parts of Africa, though, people and animals looking for honey have a strange and unexpected helper 一 a little bird called a honey guide. The honey guide does not actually like honey, but it does like the wax (蜂蜡) in the beehives (蜂房). The little bird cannot reach this wax, which is deep inside the bees‘ nest. So, when it finds a suitable nest, it looks for someone to help it. The honey guide gives a loud cry that attracts the attention of both passing animals and people. Once it has their attention, it flies through the forest, waiting from time to time for the curious animal or person as it leads them to the nest. When they finally arrive at the nest, the follower reaches in to get at the delicious honey as the bird patiently waits and watches. Some of the honey, and the wax, always falls to the ground, and this is when the honey guide takes its share. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------63. What can be the best title for the text? A. Wild Bees C. Beekeeping in Africa B. Wax and Honey D. Honey-Lover's Helper


yet, however, instead,today,now,Although,so,

therefore, thus, as a result, because(since,as,for), one of the reasons

was……, The results are……
It was a village in India. The people were poor. However, they were not unhappy. After all , their forefathers had lived in the same way for centuries. Then one day, some visitors from the city arrived . They told the villagers there were some people elsewhere who liked to eat frog‘s legs. However, they did not have enough frogs of their own, and so they wanted to buy frogs from other places. This seemed like money for nothing . There were millions of frogs in the fields around, and they were no use to the villagers. All they had to do was catch them . Agreement was reached, and the children were sent into the fields to catch frogs. Every week a truck arrived to collect the catch and hand over the money. For the first time ,the people were able to dream of a better future. But the dream didn‘t last long. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From Paragragh 1 we learn that the villagers A.worked very hard for centuries C.were poor but somewhat content 【2012 全国新课标 D 篇】 Grown-ups are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but have never practiced still swim as well as ever since. A man when he gets back who has not had a chance to go swimming for years can in the water. He can get on a bicycle after many years and still ride away. He can play catch and hit a ball as well as his son. A mother who has not thought about the words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"。remember the story of Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------67. What is the main idea of paragraph 1? A. People remember well what they learned in childhood. B. Children have a better memory than grown-ups. C. Poem reading is a good way to learn words. D. Stories for children are easy to remember. .

B.dreamed of having a better life D.lived a different life from their forefathers

【2012 重庆卷 E 篇】 In his 1930 essay ―Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren ―, John Keynes, economist, rewrote that human needs fall into two classes: absolute needs ,which are indeed what other have ,

and relative needs ,which make us feel superior to our fellows. He thought although relative needs may indeed be insatiable (无止境的) this is not true of absolute. Keynes was surely correct that only a small part of total spending id decided by the superiority He was greatly mistaken, however, in seeing this derive as the only source of demands Decisions to spend are also driven by ideas of quality which can influence the den almost all goods, including even basic goods like food. When a couple goes out for an dinner, for example, the thought of feeling superior to others probably never comes to them. The goal is to share a special meal that stands out from other meals. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------75.The author of the passage argues that ______. A. absolute needs have no limits B. demands for quality are not insatiable C. human desires influence ideas of quality D. relative needs decide most of our spending 【2012 陕西卷 C 篇】 Eating too much fatty food, exercising too little and smoking can raise your future risk of heart disease. But there is another factor that can cause your heart problems more immediately: the air you breathe. Previous studies have linked high exposure (暴露) environmental pollution to an increased to risk of heart problem, but two analyses now show that poor air quality can lead to heart attack or stroke (中风) within as little as a few hours after exposure. In one review of the research, scientists found that people exposed to high levels of pollutants (污染物)were up to 5% more likely to suffer a heart attack within days of exposure than those with lower exposure. A separate study of stroke patients showed that even air that the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers to be of ―moderate‖ (良好)quality and relatively safe for our health can raise the risk of stroke as much as 34% within 12 to 14 hours of exposure. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------53. The text mainly discusses the relationship between A. heart problems and air quality C. heart problems and smoking .

B. heart problems and exercising D. heart problems and fatty food

写作目的题秘诀 13:广告文体写作目的题一般用 advertise!
【2012 重庆卷 B 篇】Top lists are lecturing people on everything from"100 books to read ".

Aren't you just tired of being told what to do with your time? Now you have a list to end all lists! Take a look at the following two examples from the list of "101 things not to do": …… Go to See the Mona Lisa? There must be something about the mysterious(神秘的)smile. The 6 million people who the lady in the Louvre every year can‘t all be wrong after all. But they can be quite and standing in front of you, holding up their cameras to prevent you from seeing anything. In fact hard for you to see the painting clearly because you have to stay away from it for security read. After queuing for hours, many tourists can remain in front of the painting only for 15 seconds most. So, still long to see the Mona Lisa? If you want to find out more about the list, read 101 Tings NOT to Do Before You Die. Visit www.not2dobeforeidie.co.uk and buy the book at a 20% discount. 63. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To advertise a book C. To comment on popular lists B. To introduce a website D. To recommend tourist activities.

写作目的题秘诀 17:一般说明文写作目的题常用 inform!
【2012 浙江卷 C 篇】 There will always be conflict in schools, but that doesn't mean there needs to be violence. After students in Atlanta started a conflict resolution program, according to Educators for Social Responsibility, "64 percent of the teachers reported less physical violence in the classroom; 75 percent of the teachers reported an increase in student cooperation; and 92 percent of the students felt better about themselves". Learning to resolve conflicts can help students deal with friends,. teachers. parents, bosses, and coworkers. In that way, conflict resolution is a basic life skill that should be taught in schools across the country. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------54. The writer‘s purpose for writing this article is to_______. A. complain about problems in school education B. teach students different strategies for school life C. advocate teaching conflict management in schools D. inform teachers of the latest studies on school violence But 后面 violence 是重心!

写作目的题秘诀 18:新闻报道写作目的题常用 report!
【2012 全国 II 卷 D 篇】 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - One of the world's most famous fossils

(化石) - the 3.2 million-year-old Lucy skeleton ( 骨骼 ) unearthed in Ethiopia in 1974 - will go on an exhibition tour abroad for the first time in the United States, officials said Tuesday. Even the Ethiopian public has only seen Lucy twice. The Lucy on exhibition at the Ethiopian National Museum in the capital. Addis Ababa is a replica while the real remains are usually locked in a secret storeroom. A team from the Museum of National Service in to U.S. tour. Texas spent four years disscusing with the Ethiopians for the U.S. tour. Which will start in Houston next September. "Ethiopia's rich culture of both the past and today, is one of the best kept secrets in the world,"said Joel Bartsch, director of the Houston museum. The six-year tour will also go to Washington, New York. Denver and Chicago. Officials said six other U.S. cities may be on the tour. But they said plans had not yet been worked out. Traveling with Lucy will be 190 other fossils. Lucy, her name taken from a Beatles song that played in a camp the night of her discovery, is part of the skeleton of what was once a 3?-foot-ball ape-man (猿人). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------53. The author writes this text mainly to _ A. introduce a few U.S. museums C. discuss the value of an ape-man _. B. describe some research work D. report a coming event

秘诀 9:找到信息点后核对选项,发现照抄原文的不是答案,同义替换的通 常是答案,有时结合答案特征,发现的更快!
Tanni‘s enduring success had been part motivation(动机), part preparation, ―The training I do that enables me to be a good sprinter(短跑运动员) enables me to be good at a marathon too. I train 50 weeks of the year and that keeps me prepared for whatever distance I want to race…. I am still competing at a very high lever, but as I get older things get harder and I want to retire before I fall apart.‖ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------58. The underlined word ―that‖ in the 5th paragraph refers to _______. (此题容易错选 A ,但正确答案是 C ,怎样避开陷阱?) A. fifty weeks‘ training C. training almost every day B. being a good sprinter D. part motivation and part preparation


推论题秘诀 3: 没有中心句(中心词四选项都有) ,尾段也没有核对点,则找出题点核对!
【2012 福建卷 B 篇】 At exactly eleven Sir Percival knocked and entered, with anxiety and worry in every line of his face. This meeting would decide his future life,and he obviously knew it. "You may wonder, Sir Percival,‘‘ said Laura calmly, ―if I am going to ask to be released (免 除)from my promise to marry you. I am not going to ask this. I respect my father's wishes too much.― 汉语标注处是出题核对点! His face relaxed a little, but one of his feet kept beating the carpet. "No, if we are going to withdraw.(退出)from our planned marriage, it will be because of your wish, not mine. ―Mine?‖ he said in great surprise. ―What reason could I have for withdrawing?‘ "A reason that is very hard to tell you," she answered. "There is a change in me. ‖ His face went so pale that even his lips lost their color. He turned his head to one side. "What change?" he asked, trying to appear calm. ― When the promise was made two years ago, ‖ she said, my love did not belong to anyone. Will you forgive me, Sir Percival, if I tell you that it now belongs to another person?‖ ―I wish you to understand, ― Laura continued, ―that I will never see this person again, and that if you leave me, you only allow mc to remain a single woman for the rest of my life. All I ask is that you forgive mc and keep my secret." ?I will do both those things, ― he said. Then he looked at Laura, as if he was waiting to hear more. "I think I have said enough to give you reason to withdraw from our marriage, ― she added quietly. ― No. You have said enough to make it the dearest wish of my life to marry you, ― he said. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------61. We can learn from the passage that .

A. Laura had once promised to marry Percival B. Laura's father wished to end her marriage C. Percival had been married to Laura for two years D. Percival asked to be released from the marriage

文章取材题秘诀 5:若首段有小括号,里面有新华,搜狐,网易,新浪,路 透,BBC 等提示,如(XINHUA NET),或每段首句有具体时间信息点,则选项一定与

news 有关!
【2012 辽宁卷 C 篇】 If Confucius 孔子) ( were still alive today and could celebrate his September 28 birthday with a big cake, there would be a lot of candles.He‘d need a fan or a strong wind to help him put them out. While many people in China will remember Confucius on his special day, few people in the United States will give him a passing thought. It‘s nothing personal. Most Americans don‘t even remember the birthdays of their own national heroes. But this doesn‘t mean that Americans don‘t care about Confucius. In many ways he has become a bridge that foreigners must cross if they want to reach a deeper understanding of China. In the past two decades, the Chinese studies programs have gained huge popularity in Western universities. More recently, the Chinese government has set up Confucius Institutes in more than 80 countries. These schools teach both Chinese language and culture. The main courses of Chinese culture usually included Chinese art, history and philosophy(哲学).Some social scientists suggest that Westerners should take advantages of the ancient Chinese wisdom to make up for the drawbacks of Westerners philosophy. Students in the United States, at the same time, are racing to learn Chinese. So they will be ready for life in a world where China is an equal power with the United States. Businessmen who hope to make money in China are reading books about Confucius to understand their Chinese customers. So the old thinker‘s ideas are still alive and well. Today China attracts the West more than ever, and it will need more teachers to introduce Confucius and Chinese culture to the West. As for the old thinker, he will not soon be forgotten by people in the West, even if his birthday is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------67. The passage is likely to appear in ___________. A. a biography C.a newspaper B. a history paper D. a philosophy textbook

文章取材题秘诀 6:文章首尾句看是否有关键信息点,比如 book,可能是书 的前言或简介,若有价格,与钱有关或访问某网站,则可能是广告

【2010 湖北卷 C 篇】 This brief book is aimed at high school students , but speaks to anyone learning at any stage of life. Its formal ,serious style closely matches its content ,a school-masterly book on schooling .The author , W .H . Armstrong ,starts with the basics : reading and writing . In his opinion , reading doesn‘t just mean recognizing each word on the page ; it means taking in the information,digesting it and incorporating it into oneself just as one digests a sandwich and makes it a part of himself .The goal is to bring the information back to life , not just to treat it as dead facts on paper from dead trees . Reading and writing cannot be completely separated from each other ; in fact ,the aim of reading is to express the information you have got from the text .I‘ve seen it again and again :some-one who can‘t express an idea after reading a text is just as ineffective as someone who hasn‘t read it at all. Only a third of the book remains after that discussion ,which Armstrong devotes to specific tips for studying languages ,math , science and history . He generally handles these topics thoroughly(透彻地) and equally ,except for some weakness in the science and math sections and a bit too much passion(激情) regarding history to his students , that was a hundred times more than my history teachers ever got across .To my disappointment , in this part of the book he ignores the arts .As a matter of fact ,they demand all the concentration and study that math and science do,though the study differs slightly in kind .Although it‘s commonly believed that the arts can only be naturally acquired ,actually ,learning the arts is no more natural than learning French or mathematics. My other comment is that the text aged. The first edition apparently dates to the 1960s—none of the references(参考文献)seem newer than the late 1950s. As a result, the discussion misses the entire computer age. These are small points, though, and don‘t affect the main discussion. I recommend it to any student and any teacher, including the self-taught student. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------66. This passage can be classified as________. A. an advertisement C. a feature story B. a book review D. A news report

【2012 北京卷 A 篇】 The Basics of Math—Made Clear

Basic Math introduces students to the basic concepts of mathematics, as well as the fundamentals of more tricky areas. These 30 fantastic lectures are designed to provide students with an understanding of arithmetic and to prepare them for Algebra(代数) and beyond. The lessons in Basic Math cover every basic aspect of arithmetic. They also look into exponents(指数), the order of operations, and square roots. In addition to learning how to perform various mathematical operations, students discover why these operations work, how a particular mathematical topic relates to other branches of mathematics, and how these operations can be used practically. Basic Math starts from the relatively easier concepts and gradually moves on to the more troublesome ones, so as to allow for steady and sure understanding of the material by students. The lectures offer students the chance to ―make sense‖ of mathematical knowledge that may have seemed so frightening. They also help students prepare for college mathematics and overcome their anxiety about this amazing—and completely understandable—field of study. By the conclusion of the course, students will have improved their understanding of basic math. They will be able to clear away the mystery(神秘性) of mathematics and face their studies with more confidence than they ever imagined. In addition, they will strengthen their ability to accept new and exciting mathematical challenges. Professor H. Siegel, honored by Kentucky Educational Television as ―the best math teacher in America,‖ is a devoted teacher and has a gift for explaining mathematical concepts in ways that make them seem clear and obvious. From the basic concrete ideas to the more abstract problems, he is master in making math lectures learner-friendlier and less scary. With a PhD in Mathematics Education from Georgia State University, Dr. Siegel teaches mathematics at Central Arizona College. His courses include various make-up classes and a number of lectures for future primary school teachers. If the course fails to provide complete satisfaction to you, you can easily exchange it for any other course that we offer. Or you can get your money back. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------59. Where is the passage most likely to have been taken from? A. A news report. C. A lesson plan. B. A book review D. An advertisement

文体结构题秘诀 4:指定段落有 a man, one man, such as 等信号词时,

【2012 江西卷 D 篇】 Yet some people wonder if the revolution in travel has gone too far. A price has been paid, they say, for the conquest (征服) of time and distance. Travel is something to be enjoyed, not endured (忍受). The boat offers leisure and time enough to appreciate the ever-changing sights and sounds of a journey. A journey by train also has a special charm about it. Lakes and forests and wild, open plains sweeping past your carriage window create a grand view in which time and distance mean nothing. On board a plane, however, there is just the blank blue of the sky filling the narrow window of the airplane. The soft lighting, in-flight films and gentle music make up the only world you know, and the hours progress slowly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------72.How does the writer support the underlined statement in Paragraph2? A.By giving instructions. C.By following the order of time. B.By analyzing cause and effect. D.By giving examples.

【2012 全国新课标 D 篇】 One explanation is the law of overlearning , which can be stated as follows: Once we have learned something, additional learning trials(尝试)increase the length of time we will remember it. In childhood we usually continue to practice such skills as swimming, bicycle riding, and playing baseball long after we have learned them. We continue to listen to and remind ourselves of words such as "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" and childhood tales such as Cinderella and Goldilocks. We not only learn but overlearn. The multiplication tables(乘法口诀表)are an exception to the eeneral rule that we forget rather quickly the things that we learn in school, because they are another of the things we overlearn in childhood. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------68.The author explains the law of overlearning by_________. A. presenting research findings C. making a comparison B. setting down general rules D. using examples


词汇答题秘诀 12:模凌两可处如何处理?向该词就近信息点靠拢!向高频答 案词特征靠拢!选择范围大的!

【2011 重庆卷 A 篇】There was a gardener who looked after his garden with great care. To water his flowers, he used two buckers. One was a shiny and new bucket. The other was a very old and dilapidated one, which had seen many years of service, but was now past its best. 56. What does the underlined word ―dilapidated‖ probably mean? A. Dirty C. Worn-out 被动答案特征! B. Dark D. Plain-looking.

作者态度题秘诀 11:高频答案词 caring(关心的; 有同情心的)
【2012 天津卷 B 篇】 45. Which of the following can best describe Ms. Yates? A. Reliable and devoted. C. Proud but patient. 【2012 辽宁卷 B 篇】 61. Which of the following best describes the families of the astronauts on the ISS ? A. The are caring and thoughtful B. The are impatient and annoyed C. The are impatient and annoyed. D. The are excited and curious. B. Tough and generous. D. Strict but caring.

【2010 全国Ⅱ卷 A 篇】 45.Which of the following best describes Brownie? A. Shy B. Polite C. Brave D. Caring

更多阅读高分秘术和高频答案词尽在 2013 高考英语阅读 3 天提分秘术教案

中.艺考生和体考生只要记住阅读高频答案词,就有可能 70%正确,再结合吴老师 的 2013 高考英语阅读高分秘术(技巧密籍:www.sypeterwu.com),一本,二本不再 是梦!同时也为考重点大学满分攻略带来了答案原理依据!

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您孩子或许接受过一对一的大型品牌英语家教服务,甚至一线在职教师的辅导, 但绝大多数的情况是,您孩子的英语分数纹丝不动甚至下降了!为什么? 花言巧语的广告轰炸和信誓旦旦的保分承诺是让很多家长经不起的诱惑! 其实很多品牌 家教派给您孩子的家教不过是以前在马路上举牌仅值 30-50 元/小时的应往届毕业生而已! 最终,拿回承诺的退费比登山还难,即使退了,也换不来孩子的分数和本应美好的未来! 在职教师有着令人信服的耀眼光环,但该好的当然是好,但该坏的照样是坏的!重点高 中的孩子并不是你在职教师教出来的,因为学苗好,都 125-130 分了,谁教都会一样的好! 把普通学校的学生拿给在职教师教, 再用在职教师滚瓜烂熟的知识点串讲辅导和拿个五三套 题让学生去做,其结果,很难短期内事半功倍!

什么北京 XX 高分突破,60 分钟高考英语提分秘诀,2012 高分核按纽,选择 题高分模板等层出不穷,到底哪个才有效啊?与吴军高分密码有什么区别? 有的用名头砸人(比如用北京或上海英语学科带头人,参加过高考出题,享受国务院特 殊津贴等作为卖点) ;有的用卖成功学陈 XX 那样的文字广告框人;有的干脆模仿或照抄相 关广告文案去骗人,甄别起来,还真是有点困难!

真想区别开来,其实是可以找到答案的: 骗子是很好鉴别的,一是可以让您的孩子问一些高考英语中阅读和完型很具体的问题, 看他或她回答的如何?另外,骗子一般都不留自己的联络地址和电话号码,只留邮箱,QQ 号码和银行卡号,让你被骗之后无从寻找。另外,他们还会承诺,不满意,可以退回资料, 马上退款,还负责汇款手续费,让你觉得深信不已!其实,仔细想一想,资料都暴漏了, 谁拿到后都可以马上复印,若可以退的话,岂不是所有人都可以免费拿到资料了吗?

比如,2011 年高考的时候就有人假借吴军老师的名义实施骗局!他在网上贴吧和博客 上出卖的教案根本不是吴军的核心授课教案,是免费公益版的;另外淘宝网上卖的也是假的, 是武汉某某在沈阳吴军高分英语家教网站上或百度文库,英语周报英语教师网及新浪爱问共 享资料上免费下载的,是可以免费得到的,然而他却卖你 3000 元,但其并非吴军本人核心授课 教案!声明:没有与沈阳吴军本人联络,且未将款项打入沈阳吴军个人银行帐号的交易与吴军 无任何关系,其后果自负!已经上当的家长,请看一下你得到的是类似如下吴军高分教案吗? 不要图便宜,还是与吴军本人亲自交易吧!

辨别有没有效,好不好使,其实方法也很简单:一要看你教的学生是不是真实的? 广告 中提分的学员是否留有学校,班级和学生真实姓名及提分幅度?这样一来,知道了班级和姓名 就很容易核实了,不符则可称为诈骗,可追究法律责任! 不敢留学生真实姓名,只是写上张某 某(或从别处粘贴了外地高考状元的照片)并随意说提了 50 分是不可信的,目的也是可想而知! 吴军英语的广告中声称的提分效果,都写明了学校班级和学生姓名及提分幅度,是可信的,也 是敢于让公众监督的! 比如,吴军英语关于提分在其官网上是这么写的:

2012 吴军高考英语成绩公告
2012 年高考已经结束,吴军老师今年承接了一对一或一对二,共计 87 位考生。其中刨 出一个最高分 136 分(本身来时就 130 分左右)及考前半个月左右才来学的 2 位考生,平均 提分 36.7,再创辉煌!其中值得一提的是,吴老师所授的一名学员英语单科成绩竟然提了 90 多分,再次刷新了吴老师 2009 年创造的提 73 分的最高记录!令人兴奋!

最高提 90 分,刷新 2009 年最高提 73 分记录!
方美乔, 鲁美附中高三 3 班(考前 2 个月内在翰林补课班上学), 考生号: 12210104130592, 考场在 50 中学,高二下学期来吴军老师处学习时,成绩最高时仅 36 分,通过在 1 年多每周一 次课的学习,2012 年高考成绩为 126 分,提分 90 多分,刷新了 2009 年吴老师创造的最高

提 73 分的记录。作为沈阳隆方房地产公司老板的女儿,家庭条件相当优越,但其从不缺乏 刻苦专研精神,最后即将以艺考 482 分的优异成绩考取鲁迅美术学院!

刘赫绅,22 中高三 9 班,考生号: 12210106150716,考场在 53 中学,通过某位重点高中参加 过高考英语出题的在职教师近 1 年的一对一补课,成绩始终徘徊在 70 分左右,但考中国民航大 学飞行员的英语小分必须达到 90 分.后来其母亲沈阳雏鹰小学马老师通过 2011 年考取一本 B 段涉外高护专业的沈阳 4 中胡兢元的母亲鼎立推荐,找到了吴军老师,此时距离 2012 年高考还 有不到 2 个半月的时间,通过每周一、三、五下午 17:30-19:00 近 30 课的学习,最终将以 2012 年高考英语 101 分的成绩如愿以偿!

高考前 3 个月,词汇量能达到初三下学期水平,本身有强烈的提分欲望,能刻苦专研, 没有 心理障碍的学员,基本上,或者说 2005-2012 历年 99%提分。 徐可,沈阳 4 中高三 0 班,考生号:12210106110515,考场在 15 中学, 总分 605(过理 科一本线) 。2012 年高考英语为 125 分。来时 100 多分,通过短期 10 课的学习,分数提了 近 20 分; 王天池,沈阳 120 中,考生号:12210105150840,考场在省实验中学,总分 478(过理 科二本线) 。2012 年高考英语为 89 分。来时接近 40 分,通过短期集中 20 多课的学习,分 数提了近 50 分; 袁小力,鲁美附中高三 1 班艺考生,考生号:12210104130667,考场在 50 中学, 总分 436。按其成绩排名基本上可以考取鲁美。通过短期集中 20 课的学习,其由来时的 30 多分, 上升到本次高考 66 分,分数翻倍,险过小分! 蒋同学,沈阳 31 中高三艺考生,考生号:12210102170004,考场在 38 中学,通过 8 次课 的集中学习,成绩由原来的 80 分左右提到 2012 年高考英语 109 分!

更多提分详细资料,请亲临咨询!对于携带记者证或预交 1 课学费者,可以全部查询相 关提分信息,并任意抽查 3-5 位同学父母的联络方式核实!也可根据其所在学校班级,二次 核实! (链接 2011 年吴军老师亲授学员成绩公告) 吴军亲授考生共 83 人参加了 2011 年高考,去掉一个最高分东北育才本部 137 分,去掉一 个艺考最低分(临时只学了 7 次课,来时 33 分,2011 年高考 61 分),平均提分 31.5 分! 2011 年沈阳高分英语家教吴军一对一亲授中考生学员共计 39 人, 分以上占 97.17%; 140 130-140 之间为 0%;120-130 之间占 2.73%,没有 120 分以下的。其中 21 人达到了 145 分 或以上,有―两匹黑马‖值得一提,他们一个是辽宁省实验中学北校区初三 8 班的杨淇,另一

位是沈阳 7 中初三 21 班的童俊豪, 他们来吴军老师这儿学习时均为 120 分或以下, 本次 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩均达到了 146 分。
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------许译 鲁美附中高三 1 班,考生号:11210104130303;宁莹莹 鲁美附中高三 3 班 2011 届高三文科艺考生, 考生号:11210702130017; 黄钰乔 沈阳 27 中高三 13 班,考生号:11210105130331,2011 年高考英语分别提高 了 30-55 分不等,已被一批本科鲁迅美术学院和中央美术学院录取! 卢涵 沈阳铁路中学高三 11 班 2011 届高三艺考生,考生号:11210105130901, 李奕宣 沈阳同泽女中学

高三 3 班 2011 届高三艺考生,考生号:112101053130422, 2011 年高考英语成绩分别提高了 30-35 分不等,已 被中国传媒大学文编专业和天津师范大学播音专业录取! 李晨晖 沈阳 2 中 2011 届高三考生,考生号:11210103151002,总分:651 分,理科,一本线重点大学,来吴军高 分英语前 110-120 分,本次高考英语成绩为 127 分; 杨嘉睿 东北育才双语 2011 届高三 4 班考生,考生号:11210102111097,总分:559 分, 理科,预估一本线,来 吴军高分英语前 120 分,本次高考英语成绩为 130 分; 鲁菲 沈阳 120 中 7 班 2011 届高三考生,考生号:11210105110762,总分:544 分, 理科,一本线,来吴军高分 英语前 110 分,考前共学 5 课,本次高考英语成绩为 119 分。 姜萧栩 沈阳雨田中学初三 2 班 考号:061020116 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩为 145 分; 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩为 146 分; 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩为 146 分; 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩为 144 分; 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩为 146 分; 2011 年沈阳中考英语成绩为 144 分。

杨淇 辽宁省实验中学北校区初三 8 班 考号:051008906 王一乾 沈阳雨田中学初三 2 班 袁若琳 沈阳雨田中学初三 1 班 考号:061020406 考号:061021102

童俊豪 沈阳 7 中初三 21 班 考号:031009521 张天爱 沈阳雨田中学初三 1 班 考号:061019414

2012 吴军高考英语 3 天提分秘诀辽宁卷效果示例
举几个 2012 高考英语辽宁卷单选的例子: 吴军老师帮您筛选的 30 多个形容词和副词,大家看一看,是不是都在下列备选项中? 22. We used to see each other A. especially , but I haven‘t head from him since last year. C. particularly D. approximately

B. regularly

有些连知识点都不用,只是通过吴军老师教你的正负 / 过程和结果解题法就所向披靡 了! 通过正负, 可知 A 和 D 可选! 再通过过程和结果, 可知 A. with pleasure 强调的是结果, 说明借过后,表示荣幸,所以不符!电话还没借呢,故只有 D 符合。

23. — I‘m terribly sorry to interrupt, but may I use your phone? It‘s rather urgent. — Yes, . B. no burry C. it doesn‘t matter D. of course

A. with pleasure

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-1 第 25 页,Shall 用于第二、第 三人称,表示说话人给对方命令、警告、允诺或威胁。这儿是说根据学校规定学生在校时 都必须要穿校服。 24. One of our rules is that every student A. might B. could wear school uniform while at school. C. shall D. will

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-2 第 25 页,有宾语主动,无宾语 被动!follow 后面有宾语,with 的宾语后面可加形容词、副词、分词、不定式、名词等作 宾补,这儿 pet dog 与 follow 构成主谓关系,所以用 following. 25. The old couple often take a walk after supper in the park with their pet dog A. to follow B. following C. followed D. follows them.

2012 吴军高考英语高频答案词一本通第 108 页,Rod 喜欢拆卸钟表,然而,他从来都 不能再重新装好。所以选 B 项。另外 However 两边句子相反,看到 put…… together, 当然 相反的就是 taking apart 啦! 26. Rod loves A. taking apart clocks. However, he never manages to put them together again. B. giving away C. making up D. turning off

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-1 第 6 页, 作―一个‖, one ―一本‖, ―一件‖等解,用来代替上文提到过的 paper。相当于 a copy of paper. 28. If you‘re buying today‘s paper from the stand, could you get A. one B. such C. this D. that for me?

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-2 第 13 页, 把你的钥匙留给你的 邻居,以防你把自己锁在外面了。所以选 C 项。 30. Leave your key with your neighbor A. as long as B. even though you lock yourself out one day. C. in case D. as if

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-3 第 4 页,Not until 位于句首时 句子要倒装,consider having a holiday abroad 这个动作发生在 retire 之后,所以用一般过

去时。 32. Not until he retired from teaching three years ago A. he had considered C. he considered B. had he considered D. did he consider having a holiday abroad.

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-1 第 26 页, 在句型 ―It’s high/ very time that…‖中, 从句中的谓语动词用 did 或 should do.所以选 D 项。 33. Jack is a great talker. It‘s high time that he A. will do B. has done C. do something instead of just talking. D. did

2012 吴军高考语法与词汇单项选择题 3 天提分密码 B-2 第 18 页, 名词性从句 4 个高频 答案词,介词 for 后面加的是宾语从句,且从句中 find 缺少宾语,故用 whatever,选 C。 34. The newcomer went to the library the other day and scarched for about Mark Twain. A. wherever B. however C. whatever D. whichever he could find

举几个 2012 高考英语辽宁卷完形填空的例子来回忆一下吴军老师的完形易经,骄傲一 下自己当时精明的选择! 首尾或上下段落呼应,复现解决问题! When Glen Kruger picked a small cat from an animal shelter, he did not expect much. Yet right from the start, eight years ago, there was an uncommon connection between him and the small black cat. He 36 her Inky. 37 38 playmates,‖Kruger,The of farm epuipment , so I

― I grew up on a hundred-acre farm and had only cats seventy-year-old man,says. ―My hearing was damaged by the learned to connect with 39. A. animals 39 . C. farmers

B. friends

D. neghbors


in a pool of blood on the basement floor, Kruger felt

47 going into shock(休克).

He shouted for help , 48 the house. 49

his wife, Brenda , was asleep in their bedroom at the opposite end of

Kruger noticed Inky watching from the top of the stairs.

―Go get Brenda, ‖ Krugger said to Inky. Inky 50 her to the 52 to the bedroom door and scratched Brenda found her husband B. basement 53 51 until Brenda opened it. Then Inky led

the stairs and called 911. D. house

52. A. bedroom

C yard

通过同现解决问题! 看到 rushed 后就知道很匆忙,故 50 空纠结时,通过同现校正答案,就不能误选 C 了, ran 与 rushed 同现;51 空是 C 还是 D 呢?Inky 是猫,madly 更贴切;53 空,叫 911 送医院 了,说明掉楼梯底下了。 Inky 50 her to the 52 to the hospital. 50. A. walked 51. A. rapidly B. ran B. suddenly C. returned C. madly C. at the top of D. withdrew D . urgently D. in the front of to the bedroom door and scratched Brenda found her husband 53 51 until Brenda opened it. Then Inky led

the stairs and called 911. Kruger was rushed

53. A. at the bottom of B. in the middle of

通过正负解决问题! ―My hearing was damaged by the with 39 38 of farm epuipment , so I learned to connect

. They react to what they see and what you do. ‖ B. alarm C. noise D. voice

38. A. sound

找不到主旨句或四个选项都带中心词时,看出题点,即每段首尾句和有汉语标注的地 方等,然后通过复现和同现就解决了! Astronauts on shorter shuttle missions 使命) ( often work very long days. Tasks are scheduled so tightly that break times are often used to finish the day‘s work. This type of schedute is far too demanding for long missions on the Internaitional Space Sttation ISS) ISS crewmembers usually ( . live in space for at least a quarter of a year. They work five days on and two days off to mimic the normal way they do things on Earth as much as possible. Weekends give the crew valuable. Weekends give the crew valuable time to rest and do a few hours of housework. They can communicate with family and friends by email, isternet phone and throhgh Private video conferenes. While astronauts cannot go to a baseball game or a movie in orbit, there are many familiar activetics that they can still enjoy. Before a mission. The family and friends of each ISS crewmember put together a collection of family photos, messages, videos and reading material for

The astromauts to look at when they will be floating 370 kilometers above the Earth. During their missiom, the crew also receives care packages with CDs, books, magazines, photos and letters . And as from early 2010, the internet became available on the ISS , giving astronaouts the chance to do some ―web surfing (冲浪)‖in their personal time. Besides relaxing with these more commom entertainments, astromauts can simply enjoy the experience of living in space. Many astronauts say that one of the most relaxing things to do in space is to look out the window and stare at the universe and the Earth‘s vast land mass and oceans. 63. The passage mainly discusses how astronauts A. work for longer missions in space C. observe the Earth from space . (2012 辽宁卷阅读 B 篇)

B. connect with people on the Earth D. spend their free time in space

词汇 13 大解题思路使您茅塞顿开!本题仅用代入法就解决了问题! Astronauts on shorter shuttle missions 使命) ( often work very long days. Tasks are scheduled so tightly that break times are often used to finish the day‘s work. This type of schedute is far too demanding for long missions on the Internaitional Space Sttation ISS) ISS crewmembers usually ( . live in space for at least a quarter of a year. They work five days on and two days off to mimic the normal way they do things on Earth as much as possible. Weekends give the crew valuable. Weekends give the crew valuable time to rest and do a few hours of housework. 60. What does the word ―minic‖in Paragraph 1 probably mean?(2012 辽宁卷阅读 B 篇) A. Find B. Copy C. Change D. Lose

找到 minic 这个动词的宾语 way, way they do things 做事的方式, Find 发现?; Copy 模 仿?Change 改变?Lose 失去?way they do things 做事的方式,当然是模仿做事的方式喽! A 大于 B,则选 A。 In the past two decades, the Chinese studies programs have gained huge popularity in Western universities. More recently, the Chinese government has set up Confucius Institutes in more than 80 countries. These schools teach both Chinese language and culture. The main courses of Chinese culture usually included Chinese art, history and philosophy(哲学). Some social scientists suggest that Westerners should take advantages of the ancient Chinese wisdom to make up for the drawbacks of Westerners philosophy. Students in the United States, at the same time, are racing to learn Chinese. So they will be ready for life in a world where China is an equal power with the United States. Businessmen who hope to make money in China are reading books about Confucius to understand their Chinese customers. 65. W



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