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外研版 高中英语 必修四 Module2 Traffic Jam 单词讲解 words &language points

Words in Module2 Traffic Jam

1.be connected to与...相连
be connected to... 强调实际的连接

This bus is connected to electric wires.
My computer can be connected to the I

nternet. be connected with ... 与...有关系(强调事物之 间的联系)

have sth. to do with... 与……有关

be related to... 与……有关系
be connected by... 由......连接

2.be/get stuck in被困于,卡住

We were stuck in a traffic jam for an hour.
If we can’t find out a correct answer,

we may get stuck.
观察思考 Cleaning men in big cities usually get paid by the hour. 大城市的清洁工通常按小时拿报酬。 The stranger got lost in the woods. 那个陌生人在树林里迷路了。


身做的动作而不是被动的动作。 get hurt受伤 get caught in被围困 get paid得到报酬 get drunk喝醉酒 get burnt烧伤 get separated被分开 get lost迷路 get washed洗脸

get killed/paid被杀死/拿工资

To help your children do well in school,it

is important for you to get ____ C in their
education and their lives. A.involving C.involved ……。 B.to be involved D.to involve

解析 get involved in...加入到……中;参加

When Mary was on her way home from office last night , she got ________ by two

A.robbed B.stolen


rob sb.of sth.“抢某人的东西”;

steal sth.from sb.“偷某人的东西”。因为主语是 she,所以用get robbed而不用get stolen。 【答案】 A

I could have been on time for the meeting, but I ______ in mud beside a pool for over half an hour. A. got stuck C. was stuck B. have been stuck D. stuck

【解析】选 C 。考查时态。句意:我本来能按时开会的 , 但我陷 在了一个池塘边的泥中达半个多小时。根据句意可知此处表示发 生在过去的事情。故用一般过去时, 且主语与谓语动词stick之间 是被动关系又强调动作持续一段时间, 所以选C。get stuck不能 与时间段连用。

3.in no time马上,一会儿,立刻 归纳拓展

in time (for sth./to do sth.)及时……
at one time曾经;一度

at a time每次,一次
at all times无论如何,一直;随时,总是 at no time在任何时候都不,决不 take your time不用急;慢慢来

例句: As soon as he heard a knock,he answered

it in no time.

At no time did I tell you that you could
use my computer. 我从没告诉过你可以用我的电脑。 At one time I used to go skiing every winter.


【链接训练】 It will cost a lot of time.________ , I think we shall need it and it will certainly be

useful to us ________.
A.What's more;sooner or later B.As a result;now and then C.At the same time;more or less D.After all;here and there 【解析】 考查固定词组at the same time“同 时,可是,尽管如此”;more or less “或多或少”。



4. display (1)vt. 展示;陈列;显示 ? e.g. It’s the first time that the painting has been displayed to the public. ? 这是该画首次公开展出。 ? The peacock displayed its fine tail feathers when it noticed any gay colors. ? 这只孔雀看到鲜艳的颜色就开屏。 ? (2)n.陈列;展示;陈列的货物、艺术品等 ? e.g. The shop’s window display attracted me. ? 这家商店橱窗陈列吸引了我。 ? on display 正在展览中 ? on display 的同义词组:on show; on exhibition

The ancient Chinese vases ____ display B attracted lots of experts and collectors, some of whom suggested they ____ on the

next exhibition.
A.on;displayed B.on;be displayed

C.in;should display

D.in;be displayed

解析 on display在展示;在展览;suggest表“建 议”后接从句时,从句中用“should+v.原形”的 虚拟语气,其中should可以省略。

5.permit n.通行证;许可证;执照;v.许可;允许;

permit sb. to do
permit doing sth.

Visitors are not permitted to take photos here.
游客不容许在这儿照相。 We don’t permit smoking in the library. 我们不允许在图书馆里吸烟。 Weather permitting, we’ll have a picnic in

the woods.


permission n.许可,允许
permit sth.准许某事

permit sb.to do sth.准许某人做某事
permit doing sth.准许做某事 Weather/Time permitting... If weather/time permits,... ask for permission请求许可 without permission未经许可
? ? ?

天气/时间 允许的话,……

with sb.’s permission在某人许可的情况下


Smoking is not permitted in this office.
②我的妈妈不允许我晚上一个人出去。 My mother doesn’t permit me to go out

alone at night.

③如果天气允许的话, 我们明天将爬泰山。
If weather permits/Weather permitting , we’ll climb Mount Tai tomorrow. ④没有通行证, 任何人不得入内。 No one is allowed to come in without the permit


易混辨异 permit/allow/let


常用结构:permit doing sth.或permit sb.to do sth.
The facts permit no other explanation. (2)allow指不反对,不加阻止,偏重“默许,不加阻 止”之意。常用结构:allow doing sth.或allow sb.to do sth.

(3)let是三个词中最不正式的,较口语化,而且语意 最弱,指“允许,让”,有时含“难以阻止或限制”之 意。常用结构:let sb.do sth.。

(1)可以说allow/permit sb.to do sth.,不 能说allow/permit to do sth.。 (2)permit“许可证”,指一种文本形式,是可数名 词;permission“允许”,表示同意,是不可数名词。


①Will you permit me to ask a question?
②The teacher allowed us to leave school early.

③The farmer

let us pick some of the apples.


(1)Energy drinks are not allowed ____ B in
Australia but are brought in from New Zealand. A.to make C.to have been made B.to be made D.to be making

解析 allow可以构成allow sb.to do sth.,表示


(2)The driver shall be fined if he drives without a(n) _____. B

C.allowance 用 permit。


解析 根据句意知需填“驾驶执照”,故

(3)Sorry.At no time ___ A in this building,sir. A.is smoking permitted B.smoking is permitted C.does smoking permit

D.smoking does permit
解析 句意为:先生,很抱歉,这座楼里不允许抽

烟。at no time决不,位于句首时,句子要部分倒装,
permit doing sth.允许做某事。

6. receipt (n). [C]收据,收条;[U] 收到 ? I found a receipt for money spent. ? 我找到了一张开支收据。 ? I’m in receipt of your letter of the 3rd. ? 我已收到你3号的来信。

reception (n.) [U]接待,接受,接纳 [C]招待会, 欢迎会 ? We got a warm reception. ? Her calm reception of the bad news surprised her friends.

7.get around四处走动,(消息等)传开;克服

They threw him out because the word got around that he was taking drugs. ? He claimed to be a journalist, and he got around. ? It quickly got around that the price of pork had risen sharply. ? None of the countries has found a way yet to get around the financial crisis.

get ? get ? get ? get ? get ? get ? get ? get ? get

让人理解 across 摆脱,离开 away (from) 与某人相处;事情进展 along/on with 开始做某事 down to (doing) sth. 收获,插话 (sth). in 上/下车 摆脱/从……中出来 on/off 恢复健康,克服 out of 完成;度过(时间);打 over 通(电话) through

The news was a terrible blow to her, but she will ______ the shock soon. A. get out C. get off B. get through D. get over

【解析】选 D 。考查 get 动词短语。 get out 离开 ,

出来; get through通过, 设法完成; get off下车
; get over克服。句意:这个消息对她是一个可

怕的打击, 但她不久将会克服这个打击。

The news quickly ______ on the

Internet that an American girl sent an email
telling all her colleagues she would resign.

A. got around
C. got through

B. got across
D. got back

【解析】选 A 。考查 get 相关短语。句意为:一位

职, 该消息在网上迅速流传起来。get around传播

, 流传; 符合句意。

With satellite TV and the Internet, the information ______ more rapidly. A. gets around C. runs around 走动, (消息等)传开, B. gets up D. runs out 劝服; get up起床, 站 and more

【解析】选A。考查动词短语。get around四处 起; run around到处跑; run out用完。句意:由 于卫星电视和因特网, 信息传播得越来越快。

8. fare (n.) [C] 车费, 票价 ? What’s the bus fare to Beijing? ? Students can travel at half fare. ? a one-way fare (=a single fare) 单程车票价 ? a round-way fare 来回车票价

9. impressive 给人印象深刻的 ? That was an impressive scene. ? 那是个难忘的场面. ? She was very impressive in the interview.

impression (Cn.) 印象 ? What were your first impressions of London? ? leave/make a good/bad impression on sb. ? The boy caught cheating in the exam left a bad impression on his teacher.


? ? ?

impress (vt.) 使印象深刻 The book impressed a lot of people. be impressed by/with/at 对……留下深刻印象

impress sb. with sth ? impress sth. on/upon sb. ? 给某人留下印象/使某人记住、意识到…… ? The book impressed a lot of people with its special writing style. ? My parents impressed me with the importance of being honest. ? =My parents impressed the importance of being honest on me. impress sth on one’s mind 印在脑子里

10.provide vt.提供;供应 归纳拓展 provide sth.for sb. ? ? provide sb.with sth. ? supply sb.with sth. ? (1) ? 向某人提供某物 supply sth.to/for sb.? offer sb.sth. ? ? offer sth. to sb. ?

(2) provide for抚养;为……做准备 provide against预防;防备 provided/providing (that) =on condition that =so/as long as conj.只要,倘若,假若

例 句 : The school provided food for the

= The school provided the students with
food. 这所学校为学生提供食物。 You'd earthquake. better provide against an

I will agree to go provided/providing that

my expenses are paid.要是我的费用有人代付我就

He provided for his family by selling


【链接训练】 My parents provided me ________ 800

yuan ______ my study every year.
A.with;with B.with;for



考查 provide 与介词搭配,此题符合

provide sb. with sth.句型;后面的for是说明前面 provided me with 800 yuan的目的。 【答案】 B

11.under construction在建设中 观察思考: The building under construction is a public


The plans have been under discussion for a
year now, but no decision has been reached. 那些计划讨论了一年了, 还是没有结果。


under repair在修理中
under control在控制中 under attack遭受攻击 under examination在检查中

under discussion在讨论中

under consideration在考虑中 under study在研讨中

under investigation在调查中

under the command of在……的带领下

我们的新图书馆正在建设当中。 Our new library is under construction.

The firefighters soon got the fire in the

building under control.
现在这个小国正在遭受几个国家的攻击。 Now the small country is under attack by several countries.


The eleventh typhoon Matsa made many cities
in Japan ___. A.under consideration C.under attack 遭到袭击。 B.under repair D.under control

解析 句意为:第11号台风麦莎使得日本的很多城市

12.convenient adj.方便的,便利的 归纳拓展


It is/was convenient for sb.to do sth.;
sth. be convenient to/for sb.,意为“对某人 来说做……是方便的”。 (2)“当你方便的时候” 应译成When it is convenient to you, 不可译成When you are convenient。

(3)convenience n.便利,方便

at sb.’s convenience在某人方便的时候
for one’s convenience为了某人的方便

convenience food/store方便食品/便利店

? 翻译句子:

? ? ? ? ?

Is it convenient for you to come out this
evening? 今天晚上你出来方便吗? The house is very convenient for several schools. 这座房子离几所学校都很近。 I’m afraid this isn’t a very convenient time—could you call back later? 我恐怕现在不大方便,您能稍后打过来吗?

会议总是安排在管理层最方便的时候,希望 员工们能够适应。 Meetings are always arranged at the management’s convenience and staff are expected to fit in. 你明天开始工作方便吗? Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow? 这些家具搬起来很方便。 The furniture is convenient to move.

【链接训练】 I bought this new house for its

________.It's very near the shops and there
is a good transport service.

C.convenience 【解析】 交通便利。 【答案】 C


convenience“ 方便;便利”。句意


13. react vi.反应;作出回应;反对 ? 1)react to sb/sth 对某人/某物作出反应? ? e.g.The eye reacts to light. ? 眼睛对光会起反应。 ? 2)react on/upon sb/sth 对某人/某物有影响 ? e.g. Unkindness often reacts on the unkind person. ? 恶人有恶报。 ? 3)react by doing sth 通过做某事作出反应 ? e.g. How did your mother react to the news? She reacted by getting very angry. ? 你妈妈对这个消息反应如何? 她的反应是非常生气 ? 4)react with sth 与……起化学反应 ? 5)react against 反对 ? reaction. n. 反应;感应

例句:Local residents have reacted angrily to the news.

Iron reacts with water and air to produce

铁和水及空气发生反应产生铁锈。 He reacted strongly against the artistic conventions of his time. 他强烈反对当时的艺术俗套。

【链接训练】 ①The A.with students often react______the

teachers’ criticism,whether it is good or not.



出 反 抗 , 不 管 是 善 意 的 还 是 恶 意 的 。 react against“反对,反抗”。react with...“与……发生反 应”;react on“对……有影响,对……起作用”。



②I am really a bit worried because I have no idea what my parents'________will be to

my poor examination result.
A.expression B.reaction



考查名词辨析。 expression“ 表情,

表达”; reaction“ 反应”; appearance“ 面容”; expectation“ 期望”。句意为:我真的有点担心, 因为我不知道我父母对我这么差的考试成绩的反应 如何。根据题意,可知答案为B。 【答案】 B

? 14.

solution n. [U, C] 解决方法;解答; 答案 solution常和介词to/for搭配、 ? e.g.He can find no solution to his present troubles. ? 他无法克服目前的困难。 ? The best solution would be for them to unite. ? 最好的解决方案是他们团结起来。 ? solution. n. 解决方法;解答 ? solve vt. 解决;解答

15..mood n.心情;情绪;语气;状态 归纳拓展 moody adj.喜怒无常的;忧郁的

be in a good mood心情很好
be in a bad mood发脾气,情绪低落

be in no mood for sth./to do sth.不想做某事,
无意做某事 be in the (a) mood for sth./to do sth.想做某 事,有做某事的兴致

I’d been stuck in the traffic for hours,
which put me in a really bad mood.

She’s too tired and in no mood for dancing. 她太累了, 没有心情跳舞。 I don’t want to talk about it now. I’m not in the mood. 我现在不想谈论此事,我没心情。

16.no way 没门儿,肯定不 ? Give up our break? No way! ? No way will I go on working for that man!

by no means/ at no time/ on no condition ? At no time will we give in to enemies.


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