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Module4 Unit 1 1. 翟志刚在太空的巨大成就让他赢得了全中国人民的尊重。( achievement; respect) Zhai Zhigang’s great achievement in space has earned him the respect of all the Chinese people. 2. 他不需要很多钱,并且很乐于过着简单的生活。 (lead a … life) He doesn’t need much money and is happy to lead a simple life. 3. 四代同堂是中国一个值得骄傲的传统习俗。 (traditional, generation) It is a proud traditional in China to have four generations living under one roof. 4. 社会,包括公司和组织,应该在帮助老人方面扮演积极的角色。 (play a/an…role in, organization) The society, including companies and organizations, should play a positive role in helping the old. 5. 老师在讲台前不用看就可以知道哪个学生表现不好。 (without doing, behave) Without looking up from her desk, the teacher knew which student was behaving badly. 6. 如果我们一定要按时完成的话,我们就必须坚持工作。 (carry on) We must carry on working if we are to finish on time. 7. 不要仅仅因为他在一次考试中失败就瞧不起这个人。 (look down upon) Don’t look down upon a person only because he failed an examination. 8. 当我离开超市的时候,我碰巧遇见了我的老朋友。 (come across) I came across my friend by chance when I was leaving the supermarket. 9. 老师的话促使我比以前更努力学习。 (inspire) My teacher’s words inspired me to study harder than ever before. 10. 保护环境是首要考虑的问题。 (consideration) Protecting environment is the primary consideration. Module4 Unit 2 1. 袁博士对生活很满意, 并不在乎出名。( be satisfied with; care about) Dr Yuan is satisfied with his life and doesn’t care about being famous. 2. 我们的校长很希望能扩大学校的规模。(expand) Our principal wishes to expand the size of our school. 3. 多亏了每一个人的辛勤努力,表演取得了巨大的成功。(thanks to) Thanks to everyone’s hard work, the performance was a great success. 4. 吉姆悄悄溜进房间,没有打扰父母。 (without disturbing) Jim slipped into the room without disturbing his parents. 5. 我宁愿为理想奋斗,不愿意放弃而他日后悔。(would rather…than; struggle for) I would rather struggle for my dream than give it up and regret it later in my life. 6.在阅览室朗读是一种坏习惯。(-ing 作主语) Reading aloud in the reading room is a bad habit. 7. 美国总统来华访问,希望改善两国之间的关系。(with the hope of…) The president of the USA paid a visit to China with the hope of improving the relationship between the two countries. 8. 正是那个司机的粗心导致了这场车祸。( lead to, 用强调句) It was the driver’s carelessness that led to the car accident. 9. 科学家们把精力集中在保持大气清洁和免受污染上。(focus on, keep…free from…) The scientists focused on keeping the atmosphere clean and free from pollution. 10. 在经历了多年的奋斗之后,他们建立起了自己的公司并变得富有。

After many years of struggle, they were able to build up their business and become rich. Module4 Unit 3 1. 到目前为止,我对居住在广州感到非常满意。(up to now; be content with) Up to now, I have been content with living in Beijing. 2. 过去他们很贫困,根本谈不上度假。( too…to…, badly off ) In the past, they were too badly off to afford a holiday. 3. 在老师的帮助下,我终于克服了困难。(overcome) I was able to overcome the problem with the help of my teacher. 4. 汶川地震发生后,地震灾区(the earthquake-stricken area)的交通、电力和通讯完全中断了。(cut off) After the Wenchuan earthquake, transportation, electricity, and communication in the earthquake-stricken area were completely cut off. 5. 他是一个很有趣的男孩,经常用他的笑话带给我们许多欢乐。(entertain sb. with sth.) He is a very funny boy and often entertains us with his jokes. 6. 他去找加油站看是否能买到汽油。( in search of ) He went off in search of a gas station where he could buy some petrol. 7. 我对一切记忆犹新,好像是昨天发生的。( as if…) I remember everything as if it happened yesterday. 8. 据报道,10,000 吨含有三聚氰胺(melamine)的三鹿婴幼儿奶粉已被销毁。(-ing 作定语) It is reported that 10,000 tons of Sanlu baby milk powder containing melamine have been destroyed. 9. 北京奥运会上,看到国旗升起,听到国歌奏响时,每个中国人都感到无比自豪。 It made every Chinese feel proud seeing the national flag being raised and hearing the national anthem being played during the Beijing Olympic Games. 10. 许多北京残奥会的故事非常感人,很多人都感动得流泪。(-ing 作表语,过去分词做表语) Stories from the Beijing Paralympics were so moving that many people were moved to tears. Module4 Unit 4 1. 一般而言,你在学习一门新的语言的时候总避免不了要犯错误。(in general, avoid) In general, you cannot avoid making mistakes when you learn a new language. 2. 不是所有的人都痴迷足球,也不是很多人都对篮球感兴趣。 (not all… nor, be crazy about) Not all people are crazy about football, nor are many interested in basketball. 3 . 在政府和人民的帮助下,汶川地区最终定能重建家园。(It is likely that …;recover) With the help of the people and the government, it is likely that Wenchuan will eventually recover. 4. 他向玛丽求助时,她却转过身去,所以他感到很没面子。(turn one’s back to, lose face) When he asked Mary for help, she just turned her back to him. Therefore he felt he lost face. 5. 去年暑假我去了乡村度假。与村民们在一起我感到非常地自在,也非常满意那里的生活。 I spent my holiday in the countryside last summer. I felt at ease with the village people and was content with my life there. 6. 历史上,中国人民总是英勇保卫家乡,抵抗外国侵略者。(defend… against) In history, the Chinese people always defended their villages, towns and cities against the foreign invaders. 7. 很兴奋昨晚在音乐会的现场看到了谢庭锋的真人。 (-ing 作表语) It was exciting to see Xie Ting Feng live in the concert last night. 8. 当我走近他的时候,这个陌生人一脸疑惑地看着我。(curiously) The stranger looked at me curiously as I came towards him. 9. 树叶变黄,意味着秋天来临。 (approach) When the tree leaves turn yellow, we know that autumn is approaching. 10. 她们又说又笑地走进了教室。 (-ing 做状语) Talking and laughing, they came into the classroom.

Module4 Unit 5 1.我喜欢在森林里漫步和亲近自然的感觉。(get close to) I loving walking in the forest and getting close to nature. 2.法国以其精美的食品和葡葡萄酒驰名。(be famous for) France is famous for its fine food and wine. 3.你应该提前定火车票,这样你就可以节省一些钱。( in advance;so) You should book the train ticket in advance, so you can save some money. 4.学校为学生提供了许多现代化的教学设施。(provide sth. for sb.; teaching facilities) The school provides a lot of modern teaching facilities for its students. 5.维护我们的环境其实要比修复它更加的经济也更加容易。(preserve) It is much cheaper and easier to preserve our environment than to try and repair it. 6.不论发生什么事情,我将永远都不会放弃。 (No matter…) No matter what may happen, I will never give up. 7.他因为迟到向老师道歉,老师一句话没说就接受了他的道歉。 (make an apology to sb for…; without doing …) He made an apology to the teacher for being late and the teacher accepted it without saying a word. 8.莎士比亚不仅是个有名的剧作家也是个非常优秀的演员。 (Not only 句首…but also…) Not only was Shakespeare a famous playwright, but he was also an excellent actor. 9.难怪这个主题公园这么受到大家的欢迎,它模拟的是古代中国的生活场景。 (it is no wonder that …; be modeled after; ) This theme park is modeled after the living scenes in ancient China,so it is no wonder that it is popular with everybody. 10. 通过战胜众多挑战, 他应该能重新活跃并且懂得开始享受生活。 (a variety of ; come to life; enjoy oneself) By overcoming a variety of challenges, he was to come to life again and begin enjoying himself.




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