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外研社必修三 Module 1课时作业(二) Cultural Corner & Writing

课时作业(二) Cultural Corner & Writing Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The citizens are very thankful that they are not ________(统治,治理)by a cruel ruler. 2.The twentysix countries ________(签署) an agreement to cut air pollution. 3.We finally came to an ________(协议): I would cook and Ann would clean. 4.The Trade Union will meet with ________(代表) from industry and the government. 5.Just ________(比较) the room that has been cleaned with the others. 6.The teacher often tells us the future ________(属于) to us. Ⅱ.单项填空 1. She was not ________ frightened; in fact, she was nearly frightened to death, A.a bit C.a little B.at all D.much

2.(2013· 周口高一检测)I feel sure that ________ qualification,ability and experience,you are abundantly suited to the position we have in mind. A.in need of B.in terms of D.in face of

C.in favour of

3. Oetzi, the 5,000 year?old “Iceman”, ________ on the border between Italy and Australia in 1992. A.was discovering C.had been discovered B.was discovered D.discovered

4. —Have you heard that Jones, along with her parents, ________ to Hainan for the winter vacation? —Really?No wonder I haven't seen her these days. A.had been C.has gone B.have been D.have gone

5.(2013· 咸阳高一质检)________ of the land in that district ________ covered with trees and grass. A.Two fifth;is B.Two fifths;are

C.Two fifth;are

D.Two fifths; is

6.Sichuan Province,________ in southwest China and ________ an area of 485,000 square kilometers with the largest population in China,is one of the largest and most inaccessible provinces in China. A.located;covered C.located;covering B.locating;covering D.locating;covered

7. I would like a job which pays more, but ________, I enjoy the work I'm doing at the moment. A.in other words C.for one thing B.on the other hand D.as a matter of fact

8. ________with conducting an interview by QQ online, a facetoface interview in person can provide people with more reliable details. A.Comparing C.To compare B.Compared D.Compare

9.Professor Lee is considering going to teach in our school,where he can get paid ________. A.as five times much B.as much five times C.much as five times D.five times as much 10. If your call is not answered within two minutes, you________to hang up and dial again. A.would be advised C.have been advised Ⅲ.阅读理解 A A German dog in Alaska has been given a hero's award for saving his owner's house from a fire.Buddy guided a team of firefighters through winding roads to the house in an isolated (偏远的) area. That day,his owner Ben Heimlich was working on his truck inside his garage when a spark ignited some fuel and caught fire. B.are advised D.were advised

Ben managed to run outside,closed the door to stop the fire from spreading and rolled in the snow to put out the flames on his clothes. But he suddenly remembered the dog was still in the workshop and ran back to fetch him.While Buddy escaped uninjured,his owner suffered burns to his face and seconddegree burns to his left hand. The dog ran off after his master said he needed help.On the road he came across the Alaskan firemen who had been called about the fire.But they had got lost and were about to turn down the wrong road.When they caught sight of Buddy who made eye contact with them and raced ahead down the right road,the firemen immediately followed him and he often turned round to make sure they were behind him.The dog's quick reaction saved the family. “Buddy recognized how serious the situation was and acted bravely in getting help for his family,” said Officer Holloway at a ceremony to honor the dog.Buddy, whose good deed was shown on a police car's video,was given a smart dog bowl as a reward,and a big bone. Ben said that he knew Buddy was clever and added that Buddy was brave too , having twice driven bears away when he was fishing. 1.From the passage we learn that ________. A.Ben was a German B.Buddy called the police C.Ben's house is hard to find D.Buddy is cleverer than Ben thought 2.Ben ran back into the garage because ________. A.he wanted to save his whole family B.he wanted to put out the fire himself C.he wanted to save his dog Buddy D.he heard someone calling “help” 3.What can we infer from the passage? A.The dog has never been so brave before. B.The dog has saved his owner's life before. C.The firemen didn't believe a dog would know the way.

D.The firemen didn't know what the dog was trying to tell them at first. 4.What's the purpose of the ceremony? A.To honor the dog Buddy. B.To honor the firemen. C.To honor Ben. D.To encourage people to keep dogs. B (2013· 四川高考)On a sunny day last August, Tim heard some shouting. Looking out to the sea carefully, he saw a couple of kids in a rowboat were being pulled out to sea. Two 12yearold boys, Christian and Jack, rowed out a boat to search for a football. Once they'd rowed beyond the calm waters, a beach umbrella tied to the boat caught the wind and pulled the boat into open water. The pair panicked and tried to row back to shore. But they were no match for it and the boat was out of control. Tim knew it would soon be swallowed by the waves. “Everything went quiet in my head,” Tim recalls(回忆). “I was trying to figure out how to swim to the boys in a straight line.” Tim took off his clothes and jumped into the water. Every 500 yards or so,he raised his head to judge his progress. “At one point, I considered turning back,”he says. “I wondered if I was putting my life at risk.” After 30 minutes of struggling, he was close enough to yell to the boys,“Take down the umbrella!” Christian made much effort to take down the umbrella. Then Tim was able to catch up and climb aboard the boat. He took over rowing, but the waves were almost too strong for him. “Let's aim for the pier(码头),”Jack said. Tim turned the boat toward it. Soon afterward, waves crashed over the boat,and it began to sink. “Can you guys swim?”he cried. “A little bit,”the boys said. Once they were in the water, Tim decided it would be safer and faster for him to pull the boys toward the pier. Christian and Jack were wearing life jackets and floated on their backs. Tim swam toward land as water washed over the boys' faces. “Are we almost there?” they asked again and again. “Yes,”Tim told them each time.

After 30 minutes, they reached the pier. 5.Why did the two boys go to the sea? A.To go boat rowing. B.To get back their football. C.To swim in the open water. D.To test the umbrella as a sail. 6.What does “it” in Paragraph 2 refer to? A.The beach. C.The boat. B.The water. D.The wind.

7.Why did Tim raise his head regularly? A.To take in enough fresh air. B.To consider turning back or not. C.To check his distance from the boys. D.To ask the boys to take down the umbrella. 8.How did the two boys finally reach the pier? A.They were dragged to the pier by Tim. B.They swam to the pier all by themselves. C.They were washed to the pier by the waves. D.They were carried to the pier by Tim on his back. Ⅳ.翻译句子 1.我渐渐地对读书产生了兴趣。(little by little) ___________________________________________________________ 2.和汽车相比,自行车有许多优点。(compared with/to) ___________________________________________________________ 3.他错拿了不属于他的那个包。(belong to) ___________________________________________________________ 4.这个国家现在大约有 1. 1 亿人。(has a population of) ___________________________________________________________ 5.父母对孩子在网上的所做有所控制。(have some control over) ___________________________________________________________

课时作业(二) Ⅰ.1.governed 6.belongs Ⅱ.1.C not a bit 和 not at all 都是“一点也不”的意思。根据语境,应该用 2.signed 3.agreement 4.representatives 5.compare

not a little,意思是“很,非常”。 2. B 句意:我确信,从资历、能力和经验来说,你非常适合我们心中的

这个位置。in terms of“从??方面来说”符合题意。 3.B 考查时态和语态,由题意可知 Oetzi 是在 1992 年被发现。因此用一 般过去时的被动语态。 4.C 考查主谓一致和词义辨析。主语中心词是 Jones,是单数,所以谓语

用单数形式; 根据应答句中 No wonder 后的从句意思可知, 此处指“去了某地(没 回来)”,用 have (has)gone 结构,选 C 项。 5.D 分数表达中分子大于 1 时,分母需用序数词的复数形式,所以 2/5

应写为 two fifths;当分数、百分数+of+名词作主语时,谓语动词与名词(land) 保持一致,故选 D 项。 6.C 句意:四川省位于中国的西南部,覆盖面积 485 平方公里,在中国

人口数量最大,它是中国其中一个面积最大的,最不容易到达的省份。________ in southwest China and ________ an area of 485,000 square kilometers with the largest population in China 是定语修饰 Sichuan Province,locate 与它是被动关系, 故用过去分词形式;cover 与它是主动关系,故用其现在分词形式。 7. B on the other hand 常被用来比较两个不同的事情或观点, 常与 on the one hand 连用;for one thing 常与 and for another 连用表示“一来??二来??”, 常用来列举理由;in other words 表示“换句话说”;as a matter of fact 表示“事 实上”。根据句意“我想得到一份薪水更高的工作,但从另一方面来说,我非常 喜欢我现在的工作。”可知应选 B 项。 8.B 句意:和在线用 QQ 面试相比,亲自面对面地面试可以给人们提供 更多可靠的信息。compare with 意为“与??比较起来”,符合句意。 9.D 此题考查的是倍数+as... as 句型,第二个 as 和比较对象一起省略了。 补充完整应该是 where he get paid five times as much as in our school,故选 D。

10.B 句意:如果您的电话在两分钟之内未被接听,建议您挂断后再拨打。 操作说明常用一般现在时表达。 Ⅲ.【语篇解读】一条聪明勇敢的德国狗带来了消防员,使主人家的房子得 以避免被烧毁。 1.C 推理判断题。根据第一段的 through winding roads to the house in an

isolated area 以及第四段中消防员迷路的语境,可知 Ben 的住所非常偏僻。 2.C 细节理解题。根据第三段的 But he suddenly remembered the dog was

still in the workshop and ran back to fetch him.可知 Ben 跑回车库是为了救他的狗。 3.B 推理判断题。根据末段的 having twice driven bears away when he was fishing.可知 Buddy 以前救过它的主人。 4. A 细节理解题。 根据倒数第二段的 said Officer Holloway at a ceremony to honor the dog.可知应选 A 项。 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。全文记叙了 Tim 成功地从海中解救

了两个 12 岁男孩的故事。 5.B 细节理解题。由第二段的 Two 12yearold boys...search for a football. 可知 B 项正确。 6.D 词义猜测题。文中第二段后三句意为:他们一把船划出静水区,绑

在船上的沙滩伞就遇到了风,然后把船拖进了开阔的水域。这两个男孩慌了,尽 力想划回海岸。但是他们不是大风的对手,船失去了控制。此处的 it 指的是 the wind。本题易误选 B 和 C,但 water 和 boat 都是在 wind 的作用下才产生力量, 所以与两个男孩对抗的是 the wind。 7. C 细节理解题。 由第四段 I was trying to figure out how to swim to the boys

in a straight line.“我在尽力弄清楚如何以最近的路线游到男孩们那里”可知,此 处 Tim 抬头是为了确认他与孩子们之间的距离。 A 项“吸入足够的新鲜空气”文 章未提及,B 项“考虑是否要返回去”,由下文可知只是作者一时的想法,而不 是每次抬头都会考虑,D 项“要求男孩们把伞放下来”是他游到男孩附近才说 的,故均排除。 8. A 细节理解题。 由倒数第三段中的. ..Tim decided...to pull the boys toward the pier.可知男孩们是被 Tim 拖到码头边的。所以 A 项符合题意。 Ⅳ.1.I became interested in reading little by little.

2.Compared with/to cars,bicycles have many advantages.3.He took away the bag not belonging to him by mistake.4.This country now has a population of about 110 million. 5.Parents should have some control over what their children are doing online.


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