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陕西省宝鸡园丁中学 2013-2014 学年高一英语上学期期末考试试题 (无答案)新人教版
Ⅰ.单项选择(20 分) 1. Jim is ________ in his class. A. very tall 2. 3. 4. 5. of 6. --- What was ______ yesterday ? ---- It was March 2 , 1997. A.

it 7. 8. 9. A. play A. money A. water A. slices of for 11. _______ the bananas and yogurt in the blender. A. Put A. made A. this A. How , taking A. noise A. to have on. A. used to with 18. --- I don’t know how to improve my spoken English. --- Why _____ an English language club?

B. too tall B. watch B. by buses B. was, do B. to eat, for

C. the tallest C. look C. by a bus C. did, do C. to have, with

D. taller D. see. D. by the bus D. did, did D. eat,

You are ill. You’d better _______ the doctor right now. A. look at A. by bus A. is , do A. have, of I often go to school _________. What _____ he ______ yesterday evening? Would you like ________ a cake ________ meat in it ?

B. the day B. playing B. moneys B. cup of water B. slice of

C. the date C . to playing C. shoes

D. day D. to play D. books D.milk D. slices

Most boys enjoy ________ games after class. How much ________ do you want ? How many ________ are there on the table? C.. bottles of water C. slices

10. I usually have some bread and some ________ pork for breakfast.

B. Put in B. makes B. that B. What, take B. noises B. had

C. Take in C. make C. it ---By _______ a taxi. C. How, took C. voice C. have

D. Take D. to make D. these D. What, to take. D. sound D. having

12. It’s easy _______ a sandwich. 13. He was happy that he found ______ necessary to take exercise every day. 14. --- ______ did you get there ?

15. Be quiet! Don’t make so much ________ . The baby is sleeping/ 16. --- What about _______ a rest? 17. --- Are you ______ the dark? --- OK! Let’s go for a walk.

--- Oh, yes. I always go to sleep with the light C. interested in D. good

B. afraid of

A. don’t join join

B. not joins

C. not you join

D. don’t you

19 It’s going to rain. Don’t forget _______ an umbrella. A. to take A. solve solving Ⅱ.完形填空。 (10 分) Yang Mi, born in Beijing on September 12, 1986, is a Chinese mainland actress. At the age of 4, she got her first TV drama role; at 16, she became a model for a fashion magazine; at 18, she went to her dream college ---- Beijing Film Academy (北京电影学院). ___21___ believe that life has smiled on her. Last year, the 24-year-old___22___ played bad girl Luo Qingchuan in the time-traveling TV drame, Palace (《宫锁心玉》 )。 The drama became a big success and made Yang very __23___. The number of her micro blog followers __24____ from several thousand to more than three million overnight. Could she be any __25____? Yang doesn’t think luck had anything to ___26___ with her success . She makes her way all by herself. “ Every __27___ is from the efforts I’ve made,” said Yang. People now think she’s very hard-working. She still recalls the time when people gave her the cold shoulder. Some treated her with little respect. They didn’t want to help her in her time of need. “ I have to _28_____ them because they make me believe myself,” she said. That’s ___29___ she always help others when they are in need. In May, Yang became the ambassador (大使)___30____ the Climate Group. She calls on people to join the Million—Miracle project and plant trees on China’s dry land. In April, 2009, Yang Mi was considered a member of the Four Young Dan acresses ( 四小花 旦 ) along with Huang Shengyi, Wang Luodan and Liu Yifei. 21.A. Many 22 . A. student 23. A. great 24. A. were 25. A. happier 26. A. do 27. A. play 28. A. help 29. A. because 30. A. in Ⅲ. 阅读理解。( 30 分) (A) Bill was going to visit Wang Dawei in Chongqing for several days. Before he left America, Bill tried to learn about Chinese food and Chinese ways of doing things. He wanted to be polite. He learned that most people in China eat rice, drink tea, and take off their shoes when they go into a friend’s apartment . Bill

B. taking B. solution

C. to make C. to solve

D. make D.

20. We should try our best _______ the problem.

B. Some B. actress B. rich B. became B. luckier B. play B. role B. ask B. why B. at

C. Nobody C. player C. lucky C. increased C. healthier C. stay C. drama C. thank C. what C. with

D. Few D. model D. famous D. turned D. busier D. talk D. chance D. follow D. how D. for

even learned to use chopsticks. At the same time, Wang Dawei learned about American food and American ways of doing things. He wanted to be friendly. When Bill came to Wang’s house, Dawei told him to keep his shoes on. Later they went out for dinner. They ate pizza and drank Coke. The next few days , they had breakfast in a coffee shop and ate hamburgers in a fast-food restaurant. On his way back to America, Bill was thinking about why he never ate rice or drank tea or ate with chopsticks. He never took off his shoes when he visited Wang’s family. He thought that living in China was just like living in America. 根据短文内容, 判断下列句子的正(A)误 (B) ( ( ( ( ( )31. Bill learned about Chinese food and other things before coming to China. ) 32. Bill knew most Chinese eat rice, drink tea and water their shoes in ) 33.Wang Dawei was friendly to Bill , so they went to the restaurant to ) 34. Finally Bill didn’t have Chinese food at all. ) 35. Wang Dawei made Bill feel at home at last.

their houses. eat Chinese food

36. Where did the writer meet the little girl the first time? A. In a park. gate. 37. The writer helped the little girl by ________ A. sending her home. C. offering some food to her A. was driving to go to work B. taking her to find her mother. D. pushing her swing to go higher. B. was waiting for her daughter D. was talking with her daughter. C. 挑选 D.接收(信号,声音,图像等) B. In the zoo. C. In a school D. At the school

38. The writer met the little girl again when she __________. C. was waiting for the bus. A 捡起 A. Two Swings B. Smile and Love B. 开车去接

39. What does the underlined phrase” pick up” mean in Chinese? 40. What’s the best title for the passage? B. A Warm Hug D. Kindness Brings Happiness ( C )

Nowadays it is not unusual for many students to find part-time jobs. During the past winter holidays, I once worked as a waiter at a restaurant. I worked during my holidays, because I didn’t want to keep on asking my parents for money any longer. I worked hard at the restaurant . I had to serve the guests well. I had to sweep the floor and kept it clean all day. Sometimes I had to wash the dishes in the kitchen. When I was back home from work, I felt very tired, but in fact I was very happy. Little by little, I realized the value of money. I also found it important to get along well with others I think doing a part-time job is necessary, because it is a social experience and a good preparation (准备) for my further study. 41. Where did the writer work during the last winter holidays? __________ A. He worked in a hotel. C. He worked in a restaurant . A. Because he was out of work. B. Because he didn’t want to ask money from his parents. C. Because his father worked in that restaurant . D. Because he wanted to learn how to be a cook. 43. What did the writer do there ? A. He collected money for the manager. B. He swept the floor. C. He cooked the food. A. 印张 B. 支票 D. He parked the car at the door. C.价值 D. 金钱 44. What does the word “ value” mean?_______ _ 45. Which is WRONG according to the passage? A. The writer learned how to get on well with others. B. The writer thought it was useless to do a part-time job. C. The writer got some money from that job. D. The writer worked very hard in that restaurant. Ⅳ.用所给词的适当形式填空。 (15 分) 46. You look tired. Please stop _________ ( have) a rest. 47. “Do you like _________ ( drink) tea?” “Yes, I do.” 48 I’m sorry. I can’t . I have to _________(help) my mom. 49. There are __________( hundred) of students in our school. 50 I think swimming is _____________(difficult) than running. 51. English is ___________( important) subject of all . 52. Tom’s brother ________(be) good at soccer. 53. Finally he asked people to stop __________( talk). 54. She feels anxious because she is afraid of __________(fly) 55. His son is ill . He is very _________( worry) about him. 56. He didn’t finish __________( write) the test because he ran out of time. 57.They haven decided _________ (spend) their holiday in Xi’an.

B. He worked at home. D. He worked in a school.

42. Why did the writer want to find a part-time job?__________

58.________ (swim) in the river alone is very dangerous. 59.Smoking is bad for our health, so we ask our father to give up ________ (smoke). 60. Parents can spend many happy hours _________( walk) through the museum. Ⅴ. 补全对话。 (10 分) 根据对话内容, 从方框内选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。 A: It’s my brother’s birthday soon. ____61_______ B: How about a book.? A: No, ___62______ B: ____63____. A: Yes, that’s creative enough. It can tell him the dates every day. B: ____64_______ A: That’s too expensive. _____65______. A. Why don’t you buy it. B. That’s not interesting enough. C. I don’t have enough money. D. What should I get him? E. How about a calendar? Ⅵ. 汉译英。 (20 分) 66. 那位老人以卖菜为生。 The old man ________ _______ ________ by selling vegetable . 67. 他们通过卖报为那个生病的女孩筹款。 They sell newspapers to _______ _______ for the sick girl. 68. 我到三亚后就爱上了这座美丽的城市。 I fell _______ ________ ________ this beautiful city after I got to Sanya. 69. 这个问题太难了, 我理解不了。 It’s ______ hard for me ______ understand this question. 70. 她过去常常害怕水。 She _____ ______ be terrified of water. 71. 玛丽经常晚上熬夜学英语。 Mary often ________ ________ at night , studying English. 72. 不要担心我。 我能解决这个问题。 Don’t _______ ______ me. I can solve the problem. 73. 如果我是你,我就远离可乐。 If I _______ you, I would _______ ______ ______ cola. Ⅶ. 选词填空。 (10 分) well, exercise, very, fruit, junk ,time , after, help, eat, sleep I’m __74_____ healthy. I ___75____ every day. My ___76____ habits are pretty good. I try to eat a lot of __77_____. I eat vegetables and drink milk every day. I never drink beer. Of course, I love ___78____ food too, and I eat it twice or three ___79___ a week. And I ___80____ nine hours every night. So you see, I look ___81____ my health. My healthy lifestyle ___82____ me get good grades. Good food and exercise help me to study ____83____ . Ⅷ. 书面表达。 (15 分)

寒假将至,同学们就自己寒假生活的安排进行了交流。 请你用英语介绍有关情况 以及自己的寒假计划。 内容应包括以下要点: 1. 有的同学打算外出旅游,放松一下。 2. 有的同学计划在家中多读书,为将来的学习做准备。 3. 有的同学准备参加体育锻炼,保持身体健康。 提示词( take a vacation, relax, get ready for , take exercise, keep healthy) 要求:1.不要逐词翻译,文中不要提及自己的校名或姓名。 2. 词数:60—90 左右。




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