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short writing

第一次 景色 超过 开阔眼界 增长知识

the first time

more than broaden/widen one’s horizon increase/enrich our knowledge not only…but also…


It takes sb…to do sth./sb spend…on sth/in doing sth.
How beautiful flowers(they are)!

多么漂亮的花 城

It is the first time that I have visited theGreat 那是我第一次参观长Wall. It is the first/second time that+have/has done was…………………………+had done

My first travel
? That was the first time that I had visited Mountain Tai./ That was my first time to visit Mountain Tai. ? It took my parents and I more than six hours to reach there by train./my parents and I spent more than six hours getting there by train. ? How beautiful the scenery was there!/what beautiful scenery (it was)!

When I travelled there, I not only broadened my horizon but also enriched my knowledge./ not only did I broaden my horizon but also enriched my knowledge when I travelled there

●布局谋篇: 全文按总——分——总结构安排。

Last summer vacation, I graduated from my junior school. I wanted to make myself relaxed and refresh my spirit after three years’ hard work. As a result. I made up my mind to visit Mountain Tai. That was the first time that I had visited Mountain Tai. It took my parents and I more than six hours to reach there by train. The weather was so sunny that we all felt very comfortable. Accompanied by their parents, some children were flying kites while some kids were playing games happily. Mountain Tai is very big, which is covered by various trees and grasses. The air was very fresh. How beautiful the scenery was there! We took a lot of photographs. When we were hungry, we ate delicious food.

I found the journey very interesting though I was very exhausted. When I travelled there, I not only broadened my horizon but also enriched my knowledge.


Grammar I
The -ed form used as attributives -ed分词既可以作前置定语, 也可以作后
置定语。 1. 单个的过去分词作定语 1) 作前置定语: 这时过去分词的形容词


a. 及物动词的过去分词具有被动和完成 意义。 如: a broken cup 一个破杯子 a wounded soldier一名伤员 b. 不及物动词的具有主动和完成意义。 a grown woman一位成年妇女

an escaped prisoner一名逃犯

2. 过去分词短语作定语通常后置,其作 用相当于定语从句。如: the color TV set produced last year =the color TV set that were produced last year 去年生产的彩色电视机 a letter written to me by my daughter =a letter that was written to me by my daughter 一封我女儿写给我的信

3. 要注意过去分词做定语时动作发生的 时间: 1) 发生在谓语动词的动作之前。如: Is this the book written (that was written) by Henry James? 这是亨利· 詹姆斯写的书吗?

2) 表示与句中谓语动词相应的经常性的动
作。如: He was then a professor respected (that was respected) by all the teachers and students of the college. 当时他是一个受这所大学里全体师生尊 敬的教授。

1.Most of the artists invited were from South Africa. (who were invited) 2.The Olympic games, first played (which was first played)in 776B.C.,didn’t include women players until 1912. 3.The first book written (that was written) for English as a foreigh language came out in the 16th century. 4. A letter posted (that was posted) today will reach her the day after tomorrow.

1. Don’t use words, expressions or phrases ____ only to people with specific knowledge. A. being known B. having been known

C. to be known
D. known

2. Reading is an experience quite
different from watching TV; there are pictures ____ in your mind instead of before your eyes. A. to form C. formed B. form D. having formed

3. there was an ____ look on his face when the actress appeared. A. excited B. excitement C. exciting D. excitedly 4. It’s wrong for the ___ countries to control the world. A. development B. developing C. developed D. develop

5. I have collected the money ____. A. needing C. to need long. A. being built C. built B. to be built D. building B. need D. needed

6. The bridge ___ next year will be very

8. From his ____ voice, I have to say that you are really_____. A. disappointed; disappointed B. disappointing; disappointing C. disappointed; disappointing D. disappointing; disappointed

9. This is the problem___ at the meeting yesterday. A. being discussed; B. having discussed C. to be discussed D. discussed 10. The ___ look on his face suggested that he had not expected so. A. surprised B. surprising C. excited D. exciting

用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. Prices of daily goods bought ______ (buy) by computer can be lower than store prices. 2. Have you read the novel written ______ (write) by Dickens? 3. The girl let out a frightened ___________________ / frightening (frighten) cry at the sight of the snake.

4. The ___ lost (lose) boy was last seen playing near the East Lake. 5. A little child _______ learning(learn) to walk often falls. 6. The song, ________ recorded (record) in the studio, sounded wonderful. 7. The concert given _____ (give) by the twins was a great success.

8. The government decided to rebuild the damaged ________ (damage) bridge. 9. What’s the language ______ spoken (speak) in Germany? 10. The computer center ______ opened (open) last year is very popular among the

students in this school.



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