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Module5 Unit 1 1. 看起来一些自然灾害应归咎于全球变暖。(seem; be to blame for ) It seems that global warming could be to blame for the natural disasters. 2. 中国著名运动员刘翔的伤痛的确严重

,以至他可能会出国治疗。(…so severe that…) The injury to China's famous athlete Liu Xiang is so severe that he may go abroad for medical treatment. 3. 专家提出的计划得到了政府的认可。(put forward;) The project put forward by experts has been accepted by the government. 4. 只有集中精力在学习上,你才能获得进步。(only if…; be absorbed in) Only if you are absorbed in your study can you make progress. 5. 每次试着去办公室找他,我总是被告知他在开会。 (every time) Every time I try to visit him in his office, I’m told he is having a meeting。 6. 他一脸焦虑地宣布经济危机将会造成许多失业。 (with…; announce with; lead to) With a worried look on his face, he announced that the economic crisis would lead to the loss of many jobs. 7. 他每天晚上帮助同学复习了一个月,防止了他不能通过考试。(prevent…from…) He was able to prevent his classmate from failing the exam by helping him to study every night for one month. 8. 别在太阳下晒得太久,否则你会被晒伤。(expose… to) Don’t expose yourself to the sun for too long or you will get sunburned. 9. 除了作为一种有趣而且有益的运动外,游泳还是一项很有用的技能。(apart from;) Apart from being fun and good exercise, swimming is also a very useful skill. 10. 他知道在收集、分析这些事实之前,他们不可能得出一个的结论。 (not…until…;draw a conclusion) He knew they would not draw a conclusion until the all facts had been gathered and analyzed. Module5 Unit 2 1. 我的早餐包括巧克力饼干和牛奶。(consist of) My breakfast consists of chocolate-covered biscuits and milk. 2. 北京奥运会盛大的开幕式吸引了全球亿万观众的注意力。(attract) The magnificent opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games attracted the attention of millions of people all over the world. 3. 值得称赞的是,史密斯先生不乐意卷入。(to one’s credit) To his credit, Mr. Smith was unwilling to get involved. 4. 为了图方便, 我把参考书放在书桌前。 (for convenience) I keep my reference books near my desk for convenience. 5. 他安排了会议,但最后非常失望的是会议几乎没有任何收获。(arrange; achieve) He had arranged the meeting and was very disappointed when, in the end, it achieved almost nothing. 6. 他以证明别人有错为乐。(take great delight) He takes great delight in proving others wrong. 7. 在工作的重压下他的身体垮掉了。(break down; under…) His health broke down under the pressure of work. 8. 南奥塞梯(South Ossetia)在八月二十六日脱离格鲁吉亚(Georgia)并宣布独立的消息,使我们很震惊。 (break away; declare) We were shocked at the news that South Ossetia broke away from Georgia and declared independence on August 26. 9. 她在试卷上漏写了名字。 She left out her name on the test paper.

10. 我希望我刚才所讲的能澄清情况。(I hope what…; clarify) I hope what I just told you can clarify the situation. Module5 Unit 3 1. 我正在考虑将国际象棋作为我的新爱好,因为它可以训练一个人的思维。 (take up) I am thinking of taking up chess as my new hobby as it helps to train your mind. 2. 她出生于北京的一个工人家庭,5 岁就开始打乒乓球。 (过去分词作状语) Born into a worker’s family in Beijing, she began to play table tennis at the age of five. 3. 在一天辛苦工作之后,Mrs. Jones 感到筋疲力尽,她上楼时好像一名迟暮的老人。 (so … that …; as if) After a day’s hard work, Mrs. Jones was so exhausted that she climbed the stairs as if she were an old woman. 4. 在股票市场亏损了所有的资产之后,他过了好多年才在资金方面恢复过来。 (before…;be back on one’s feet) After losing all his money in the stock market, it was many years before the man could get back on his feet financially. 5. 世上的一切事情都在不断地发生着变化。 Everything in the world is constantly changing. 6. 我们应该乐观向上,永远对生活保持一种积极的态度。(be optimistic) We should be optimistic and always keep a positive attitude towards life. 7.你不应该将这次比赛的失利归咎于他;那不是他的错。(blame… for…) You shouldn’t blame him for the failure of the competition. It isn’t his fault. 8. 多亏专家及时赶到,他们的难题随即便就得到了解决。 (in no time) Thanks to the quick arrival of the expert, their problem was solved in no time. 9. 我们不能忽视这样一个事实:那就是报纸需对所服务的社区负责。 (lose sight of the fact that…) We must not lose sight of the fact that each newspaper needs to be responsible for the community that it serves. 10.在未来,我们希望我们能够建立一个环保地回收垃圾的系统。 (where 引导的定语从句) In the future, we hope we can develop a system where waste can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Module5 Unit 4 1. 只有当你经历了很多磨难后, 你才知道幸福的可贵。(only if) Only if you experience much hardship can you value happiness. 2. 如果你专注于英语学习,你会有效地掌握这门语言。(concentrate ... on) If you concentrate your energies on the study of English, you’ll acquire the language effectively. 3. 在得知自己上呈给教育部门的信被发表在报纸上这一消息时,这个家庭主妇很高兴。(be delighted at) The housewife was delighted at the news that the letter she submitted to the education department was published in the newspaper. 4. 我们的成败取决于每个人是否努力工作。(depend on) Our success depends on whether everyone works hard or not. 5. 我不仅对摄影感兴趣,而且在大学里我还专修过摄影课来提高我的技术。(not only…but…) Not only am I interested in photography, but I took a course at university to improve my skills. 6. 老实说,为了如期完成这项任务,我两天两夜都没睡觉。(so as to,before the deadline) To tell you the truth, I stayed up for 2 days and nights so as to finish the task before the deadline. 7. 他被指控杀人, 确认后被宣判死罪。(be accused of,convince) He was accused of murder, convinced and sentenced to death. 8. 这个记者被派去报道一个受贿官员的有关新闻。(cover) The journalist was sent to cover the news about an official who took bribes. 9. 使她的父母感到开心的是,她在班上总是遥遥领先。(ahead of) She is always well ahead of the rest of the class, which makes her parents very happy. 10. 我同意你去挣一些钱,可是请不要涉及犯罪。(approve of ,be involved in) I approve of your trying to earn some money, but please don't get involved in crime.

Module 5 U5 1. 在某人受伤时,懂得急救知识能发挥重要的作用。(It is…that; a knowledge of; make a difference) It is a knowledge of first aid that can make a real difference when someone is hurt. 2. 虽然这里有许多书, 但我找不到我想要的那本。(put one’s hands on; a number of) Although there are a large number of books here, I can’t put my hands on the one I wanted. 3. 晚会上的一切都已经摆放好了,我们终于可以放松休息一下了。(in place) Everything is in place for the party, so we can finally relax and have a rest. 4. 毫无疑问, 在反复练习后,他会做得更好。(There is no doubt that…; over and over again) There is no doubt that he will do a better job after practicing it over and over again. 5. 为了阻止火灾蔓延, 你应当中断电源。 (cut off; prevent from) You should cut off the electricity supply to prevent the fire from spreading. 6. 好好休息一两天, 有必要的时候就吃这个药。 (a day or two; when necessary 省略句式) Have a good rest for a day or two and take this pill when necessary. 7. 学校饭堂为我们提供各种各样的菜式。 (a variety of) The school canteen provides a variety of food for us. 8. 除非你用一块不会粘着皮肤的干净绷带, 否则你的伤口会受感染。(get +p.p. ; unless; stick to) Your wound may get infected unless you use a clean bandage that will not stick to the skin. 9. 他很感激我为他做的一切并把我当最好的朋友对待。(be grateful to; treat) He was very grateful to me for what I had done for him and treated me as his best friend. 10. 校长为他颁发了优秀学生奖。 The headmaster presented him with the award as an excellent student.




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