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2014 届高考新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(一) 1) —Is this course rather difficult? —Yes. That’s why I ____ it. A.left B. missed C. abandoned D. abolish 2) The apartment caught fire last night. Fortunately, most of the people there _______ escape. A. could B. tried to C. had meant to D. were able to 3) Slavery was _________ in the U.S. in the 19th century, and slaves were given equal rights. A. absorbed B. abused C. abolished D. adopted 4) I’d like to buy a house---- modern, comfortable, and ______ in a quiet neighborhood. A. in a11 B. above all C. after all D. at all 5) It has been revealed that some government leaders ____ their authority and position to get illegal profits for themselves. A.employ B.absorb C.abuse D.overlook 6) The leader is losing ground as the rest of the runners __________. A. accelerate B. promote C. help D. advance 7) It is said that in Africa over a third of the population were believed to have no ______ to the health care and advanced education. A. control B. access C. opportunity D. accent 8) Because of the snow, many parts of the countryside are only ______ by helicopter. A. available B. appropriate C. accessible D. achievable 9) The best method to _____ this goal is to unite as many people as possible. A.undertake B.accompany C. perform D. accomplish 10) They ________ a certain amount of working experience through volunteer work. A. attempted B. accumulated C. abandoned D. accomplished 11) It is through learning that the individual _____ many habitual ways of reacting to situations. A. instructs B. accumulates C. achieves D. acquires 12) Simon calculates as quickly as Debbie, but not as ________ . A. accurately B. abruptly C. properly D. clearly 13)The man who was _______stealing the car said that he was innocent. A. charged of B. charged for C. accused of D. accused with 14) The best way to ______ this goal is to introduce new advanced technology. A. access B. perform C. achieve D. complete 15) We went to Canada to travel and my cousin ______ as our guide. A. acted B. showed C. played D. adopt 16) We all know that _______ speak louder than words. A. movements B. performances C. affection D. actions 17) ---Miss Wendy is good at a lot of things ______ you can't say she is perfect. ---I agree with you. _____ no one is. A. or; Simply B. and; Only C. but; Actually D. so; Otherwise 18) Students nowadays should make full use of their time to equip themselves with knowledge so that they can easily ______ the competitive society in the future. A. suit to B. keep to C. adopt to D. adapt to 19) The guests, present at the party, each wore a flower, which_______ their beauty. A. added to B. added up C. added up to D. added on 20) What makes us worried is that the number of the people _________ drugs is increasing. A. addicted to B. addicted for C. addicted at D. addicted on 21) I hope I will not be called on in class as I’m not yet ______ prepared. A. attentively B. adequately C. actively D. readily 22) Children under six are not ________ to school except those of extraordinary intelligence. A. permitted B. accepted C. admitted D. received


23) John is the only one of the students in the class that never______ a mistake even when it is pointed to him. A. admit making B. admits making C. admit to make D. admits to make 24) Can a school _________ a policy prohibiting the use of mobile phones on campus? A. make B. pass C. adapt D. adopt 25) If you are to treat your friends to dinner in a good restaurant at the weekend, you’d better book a table ___________. A. ahead B. before C. ahead of D. in advance 26) Being able to speak another language fluently is a great ____ when you are looking for a job. A. assistance B. chance C. advantage D. importance 27) The use of water is becoming tense in north China and the government _____ that we should save water in our daily life. A.advocates B.distributes C.adores D.declines 28) In doing the work, we can’t _______ the waste of a single minute. A. afford B. affect C. manage D. take 29) People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her, ______, she is a great musician. A. As a result B. After all C. In other words D. As usual 30)--- Little Smith doesn't _______ his age. ---Exactly. He looks tall _______ his age. A. seem; in B. look; for C. appear; in D. like; at 31) The discussion came _______ when an interesting topic was brought in. A. alike B. live C. active D. alive 32)The school authority has taken _______ measures to prevent students from cheating. A. lot of B. much C. ample D. a lot 33) With the opening of China, more and more English programs are broadcast ______. A. in the air B. by air C. in the open air D. on the air 34) The fire alarm last night alarmed the inhabitants with a (n) ______ sound. A. alarming B. frightened C. afraid D. alarmed 35) Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not ______ her to do so. A. forbid B. allow C. follow D. ask 36) It will take you half an hour to get to the station, _____ traffic delays. A. including B. allowing for C. allowing D. included 37) When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ____ towards his expense. A.allowance B. salary C.alley D.money 38) If you set up your goal and start your preparations as early as possible, you will achieve your ________ to become one of the most famous scientists in the future. A. intention B. ambition C. amusement D. desire 39) I was paid last week, but I can't remember the exact ________ of money. A. number B. quality C. amount D. altitude 40) Having heard of the air accident, she ______ a plane again. A. was afraid of taking B. was afraid to take C. dared take D. had not courage to take 41)The high building stands out _______ the sky. A. in B. under C. against D. above 42) Jerry takes exercise every morning, _______ a weight loss of ten pounds. A. adjusting to B. relying on C. setting foot in D. aiming at 43) One of the qualities that most people _____ in others is the willingness to _____ one’s mistakes. A. admire; admit B. apologize; acknowledge C. hate; admit D. against; make 44) --- Look! You have made the same mistake again! --- Oh, not again! I am _______ making such a mistake. A. never B. regularly C. almost D. always


45) These countries will join one another against terrorism, as was _____ at the international conference. A. agreed on B. agreed with C. agreed to D. agreed 46) The girl is badly injured. You’d better _____first aid to her before taking her to hospital. A. make B. do C. take D. afford 47) --- What does Canada export? --- Large amounts of wheat ___________ sent abroad. A. is B. have C. are D. is being 48) Shandong lying ________ Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanxi, and Henan… is ________ the provinces with the largest population in China. A. among; among B. between; among C. between; between D. among; between 49) The student is _____ 18 years old, but what he said is ______ nothing worth listening to. A. nearly; almost B. nearly; nearly C. between; among D. among; between 50) He is bad-tempered, selfish, and ______ an unpleasant man. A. somehow B. altogether C. otherwise D. anyway 2011 届高考新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(二) 1) We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun, so let’s have______ one this month. A. the other B. some C. another D. other 2) The education system rather than the teachers is to ________ the overburden on the students. A. blame for B. care for C. allow for D. answer for 3) My mother always gets a bit _______ if we don't arrive when we say we will. A. anxious B. ashamed C. weak D. patient 4)--- Would you help me sweep the floor? --- _________, I’d rather water the flowers. A. Not particularly B. Anyway but C. Anything but that D. With pleasure 5)I'm certain David's told you his business troubles. ______, it's no secret that he owes a lot of money to the bank. A. Anywhere B. Anyway C. Therefore D. Though 6) Lily hoped she would pass her driving test at the first _______. A. aspect B. attack C. effort D. attempt 7) He is easy to get along with. _______ that, he is a determined boy. A . Apart from B. Beside C. Except D. In addition 8) Recently more and more farmers have _______ the government rather than nature for help. A. lived up to B. centered on C. attended to D. appealed to 9) The environmentalists said wild goats’ _______ on the vast grassland was a good indication of the better environment. A.escape B.absence C.attendance D.appearance 10) The young man had no ____ for hard work. A.appetite B.taste C.joy D.enjoyment 11) Now a lot of new technology developed by scientists will be ______ improving the quality of rice and wheat. A. used to B. applied to C. suited to D. accustomed to 12) But for her mother's sudden illness, she would never think of breaking this _____ with you. A. appointment B. schedule C. arrangement D. interview 13) Chinese arts have won the ______ of a lot of people outside China. A.enjoyment B. appreciation C. entertainment D.application 14) At the meeting they discussed three different ______to the study of mathematics. A. methods B. apartment C. approaches D. ways 15) It displeases my parents when Richard and I stay out late at night. My parents don't _____ of Richard and me staying out late at night. A. approach B. allow C. appeal D. approve


16) A completely new situation will ______ when the examination system comes into existence. A. arise B. rise C. raise D. approve 17) The more I think about him, the more reasons I find for loving him ____ I did. A. as much as B. as long as C. as soon as D. as far as 18) --- I'm green at everything. --- Don't worry. _________ you get older, you will get more experience. A. As B. Till C. If D. While 19) You should be ______ of your ______ conduct. A. shameful; ashamed B. ashamed; shameful C.shame; shameful D. ashamed; shame 20) Before building a house, you will have to ______ the government’s permission. A. get from B. assess C. receive D. ask for 21) Examinations are not the only means of ________ someone’s ability. A. assisting B. praising C. valuing D. assessing 22) When foreigners think of China, they always _______ it with the Great Wall. A. advertise B. associate C. attach D. combine 23) Rose was wild with joy ________ the result of the examination. A. to B. at C. by D. as 24) ---Look, what is he doing there?---As far as I know, he is reading a note ______ the present from his aunt with passion. A. attaching with B. attaching on C. attached to D. attached for 25) A man is being questioned in relation to the _______ murder last night. A. advised B. attended C. attempted D. admitted 26) In order to change attitudes _______ employing women, the government is bringing in new laws. A. about B. of C. towards D. on 27) The company is starting a new advertising campaign to ________ new customers to its stores. A. attend B. attract C. stick D. transfer 28) The increase of the number of the students makes the limited computers not ______to each student. A. available B. affordable C. helpful D. acceptable 29) It's not easy for a student of ________ intelligence to meet the requirements of a world leading university. A. regular B. natural C. available D. average 30) There was a large box behind the door and Peter couldn't _______ falling over it in the darkness. A. awake B. resist C. avoid D. prevent 31) Can you do the job alone, or do you want someone to _______ you? A. affect B. assist C. apply D. arrange 2011 届高考新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(三) 1) It is wrong to judge people according to their family _________. A. basis B. blocks C. behavior D. background 2) Joe's friends all have a new bicycle, and he _____ wants one, too. A. badly B. very C. quite D. barely 3) Riding a bike helps develop a child’s sense of _________. A. being B. blank C. balance D. behavior 4) Why not put your cigarettes away, John? There is a ____ on smoking, you know. A. permit B. ban C. limit D. basis 5) In order to save one or two pence, he is always ______ shoppers. A. bargaining with B.dealing with C. talking with D.basing on 6) Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still ________. A. blank B. hollow C. vacant D. bare 7) My mind/memory was a complete ________ I couldn't think of a single answer.


A. blank B. hollow C. vacant D. bare 8) The company has branches all over the world, but their ______ is in London. A. basis B. bottom C. base D. basic 9) There is no ______for their belief that the sun is the center of the universe. A. ban B. reason C. basis D. back 10) The radio stops working because the battery is _______. A. slow B. flat C. below D. behind 11) We will never forget the great _______we fought against SARS in 2003. A. battle B. war C. fight D. struggle 12) --- Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this afternoon. --- Don't you think the ice on the lake is too thin to ________ your weight? A. stand B. bear C. catch D. become 13) Your football team _______ ours on Sunday, but we ______ the game yesterday afternoon. A. beat; beat B. beat; won C. won; won D. won ;beat 14) --What _____ the boy who fell off the bike? --Nothing serious. The doctor says in a day or two, he can come back to school. A. has become of B. has happened with C. has occurred D. has become with 15) It's bad _______ for a man to smoke in the public places where smoking is not allowed. A. behavior B. action C. manner D. belief 16) --- Are you going to have a holiday this year? --- I’d love to. I can’t wait to leave this place _______. A. off B. out C. behind D. back 17) I don't _______ the bird can write but I do ______ my eyes -- I saw it with my own eyes. A. trust; believe in B. believe; believe in C. believe in; believe D. believe; trust 18) I almost fell over the chair; put it back where it _______. A. belongs B. fits C. bears D. stands 19) A large sum of money has been raised for the _____ of the poorly-educated children in the mountainous areas. A. profit B. beneficial C. benefit D. advantage 20) The hurricane damaged many houses and business buildings; _______, it caused 20 deaths. A. or else B. behind C. after all D. besides 21) ---It’s a top secret. ---Yes, I see. I will keep the secret _____ you and me. A. behind B. around C. among D. between 22) This new model of car is so expensive that it is _______ the reach of those with average income. A. over B. within C. beyond D. below 23) My parents were _____ happy about my choice. They thought I should major in medicine. A. not a bit B. a bit C. not a little D. a little 24) I feel it is your husband who _______ for the spoiled child. A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame 25) The river marks the _____ between Mexico and the USA. A. boundary B. bound C. border D. edge 26) Well, our English teacher is really _________. You see, he has usually not been on with his lesson for fifteen minutes when half of the students are so _______ that they fell asleep. A. boring; bored B. bored; bored C. bored; boring D. boring; boring 27) The head office of the bank is in Beijing, but it has ______ all over the country. A.companies B. branches C. organization D.businesses 28) Could you ______ this 20-dollar bill so I can make a phone call? A. divide B. tear C. break D. cut 29) The computer system_____suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in


30) Now that there are only five minutes to have a break, I'll make a summary of this lesson in ______. A. general B. brilliant C. lack D. brief 31) Difficulties and hardships have ________ the best character of the young geologist. A. brought in B. brought up C. brought out D. brought about 32) The room is three meters long and two meters _____. A. width B. board C. broad D. abroad 33) The government has devoted a large slice of its national ______ to argriculture. A. budget B. arrangement C. bonus D. economy 34) It takes a long time to ___ a good fame, but it is quickly lost just because of one piece of bad behaviour. A. put up B. set up C. build up D. bring up 35) Both_______ and_____laughter do harm to your health. A. burst into tears; burst into B. to burst into tear; to burst into C. bursting into tears; bursting into D. tear; / 36) _______ the warning message, more deaths would have been caused in the village in the earthquake. A. But that B. Instead of C. But for D. Except for 37) Energy is usually measured ________, and goods are sold ________. A. by calories; by the weight B. by the calorie; by weight C. with calories; on weight D. in calories; by weight 38) Not that John doesn't want to help you, _______ it's beyond his power. A. for that B. but that C. and that D. in 39) Mrs. Lee’ll move into her new house next Monday, ______it is completely finished. A. by which time B. by the time C.by this time D. by some time 40) Books are _______ the most lasting products of human effort. A. by means of B. by far C. as far as D. so far as 41) I wish you’d do ________ talking and some more work. Thus things will become better. A. a bit less B. any less C. much more D. a little more 42) Excuse me for breaking in, ___ I have some news for you. A. besides B. and C. but D. yet 43) The students are kept busy _________ for the coming exams in June. A. prepared B. preparing C. to prepare D. being prepared 2011 届高考(新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(四) 1) Most of ______ geniuses are successful only because they have made extraordinary efforts. A. what do we call B. what we call C. we call it D. we call what 2) It’s the present situation in poor areas that _____ much higher spending on education and training. A. answers for B. provides for C. calls for D. comes for 3) She has the ability to keep _______ in an emergency. A. quiet B. calm C. still D. silent 4) ---Are you satisfied with her work, sir? ---Not at all. It couldn't be any _______. A. better B. best C. worse D. worst 5) At the meeting, the master suggested the teachers receive further education to _______the latest development. A. keep in touch with B. get in touch with C. call in D. catch up with 6) Catherine was determined, hard-working and intelligent; ______, I couldn't speak ___ highly of her. A. as a result; very B. in a word; too C. after all; much D. anyhow; so 7) After the earthquake, the injured were cared ________ in the hospitals or taken by air to the hospitals in the neighboring cities. A. of B. for C. after D. with


8) I think it's high time you made up your mind to choose a(n) ________. A. ambition B. carrier C. employment D. career 9) ---It's a good idea. But who's going to _______ the plan? --I think Tom and Greg will. A. set aside B. carry out C. carry away D. get through 10) --- It's cloudy outside. Please take an umbrella. --- __________. A. OK, just in case B. Well, it just depends C. Yes, take it easy D. All fight, just in case of 11) I don’t think he is a good writer; he specially writes books to _____ to low tastes. A.stick B.catch C. refer D.cater 12) _______ are kept on the farm for their meat or milk. A. 200 head cattle B. 200 head of cattle C. 200 head cattles D. 200 heads of cattle 13) According to the recent research, heavy coffee drinking and heart attack are not necessarily____ and effect. A.reason B.caution C.fact D.cause 14) Jack has been admitted to Harvard University. His family will have a _______ tonight. A. anniversary B. celebration C. ceremony D. congratuation 15) Tian’anmen Square is situated in the ________ of Beijing city. A. center B. central C. head D. middle 16) Wait till you are more ________ . It's better to be sure than sorry. A. inspired B. satisfied C. calm D. certain 17) He never tidies up his desk, so it is a ______ of books and newspapers. A. confusion B. disorder C. chaos D. desk 18) The new research team ______ charge of a _____ engineer will carry out the plan. A. in; main B. take ; major C. in the ; chief D. with the ; primary 19) Jim is one of the most popular ________ in my company. A. classmates B. coaches C. citizens D. colleagues 20) The job is ___ to me because I’ve little experience . However, it is also ____. A. challenging ; rewarding B. challenged; rewarded C. challenging; rewarded D. challenged; rewarding 21) If you live in the country or have ever visited there, ______ are that you have heard birds singing to welcome the new day. A. situations B. challenges C. chances D. possibilities 22) Through which ______ did you get the information? A. canal B. channel C. place D. way 23) The twins look alike but they are different in _________. A. characteristic B. appearance C. character D. nature 24) The weather here is too _______ and it can rain at any moment. Why not bring an umbrella? A. changeable B. sunny C. cloudy D. rainy 25) ---Your neighbors may _____you with playing your radio too loudly at night. --- I know. They never say anything that ______ me especially. A. accuse, appeals to B. charge, appeal to C. charge, appeals to D. blame, appeals to 26) Schools ban students from bringing mobile phones, which are used to _______ in exams. A. click B. clarify C. charge D. cheat 27) --- Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it?' --- Oh, really ! I haven' t _______my mailbox yet. A. examined B. charged C. tested D. checked 28) --- Hello, Will you please put me through with Room 302? --- Hold on please .... Oh, the guest in Room 302 _______ two hours ago. A. checked in B. checked out C. checked up D. checked away 29) ---I’m thinking of the test tomorrow. I’m afraid I can’t pass this time. --! I’m sure you’ll make it.


A. Go ahead B. Good luck C. Cheers D. Cheer up 30) President Bush admitted that no proof had been found that Iraq had _____ weapons. A. chemical B. chemicals C. chemist D. chemistry 31) Oh my gosh! The rice cake almost _______ me. A.blocked B.choked C.checked D. chatted 32) If I had been______ to be the group leader, I would have done much better than him. A. chosen B. checked C. charged D. picked 33) We always travel _________. The seats are more comfortable and the food is better. A. business class B. first class C. tourist class D. economic class 34) I'm afraid you have no ________ but to come along with us. A. decision B. interest C. choice D. selection 35) The current political _________ of our country is favorable for foreign investments. A. claim B. colleague C. climate D. collision 36) This dictionary is very useful. It has ______ many problems about words and idioms for me. A. looked up B. kept up C. cleared off D. cleared up 37) It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ______ to her mother. A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing 38) Food and ________ are very important to us all. A. clothes B. cloth C. clothing D. dress 39) It can’t be a(n) _______that four jewelry stores were robbed in one night. A . coincidence B. accident C. incident D. chance 40) The teacher told the boy to _____ all the waste paper lying about after the picnic and burn it. A. collect B. ask C. commit D. confirm 2011 届高考:新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(五) 1) It's already 10 o'clock I wonder how it _______ that she was two hours late on such a short trip. A. came over B. came out C: came about D. came up 2) The better __________ you have of words, the better chance you have of saying exactly what you mean. A. demand B. comment C. command D. performance 3) The teacher usually writes his _________ on the margin of the composition. A. comments B. words C. review D. command 4) It is surprising that such an innocent-looking man should have ________ such a crime. A. confirmed B. clarified C. committed D. conveyed 5) Letterboxes are much more _______ in the UK than in the US, where most people have a mailbox instead. A. common B. normal C. ordinary D. usual 6) _______ other nurses, Alice is careful and patient. A. Looking like B. Comparing with C. In common with D. As to 7) When you want to introduce yourself to an American, you can just try a _______ greeting, such as “Hello, my name is…” A. commonly used B. used commonly C. commonly using D. using commonly 8) It is said that dogs will keep you ______ for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely. A. safety B. company C. comfortable D. friend 9) __________ with other children, the father thinks, Jack is a most satisfying son. A. Commenting B. Complaining C. Compared D. Committed 10) Every four years athletes from all over the world _______for medals in the Olympic Games. A. fight B. struggle C. complete D. compete 11) Meg realized she'd been a ________ fool; she was always doing foolish things. A. complete B. commercial C. content D. constant


12) The rapid development of science and technology make the ______ among people more and more convenient. A. competition B. communication C. companion D. comprehension 13) Math is a _______ subject for both arts and science students. A. compulsory B. must C. concrete D. obliged 14)Due to the loud noises from the neighborhood, he could not ______ his mind on his books. A.collect B. gather C. concentrate D. fix 15) From his appearance we may safely ________ that he is a heavy smoker. A. show B. promise C. confirm D. conclude 16) In dealing with public relations, we should make every effort to prevent the _____ in personality. A.contact B.contrast C.connection D.conflict 17) I am _______ by what you said just now. Can you explain it a little bit? A. corrected B. surprised C.mistaken D. confused 18) _______ that the young fellow has only been learning how to drive for three months, his driving skill is fairly good. A. Regarding B. Considering C. Regarded D. Considered 19) Children must learn just a few basic roles---being safe, being ______ to others and being responsible to themselves. A. considered B. considerable C. considerate D. considering 20) It's a simple dish to prepare, consisting mainly _____ rice and vegetables. A. of B. in C. for D. on 21) The story book ______ fifty stories, ______ “Snow White”. A. contains; includes B. contains; including C. includes; including D. is containing; including 22) Tomorrow we'll go on a journey. I hope the weather, as it is today, will ______ fine. A. promise B. turn out C. continue D. come out 23) --- Are you really through with your work assigned the day before yesterday? ---_________, I've only just begun. A. On the contrary B. On the other hand C. You are wrong D. Never mind 24) Eating too much fat can ______ heart diseases, _______ high blood pressure. A. attend to; to cause B. devote to; having caused C. contribute to; causing D. dedicate to; cause 25) The ________ of the Egyptian Pyramids is considered as a miracle (奇迹). A. construction B. constitution C. instruction D. contribution 26) I was just talking to Margot when Jackson _____ . A. cut in B. cut down C. cut out D. cut up 27) Our new house is very _______ for me as I can get to the office in five minutes. A. available B. suitable C. convenient D. comfortable 28) Let’s hold a cocktail party and have a good _______ tonight. A. communication B. conference C. conservation D. conversation 29) Wang Zhizhi's return has ________basketball fans of a far better result in the coming title contest. A. convinced B. expected C. accused D. believed 30) Short sight can be ______ by the use of suitable glasses. A. improved B. fixed C. reduced D. corrected 31) Tom and I seldom get together, but we ______ with each other frequently. A. write B. correspond C. respond D. count 32) The driver managed not to hit the child who ran in front of his car, but only _____ injuring himself. A. in hopes of B. as a consequence of C. at the mercy of D. at the cost of 33) Dress well for a job interview because first impressions really do _______. A. count B. correspond C. convince D. important


34) I have a dream that we will one day live in a _______ where we'll have a lot of trees and fresh air. A. counter B. country C. nation D. space 35) The manager needs an assistant that he can _______ to take care of problems in his absence. A. count up B. count it C. count on D. count out 36) His book on European history __________ the period from 1914 to 2001. A. covers B. about C. crosses D. deals 37) People have always been curious how living things on the earth exactly began. A. in B. at C. of D. about 38) Christians believe that man is the ______ of God. A. creation B. creature C. product D. producer 39) If you don’t have enough money right now, you can buy the computer _______. A. in crash B. on credit C. by check D. without paying 40) Whoever commits a _______ should be punished by law. A. crime B. error C. mistake D. suicide 41) A traffic accident happened at a _________ a few meters away from a bank. A. crossroad B. cross C. courtyard D. crossroads 42) Today, cancer is still one of the diseases that cannot be _______. A. cover B. healed C. cured D. treated 43) When you go abroad for further study, you should learn to adapt to the ______ of the destination country. A. customs B. habits C. practice D. customers 44) The editor ________ the article to make it fit the space available in a magazine. A. turns down B. cuts down C. cut up D. runs down 2011 届高考新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(六) 1) He knocked over a bottle of ink and _________ the table cloth. A. damaged B. harmed C. ruined D. destroyed 2) You can ask for replacement or repairs, or even ______ when they have caused special losses. A. damages B. damage C. damaged D. damaging 3) He rescued a child at the ______ of his own life and then left without being noticed. A. danger B. risk C. cost D. expense 4) Only a few journalists _______ the story, which was about the president. A. dared covered B. dare covered C. dare to cover D. dared to cover 5) ---Do you know when the Chinese custom ______ from? ---It's hard to say. But its characteristics _______ the Tang Dynasty. A. began; prove B. started; show C. is; appear D. dates; suggest 6) He was lying in the hospital __________, with his ribs broken. A. half dead B. deadly C. death D. died 7) In ten years of time, the population of China will begin to _______. So there will be fewer and fewer students in schools. A. faint B. reduce C. fall D. decline 8) The old lady ______ smilingly to be helped up the stairs. A. rejected B. declined C. refused D. denied 9) They dived ______ into the forest and felt ______ frightened. A. deeply; deep B. deeply; deeply C. deep; deep D. deep; deeply 10) Doctors have said that as many as 50 percent of patients don’t take medicine as ________. A. described B. determined C. directed D. depended 11) John was late for the business meeting because his flight had been ________ by a heavy storm. A. defended B. stopped C. slowed D. delayed 12) The mother _______ other things to the task of looking after her sick child. A. delays B. puts off C. spends D. forgets 13) Some laid-off workers _______ took up the well-paid work to wait on patients in hospitals.


A. delightedly B. challengingly C. disappointedly D. rewarding 14) --- How long are you staying? --- I don't know. ________. A. That's OK B. Never mind C. It depends D. It doesn't matter 15) After all harms she has done, she ___________ whatever she gets. A. delivers B. declares C. deserves D. determines 16) Tenants (房客) must ______ 200 pounds______ the landlord, in case of damage. A. deposit; for B.deposit; with C. deposit; to D. deposit; on 17) ---Why is John always working so hard? --He ________ a high income to support his big family. A. hopes B. wishes C. deserves D. desires 18) Scholarships __________ to aid students who can not pay the full tuition ( 学费) A. are designed B. design C. are designing D. designs 19) Her performance was perfect and, _______ the fact that there were other 20 participants, the first prize still belonged to her. A. delightedly B. while C. despite D. though 20) At this rate, the forest will be completely ________ within the next 30 years. A. damaged B. ruined C. spoiled D. destroyed 21) One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to______ healthy eating habits. A. grow B develop C. design D. raise 22) Although the working mother is very busy, she still ______ a lot of time to her children. A. devotes B. spends C. depends D. provides 23) Although the wind has _____, the rain remains steady, so you still need a raincoat. A. turned up B. gone back C. died down D. died up 24) We have tried everything, but it made little _______. A. good B. use C. different D. difference 25) It's the kind of book you can _________; you don't need to read the whole book. A. dip into B. divide into C. put into D. get into 26) We cannot go to Beijing _____, we have to change trains in Shanghai. A. differently B. direct C. as soon as D. immediately 27) Generally speaking, when taken according to the ________, the drug has no side effect. A. description B. directions C. descriptions D. direction 28) My father is a lawyer, and he discouraged me _______ entering the field. A. into B. of C. out of D. from 29) The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a _______ of 60 miles. A. 1ength B. distance C. way D. distinction 30) The two brothers look so much ______ that we can't ______ one from the other. A. alike; distinguish B. familiar; tell C. alike; differ D. familiar; separate 31) You would be unlucky to see sharks, but these are no problem if you don't _______ them. A. disappoint B. disturb C. discourage D. discover 32) ---Will $ 200 ________? ---I'm afraid not. We need at least 50 more dollars. A. count B. satisfy C. fit D. do 33) The house is now worth _______ we paid for it. A. the amount double B. the double amount C. amount double the D. double the amount 34) You can complain, but I doubt ________ it'll make any difference. A. what B. though C. if D. that


35) I bought _______ eggs and _______ daily things at the supermarket yesterday. A. three dozen of these; scores of B. three dozens of; score of C. three dozen these; scores of D. three dozen of; score of 36) Can you ________ the kids while I make breakfast? A. wear B. have on C. dress D. put on 37) Joe Jones, the eighth of the eight children, had to ________ out of high school at the age of 16 to help his father on the farm. A. leave B. drop C. fall D. draw 38) This year the white ducks are no longer lovely in locals' eyes, _____ their fear of bird flu. A. due to B. except for C. in case of D. instead of 39) Most members of the drama club, though shy in real life, are quite ____ once they get on stage. A. delighted B. calm C. competitive D. dynamic 2011 届高考新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(七) 1) At the beginning of the party, ______ of the guests was given a piece of paper. A. everyone B. each C. every D. all 2) People were pushing each other out of the way ________ to get to the front. A. eager B. eagerness C. hope D. hopeless 3) Keep ______ hours is a very good habit and it will keep you healthy. A. easy B. quick C. eager D. early 4) I gave him a warning, ________ he, to my disappointment, turned a deaf ear. A. of which B. at which C. to which D. to it 5) ---Oh, dear! You appear so worried. What ______ has happened to you? ---Well, Mum. It's a long story. A. in the fact B. on the earth C. in fact D. on earth 6) Small cars are ______ of fuel, so they have more appeal for consumers. A. free B. short C. economic D. economical 7) The new law will come into ________ on the day it is passed. A. effect B. use C. effort D. being 8) Showing some sense of humor can be a (n) _____ way to deal with some stressful situation. A. favorable B. efficient C. effective D. favorite 9) The secret of his success is that he does everything _______. A. efficiently B. effectively C. anxiously D. sufficiently 10) The lady dressed in fashionable clothes is _____ in her appearance, but rude in her speech. A. evident B. considerate C. elegant D. innocent 11) The ______on his face told me that he was angry. A. impression B. expectation C. appearance D. expression 12) This dictionary is available in _______ form in this library. A. electric B. electronic C. electrical D. electricity 13) --- I hear they aren't pleased with the house you've chosen for them. --- Well, ________ could they live in such comfort? A. where else B. what else C. how D. why 14) The next morning there was always something in anyone else's stockings. Only mine hung there _______. A. endless B. nothing C. full D. empty 15) The tourist industry should be _______ to supply a variety of jobs. A. enriched B. invented C. produced D. encouraged 16) When the meeting was _____, they all rose and left. A. at the end B. at an end C. at the end of D. at an end of 17) Yesterday, we held a meeting about English study. The meeting ____ failure.


A. ended with B. ended in C. ending with D. ending in 18) The poor driver telephoned the police and ______what had happened. A. told B. talked C. expressed D. explained 19) Drinking too much will _________ drivers’ lives. A. endanger B. threaten C. enable D. harm 20) My grandfather is as ________ as a young man and hates sitting around doing nothing all day. A. enthusiastic B. energetic C. talkative D. sensitive 21) To gain their _____ after an exhausting game, the players 1ay in the grass. A.force B.energy C.power D.excuse 22) _____ in writing letters, he had no time to notice me. A. Engaged B. Enlarged C. Interested D. Surprised 23) Although she did not know Boston well, she made her way________ to the Home Cirele Building. A. easy enough B. enough easy C. easily enough D. enough easily 24) To the child’s quick recovery, five doctors took turns looking after him day and night. A. ensure B. enrich C. promise D. indicate 25) Broadly speaking, I would agree with Shirley, though not _______ . A. widely B. thoroughly C. entirely D. extensively 26) Fitness is important in sport, but of at least importance are skills. A. fair B. equal C. reasonable D. especially 27) Though the weather was _____cold and windy, I came _____ to see you. A.specially; specially B.especially; especially C.especially; specially D.specially; especially 28) Mr. Smith appealed to his friends to _______ his stolen car. A. keep an eye out for B. keep an eye on C. keep an eye on D. keep an eye for 29) Everyone was on time for the meeting, _______ Chris, who's usually ten minutes late for everything. A. especially B. even C. only D. yet 30) Sometimes we just believe what we see ______ the reality may be different. A. now that B. even so C. as long as D. even if 31) Much of the power of the trade unions has been lost , their political influence should be very great. A. As a result B. As usual C. Even so D. Even if 32) In the of rain, the opening ceremony of the book fair will have to be held indoors. A.face B.event C.end D. course 33) On New Year's Eve, New York City holds an outdoor _____________ which attracts a crowd of a million or more people. A. affair C. end B. incident D. event 34) There was so long a queue for drinks at the interval that they _______ gave up. A. unfortunately B. eventually C. generously D. evidently 35) I thought she was famous, but none of my friends have heard of her. A. ever B. even C. just D. never 36) --- Shall we go skating next Saturday? --- Can we make it ______ other day, John? I'll have to finish my term paper next week. A. any B. one C. every D. each 37) --- The exam was easy, wasn't it? --- Yes, but I don't think _________ could pass it. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody 38) The class are going to be _____on everything they have learned this year. A. checked B. examined C. equaled D. graded 39) ---Do you think the Opera House in Sydney makes you think of seashells? --- Of course. Some modern architecture _____ from nature.


A. takes examples B. take example C. give examples D. set an example 40) Mary has done many interesting things . She should write a book about her _____. A. experience B. experiences C. an experience D. some experiences 41) The boy has a handsome face _____ the scar on his forehead. A.except B.except for C.except that D.besides 42) He was so ______ that he could say nothing but hold his sister’s hands firmly. His sister said nothing, either, _______ tears coming into her face. A. exciting; excited B. exciting; exciting C. excited; excited D. excited; exciting 43)To be understood, the foreigner had to _______ himself in body language. A. enjoy B. admire C. attract D. express 44) --- I’m sorry I stepped outside for a smoke. I was very tired. --- There is no _____ for this while you are on duty. A.reason B.excuse C.cause D.explanation 45) The more one is ________ the English-speaking environment, the better he or she will learn the language. A. exposed to B. experienced in C. caught on D. kept up 46) --- Do you think the Stars will beat the Bulls? ---Yes. They have better players, so I ______ them to win. A. hope B. prefer C. expect D. want 47) I really do not know whether we can succeed,so do not expect ______. A. us too much B. us of too much C. too much of us D. of us too much 48) The performance "the 1,000-hand Kwan-yin", an unusual dance, is so moving and perfect that it is almost beyond all the viewers' _______. A. expectation B. wish C. hope D. expression 49) My _____ sister is two years _____ than me and doesn’t look her age. A. older; older B. elder; older C. elder; elder D. older; elder 2011 届高考新课标高中英语词汇系列练习题(八) 1) _____ more and more forests destroyed, some birds are _____ with the danger of dying out. A. Within; facing B. By; facing C. As; faced D.With; faced 2) The winter of 1990 was extremely bad. _______ most people say it was the worst winter of their 1ives. A. As far as B. In fact C. In a word D. As a result 3) The cause of the accident may have been the engine's ________to operate. A. fault B. failure C. inconvenience D. disorder 4) He had many ____; he was obviously ________. A. fall; a drink B. falls ; drink C. feelings; drinks D. falls; drunk 5) After her time in hospital, Jenney’s parents are afraid she has _____ in her lessons. A.fallen behind B.fallen down C.fallen back D.fallen off 6) In some western countries, demand for graduates from MBA courses has _____. A. turned down B. turned over C. fallen down D. fallen over 7) John is very lazy. He falls ______ behind in his studies. A. very B. far C. more D. flat 8) The red dress fits me ______ well, but it’s _____ expensive. A. rather; fairly B. fairly;fairly C. fairly; rather D. raher; rather 9) My whole ______ is going to Europe for the coming vacation. Would you please take care of my ______? A. family; home B. home; house C. home; family D. family; house 10) The ____ is mine. I didn't recognize the ______ necklace.


A. fault; fault B. fault; false C. false; fault D. false; faulty 11) A driver is asked to keep his safety belt ________ while driving on the freeway. A. fixed B. possessing C. fastened D. approving 12) “I don’t think it’s my ____ that the TV blew up. I just turned it on, that’s all,” said the boy. A.error B.mistake C.fault D.false 13) He is such a man who is always ______ fault with other people. A. feeling B. seeking C. finding D. looking for 14) Pop music is loved by lots of people, but it is not to everyone' s _____. A. smell B. favour C. sound D. taste 15) You are really very kind. I’ll never forget the ___ you have done to me. A. favor B. favorite C. help D. good 16) Teachers should not have _____in class, but most of them do. A. favorites B. interest C. characters D. favor 17) He got to the station early, _______ missing his train. A. in fear B. instead of C. for fear of D. for fear that 18) It ________ wonderful to lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. A. feels B. is felt C. is feeling D. is to feel 19) I like _______ beer very much, while I don’t feel like _________ beer tonight. A. drinking; to drink B. drinking; in drinking C. to drinking; drinking D. drinking; drinking 20) Go and ______ the doctor. Don’t forget to ask him to ______ his first-aid kit(急救葙). A. carry; carry B. fetch; bring C. take; fetch D. fetch; fetch 21) Because of _______ competition, prices of food are likely to drop. A. federal B. fierce C. friendly D. fundamental 22) --- That's me when I got married. See what I look like now! --- Why not take up exercise to improve your ________. A. appearance B. form C. shadow D. figure 23) In 2005, tsunami struck Southeast Asia, and it is quite difficult _________ the losses. A. figure out B. make out C. fill in D. think out 24) The cruelty of the Germans towards the Jews and that of the Japanese towards their prisoners, _______ everyone with horror. A. full B. felt C. filled D. feared 25) We can advise the manager, but in the end, it is he who has the _____ say. A. female B. fond C. final D. full 26) In my opinion, this kind of dress ______ professional women like you and me. Don't you think so? A. doesn't fit B. won't fit for C. doesn't suit D. isn't suited for 27) He’s never done this type of work before; I’m not sure how he’ll _____ with the other employees. A.fit in B.come up C.end up D.fit up 28) When he was making a speech in Beijing University, thousands of eyes were _____ on him. A.centered B.set C.fixed D.fitted 29) When anything went wrong with my car I hurried to him, and he always ____ it. A. checked B. drove C. followed D. fixed 30) The radio stops working because the battery is _______. A. slow B. flat C. below D. free 31) He has just completed his ______ around the world. A. flight B. flying C. fly D. flies 32) The winners are _____; in third place, Mandy Johnson; in second place…. A.as follows B.as follow C.like follows D.as following 33) ---The English teacher spoke so fast that I couldn't ________ what he said. --- He said there would be a discussion ________ the lecture.


A. catch; followed B. get; will follow C. understand; follows D. follow; following 34) More and more young people are fond ___ playing tennis nowadays. A. on B. to C. in D. of 35) Tom has been writing all afternoon but he _________ by now. A. should be finished B. should finish C. is finishing D. finishes 36) It must have rained last night, __________ the ground is wet. A. for B. because C. as D. since 37) ---What ______ you to come the party? ---An unexpected accident ______ me going. A. prevented; forbad B. protected; forbad C. forbad; prevented D. stopped; kept 38) ---I’m terribly sorry I broke your glass. --. A. That’s right B. Bad luck C. Sorry D. You can forget it 39) --The light is still on in the office. -- I’m sorry I forgot ___________ . A. to turn it on B. to turn it off C. turning it up D. turning it down 40) He ________ me this time, though I had made a terrible mistake. A. forgave B. excused C. forbad D. pardon 41) Other simple information was recorded on the walls of caves and buildings in the ________ of pictures. A. figure B. means C. form D. terms 42) As a ________ president, his views are treated with respect when he is interviewed. A. figure B. former C. late D. frontier 43) Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and inventor, left more than 9 million dollars of his ______ to found the Nobel Prizes. A. fortune B. worth C. fund D. income 44) ---What about the protection? ---Let’s keep the surface ____ dirty by putting a cover over it. A. far from B. free from C. apart from D. away from 45) He hopes his wife can come back and make a _______ start. A. foggy B. fierce C. fresh D. flexible 46) Green products are becoming more and more popular because they are environmentally _______. A. friendly B. various C. common D. freely 47) The man ____ her is so tall that she could hardly see screen. A. in front of B.in the front C. behind D. at the back of 48) _______to have a talk with those humorous persons! A. What a fun it is B. How funny C. It’s such a fun D. What fun it is 49) The machine won't _________ properly if you don't oil it well. A. further B. free C.follow D. function 50) Since the policy of being open to the outside world was put into practice, a ______ change has taken place in China. A.fundamental B.fully C.elementary D. basic 51) ---Would you be so kind as to give me a lift? I’m too tired to walk any _______. --- I’m so sorry, but the car’s too crowded. A. far B. long C. longer D. further 52) The scientists keep her in a room fully _____ fashion-style ______. A. furnished with; furnitures B. furnished of; furniture C. furnished of; furnitures D. furnished with; furniture




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