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【知识点 1】 直接位于介词之后的关系代词只能是 which 或 whom,构成介词+which(指物);介词+whom (指人)两种结构。 【例】The man to whom you talk just now is a famous runner. 【例】The service about which the students com

plain a lot should be improved. 【例】He is a library assistant from whom I borrowed some books. 【例】It is a famous school from which he graduated 3 years ago. 【例】The chair on which he is sitting now is made of wood. 【知识点 2】 直接位于介词后面的关系代词不能省略, 但如果将介词移于句子末尾而不位于关系代词之前时, 可省。 【例】The man (who/that/whom) you talk to just now is a famous runner. 【例】The service (which/that) the students complain about a lot should be improved. 【例】He is a library assistant (whom/that/who) I borrowed some books from. 【例】It is a famous school (which/that) he graduated from 3 years ago. 【例】The chair (which/that) he is sitting on now is made of wood. 【知识点 3】 关系副词 when, where, why 可以相应地转化为:介词+which 结构。 【例】This is the house where I lived two years ago. =This is the house in which I lived two years ago. 【例】Do you remember the day when you joined our club? =Do you remember the day on which you joined our club? 【例】I don’t know the reason why he said so. =I don’t know the reason for which he said so. 【知识点 4】 有一些动词短语中的介词是固定搭配,不可以拆开,一般还是放在动语之后,不提前: 【例】He is the student (who/whom/that) the teachers are looking for. 【例】The number of the children (who/whom/that) she takes care of is 30. 【知识点 5】 注意复杂介词短语+which 或 whom 引导的定语从句,是高考考查热点。 【例】They finally climbed up the mountain, on top of which many strange birds were seen. 【例】Look at the photo. This is Mr. Green, in front of whom sit three students. 【知识点 6】 不定代词+of+ which/ whom 引导的定语从句可化为 of+ which/ whom+ 不定代词 结构;这也是 高考常考点。其中用到的不定代词有 some, any, none, both, all, many, a few, few, a little, little, either, neither, one, 等等。 【例】There are 40 students in our class, most of whom(=of whom most)like English.

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【例】 These are books written by Mark Twain, one of which (=of which one) was read to me by my father 【例】She has two sons, neither of whom(=of whom neither)is a teacher. 【例】She has many books, none of which(=of which none) is interesting. 【知识点 7】 关 系 代 词 whose+ 名 词 引 导 的 定 语 从 句 可 转 化 为 the+ 名 词 +of+ which / whom 或 of+ which/whom+ the +名词结构;of 表所属关系。 【例】I live in a room whose windows are all broken. =I live in a room of which the windows are all broken. = I live in a room the windows of which are all broken. 【例】This is my teacher whose handwriting is excellent. = This is my teacher the handwriting of whom is excellent. = This is my teacher of whom the handwriting is excellent. 【知识点 8】 由介词+关系代词引导的定语从句,当主从句主语一致时,定语从句可缩略为:介词 + which/whom+ to do 结构。 【例】I have a small room in which I live in. =I have a small room in which to live. =I have a small room to live in. 【例】He has a good friend to whom he can turn for help. =He has a good friend to whom to turn for help. =He has a good friend to turn to for help. 【知识点 9】 介词后不一定只能接关系代词,可能会接关系副词,主要取决于介词及句子意思。 【例】He used to live in London, from where he came from. 【例】He graduated from Beijing University in 1988, since when he has improved himself in all aspects. 【知识点 10】 如何确定关系代词前的介词:将定语从句还原:构成两个搭配,即从句谓语部分与介词的适当 搭配;介词与先行词的正确搭配。 【例】The picture ______which he paid $100 was once owned by a king. 【析】定语从句谓语是 pay some money;先行词为 the picture;还原句子即:He paid $100 ____ the picture.在本句中填上合适介词;构成短语:pay some money for something。 【例】This is Tom Sawyer, ______ whom his teacher is proud. 【析】还原:His teacher is proud ___ Tom Sawyer.构成短语:be proud of。 【例】Can you think of a situation __in__ which this word can be used? 【例】I’m grateful to him for that advice, __to__ which I owed all my success.

一、填入“介词+关系代词(即介词+which/whom): 1. The ship, ___ _ the Europeans sailed to the American continent, was called the Mayflower.

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2. The family ________ _ I stayed in Rome is coming to England soon. 3. He has written a book, the name________ _ I have completely forgotten. 4. It is a family of 8 children, all ___ _ are studying music. 5. Can you suggest a time ____ _ it will be convenient to meet? 6. The town, _________ they came, was in the north of the province. 7. Here are some blouses, none ____ suits me. 8. The fur coat _____ _ the lady was dressed was very expensive. 9. The emperor, _______ _ the palace was built, was very cruel. 10. Little Peter had a dream ___ _ he was taken to the amusement park. 11. He spent a wonderful summer, ____ _ he joined us in the camping trip. 12. The money, ___ _ he bought the bike, was given by his grandfather. 13. The buses, most _______ _ were already full, left the school one after another. 14. Ann White, _____ _ we received the invitation, lives next door to us. 15. The story, ________ the film is based, is a true one. 16. The USA is a large country _____________ many different dialects are spoken. 二、介词填空: 1.The speed____ which you drive your car mustn’t too high. 2.In the park there are many flowers, the color_____ which is bright and nice. 3.The little girl is reading a book,_____ which there are many pictures. 4.What were the things_______ which he was not too sure? 5.They held a meeting,____ which the hospital director made a speech. 6.The book,_____ which he paid 6 Yuan, is worth reading. 7.Is this the man____ whose house the police found the lost colored TV? 8.The villagers dug along tunnel________ which they could go to the fields without being found by the Japanese soldiers. 9.Wu Dong,_____ whom I went to the concert, enjoyed it very much. 10.The stories about Long March,_____ which this is one example, are well written. 三、单选选择: 1. He was educated at a local grammar school, ____ he went on to Cambridge. (05 山东卷) A. from which B. after that C. after which D. from this 2.She was educated at Beijing University, ________ she went on to have her advanced study abroad. (06 陕西卷) A. after that B. from that C. from which D. after which 3.Gun control is a subject _________Americans have argued for a long time. (09 陕西卷) A. of which B. with which C. about which D. into which 4.Wind power is an ancient source of energy ______we may return in the near future. (10 山东卷) A. on which B. by which C. to which D. from which 5.The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people ,many of ________left their village homes for a better life in the city.(10 浙卷) A.whom B.which C.them D.whose 6.The English play _____ my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success. (04 全国 I)

A.for which B. at which C. in which D. on which 7. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, _____ the s ailing time was 226 days. (04 广西)

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A. of which B. during which C. from which D. for which 8. Many people who had seen the film were afraid to go to the forest when they remembered the scenes ______ people were eaten by the tiger. (05 广东卷) A. in which B. by which C. which D. that 9. She showed the visitors around the museum, the construction _____had taken more than three years. (11 江西卷) A.for which B. with which C. of which D. to which 10.The place ____ the bridge is supposed to be built should be ___ the cross-river traffic is the heaviest. (05 江苏卷) A. which; where B. at which; which C. at which; where D. which; in which 11.Eric received training in the computer for one year,______he found a job in a big company. A.after that B.after which C.after it D.after this 12.Villagers here depend on the fishing industry,________there won't be much work. A.where B.that C.by which D.without which 13.Last week,only two people came to look at the house,________wanted to buy it. A.none of them B.both of them C.none of whom D.neither of whom 14. In the office I never seem to have time until after 5:30 pm_______,many people have gone home. A.whose time B.that C.on which D.by which time 15.Whenever I met her, _______was fairly often,she greeted me with a sweet smile.(09 山东) A.who B.which C.when D.that 16.She brought with her three friends,none of ______I had ever met before. (09 海南) A.them B.who C.whom D.these 17.Many children, _________parents are away working in big cities,are taken good care of in the village. (09 安徽) A.their B.whose C.of them D.with whom 18.I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city ________name will create a picture of beautiful trees and green grass in our mind.(09 湖南) A.Which B.of which C.that D.whose

答案 1. on which 2. in which 3. of which 4. of who 5. at which 6. from which 7. of which 8. in which 9. for whom 10. in which 11. during which 12. with which 13. of which 14. from which 15. on which 答案 1. at 2.of 3 in 4 about 5. at 6. for 7. in 8 through 9. with 10 of

1-5:C D C C A 6-10: C A A C C 11-18:B D D D B C B D

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