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必修二 单选&完型&词汇训练题 Module 1 Our Body and Healthy Habits 一、 单项填空 1. My younger sister has ____. A. sweet tooth B. sweet teeth C. a sweet tooth D. a sweet teeth 2. He has not got a fever. That is to say, his temperature is ____. A. common B. normal C. ordinary D. low 3. Look at the dark clouds in the sky. I think it ____rain. A. will B. shall C. must D. is going to 4. All his free time is spent in playing football, and he is ____ about football. A. worried B. anxious C. crazy D. particular 5. Sally may be slow in thinking but ____ she works hard. A. not in the least B. at least C. at most D. at best 6. Mary goes to ____ classes and does exercises every morning. A. keep fitting B. keep-fit C. keeping fit D. keeping fitting 7. All the shirts ____ to £10. A. was reduced B. reduced C. were reduced D. reducing 8. It is difficult for you____ on the top of a high mountain. A. breath B. breathe C. to breathe D. to breath 9. Is the river ____ to swim in? A. enough deep B. very deep C. so deep D. deep enough 10. With a lot of work ____, Jack will not leave for the holiday. A. doing B done C. has done D. to do 11. We had a very good time ____ cards yesterday. A. to play B. played C. playing D. being played 12. I would rather Ted ____ here early. A. leave B. to leave C. left D. has left 13. ____ may not necessarily bring us happiness.. A. Wealth B. Wealthy C. Health D. Healthy 14. Peter missed her wife so much that he was anxious ____ her as early as possible. A. seeing B. about seeing C to see D. seen 15. If he promises to come, he ____. A. is B. will C. is going to D. has 二、完形填空 Everything speeds up with people’s lives. People often eat fast food __16__ nice meals cooked by mother __17__. They go to the shop, where the meal is ____18___ cooked. They can take __19__ from the shelf when they ___20___ their dollars and in ten minutes eat it and ___21_ their dinner. This is not good for __22___. People move a great __23__ from city to city, ____24____ their jobs. Airplanes go ___25___ between cities. Every twenty-five seconds planes are taking off from the airports. When people move _26_ the cities, they leave their friends ___27____, moving from place to place. They leave their old mother and father, their children, and leave their __28___. And people become without roots, without a place ____29__ they can really call “home”. This has very___30____ effects. One thing is that the old people often live so far from their children that, ____31__ they become old, there is nobody to __32___ them. Brothers and sisters move far away from each other. They telephone each other. But the families are very __33____. The society doesn’t have the __34___ ways any more, which kept


people ___35_____ together. And many people feel rather lonely today. 16. A. without B. together with C. instead of D. as 17. A. at school B. at home C. in the house D. in the kitchen 18. A. already B. still C. not D. just 19. A. them B. it C. everything D. little 20. A. put B. get C. set D. pay 21. A. finish B. cook C. fetch D. bring 22. A. families B. children C. old people D. business 23. A. many B. much C. deal D. far 24. A. doing B. to do C. changing D. change 25. A. usually B. immediately C. constantly D. fast 26. A. from B. to C. in D. around 27. A. behind B. away C. out D. off 28. A. friends B. parents C. teachers D. students 29. A. or B. and C. where D. that 30. A. bad B. surprising C. exciting D. great 31. A. if B. when C. since D. because 32. A. see B. look after C. hear from D. telephone 33. A. scattered B. different C. large D. separated 34. A. new B. old C. easy D. same 35. A. close B. near C. live D. friendly 三、根据句意和首字母或中文提示,写出句子中所缺单词的正确形式 1. She is so fat that the doctor asked him to be on a d________. 2. I am a___________ about the parcel because it hasn't arrived. 3. The old man opened the door and b________ in some fresh air. 4. “ No pains, no gains” and “Time is money ” are p__________. 5. You will i____________ your health by smoking too much. 6. __________ (富有的) men are not always happy. 7. He put on his coat and __________ ( 向…行进 ) for the door 8. An additional ___________ (症状) in the course of a disease, not necessarily connected with the disease. 9. He was ___________ ( 队长 ) of the football team for five years. 10. The teacher handed out the __________ (问卷) in order to make sure whether the students were in favor of the plan. 四、完成句子 1.早睡早起,使人健康、富裕又明智。 Early to bed, early to rise ________ a man ________,________ and wise. 2.李清走了,并按照告诉他的做了。 Li Qing went and did ________ ________ ________ told. 3.在操场上一定要听老师的指挥。 ________ ________ ________ follow the teacher’s instructions while on the play ground. 4.为了保持健康,他每天都坚持体育锻炼。 In order to ________ ________, he ________ ________ every day. 5. 这是因为住在海边,所以,每周可以吃四次鱼和蔬菜。 ________ ________ we live near the sea, we can have fish and vegetables ________ ________ a week.


Module 2 No Drugs 一、单项选择 1. We don’t allow ___in the office. But you are allowed ____ in the rest room. A. smoking, smoking B. to smoke, to smoke C. smoking, to smoke D. smoke, smoking 2. It was ___ that we went camping on the mountain. A. such nice weather B. so nice a weather C. such a nice weather D. too nice weather 3.The patient was ____ of losing his life and had to be operated on at once. A. in danger B. in the danger C. out of danger D. out of the danger 4.Since then the number of people taking driving lessons ____ 20. A. has increased to B. increases by C. has increased by D. have increased by 5.My sister ____ a good chance to go abroad for further study of English. A. was provided B. was presented C. was supplied D. was offered 6.You’ll___what you did one day. A.pay back B.pay off C.pay for D.pay to 7. I am in China now, but I ___live in London. A. used to B. am used to C. used D. am used 8.-The government is thinking of banning (禁止)smoking on public transport. I think it’s a good idea. --____. Smoking is harmful. A.That’s a good idea. B. I agree with you C. I’m not sure I agree with you. D. I’m not sure about that. 9.-How did your interview go? -I couldn’t feel ___ about it. I seemed to find an answer to all my questions. A. better B. worse C. best D. worst 10.She ____ his number in her phone book to ____ that she had got the right number. A.looked for,be certain B.picked up, make sure C.picked out, be sure D.looked up, make sure 11. Don’t you think it is nice to have the bedroom ___nice and clean ? A. looked B. looking C. to look D. look 12. The soldiers ____ Iraq kissed their family goodbye and left in a hurry. A. go to B. sent to C. to look D. look 13.In a way I can see what you mean, even though I don’t ____your point of view. A. permit B. share C. recognize D. agree 14. It was a pity that the great writer died ___ his work unfinished. A. for B. with C. from D. of 15.They’ve ___ us $150,000 for the house. Shall we take it ? A. provided B. supplied C. shown D. offered 二、完形填空 Through my school years I never imagined falling in love. I wanted to stay 16___ just watching my friends get mistreated (虐待) by their 17___ all the time. In my 18___ year just turning 17, my best friend decided to set me up with a stranger I’d 19___ known. I was really lucky to even 20___ it to the place because my parents were so 21___ with me at the time. So we met and not even a 22___ to say. I wasn’t too excited. I was totally nervous. At the time I knew there was something in him I 23___ . I couldn’t understand that feeling inside 24___ me he was the one. My senior year after school ended and he had to 25 ___the Marines (海军陆战队) and I had to go to Ohio. We both had decided to end our relationship 26 ___we didn’t think it works from far distance. It was all over. On my 20 birthday there was a 27___ on the mail for me and it came from 28___with his name on it. It


had taken him a long time to 29 ___me and he finally made it. After that day he 30 ___ he would never let me go again. Today he’s my 31___ , my best friend, and my hero. Within a million miles away from me, he has 32___ his promise. I love him with all my 33___and I’m here waiting. He has been deployed (调度) overseas for 8 months and we only 34___ by e-mail and sometimes calls on the 35___. Today and every upcoming day I wake up with a smile just waiting for him to come back home safely. 16. A. along B. single C. away D. lonely 17. A. teachers B. parents C. classmates D. boyfriends 18. A. primary B. senior C. junior D. middle 19. A. never B. ever C. even D. once 20. A. take B. bring C. have D. make 21. A. worried B. anxious C. strict D. angry 22. A. word B. letter C. message D. topic 23. A. hated B. disliked C. liked D. envied 24. A. saying B. giving C. telling D. stopping 25. A. leave for B. take part C. serve for D. work in 26. A. because B. even if C. as if D. now that 27. A. book B. note C. letter D. gift 28. A. my boyfriend B. a Marine base C. his hometown D. a faraway place 29. A. find B. see C. visit D. call 30. A. cried B. said C. promised D. mentioned 31. A. husband B. boyfriend C. hope D. future 32. A. made B. kept C. broken D. taken 33. A. head B. heart C. wish D. mind 34. A. miss B. kiss C. think D. communicate 35. A. weekends B. line C. warship D. sea 三、选词并用适当形式填空 break into, give up, so as to , take one’s advice, in order to, related to, belong to, with pain, become addicted to, make a plan 1. The test questions are kept secret ____ prevent cheating. 2. It is easier to ____ than to carry it out. 3. My house has been ____ twice this month. 4. I know that if I start watching a soap opera I will immediately ____ it. 5. You’ll never guess the answer — will you ____? 6. I think I’ll_____ and wear the green dress. 7. The sick man shouted out _____. 8. _____ express yourself clearly, you’d better make an outline in advance. 9. What political party does he _____? 10. Experts believe that a large number of cancer cases in the area ____ (be) directly ____ the new nuclear power station.


Module 3 Music 一、单项填空 1. Do you think children should learn to play______ musical instrument from______early age? A. a; \ B. the; \ C. the; an D. a; an 2. ______ summer goes and winter comes, time flows like water. We are grown-up now. A. While B. When C. As D. Until 3. He says ______ was his uncle who helped him start his own company after graduation. A. that B. it C. who D. one 4. — Listen! Her voice ______ well. — Yes, it sounds beautiful. A. records B. is recorded C. is recording D. recorded 5. As we all know, salt, when______with water, dissolves quickly. A. mixed B. mixing C. mix D. is mixed 6. The 30th Olympic Games will be held in London in 2012, ______ is a modern city in Europe. A. when B. where C. which D. that 7. — Did you catch the early bus? — No, it ______ by the time I arrived. A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. would leave 8. ______his key, the boy couldn’t enter the room. He had no choice but to wait for his mother. A. Having lost B. Lost C. Losing D. To have lost 9. — Did you like the article I wrote? — Yes. I was very impressed ______ it. A. on B. at C. for D. of 10. It is necessary to ______ high school students to take part in a variety of social activities. A. supply B. encourage C. influence D. offer 11. As far as I know, it is about ten years ______ he began to write songs in his spare time. A. when B. before C. as D. since 12. — My tooth is killing me. I can’t ______ it. — You’d better go to see a doctor. A. stand B. believe C. help D. afford 13. Can you believe that this excellent song ______ by a high school student? A. composed B. had been composed C. compose D. was composed 14. In China, fast food is very ______ with everybody, especially children and young people. A. popular B. happy C. complex D. favorite 15. — I wonder if I could make a living by writing. —______ But are you sure? A. No way! B. Why not? C. Really? D. Cool! 二、完形填空 One day a woman was out golfing when she hit her ball into the woods. She went into the woods to 16______it and found a frog in a 17______ . The frog said to her, “I’ve been trapped here for two days and I’m 18______ now. I will grant (答应) you three 19______ if you can save me from this trap.” The woman 20______ the frog and the frog said, “Thank you, but I 21______ to mention that there was a 22______ to your wishes — whatever you wish for, your 23 ______will get 10 times more or better!” The woman said, “That would be 24______.” And for her first wish, she wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the world. The frog 25 ______ her, “You do realize that this wish will also make your husband the most 26 ______ man in the world. He will 27______ many girls.” The woman replied, “That will be okay 28______ I’ll be the most beautiful woman and he will 29 ______ have eyes for me.” So, the woman became


the most beautiful woman in the world! For her 30 ______ wish, she wanted to be the richest woman in the world. The frog said, “That will make your husband have much 31 ______ and he will be ten times richer than you.” The woman said, “That will be okay because what is 32 ______ is his and what is his is mine.” So, she became the richest woman in the world! The frog then 33______ her third wish. The woman envied (嫉妒) her husband, and she answered, “I would like a mild heart 34______ .” An envious person is 35______ when a great misfortune befalls (降临) others. 16. A. think about B. care about C. look for D. work on 17. A. river B. room C. wall D. trap 18. A. listening B. dying C. sleeping D. leaving 19. A. wishes B. ideas C. plans D. points 20. A. fed B. trained C. freed D. taught 21. A. started B. happened C. remembered D. failed 22. A. mistake B. condition C. chance D. goal 23. A. husband B. brother C. family D. son 24. A. funny B. terrible C. okay D. valuable 25. A. ordered B. invited C. allowed D. warned 26. A. healthy B. handsome C. honest D. important 27. A. attract B. respectC. protect D. save 28. A. when B. before C. because D. if 29. A. still B. even C. also D. only 30. A. last B. second C. first D. third 31. A. treasure B. experience C. information D. time 32. A. yours B. his C. mine D. hers 33. A. got through B. worried about C. looked at D. asked about 34. A. operation B. attack C. exam D. protection 35. A. happy B. brave C. lonely D. sick


Module4 Fine Arts --- Western, Chinese and Pop Arts 一、单选 1.The bridge was named ___the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people . A. after B.with C.by D. from 2.The girl ______the piano again and again every day. A.is tired in playing B.get tired to play C.gets tired of playing D.was tired at playing 3.He couldn’t stand_________. A.being made fun of B.making fun of C.to make fun of D.being making fun 4.Tom now is very famous and he had finished many known art works_____. A.in his early twenty B.in his early twenties C.in the early twenty D.in the early twenties 5.The boy was _____about games on the Internet,so he often stole money and missed lessons. A.crazy B.delightful C.interested D.food 6.He observed a stranger________around the store at 12 p.m .last night. A.to hang B.hang C.hanging D.to be hanging 7.People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars,and this____creates further problems. A.in turn B.in all C.take turn D.by turns 8.These trees want _______at once ,or they will die. A.to water B.watering C.water D.waters 9.It’s not any use____such a thing. A.doing B.to do C.done D.do 10.Nobaby is allowed ___in the office. A.smoke B.to smoke C.smoking D.smoked 二、完形填空 There was a woman in Detroit, who had two sons. She was worried about them, especially the younger one, Ben, (1)______he was not doing well in school. Boys in his class made jokes about him because he seemed so (2)______. The mother (3)______ that she would, herself, have to get her sons to do better in school. She told them to go to the Detroit Public Library to read a (4)_____ a week and so a report about it for her. One day, in Ben's (5)______, the teacher held up a rock and asked if anyone knew it. Ben put up has hand and the teacher let him (6)_____. “Why did Ben raise his hand?” they wondered. He (7)_______ said anything; what could he possibly want to say? Well, Ben not only (8)_______ the rock; he said a lot about it. He named other rocks in its group and even knew (9)______ the teacher had found it. The teacher and the students were (10)_______.Ben had learned all this from doing one of his book (11)____. Ben later went on to the (12)_____ of his class. When he finished high school, he went to Yale University and at last became one of the best doctors in the United States. After Ben had grown up, he (13)_____ something about his mother that he did not know as a (14)_______.She, herself, had never learned how to (15)_______. ( )1. A. because B. so C. but D. though ( )2. A. clever B. hard C. slow D. quick ( )3. A. asked B. decided C. forgot D. heard


( )4. A. notice B. message C. book D. question ( )5. A. class B. room C. office D. lab ( )6. A. think B. leave C. stand D. speak ( )7. A. always B. even C. quickly D. never ( )8. A. found B. played C. knew D. threw ( )9. A. whether B. when C. where D. why ( )10.A. afraid B. surprised C. worried D. unhappy ( )11.A. picture B. exercises C. shops D. reports ( )12.A. top B. end C. back D. behind ( )13.A. learnt B. remembered C. understood D. guessed ( )14.A. doctor B. child C. student D. teacher ( )15.A. read B. work C. teach D. slow 三、单词拼写 1.Last Sunday he caught two rabbits.One is dead the other is a________. 2.This building was d_______in the war,and it was rebuilt in 1950. 3.I like t__________Chinese art using brush and ink. 4.Do you know his likes and __________(憎恨)。 5.She often paints horses in a very _________(不寻常)。 6.His father is one of the greatest _________________(当代的)painters in China. 7.He wants to marry me,but I can’t _________(忍受)。 8.Our school has __________(采用)a new teaching method. 9.Qi Baishi _________ (观察)the world of nature very carefully,and his paintings are special because of this. 10.Xu Beihong believed that artists should show __________(现实),but not just imitate it.


Module5 Newspapers and Magazines 一、单选 21.I won’t go there. It’s late now. __________, it is raining so hard. A. That’s B. What’s more C. However D. So 22.------Mary, I have good news to tell you. I have been admitted to Peking University . ------______________ A. It’s impossible! B. I’m so pleased. C. Congratulations! D. That’s all right. 23. ------What about going out for a walk after supper? -------______. Walking after meals is good for health. A. I couldn’t agree more. B. I’m afraid not. C. I believe not. D. I don’t think so. 24. It is suggested that another school___________ in our city. A. should build B. be set up C. will be set up D. will build 25. They want to make _____ clear to the public that they are doing an important and necessary job. A. that B. this C. it D. one 26. ------Whose advice do you think I should take? ------________. A. You speak. B. That’s it. C. It’s up to you. D. You go it. 27. The music ______ she is dancing sounds beautiful. A. by which B. to which C. with which D. at which 28. You can eat food free in my restaurant _______ you like. A. whenever B. wherever C. whatever D. however 29. Dr Carl is an expert _____________ the environment. A. about B. on C. over D. of 30. The population in our country ____ very ________. 80% of the population ______ farmers. A. is, many, are B. is, large, are C. are, large, are D. is, much, are 31.The mountains lie near our hotel. There is a fine ________ of the mountains from our hotel window. A. scenery B. picture C. view D. screen 32. Xi’an was the last city ______ he visited in China. A. where B. which C. that D. in which 33. Mr. Black _____________ Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane __________ on Sunday? A. is leaving, takes off B. leaves, takes off C. is leaving, is taking off D. leaves, is taking off 34. If you had enough money, what __________? A. will you buy B. would you buy C. would you have bought D. will you have bought 35. ------Kate is in hospital. ------Oh, really? I _________. _________ visit her. A. don’t know, I’ll go B. don’t know, I’ll go and C. didn’t know, I’m going to go and D. didn’t know, I’ll go and


二、完形填空 The back door of the ambulance(救护车) was suddenly shut and the driver ran to the front, jumped into his seat, and started the engine. Inside were the _____36 _____ parents, Mr and Mrs Green, the mother holding their baby daughter Ally. The little girl had _____37 _____ food stuck in her throat and could hardly breathe. The driver, Mr white, _____38 _____ his siren (报警器) and flashing light, and started speeding towards the nearest hospital, fighting against _____39 _____. The cars ahead of him pulled out of the way as he drove through the _____40 _____. From the back of the _____41 _____the parents were shouting at him to _____ 42_____, since Ally had almost stopped _____43 _____. In front of him he saw some traffic lights, with the red “STOP” light shining. Mr White knew that he had no time to _____ 44_____, so he drove straight past the traffic lights, looking _____45 _____his left and right as he did so. Coming towards him from his right was a taxi. The driver had the windows _____ 46_____, since the car was air-conditioned, and he was playing his radio. He did not _____47 _____the ambulance. The lights were green, so he drove straight _____48 _____into the path of the ambulance. Mr White tried to stop his ambulance but it was too late. It hit the taxi. Everybody was shaken but no one was hurt. Mr White looked to see _____ 49_____little Ally was. He was astonished to see relief (宽慰) instead of _____50 _____on the faces of the parents. “Look!” cried Mrs Green. “She is _____51 _____ again.” “It must have been the _____52 _____.” said her husband. “It _____53 _____ the food out of her throat.” The baby’s color was turning to normal, and she was crying in a loud but healthy _____54 _____. They were all joyful, and quite forgot about the accident, the taxi, and the lines of _____55 _____ all around them. 36. A. worried B. angry C. happy D. surprised 37. A. little B. some C. no D. few 38. A. opened on B. turned on C. turned off D. sped up 39. A. police B. enemy C. lights D. time 40. A. empty street B. busy traffic C. crowds D. deserted place 41. A. street B. cars C. traffic D. ambulance 42. A. hurry B. be careful C. stop D. drive 43. A. breathing B. seeing C. saying D. talking 44. A. think B. look about C. lose D. miss 45. A. at B. from C. forward D. to 46. A. open B. clean C. up D. down 47. A. hear B. see C. find D. notice 48. A. away B. on C. off D. out 49. A. how B. what C. where D. who 50. A. pleasure B. anger C. fear D. surprise 51. A. crying B. breathing C. smiling D. speaking 52. A. light B. policeman C. car D. crash 53. A. took B. picked C. knocked D. made 54. A. sound B. voice C. tone D. noise 55. A. people B. policemen C. lights D. cars


Module6 Films and TV Programmes 一、单项选择 1.-----The movie “ The House of Flying Draggers” (《十面埋伏》) is well received in America. ------ Really? There are so many people loving the movie, much_________. A.to my surprise B. in surprise C. surprised D. by surprise 2.----- What do you think of _________ actress Zhang Ziyi? ------ She is ___________ unusual actress in China moviedom.(影坛) A.the; a B. the; an C. an; the D. an; an 3.The story took place about 200 years ago, that is to say, it’s _________. A.in late 1800 B. in the late 1800s C. in the early 1800s D. in early 1800s 4.---- You don’t like John, do you? ----- No. He thinks only of himself; he doesn’t _______ other people. A.cares for B. take care for C. care about D. took care of 5.Beautiful Zhang Ziyi plays the part of Yu Jiaolong,______ young woman who is not as good as she seems. A.a B. the C. the one D. an 6.------ I was ______ by the movie. What do you think of it? ------- That’s what I love; the plot is really________. A.moving; moving B. moved; moved C. moving; moved D. moved; moving 7.-----______ do you go to the park? ----- Once in a month. A.How soon B. How much C. How long D. How often 8.------ When do you guess Meryl Streep___________? ----- I don’t know the date for sure, but it must be in ____________. A.marry ; 1978 B. married ; 1978s C. got married; the 1970s D. got married; 1978s 9. When she was _________, Niping played in the film _______ Amblin. A.in her 20s; calling B. in the 20s; called C. in her 20s; called D.in the 20s; calling 10. At the age of 24, he made a ______ film called Amblin, which was a big _________. A.26-minutes; success B. 26-minute; succeed C. 26 minutes; successful D. 26-minute; success. 11. -----Take this medicine, please. ------ Do I have to? It tastes__________. A. horrible B. horribly C. are horrible D. like horrible 12.Although Linda tried hard in the exam, she did________ than her brother. A. more badly B. much better C. much badly D. much worse 13. Professor White has written some short stories, but he is________ known for his plays. A. the best B. more C. better D. the most 14. I just wonder _______ that makes him so excited. A. why it does B. what he does C. how it is D. what it is 15. You may borrow any book________. A. that you interest B. which you are interested C. that interests you D. which interests you. 二、完形填空 The film starts out as a normal day in a typical American high school. Friends 1_____ in the dining room and boys play football. But there’s a big surprise when the movie 2_____ with two students going crazy in the


3_____ ---- shooting and killing people. This is “ Elephant”, 4 _____in just 20 days; it stars real high school kids. American 5 _____Gus Van Sant had no ready made lines(台词). The student actors made up their own 6_____ , with Van Sant asking them to base their characters on their own 7_____. 8_____ it may not sound very high quality, the 9_____ won the Palme d’Or (金棕榈奖) for the Best Film and the award for Best Director at the Cannes film festival in 10_____ on May 25. The film is based on the 11_____ at a high school in the US, where two boys killed 13 people and then themselves in 1999. The 12_____ of the movie refers to the old expression about a problem that’s as hard to ignore(忽略) as an elephant in the house. The film takes a close look at a few hours in the lives of the victims (受害人者) and the killers. It shows how high school is a 13 _____experience for everyone---- fun and friendly, or hard and lonely. In many ways, the two 14_____ who carry out the shooting, act like ordinary kids. They joke around 2with one boy’s mother as 15_____ serves them cakes and play the piano. But, there are hints (提示) of the 16_____ they feel inside. One of the boys is bullied(欺负)at school. The other plays 17 _____video games. But Van Sant isn’t 18_____ their killing on either bullying or violent games. In fact, the film doesn’t offer any reason for why school violence happens. “ I didn’t want to 19 _____anything. It’s up to the 20_____ to dram its own conclusions,” said the 51-year-old director. 1 A. chat B. sleep C. swim D. fight 2 A. start B. ends C. begin D. talk 3 A. cinema B. church C. school D. station 4 A. discussed B. lasted C. shown D. filmed 5 A. President B. director C. film D. actor 6A. faces B. dialogue C. mind D. clothes 7A. teacher B. parents C. lives D. family 8A. Since B. Because C. Although D. However 9A. victim B. boys C. film D. director 10A. France B. Germany C. Hongkong D.Australia 11A. playing B. fighting C. teaching D. shooting 12A. actors B. director C. killers D. title 13A. different B. same C. happy D. sad 14A. teachers B. boys C. actors D. girls 15A. they B. he C. it D. she 16A. shock B. anger C. joy D. sorrow 17A. sexy B. lively C. violent D. healthy 18A. blaming B. praising C. scolding D. spending 19A. tell B. show C. explain D. stop 20A. audience B. students C. killers D. listeners 三、完成句子 1. When is the new edition ______(出版)? 2. How long have you _______(相爱)with your new boyfriend? 3. She typed in “Ryan Lake”. Much _______(令她吃惊的是),a link to a Facebook page for Ryan came up. 4. Every _______(时而) we go off to the country. 5.Lin zhiling says she doesn’t ________(在乎) criticisms of her “babyish” voice.


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