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英汉翻译课程总结 刘爱娇

英汉翻译课程总结 Learn english-chinese translation has been half a semester, I dropped from just understand the degree of increased the extent to which a thing or two to have kissed the blarney stone, during this time, I want to thank my teacher, my classmates, they gave me a big help. Next, I will talk about my understanding of english-chinese translation. 一、 翻译的定义 翻译即将一种语言―源出语(Source language)转换成另一种语言― 目的语 (Target language) 或曰接受语 (Receptor language), 而意义保持 或抵保持不变。Translation consists in reproducing in the receptor language the closest natural equivalent of the source language, first in terms of meaning and secondly in terms of style. 奈达 对此作 了说 明: ( 1 ) 再现原 文的 信息 ( Message )而不是保留原文的形式结构( Formal structure ) ; ( 2 )对等 (Equivalence)不是同一(Identity) ;(3)对等是最贴切、自然的对等; (4) 意义是优先考虑的因素; (5)文体成分虽居其次,但也十分重要。 二、 翻译的标准 1. 信(Faithfulness) 、达(Expressiveness)、雅(Elegance) 2. 忠实和通顺 三、Examples Jane does not work hard because she wants to earn money. 误译:因为简想挣钱,所以才不下力。 译文:简并不是因为想赚钱才下力干的。 Pindus Road was a long, wide, straight street that ran parallel with Bread Road. 原译:平得斯路是一条与布莱德路平行的、长长的、宽宽的、笔直的大 街。 译文:平得斯路与布莱德路平行,是一条又长又宽又直的大街。 英汉语言对比分析: 1. 英语动词形态变化复杂 It is ten years since he was a fisherman 他有十年不打鱼了。 2. 英语词义灵活,词义变化表现出较大的随意性 The relief troops came at the eleventh hour. 援兵终于来了。 3. 英语中大量习语的存在,增加了翻译的困难。 An apple does not fall far form the apple tree. 落叶归根。 直译 The bread of charity is bitter. 施舍的面包是苦的。 意译 A stick is quickly found to beat a dog with. 欲加之罪,何患无辞? 英汉文化对比分析:翻译不仅是一项双语活动,也是一种跨文化活动。 Much of

the town was destroyed by bombs in the war, but it was rebuilt and in the following decade rose from the ashes like a phoenix. 该城市的大部分在战争中被炸弹摧毁,但是又得以重建,并且在以后十年中像火 中的凤凰一样从灰烬中再生。 洋化与归化 Every tub must stand on its own bottom. 人贵自立 Love lives in cottages as well as in courts. 爱情不分贫富 辩证施治 主与从:整体与布局,要有整体意识 There on the floor was a newspaper. She unfolded it. It looked familiar. It was China Daily 若着眼于各个单句, 可能得到如下译文: 地板上有张纸。 她打开了它。 它是《中国日报》 。 若有整体意识,其结果便迥然不同 :她瞧见地板上有张报纸,打开 一看,挺熟悉,原来是《中国日报》 。 They have bolted. They have left bills all over the place. 译文 1:他们溜走了。他们留下了满地的债。 译文 2:他们留下一大堆账单,逃之夭夭了。 重视句间连接 Large clouds play tag in the blue sky overhead, while at the opposite end of the field, the stern chiefs of local villages sit dressed in traditional robes, each carrying a staff topped by a gift talisman of authority. 头顶上,大片的白云在蓝天里追逐嬉戏;白云下,当地的村长们身 着传统的长袍,手握顶端镶有镀金护符的权杖,正襟危坐在对面地头上。 Politicians can be found everywhere, while statesmen are comparatively rare. 政客家比比皆是,而政治家却寥寥无几。 从整体关系上把握个别词的力度 In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I have been turning over in my mind ever since. 在我年轻、幼稚的时候,父亲曾给了我一番教诲,我一直铭记 在心。 主要信息与次要信息 At the peak of the boom a few years ago, Louisiana had more cash than it knew what to do with. But its surplus of $400 million has dried up, replaced by $300 million worth of red ink on the ledgers. 几年前,路易斯安那州的经济繁荣达到了顶峰,钱多得不知如 何安排。可是时至今日,且不说 4 亿美元的盈余应经全部花尽,账簿上还出现了 3 亿美元的赤字。 分与合: 分译 He had a sound feeling that idiom was the backbone of a language and he was all for the racy phrase. 他认为习语是语言的支柱,因此特别主张用生动活泼的短语。这种

看法是很有道理的。 The magazine was ably and eloquently conducted, and the general tenor of its articles was to urge onward the national economy. 这家杂志经营得宜,立论令人信服,文章的主旨是促进国民经济的 发展。 合译 This novel is of no great literary merit. It is merely a pot-boiler. 这部小说纯属胡编乱造,没有多大的文学价值。 They talked, they laughed, and they sat up the whole night. 他们又说又笑,通宵达旦。 分合并举 Although the size of the task waiting to be carried out is daunting and there are many hurdles to be overcome, it would be wrong be wrong be end my addles on a note of pessimism. Many counties have already made considerable progress in this regard. 尽管等待我们去完成的任务规模之大令人敬畏,尽管有许多障碍 有待克服, 但是以悲观的调子来结束我的发言时错误的,因为许多国家在此方面 做出了长足的进步。 表与里 重视文字背后的精神 He was a withdrawn poler or grind 他是个两耳如不闻窗外事的书呆子。 (俚语) 注意作者的褒贬态度 He is making himself cheap. 他这么做正使他名誉受损。 顺与逆 顺译法 (1) Our country along with other developing countries is (2) experiencing acute shortage of (3) skilled workers, engineers, technicians, administrative and managerial personnel, (4) so we should like to ask you (5) to provide for the training of as many operating personnel as possible. (1) 我国像其他发展中国家一样, (2)严重缺乏(3)技术熟练工人、工 程技术人员和行政管理人员, (4)因此,我国请贵方(5)提供方便,培训尽可 能多的经营人员。 逆译法 (1)It was a keen disappointment (2) when I postpone the visit (3) which I had intended to pay to china in January. (3)我原打算一月份访问中国, (2)后来不得不推迟, (1)这使我深感 失望。 转换:词类转换 His wife has done everything possible to mother him. 妻子竭尽全力,给他以慈母般的照顾。 语态转换 They prefer to be assigned heavier tasks. 他们喜欢挑重担。

正反转换 I know but too well to hold my tongue. 我十分清楚我该缄口不言。 I would go there as soon as not. 我非常愿意去。 增减词语:增词 All empty souls tend to extreme opinion. 内心空虚的人爱走极端。 省略 The further one goes the further behind. 南辕北辙,背道而驰。 以上各个例子是在英汉翻译中对我感触最深的句子,在以后的学习中有老师的 引导我会更加努力。

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