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【名师A计划】2017高考英语一轮总复习 第一部分 教材知识梳理 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions练习

Unit 3

Inventors and inventions
(60 分钟 79 分)

Part A 一、阅读理解(共 7 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 14 分) A Welcome to the Electronic Village to explore new ways of language teaching and learning. Electronic Village Program(Thursday,June 18,2015) Nearpod TEO 9∶00 am to 10∶00 am 2∶00 pm to 3∶00 pm Room 501 Room 502 Nearpod is a software program that creates Our students come from different backgrounds but have a rich context(语境)for students to learn the same desire to learn on-line.The presenter will vocabulary.The presenter will show how to use examples from his first on-line class to explain use it. how any teacher can begin teaching on-line with TEO. Kahoot 10∶30 am to 11∶30 am Room 601 Kahoot software can be used to create grammar tests which can be graded on a network.It can provide students with instant feedback(反馈),including reports about their strengths and weaknesses. Prezi 3∶30 pm to 4∶20 pm Room 602 Uses of Prezi in listening and speaking courses draw students’ attention to speaking more fluently.The presenter will show how students can use Prezi to confidently present on a variety of topics,including introducing family,friends,and hobbies.

(2015·安徽高考) 1.Nearpod can be used to A.offer grammar tests B.teach listening on-line


C.help vocabulary learning D.gain fluency in speaking 2.If you want to improve your speaking skills,you can go to A.Room 501 C.Room 601 B.Room 502 D.Room 602 .

3.Which of the following can assess your grammar learning? A.Nearpod. C.TEO. B.Kahoot. D.Prezi. .

4.A teacher who wants to learn on-line teaching is expected to arrive by A.9∶00 am C.2∶00 pm B.10∶30 am D.3∶30 pm

【文章大意】本文为应用文。全文介绍了四个电子教学产品,包括宣传活动的时间、地点以 及产品性能等。 1.C 细节理解题。根据第一则广告中的“Nearpod is a software program that creates a rich context for students to learn vocabulary.”可知,Nearpod 对于词汇学习是有帮 助的。 2.D 细节理解题。根据第四则广告中的“Uses of Prezi in listening and speaking

courses draw students’ attention to speaking more fluently.”及其对应的地点可知, 要想提高自己的口语技能,就要到 602 室。 3.B 细节理解题。根据第三则广告中的“Kahoot software can be used to create grammar

tests”可知,Kahoot 可以用于提高自己的语法能力。 4.C 细节理解题。根据第二则广告中的“any teacher can begin teaching on-line with

TEO”及其对应的时间可知,老师要在下午两点前到达。 B Everyone has done experiments in high school laboratories,but have you ever thought about designing a satellite to explore space? On Nov.19,a team of students from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the US awed peers and even scientists by successfully launching a satellite.


The first satellite designed and built by high school students was sent up into space along with a record-setting.28 other small ones on a rocket were sent from a NASA center in Virginia,CNN reported.It took the students seven years to build. The students call their tiny satellite TJ3Sat,which is named after their school.It is just 10×10×12 centimeters and weighs only 0.89 kilograms,according to Orbital Sciences,a company which developed the rocket and supported the students’ project.It can be controlled with a smartphone. Like most satellites,TJ3Sat can send and receive data.The small spacecraft is equipped with a voice synthesizer (合成器),which can switch text to voice and transmit those sounds back to Earth over radio waves,said Orbital officials.In this case,anyone can give it a try via the project’s website (school website) by submitting (提交) a text.The texts that get approved will be sent to the satellite,changed to voice and then broadcast back to Earth via radio waves. “I can say ‘Go Colonials’ on our ground station and when it is on the other side of the world,in India,someone can hear ‘Go Colonials’ over the radio,”the team explains on the website. The satellite will stay in space for at least three months. School principal Evan Glazer told The Washington Post that the project started in 2006 as an activity in the spare time.Later it became a research project for a select group of seniors. “At a time when American students are busy with SATs,the launch of the satellite shows what diligent teenagers can achieve when allowed to pursue their own curiosities,”Glazer said. “It used to be that kids growing up wanted to be an astronaut,” Andrew Petro,program executive(主管) for small spacecraft technology at NASA,said in a statement.“I think we might be seeing kids saying what they want to do is build a spacecraft.The idea here is that they really can do that.” 1.The underlined word “awed” in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to . B.amazed




2.What can be inferred about TJ3Sat from the passage? A.It took a group of students about a decade to build the satellite. B.Besides TJ3Sat,28 other small satellites were built by the students. C.TJ3Sat can receive text messages that the students send into space,which can be changed to voice messages and broadcast back to Earth. D.TJ3Sat is expected to stay in orbit for the next year,sending out messages together with information about its position in space. 3.According to the passage,the launch of the satellite A.is evidence of the advance of spacecraft technology B.proves that hard-working teenagers can achieve a lot C.shows the importance of spare time activities at school D.has inspired many people to take an interest in space travel 【文章大意】本文是一篇新闻报道。托马斯·杰斐逊中学的学生们研制成功的卫星 TJ3Sat 顺利升空,这个结果不仅震惊了同龄人和科学家,也将鼓舞更多的人追求自己的太空梦想。 1.B 词义推测题。 根据第二段内容可知高中生研制的卫星成功发射升空,这件事自然是震惊 .

了同龄人甚至是科学家,故选 B 项。 2.C 推理判断题。根据第五段中的“TJ3Sat can send and receive data....which can

switch text to voice...and then broadcast back to Earth via radio waves.”可 知,TJ3Sat 卫星可以接收学生们发向太空的文字信息并把这些文字信息转换成声音信息传 回地球,故选 C 项。 3.B 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段“‘At a time when American students are busy with

SATs,the launch of the satellite shows what diligent teenagers can achieve when allowed to pursue their own curiosities,’Glazer said.”可知勤奋的学生可以获得很 大的成果,故选 B 项。 二、语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) Joyce:What do you think of the lead teacher’s speech? Caroline:I think it was 1. (interest). (win) all the prizes in the exams

Joyce:So do I.I hear Mike is likely 2. this year.


Caroline:Yes,his teacher says so.He has been working hard at his lessons every evening for 3. (month).He wants to go to Oxford University next year.

Joyce:I hope he will realize his goal. Caroline:I hope so.4. and enjoy 5. I think he works too hard.I hope he’ll go out

for a change.How about your son Carl?

Joyce:Don’t mention him.Carl never starts studying. Caroline:You’re joking.I heard that Carl 6. prize. Joyce:You have made 7. mistake.That is White Carl.My son is Brown we do.White Carl has always (write).My son likes going to the (win) the composition

Carl.The whites live in the same community 8. been so hard working.He wants to be a 9. concert.He only likes singing. Caroline:10. future.

he practices singing,he will become a singer in the

Joyce:Not all people can become a singer.I don’t think he has the talent. (2015·辽宁朝阳市三校协作体一模) 1.interesting。此处指“我认为它很有趣”。应用 interesting 作表语。 2.to win。be likely to do sth.意为“有可能做某事”,故填 to win。 3.months。此处指“连续数月”,故用名词复数 months。 4.But。此处意为“我觉得他太努力了”,与前文是转折关系,故填 But。 5.himself。此处意为“我希望他能够出去玩玩,过得快乐”。enjoy himself“过得快乐”。 6.had won。“我”听说 Carl 得了作文一等奖。此处表示过去的过去,故用过去完成时。 7.a。固定结构 make a mistake“犯了一个错误”。 8.as。怀特一家和我们住在同一个社区。the same...as“和??一样”。 9.writer。此处指他想成为一个作家。writer“作家”。 10.If。 句意:如果他一直练习唱歌,将来他会成为一个歌手的。 此处应用 if 引导条件状语从 句。 Part B


一、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) I loved working with my dad,but I hated the summer job he gave me.He owned a small 1 in Bank Street.In his shop,the most recently 3 . 4 the frost on the ceiling of the walk-in 2 person got the worst

job,and the boss’ son was also I didn’t want to spend hours

freezer,and it was the Saturday afternoon’s job that I hated most.We received fresh 5 every day.Chicken sat in wooden boxes and was 6 with crushed ice.During the 7

week,the ice and the blood of the chicken slowly leaked into the container the chicken,creating its bloody smell. There was only one my 9 8

to get rid of the blood and wash the container:hold

and carefully slide the container from under the chicken,as I tried not 10 into the drain(下水道). 11 maybe

to splash the contents over my clothes,and then

Soon,students who have cut lawns,painted houses,worked in offices, even worked in the butcher’s will 13 others will come back with 14 12

to school.Some will have great memories ones. 15 me from my weekly 16 his family after 18 from his 19

Looking back,I think my father could have

hell.However,my dad,who’d dropped out of school to help his father died,was a teacher for me

17 .He knew treating me

other employees would be an unfair thing.Most importantly,he taught me to those who do the hard and 20 tasks in life.

For the next six summers,I returned not as the boss’ son,but as one of other guys,and I cleaned the dirty container every Saturday afternoon. (2015·河北“五个一名校联盟”质检) 1.A.grocery C.chain 2.A.hired C.received 3.A.interested C.affected B.butcher’s D.book B.invited D.trained B.included D.offered

4.A.looking into B.tearing up

C.cleaning up 5.A.fruit C.chicken 6.A.surrounded C.accompanied 7.A.above C.below 8.A chance C.place 9.A.arm C.breath 10.A.break C.empty 11.A.and C.but 12.A.adapt C.return 13.A.while C.since 14.A.exciting C.amazing 15.A.forced C.treated 16.A.establish C.support 17.A.at heart C.in case 18.A.kindly C.differently 19.A.witness

D.carrying on B.vegetable D.grain B.impressed D.cooked B.beside D.under B.way D.reason B.nose D.head B.divide D.allow B.so D.or B.go D.apply B.when D.because B.good D.unpleasant B.spared D.pushed B.settle D.comfort B.in fact D.at home B.carefully D.warmly B.appreciate

C.hurt 20.A.vital C.easy

D.influence B.dirty D.funny

【文章大意】本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。“我”在父亲的店里工作,不情愿地做着杂活。后来 “我”慢慢地体会到父亲的良苦用心,学会了感恩生活中那些从事最苦最累工作的人们。 1.B 11 2.A 根据下文“Soon,students who have cut lawns,painted houses,worked in offices, maybe even worked in the butcher’s”可知选 B 项。 hire“雇佣”;invite“邀请”;receive“收到”;train“训练”。根据下文可知,在

肉店,最近雇佣的人得到最糟糕的工作,故选 A 项。 3.B 句意:在他的店里,最近雇佣的人得到最糟糕的工作,老板的儿子也是如此。 根据上文提

到的“but I hated the summer job he gave me”可知,“我”作为老板的儿子并未获得特 殊待遇,故选 B 项。 4.C look into“调查”;tear up“撕毁”;clean up“清理”;carry on“继续”。此处意

为“我不想花几个小时来清理冷藏室里面的霜”,C 项符合语境。 5.C 6.A 7.D 根据下文中的“Chicken sat in wooden boxes”可知选 C 项。 根据常识可知鸡需要冻藏,故选 A 项。 根据下文“and carefully slide the container from under the chicken”可知选

D 项。 8.B 9.C 10.C 根据下文可知,只有一种清除血迹、清洗容器的方法,故选 B 项。 根据上文可知鸡血很腥,所以需要“我”屏住呼吸,故选 C 项。 break“打碎”;divide“分开”;empty“倒入”;allow“允许”。根据语境可知,此

处指“我”将血水倒入下水道,故选 C 项。 11.D 根据语境可知,空处表选择,应用 or,故选 D 项。 12.C 很快那些曾修剪草坪,粉刷房子,在办公室工作或者是在肉店工作的学生们会回到学 校。C 项符合语境。 13.A 14.D while“然而”,表示对比,符合语境。 exciting“兴奋的”;good“好的”;amazing“令人吃惊的”;unpleasant“不愉快

的”。 句意:一些人会有美好的回忆而一些人则会有不愉快的经历。 前后分句意思相反,故选 D 项。




当我回顾时,我认为父亲本能够使我免受周末工作带来的痛苦,spare sb.from“使某人免 受”,故选 B 项。 16.C 根据语境可知,父亲在他的父亲去世后辍学,他这样做自然是为了养家糊口。 故 C 项符 合语境。 17.B at heart“在心里”;in fact“事实上”;in case“以防”;at home“在家”。下文

说明父亲事实上是我的老师。故选 B 项。 18.C kindly“好心地”;carefully“仔细地”;differently“不同地”;warmly“温暖

地”。 句意:他知道区别对待我是不公平的事。 根据介词 from 可知应用 differently,故选 C 项。 19.B witness“目击”;appreciate“欣赏”;hurt“伤害”;influence“影响”。句意:

最重要的是,他教会我感激生命中那些做着最难最脏工作的人。根据语境可知父亲让“我” 学会感激,故选 B 项。 20.B 结合上文中“我”的经历及空前的 hard 可知选 B 项。 二、七选五阅读填空(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) Virtual(虚拟)Teams Virtual teams are a great way to enable teamwork in situations where people are not sitting in the same office at the same time. 1 This is particularly for

businesses that use virtual teams to build global presence,or need less common skills or knowledge from people who are unwilling to travel. Virtual teams are governed by the same basic principles as traditional teams. 2 It is the way the team members communicate.They rely on special communication

channels enabled by modern technologies,such as emails,faxes,and teleconferences,and alike.Due to more limited communication channels,the success of virtual teams is much more sensitive to the type of project the group works on,what people are selected,and how the team is managed. 3 One challenging case is the projects that rely heavily on integrated

work.That is to say,when each person’s work depends significantly on what someone else is doing at the same moment,like in a sports team,there is an ongoing heavy


exchange of information in real time,and the tasks have to go through a strict order within a short time. Not everyone can perform well in a virtual team environment. 4 Another

important quality is communication skills.The team members must be able to communicate clearly and positively. Managers of virtual teams need to pay much more attention to having clear goals,performance standards,and communication rules.People have various assumptions on what to expect from each other. 5 One of the biggest challenges of virtual teams is building trust between the team members.Trust is important for unblocking communication between members and increasing motivation of each person in the team.The issue of trust needs special attention at any stage of team existence. (2015·北京朝阳区一模) A.Yet,there is one significant difference. B.Not every type of project is suitable for a virtual team. C.A virtual team can choose whatever project they like to work on. D.The members must be self-motivated and able to work independently. E.Such teams are now widely used by companies and organizations to cut business costs. F.Members of virtual teams communicate quite well although they never meet face-to-face. G.To avoid misunderstanding,clear rules that everyone understands and agrees on are necessary. 【文章大意】本文是一篇说明文,主要介绍虚拟团队的特性和应用。 1.E 本空是对 virtual team 的概念进行进一步的解释说明。 而根据后面一句话中的“This

is particularly for businesses”可知,this 指代的就是虚拟团队的“节约交易成本”这 一特性。故选 E 项。 2.A 前文提到“虚拟团队和传统团队遵循相同的基本原则”,而根据第二段最后一句可知,

虚拟团队和传统团队有一个很大的差异。故 A 项承上启下,符合语境。



根据空格后面一句“One challenging case is the projects that rely heavily on

integrated work.”以及后文所举例子可知,并不是每一个项目都适合虚拟团队。 故选 B 项。 4.D 根据空格后面一句中的“Another important quality”可知,该处是讲虚拟团队成员

所具有的能力。D 项符合语境。 5.G 根据前文“Managers...need to pay much more attention to having

clear...communication rules.”以及“People have various assumptions”可知,有明确 的规则是十分必要的。故选 G 项。 三、短文改错(满分 10 分) Senior Three student will face the question after they pass by the college entrance examination.“Should I choose a good major and a good university?”Some students prefer to consider majors first so that they can learn what they are interested.It will also make it possibly for them to take their favourite jobs in the future.However,those who think differently believes that the environment is important to one’s development.They also believe that students graduate from leading universities are often more likely to find good jobs.In my opinion,a best choice is to choose a good major at a good university.But if we couldn’t obtain both,the first thing to consider is a good major,because no matter where we study,they can still achieve a lot in a certain field if we try our best. 1.第 1 句:student→students。此处指“高三的学生们”,应用名词复数形式。 2.第 1 句:删除 by。pass the examination 意为“通过考试”。 3.第 2 句:and→or。句意:我应该选择一个好专业还是一个好大学呢?此处表选择,应用 or。 4.第 3 句:在 interested 后加 in。be interested in 意为“对??感兴趣”。 5.第 4 句:possibly→possible。句意:这也使得他们将来做自己最喜欢的工作成为可能。 此处需用形容词作宾语补足语。 6.第 5 句:believes→believe。本句的主语是 those,故谓语动词用 believe。 7.第 6 句:graduate→graduating 或在 graduate 前加 who。此处可以使用现在分词 graduating 作后置定语,也可以使用定语从句。 8.第 7 句:第一个 a→the。best 是形容词最高级,前面使用定冠词 the 修饰。 9.第 8 句:couldn’t→can’t。本文的时态为一般现在时,故此处应用 can’t。


10.第 8 句:they→we。 此处表示“无论我们在哪里学习,如果我们竭尽全力,仍然可以在某个 领域获得成功”。本句中的逻辑主语是 we,故将 they 改为 we。



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