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高中英语 Unit 5 First aid Language points课件 新人教版必修5

Language points

Ⅰ.词汇知识 tight (adj.) 牢的;紧的;紧密的 1.______
firm (adj.) (动作) 稳定有力的;坚定的 2. ______ ceremony (n.) 典礼;仪式;礼节 3. __________ bravery (n.) 勇敢;勇气 4. _________

treat (vt.&vi.) 治疗;对待;款待 5. ______ apply (vt.) 涂;敷;搽;应用;运用 6. ______ (vi.)申请;请求;使用;有效 pressure (n.) 压力;挤压;压迫(感) 7. ___________

Ⅱ.重点短语 a number of 1. _______________ 许多;若干 put one’s hands on 找到 2. ___________________

make a difference 区别对待;有影响; 3. ________________
起(重要)作用 4.apply...to... __________________ 将??应用于?? 把??看作?? 5.treat...as/to be... _______________

?Step Two:Fast Reading
Work in pairs or groups.Fill in the blanks below according to the text.

Main John Janson received an award at the introducti Lifesaver Awards for giving lifesaving neighbou . on first aid on his 1. ___________
Para.1 Para.2

John was presented with his 2. ________ award for saving the life of another. Anne Slade had been stabbed with a knife by a(n)3. ________ ,with her man hands almost 4. ________ cut off .

Main John Janson received an award at the introdu Lifesaver Awards for giving lifesaving neighbour . ction first aid on his 1. ___________

John gave first aid on Anne Slade before Para.3 the police and 5. ambulance ___________arrived.
proud of what he had done. Para.4 John felt 6. ________

Main John Janson received an award at the introducti Lifesaver Awards for giving lifesaving neighbour . on first aid on his 1. ___________


Mr.Alan Southerton praised John and stressed the importance of grasping the first aid knowledge of 7. ___________ . The Prime Minister hosted a special 8. reception for John and the nine ___________ other Life Savers before the awards ceremony.


?Step Three:Careful Reading

Scan the text and fill the phrases according to
the text. was honoured at the Lifesaver 1 . John _____________

Awards last night.
when he 2.John was studying in his room ________ heard screaming. 3.It was John’s quick action and knowledge that of first aid ________ saved Ms.Slade’s life.

proud of 4.I’m ___________ what I did but I was

just doing what I’d been taught.
no doubt that John’s quick 5 . There is __________ thinking and first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms.Slade’s life.

1a number of 许多;若干
(教材原句)He immediately asked a number of nearby people for bandages,but when nobody could put their hands on any,his father got some tea towels and tape from their house. 他立即问旁边的一些人要绷带,但当他们都没 有找到绷带的时候,他的父亲从屋里拿出一些 擦杯盘的布和胶带来。

①We have lived here for a number of years.
我们在这里已经住了好些年了。 ②A number of people are going to visit Beijing. 有很多人计划参观北京。

③A number of boys are playing football on
the playground. 许多学生在操场上踢足球。


a number of后面接可数名词


……”之意;而the number of 后面接可数名
词复数形式,后面接单数谓语动词;表示 “……的数量”之意。




(教材原句)John used these to treat the most severe injuries to Ms.Slade’s hands. 扎起来。 约翰 就用这些东西把斯莱德手上最重的伤口包

归纳拓展 treat sb.for sth.治疗某人某物 treat sb./sth.as/to be...把……视为/看作…… treat...to...请某人吃……/款待某人某物

①He was taken to the hospital to be treated for snake bite. 他因为被蛇咬而被送到医院治疗。 ②The boy objects to being treated as/to be a


③No matter who the guest is,she or he must be treated as a VIP. 不论客人是谁,我们都要以贵宾相待。 ④The boy treated himself to a big cake.


[易混辨析] 比较 treat cure

treat/cure 意义 “治疗” “治愈” 用法 treat sb.for...治 疗某人某物 cure sb.of...治好 某人某物


vt. 涂;敷;搽;应用;运用

vi. 申

( 教 材 原 句 )He slowed the bleeding by applying pressure to the wounds until the

police and ambulance arrived.
他使劲按住伤口,使血流得慢些,一直等到 警察和救护车的到来。


apply...to...把??敷/涂/搽到??;把 ??运用到?? apply to...向??申请;适用于?? apply for...申请??


①The nurse applied the ointment to the wound.护士把药膏敷到伤口上。

②Scientific discoveries are often applied to
industrial production. 科学发现常常应用于工业生产中。

③He has applied for a residence permit.他已
经申请了居住许可证。 ④He applied to the college for a scholarship. 他向学校申请奖学金。


application n. 敷;应用;申请
applicant n.申请人

巧学活用 1-1 补全句子 (1)多数的会员没有到会。 are A number of members________absent. (2)在其他国家学习的美国学生的数量已经在 增长了。 The number of American students who study ____________in other has been countries____________growing.

(3)只有几个人参加了会议。 a small number of Only __________________people attended the meeting.

A number of __________________ students in our class __________ from the countryside; come the number of is ________________ them __________ forty.

2-1 补全句子
(1)我请了一天假陪她吃午饭。 I took off a day treated her to lunch ____________________. from work and


They ______________their own child. treated me as

2-2 用treat/cure/heal完成下列各句
(1)癌症难治。 treat Cancer is difficult to ____________. (2)伤口尚未愈合。 healed yet. The wound has not ________

cure I can give you some medicine to ________ your headache.

3-1 翻译句子 我向这家公司申请了一份工作。 I applied to the company for a job. ______________________________________ 3-2 补全句子 我们向他申请许可证的那位官员非常热情。 to whom The official______________ we applied for ________________a permit was most


4make a difference (重要)作用


(教材原句)It shows that a knowledge of first aid can make a real difference.


①The mother never made a difference between

her two sons.
妈妈从不把两个儿子区别对待。 ②The person who has made a difference in my

life is my best friend.
生活中对我影响很大的一个人就是我的好朋友。 ③The rain didn’t make much difference to the game. 这场雨对比赛没多大影响。

归纳拓展 make a/no/some difference (to/in

sb./sth.)(对某人/某物)有 /没有/有些作用,

4-1 翻译句子

The sea air has made a difference to ______________________________________

his health. ______________
4-2 补全句子 (1)下不下雨对我来说都一样。

Whether it rains or not
makes no difference to me ________________________.


make a great difference to The travel will ______________________ his later life. (3)努力点吧,你会与众不同的。 Work hard, and you will make a difference ______________________________.

(教材原句) John was studying in his room when he heard screaming. 约翰正在房里学习这时候他突然听到一声 尖叫。

[ 句法分析 ]

句中含有 when 引导的并列句 ,

表示“正在这时候”,相当于and then。

归纳拓展 when表示“正在这时候”之意时,多用于下

(1)be doing +when从句 表示“正在做某事时, 这时候……”。

(2)be on the point of doing +when从句 表示

(3)be about to do +when 从句 表示“即将要

(4)had just done +when 从句 表示“刚刚完 成了某事,这时候……”。

①I was cooking the dinner when I broke a

杯。 ②I was doing my homework when the lights went out.我正在做家庭作业时,灯突然灭了。 ③I was on the point of going out when the

telephone rang.

④We had just begun our work when the
machine broke down. 我们刚开始工作,这时机器突然出故障了。 ⑤I was about to leave when suddenly it rained.


⑥(2011· 高考浙江卷)One Friday,we were packing to leave for a weekend away when

my daughter heard cries for help.
在某个周五,我们正在为周末的出行而打包, 这时女儿听到了求救声。

巧学活用 1-1翻译句子 He had just finished the book when supper was

served. 他刚读完那本书正在这时晚饭端上来了。 _________________________________________
1-2补全句子 他正要走的时候汤姆来了,于是他就多停留了 一会儿。 was about to He ________________leave__________Tom when arrived so he stayed a little longer. __________


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