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04 language points

高一英语必修 3 导学案

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/>Unit 3.

The Million Pound Bank Note Language points(2)

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9. 10. 完成短语 1.bring 2.go 3. 4.stare 5.account 【探究案】 6. bet n.

vt.& vi.寻找;探索;寻求 n.耐性;忍耐→ adj.有耐心的→ n.病人

【使用说明与学法指导】 1.请同学们认真阅读预习案和探究案要求,划出重要知识,规范完成学案预习自学 内容并熟记基础知识,用红色笔做好疑难标记。

抚养;培养;教育;提出 前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说 accident 偶然;无意中;不小心 盯着看;凝视 导致;做出解释

2.联系课本知识和学过的知识,小组合作、讨论完成学案合作探究内容;组长负责, 拿出讨论结果,准备展示、点评。 3.及时整理展示、点评结果,规范完成学案当堂巩固练习,改正完善并落实好学案 所有内容。 【学习目标】

(1) 赌博 2) bet v.

make a bet 打赌

Let’s make a bet on the next election.

1.了解相关背景,掌握课文中的基础知识,培养快速阅读,整体理解的能力。 2.自主学习、合作探究。 3.激情投入、全力以赴体验探究快乐。

I bet … = (informal) I’m certain … 我肯定....I bet he’s gone swimming -- he loves it. bet – bet – bet – betting 相关短语 have a bet 打赌 打赌赢/输了 同意与……打赌 与某人打……的赌 对某事打赌

【预习案】 词汇拓展? 1. 的 n.奇遇;冒险→ n.冒险家→ adj.大胆的;有冒险精神

win/lose a bet accept/take up a bet


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

vi. 漫步;漫游;漂泊→ n. 商人→

n. 游荡;溜达;闲逛

bet sb. sth. bet on sth.

n.商业;生意 n. 通行证;许可证;执照

vt.& vi. 许可;允许;准许→ vi. 凝视;盯着看 vt. 发现;认出→

make a bet on sth. with sb. 和某人在……上打赌 have a bet on … 在……上下赌注 为打赌而做某事

n. 斑点;污点;地点

do sth. for a bet

n. 船费(包括食宿);通道;(一)段 vi.& vt.认为;说明;总计有→
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7. go ahead: 执行,进行,举行 n. 说明;理由;计算;账目
- 1 -

1. Despite the bad weather, the journey will go ahead.
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1. 用括号中所给词或短语的适当形式完成下列句子。 2. The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 8. stare v. make a bet; go ahead; by accident; stare at; account for; on the contrary 1. Don’t _________ me like that. It’s not my fault anyway. 2. He could not __________ his absence from school. 3. He __________ that he would win the game. 4. It doesn’t seem ugly to me; ______________, I think it’s rather beautiful. 5. I don’t know whether he did it __________ or by design. 6. If you want to take a shower, just ________ and take one. 2. 单项选择 1.—I wonder why he has been acting so strange these days. —Recent pressure at work may A.account for B.make for his behaviour. C.change for D.stand for

(1) look at sb./sth. with the eyes wide open in a fixed gaze 瞪着眼睛凝视 It’s rude to stare. They all stared in amazement. (2) be wide open with a fixed gaze 睁大眼睛注视 He gazed at the scene with staring eyes. (3) bring sb. into a specified condition 瞪着某人使其做出某种反应 She stared him into silence. She is staring into the distance. I looked but couldn’t see it clear. 9. spot n. & v. (1) n. 斑点 Which has spots, the leopard or the tiger? 没有污点的, 纯洁的

spotless adj.

2.—Mum,can I go out to play with Tom for just a while? — A.No way 3.—Please and do what you like. B.Go ahead C.It depends D.Don’t worry

spotted adj. 有斑点的, 玷污的 (2) drop 滴 Did you feel a few spots of rain? (3) v. pick out, catch sight of, recognize, discover 找出, 认出, 发觉 Jack finally spotted just the shirt he wanted. I can’t spot the difference between them. 10. account for 解释,说明 His illness accounts for his absence. Please account for your own conduct 【检测案】
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your disgraceful conduct during the ball!

—I’m sorry.I was totally out of my mind. A.break up 4. B.set off C.account for D.dress up

she wondered if she had mistaken some other’s basket as hers when queuing to

pay in the supermarket. A.Not until long afterwards that B.It was not until long afterwards that C.Not long until afterwards D.It was long afterwards until
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