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高一英语必修二unit4Using language

Words preview extinction n. 灭绝;消亡
dinosaur n. 恐龙

inspect vt. 检查;视察
incident n. 事件;事变

dust n. 灰尘;尘土;尘埃
fierce adj. 凶猛的;猛烈的

Expressions preview

come into being 形成;产生 according to 按照;根据……所说

Animal extinction

Fast reading
1. When did dinosaurs live?
Tens of millions of years ago. 2. When did dinosaurs die out?

About 65 million years ago.

3. According to the UN report, how many animals and plants have disappeared in the last 500 years. 844

Detailed reading: True or false
F 1. There were many different kinds of dinosaur and all of them have been found in China. a number F 2. Not long ago, a rare new species of bird-like dinosaur was discovered in Henan Province. Liaoning

think F 3. Some scientists are sure dinosaurs died out because the earth got too hot for the dinosaurs to live on any more. T 4. Dinosaurs died out suddenly about 65 million years ago and many animals have disappeared in the last 500 years.

Discuss the possible reasons for the disappearance of dinosaurs. Think about what is mentioned in the text. 1. It came after an unexpected incident when a huge rock from space hit the earth and put too much dust into the air. 2. The earth got too hot to live on.

Discuss the possible reasons for the disappearance of dinosaurs. There may be other reasons for it.

For reference
The sudden mass extinction of the nonavian dinosaurs, which occurred around 65 million years ago, is one of the most intriguing mysteries in paleontology (古生 物学). The nature of the event that caused this mass extinction has been extensively studied since the 1970s. At present, several related theories are broadly supported by paleontologists: Asteroid collision Multiple collisions Environment changes

dodo 渡渡鸟

Before listening to the dodo’s

story, try to predict in pairs
how it might have become


Listen to the tape and choose the sentence on page 30 which gives the main idea of the story:

This story is about how the dodo became extinct.

No 1 is wrong. It is not fair to blame the dodo for his disappearance. No 3 only explains half the story. The dodo and man did become friends but only because man wanted to kill the dodos as easily as possible. No 4 is wrong because the other animals and birds did not do much to save the dodo. They warned him but did not help him.

Listen to the tape and choose the correct answer to complete each sentence on page 30. Keys: 1 C 2B 3C

Listening text
The story of the dodo Once upon a time I lived on the island of Mauritius. I was called “dodo”. There were many of us and we were friends with all the other animals on the island. One day a new animal came to my island. His name was Man, and at first we seemed to be good friends. We went

everywhere together and I shared my food with him. However, I began to wonder why several of my dodo friends had disappeared. Then the number of our species began to decrease quickly. I was so worried that I asked the other animals and they all told me, “Your friends are being killed and eaten by Man while you are hunting for food.” Had Man eaten them? I couldn’t believe it!

When I asked Man directly, he seemed surprised. “I haven’t seen the other dodos either.” he said. “Maybe someone else killed them.” I believed him but when more dodos disappeared I set a trap. I went off as if I was going to hunt but instead I hid in the forest and waited.

Sure enough Man came along. He ran after the last of my dodo friends and killed her. I felt so angry that I rushed out of my hiding place and straight at Man’s spear. He killed me too. After that there were no more dodos in the world. So my motto is: be careful who you trust.

1 dinosaur n. [C] 1 a type of reptile (爬行动物) which stopped existing about 60 000 000 years ago. There were many different types of dinosaur, some of which were extremely large. 2 an old-fashioned person or thing that people no longer consider to be useful: This typewriter's a bit of a dinosaur, isn't it?

2 come into being 形成;产生 1. A new rule will soon come into being. 一个新规则很快就要出台了。 2. A car comes into being through a series of complex operations. 汽车经过一连串的复杂作业程序而制 成。

3 inspect vt. 检查;视察 1. It was strange that nobody inspected my ticket before I got on the train. 很奇怪,我上火车前,竟然没有人查看我 的车票。 2. Police were called out to keep at the airport, and inspect the arriving planes. 警察们被紧急召集起来去守卫机场,并对 到达的飞机进行检查。

4 incident n. [C] an event which is either unpleasant or unusual: an isolated / serious / unfortunate incident A youth was seriously injured in a shooting incident on Saturday night.

5 dust n. [U] dry dirt in the form of powder that covers surfaces inside a building, or very small dry pieces of earth, sand or other substances: The furniture was covered in dust and cobwebs (蜘蛛网). A cloud of dust rose in the air as the car roared past.

6 fierce adj.
1 physically violent and frightening: a fierce attack / battle Two men were shot during fierce fighting last weekend. 2 strong and powerful: Fierce winds / seas prevented the race from taking place.

3 showing strong feeling or energetic activity: There is fierce competition to join the Special Branch. 4 US INFORMAL difficult: The chemistry exam was fierce!

7 according to 按照;根据……所说 1. According to facts in my possession he can not possibly be guilty. 根据我所掌握的事实,他是不可能有罪的。 2. According to these figures, our company is doing well. 从这些数字来看,我们的公司经营得不错。

In pairs choose another endangered animal which you know about. Analyse why this animal is endangered. over hunted lack of food habitat is being threatened

For example
Animal Habitat Reason for problem

Polar bear
White Rhino

North Pole Africa

Warming of the seas means it is losing its habitat of ice flows 1 Destruction of the grasslands where it lives 2 Hunting for its horn 3 Too friendly and so easily caught

Discuss what you might do to save it. Useful phrases
INTENTION I’m going to … I intend/mean/ plan to … I will … PURPOSE to help/save to protect … from so that …

I’d like to …

in order to …

I’d rather not … but do … to teach them a I’m ready to … lesson to punish those who I feel like … do harm to wildlife


Everyone shares a responsibility in helping to save endangered animals that live on Earth. Here are some ways we can help all wildlife: Support zoos, reserves, and organizations that help animals. Volunteer your money, time and ideas.

Avoid buying any products made from endangered animals. Learn all about endangered animals and share this information with everyone. Don't pollute.

Write a letter to WWF based on what you have discussed, asking them to help you save your endangered animals. All letters have a start and an ending. The language used depends on how well the writer knows the person to whom he / she is writing. (pay attention to the guidelines on your book)

Starts Dear,

Hi, My dear, Dearest,

Endings Yours sincerely, Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours truly, Yours faithfully,

Love, Cheers, Regards, Best wishes, Yours,

1. Review the words and expressions we’ve learned. 2. Finish the exercises on the Workbook.


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