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book 3 unit 5 Reading II(Page 38&Page 74)

Unit 5 Reading (II)

the largest country in the world 3rd

the second largest country in the world



has an area of 9,984,670 squ

are kilometers; the distance from east to west is5,500 kilometers.


Slightly over 30 million.




settlers from France

settlers from England

The first settlers arrived from England in 1497.

Settlers from France reached Canada in 1534.


Official languages: English and French

in the north winters long;
snow for six months

west coast

January : 3℃
July : 18 ℃


winter --- -10℃ Summer --- 21 ℃

different from area to area (as in china )

Maple trees

maple trees

fresh water

the five great lakes

one third of the world’s fresh water

The Niagara fall

most of the electricity is produced by water


Much of the country is covered by forests;




Fill in the blanks according to the order things happened.

the next morning around noon late that night at dawn the next morning they spend the afternoon

they saw beautiful maple trees and realized that fall had come. they arrived in Toronto. the train left. they arrived in Montreal. in the lovely shops and visiting the artists in their workplaces beside the water. the train was speeding down to the East Coast.

the night

Answer the questions about the passage.

1. How many cities did they visit in the text? What are they?
Two. Toronto, Montreal

2. What did they see outside their windows?

Maple trees.
3. What season was it?

It was fall / autumn.

4. How do we know it is fall in Canada? We know it is fall in Canada because the maple trees are red and gold and orange, and there is frost on the ground.


maple trees

5. What can sometimes be seen from the CN Tower in Toronto? Sometimes the misty cloud that rises from Niagara Falls can be seen from the CN Tower.

Toronto from the CN Tower.

Niagara Falls

6 ____ is the home of the famous basketball teams? A the covered stadium B the harbour area C a telephone booth D a restaurant 7 Why is there good Cantonese food in Chinatown? A Because the Chinatown is in Toronto B Because most of the Chinese people there come from South China C Because all the Chinese people there are from Hong Kong D Because it’s near Canada’s capital Ottawa

Olympic stadium


8. Which direction is the train going from Toronto? The train is going east from Toronto. 9. What three things show that Montreal is a French city? Good coffee, good bread and good music show that Montreal is a French city. Also the signs and ads are in French.

Montreal 蒙特利尔是加拿大第二大城市和世界

Old Montreal

St. Lawrence River

wealthiest and __________ Toronto is the __________ biggest city in Canada.There is the tall __________ CN Tower Falls and the Niagara famous _____________, which is misty with a _____ beautiful cloud that ______ rises covered from it.There is also a ________ stadium and Chinatowns three ___________ where you can get good Cantonese food. Montreal has kept its French culture. French People both _______ and English. signs speak ads There are ______ and ___ in French. It’s broad nice to sit in a café ,looking over the ______ St Lawrence River.

I.根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或 汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。 1. The red leaves of ______ maple (枫树) trees of the Fragrant Hills are the most charming autumn scenery in Beijing. 2. The grass is covered with ____ frost (霜) in the early morning. 3. Most of the old buildings downtown _________ (在市 区) were torn down.

4. The _____ (自助餐) is over there. Please buffet help yourself. 5. In many countries, young people still keep up the _______ (传统) that tradition women get married in a long white dress. awn 6. The diligent student gets up before d____ every day.

7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the b___. ush 8. I recognized my primary s_________ choolmate Mary in the photo. 9. I’ll give him a call from the phone b____ ooth on the corner. 10. The d_______ istance from my house to school is 200 metres.

III. 用适当的介词或副词填空。 1. Have you got any idea when we shall leave for ___ Rome? 2. This may occur in areas of high rainfall or in coastal areas where rivers into flow ___ the ocean. 3. I usually walk along the path in the countryside at __________ / around dusk.

4. We set sail __ at dawn and headed straight for Shanghai. 5. Do you mind if we discuss a little business ____ over dinner? 6. My parents often chat with ____ me after supper. 7. Write these words in __ small letters, not capital letters.

8. Will you please go _______________ downtown / along with me to do some shopping? 9. Can’t you look over ____ your examination exercises again? 10. We used to walk _____ along the river when we lived in this village.

IV. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。
1. 我好像听到远处有说话声。(in the distance) I seemed to hear a voice in the distance. 2. 他和他的朋友一起步行到公共汽车站。 (as far as) He walked with his friend as far as the bus station.

3. 这位父亲想让孩子们亲近他。(be close to) The father wants the children to be close to him. 4. 许多年轻女孩梦想成为时装模特儿。 (dream of) Many young girls dream of becoming fashion models.

5. 有一天大约黄昏时,我看到一个小孩 在街上讨饭。(around dusk) One day I saw a boy begging in the street around dusk. 6. 天亮时,他发现自己躺在一个山谷底 处。(at dawn) At dawn, he found himself lying at the bottom of a valley.

7. 你最好证实一下他的飞机确实是在8 点起飞。(make sure that) You’d better make sure that his plane takes off at 8:00. 8. 直到失去健康,他才知道了健康的价 值。(not ... until ...) He didn’t realize the value of health until he lost it.

Read the two passages again and find the main characters of Toronto, Montreal and Iqaluit. What can you see and do in the three different cities?



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