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高二学案 Book 5 Unit 2

The United Kindom

Period2 Language Points(2012-9-18 聂) Learning Aims: 1.Know some important words, phrases occurring in this reading:

unite, kingdom, consist, divide, puzzle, clarify, relation, legal, convenience, attraction, collection, construct, influence, consist of, divide ... into, break away (from), leave out
2.Learn some difficult and important sentences: 1). Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well. P9 2). However, the southern part of Ireland was unwilling and broke away to form its own government. P10 3). The greatest historical treasure of all is London with its museums, art collections, theatres, parks and buildings. P10 4). You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom enjoyable and worthwhile! P10 Language Points: 1. How many countries does the UK consist of? 大不列颠由多少个国家组成? consist vi. 在于, 存在于; 组成, 构成 习惯搭配: 1) consist of 由?组成, 由?构成, 包括(注意:不能用于被动语态和进行时态) = be made up of This club consists of more than 200 members. _____ _______ _____________ _______four Europeans and two Americans.这支队伍包括四名欧洲人和两 名美国人 The committee _____________ _______ _________ _____________.委员会由七名成员组成. 2) consist in 基于, 在于, 存在?之中 The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings. 幸福存在于什么中?What _______ happiness ___________ ______? 2. England can be divided into three main areas. 英国可以分成三大部分。 divide 意为“把一个整体分成若干个部分” 常与 into, among, between 搭配 divide into 把?分成 divide sth. among sb. 在?分配 divide? by? 用?除以 辨析: divide, separate divide 划分;把整体分成若干部分, 破坏了宾语的完整性。 separate 分隔; 把原来连在一起或靠近的分隔开来, 没有破坏宾语的完整性, 只是将宾语分开。 1). The apple was ___________ into two. 2). We ____________the money equally. 3). Oxygen can be _____________ from water. 4). The Taiwan Strait ____________ Taiwan from Fujian. 3. puzzle 1)n. 迷;难题;玩具;迷惑(只用单数) a Chinese puzzle(中国玩具) 【比喻】复杂难懂之事 a cross-word puzzle(纵横填字游戏) 常用搭配:be in a puzzle about 对??大惑不解 I ____ ____ ____ ________ ______ the matter.我对这件事大惑不解。

2)vt. 常用搭配:puzzle sb./be puzzled with 使??迷惑; 对??大惑不解 The question ________ ______ ./I______ ____________ _______ the question.这个问题使我很迷惑。 4. You can clarify this question if you study British history.如果你学习了英国历史, 就能弄清楚这个问题 了。clarify vt. 澄清, 讲清楚; 阐明 vi. 澄清, 清楚, 明了; 易懂事 1)你能解释这个问题吗?_______________________________________________________ 2)他的头脑突然清醒了。_______________________________________________________ 拓展: clarification n. 5. However, the Southern part of Ireland was unwilling and broke away to form its own government. unwilling adj. 不愿意的;不乐意的 break v. (broke, broken) 习惯搭配: break away 挣脱, 逃脱;脱离, 背叛 break down 抛锚, 出故障, 身体跨了 break into 闯入, 突然发出 break out (战争、瘟疫、火灾) 爆发 break through 突破;突围;有重要创见 break up 打碎,破碎;结束;解散;衰落 break the rules 违反规则 break the records 打破记录 用 break 词组完成下列句子。 1) When we were out, a thief ___________ our house. 2) Lincoln said it was wrong for the South to _____________ from the country. 3) Unluckily, our car ___________ on the high way. 4) The two companies decided to ________ the partnership. 5) A big earthquake ________ in Tangshan. 6.To their credit the four countries do work together in some areas (eg, the currency and international relations), but they still have very different institutions. 值得赞扬的是, 这四个国家的确在一些方面共同 合作,例如在货币和国际关系方面;但是有些制度仍然区别很大。 credit 既是可数名词 ,又是不可数名词, 其常见意思是 “赊购(制度) ;称赞;学分。 如:credit card ” 信用卡 on credit 赊账,记账 He bought the furniture___________. 他赊帐买了这家具。 No credit is given to this restaurant. 本店概不赊账。 He earned enough credits for his degree. 他为获得学位取得了足够的学分。 credit 也可以作动词,表示“信;把??.归功于” 。如: Do you credit what that politician said? 你相信那个政客说的话吗? to one’s credit 值得赞扬; 为某人增光。如: It is greatly to his credit that Arthur gave back the money he found. 亚瑟拾金不昧是非常值得赞扬的。 7.England is the largest of the four countries, and for convenience it is divided roughly into three zones. 在这四个国家中, 英格兰最大, 为了方便起见, 它大致被分为了三个地区。 convenience n. convenient adj.方便, 便利 for convenience 为了方便起见 at one’s convenience 在某人方便时

convenient 主语通常是物而不是人 be convenient to/for sb 对某人方便 1) 为了方便我把字典放到了桌子上。 2).请在您方便的时候过来。 3). 那个时间对于您而言方便吗

2)1931 年 9 月 18 日,日本人入侵中国的东北。 be convenient for sb. to do sth. 某人做某事方便 3)经过八年的抗战,中国人民战胜了日本侵略者。 11. You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom enjoyable and worthwhile.如果想使你在英国的旅程愉快有意义,你必须睁大双眼。 解读:1)句中的 keep your eyes open 和 make your trip enjoyable and worthwhile 都是“动词+宾语+形容 词作宾补”结构。 他发现房间是开着的。________________________________________________ 雨使地面浸湿了。_________________________________________________ 2)enjoyable adj 愉快的;有趣的; 惬意的;令人享受的。通常用来描述事件或物体,我们可以说做什么事 情什么东西是 enjoyable,但不能说某某人是 enjoyable What an enjoyable life! The whole holiday was really enjoyable, from start to finish. 3)worthwhile adj.值得做的,常用于 It is worthwhile to do sth./doing sth.中。 I don’t think it is worthwhile.我认为不值得做这件事。 It is worthwhile discussing/to discuss the question.讨论一下这个问题是值得的。 Homework 单项选择 1. Our class _______ of thirty-two boys and twenty-three girls. A. composes B. concludes C consists D. contains

4).Come and see me whenever _____________. A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient to you D. it will be convenient to you 8.It is a pity that the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. 可惜这些在十 九世纪建立起来的工业城市却对游客没有吸引力。 attract vt. 吸引;引起注意 attractive adj. 有吸引力的 attraction n. 1) 吸引,引力; 2) 吸引人的东西; 喜闻乐见的东西; 精彩节目 常用搭配:have attraction for sth. 对??有吸引力 attract one’s attention 吸引某人的注意力 be attracted to sth.被??所吸引 翻译:1) 那个花园城市吸引许多游客(tourists) 。 2)Jim was attracted to the Italian girl. 3)The salesman banged a drum to attract a crowd. 4) 巨大的响声吸引了孩子们的注意力。 9. influence vt. & n. 影响,感化, 影响力 <短语>have influence with / on 对...有影响 under the influence of 在?影响下 翻译:1) The weather influences crops. 2)My teacher’s influence made me study science at college. 3)他的父亲对他有很大的影响。 4)在他母亲的影响下,他从小就喜欢唱歌。 10.If you look around the British countryside you will find evidence of all these invaders. 如果你的在英国四处走走的话, 就会发现这些入侵者的痕迹。 invader n. 入侵者; 侵略者 invade vt. 侵入; 侵略; 拥入 翻译:1) Disease invade the body.

2. A quarrel _________, which made him ______ his family. A. was broken out; break away C. was broken away; break down B. broke out; break away from D. broke down; break out

3. The girl looked at me with a ___ expression. Maybe the problem was quite ___ A. puzzled; puzzling B. puzzling; puzzled C. puzzled; puzzled D. puzzling; puzzling 4 . The teacher _____ his students______ five groups.. A divided…into A. spared B. lost B. separated…from .C. separated…into… C separated D. missed D. divided…from 5 As we joined the big crowd I got _______ from my friends. 6. Miss Zhou, as well as Mrs. Lin, _______ good French. A. speak B. spoke C. spoken .D speaks 7. This wire connects _____ that one. A. to B. of C. on 8.Come and see me whenever _______. A you are convenient C it is convenient to you A in convenience A shutting B you will be convenient D it will be convenient to you .D with

9. England is the largest of the four countries and ___________it is divided roughly into three zones. B with convenience C for convenience D at convenience C being shut D shut 10. He kept his mouth _________and stayed where he was. B to shut


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