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Be different from Be similar in 在 --- 方 面 ---to my clothes is similar in style to yours. Write down / take down 写下 记下 note down /put down(练习题里) (Follow)Give instructions to (instruct) the students, and then let them do the task in group. At the start/beginning of--- this term In the end (at last), he made a conclusion. In the beginning (), 1. be far away from 离---远 我家离学校不远。 My home is not far away from school. 如果有具体的距离,那么 far 这个词

My home is 300m away from school.


be enthusiastic about 对---热衷 着迷 (to do) enthusiasm n.

I am enthusiastic about pop music. 3. Appear v. 出现 appearance 外貌 面孔 @appear to do=seem to do 看起来, 似乎 she appeared to have known the matter. She appeared to know nothing. 3. like v. 喜欢 doing(习惯性的爱 好)/to do 临时想法 I like playing basketball. But, I like to play football today. Be like (prep.) 和---像 Your bag is like mine. Your bag is nothing little/something) like mine. (a Be

nothing like 2) The weather here is nothing like that in Guangzhou. The books here are nothing like those (复数)in library. Be bored with 对 --- 无 聊 bored with this subject. Introduce---to--- 把---介绍---给 Let me introduce my parents to you. Let me introduce my friend to you. 4. be embarrassed at/by 对---感到 尴尬 I was embarrassed at/by my mistake. 5. attitude to(towards) 介词 n/v-ing answer key solution to (solve v.) (/maintain/hold/keep the attitude) This is my attitude to (towards) I am

playing games. In other words 换句话,换言之 (to put it another way) In a word 总之 in conclusion Have a word with sb. 和某人谈话 Have words with sb. 吵架 eat/Break one’s words 食言 倍数表达 这个湖是这个池塘的 5 倍深。Once twice 1. 主语+系动词(动词)+倍数 as— 原型-as--The lake is 5 times as deep as the pool. 2. 主语+系动词(动词)+倍数+比较 级 than---

The lake is 5 times deeper than the pool. 3. 主语+系动词(动词)+倍数 +the 度量的名词(depth width length height size)of--The lake is 5 times the depth of the pool. 5. look forward to 介词 期待

I look forward to meeting you. 6. be impressed with /by/at 对---印象 深刻 I am very impressed with the man. I am very impressed with the concert. 7. cover v。覆盖 Cover---with be cover with/by The earth is covered with/by snow.

Cover the table with a cloth. I covered 100 pages of the book. They covered 100 miles a day. Who will cover this big event? 采访 报道 My plan covers 3 parts. Who will cover the expense/bill at last? Be divided (划分)into We are divided into 3 groups. -ed 和-ing 的形容词的区分 -ing 的形容词表示的是令人、使人产 生---情绪 -ed 自身感受 This failure is

really__discouraging__. (discourage)so, we feel disappointed. He is an______ man. Interesting From his _---ed____ face, we know the result is ____---ing_____. disappoint

Module2 1. be energetic (in--He is quite energetic in sports. 2. be intelligent in--Tom is intelligent in Physics. *3. be nervous (to do) nerve n. Be nervous about--- 对---紧张 I am nervous about the exam. Be nervous of--- 对--- 害怕 Girls are nervous of snakes. *4.patient Be patient with 对--- 有耐心(have

patience with/to do) We should be patient with study. (have patience with) Be patient of 对--- 宽容 容忍 Teacher should be patient of mistakes. 5. be serious about/of 对--- 认真 严肃 We’d better be serious about everything. 6. be strict with sb in sth. My teacher is strict with us in homework. 6. make sure 确认 核实 保证 1) 从句 make sure that you can come. 2) ---of 名词 代词 I think we should make sure of the time again.

7. v.

respect +sb/--- 宾语

We respect you. n. Show/have respect for sb we show respect for the professor. With respect to--- 关于--- 涉及到--8. appreciate 欣赏 感激 I appreciate your/you drawing very much. I appreciate him/his lending me money. 9. Avoid +n doing avoidance n. I avoided meeting him. Admit + doing

I admitted making a mistake. Be admitted to ? I admit you to my office. You will be admitted to a good university one day. 10 get around 1) 四处走动 My leg was hurt, so I can’t get around. 2) I want get around the city with him. 3) 消息等的传播,散播 Everyone knows the news, because it has got around. I hope you can give me some help. My expectation is that you can give me some help.


Get on

/ off

Get in/ out of 空间小


take off

His business took off last year. At the seaside On the coast

1. Abandon

desert v. +宾语

He abandoned his friends. The factory is abandoned/deserted. Abandon oneself into 介词 沉迷于,沉浸于--使自己

We shouldn’t abandon ourselves into (playing) computer games. 2.frighten v. fright n. frighten sb (to do sth/into doing) The news frightened me. The news frightened me to call (into calling)my friend immediately/at once Be frightened by /at 3. go downtown 去市中心 去购物 4. be short for ---是---的 简称 PRC is short for People’s Republic of China. For short People’s Republic of China is PRC for short. 5. permit/allow sb to do permit/allow doing 允许

We don’t allow smoking. They don’t allow me to smoke here.



scene 场景 现场 视 野 范 围 =sight sight 名胜景

View 视 角

come into view/sight 点

sightseeing 旅游观光

6. out of ( 超 出 范 围 ) date 过 时 out of fashion 过 时 stay 正在流行 on the way out 即将过时 I did it just out of anger. 出于---原因 7. at a speed of --- 以--- 速度 My car travelled at a speed of 200 in the

km per hour. Speed up 加速

pace up

M4. 1. fortunate (feel)be fortunate to do(doing) I feel very fortunate to attend/ attending the meeting. 2. mean to do 打算做--I didn’t mean to hurt you. Mean doing 意味着--Your failure means doing it again. 3. survey do/make a survey 做个调查 4. *bother sb with、about sth don’t bother me with such easy questions. Bother to do/ doing

Bother to do 费心--You don’t bother to meet me at the airport. 5. don’t make yourself a nuisance 6. approach+sb. /sth v. we are approaching the park. n. 方法 途径+to (介词) Make approaches to 设法接近 I don’t like your approach to (dealing with) the problem. 7. be professional in--He is quite professional in music. 8.afford +n/ to do 支付得起, 承受 得起 I can’t afford (to buy) a car. 9. survive an accident 直接加上宾 语 10. contact v. +sb.

When you come here, contact me. n. get into touch (contact) with 与某 人取得联系 主谓(宾 — 动作的承受者) he runs fast. 状语(主干结构多出那部分) I met him yesterday. 主系( be, 变化类 turn get grow become feel go 感 官 类 taste smell


The idea sounds good. The cake tastes delicious. The food smells bad. Your hand feels cold. I am a student. The flowers are beautiful. The man is kind. His face turned red immediately. The tree grows taller.

The food went bad. I became a teacher last year. M5

(stretch spread)



1. contract v 收缩 n. 合同 合约 契约 sign/make/draw a contract 2. react with--- 同 --- 产生化学反 应 in fact, iron can react with oxygen. React to --- 对--- 做出回应,回 复 *He never reacted to my questions. 3.in order 有顺序 out of order

混乱无序 4.add --- to--- 把---加上--Add my name to the list. *Add to= increase Your coming to my party adds to ( increase ) the great atmosphere.(气氛) Add up to 总数 总共 The people here add up to 2000. 5. aim v. at doing/to do aim at winning the game Aim for +n a great success 7. conclusion (the meeting) come to a conclusion (arrive at reach) Draw a conclusion from= conclude from--8. result v in 导致---后果

Your carelessness will result in great mistakes. Result from 由--- 造成 导致 The mistakes carelessness. result from your

M6 *consist of The football team consists of 11 players. 不使用被动 The football team is made up of 11 players. Allow doing/sb to do (permit) Work as a manager Work for a company Work out a problem From then on = from that moment on From now on Go down go up

Come up with 想出


Come out 1) 出版 发行 his new album will come out next month. 2) 消 息 的 泄 露 when the news came out, everyone was in a state of shock. Come across 偶然碰到 come to 苏醒 植物发芽 Log on/in log out/off Contain include 区分 Contain 盛了什么东西 容纳 --- 把 里面的内容都说出来 The room can only contain 4 people. Include 突出里面内容的一部分 I have many friends, including you. * access v. 得到获得 get gain

No one can access the secret. n. 接近的道路 通道 get/ gain/have access to 介词 no one can have access to the secret. Adj. accessible * break down 分解 坏掉了 We know some plastic 塑 料 is difficult to break down. My car broke down on my way home. Break down the building. Under such great pressure, he finally broke down. 补充 break through 取得进展 突破 We didn’t break through in the matter. Break out 战争火山 等 爆发 Do you know when the World War I

broke out? *Design--- for/to do I designed the clothes for the model. He designed to work as a lawyer after graduation. It is a good design. * permit=allow sb to do allow doing n. permission give permission to ? concentrate – on/upon = focus on ? you’d better concentrate on your own business. *On average 平均地 v. the expense averaged 1000 dollars a month when we were in Britain. *Advantage Take advantage of =make use of 利 用 your time / this good chance

Have an advantage over--- 比--- 有 优势 I have an advantage over a lot of people in English. M1 1. diet n/v 节食 you don’t have to diet. Be/go on a diet you don’t have to go on a diet.

Get/catch a cold(fever)(headache) 感冒(发烧)(头痛) get flu (不)

Keep healthy/fit 保持健康 2. fit v.adj 适合 Sth fit sb. 的


The clothes fits you well, because it is

in your size. Sb be fit for/to do sth

adj. 胜任

You are fit for/to do the job. 3. be connected to 具体连接 The line is connected to the TV set. Be connected with 和---有联系 关 联 抽象 I am not connected with the matter. 4. head for/towards 朝---前进 走去 I am heading towards the library. Scream (尖叫)off one’s head 吵得头 昏脑胀 head off 砍头 in one’s

5.eye+ 宾语

盯着 看着

eyes You will eye/ Keep an eye on the progress when I am away. Keep an eye on--6. be anxious about 对---担忧 担心


anxiety n.

Don’t be anxious about my health. Be anxious to do/for 很渴望 很着急

想做--I am anxious to know the result. 7.have a sweet tooth 喜欢吃甜食 8.injure 意外受伤 one’s pride

Wound 战斗搏斗中受伤 Hurt 侧重情感方面的伤害 9. be crazy about 爱 he is very crazy about computer games. Be crazy for--- 特别想要,喜欢--I am crazy for this style of clothes. Ordinary 普通的 not special 对--- 疯狂 热

I just want an ordinary TV set. Common 普遍的常见的, 共同的 This is a common style of car.

Normal abnormal



Everyone has a normal temperature. Usual 通常的,习惯性的 惯常的。

Drinking a coffee in the morning is my usual habit. M2 use/Take drugs 吸毒 1. die of 内因 死于---

die from 外因 the beggar died of hunger. His uncle died from a car accident. He died of/from cancer.(如果具体知 道死于那种疾病,可以使用 from) Die out 灭绝 Be dying for---/to do 非常渴望---I’m dying for the piano. 2. be related to =be connected with 和—有联系 3. be addicted to 介词 迷 A lot of people are addicted to drugs. Addictive 令人---上瘾的 Coffee is addictive. 对---上瘾 着

Have an addiction to playing computer games 4.increase /reduce to 到 哪 个 点 by 一个幅度 The population here increases to 40 million. In other words, the population has increased by 50%. 5.听从某人建议 Follow/take one’s advice/ suggestions Commit a crime 人、物+ be likely to do He is very likely to come late. Probable 很可能 Possible 可能 It is Probable/ Possible for sb Ban n/v to do.

Ban sb. From doing Our school rules ban us from smoking. Put a ban on--Break into 介词 the house Break in 副词

M3 Of all time Encourage doing/ sb. To do Be famous/known as/ for/ to the Great Wall is known as a symbol of China for its long history to the whole world.

Change for---想要得到的东西 Change into--Gift 天赋 天生的

Her beauty is a gift. Talent 才能 才华 Have/show talent for--Genius 人 天才 Mozart is a genius in music. Compose a music Compose a novel

变化类系动词 Go 坏方向 go pale the tree grows

Grow 慢 的 变 化

taller. Turn 快速的变化 有时候一次性变 化=become His face turned red suddenly. Become After graduation, I became a teacher.

Record v+o Record an album Record n 录音 记录 Set/keep(hold)/break a record Mix A with B 混合 结合

His painting mixed the