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高考各地模拟题分类汇编: 备战 2011 高考各地模拟题分类汇编:名词
() [2010·河南示范性高中五校 4 月联考]Most female workers in Beijing suffer from 1. ____ connected to the global financial crisis, according to a recent survey. A. curiosity B. eagerness C. thirst D. anxiety

1 D 考查名词词义辨析。句意:根据最近的调查,在北京的职业女性多数患有与经济危机有 关的“焦虑症”。 Curiosity 好奇;eagerness 渴望; thirst 口渴;anxiety 焦虑。 ()2. [2010·河北石家庄市二模]Charles Dickens wrote many novels to call social problems at that time. A. interest B. attention C. notice D. mind to

2 B 此题考查名词辨析。解题的关键是:记住短语 call attention to 唤起对。。的注意。 。 ()3. 2010 届河北正定中学高三下学期第二次考试 It is too bad for someone in such a high _______ in the government to behave badly in public. A. position B. situation C. profess ion D. condition

3 A 考查名词词义辨析。Position 职位;situation 情景; profession 职业; condition 情况。此处 someone in such a high position 意为:有如此高职位的人。 ()4. [2010·河北唐山市二模]His story of the accident does not make any is telling a lie. A.difference B.sense C.excuse D.point .He

4 B考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:掌握短语make any sense,本题借助短语考名词辨析。 ()5. [2010·河北唐山市三模]Jo was doing a lot of exercise to build up her A. strength B. power C. force D. energy .

5A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:Jo 进行大量的锻炼以增加他的体力。根据句意选 A。strength 体力;power 力量,电力;force 力,军队;energy 能量。 ()6. [2010·陕西宝鸡市质检三]I got a really good only 1,000 yuan. A.cost B.view C.deal D.value on my new computer for

6C考查名词词义辨析。此处deal意为:交易。 () [2010·陕西西工大附中 6 次训练]His letter was so confusing that I could hardly 7. make any ________ of it.

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A. explanation

B. meaning

C. sense

D. guess

7C 考查名词辨析及短语。解题关键是:掌握短语 make sense of。 ()8. [2010·全国大联考预测卷(大纲)]I have been told that the new law will come into_________on January 1 A.effect

next year. C.service D.existence


8A 考查名词词义辨析。come into effect(生效,开始实施) come into use(投入使用) come into service(投入使用) come into existence(开始存在,成立) ()9. [2010·湖北六校第二次联考]We have strong __________ for believing that the mine accident in Heilongjiang was due to the poor management. A.grounds C.cause B.reason D.purpose

9A 考查名词词义辨析。“grounds”在本句中意为“充分的理由,且常用复数形式。这 句话的意思是“我们有充分的理由相信黑龙江的矿难事故是由于管理不善所致”。 ()10. [2010·湖北武汉四月调研]I must have been a great ______ to my parents in those hard days, for I ne ver failed to live up to their expectations. A. achievement B. comfort C. disappointment D. support

10B 考查名词词义辨析。句意:在那些艰难的日子里,我从来没有辜负父母的期望,对他们 来说我一定是一个最大的安慰。Achievement 成绩,成就;comfort 安慰; disappointment 失望;support 支持。根据句意选 B。 ()11. [2010·湖北六校第二次联考]There is an obvious __________ between the cultures of the West and East. A.content C.contract B.contrast D.contact

11C 考查名词词义辨析。“contrast”意为“明显的差异;对比;对照”;A 项意为“内 容”;C 项意为“合同;合约;契约”;D 项意为“联系;联络”。这句话的意思是“东西 方文化之间存在着明显的差异”。 ()12. [2010·湖北六校第二次联考] A trip to the forest park is a wondful ______ of my happy childhood, when I had no end of fun with my playmates. A. adventure B. celebration C. reminder D. attraction

12C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:去那个森林公园游玩勾起我对快乐童年的回忆,那时我和我
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的伙伴们有无尽的快乐。 题干中的定语从句使用了一般过去时, 可见这里表示回忆起快乐的 童年,用 reminder 表示“提醒人记忆之物”,符合题意。adventure 冒险; celebration 庆祝; attraction 具有吸引力的事物或人。 ()13. [2010·湖北武汉四月调研]Nowadays people have to pass various tests for professional __________ so that they can be qualified for a well-paid job. A.certificates C.admission B.permission D.perseverance

13A 考查名词词义辨析。 “professional certificates”意为“职业证书”; permission 意为“准许;许可;批准”;admission 意为“(机械、组织等的)准许加入,进入权”; perseverance 意为“毅力;韧性;不屈不挠的精神”。此句译为“现如今人们不得不通过 各种各样的考试以获得职业证书,这样他们就有资格获取一份高薪工作”。 14.[2010·海南五校联考]Mr Li has some trouble sleeping, so dinking a glass of milk before going to bed every night is his common A.practice B.knowledge C.experience . D.duty

14.A 考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:掌握习语 common practice 惯例。 15.[2010·湖北黄冈中学一模]She’s hoping her first performance in the US will be the first step on the road to success, then she wants to try her ________ in Hollywood. A. reputation B. fortune C. fame D. target

15.B 考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:掌握短语 try one’s fortune 碰运气。 16.[2010·湖北黄冈中学一模]He spoke so casually, as though the problem were of little ________. A. matter B. circumstance C. benefit D. consequence

16.D 考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。句意:他讲得太随便,似乎这个问题不大重要。此处 be of little consequence 不大重要。 17. [2010·利德智达模拟 2]----How much should I pay for the ice cream? -----It’s my_____. A.choice B treat C present D charge

17 B 在情景交际中考查名词词义。It’s my treat,我来请客。 18. [2010·利德智达模拟 2]On your way to New Youk William will keep you ______,if
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you don’t want to be loneiy. Acompany Bconductor Csafety Dfriend

18 A 考察名词词义。从下文 if you don’t want to biloneiy 可知选 A。keep sb。Company 与某人作伴。 19. [2010·山西康杰中学 5 月模拟]She was afraid that unless the train speeded up she would miss her ______ to Scotland. A. ticket B. place C. seat D. connection

19D 考查名词词义辨析。句意:她恐怕除非火车提速否则她会错过去苏格兰的中转火车。 ticket 票;place 地方; seat 座位;conn ection 中转火车。 20. [2010·云南昆明三中第七次月考]The professor got a disease in blood for the _______ of fresh vegetables and fruit. A. snake B. lack C. ignorance D. minority

20B 考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:短语 the lack of 缺乏。。句意:因缺乏蔬菜和水果, 。 那位教授得了一种血液病。 21. [2010·甘肃省第二次联考]If you’re looking for a it is on sale. A. bargain B. price C. cost D. bill , you can make it when

21A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:如果你在找便宜货,当促销的时候你能做到。bargain 便 宜货; price 价格;cost 花费;bill 账单。 22. [2010·浙江宁波十校联考]When I was appo inted to work in Hong Kong, I couldn’t adapt to the ___of life there for a long time. A. speed B. rate C. target D. pace

22D 考查名词词义辨析。句意:我很长时间不能适应那里的生活节奏。解题关键是:掌握短 语 the pace of life 生活节奏,生活不妨。Speed 速度;rate 比率;target 目标; pace 步伐,节奏。 23. [2010·高考冲刺预测卷(全国卷 II)]It is reported that many battles broke out in Middle East. What’s your of the situation there? A. assessment B. anxiety C. comprehension D. consideration

23A 考查名词辨析。 assessment“估价, 评价”; anxiety“忧虑, 焦虑”; comprehension“理

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解”;consideration“考虑”。句意为:“据报道,在中东地区爆发了很多次战争。你对 那儿的形势是如何评价的?” 24.(2010·山东潍坊高考模拟训练 A) The police have issued a detailed missing boy. A. direction B.expression C.description D.instruction of the

24C 考查名词词义辨析。 句意: 警察发布了对失踪男孩的详细描述。 根据句意选 C。 direction 指南;expression 表达;description 描述;instruction 介绍。 25.(2010·安徽合肥高三第一次教学质量检测)My English teacher is really very kind. I’ll never forget the ______ he has done me. A. favor B. deed C. help D. value

25A 考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:掌握短语 do sb a favor,此处 the favor 是先行词, he has done me 是定语从句。 26.(2010·山东淄博高三二模) 29. The traffic slowed down because of the heavy

snow in Yushu county, presenting a new __________ to the re covery from the earthquake. A. suffering B. disaster C. challenge D. damage

26C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:因玉树县的大雪,车辆减速成为震后恢复新的挑战。根据句 意选 C。suffering 痛苦;disaster 灾难;challenge 挑战;damage 损坏。 27. (2010·黑龙江省哈九中高三三模) 27. It’s important for

us to employ a word or a phrase according to the ______ in language studies. A.situation B.expression C.condition D.translation

27A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:在语言学习中我们根据语言情境使用词汇或短语是重要的。 此处 situation 指“语境”。 situation 情境;expression 表达,表情; condition 情 况; translation 翻译。 28.(2010·陕西西安五校高三二模)25.The millionaire passed away, leaving his children with a large ________. A.fortune B.luck C.money D.amount

28A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:那个百万富翁去世了,留给他的孩子们一大笔财富。fortune 财富;luck 运气;money 钱;amount 数量。 29.(2010·天津十二区县重点中学高三联考一)----What ______ do you focus on wh en
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choosing a mobile phone for personal use? ----Its functions and stand-by time. A.features B.signs C.symbols D.brands

29A 考查名词词义辨析。语境:----当你选个人用手机时注意手机的什么特性。---它的功 能和待机时间。Feature 特征;sign 标记,记号;symbol 象征;brand 品牌。 30.(2010·浙江省台州市高三第二次调考) 19. Oh, ! We shouldn’t keep him waiting long, for he is not a person of ________. A. courage C. patience B. determination D. responsibility

30C 考查名词词义辨析。句意:我们不应该让他等这么长时间,因他不是一个有耐心的人。 根据句意选 C。 courage 勇气; determination 决心; patience 耐心; responsibility 责任。 (2010·浙江省高三第二次五校联考) Until the start of the Industrial Revolution, 6. 31. mankind was poor, hungry, and constantly at the _______ of disease and natural disa sters. A.power B.limit C.control D.mercy

31D 考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:掌握短语 at the mercy of 任。。摆布,句意:人类 。 不断地任疾病和自然灾害的摆布。 32.(2010·江苏省镇江中学高三下学情调查) 22. It's a common __________ for young

people to pay a New Year's visit to their elders. A. se nse B. practice C. rule D. scene

32B 考查名词词义辨析。解题关键是:掌握固定短语 common practice 惯例。 33.(2010·浙江温州中学高三下 4 月月考)2. The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly ______. A. atmosphere B. state C. situa tion D. phenomenon

33A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:两国高层领导人正在有好的气氛中交谈。Atmosphere 空气, 气氛;state 状态;situation 情景; phenomenon 现象。

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