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必1u1Unit1 Friendship

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Warming Up:
What kind of friend do you want? What do you think a good friend should be like?

Make a list of the qualities that you think a good friend should have.
funny brave beautiful rich strong

The qualities of a good friend
humorous honest kind


Good friend


P1: A survey.

First, please tell us your answer. You may start like this: I want to see a very interesting film, but… I will…

Now add up your score.

1. A1 2. A1 3. A1 4. A3 5. A0

B3 B2 B2 B2 B6

C2 C3 C3 C1 C0

You are always thinking about yourself. You should care more about your friends. If you continue to be selfcentered and don?t consider others? feelings, you won?t make more friends and keep friendship for long.

You take things smoothly. You seldom hurt your friends. You?d better add more affection to your friends. Friendship is about feelings and we must give as much as we take.

Wow! How faithful and kind you are! Congratulations! You are always ready to help your friends. Whenever they have any difficulty, you?ll try your best to help them without hesitation.

Friends are like wine -- the older, the better.

Warming Up 部分

good to
be good/ kind/ polite/ friendly/ rude/ cruel to 表示对人的态度 对同学要礼貌。 You should be polite to your classmates.

add up
1.add up / add sth.up 加起来 把你的分数加起来。 Add your score up. / Add up your score. Add it up. (wrong: Add up it.) add up to 共计 eg. His income adds up to 8000 yuan a month. 他一个月的收入加起来有8000元。

get sth. done
pay to get it repaired 花钱把它修好。 把…弄的怎么样 Go and get your hair cut. 去把你的头发理了。

v.使不安 adj. 心烦意乱的 upsetting 令人不安的 (物做主语) 这部电影让我非常的不安. The film upsets me. The film makes me very upset. The film is very upsetting.

When you ignore somebody or something, you pay no attention to them. 忽视、不理睬
她看见他走过来, 但装做没看到他。 She saw him coming but she ignored him.

be concerned about sb./sth.
Concern means worry or care about something or someone. 关心、担心 他非常关心他的同学. He is concerned about his classmates very much. We're rather concerned about Mary?s health. 我们相当担心Mary的健康。

Walk the dog
vt. 1)to cause to walk 使前进 walk a horse uphill. 策马爬坡 2) to accompany in walking 陪同走路 I?ll walk you home. 3) to move sth. while walking搬,牵,推 He walked the bicycle to school.

? Read the passage together and listen to the tape for the first time. ? And for this time, please don?t write anything, just listen!

Task One: complete the sentences.
? 1. There is nothing wrong with you and this boy being friends and studying together ___________________________________. ? 2. And no matter what other students say, it is possible for a boy and a girl ______________________, to be just good friends ____________________________________ ending your friendship with this boy would be a stupid thing to do.

? 3. Not only would you lose a good friend, but __________________________________ you would also lose someone who is helping _________________. you with your studies

Task two: Fill in the blanks.
Teenagers like to gossip and they often see _________ exist . Perhaps something that doesn?t ______ they can?t understand your friendship with this boy .But that is no reason to _______ throw it away , you should feel sorry for those students who have never enjoyed such a friendship. My advice ______ is to _______ ignore your _________ classmates . That way you will gossiping show them that you are more grown _______ ____ up than they are.

Listening 部分

have trouble with sth/sb.
做某事有困难, 同某人闹别扭 这些天他和父母闹别扭。 He?s having trouble with his parents. She?s having trouble with her arm. 她最近手臂痛。 have trouble/difficulty in doing sth. 做某事有困难。 Now we don?t have any difficulty in talking with foreigners.

get along with sb./sth
与某人相处, 事情进展、进行 你和新同学们相处的如何? How are you getting along with your new classmates? 他们的工作进展的很顺利. They are getting along well with their work.

fall in love (with sb.)
与某人恋爱, 爱上某人 ☆杰克对露丝一见钟情。 Jack fell in love with Rose at the first sight.

注意: fall in love 表示瞬间的动作,不能接 表示一段时间的状语

(wrong) He has fallen in love with her for two years.

(right) He has been in love with her for two years
be in love


1. Keep in mind the new words and expressions we have learnt today. And make 5 sentences, using some words and phrases we have learnt. 2. Read Anne?s Best Friend (P.2), and do Ex.1&2 (P.3). 3. Look up in the dictionary share, a series of, dare, and write down one sentences of each meaning.

Reading Anne?s Best Friend

The Second World War and 纳粹正对着屠杀后幸存的妇女进行扫射 被毒死的犹太人的衣服和鞋子 纳粹屠杀犹太人的真实场景 纳粹逼迫犹太人离开他们的家园 犹太人排队进入后面的毒气室 被关在集中营中的犹太人 纳粹正在建设集中营 the Nazi crime

Free Talk
If you have a friend, what do you want to share with him or her most? Do you think a diary can become your friend? Why or why not?

best friends Kitty


Anne?s diary

Listen to the tape. While listening, think of the following questions.

? Why did Anne hate Nazi?
? Why did Anne treated a diary as her friend ?

? Why was she so crazy about nature ?

Why did Anne hate Nazi? ? Because Nazi forced Jewish to leave their homes even killed them .

Why did Anne treated a diary as her friend ? ? Because at that special time she had no chance to make friends with person. She even couldn?t go out.

Why was she so crazy about nature ? Because she had lost touch with nature for a long time ,worrying that she could be caught .

John the correct parts of the sentences.

1.Anne kept a diary because 2.She felt very lonely because 3.They have to hide because 4.Anne named her diary Kitty because 5.They were finally caught because

A.She couldn?t meet her friends. B.Jews were caught by Nazis and put away. C.She could tell everything to it. D. they were discovered. E. she thought it was her best friend.

Choose the correct answers
1. Anne Frank and her family hid away for___ A. over a year B. over two years C. three years C. one year and a half 2. According to Anne ,a true friend is a person___ A. that would laugh at you B. who makes you happy C. whom you can trust D. who could save your life 3. Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature because___ A. her interest in nature B. she had always been so had grown C. she had been outdoors D. she had been indoors too long.

4. She didn?t dare open the window when the moon was bright .That?s because___ A. they might be discovered B. her family might be disturbed C. it was very cold D. a thief might get into the room 5. Anne and her family were caught by German Nazis___ A. about June 1945 B. about February 1945 C. about December 1944 D. about November 1944

Difficult Sentences
1. Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to… 定语从句 翻译1. 那个刚才和你说话的那个男的是我同学。 2. 这就是我想要看的那部电影! The boy whom you talked with is my classmate. This is the movie I want to see.

Difficult Sentences
2. It is because I haven?t been able to be outdoors for so long that I?ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 我不知道这是不是因为我长久无法出门的缘故, 我变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂 热。
强调句 It is… that

I met him in the park yesterday. 强调主语: It is I that/who met him in the park yesterday. 强调宾语: It is him who/whom/that I met in the park yesterday. 强调地点状语: It is in the park that I met him yesterday. 强调时间状语: It is yesterday that I met him in the park.

Difficult Sentences:
3. There was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and… 此句的时态是过去时,所以可以译成 “以前”。但There be a time/times when+句子,用中文解释是:“常 常……”、“有时……”、“曾经”等 之意。

1) If you don't pay enough attention to your grammar there will be times when you make mistakes in writing. 如果对语法缺乏足够的重视,你在写文 章时,就常会出错。 2)我们常常会忽视真正的友谊。 There are times when we ignore real friendship.

Difficult Sentences:
4. It was the first time in a year and a half that I?d seen the night face to face… 这是我一年半以来第一次亲眼目睹的夜晚。 It is the first time (that) sb. have done sth. 这是我第一次来美国。 This is the first time (that ) I have been in America. 这是我第一次考满分。

Difficult words: 1. series??? a series of ?????
一套书 两套书

a series of books two series of books


A series of books is on the shelf.
两套书在书架上。 Two series of books are on the shelf.

2. dare???????
1. Daren?t you to tell her the truth? F dare 2. The little girl dares not go out in the dark at night . F 3. They are right, I dare say.


4. They dared me to jump over the T river.

作为行为动词: 1)在肯定句中的dare, dares, dared 之后,不定式一般加to,除了I dare say表示大概、可能.
He dares to do most things, but he doesn?t dare to do this. He dared to walk through the forest by himself.

作为行为动词: 2) 在用do或does构成的否定句和疑问 句中,理论上虽然应当有to, 实际使 用却经常把to省略.
We did not dare (to) tell him that he had failed again this time. Does he dare (to) go out at night in such stormy weather?

作为情态动词: 只用在否定句和疑问句之中,不加to! 有过去式,没有三单形式! We could see he dare not tell the truth.
Dared she tell them what she knows? How dare you say so?

Reading 部分

go through
to examine carefully 仔细阅读或研究 昨晚我仔细阅读了你们的作业。 I went through your homework last night. 2) to experience 经历;遭受或忍受 我真的很难想象在他们的球队输球后,这位著 名的球星都经历了什么。 I really don?t imagine _____________________ what the famous football __________________after his team failed in player went through the game.

set down
1. 记下=write down 他记下了那时候发生的一切。 I set down everything that happened then. 2.放下, 搁下

The bus stopped to set down an old lady.

Set the baby down here.

正如, 照……的方式 1) Do as I say.

2) David, as you know, is an singer.
3) As I said in my last letter, I'm taking

the exam in July.

crazy about…
If you are crazy about crazy about sb. or sth, you are deeply in love with it.

The boy is crazy about skiing. 那男孩对滑雪十分狂热。 青少年十分痴迷周杰伦。 The teenagers are crazy about Jay.

be crazy to do sth.
1) You are crazy to do such a thing. 2) You are crazy to buy a car at such a high price. = It?s crazy of you to buy a car at such a high price.

stay (link v) + adj/ n

1) I stayed awake through the stormy night. 在那个暴雨夜我一宿没睡。
2) The weather stayed hot. 天气持续闷热。

on purpose I think she lost the key on purpose. do sth with/ for the purpose of… He took along one of his pictures with the purpose of finding a job.

in order to
= so as to (so as to不能放句首。) 可以用in order that+从句替换。

He went to town in order to sell the painting. = He went to town in order that he could sell the painting.

happen to sb. happen to do sth. (似乎)碰巧 I happened to see her on my way to

It happens/ happened that clause

It happened that they went out when
I called.

completely, wholly, totally;

I am entirely unhappy with your behavior. 对我们来说,这是种全新的学习方式。 For us, this is an entirely new way of learning .

— Is it yours?

D — No, it?s __________.
A. someone else B. someone?s else

C. someone elses? D. someone else?s 这可能是别的什么人的书? Who else's book could it be?
Whose else could it be?

(wrong:whose else's)

SB P4 Ex1
1. trust 6. set down 7. go through

2. upset
3. loose

8. on purpose
9. face to face

4. calm down
5. crazy

10. according to

Ex. 2 on page 4:
Anne?s sister, Margot, was very ______ upset that the family had to move. She found it difficult to settle and ___________ in the calm down hiding place because she was _________ concerned ______ about whether they would be discovered. She knew she had to according to them _____ trust her parents and __________ this was necessary. At first she thought she would go _______ crazy but later she through realized that it was better to go __________ this together.

Ex.3 on page 4:
1. If you are _________ concerned about somebody, you want to offer help because you are worried about him/her. purpose 2. Was it an accident or did David do it on _______? 3. From the very beginning, Paul made it clear that entirely in control. would be ________ 4. He used to work ________ outdoors even in the middle of winter. Nature is all the animals, plants and other things 5. ______ in the world that are not made by people, and all the events that are not caused by people. 6. Just the _______ thought of more food made her feel sick.

The shoes are too big for me.

What did he say?

He said the shoes were too big for him.

(Direct and Indirect Speech)
直接引语和间接引语都是宾语。一字不改的引述 别人的话,叫做直接引语;用说话人自己的话转 述别人的话,叫做间接引语。间接引语通常在句 中以宾语从句的形式出现。
1. 人称的变化和时态的变化

Jane said, ?I?m very fond of travelling.? Jane said that she was very fond of travelling.

2. 指示代词的变化this that, these those ; 疑 问句要变成陈述句, 一般疑问句用whether/ if 引导 宾语从句。 (a) “Is this your umbrella, Mary?” asked John. John asked Mary if that was her umbrella. (b) “Mary, when will you return me the book?” asked John.

John asked Mary when she would return him
the book.


1. 一般现在时——一般过去时
“I know it,” he said. He said that he knew it. 2. 现在进行时—— 过去进行时 “I?m making coffee for you all.” she said. She said she was making coffee for us all. 3. 现在完成时—— 过去完成时 “I have seen her before.” said he. He said he had seen her before.

4. 现在完成进行时—— 过去完成进行时

He said, “I have been doing it for hours.”
He said he had been doing it for hours. 5. 一般过去时——过去完成时 “I saw her last Monday,” he said. He said he had seen her the previous Monday. 6. 过去进行时—— 过去完成进行时 “I was waiting for Jim,” she said. She said she had been waiting for Jim.

7. 过去完成时—— 过去完成时

“She had left for Shanghai before you came” He said. He said that she had left for Shanghai before you came.
8. 一般将来时—— 过去将来时 He said, “We shall start tomorrow.”

He said they would start the next day.


1. 不变的真理
The teacher said to the students, “Water freezes when the temperature falls below zero degree centigrade. The teacher told the students that water freezes when the temperature falls below zero degree centigrade.

2. 经常的习惯

He said to the doctor, “I smoke two packs
every day.” He told the doctor that he smokes two packs every day. 3. 历史事件 The teacher said, “World War II ended in 1945. The teacher said that World War II ended in 1945.

4. 部分情态动词,如:must, ought to, used to,

had better 等。
She said to me, “You must hurry up.” She said that I must hurry.


now---- then
ago---- before today---- that day tomorrow----the next day/ the following day yesterday---- the day before/ the previous day the day before yesterday----two days before the day after tomorrow---- two days later 地点的变化 here---- there

P5 Ex.2
1 Anne said that she was going to hide from the Germans. 2 Anne said that she didn't know the address of her new home. 3 She said that she could not ask her father because it was not safe to know. 4 The girl said that she had to pack up her things very quickly. 5 Dad asked her why she chose her diary and old letters.

6 “Are you very hot with so many clothes on?” Mum asked her. 7 “What else have you got?” Margot asked her. 8 “When shall we go back home?” Anne asked her father. 9 “How can I see my friends?” Anne asked her sister. 10 “Why did you go to bed so late last night?” Mother asked Anne.

WB P41 Ex1:
1. trust, concerned, calm down, in order to 2. share, thoughts, upsets, feelings 3. on purpose 4. crazy, share, cheats 5. has gone through

WB P42 Ex5:
1 2 3 They hid there for almost two years and never dared go out. We tried to calm him down, but he kept shouting. Don?t laugh at him.Sometimes you are not able to do as well as he (does).


In the early 20th century, China went through too many wars. The children haven?t been outdoors (have been indoors)all day.Let them play outdoors for a while.


? 6 Please use the word to make a sentence according to the situation given. ? 7 This series of readers is very interesting. ? 8 The man saved the girl from the river and her mother was very grateful (to him).

? 9 Mr Jones lives alone and often feels lonely.
? 10 We communicate with each other by Internet / through the Internet.

Unit 1词组复习:
平静下来 add up calm down have got to be concerned about walk the dog go through

不得不; 必须
关心; 挂念

经历; 经受

Unit 1词组复习:
考试作弊 列出理由 对…狂热; 爱好 太多 与…相处;进展 cheat in exam make a list of reasons be crazy about far too much/many get along with

控制住/摆布某人 hold sb. entirely in one?s power

Unit 1词组复习:
躲藏; 隐藏 hide away set down on purpose in order to face to face

放下;记下; 登记 故意

一连串的; 一系列; 一套 a series of


P7: Reading and writing: Sample Version
Dear Xiaodong, I?m sorry to hear about your problem and thank you for your trust. You?re feeling quite lonely and find it hard to make friends with your classmates, because you have some problems in communicating with people. You are asking how to make good friends with others. I?d like to give you some advice on it. First of all, I think you should make an effort to change the situation,

because friends and friendship are important to you. You can try your best to start talking to people about what you both like. You?d better find the chance to join in people?s discussion in order to understand and communicate with each other. You may show your interest in their talk. You should try to make friends with one or two classmates. If you want to develop a friendship with others, you should first have self-confidence.

If you want others to treat you as friends, you should first treat them as friends. Being a good listener is also very important. When listening to a friend, you can show that you are concentrated by looking into his or her eyes and asking questions. I hope my advice is helpful and I wish you to make some good friends successfully as soon as possible. Best wishes, Yours truly, Li Hua


Listening Task
Just now we gave Lisa some advice to help her with her problem on making friends. And here Anne met the similar problem. We are going to listen to the arguments between Anne and her father. Please listen carefully and finish the following exercises.

First Listening Q: What?s Anne?s problem?

Her father think it not right to make friends with a neighboring boy named Peter under such situation.

Second Listening
What Annie?s father thought about being friends with Peter about talking to him every night about following her father’s ideas
She should be careful to make friends with Peter. He was unhppy.

What Annie thought She wanted her father to be happy for her to have a friend.
She wanted to continue.

He thought Anne She thought her would agree to stop father was wrong. seeing Peter so often.

P.44-45 Read the passage and decide what each of the following words means in the language of the Hawaiians. aloha to be with happiness/ goodbye/ our hearts singing together lokahi oneness with all people family

kokua lei

a circle of flowers worn around the neck


True of false questions. (T)1. Hawaiians say “ahoha” to each other to show friendship. (F )2. They welcome people of all races, languages and cultures with “ohana” . (T)3. They give visitors a “lei” to make them feel at home. (T)4. Hawaii is a place where many cultures live together peacefully and co-operate with each other. ( F)5. People in Hawaii can live in peace because they help each other.

P.46 Proverbs about friends and friendship.
1)A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2)Friends are like wine; the older, the better.

3)When you meet your friend, your face shines----you have found gold.

当你遇见你的好友,你的脸上都是光彩, 一如你发现了金子.

4)A friend to all is a friend to none.

5)The best mirror is an old friend.
好朋友是你最好的镜子。 6)False friends are worse than open


7)Walking with a friend in the dark is
better than walking alone in the light.

8)Friendship cannot stand always on one side. 朋友要靠双方去维持。

9)The friendship that can end was never real. 可以随时结束的友谊都是虚伪的。 10)With clothes the new are best; with friends the old are the best. 衣服新的好,朋友老的好。


Ex.1 Fill in the blanks. (30 points) 1) _______ ________( 加起来) your Add up score and see how many points you can get. 2) You friend comes to school very ________( 心烦意乱的). upset 3) You will tell your friend that you are ________ about _____(关心、担忧) him but concerned you have to go to class. 下一页

4) But as the moon gave far too dared ______( not 不敢) much light, I ______ open a window. or:didn?t dare
5) Another time some months ago, I _________ happened ____ to (碰巧、偶尔) be upstairs one evening when the window was open.


6) For example, when it was so warm, I _______ ______ on ____ _______ (故 stayed awake purpose 意醒着)until half past eleven one evening in order to have a good look at the moon for once by myself.
7) Mum asked her if she was very hot with so many clothes ______( on ______ 穿 着这么多衣服).


Ex.2 Sentences. (30 points)
1. Our teacher did the experiment in the lab yesterday evening. (改写成强调句,强调宾语) 2. 这是我第一次与朋友分享我的感受。(the first time…that) 3. 老师正在和那个考试作弊的学生谈话。 (定语从句, the student who)


改写成间接引语: 4. The old man said, “There are twelve months a year.”
5. She said, “I visited Europe last year.”

6. He asked, “Anne,did you see the moon last night?” 下一页

Ex.3 Write from memory.(40 points) Her family was Jewish so… …………………………………………… …………………………………………… …………………………………… and I shall call my friend Kitty.” (4 sentences in total.)

? 1. It is the experiment that our teacher did in the lab yesterday evening. ? 2. It is the first time that I have shared my feelings with my friends. ? 3. The teacher is talking to the boy who cheated in the exam. ? 4. The old man said that there are twelve months a year. ? 5. She said that she had visited Europe the year before. ? 6. He asked Anne if/whether she had seen the moon the night before.


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人教版高中英语必修一Unit1 friendship阅读课教案_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Lesson Plan 学科英语 赖菲菲 2015120101 Background information: Students:40 ...


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