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高二 Unit 13 Albert Einstein Ⅱ.单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 11.—John,I'd like to know what you think of my composition I wrote last night,_________, can you

help me to correct some mistakes? —In my opinion,the composition is good ____ some spelling mistakes. A.except;except B.besides;except for C.however;besides D.besides;except 12.It is sleeping late in the morning that ____ being late for work. A.devotes to B.sticks to C.refers to D.leads to 13.Although now most families have only one child,it is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants. A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever 14.—Do you have any difficulty with your physics studies? —No,in fact,I find it ____ . A.easy to learn B.easy to be learned C.easy studied D.easy to learn it 15.—The physics problem isn’t difficult for you _______,is it? —_________.I should be given a more difficult one. A.to work it out;No,it isn’t B.working it out;Yes,it is C.to work out;No,it isn’t D.working out;Yes,it is 16.He is disappointed.He appears ____ the maths exam. A.to not fail B.not failing C.not to fail D.to have failed 17.He didn’t understand the ____ question,so there was a ____ expression on his face. A.puzzling;puzzled B.puzzling;puzzling C.puzzled;puzzled D.puzzled;puzzling 18.____leaves the room last ought to turn off the light. A.Anyone B.The person C.Whoever D.Who 19.The old man is ____ living in the noisy city.So he is ______ quietly in the countryside. A.tired of;content to live B.tired from;content to live C.tired of;content on living D.tired form;content with living 20.____time went on,Einstein’s theory proved ____ . A.As;correctly B.With;correct C.As;correct D.With;correctness 21.Once you have made a promise,you should ____ it. A.insist on B.stick to C.persist in D.keep in 22.Such ____ my hope for the future. A.is B.were C.are D.shall be 23.I ____ my work by the time you ____ back at 10:00.

A.shall finish;come B.had finished;come C.shall have finished;come D.have finished;come 24.He ____ many presents during the Mid-autumn Festival,but he ____ any. A.received;accepted B.accepted;received C.received;didn’t accept D.got;didn’t receive 25.If your suggestion is good,I’ll ____ you. A.take sides in B.take for C.take sides on D.take sides with Ⅲ.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出能填入空白处的最 佳选项。 I was 15 when I walked into MeCarley’s Bookstore in Ashland.As I was looking at 26 on the shelves,the shop owner asked if I’d like 27.I needed to start 28 for college,so I said yes.I worked after school and during the summer.The job helped 29 my first year at college.I would work many other jobs:I made coffee in the Students Union during college,I was a hotel waiter and 30 made maps for the US Forest Service.But 31 books contented me most. One day a woman asked me for books on cancer.She seemed afraid.I showed her almost everything we had 32 and found other books we could order. She left the store less 33, I've always remembered how 34 I felt of having helped her. Years later,as a 35 in Los Angeles,I heard about a child who was born 36 his fingers joined together.His family could not afford a corrective operation,and the boy lived in 37,hiding his hand in his pocket. I 38 my boss to let me do the story.After my story was broadcast,a doctor and a nurse called, offering to perform the 39 for free. I visited the boy soon after the operation.The first thing he did was to hold up his 40 hand and say, “Thank you. ” I felt sense(感觉)of 41. In the past, while I was 42, I always felt that I was working for the customers, not the store. Today it’ s 43. NBC News pays my salary (薪水) , 44 I feel as if I work for the 45, helping them make sense of the world. 26.A.maps B.titles C.articles D.reports 27.A.a book B.a job C.some tea D.any help 28.A.planning B.saving C.preparing D.studying 29.A.pay for B.fit for C.run for D.enter for 30.A.so B.yet C.even D.still 31.A.borrowing B.lending C.selling D.buying 32.A.in need B.in all C.in order D.in store 33.A.worried B.pleased C.excited D.puzzled 34.A.proud B.sad C.sorry D.surprised 35.A.doctor B.store owner C.bookseller D.TV reporter 36.A.in B.with C.as D.by 37.A.danger B.honor C.horror D.shame 38.A.advised B.forced C.persuaded D.permitted

39.A.action B.program C.treatment D.operation 40.A.corrected B.connected C.injured D.improved 41.A.pleasure B.sadness C.interest D.worry 42.A.at the TV Station B.in the Students Union C.at Mecarley’s Book Shop D.at school 43.A.different B.the same C.usual D.the request 44.A.so B.and C.but D.had 45.A.readers B.passengers C.customers D.viewers Ⅳ.阅读理解: (共 40 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出能填入空白处的最 佳选项。 A Einstein,a great scientist of the age,was almost as strange as his Theory of Relativity. Once,while riding a street car in Berlin,he told the conductor that he had not given him the right change.The conductor counted the change again and found it to be correct,so he handed it to Einstein,saying, “The trouble with you is that you don’t know your figures. ” Einstein said that there were only twelve people living who understood his Theory of Relativity although a good many books had been written to explain it. He had nothing but contempt(藐视)for the things most people set their hearts on—for fame and riches(财富)and luxury(奢华) 。 He didn’t want money or praise.He made his own happiness out of such simple things as his work and playing the violin and sailing his boat.Einstein’s violin brought him more joy than anything else in life.He said that he often thought in music. 46.The conductor thought Einstein ____ . A.wasn't good at maths B.had a good memory C.was either mad or strange D.liked to make trouble 47.Einstein meant that many people ____ . A.knew his Theory of Relativity well because they could explain it B.had written to have grasped his theory correctly C.pretended to have grasped his abstract theory D.admired him very much 48.Which of the following is true? A.Einstein cared little for fame or wealth. B.Einstein had nothing but enough fame and riches and luxury. C.Einstein was eager for the things most people set their hearts on. D.In the eyes of Einstein,most people had a strong wish to publish books on the theory. 49.What Einstein enjoyed most was ____ . A.thinking in music B.playing the violin C.sailing his boat D.to be deep in thought alone 50.The underlined part “set?hearts on” means ____ .





B Mr.South was a head of an office.He was strict and always worked hard.The people believed him and were ready to tell him all that happened to them.And he often helped them.So it was thought that he was a good official. One day the official received a letter from a psychiatric hospital(精神病医院) .In the letter a patient said that the doctors were not kind to him.He decided to go to find out whether it was true or not. The head of the hospital met him warmly. To his surprise, it was wet and dirty everywhere and the patients were not taken good care of.Suddenly he saw a young man hanging from the ceiling(天花板) .He stopped to ask, “What’s happened to him?” “Nothing serious, sir, ” the head of the hospital hurried to answer. “He’ s playing there, I think. ” “You’re wrong,sir, ”said another patient. “He always thinks he’s an electric lamp and often hangs himself there. ” “Who’s the doctor on duty?”Mr.South called out angrily, “Help him come down. ” “Don’t do that,sir, ”said an old man, “or it’ll get dark in the ward(病房) ) 51.Mr.South was believed because ____ . A.he was a head of an office B.he worked harder than any other official C.he was strict with everybody D.he stood on the side of the people 52.Mr.South wanted to know ______,so he went to the hospital. A.if the doctors were good to the patients B.how the patients lived there C.what the patients ate there D.when the patient could come out 53._________,which surprised Mr.South. A.The patients didn't tidy the wards B.The patients didn't listen to the doctors C.The doctors didn't look after the patients D.An old doctor was on duty that day 54.The young man hung himself from the ceiling in order to ________. A.frighten the doctors B.make the ward bright C.repair the electric lamp D.do some evening exercises 55.Which of the following is true? A.The young patient was all right. B.The patients liked to be in hospital. C.The old man must be a patient. D.The hospital didn't supply any lamps to the patients. C Although computers used to be large,expensive and difficult to use,they have been made smaller, cheaper and easier to use. As a result, more people have been buying computers for their homes and businesses.They are used to record information and make difficult things easy.

Let's look at some of the many ways computers may affect(影响)your life. Don't want to take a lot of money with you when you get around?Thanks to computers,you can just use your credit cards (信用卡) wherever you go. Computers at the bank keep a record of how much money you have and how much you pay. Want to get the best treatment(治疗)at hospitals? Your doctors at hospitals have been greatly helped by computers to get information about patients.It is possible for doctors from different hospitals to read the records of patients, discuss them and make decisions on the best treatment. It would,at one time,take them hours or days to do so. Want to talk to your friends both at home and abroad? Then it's necessary to connect your computer to the Internet (因特网) and set up your own E-mail letter box. You can then collect and send mails in seconds.It will be a waste of time and money to post your letters. Want to get advice from Michael Jordan(迈克尔?乔丹)on how to play basketball like an NBA superstar?Now it is possible to find out what it is on the Internet. But if you think you've entered the information age because you have the chance to use the Internet,you are wrong.The reason is quite a simple one:over 98 percent of the information on the Internet is in English.The information on-line won't be helpful to you unless you can use English freely. 56.Computers used to ____ . A.work rapidly B.be large and expensive C.be easy to use D.be used for fun 57.Today,computers have been made ____ . A.larger and more expensive B.smaller and cheaper C.more difficult to use D.less large and expensive 58.Doctors use computers to ____ . A.keep a record of how much money patients pay B.talk with friends C.keep information of patients D.play games for pleasure 59.It will be a waste of time and money to post letters if ___________. A.both you and your friends have the chance to use the Internet B.both you and your friends have computers C.both you and your friends know English D. your computer and your friends’ computers are connected to the Internet and have E-mail boxes 60.Michael Jordan ____ howto play basketball on the Internet. A.might advise you on B.must advise you on C.teaches NBA superstars on D.teaches NBA fans D When you hear people talk about Washington D.C. ,you may want to know what the letters D.C.mean.They mean“District of Columbia” .

Washington, the capital city of the U.S.A, is in the District of Columbia, not as you might expect, in the State of Washington.Washington State is thousands of miles away on the northwest coast. Washington D. C. lies between Virginia and Marylandon the Potomac River. It’ s about 220 miles south of New York City. The pleasantest and easiest way to get there is by long distance bus, or by the fast (125 miles an hour) train which costs a little more than the bus journey and a little less than flying.Washington is not a city that has grown up by chance as most big cities have done.It was carefully planned as the nation’s capital by a Frenchman,Pierre L’Enant.The city was named after Washington,the much-loved,much-admired,much-respected first President of the United States. 61.The capital city of the U.S.A.got its name from _______. A.a state with the same name B.a person loved by the nation C.the designer of the city D.the District of Columbia 62.Many people might mistake Washington.D.C.for __________. A.the capital of the U.S.A. B.the first President of the U.S.A. C.being the State of Washington D.a city built in memory of a great person 63. The distance between Washington D.C. and Washington State is ____ that between New York and Washington D.C. A.shorter than B.longer than C.as long as D.almost the same length as 64.Which of the following,according to the passage,is NOT true? A.A river flows where Washington D.C.stands. B.To travel toWashington D.C.by train is more pleasant and easy than by air. C.Like most big cities in the world,Washington D.C.is very well planned. D.The word Washington itself could refer to quite different things. 65. According to the passage, it would probably cost _______ to travel by bus than by train in the United States. A.more B.less C.much more D.no less Ⅵ.书面表达(满分 25 分) 请用英语写一份 120 字左右的电脑使用说明,要点如下: 1.把电脑保存在凉爽、干燥的房间里。太热或太冷都对电脑有害。 2.请勿在电脑附近抽烟,因为它对电脑的许多部件无益而且会导致许多问题。 3.请勿在电脑附近吃喝,渗入键盘(keyboard)中的水也会引起许多麻烦。 4.务必让键盘和屏幕处于合适的高度,否则你会背痛。 5.务必保持屏幕清洁,也不要让它太耀眼。屏幕太亮会对眼睛有害。 21-25 BACCD 26-30 BBBAC 31-35 CDAAD 36-40 BDCDA 41-45 ACBCD 46-50 ACABC 51-55 DACBC 56-60 BBCDA 61-65 BCBBB One possible version:

Instructions for Using the Computer Remember the following when you use the computer: ⑴ Keep your computer in a cool,dry room.Too much or too little heat is bad for computers. ⑵ Do not let people smoke cigarettes near your computer.Smoke of all kinds is very bad for many parts of a computer and can cause many problems. ⑶ Do not eat or drink when you are near your computer.A little water in the keyboard can also cause many problems. ⑷ Make sure that the keyboard and screen are the correct height for you.If they are not correct, you will get backache. ⑸ Keep your screen clean and do not have it too bright. A dirty screen can hurt your eyes. A very bright screen can also be bad for your eyes.



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