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Unit 1 Breaking records ahead of you break Guinness records hold/keep records make records over the last 25 years attempt to do sth. in imaginative events achieve one’s dream seem childish in reality an enormous amount of strength and fitness the fine neck adjustments a great sense of balance struggle to stay on top What about doing sth? permit sb to do sth. permit doing sth. allow sb to do sth allow doing sth. cover a mile imagine doing a natural athlete be unfit for… be fascinated by… aged 16 develop one’s mind and body There is no limit to sth. come third win third place get into the Guinness Book of World Records do some training from then on go deep within sb connect with his soul and his teacher acknowledge sb approximate to 接近;大致是 burst into laughter 放声大笑

34. urge sb to do sth urge sb into doing urge sth on/upon sb urge that sb should do urge for 要求做出 urge on 督促工作;促使加把劲 urge upon 向…强调;促使认识 35. devote oneself to sth. be devoted to sth. 36. accomplish; accomplished adj. 聪明的; 37. attain to sth. 达到(理想状态),取得 38. appreciate sth appreciate sb’s doing 39. meditate on 沉思;冥想; 40. be doomed to sth. 注定… Unit 2 Sailing the oceans latitude and longitude 纬度和经度 navigational instruments may well do sth 完全能做;满可以做; plot a ship’s position at the mercy of… 受…支配 have mercy on = show mercy to = take mercy on 怜悯 without mercy 残忍地;毫不留情地 pages from an encyclopedia seem to have done carry the minimum amount of risk at the equator 在赤道 accomplished navigators at midday work out the latitude a special cloud formation be close to sth offshore and in the open sea direct the sailing accelerate the speed
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《英语 选修 9》

人教版高中英语 2015.7.16


18. return journeys 19. tide and currents 潮汐和水流 20. involve doing sth be involved in 21. advance through the water 22. a fixed period of time 23. set a straight course 24. a random course at random 随机;随意地 25. a special all-in-one tool 万能工具 26. in relation to sth/sb 关于;就…而论; bear no relation to = be out of all relation to 和…完全不相称 have relations with 和…有关系 have relation to 有关;和…有关系 make relation to 提及;读到 27. a more precise and simplified version 较精 确而简单的版本 28. nautical mile 海里 29. set loose 出发;开始 set an example 示范;以身作则 set the fashion 树立新样板 set fire to sth = set sth on fire 放火 set one’s heart on 一心要;迷恋; set one’s affection on 爱上;热爱 30. on the horizon 在地平线上 31. tie …to…把…栓在…上 tie up 系紧;包装 tie down 扎牢;扎紧;束缚; tie in (with..) 使(与…)联系; 32. far away from 远离 far and away 最最…; 大大…; 超过其他地 33. be proud of = take pride in = pride oneself on 以…为豪 do oneself proud 干得漂亮;有面子 34. a current deposit 活期存款 a fixed deposit 定期存款 35. in a dilemma 陷入困境;进退维谷
《英语 选修 9》

solve a dilemma 摆脱困境 out of one’s dilemma 走出困境 36. jaws of death 死神;鬼门关 in the jaws of death the jaws of dager 险境 Unit 3 Australia associate with 把…和…联系起来 associate the smell with the childhood be associated with Great Barrier Reef 大堡礁 in an encyclopedia a tourist brochure 旅游手册 above/below sea level 海平面之上/下 the sixth largest country have adequate rainfall be adequate for sth be adequate to a job/doing sht 胜任 inadequate adj. support a large population 养活众多人口 have few settlements 几乎无人居住 a popular destination with tourist 旅游胜地 experience its unique ecology 享有独特的 生态环境 be made up of 由…组成 be responsible for… defence, foreign policy and taxation 国防防 御、对外政策和税收 federal parliament 联邦议会 be located in…坐落于…… citizenship ceremony cultural and social background 文化与社会 背景 Minister of Multicultural Affairs 多元文化 事务部长 enjoy 3 nights on board from…to… via C 从…取道 C 去… view the unique scenery 欣赏独特美景 spot a fascinating variety of wildlife
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人教版高中英语 2015.7.16


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the tropical splendor 热带美景 Australia’s 14 World Heritage rise 335 meters out of a flat sandy plain at different times of a day at dusk 在黄昏 at dawn 在黎明 aboriginal people 土著居民 their day-to-day life out of respect 出于尊重 out of fear 由于害怕 out of kindness 由于好心 out of trouble 脱离麻烦 out of patience 不能忍受 out of order out of work make a reservation the A10 highway correspond with 通信 correspond to/with 相符;符合 correspond to 相当;等于 owe…to…( 介词 ) 欠钱;欠人情债;把 … 归功于 paralyze small creatures be home to sb/sth 是…的家园 venomous snakes 毒蛇 medical treatment 医学治疗 vary in size 尺寸不同 talk sb. into…说服某人做某事 talk sb out of… 说服某人打消 talk back 顶嘴 talk big 说大话 talk to oneself 自言自语 wind (wound; wound; winding) 弯曲;缠绕;上发条; wind one’s way 弯曲而行 all but 除了…以外;全部 far from 远非;一点也不 tolerate doing sth be tolerant toward the rude manners

be tolerant with sb tolerant adj. tolerance n. 宽容;忍受 46. be desperate to do 渴望做… be desperate for sth 渴望… be desperate at sth/sb 对…失望 Unit 4 Exploring plants pollinate plants 给植物授粉 pot plants 盆栽植物 plant exploration come from countries far awy collect exotic plants date back to date from on a large scale 大规模 take great interest in… take the opportunity of doing 乘机;借机 go on an botanical expeditions near-starvation one such missionary 一个这样的传教士 vast quantities of…( 可数、不可数名词 )+ 复数动词形式 a quantity of… + ruin plants with seawater 因海水而损害植 物 a tightly sealed portable glass container 全 密封份的便携式玻璃箱 on long journeys make a return trip at sea restrictions on… impose/place/ put restriction on 实施限制 raise/lift/remove restrictions 解除限制 develop his fluency in Chinese 使汉语流利 be fluent in… with fluency shipped many tea plants 用船运输茶树 postpone doing 推迟…
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《英语 选修 9》

人教版高中英语 2015.7.16


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put off doing appeal to sth. appealing adj. 有吸引力的; give out 发出(气味、热等) ;分发 give away 捐赠;分送 give in 让步;屈服;投降 give over 住手 give up 放弃; give back 返还;归还 give off 发出(气味,烟) in the distance 在远处 at a distance / from a distance make a conflict with 与…斗争 come into conflict with 与…冲突/矛盾/争执

27. in conflict with 与…冲突 28. attach …to…(介词) 安装;系上;栓上 29. be attached to sth 附上;系;绑; Unit 5 Inside advertising be exposed to sth. pass by public notice board 公告板 turn…into… casual garment 便服 identify your target reach its target audience make sense fit into their lives be fit for…适合; fit in with sth/sb 与…相适应;合得来;融洽 appeal to your emotions grab the attention (grabbed; grabbing) worthy citizens be worthy of… place the ads (vt) play a big part in… worry about the expense be appropriate for…

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17. relate to sth/sb 18. rely on visual effects rely on sb to do sth rely on sb’s doing rely on it that 从句 19. generate emotional response 20. a car stereo system 21. have no use for… 不需要;厌恶 22. inform sb. of sth. 23. keep … informed 随时向…报告情况 24. in response to(介词) 响应;反应 25. make no response 没有回答 26. refresh sb 精神振奋;精力恢复 27. refresh sb’s memory 唤起记忆 28. make an appointment to do fix an appointment with sb 约会 keep an appointment 守约 29. ban doing sth (banned; banning) lift / remote the ban on…解禁 place / put…under a ban 禁止 30. beware of fire 小心火烛

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《英语 选修 9》

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