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【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业23 Module 5 A Trip Along the Three Gorges 外研版必修4


必修 4

Module 5

A Trip Along the Three

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.You’ll get________better view of the temple in________distance if you stand here. A./;/ C.a;/ B.a;the D./ ;the

2.—How is the weather in your town today?Is it raining? —It________be now,according to the weather forecast,but it’s not. A.will C.could B.should D.must

3.Now I live in a small house but________ there’s a beautiful garden. A.at last B.at first

C.at most

D.at least

4.The true price of the pair of glasses is 150 yuan,but you paid 450 yuan.I think you have been________. A.paid off C.cut down B.ripped off D.broken down

5.________by books and papers,Daisy felt she had spent a busy but meaningful day. A.Surround C.Surrounded B.To be surrounded D.Having surrounded

6.You will smell the air is heavy________the pleasant smell of flowers when you walk around the garden. A.on C.of B.in D.with

7.Some instruments couldn’t be transported here on time,________made our experiment more difficult. A.what C.which B.they D.that

8.Several police are now working on the spot,________the accident happened last night. A.that B.when



9.The patients are forbidden,even if they have recovered,________in hospital. A.to drink C.having drunk B.drinking D.to be drunk

10.In such dry weather,the flowers will have to be watered if they________. A.have survived C.would survive B.are to survive D.will survive

11.There are days when we feel especially upset.When you are________ such a difficult period,it often helps to talk to someone. A.going through C.seeing through B.breaking through D.looking through

12.(2013·江苏四市联考)The final score of the basketball match was 93-94.We were only________beaten. A.nearly C.narrowly B.slightly D.lightly

13.—Did you tell Tom about the good news? —Oh,no,I forgot.I________him now. A.will be calling C.call B.will call D.am to call

14.—Some Chinese students find it difficult to understand native speakers when in Lon don. —Exactly, ________ they’ve learned a lot about grammar A.if only B.now that and know n many words.

C.as if

D.even if

15.Now that you have known that it is your own fault,why not apologize to your boss________? A.on every side C.on the sp ot Ⅱ.完形填空[建议用时 15′] (2013·郑州第一次质量检测) I wanted to be just like those big kids I saw wearing their medals and carrying their ribbons (绶带).So I__1__the cross?country team at my school. However,I was very slow in the team.In races,I would finish almost__2__.I’d always have to__3__in the longer races.The__4__races and at least 100 people

B on no account D.on the contrary

competing in it made me really__5__.Every time I stopped,10 people would__6__me.But I still couldn’t push myself to keep going,even though I__7__watching them go by me.After every race,I’d go home and burst into tears. Then one of my friends joined the cross?country team,too.She never got tired and didn’t get cramp (抽筋) in her legs.I just didn’t understand how that was__8__! I’d been running much longer than she had,but she could run__9__while I had to suffer.She even came 8th in a big race with over 200 people in it!My__10__was lower than ever and I wanted to quit badly. I didn’t,__11__.Even a whole month before a race,I’d get so nervous that I felt like I might give up.Still,I__12__to quit.I still had that__13__appearing in my mind and I hung on to it. Finally,I realized the reason why the bigger races made me so nervous was that I was always worried that I wasn’t__14__for them.I started to practice at home almost every day.I__15__a plan that had me running almost three kilometers every day,which helped me build up a steady__16__. When the time came for the big race,a ll the practice really__17__.I stopped only once and my pace was much better. I was__18__of myself for sticking with it even though it was really hard and I’d even wanted to quit.I showed myself that I was__19__enough to keep going.That was what made me feel good about myself and gave me confidence. The next time I’m faced with a tough__20__.I will know that I can take it up.None of this would ever have happened if I had quitted! 1.A.liked C.supported 2.A.best C.last 3.A.stop C.breathe 4.A.exciting C.interesting 5.A.nervous C.sad 6.A.help C.leave 7.A.missed B.admired D.joined B.first D.least B.rest D.suffer B.tiring D.disturbing B.frighten ed D.angr y B.encourage D.pass B.hated

C.avoided 8.A.equal C.fair 9.A.quickly C.happily 10.A.strength C.goal 11.A.yet C.though 12.A.refused C.failed 13.A.lesson C.future 14.A.suitable C.ready 15.A.took out C.figured out 16.A.pace C.will 17.A.set off C.got off 18.A.sure C.proud 19.A.strong C.steady 20.A.job C.competition Ⅲ.阅读理解

D.escaped B.reasonable D.tolerable B.easily D.hopefully B.demand D.confidence B.either D.still B.decided D.wanted B.faith D.picture B.active D.well B.mapped out D.let out B.race D.level B.paid off D.took off B.aware D.afraid B.patient D.devoted B.sport D.challenge

(2013·石家庄市一模) Occasional sleepwalking does not tend to present a problem and must children grow out of it.If it happens every night and causes problems,then sleep disorder specialists suggest that parents spend a week noting the time when the sleepwalking tends to happen,and then gently wake the child about fifteen minutes before this time.This will often break the cycle. So what should you do if you find your relative sleepwalking?For a start,

they are in such a deep sleep that they will probably not notice you,even if you try to wake them.If you do succeed in waking them , they will become distressed.Everyone has experienced that feeling of confusion when the alarm awakens you from deep sleep,instead of the lighter sleep we are usually experiencing by the time our alarms sound.I once had the shock of being woken by a crash and found myself in the kitchen,standing barefoot and surrounded by broken glass.I’d tried to get a glass of water while sleepwalking,but like most sleepwalkers I failed to turn on the light,and had smashed the glass against the tap. Waking a sleepwalk er will not cause them to have a heart attack,but the kindest thing to do is not to try to wake them at all.Lead them gently back to bed so that they do not hurt themselves.They will remain deeply asleep,and it is likely that they will not remember a thing in the morning. 1.What do the specialists advise the parents to do to avoid their children’s sleepwalking? A.Go to bed with their children at the same time. B.Keep a record of the time when children wake up. C.Take 15 minutes to wake children from sleepwalking. D.Try some time to break the cycle of the sleepwalking. 2.When a sleepwalker is suddenly woken,he is most likely to________. A.die from heart attack C.feel lost B.do some cooking D.become relaxed

3.What should we do to deal with a sleepwalking relative? A.Do nothing but take him back to bed. B.Try every means to wake him at once. C.Leave your relative where he stays. D.Send him to a specialist immediately. 4.What is the best title for the text? A.Sleep D isorder C.Sleep Advice Ⅳ.短文改错 (2013·洛阳统考) I joined in a program call the “Happy School” in the holidays.It was given to some volunteers from the universities in our city.There were many courses, including photography,painting,basketball training for us to choose from.These courses were intended to help us left?behind middle school student in the

B.Sleepwalking D.Sleepwalkers

countryside,our parents are working in other cities,make use of our holidays.The volunteers took good care of us,showed them how to do our homework and make sure of our safety.I learned a lot from the interested program.I will attend such programs again the next summer if there is some.

详解答案 课时作业(二十三) Ⅰ.单项填空 1. 解析: view 作“风景”讲是可数名词, 且在此为泛指, 故其前用不定冠词 a; the in distance 在远处,为固定搭配。 答案: B 2.解析: 问句是在询问对方所在地是否在下雨,根据 according to the weather

forecast,but it’s not 可知,答话人是说“理应下雨”,should 符合题意。 答案: B 3.解析: 房子虽小,但却有个漂亮的花园,故用 at least 对否定情况补充肯定的评 论,意为“起码”。 答案: D 4.解析: 实价 150 元,而你付了 450 元,所以你被“敲竹杠(ripped off)”了。pay off 偿清;cut down 削减;break down 分解。 答案: B 5.解析: surround 与其逻辑主语 Daisy 之间为动宾关系,故用 surround 的过去分 词作状语。su rrounded by...被??所包围,周围都是??。 答案: C 6.解析: be heavy with...有大量的?? ,充满了??。 答案: D 7.解析: 分析句子结构可知,这是一个非限制性定语从句且从句中缺少主语,又结 合句子内容可知,关系代词应指代主句的内容,故用 which 引导。 答案: C 8. 解析: 考查定语从句。 分析句子结构可知 spot 为先行词, 且从句里缺少地点状语, 故用 where 引导定语从句。 答案: D 9.解析: 考查非谓语动词。forbid sb.to do sth.禁止做某事,本题为其被动结构 sb.be forbidden to do sth.。本句主语 the patients 与 drink 之间为主动关系,故选 A。 答案: A 10.解析: 在条件状语从句中,谓语动词不能用一般将来时,但可以用 be to do 结

构。虽然 if 从句中可以用现在完成时,但放在此语境中不合适,因为此处并不表示花已经 存活下来。 答案: B 11.解析: 句意为:有时候我们会感觉特别沮丧。当你经历这样的困难时期时,通常 跟别人交谈会有所帮助。go through 经历;通过,符合题意。break through 突破,突围; see through 帮助??渡过(困难等);看穿;look through 识破。 答案: A 12.解析: 句意为:这场篮球赛的最终比分为 93∶94。我们只是以微弱的劣势落败。 nearly—not quite or not completely 几乎,差不多,将近,如用 nearly 则表示几乎被 击败,与题干中 93∶94 不符,故排除 A。slightly(轻微地)常用以表程度;lightly(轻松, 不慎重)常表力度、情绪。只有 narrowly(勉强)可用以表双方比分接近,故选 C。 答案: C 13.解析: 句意为:——你告诉汤姆这个好消息了吗?——噢,没有,我忘了。我这 就给他打电话。此处表示“马上要打电话,属于将来时,A 项为将来进行时 ;C 项为一般现 在时(一般表示习惯性、经常性的动作),故排除;be to do sth.也可表示将来,但是它表 示按计划或安排即将发生的事情;will do 表示临时决定要做某事,符合题意。 答案: B 14.解析: 考查状语从句的连接词。句意为:——有些中国学生在伦敦发现很难听懂 那些母语是英语的人。——非常对!即使他们已经学习了很多的语法,认识了很多单词也是 如此。if only 要是??就好了;now that 既然;as if 好像;even if 即使。 答案: D 15.解析: 考查介词短语辨析。句意为:既然你已经知道那是你的过错,为什么不当 场向你的老板道歉呢?on every side 到处;on no account 决不;on the spot 当场,在 现场;on the contrary 相反,由句意可知,C 项正确。 答案: C Ⅱ.完形填空 语篇解读: 作者羡慕大孩子戴着勋章和绶带, 于是她参加了学校的越野队。 虽然很难, 但她坚持了下来,并通过努力锻炼取得了很大进步。文章告诉我们这样一个道理:遇到困难 和挑战时,要勇敢面对,不放弃。 1.解析: 作者也想像她见到的大孩子那样戴着勋章和绶带,所以她加入了学校的越 野队。第三段中“Then one of my friends joined the cross?country team,too.”是线 索提示。 答案: D 2.解析: 根据上文“I was very slow in the team.”可知,作者几乎总是最后一

个完成比赛,故选 C。

答案: C 3.解析: 根据下文“Every time I stopped,”可知,作者在长跑比赛中总是不得 不停下来,故选 A。 答案: A 4.解析: 根据上文“作者在长跑比赛中总是不得不停下来”可知,这些比赛是很累 人的,再结合下文作者与她朋友的对比“She never got tired and didn’t get cramp (抽 筋) in her legs.”可知,应选 B。 答案: B 5.解析: 这些令人疲惫的比赛以及至少一百人参加比赛的确使作者很紧张。故 A 项 正确。下文“Even a whole month before a race,I’d get so nervous that I felt like I might give up.”是线索提示。 答案: A 6.解析: 每次作者停下来,就会有 10 个人超过她。 答案: D 7.解析: 虽然作者讨厌看着他们超过自己,但她仍然无法说服自己继续下去。 答案: B 8.解析: 作者的朋友从不感到累,腿也不抽筋,且由该空下一句可知,作者无法理 解这样怎么能称得上公平。equal 相等的,平等的;reasonable 合情理的;fair 公平的; tolerable 可容忍的。 答案: C 9.解析: 她跑得很轻松而作者却觉得那是一种折磨。解题时注意 while 表对比。 答案: B 10.解析: 作者从未感到如此没有自信,非常想放弃。confidence 自信,符合语境。 答案: D 11.解析: 然而,作者没有放弃。though 用作副词时,表示“然而”,常用在句末。 答案: C 12.解析: 比赛前一个月作者都紧张得想放弃。然而作者拒绝放弃。 答案: A 13.解析: 此处指戴着勋章和绶带的大孩子的那个画面仍然在作者的脑海里。 答案: D 14. 解析: 最终作者意识到, 自己面对大赛紧张的原因是她总是担心自己没有准备好。 be ready for 准备好(做某事)。 答案: C 15.解析: take out 取出;map out 仔细策划,计划;figure out 理解;let out 突然发出。此处指制订计划,故选 B。

答案: B 16. 解析: 作者每天锻炼以帮助自己逐渐形成稳定的步伐。 根据下文“I stopped only once and my pace was much better.”可知,应选 A。 答案: A 17.解析: 根据下文“I stopped only once and my pace was much better.”可知, 作者所有的锻炼奏效了。set off 出发;pay off 奏效,取得成功;get o ff 离开;take off 起飞,脱下。 答案: B 18.解析: 虽然真的很难,作者甚至曾想放弃,但她坚持下来了,她为自己感到自豪。 be proud of 为??感到自豪。 答案: C 19.解析: 作者通过坚持不懈的努力取得了很大进步,向自己表明自己足够坚强,能 够继续下去。strong 坚强的;强大的,符合语境。 答案: A 20.解析: 下次作者面临艰难的挑战的时候,她将会知道自己能应对它。challenge 挑战,符合语境。 答案: D Ⅲ.阅读理解 语篇解读: 你或者周围的人有梦游症吗?如果有的话, 该怎么办呢?本文给出了几点 建议。 1.解析: 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“then sleep disorder specialists suggest that...before this time.This will often break the cycle.”可知,当孩子经常梦游时, 专家建议家长花一周的时间记录梦游发生的时间,然后在梦游前 15 分钟轻轻地叫醒孩子, 这样孩子就不会发生梦游了。 答案: D 2. 解析: 细节理解题。 根据第二段中的“...they will become distressed.Everyong has experienced that feeling of confusion”可知,答案选 C。lost 意为“困惑的、不 知所措的”。 答案: C 3.解析: 细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“but the kindest thing to do is not to try to wake them at all.Lead them gently back to bed so that they do not hurt themselves.”可知,答案选 A。 答案: A 4.解析: 主旨大意题。本文主要建议人们该如何正确处理梦游症,sleepwalking 做 标题最恰当。

答案: B Ⅳ.短文改错 I joined in a program call the “Happy School” in the holidays.It was given called to some volunteers from the universities by in our city.There were many courses,

including photography, painting,∧ basketball training for us to choose from.These and courses were intended to help us left?behind middle school student in students the

countryside, our parents are working in other cities, make use of our holidays.The whose volunteers took good care of us,showed them how to do our homework and make sure us made of our safety.I learned a lot from the interested program.I will attend interesting such

programs again the—— next summer if there is some. any



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