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成考专升本英语词汇练习(一) 1 The plane crashed killing all 200 passengers and 16 crew _____. A abroad B aboard C around D above 2 The scientist is known to us both at home and _____. A about B aboard C abroad D aboard

3 She was absent ______ school because of high fever yesterday. A of B at C for D from 4 The woman was _____ in her work so she failed to notice something happening around. A absorbed B attracted C focused D digested

5 There is no _____ to the hall from the main street. A account B access C line D accuse 6 A large number of people die in traffic ____ in the world every year. A block B jam C incident D accident 7 I don't think anyone can _____ me of not being frank. A charge B accuse C blame D excuse 8 Landing on the moon for the first time was a remarkable _____ in man's history. A purpose B achievement C goal D practice 9 We have dinner at the restaurant ______ the street. A above B aside C over D across 10 He acts ____ the part of the hero in the movie. A on B for C as D out 11 The government will _take____ immediate action to prevent pollution. 12 He is quick enough to _____ himself to new surroundings.

A adapt B adopt C admit D accept 13 Fireworks _____ to the attraction of the festival night. A add B increase C amount D adapt 14 This region was damaged seriously by violent wind ______ an earthquake. A in case of B in addition to C on account of D in terms of

15 _____ the focus of your camera before you take photos. A adapt B adopt C adjust D change 16 We really _____ him all the more for his frankness. A admire B win C obtain D admit

17 Finally he had to admit _____ stolen the car. A to have C have C having D have been 18 No one can predict accurately what the future will be like in ______. A advance B progress C front D ahead 19 He gave up drinking ______ the doctor's advice. A on B by C to D for 20 The excessive rain will ___ the harvest of crops this year. A effect B affect C infect D influence 21 I'm really in need of a flat, but I cannot _____ it. A afford B pay C spend D spend 22 He ended his European vacation _____ of schedule. A front B ahead C fond D outside 23 You and your brother are so much _____ that people are often confused. A same B like C alike D similar 24 Many people are still buried _____ after the earthquake.

A alive B live C living D lively 25 In his composition, John has made _____ no mistakes in grammar. A nearly B almost C hardly D near

26 They spent _____ about a year touring the country. A completely B thoroughly C altogether D wholly 27 Hemingway is _____ the world's greatest writers in the 20th century. A among B between C in D of 28 Sit in the first row, _____ you will see and hear clearly. A but B and C or D if 29 What will China be like in _____ ten years. A other B the other C another D others 30 We must get the work finished _____or other before noon. A anyhow B somewhat C somehow D anyway 31 It ____ to me that there is no spelling mistake in your essay. A looks B appears C comes D sees 32 That rule has no application ______ this particular case. A for B to C at D in 33 They _____ to the government for financial aid. A applied B requested C asked D claimed 34 This book presents a new _____ to the difficulty in learning English. A method B means C way D approach 35 Her mother doesn't _____ of her marrying a serviceman. A agree B prove C approve D permit 36 New difficulties will ____ from such a situation.

A rise B arise C arouse D raise 37 This book _____ my interest in politics. A rose B arose C aroused D raised 38 Poor _____ he was, he was honest. A although B despite C as D while 39 We must consider the subject in all _____. A sides B looks C surface D aspects 40 Red in China is usually associated ______ happiness. A to B with C in D at 41 The doctor _____ his patient of a quick recovery. A insured B assured C ensured D believed 42 She was ill, so she didn't ____ her class. A join B attempt C attend D participate

43 With the use of internet, all the information is _____. A average B convenient C favorite D available

44 In the test, his _______ score is above all the others. A average B normal C ordinary D common

45 If you want to make further progress, you should ______making same mistakes. A avoid B prevent C keep D deny 46 The young boy was _____ with a knife and fork over western meal. A awful B awkward C aware D awake

1 The farmers are _____ in need of rain. A very B hard C badly D bad

2 They have to book in advance in case there be no _____ room in hotel. A blank B bare C empty D vacant

3 We reached an agreement _____ the basis of equality. A for B on C above D over 4 The ice is too thin to _____ your weight. A keep B lift C raise D bear

5 In time of crisis one's heart ______ fast. A beats B hits C knocks D strikes

6 I'm writing to express the thanks for your gift _______ of my mother. A on behalf B in terms C in honor D by means 7 He has never _____ any political group. A belonged B belonged to C been belonged D been belonged 8 Being inexperienced, to do this is far _______ my power. A beside B beyond C under D behind

9 After meal, the waiter sent me a _____ of ten dollars. A menu B tip C bill D ticket 10 Would you think me _____ if I ask you how much your hat costs ? A brave B bold C courageous D frank

11 We have _____ two seats for the 8:30 flight to New York. A bought B sold C booked D ordered

12 The long speech _____ us so much that some of us fell asleep.

A interested

B encouraged

C frightened

D bored

13There are a lot of tall buildings on _____ side of the street. A neither B both C each D either

14 Why _____ calling him as you will meet him at lunch time. A trouble B bother C think D disturb 15 Simens company has _____ in all large cities all over the world. A branches B parts C bodies D shops

16 We're sorry to have come late, but the car _____ on the road. A broke in B broke down C broke out D broke up

17 Scientists say that many factors _____ changes in the environment. A bring about B bring out C bring up D bring back

18 He asked who I voted for and I said it my own _______. A thing B matter C duty D business

19 We could do nothing but _____ the order. A obey B obeying C to obey D obeyed

20 We must ____ the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. A add B count C compute D calculate

21 The government _____ the whole nation to be on guard against SARS. A called for B called off C called on D called up

22 The football match was _____in spite of heavy rain. A held B delayed C cancelled D postponed 23 The concert hall has a seating _____ of 1,000. A ability B capacity C capability D power 24 Would you care _____ a cup of coffee.

A about B for

C of

D at

25 At the peak of his _____, he was made chairman of the board of the major company. A work B job C career D task

26 Mr. Smith was determined to _______ the experiment after so many years' interruption. A carry on B carry out C carry away D carry forth

27 Is it the _____ that he has lost all his money? A case B thing C example D instance 28 I'm sorry; I didn't quite _____ what you said. A listen B catch C ask D answer 29 They held a grand party to _____ the huge success of their research. A greet B celebrate C congratulate D appreciate 30 Drunken driving is often the major _____ of accidents. A reason B cause C excuse D way 31 The football match was ______ because of heavy rain. A played B held C cancelled D continued 32 There are several candidates _____ the position as sales manager. A to B for C at D of 33 The concert hall has a seating _____ of 2000. A ability B capacity C capability D power 34 Would you care _____ a cup of coffee. A about B for C of D at 35 At the peak of his ____, he was appointed chairman of the board of the big

company. A work B job C task D career 36 Is it the _____ that he robbed a bank. A case B thing C example D accident 37 Most students didn't ____ what the teacher had said in class. A answer B reply C listen D catch 38 Drunken driving is the main ____ of traffic accidents. A reason B cause C excuse D result 39 If you pay 100 dollars for this 70 dollar dress ,the sales girl should return you 30 dollars ____. A tips B fine C change D fare 40Man's wearing skirt is characteristic _____ Scotland. A of B for C by D with 41_____ the circumstances, there is no hope of the patient's quick recovery. A Below B Under C Behind D From 42He gave me a job of going round various office to _____ the papers during office hours. A accept B receive C select D collect 43At the meeting, no member could ______ proper solution to the serious problem. A put up with B catch up with C come up with D keep up with 44In the western countries, people tend to compare beautiful love_____ roses. A for B with C to D as

1 Though living far apart, they two often _____ with each other over phone. A contact B touch C correspond D communicate 2 The consumer complained _____ the agent _____ the bad service. A with, about B to, for C against, of D of, to 17 Steel is _____ of iron and other elements. A consisted B composed C formed D made 3 There's too much noise outside. I can't ______ my attention on my work. A pay B devote C concentrate D draw 4 _____ I'm concerned, it's for you advisable to make your own decision. A As long as B As far as C As soon as D As well as

5 Copper _____ electricity better than other materials. A directs B contracts C conducts D guides 6 He made a phone call to _____ the time of the flight to Los Angeles. A examine B approve C confirm D test 7 We are _____ setting up a special committee to investigate the case. A thinking B considering C planning D deciding

8 If you can't figure out the word, you can ____ the dictionary for its accurate meaning. A check B examine C look up D consult

9 After she had won the first prize in the beauty _____ , she became a professional model. A sport B match C game D contest

10 Metals tend to expand when heated and _____ when cooled. A reduce B contrast C relieve D contract

11 Devotion and diligence are two main factors _____ to success. A amounting B contributing C counting D responding

12 We can't _____ him of having done her wrong. A deprive B confirm C convince D believe 13 Being inexperienced, he was lack of the ability to ______ such matter. A cope B deal C dispose D handle

14 I don't think we count _____ the dishonest person for help. A on B in C out D to

15 The book _____ different stages in Chin's history. A deals B covers C talks D focuses 16 Those students expect their teacher to ______ from disease very soon. A cure B treat C heal D recover

17 Children are often ______ about everything they have never met before. A familiar B content C curious D satisfied

18 After careful thought, he _____ to quit his present job. A judged B considered C suggested D decided

19 The lack of money ______ his hope of studying abroad. A failed B beat C defeated D lost

20 The committee proposed to ______ the project until next year. A delay B demand C defend D decorate

21 With sufficient evidence, the thief cannot _____ having stolen the car. A refuse B reject C deny D decline

22 He gave up his effort completely _____ his strong desire to become pop singer.

A although B while

C in spite

D despite

23 He came to the studio to ______ the photo he had taken during tour. A develop B wash C create D invent

24 Tom differs greatly _____ his twin brother _____ personality. A with, on B from, in C between, in D in, from B disagreed C

25 I ______ with him as to what is to do next. A objected opposed D differ

11While drinking coffee,people like to add cubic sugar which can easily _____ in it. A solve B melt C resolve D dissolve

26 The mother was ______ her baby in beautiful clothes. A wearing B dressing C putting on D having on 27 After his parents had died, poverty _____ him to steal. A had B made C let D drove

28 He was fined because he didn't return the book when it was _____. A proper B due C fixed D suitable

29 As a rule, tourists are allowed to take certain goods through custom free of _____. A rent B fee C duty D fare

30 Rescuing the drowning child _____ him great respect. A gain B obtain C achieve D earn

31 He was determined to ______ every effort to improve his oral English. A do B have C make D try

32 He felt rather ______ when he found audience was not amused by his funny

story. A satisfied B confident C delighted D embarrassed

33 The dishonest student didn't escape _______ for his cheating in the test. A to punish B to be punished C punishing D being punished

34 The police will give you ticket if you _____ the speed limit. A expand B exceed C enlarge D extend

35 China is planning to ______ the outer space within recent years. A examine B experiment C check D explore

36 The guard was keeping _____ on all the people approaching the diamond on display. A an eye B eyes C eye D the eyes

37 This school is equipped with advanced sporting ______. A instrument B equipment C device D facility

38 Having lived in this area for a decade, all the streets nearby are familiar _____ him. A with B to C at D by

39 He speaks English _____ better than his elder brother. A rather B quite C more D far

26The climate here is _____ to the growth of tobacco. A favored B favor C favorite D favorable

40 The Chinese people in all _____ were organized to fight against SARS. A fields B lands C grounds D farms

41 He was _____ 100 dollars for drunken driving. A punished B tried C fined D sentenced

42Famous as he was, he was reluctant to be the _____ of public attention. A focus B middle C key D point

1 If you had ____ my advice, you would not have fallen into trouble. A kept B tracked C followed D caught

2 He made a ____ by wise investment and became a millionaire. A luck B fortune C wealth D money

3 With the quickening change in the society, the ____ among generations has been widened. A break B gap C opening D blank

4 It was ____ of him to share his money with others in need. A considerable B sincere C frank D generous

5 Even though they're twin sisters , they have nothing in ____ except appearance. A general B total C average D common

6 It's almost ____ that he'll be elected chairman of the Students' Union. A sure B certain C positive D

7 No one dares to come close to the mysterious object as it gives _____ a terrible smell. A up B in C out D off

8 ______ their small age, these children did a good job in the experiment. A Given B Giving C To Give D Give

9 He felt life meaningless, for there is nothing he can go ____. A down B up C by D after

10 The manufacturer must _____ the quality of products.

A convince

B appoint

C guarantee

D assure

11 It's easy to form the ____ of taking drugs but hard to get rid of it. A habit B custom C practice D rule

12 The local government ______ food and clothes among the people in the flooded area. A handed out B handed in C passed by D passed away

13 Dringking excessively over long period will _____ your health. A hurt B injure C harm D wound

14 The _____ of term paper is ten days from now. A headline B deadline C outline D underline

15 He's stubborn enough not to lose _____ in the face of setbacks. A heart B mind C temper D face

16 My teacher always helped me ____ when I had trouble with my English study. A with B off C away D out

17 If you have met with difficulty, please don't _____ to let know. A hesitate B trouble C stop D bother

18 I _____ us more achievements in the coming new year. A hope B wish C expect D predict

19 In this factory all the workers are paid _____. A by hours B by the hour C by an hour D by hour

20 They designed a flat building which could _____ two thousand families. A hold B space C house D live 21 The newly elected president never feels ashamed of his _____ origin.

A plain B modest

C simple D humble

22 He had long been ____ before he was employed in a company. A idle B ideal C idol D idiot

23 The best way to deal with a rude person is to _____ him. A neglect B ignore C overlook D imitate

24 After years' struggle, the colony was finally independent _____ Britain. A on B off C from D of

25 In present society, the ____ effort contributes a lot to success. A private B individual C personnel D separate

26 Remote area as they live in, they are well ______ of the current events. A informed B told C known D understood

27 The disabled young man ____ in making living through his own effort. A insisted B persisted C kept D stuck

28 _______ his proper manner, he must be a well educated person. A Judged by B Judging C Judged from D Judging from 29 During vacation he had nothing to do, so he read novels just to _____ time. A take B kill C waste D save

30 The American Civil War ______ four years. A continued B kept C remained D lasted

31 Though Tom contacted girlfriend frequently over phone, they have never met _____ A late B later C lately D latter 32 Jane had two best friends: Tom and Mary; the former is an engineer and the ___ is a dentist.

A latest B later C late

D latter

33 He took the dictionary upstairs and _____ it on the shelf. A lay B laid C lain D lied

34 Tom's carelessness _____ his failure in the exam. A resulted to B brought in C resulted from D led to 35 People are _____ to make mistakes while in haste. A possible B probable C capable D likely 36 After he retired, he decided to travel around country ____. A single B alone C lonely D private

37 The ____ of doctors agree that smoking does great harm to lungs. A most B mostly C majority D major

38 After the teacher's careful explanation, he could _____ the difference between the two concepts. A make out B make up C make for D make of

39 Through his hard effort, he _____ to start his own business. A succeeded B won C managed D failed 40 Can you tell me the _____ by which you can solve the complicated problem. A method B way C manner D means

41 To learn British literature, you'd better _____ English first. A catch B hold C command D master

42 What really _____ to Einstein is to explore the nature of universe. A means B matters C determines D interests

43 The new secretary won't come until next week; _______ we have to arrange a temporary one.

A in meantime

B in the meantime

C in the meanwhile

D in meanwhile

44 He had been asked the same questions repeatedly, so his answers became ______. A mature B experienced C mechanical D manual

45You should _____ your way and set a good example for others to follow. A repair B fix C mend D make

1 China has not a single soldier in the foreign countries , not to _____ the military base. A speak B talk C address D mention

2 The rock superstar is very _____, for he always owes his success to his good luck. A proud B jealous C confident D modest

3 He will come _____,please just be patient. A at the moment B for a moment C in a moment D for the moment

4 For the failure in the exam, Mary was in no _____ to go skating with her friends. A temper B mood C emotion D feeling

5 It's to the _____ advantage that the street traffic is well controlled. A mutual B common C average D individual

6 Yesterday I received a _____ parcel because I didn't know who sent it. A mysterious B curious C puzzled D magic

7 It suddenly _____ to me that I had met her at the party last weekend.

A happened

B occurred

C arose D chanced

8 The Declaration of Independence is _____ great importance to the U.S.A. A of B in C at D with

9 All the students _____ to help Tom, whose house was drowned in the flood. A provide B supply C suggest D offer

10 For the spreading of the fatal disease, some medicine has been ______. A out of order B out of place C out of stock D out of season

11 The beggar standing at roadside is of noble _____. A birth B source C origin D beginning

12 He had such a good command of English that he could read English ______. A native B original C D

13 The auto manufacturer hopes to increase ______ by three times. A product B quality C output D amount

14 _____ do we owe the discovery of penicillin? A Who B Whom C To whom D By whom

成考专升本英语词汇练习(三) 1 I have two boys but ______ of them likes sweets. A both B neither C either D none

2 No agreements was reached in the discussion as neither side would give way to ________. A the other B any other another D other 3 We had a party last month, and it was a lot fun, so let's have _____ one this month. A another B more C the other D other

4 Its head was bigger than ______ of an average monkey. A it B that this D those


5 The population of Shanghai is about three times as large as _______ of Nanjing. A the one B ones C that D it

6 He invited all _____ who had ever given him help in the past. A these B they C them D those 7 He was left alone , with _______ to look after him. anyone C none D no one 8 This piece of furniture is different from _______. A one B your mine D that 9 He is ______ of a musician. A anybody B any one C somebody D something 10 Alan sold most of his belongings. He has hardly ______ left in the house. A everything B anything C nothing D something C that of A someone B

11 The medicine is on sale everywhere. You can get it at _____ chemists. A each B some C certain D any

12 It is reported that _______ adopted children want to know who their natural parents are. A the most B most of C most D the most of

13 I cannot cut properly with your knife. I'd rather use my own_____. A the one B one C ones D/

14 The party continued through ______ of the night. A the whole B nearly whole C almost all D most

15 Victor talks a lot and he's never interested in what ______ has to say. A anyone else B no one C nobody D somebody other

16 —— Do you like these shoes? —— No, show me ________. A another B some others C other one D the other

17 She said she would stay there for ______ more week. Aa B one C another D other ——There's still _________ left.

18 —— Would you like more coffee? A a little B little C a few D few

19 Bamboo probably has more uses than _______ in the world. A any other plants B any other D any plant D any other plant

20 It's her cleverness ______ makes it difficult for her work with others. A that B who C which D what

21 The climate of Hongkong in winter is not as cold as ______ . A in Beijing B that of Beijing C of Beijing D Beijing

22 Was it a famous film star _______ he met a week ago? A which B whom C that D what

23 When was it ______ you saw him in the Summer Palace? A what B in which C that D how

24 It is impossible for all of the people to get the jobs because _____them are fit for the work. A neither of B some of C both of D none of

25 The idea of __________ is the same as ___________. A I, Mary B my, Mary C mine, Mary D mine, Mary's



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