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北师大版教材重点短语打印(必修+选修) 必修一 第一单元课时总结 重点短语: Couch potato 电视迷 Sit on the sofa 坐在沙发上 Sit in the chair 坐在椅子上 Sit at one’s desk 坐在桌上 Tell sb about sth 告诉某人某事 Wake up=awake 醒来 Get up immediately 立刻起床 Turn on =switch on 打开 Go downstairs 下楼 In the living room 在卧室 In the dining room 在餐厅 At the moment 现在 Eat sth for lunch/breakfast/dinner 早中晚饭吃…… Watch TV series 看电视剧 Switch over 换台 Switch off=turn off 关掉 Do some exercise 做锻炼 Take the dog for a walk 遛狗 Walk the dog 遛狗 Portable TV 便携式电视 Laptop computer 笔记本电脑 Make meals 做饭 Walks round in a circle 绕圈走 Make the bed 铺床 Live this lifestyle 过……的生活 Lead a……life 过……的生活 Live a……life 过……的生活 Remote control 遥控器 A remote place 遥远的地方 At your feet and in your hand 近在咫尺 Work one’s way through 做….来谋生 Go off 响起 Jump out of 从….跳出来 It takes sb+时间+to do 花费时间做某事 It costs sb+时间/金钱+to do 花费时间金钱做某事 Take up 占据时间和空间 I spend+时间/金钱+(in) doing/on sth 花费时间金钱做某事 Be filled with 充满 Be full of 充满 Get changed/dressed 换衣服、穿衣服 I am full 吃饱了 Urgent matters 紧急事件 By around 8 o’clock 八点钟左右 Be/get bored with sth 无聊 Answer the phone/e-mails 接电话、回邮件 Be ready for doing sth/sth 准备好做 Be asleep/alive/awake 醒着、活着 Do sth for fun 做…..事寻乐 Far away from 离得远 Complain to sb about/of sth 向某人抱怨某事 Try one’s best to do sth 尽力做某事 Do one’ s best to do sth 尽力做某事 Make sure=ensure 确保 Support the family 养家糊口 Travel to work 去上班 Be tired of 对… . 疲惫 Arrive at( 小 )/in( 大 ) 到达 Check numbers 核对账目 In a nearby shop=in a shop nearby 在附近的商店里 Return to=go back to 返回 Take a weekend break 周末休息 Be at work 投身工作 Do good to=be good for 对…..有好处 Grow wheat 种麦子 Be good to sb 某人对某人很好 In the north of 在….北方 Have the same work hours 有相同的工作时间 Early in the morning and late at night 起早贪黑 Be free of sth 免于 Look after sth 照顾 Study by distance learning 远程学习 Be interested in 感兴趣 introduce sth 引进… Get/have a chance/an opportunity to do sth 有机会做某事 Be busy with/doing 忙于做…… be fond of=be crazy about 喜欢,痴迷于 interrupt others 打断某人的话 make notes of=take notes of=note down 做笔记 introduce sb to sb 向某人介绍某人.. last for several hours 持续几个小时 come up with 想到 catch up with 赶上 as a result=in consequence 结果是 as a result of=in consequence of 由于….的缘故 invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 be served as=be served to do 被用来做…. 重点句型 1,Not….until 直到…..才 He didn’t go to bed until his father came home. 2,So/such…… that/so…….as 如此…….以至于 be on the same course as sb 与..上一样的课 in order to=so as to 为了 be popular with 流行 play an important role/part in sth 起很重要的角色、作用 such as=for example=for instance 比如 as well as 也 offer sb sth 提供某人某物 do their business 经商谈生意 In fact=actually 事实上 Daily routine 日常生活

Give sb some advice 提建议 I t makes a difference to 起作用,有影响 Look forward to sth/doing sth 盼望做某事 The question is so difficult that nobody can solve it. It is such a difficult question that nobody can solve it.——定语从句接完整句子 The question is so difficult as nobody can solve. 3,far away from/far from The village is far away from the city.(远离…..) The money is far from enough.(远远不够) 第二单元课时总结 基础短语 Manned spaceship 载人飞船 Man-made spaceship 人造飞船 Lift off 发射升空 Take off 起飞 Choose sth from 从…..选择 Sth be chosen from 从…..选择 Launch a campaign 发起某个活动 Feel the high gravity 感到很强的重力 Separate sth from sth 分隔 Divide sth into sth 分割 Soar into the sky 翱翔太空 because of=thanks to=owning to 因为 circle the earth 绕地球转 for the sixth time 第六次 six times 六次 speak with 与某人交谈 complete tasks 完成任务 express one’s opinion 表达观点 explore and use space peacefully 和平开发利用太空 land safely 安全着陆 glow red 烧得通红 come back into=return into 返回进….. the earth’ s atmosphere 大气层 let out parachute 打开降落伞 millions of 百万 all over China 全中国 climb out of 爬出 wave to the crowds 向人们挥手 collect information 搜集信息 do research 做研究 call an ambulance 打电话叫救护车 fight for 为…..而奋斗 fight against 与…..作斗争 lead the revolution 领导革命 in my opinion 在我看来 from my point of view 在我看来 listen to 倾听 as far as I am concerned 在我看来 agree with sb 同意某人 if it is possible 如果可能 if possible 如果可能 go to poison 进监狱 Organize protests 组织抗议 Organize the march 组织游行 Make a speech 做演讲 Give a lecture 作报告 receive a medical degree 获得医学学位 sb in need 需要帮助的人 come out of prison 出狱 travel around the world 环球旅行 change one’s opinions on sth 改变对….的看法 move up to first 获得第一 Draw/claim one ’ s attention 吸引某人注意 Encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人做某事 get involved with 参与 All kinds/sorts of 各种各样 Say goodbye to sb 告别某人 react to sth 对….做出反应 Think of sth/doing sth 想到做某事 Come to do sth 开始做….. Commit suicide 自杀 Give up doing sth 放弃做某事 Pull through=overcome difficulties 渡过难关 get involved in 陷入,卷入… .. improve the quality of 提高…..质量 be friendly/kind to 对…..友好、善良 speak about the time when…..讲诉那段时光…. practice doing sth 练习做….. look back=recall=retrospect 回 顾 , 回 首 compete against 与 某 人 竞 争 complete/finish one’s school 完成学业 express/show an interest in sth 对….感兴趣 come to an end 结束 make progress 取得进步 be strict with 对…..严厉 cause problems 引发问题 be worried about 担心…. do the dishes 洗碗 wash the dishes 洗碗 go/get on well with each other 与…..相处融洽 be keen about 喜爱 make films 制片 be in college 在大学 be famous for 以…而出名 be popular with 流行 be familiar with sth/to sb 熟悉….. at first/last 最初/最后 on one’s own=by oneself 独自 start a new life=lead a new life 开始新生活 do sth with great courage 有勇气做某事 raise money for sb/to do sth 为……筹集钱 donate money to sb.为……捐款 Promote research into 促进对…研究 be confident of /that/to do sth 对…有信心 be far too busy with sth/doing sth 做…..太忙

come off it 别吹牛了,别胡说 be dead right 完全正确 in the course of 在…..过程中 space exploration 太空探索 make the journey into space 太空之旅 in order to do 为了做…. at the risk of doing sth 冒…..风险做某事 air crash 空难 soon after 不久之后 have a hunger to do sth 渴望做某事 重点句型 1. 定语:Yesterday I helped an old man who had lost his way. 昨天我帮助了一位迷路的老 人。 That is the teacher who teaches us physics. 那就是教我们物理的老师。 Li Ming is just the boy ( whom ) I want to see. 李明正是我想要见的男孩。 I still remember the day when I first came to this school. 我仍然记得第一次来学校的那一天。 Shanghai is the city where I was born. 上海是我出生的城市。 2、not only…..but also…..句型 He can not only play the piano but also play the violin. Not only can he play the piano but also he can play the violin. 3、if possible If possible, we should check numbers again If possible, I want to become a doctor when I grow up. 第三单元课时总结 一、短语积累 Celebrate the Spring Festival 过春节 On this special occasion 在这种特殊场合 All kinds of=all sorts of 各种各样 All over the world 全世界 Be made with 有….参与制作 Be made of 由…..做成 Be made from 由…..做成 Bean paste 豆沙 Fall on 落在 Lunar month 农历月份 Light lanterns 点亮灯笼 Destroy the building 摧毁大楼 Burn down 烧毁 Fool sb 戏弄某人 Thousands of 成千上万 In the past 在过去 Decorate sth with sth 用….装饰 Light bulbs 电灯泡 In many shapes/sizes 形状、 大小各异 In recent years=recently 最近 Take part in=participate in=join in 参加 Fill out the form 填表 Wash away 冲走 Splash the car 洗车 Police on duty 值班警察 Be related to 与…..有关 Be linked to 与…..有关 Be connected with 与…..有关 Operate on sb 给某人做手术 Go abroad 出国 Put out the forest fire 扑灭森林大火 Make a speech about 做有关…..的报告 Marry sb 嫁给某人 Have hot pot 吃火锅 Job with good salary/wage 高薪工作 The answer to…..的答案 A bunch of flowers 一束花 Pass the examinations 通过考试 Turn off 关掉 Win a match/ competition 比赛获胜 Get married with sb 与某人结婚 Raise money for 为…筹钱 Well done=good job 干得好 Be about to do sth 将要做某事 Dress up 打扮 Celebrate the marriage ceremony 婚礼庆典 On religious occasion 宗教场合 Put on 穿上 Get an invitation to 收到邀请去…. Ought to do=should do 应该做某事 Take photos 照相 Attend the reception 出席招待会 At the entrance/exit 在出口、入口处 The entrance/exit to….的出口、入口 Take off 脱掉 The key to…..的关键、 钥匙 Donate money to 为….捐钱 Contribute sth to 贡献….. A symbol/mark of 象征,标志 Symbolize/mark sth 象征、标志着… Stay awake 保持清醒 Last through the night 一整晚 Give advice to sb 给某人建议 Agree with sb 同意某人 Agree on sth 同意某事 On the envelope 在信封上 Open the year calendar 翻开日历 Carol service 圣歌 Make snowman 堆雪人 Have snowball fights 打雪仗 Put up 竖起、装饰 Stay up late 熬夜 As…..as possible/you can 尽可能 Swallow food 吞咽食物 Laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 Look down on/upon 看不起某人 By bedtime 睡觉时间 Have a shower=take a bath 洗澡 As soon as 一……就….. Fall asleep 入睡 Fall into a deep sleep 睡得很沉 Are you joking 开什么玩笑!

Hold a party 举行聚会 Put out the mat 铺开毛毯 Fry food 煎食物 Complain to sb about sth 向某人抱怨某事 Be in a mess 一团糟 Harvest the crops 收割庄稼 Dance in costumes 盛装跳舞 Invade sp 入侵某地 Adopt the proposition 采纳提议 Adopt an orphan 收养孤儿 Make a bonfire 点燃篝火 Frighten away 吓走 Go from door to door 串门 Collect information about 收集…的信息 Thorough cleaning 大扫除 the festival atmosphere 节日气氛 last for 3 days 持续三天 family gathering 大团圆 be supposed to do 应该做某事 thank you for doing sth 多谢某人做某事 重点句型 1、as …… as possible/you can (1)、 For the limited time, I have to be there as soon as possible (2)、To catch the early bus, you have to arrive at the bus station as soon as you can. (3)、The baby is sleeping, you ought to keep as quiet as possible/you can. 2、fall on (1)、The spring festival falls on the first day of the first lunar month. (2)、The burden would then fall on the Europeans. (3)、Much of the losses will fall on public spending. 必修二 Unit 4 1.come true/be realized 实现 2.take measures 采取措施 3.be located﹢介词 位于…… 4.take steps 采取步骤 5.hang on 别挂机 6.be up to 做,从事,在于 7.be of﹢n. ......的 8.get into touch 取得联系 9.fancy doing sth . 想做某事 10.in the flesh 本人;亲身 11.be to do sth. 将做某事 12.make an arrangement 安排 13.offer sb sth / offer sth to sb 提供某人某物 14.settle down 定居下来 15.on average 平均 16.be optimistic about 对……乐观 17.a large population 人口众多 18.settle up 结帐, 清债 19.call on sb 拜访某人 20.lie on River Thames 位于泰晤士河畔 21.be prepared for 为……做好准备 22.be prepared to do 愿意,乐意干 23.for… purpose 为……的目的 24.search sb/some place 搜查某人 / 某地 25.cut off…from/separate…from 与……隔开 26.live on pension 靠退休金生活 Unit5 1.have an effect on 对... 有效果/起作 2.in other words 换句话说 3.in some ways 在某些方面 4.at times 有时;不时 5.back and forth 往返;来回 6.tap dancing 踢踏舞 7.be impressed on 给...留下印象 8.be responsible for 为...而负责 9.…key to… ……的关键 答案 钥匙 10.be related to 与…….有关联 11.go on to do sth 继续做(另外一件事) 12.go on doing/with sth 继续做(同一件事) 13.come about 发生 14.pick up 拣起;学会;听到;恢复;接人 15.as with … 同…一样; 至 于 16.in between 处于……之间 17.pull/put on 穿上 18.a noble mind 崇高的思想 19.refer to 说到,提及 20.in reference to 关于 21.in time 合节拍,迟早 23.out of the ordinary 不寻常的,超凡脱俗的 24.blood type 血型 22.in the form of 以 ……的形式 25.start off 开始,起程 26.be disappointed to do 失望做…… 27.throughout the month 整整一个月 28.on stage 出场 Unit 6 1.fix one’s eyes on 凝视 2.(be) of value 有价值的 3.in detail 详细地;充分地 4.sort of 有几分;有点 5.date back to / date from 追溯到 6.relate to 把……联系起来

7.try out 试验, 试用 8.try on 试穿, 试戴 9.hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 10.in ruins 灭亡, 荒芜 11.the roof of the world 世界屋脊 12.under sb’s roof 在某人家里 13.on occasion 间或;有时 14.add sth to sth 添加 15.take possession of 占有;拥有 16.leave alone 别惹,让……独自呆着 17.for rent 出租 18.pipe off 把……列入黑名单 19.show mercy on / to sb 对某人表示怜悯 20.cast / throw a damp over 泼……的冷水, 使沮丧 21.at least 至少,不管怎样 22.go bathing 去游泳 23.on the fence 抱观望态度 24.a narrow escape from death 九死一生 25.out of breath 上气不接下气 26.air conditioner 空调 27.on the other side 在另一边 28.wake … up 把……叫醒 29.be surrounded by 被……包围 30.with one’s help 在……的帮助 31.be made out of 由 …… 制成 32.make noise 制造噪音 33.take a bath 洗澡 34.be adapted from 由……改编 35.be determined to do 决定做… 36.agree to do 同意做… 37.reach / draw /come to / arrive at a conclusion 得出结论 38.in conclusion 最后, 总之 39.beyond imagination 出乎意料地 40.take a deep breath 深吸一口气 必修三 UNIT 7 1. keep/bear sth in mind 牢记在心 3. long before 很久以前 before long 不久之后 set off/ out for sp.=leave for sp 动身去某地 set out to do sth = set about doing sth 着手做某事 force sb to do sth 强迫某人做某事 by force 武力,强行 set sail for sp. 起航去某地 come into force 生效 have trouble with sth =have trouble (in) doing sth 做某事有麻烦 persuade sb (not) to do sth 说服某人做(不做)某事 persuade sb into/ out of doing sth 8. make it to sp. 到达某地 make it 成功,约定时间 2. participate in 参加 9. in search of= in one’s search for 寻找 search sb 搜身 search sp. 搜查某地 search for =look for 寻找 all at once = all of a sudden 突然 10. ban sb from doing sth = forbid sb to do sth 禁止某人做某事 recover from 从…中恢复过来 11. be responsible for sth = take responsibility for 对…负责 12. make a living by doing sth 靠…谋生 in the direction of 以…的方向 16. expect sb to do sth 期望某人做某事 expect to do sth 期望做某事 17. rather than 而不是 ohter than 除了 18. cling to 附着,依靠 19. break off 折断,中断 break up 分裂 break down (机器)坏了,(身体)垮了 break through 突破 break out 爆发 break away from 脱离 UNIT 8 1. imagine doing sth 想象做某事 imagine sb doing sth 想象某人做某事 2. lead sb to sp. 带领某人到某地 lead sb to do sth 使某人做某事 lead to 导致 3. make arrangements for 为…作安排 at a cost of 花费 at all costs = at any cost 不惜一切代价 5. turn up 出现,露面;调大音量 6. back out 食言,违约 7. 喜欢 be into sth, be keen on sth be fond of, care for, be attached to 8. go through 经历;穿过,通过;仔细检查 get through 完成,通过(考试),接通(电话) 9. be worth doing sth 值得做某事= be worthy of being done = be worthy to be done 10. get across 理解 get in 收割 stand by 支持,袖手旁观 stand for 代表,象征 look through 浏览 15. attach… to…附着于 in turn 相反 by turns 轮流 It’s one’s turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事 take turns to do sth 轮流做某事 be caught in 遭遇 be caught doing sth 被当场抓住做某事 14. on no condition 决不 on conditions that 在…条件下 promise to do sth 答应做某事 promise sb to do sth 答应某人做某事

UNIT 9 be fed up with = be bored with 厌烦 1. benefit from 从…中受益 be of benefit to 对…有益处 for the benefir of 为了…的利益 2. It is convenient for sb to do sth 某人方便做某事 at one’s convenience 在某人方便的时候 3. allow doing sth 允许做某事 allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 4. allow for 允许把…考虑在内,包括 5. set/ break a record 创造/打破记录 keep a record of 把 …记录下来 6. thanks to 由于,多亏 =because of, due to ,owing to 由于 7. give sb a lift 让某人搭顺便车 be sensitive to 对…敏感 pull up 停车 pull out (车) 出站 8. appreciate doing sth 感激,感谢 be stuck in 陷入 stick to 坚持 stress out 紧张 9. go up 上涨 admit doing sth 承认做某事 10. become addicted to doing sth 沉溺于 addict oneself to doing sth 专心于 16. be occupied with sth = occupy oneself with sth be occupied in doing sth = occupy oneself in doing sth 忙于做某事 必修四 UNIT 10 1. work on 从事 work out 计算出,解决 2. be determined to do sth= determine to do sth , make up one’s mind to do sth 决定做某事 3. be concerned about 担心 be concerned with 涉及到,关于 as far as …is concerned 就…而言 4. turn one’s back on 不理睬,抛弃 5. make the choise to do sth =chodse to do sth 选择做某事 6. give away 赠送,颁发,泄露 give away to 让路 7. be aware of be aware that… 意识到 8. drop out of 退出,退学 9. go back to doing sth 重新做某事 10. be ashamed to do sth 羞于做某事 be ashamed of doing sth 因做某事而羞愧 11. sth appeal to sb 某人喜欢某物 appeal to sb for sth 向某人呼吁某事 12. keep the balance of 保持平衡 lose balance 失去平衡 13. think twice about doing sth 再三考虑某事 UNIT 11 1. demand to do sth 要求做某事 demand that sb(should)do sth 要求某人做某事 2. come down to 结果是,沦落为 3. be to blame 应受到责备 4. be in favor of 赞成,同意,支持 5. hold the attention of 吸引…的注意力 6. apply …to … 把…应用到…上 apply to sb for sth 向...某人申请 7. stand out 突出 stand up for 支持 8. It is no use doing sth 做某事没用 9. as/ so long as 只要 come to/ reach/ draw a conclusion 得出结论 In conclusion 总之 11. keep sb away from 使某人远离 12. contact sb = make contact with sb 和某人联系 lose contact with sb 和某人失去联系 13. owe ….to …. 把…归功于 owe sb sth = owe sth to sb 欠某人某物 UNIT 12 1. be absorbed in 全神贯注于 2.can’t afford to do sth 负担不起 3. suggest doing sth 建议做某事 suggest that sb (should) do sth advise doing sth advise sb to do sth advise that sb (should) do sth request sb to do sth 要求某人做某事 request that sb (should) do sth

4. risk doing sth = 冒险做某事 take/ run the risk of doing sth 5. drop sb off 让某人下车 6. have a good appetite 食欲好 7. insist on doing sth 坚持做某事 8. It sounds like 听起来像 9. be attached to 留恋,依恋,热爱 10. contrary to 和…相反 on the contrary 相反 5 模块 Unit 13-15 核心词组 Unit13 People 1. concentrate on 把注意力集中于 end up doing sth. 最后结果是 2. apply A to B 将 A 应用于 B be involved in 涉及到,参与到 3. focus on 把注意力集中于 make up 编造;化妆;占比例 4. associate A with B 把 A 和 B 联系起来 in one’s early twenties 在某人二十出头 5. come up with 想出某事 draw up 起草 positive attitude 积极的态度 6. be open to sth. 善于接受 get on (well) with sb. 和某人相处得好 have a hard time (in) doing sth. 做某事很困难 in terms of 关于,在…方面 be willing to do sth. 愿意做某事 be positive about sth. 对某事持乐观态度 1. fall behind 落后 at the top of the mountain 在山顶上 2. be full of anxiety 充满渴望 glare at 怒视 leave sth. behind 遗留下某物 3. to be honest 老实说 can’t help doing sth. 忍不住做某事 4. make comments on/upon 评论 put up with sth. 忍受某事 take sth. up 开始从事某事 5. show sth off 炫耀某物 glance at sth. 瞥一眼 get over sth. 克服某事 6. get down to sth. 开始认真做某事 be popular with sb. 受某人欢迎 7. be devoted to sth./sb. 献身于某事;忠实于某人 Unit14 Careers 8. take charge of 控制 set an example 树立榜样 offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事 9. consult sb. about sth. 向某人咨询某事 rather than 而不是 at all times 总是 10. make out 假装;辨认出;弄懂 go into details 详谈 speak up 大声说出 11. sit up 坐直;熬夜 The instant/moment/minute 一……就…… 12. be scared of sth. 害怕某物 dream of/ about (doing) sth. 梦见;梦想 13. believe in 信任;信仰 overcome a lot of difficulties 克服不少困难 14. turn sth. over 翻转;移交 junior high 初中 challenge sb. to do sth.挑战某人做某事 15. keep up with 赶上 work out 算出;弄懂 take a deep breath 深呼吸 16. without doubt 毫无疑问 instead of 取而代之 as before 向过去那样 17. respond to 对……作出反应 on one’s own 独立地 in case (of) 以防万一 18. due to 由于 distinguish A from B 把 A 和 B 区分开来 19. an approach to (doing) sth. 做某事的方法 stand out from/among…在……中凸显出来 20. take risks 冒险 in addition 另外 Unit15 Learning 21. graduate from 从……毕业 get promoted 被提升 frankly speaking 坦白说 22. be/get laid off 被解雇 prove to be 被证明是 go up/go down 上升,上涨/下降 23. get sb to do sth 让某人做某事 switch off/on 关/开 24. be related to 与……联系 be proud of/ take pride in 以……为骄傲 25. contribute to 贡献 participate in 参加 hand out 分发 26. in the 1970s 在 20 世纪 70 年代 loose conduct 行为不检 27. get together 聚会 go over 复习,检查 set up 建立,创建 28. add up to 总计达…… lack confidence in myself 对自己缺乏信心

29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35.

have access to 接近,使用……的权利或机会 be eager to do sth 渴望做 turn A into B 把 A 变成 B be accustomed to doing 习惯做某事 go against 违背,与…相反 tend to do sth. 往往会做某事,倾向于… be unwilling to do sth. 不情愿做某事 put forward sth. 提出…… approve of 赞成 urge sb. to do sth. 催促某人做某事 in other words 换句话说 fight for sth. 为……而斗争/奋斗 be relevant to sth 与…相关 one in three 三分之一 选修六 Unit 16 1. 出现,进入视野 come into view 2. 撞倒某人 knock sb over/down// run into 3. 从前 once upon a time 4. 堵住,挡住/遮住 block out 5. 从某种程度上说 in a way/to a certain extent/ 这样(那样) in this way 6. 侧身 on one’s side 7. 断绝关系,分成小部分 split up 8. 在去。 。 。的路上 on the way to 9. 加薪,增加工资(名词短语) pay rise 10. 以。 。 。命名 name after 11. 偶然遇见/碰到 come across 12. 支撑起;抬起,举起;耽搁,阻延 hold up 13. 依靠,指望 count on 14. 理解;弄明白;辨认出 figure out 18. 既然,由于 now that 15. 以。 。 。结束,以。 。 。告终;最终(有某种结果)end up… 16. 容忍,忍受 put up with 17. 尤其,特别 in particular 19.对。 。 。不确定 be uncertain about 20. 将。 。 。与。 。 。联系起来;涉及,关系到;理解 relate to Unit 17 1. 突然大笑起来 burst out laughing 2. 忍不住大笑 fall about laughing 3. 被。 。 。逗乐了/逗笑了 be amused by 4. 兑现支票 cash a cheque 5. 排队等候 wait in line 6. 鼻青脸肿 black eye 7. 摆脱, 除掉, 处理掉 get rid of 8. 胡闹,瞎弄 fool around 9.不时地 from time to time 10. 导致,造成。 。 。result in 11. 由。 。 。造成 result from 12. 撞上;偶人碰到 run into 13.假装;穿上 put on 14. 令某人讨厌,令某人反感 turn sb off 15. 不管,不顾 regardless of 16. 补偿,弥补 compensate for/make up for 17. 四处游戏 play around 18. 做鬼脸 pull faces 19.肯定会遭受,注定会经历。 。 。 be in for … 20. 在。 。 。的面前,在。 。 。在场的情况下 in the presence of 21.做某事有困难 have trouble /difficulty in 22. 装出,假称;理解 make out 23. 使自己忙于做某事 busy …doing sth Unit 18 1. 比。 。 。高级/上等 be superior to 2. 完全消失,灭绝;熄灭 die out 3. 趋向于,倾向于做某事 tend to do/have a tendency to do 4. 无止境的爱 endless love 5. 冰冻般的冷,极其冷 freezing cold 6. 传达,表达 convey 7. 钟爱,爱慕 affection 8. 稍等,等一下 hang on/hold on 9. 各种各样零碎的东西 bits and pieces 10. 来回地 back and forth 11. 希望,怀着。 。 。的希望 in the hope of/in the hope that 12. 消失不见,消失在视野中(短语) be out of sight 14. 和谐地,融洽地 in harmony 13.立即,马上;须臾之间,弹指之间,一瞬间 at once/in a flash/ in an instant 15. 让某人兴奋 give sb a thrill 16. (突然)袭击/攻击某人 turn on sb 17.拒绝 turn down 18. 驶离,离开。 。 。路 turn off

19.翻起;出现,露面;调大 turn up 20. 很多的,广泛的,很大范围的 a wide range of 21.使。 。 。适应 adpat oneself to 23. 受。 。 。的影响 be influenced/affected by 22.考虑做某事 / 认为某人(某事)如何 consider doing sth. Consider… to be/as 24. 所有的事情都考虑进去 all things considered 选修七 Unit 19 短语 mother tongue 母语. prove to be 被证明是 stand out 突出,显眼 get ahead at/with sth 取得进步,成功 in the absence of 缺乏,不存在 convey sth to sb 向某人转达 take the form of 采取….的形式 set/reach a target 制定,到达…目标 adjust to 调节 keep sth in mind 牢记 dedicate oneself to sth=be dedicated to 奉献于,专注于 carry out 实行,执行,进行 inform sb of sth 告诉某人某事 congratulate sb on sth 祝贺某人某事 Unit20 for ages 很久 catch on to 学会 be conscious /unconscious of 对…无意识 consist of =be made up of 组成 on purpose 故意地 be aware of /that 意识到 regardless of 不管,任凭 . provided that 前提。条件是 in advance 提前 look into.调查,展望 look through 浏览 the former, the latter 前者,后者 be based on 以….为基础 give instructions to 给某人指令 live on 靠…生活 die of starvation /die from 饿死,因….而死 link …to 把…连接到 come about 发生,产生 come out 出版,发行 come up/ turn up 出现 be suitable for 适合,适宜于 get sth across to sb 使….明白 to start off 起先,开始 fall into the category of 属于….的范畴 rang from ….to 在…范围内变化 wrestle with 努力解决 cure sb of disease 治愈某人得病 turn to sb for help 求助于 give away 泄露,分发,赠送 take over 接管,控制 make a breakthrough 取得突破 single out 单单挑出 not to mention 更不要说 by mistake /by chance 偶然地 Unit21 1. year after year 年复一年 slow down 延缓,减速 come across 偶然碰到 strike/hit / break out 袭击,爆发 catch sb doing 撞到某人做某事 make it to 成功到达 in vain 徒劳,白费 at random 随意,随便地 emphasize /postpone/tolerate doing sth 强调,推迟,容忍做某事 rather than / in stead of 而不是 seek to do 努力做 all all costs= at any cost 不惜一切代价 at any rate 无论如何 straight away 马上,立刻 be privileged to do 很荣幸做 cater for/to sth 迎合….的需要 there is no point in doing 做…没有什么意义 bring sth/sb up 提起,抚养 go through 全面考虑 go over 仔细检查,复习 get through 通过 get down to doing 开始做 leave sth doing 使….处于….的状态 compare …to/with compared with /to 把…与….相比。 把…比较起来 prohibit /prevent/ stop/ keep /ban 。 。 。 。from 阻止…发生 make an attempt to do 试图做某事 up to=as many as /as much as 多达,约 have /lose failth in sb /sth 对….失去、有信心 sweep through 席卷 stop 。 。 。 。in its tracks 阻止….发生,消灭 wipe out 彻底毁灭 选修八 have a population of … 人口是… It is likely /possible/probable that…似乎是,可能是 by means of …通过,借助 the majority of…大多数的 settle in /down 定居 a small percentage of…一小部分的… occur to sb. /It occurs to sb. that….使人想起

mix …with /and …把..与…混合 It is apparent that …显然,似乎 for hire/rent 出租 team up with …与人合作 a great many .许多 take in 包括,吸收到 by the time…到…时候为止 feel like 感觉像,想要 go through 经历完成 通过 be identical to /with 与一致,相同 object to doing /have an objection to 反对 be cast down 沮丧 open one’s eyes to sth 使人开眼界 give birth to …生下 look back on /to …回忆,回顾 be a long way from doing 远离,远远不 bring …back to life 使…复活 from time to time 不时,偶尔 be in favor of 赞成 be bound to do…注定,一定 pay off 付清;得到好结果 despite /in spite of …尽管 with satisfaction =be satisfied/happy/pleased with 满意 apply for 申请 distinguish … from (and)…区分 call up 打电话,想起 now and then 偶尔,有时 get rid of 摆脱除去 pick up 捡起,接收,接送 in one’s expectation 意料之中 set out to do 开始做,着手处理 dive into.跳进,投入,钻研 every time 每次…… in case (that) 万一 hold/ hang on 稍等,坚持 in need of 需要 convince sb. of sth./ to do /that—.使人相信 make /take /set down notes 作记录 hesitate to do sth. 犹豫做某事 in disguise 伪装 What if …? 要是…又怎样? be mistaken about.误会 pass off… as …冒充为… make one’s acquaintance 结识某人 in amazement 惊讶地 be resigned to (doing) sth. 顺从 not a bit 一点也不 the other day 几 天 前 shortly after 不 久 以 后 show sb. around 领 某 人 参 观 scare …away.吓走 somehow 以某种方式 Do you mean to say …? 你意思是指…吗? come to /draw/reach a conclusion 得出结论 If only 只要,但愿,希望 look ahead 向前看,为将来打算 lie in wait for…埋伏等待 be worthwhile to do= be worth doing/= be worthy to be done/of being done 值得做 interrupt/cut in /break in 打断



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