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校园生活类作文应考训练 热门话题 经典表达 大学的意义 What we desire in a college is much more than a degree, nor a job prospect, but a chance to get higher education. It is an education for a civilized mind. Namely, the business of college is not only to train us, but to put us in touch with what the best human minds have thought. Through reading books, man’s peculiar accomplishment, we add to our human experience and enter the worlds we have not the time to travel in literal time. Reading Shakespeare, for example, we have the experience of Shakespeare, which takes us into his world. A civilized mind is, in essence, one that contains many such lives and many such worlds.


According to a recent poll, 65 percent of college students have admitted cheating on exams at least once. To deal with the widespread dishonesty in examination, some educators advocate a trusting practice, in which no invigilate keeps watching students in exam, showing much trust in students. One conspicuous argument is that distrust can be contagious; some efforts to prevent cheating may actually encourage cheating---a person may feel “they don’t trust me anyway”, and be tempted to “beat the system”. This practice has turned out effective in preventing cheating on exam.


The decision by the educational department that college students are permitted to marry has aroused a heated discussion. Some people for the decision base their argument on the law about the age of marriage. They hold that any citizen beyond 24 has the right to get married no matter what identity he has. Others against the decision hold that the permission will affect college students in the following three aspects. Firstly, marriage life is time-consuming and it will tear students away from learning, students’ main task. Secondly, marriage life is money-consuming and it will exert more burden on their families besides tuition when students have no ability to support themselves. Thirdly, the permission is very likely to promote some unpleasant incidents on campus. Admiring others’ marriage life, some students are likely to find temporary companions hastily to get rid of the loneliness. Thus things like living together and even pregnancy are very likely to happen.

学生住家?住校? Living at home, though they can enjoy the comfort of the
family, students may lose the opportunities to communicate with others, and therefore it is not easy for them to get friendship, understanding and encouragement from their contemporaries, which however is critical in their future social life. Living at home, though they can enjoy the warmth from their parents, they may fail to get the campus experience. It seems that they come to college only for academic lessons, neglecting the functions of a college as a place where we can learn to compete and cooperate through various extracurricular activities. So I insist that we should live on college campus.


If you think what a part-time job brings to us is only money, you are completely wrong. When we are earning money, we also earn social experience, which is a good preparation for the future job-hunting campaigns.

范文 1 Directions: Some people hold that intelligence is critical to one’s success in study, but others believe that diligence is more important than intelligence. What’s your opinion? Write a composition of about 200 words on the following topic: Intelligence or Diligence: Which One Is More Important in Study? You are to write in three parts. In the first part, state specifically what your idea is. In the second part, provide one or two reasons to support your idea. In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or a summary.

The Importance of Diligence in Study As to the heated discussion, which is more important, intelligence or diligence, some people argue for the importance of intelligence. They support their argument by some exceptional examples to show that they can never cultivate an idiot into a successful man no matter how hard he works. But I insist that diligence be critical in our study. The importance of diligence lies in two aspects. For one thing, diligence can make up for intelligent insufficiency. Diligence means persistence in one’s work. By steady work we can constantly enrich our knowledge and accumulate experiences in solving problems. Even from failures we can learn more about the truth. That is the essence of the famous saying that “Diligence redeems stupidity.” For another, diligence can make the intelligent more successful. If a person does not devote himself to his work by spending much time reading or doing exercise, though he may have great talent, he can never grasp what he should learn. Zhong Yong in ancient China is a good case in point. He, though gifted in composing poems when he was a young boy, grew mediocre due to no further learning. On the contrary, Edison, one of the greatest inventors in the world, though intelligent enough, still holds that “99% persistence plus 1% inspiration results in great achievement.” Seeing the above evidence, I believe, you will agree with me on the point that diligence is the mother of success.



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